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-- Wednesday, October 18, 2017 --

  • Sal's Creepy Behavior. 10/18/17. 7:00am
    Show opening bits and songs included: A phony phone call to Big Foot with Little Lupe audio clips, a Yucko the Clown bit from a 2014 Comic-Con, Jewel performing ''Who Will Save Your Soul'' in the Howard Stern Show studio.

    Howard started the show talking about Cocktober and how they'll have some cock fun today. He said it's going on all month. He said they have a curtain over there with 4 holes in it. Robin noticed that. Howard said Robin is in for a treat today.

    Howard said for years Gary has said that Sal shows his penis so much on the show that he can pick his cock out of a lineup. He said they're going to have a lineup today. He said they're all going to be behind the curtain and they're all hung like Sal. Howard said Gary will try to pick out Sal's cock. Howard said Sal is all angry about the whole thing. He said Sal hates Gary for some reason. Howard said Sal wanted to make a bet with Gary but he's not sure what the bet would be. Howard said they're going to be doing this later in the show.

    Sal came in and said he's not angry at Gary. He said he's just a little arrogant and thinks he's Howard Stern Jr. He said he's a Mr. Know-it-all with everything too. Sal said he throws like a ''falidimide'' baby. Howard said he said it wrong. Howard asked him to spell it. Sal said ''pheldamide.'' Howard said don't try to say it if you don't know. He said it's Thalidomide.

    Gary said Sal tweeted out a post that said he was the greatest boss ever. Sal said he was drunk when he did that. He said that was the worst thing he's done when he's drunk.

    Howard said Sal is going to get behind this curtain and Gary is going to try to guess which one is Sal. Howard asked what he wants to bet Gary. Sal said he should be penalized in some way. Howard asked what he's all upset about. Sal said he's not upset at all. He said he just wants to raise the stakes.

    Gary told Sal to tell Howard what he told Jason he wanted to do. Sal said when Gary was going to come over close to him he wanted to piss on him. Howard cracked up laughing. Howard said that's so horrible. He said that would ruin the game. Sal said he'd rather piss on Gary and ruin the game. Howard said that Gary with those teeth would have bitten his cock off. Sal said it would have been like shark week.

    Gary said he would have punched him if he did that and he wouldn't care if he got fired. Sal said Gary is a bully. Howard said the studio would be condemned. He said Gary would have ripped that foreskin right off.

    Gary said he saved Sal's life once. He said years ago they were out in L.A. and they were with Ron Jeremy and a bunch of people. He said Ron was sitting on some steps and Sal thought it would be funny and stick his balls on Ron's head for no reason. Sal said they were taking a picture. That was the reason. Gary said Ron felt it on his head and turned around saying he would kill him. Sal seemed surprised by that. Howard said Sal is like a little kid.

    Sal said it was Ron Jeremy in his defense. Gary said he had to tell Ron that he works with them and calm him down. He said he was going to kill Sal. Howard said Sal doesn't understand what he's doing. Howard said he used the N-word with Chris Rock. Sal said he did that but it was more socially acceptable. Robin said it was never acceptable. Howard said he went up to Chris and said ''How you doing my-nigga.'' Sal said he wasn't doing it in a hateful way.

    Gary told Howard about some other things Sal has done wrong there. He once got Ace Freheley's number to try to call him and become friends. Howard said he once told Jon Stewart that he doesn't like his comedy. Howard said he's surprised he hasn't fired him. Gary said he told a chef that his burgers taste like pussy. He explained that was a good thing.

    Howard brought up Sal getting caught jerking off at work. Sal said Thom caught him. Howard said he's creepy. He said he should jerk off at home. Sal said he was doing research that day that Thom caught him. Howard said Sal is so out of it he doesn't know when he's doing something wrong.

    Sal said in the past he wouldn't have asked Jason if he should piss on Gary. He said now he knows to find out first. Gary said they have a parade of stories coming in. He said Sal used to write bits and write dirty lines for women to read just for his spank bank. Sal said that's not true. He said he would admit that if it was true. He said he wasn't doing it just for himself.

    Howard said Sal went up to Russell Simmons and said he's sorry for being a white devil. Sal said he speaks without thinking sometimes. He said shit just shoots out and it's dumb. Howard said he's being like his father. Sal said he's doing better. Sal used the word affable during that discussion and he didn't know what it means. Fred gave him the definition.

    Howard said Sal pulled the plug at a super bowl party. He also sent Beth a note to try to help her find something she lost on her computer. Howard said Sal was on Beth fire. Sal said they have made up and they're great now. Howard said he had to uninvite him from his wedding. He said that he's complaining about not getting a birthday email. Sal said that's not true. Howard said he's not sending him a birthday email. Sal said that he's been more than generous to him. He said it does bum him out that he doesn't get birthday email. Sal said he knows other people get them. Howard said he sends a card to Richard. Sal said he's just a little hurt by it.

    Howard said he likes Sal a lot. Sal said he loves Howard too. Howard told him to stop sucking his dick. Howard said he used to write down birthdays and in his new calendar he stopped doing that. Howard said he had some people on a list. He said that he isn't out to get Sal. He said it's just enough with the birthday wishes. He said it was getting to be too much. Howard said happy birthday for whenever it is. Sal said it's October 8th. Howard said he's not his dad even though he wants him to be. Sal said no. Howard said he does. He said he needs some help. Sal said he's getting help by meditating. Howard said he needs more help than that. Robin said he still has those stupid thoughts in his head when he comes out of meditation.

    Howard said they'll find out if Gary can identify his cock later in the show. Sal said he thinks it's going to be tough. Gary said he has a very distinct cock. He said the end of it looks like chewed gum. He said it's also got a color that he will recognize. Fred played Sal's song ''Shake'' and Sal let out an ''Oh no...'' so he cut it off.

    Howard asked Sal what kind of meditation he's doing. Sal said ''Trans-a-dental'' and Howard said you'd think he'd know what it is. Howard told him how to say Transcendental meditation. Sal tried it a bunch of times and eventually got it. Howard told him to get out of there after that.

    Howard took a call from a guy who asked who he thinks has learned the least from him over the years Sal or Ronnie. Howard said he thinks that if he goes through the Ronnie stuff it's pretty close. Howard asked Robin what she thinks. Robin said the interesting thing is that the things Sal has to learn. She said they should have been learned by 10 years old. Howard said she's right. Howard said he's surprised he isn't in jail. He said he doesn't understand it.

    The caller said Sal doesn't know things are wrong until people tell him they're wrong. He said Sal still doesn't know why things are wrong. Howard said Ronnie is missing some sort of something. Robin said she thinks that Sal is worse than Ronnie. She said they're still untapping what Sal doesn't know. Howard said Ronnie will just scream thoguh. He said it's very confusing. He said Sal Vs. Ronnie is a good one. Howard thanked the caller for that.

    Howard took a call from a woman who said she thinks it's a cultural thing and Sal is just being Sal. Howard said no one is like Sal. The caller said she gets herself in rouble all the time and she's Italian too. Howard let her go after that. Howard said he thinks that woman was just insulting all Italians.

  • Howard's Intelligence, Preparing For Kimmel And More. 10/18/17. 7:25am
    Howard said he just got a copy of the new Leonardo DiVinci book. Howard said he's been going through a Hitler book and he's only 20 percent of the way through it. Howard said he's reading it on Kindle. Howard said he doesn't know the name of the book. Gary said he's trying to find it right now. Howard said someone wrote that it's kind of analogous to what's going on in our country right now. Howard said that's kind of sad but true.

    Gary asked if it's Hitler Ascent. Howard said that's it. Howard talked about what he's learned from the book and how he was a goof until people started voting for him. Howard said it's over 1000 pages long. Howard said it's a long book.

    Howard said he is curious about life and learning and he's thinking maybe the schools he went to are the reason for his lack of education. He said his parents knew nothing and he knew nothing. He said maybe he had shitty teachers. He said no one wanted to teach in his school. He said he was behind by the time he got to a good school. He said he's going to say he's not an idiot. He'll just blame everyone else. Robin said it's just ignorance. Howard said that makes him feel better.

    Howard took a call from Sour Shoes who was doing his Gary impression and talking about Sal's penis. Howard asked if he thinks he can do it. Sour Gary was talking about how many times he's seen Sal's cock. He was talking about the old days at K-Rock and things like that so Howard said he has a tremendous memory. Sour Gary said if Sal peed on him he'd just have to grin and bare it. He let Sour go a short time later.

    Howard said he was up at 3 in the morning. He said he watched Jimmy Kimmel's show to prepare to go on it. He said he hates even doing that. He said he had a pre-interview yesterday. He said that he called some guy and he was asking about Robert Plant and things like that. Howard said he told the guy to listen and told him what he was going to talk about. Howard said he was a great audience. Howard said Gary was in there with him. Gary said the guy was laughing so much he had to wait for him to stop. Howard said he wishes the pre-interviewer was hosting the show. Howard said when you go on the shows there's an audience there and he hates that. Howard said he despises having an audience there. Howard said sitting there and entertaining people isn't his thing. Howard said he likes doing the interview thing but not with people watching.

    Howard said he got up at 3 and put Letterman on with Jimmy. He said he loves Letterman. He said he was great with Jimmy. He said he thinks Jimmy came in his pants 17 times. He said he's so into Letterman it's unbelievable. Howard said it was a lot of fun. He said at the end he said he could die and go to heaven. Howard said he said that it doesn't get better than this. Howard said that made him wonder why he's going on the show. Howard said he loves Jimmy and his wife so he's going on the show.

    Howard said Will, Jason and Gary were all listening in during the pre-interview. Howard said he told stories and he doesn't remember what he even talked about. He said he was talking off the top of his head.

    Gary said the phone call ended and he talked to the guys for 40 seconds and Howard said he didn't remember what he just talked about. Howard said he doesn't have a good memory. Robin said that's a good thing. Howard said it is because he doesn't do the same thing every day.

    Howard said Will took notes but he's not going to use notes. Will came in and said he'll send him the notes if he wants. Howard said he would like that. Howard took a call from a guy in the back who was doing Kimmel's pre-interviewer and laughing at nothing.

    Howard said Jimmy told him he didn't have to do the show if he didn't want to. Howard said if he really wanted that he wouldn't have asked him to do it. Robin said he really wanted him to say yes so that's why he did it the way he did.

    Howard thanked Will for taking notes. Will said he liked that Howard asked why they can't just have a conversation. Howard said that's what he wants to do. Howard said they do pre-interview people there but not really. Robin said they do research. Will said Howard does 4-5 hours a day so that's all they need to know about Howard. He said Jimmy probably knows him better than anyone. Howard said he's going to go on and do the show today and it's going to be a long day. Howard said he's going to do good with Jimmy.

    Howard said he has a bunch of stuff he has to do today. He said he's doing the show in Brooklyn. Howard asked who the fuck wants to go to Brooklyn? Howard said do it in Manhattan so it's convenient. Howard said Jimmy thinks he's from Brooklyn but he's from Las Vegas. Howard said Jimmy is a carpet bagger. He said he's from wherever he has to go. Howard said it's like him claiming he's from Detroit. He worked there for 9 months. Howard said that was the most miserable 9 months. He said the people were nice but it just wasn't a good radio scene. He said everything sucked.

    Howard said Jimmy does a good show so it'll be good. Howard said he's going to talk about the Dancing with the Stars betting with him on his show. Howard said Jimmy is costing him money. He said he's betting with Jimmy.

  • Cheating Husband Advice. 10/18/17. 7:40am
    Howard took a call from a woman who said she found her husband cheating and they're getting divorced. She said they have two kids together. She said she caught him twice. She said she can't say how. She said she found a picture on his phone. Howard said every woman catches a guy. Howard said if he was going to cheat he'd throw his phone away. Robin said you can get 5 phones. Howard said to cheat you have to have a college degree at the least.

    The caller said that her husband was hooking up with men about 4 years ago. She said that she left him after that. Then she got back with him and now the woman he's with doesn't know this. Howard asked what she's asking. The caller said she's wondering if she should tell the husband of the woman she's cheating with. Howard said he's fucking dudes on the side too. Howard was going through the story and figured that it's best not to tell the woman. Robin said she's asking about telling the husband. Howard said Sally's husband is cheating and it's not her place to tell anyone. Howard said that he's going to say no for both. Howard said it's the guy's problem and the other woman's problem. Howard said this woman knows that he's a cheater. Howard said the answer is no.

    Howard said now she has one less thing to do today. Robin said that's no fun. Howard said that's his advice. Howard said he thinks Sally is going to make that call though. Sally said she hasn't yet. Robin asked if it's a bad thing. Howard said it could open up bad things. Howard said Sally isn't responsible for the husband's behavior. Howard said the other woman knows the guy is a cheater. Howard said Sally shouldn't do it.

    Howard asked Sally if she knows he's blowing guys. Sally said he is. She said he has said he likes the taste of cum. Howard asked if he's taking it in the ass. She said she doesn't know. Howard asked if he wears women's clothing. Sally said he has offered to with guys he's texted with. Howard said he's sorry she's going through this because it's a pain in the ass.

    Howard asked Sally if she's hot. She said sometimes she is. Howard asked if she's over weight. She said she is a little bit. She said she's not sure how much she weighs. Howard said no one knows who she is. Robin asked what this has to do with anything. Howard said he's trying to do a show over here. Howard gave up on Sally when she hesitated at answering questions. Howard went to break a short time later.


  • Pick The Pouch. 10/18/17. 7:55am
    After the break they played a George Takei announce about cock and balls. Howard came back and said he's never heard a better read than that. Howard said he misses George already and it's only been 2 days.

    Howard said this cock event is a big one. Howard said Gary has been saying for years that he could pick Sal's cock out of a lineup. Robin said the other day when the guys were in there with George she noticed that some of the staff try as hard as they can not to see cock. Howard said JD does that. He said he stares away. JD was in there and said you try to be respectful of everyone. Howard said he just looks. Robin said it's just there. Howard said a lot of the guys aren't paying attention. He said they want to be super heterosexual. Howard said he's not threatened by cock so he doesn't mind looking. Howard said JD responds to cock like a salad. He won't even look at it.

    Howard said Ronnie was looking at the cock. Ronnie said he was watching what the guys were doing. Howard said some of the guys act like they're gay. Howard asked JD if he's going to look. JD said he's going to make sure the microphone is in their face. JD said he has no problem looking at cock. Howard said he won't turn gay just looking. Robin asked Fred if he looks. Fred said he doesn't stare at it.

    Howard had Mariann from Brooklyn singing ''Rock around the Cock.'' He played that clip and Mariann was on the phone so he took the call. Mariann said that she wrote a note to Jimmy about his Letterman interview and she said that Letterman doesn't have the fans like Howard does. Howard said he's not as good as Letterman from what he saw. Mariann was still screaming. Howard told her to calm down. Mariann was screaming at the top of her lungs. Howard wasn't able to ask her a question. Howard kept her on the line and asked who is coming to the show beside herself. Mariann said it's Jim from Raleigh who is taking a 12 hour train ride. She said High Pitch Erik will be there too. Howard asked who Jim is. Mariann said he calls in all the time. Howard said he's coming too. Howard asked who else. Medicated Pete, Fred the Elephant Boy will be there and he's going to keep his separated from High Pitch Erik. Howard said Fred and Erik are fighting again.

    Howard took a call from AnneMarie who said she's obsessed with Mariann. It was a woman yelling like Mariann and saying she hates Howard. Howard asked if she's coming to Kimmel. She said she is and she's going to meet Mariann. Howard asked if she ever sings about Mariann. AnneMarie said she does. She was screaming like Mariann. Mariann was trying to talk to Howard over AnneMarie. Howard just let out a ''wow'' while they were talking over each other. Howard said they had the annoying factor in stereo.

    Howard had Sour Shoes back on the line doing his George Takei impression. Sour George was talking about how much he loves cock and how he could pick out Walter Koenig's big throbbing penis from a mile away in a line up.

    Howard said Gary has said he can pick out Sal's cock out of a lineup. Howard said he's bragged about it for years. Howard said they're going to put that to a test now. Howard said they're going to have 4 cocks poking out of a curtain now. He said they have them numbered 1-4. Howard said one of the cocks will be Sal's. He asked if Gary will be able to identity that cock. Robin asked if he will pee on Gary. Howard said no because that's against the rules of the FCC.

    Howard asked Robin if she thinks Gary can do it. Robin said she thinks it will be difficult. Robin said she thinks she could pick out Sal's cock but she's not sure about the 4. Howard said he can send her out of the room if she wants to play with Gary. Robin said she has a picture of Sal's cock in her head. Howard said they'll be isolating that clip for later in the show.

    Robin said she can just sit there and close her eyes while the guys come in. Howard said she's in the spirit of the whole thing. Howard played a song for this Cocktober event.

    Howard said they're going to meet the cocks now. Howard said they sent Falcon Studios pictures of Sal's cock to find similar looking cocks. Howard said he's going to introduce Sky Knox now. He said he's a porn star on the rise. Howard said he's really in good shape. Howard asked how often he's in the gym. Sky said it's 6 days a week. Howard said it's smart to be in good shape like that. Howard played a clip from one of his movies. Howard asked what was going on there. Sky said he might have been taking two cocks in that one. Howard said he's uncircumcised and he might have a cock that looks like Sal's. Sky said he did take a peek at Sal's. Howard asked to see his. Howard took a look and said it should be a good contest.

    Howard moved on to the next cock, Gabriel Cross. Howard said he's 34 and he looks very young. Howard asked if he plays young boys. Gabriel said he does. Howard played a clip from one of his films where he was getting tag teamed. Howard said someone is smacking him in that. Gabriel said that's just a general pounding. Howard asked if he lubes up for a scene like that. Gabriel said it's just spit. He said he uses an enema on the day of the shoot. Howard asked if he's ever had doody come out. Gabriel laughed. Howard asked to see his cock. He said he can see why he thinks that he looks like Sal. Howard had him get ready behind the curtain.

    Howard said he's bringing out Fernando Del Rio next. Howard asked how long he's been in the business. Fernando said 3 years. He said a friend got him into it. Howard asked if he's meeting a lot of nice guys. He said he is. He said that sometimes they're inappropriate with him but that's fun. Howard played a clip from one of his films where he was a bottom. Howard asked if anyone gets to be a top. Gabriel said he likes being a bottom. Howard asked if he uses an enema the day of. Gabriel said he does. He said sometimes ass juice comes out though. Howard said he hears Gabriel in the clip. He said he's the one moaning. He was blowing a guy and taking it in the ass at the same time. Howard asked some questions about the shoot and played more audio of him in his film.

    Howard asked JD what he's laughing at. JD said it's just funny. Howard said all JD is doing is going home and watching TV while this guy is taking it in the ass. Howard asked to see Fernando's cock. He saw it and said it does look like Sal's.

    Howard said he's going to bring in Sal Governale next. Howard said they have similar cocks to Sal's. Sal said he feels bad for them. Howard asked if he thinks that Gary and Robin will be able to pick it out. Sal said it's going to be a lot harder than he thought. Howard said Sal isn't a big guy. He said that these guys aren't that big either. Howard said Sal is going to go back there and stick his cock out. Howard said he doesn't even want to know which one it is. He said he's going to try to play the game too. Howard said Gary has been saying for years he can pick it out.

    Howard said Robin's eyes were covered while he spoke to the guys. Howard said he has to tell you that it's going to be very exciting. Howard said it's time for Gary to come in. Howard had him come in and Gary was dressed like Sherlock Holmes with a magnifying glass and all. Howard said that they have a curtain there and they have cut a hole for the guys to stick their cocks through.

    Howard had the guys stick their cocks through the curtain. They all did it and Gary said he almost doesn't need to do anything. Robin said she knows which one it is. Gary went over to number 1 and it was huge. Gary went to number 2 and it was shorter. Gary said that it doesn't have the darkness or the chewed gum look. He said that Sal is number 3. He said number 4 looks like a guy's finger. He said number 4 is the closest to fooling him. Gary said the first one is so big that there's no way it's Sal. Robin said that she could even tell Sal's balls. Howard said they could have played that. Howard asked Gary if he's locking in on number 3. Gary did that and so did Robin. Howard said number 1 is like a door knocker. Howard said he's got a big cock. Howard said number 3 is so obviously Sal. He said he has to tell you that there is nothing funnier than looking at a curtain with 4 penises hanging through it.

    Howard asked the guys to drop the curtain and it was Sal at number 3. Howard said it was so obvious. Sal said he's so bummed out. Howard thanked the guys for participating. Howard said Sal he thanks too. Howard said Sky, Gabriel and Fernando did a great job but they know Sal's cock quite well. Howard said they have seen it at least 50-60 times. Sal said it's a unique cock. Robin said they're very lucky not to look like Sal. Howard asked the guys if they would fuck Sal in the ass. They said they could tag team him. Howard wrapped up and went to break a short time later.


  • Who's Cardi B? 10/18/17. 8:30am
    After the break they played a ''Howard Stern Show Masters'' commercial parody and Lorde's ''Royals'' as they were coming back.

    Howard came back and asked who that is. Fred said it's Lorde. Howard asked what she's up to. Robin said she's still around. Howard asked who this woman Cardi B is. JD said she's a rapper and a singer. Howard said he heard it was going to be Arnold Schwarzenegger. Howard said maybe he was booked and had to unbook. Howard said Cardi is in the top 5. Howard played her song ''Bodak Yellow.'' Howard said he has Underdog singing that song too. He played the clip with Rachel Butera doing her Underdog impression.

    Howard asked JD if he likes her. JD said she's hot but she has a lot of energy. He said she has a nice ass too. Howard said JD likes chicks with a big ass. Howard said JD is into the black thing. Robin said he likes anyone with a big ass. Howard asked JD if he's been with a black woman. JD said no. He said just lap dances at a strip club.

    Howard said there's always one guy at the strip club who goes with the black stripper. JD said not all the time. He said he doesn't turn them down. Howard asked if Cardi B's boobs are real. Fred said they have to be mail order. Howard said she's a very nice looking woman.

    Howard said he gets intimidated when it's a posse of people. He said it's kind of intimidating. Howard said he's not even sure who the main person is. Howard said he doesn't know who Cardi B is so he'll steer clear. Howard said that's quite an outfit she's wearing in the picture he's looking at. Robin asked why wear anything after seeing it. Fred said she may have buttock augmentation.

    Howard said imagine Robin shows up in that outfit. Robin said he could charge her with sexual harassment. Howard said there you go.

    Howard said Robin brought up Simone Dinnerstein yesterday. Howard said Robin has a buddy who is a concert pianist. Howard said she mentions her a lot. Robin said she hasn't mentioned her in a long time except in the past couple of weeks. Howard said there is now a song parody with Daniel Mendelson singing over Simone's piano playing. Howard played that for Robin. Daniel was singing about Robin's enormous boobs over the piano. Howard said that was to Robin's buddy Simone Dinnerstein who he's learned way too much about.

  • High Pitch Erik And Underdog Updates. 10/18/17. 8:35am
    Howard said he has some Wack Pack news. He said Shuli was on the phone with Underdog and they called High Pitch Erik and prank called his live stream. Howard said Erik hasn't leaned his lesson yet. He said he has this video channel where he sits around doing stuff and it's oddly compelling. Howard said Erik still threatens people saying he's going to kill them and stab them in the chest. Howard said here he is taking calls. Howard played a clip of Erik threatening one of their guys who prank called him. Erik was cursing them out and threatening them. The guys were talking to Erik about what they could buy him and just jerking him around. Erik was threatening to stab people in the chest.

    Howard said he's going to stab them. Howard said that's like his ''Hey now!'' Howard said he just needs a phone screener. Howard said he's on the computer doing that. He said that he's got more tech than they do there. Howard said Erik can do it no problem.

    Howard said Shuli was cracking him up yesterday with his impression of Erik smoking weed and coughing. Howard played a clip of Erik smoking and coughing. His cough is really deep compared to his usual voice. Howard laughed as he listened to him coughing. Howard said he could listen to that all day. Robin said it is interesting that it gets so deep. Howard said Shuli does the impression much better. Howard asked Shuli to come in and do the impression to see if he still laughs.

    Shuli came in and did the impression for him. Howard played the clip for Shuli. Shuli said he smoked with Erik years ago and he called him saying that he was so high and his head felt like it was 100 pounds. Shuli said that it is 100 pounds. He said Erik ended up running water over his head and ordered baby back ribs.

    Shuli did his Erik impression where he talks in the high voice and then it gets really deep when he starts coughing. Howard said that fucking kills him. He said he sounds like a horse vomiting. Howard said his whole voice changes. Howard said don't make him laugh too much.

    Shuli did more of the impression and Howard said if he did that the rest of his life he'd be a god. Howard said he loves when that voice gets deep.

    Howard said maybe he should play the Underdog report. He said this is kind of relevant. Howard said Shuli called Underdog and talked to her about a few things. Howard said Underdog fell out of bed. Howard played a clip of her doing that while she was on the phone with Shuli. She was talking to him and let out some moans. She fell and said she's alright but kept whining.

    Howard said that sounded pretty traumatic. He said he loves her. Howard said he loves High Pitch Erik, Beetlejuice and then he hears Underdog and loves her. Howard said Medicated Pete can come in and you love him. He said there is no favorite.

    Howard said that Shuli asked how it was after the fall out of bed and Underdog didn't remember falling out of bed. Underdog said she hurt her knee at work but didn't remember falling out of bed the week before. Shuli reminded her about it and she remembered it. Shuli asked if she was okay. Underdog said she is.

    Howard said she's like an NFL player who has gotten hit in the head too many times. Howard said she doesn't remember. Howard said she loves cats and she had a cat bite her and got sick from that.

    Howard said Shuli talked to Underdog about Jimmy Kimmel coming to Brooklyn and maybe she should perform there. Howard said Jimmy doesn't want that. Shuli said she's dying to get back on Kimmel. Howard played a clip of Shuli asking if she has more costumes that she could wear. Shuli said she has some ghost costume she could wear. She was telling Shuli about that. Howard said she should just bring her on Kimmel with him.

    Howard said that Shuli is being mean to Underdog. He said there is no way she's going to be asked to be on his show. Shuli said that he didn't say no when he was in there. Howard said he loves it. He said Underdog suggested doing a dance to Beethoven. Howard played a clip of her talking about that with Shuli.

    Shuli said that he asked her to go to the show with him to just be in the audience but she said if she's not performing, she's not going. Howard said Shuli suggested that she do Dracula for Jimmy but she got flummoxed because it's a long performance. Howard played that clip and Underdog said she lost her tapes with the music on it. She said she has it on compact disc but it's a 24 minute long dance. Shuli said they'd have to do a shorter version.

    Howard said she's tougher to deal with than Mariah Carey. Howard said maybe she can go out with Cardi B. Shuli said when they get Howard 360 they should do the 24 minute dance. Howard said it's better in small doses with Suzanne.

    Howard said he would rather see 24 minutes of the Dracula dance than a Grateful Dead show. Howard said Underdog hasn't nailed down if she's going to be there at Kimmel but she's already worried about the train ride. Howard played a clip of her talking about how she'd get there. Shuli told her he'd go with her. Howard said they'd send a car for her if she was booked. Howard said she wouldn't have to worry about it. Howard said planning a heist is less complicated than this.

    Howard said Shuli eventually pitched the idea for her to be a guest announcer for Kimmel. She didn't go for that. Howard played the clip and Underdog said she's not sure it would be worth going all the way up there for that. She said she's afraid not. Howard said he's shocked by that. Howard said just to get on TV you'd do it. Robin said not her. She said that it has to be in the right way.

    Howard said she has more dignity than Ronnie. He said she turns things down. Howard asked when that Adam Sandler movie is coming out with Ronnie in it. Shuli said he thinks Ronnie is still pissed at him for bringing it up on the air. He said he spoke to one of the actors in the scene with Ronnie and he confirmed that he fucked it up. He said that even Buscemi said something to him. Howard said Ronnie has one line and Steve Buscemi has to correct him. Robin said the one thing an actor is supposed to do is listen. Howard said they got so annoyed with Ronnie that they told him to get his shit together.

    Howard said they asked Ronnie what he plays and he didn't know. That led to Fred doing his impression of Ronnie talking about that. Howard had a clip of the actor saying that Ronnie fucked it up. It was Gary Pastore who told Shuli that Ronnie fucked up by stepping on his line. Gary told Shuli that it was at least 5 takes. He said that they were thinking about taking his line out.

    Howard said he hasn't played that clip before. He said that's an exclusive. Howard said that guy said Ronnie fucked up his line. Howard said Ronnie shouldn't be mad at Shuli. He said these guys are all saying that he fucked up a lot. He said Shuli was downplaying it. Howard said Adam Sandler has the reputation of being the nicest guy and he had to go over and yell at Ronnie. Howard said he has to wait for the actor to finish his line and then get it in. Robin said that they weren't able to cut around Ronnie. He was stepping on lines. Robin said that Ronnie thinks he did fine. Howard said Ronnie thinks that Shuli exaggerates. Howard said they got the scene right 3 hours later.

    Howard got back to Underdog and said that Shuli told her about getting a vasectomy and she had no idea what he was talking about. She knows nothing about that kind of thing. She also told Shuli about being knocked out at the dentist. Howard said he'll play that first. Howard played the clip and Underdog talked about being put to sleep to get some realignment done. She said she doesn't want to feel anything so she has to be knocked out. She said Novocaine isn't enough for her. She said she tried nitrous oxide once but she didn't like the smell. She said she felt like she was in a lethal gas chamber. Howard said Underdog might be the only Wack Packer who goes to the dentist.

    Howard played a clip of Shuli talking about his vasectomy and explaining to Underdog what it is. She had no idea what it was. Shuli explained it and she said ''Oh my...'' She said that she has an art project for his kids to do on Saturday. She just got right out of that conversation.

    Howard said that John McCain was speaking the other day and he almost said ''Ass Chreaks'' like Ronnie. Howard played the clip and it was close but not quite what Ronnie said. Howard said he met John and he loves that guy. He said he was at a party and he met him there. He said he got to shake his hand and tell him what a hero he is. Howard said he talked to him about the days when they were in Viet Nam and how different things are now.

    Howard said Trump and McCain are battling lately and he would advise Trump not to get involved with that.

    Howard said he has a sex toy review from Ronnie coming up. Howard took a call from a guy who said it's an honor to be in the 103rd with Howard Stern. Howard said he has no idea what the fuck he's talking about. Robin said he was trying to say he was in Viet Nam with him. Howard said oh yeah. The caller was telling a story about being in the service and he's about to be deployed. Howard said he hopes he's not lying. He said he hates stolen valor. Howard asked where he's going. The caller said he's going to Afghanistan. He said it's his fourth time going. Howard said he goes 3 times under protest. Howard asked how long he's been in the military. The caller said 7 years. He said he goes to therapy 3-4 times a week and that takes care of things.

    Howard asked what the guy does in the miltiary. The caller explained what he does. Howard asked if he's coordinating with them. The caller said he does that.

    Howard asked where he beats off over there. Howard said the guys over there are young and they have to beat off. Howard said you get so familiar with people that you ignore it. The caller said that they're pretty discrete. He said that they may do it in the port-a-John. He said that he was with his wife last time he was deployed. He said he had to sneak off to his wife's room to do that. Howard said he knows a guy who has been over there and he just beats off. He said that it's like 120 degrees. He said the sand over there is 20 percent cum.

    Howard wished the caller, David, luck over there. Shuli said he knows a guy who didn't have to go back but he wanted to because he missed his brothers. He asked David if that's his case. David said no. Howard said some guys love it and need the adrenaline rush. Howard said he knew a guy like that who loved it. Howard said thank god for guys like that. Howard wrapped up with David and let him go a short time later.

  • Ronnie's Sex Toy Review. 10/18/17. 9:10am
    Howard said he has Ronnie's sex toy reviews. Howard said they get sex toys there and they give the stuff away to the staff. Howard said they asked Ronnie to review some of the sex toys they get. Howard said this one was a rubber anus that they asked Ronnie to test out. Gary said it was a triple thing. He said it was an anus, mouth and vagina all next to each other. Howard said this is his review. Howard played the clip and Ronnie said it's called a 3 Fap Happier. Ronnie tried explaining what it was. He had some trouble with it. Ronnie said he fucked the mouth and vagina and it felt the same to him. He said it didn't really feel good. He said the ass was too tight. He said it was for a dick the size of a pencil. He said he wasn't happy with it. He gave it a rating of 2 cock rings.

    Howard had a picture of this thing and showed it to the guys. Howard and the guys said it's gross. Howard said they sent him home with a whole box of stuff to try out.

  • Bobo's Military Service. 10/18/17. 9:20am
    Howard took a call from Bobo who said fly him in and he'll make sure no one gets in to disturb him at Kimmel. Howard said he's bringing Ronnie in with him. He said he'll stand guard for him. Howard said he has rehearsed him for that. He said last time he'd pop his head in and ask if Flavor Flav can come in. Howard said he had to tell him to make up excuses.

    Bobo said he was in the miltiary. Shuli told him to tell Howard what he did. Bobo said he did cooking in the kitchen and stuff. He was supposed to do teletype. He said he did serve the country. Shuli added ''and the soldiers.'' Howard said he certainly did serve. Gary said that they send the lowest scoring testers to cook. Bobo said he did serve though. Howard said the guy cleaning the latrine is lower than that.

    Howard had Brent come in to talk about that. Shuli said he has audio of Brent working with his headphones on. He said it sounds like porn playing but it's actually Brent moaning while he's working. Brent said during the day he talks to himself. He said when he's working he just has a conversation going on and he mumbles. Howard had some audio of Brent making sounds that were like a whale. Howard said he's a weirdo.

    Howard said he thinks about hanging out with Brent and then he hears this. Howard asked what he was moaning about. He said he just talks to himself in his head and that's what comes out. Robin said everyone talks in their head but that doesn't come out. Howard did an impression of him moaning. Brent said he was writing a report and some of the stuff he was writing was ridiculous.

    Howard asked about Bobo being a cook and if that means he's stupid. Brent said they give a test when you join and if you score low then they send you to be a cook. He said in the army you have to score a 22 percent. Bobo said he went to the Army and they scared him when they told him he could come home in a box. He said his number was called and he got number 24 in the draft. Howard said he thought he was going to say it was 24 in the test. Howard said they know there used to be a lottery. Bobo said when they called his number he freaked out. Howard asked what his test score was. Bobo said he was just glad he passed the test.

    Howard said Bobo is so stupid that they didn't want him shooting guns. Shuli said he thinks they just handed him a spatula and apron instead of telling him the score of the test. Bobo said he got an honorable discharge. Robin asked why it was medical.

    Shuli reminded Howard that a couple of years ago Bobo was freaking out that ISIS was going to come after him because he was in the military. Like they're going to come after a cook. Robin said even Bobo can do well in this country. She said that's why this country is so great.

    Bobo said he thinks his IQ would be higher now if he was tested. He said he made six figures doing what he did. He said he was the top instructor in the nation. Robin said they know that. They've heard it before.

    Bobo said he was supposed to be in teletype but he never made it there. Brent said the real story is that he wasn't able to graduate to that job so he was left to cook. Howard asked if there's a pecking order for the cooks. Brent said there is. He said he could have been the lowest guy in the kitchen. Howard asked what Bobo's job was in the kitchen. Bobo said he made burgers and stuff like that. He said they made all that stuff.

    Howard said he at least got to cook something. Robin said he didn't have a brain that could do much else so he had to do this. Howard said it's all important. Brent agreed. Bobo asked how many people ran away and didn't serve.

    Howard asked if he ever got to carry a gun. Bobo said he got to clean M-16s. He said he didn't carry a weapon. Brent said that they don't give weapons to some guys. He said they used to put the blue grenade pins in people's helmets to show how stupid guys were. He said that the dumber you were the more pins you'd have. Bobo asked if the guns he was cleaning were real. Brent said they don't weigh that much.

    Howard said on the web they say that the only position lower than cook was a fabric laundry technician. Brent said all they had to do was load the bags. Howard said Steven Seagal was a green beret type and he went down to cooking because he got bored. Bobo said he thanks god he still had his hair back then. Shuli said he still has his hair when he gets it in the mail.

    Howard said he didn't know there was a test where they put you in a kitchen. Bobo said he was happy he got into the National Guard and only had to sign for 6 years. Howard said this is so boring. Bobo said he thought he was genius. Brent said back then if you were in the National Guard you got to stay at home. Howard goofed on Bobo doing an impression of him working in the kitchen. Brent said he thinks that Bobo's dad was told that his son is an idiot so they're not going to send him over seas. Bobo said when you're a young kid and you're faced with that then you don't want to go. Shuli said he was 18. Bobo said he took the 6 year deal. Howard asked what that is. Bobo said you go away every summer and go train on the weekends. He said then you get deployed in your state. Howard said he zones out when he talks. Howard said when Bobo explains stuff he's boring. Howard said Brent can explain it and it's not boring.

    Howard took a call from a guy who said the reason Bobo's dad was there is because it was Bobo and he wanted him to go off to Viet Nam. The caller said his dad should take him to North Korea right now.

    Howard said that he has to thank Bobo for his service. Bobo said he has to say one more thing. He said this ''King Jong Un'' is freaking him out. He said when he was in school they had to put hoods on their heads when the cold war was going on. He said it was like child abuse. He was telling the story but the guys were all goofing on Bobo doing impressions of him talking about this stuff.

    Howard said he has to go. He thanked Bobo for his food service. Howard asked what they were talking about before Bobo called in. They were talking about Bobo's score on his test and how he ended up as a cook. Brent said he thinks he missed one question on the test. He said when you work on helicopters you have to know what you're doing. Robin said there's a lot of important things to do.

    Howard said he heard that Brent can't whisper. Brent said he can't. He said he used to have to pick up calls and he can't whisper. Howard said he doesn't care.

    Howard said he has said on the air before that Brent's greatest dream is to make a citizen's arrest. Howard said he talked to someone else about that. Brent said it was Miley Cyrus. Howard said another woman said the same thing to him. Howard said he has another episode of Citizen Hatley. He said he saw some guy smoking outside and tried to make a citizen's arrest. Howard played the clip and Brent was out telling this guy not to be smoking in front of this building. Brent said he might do a citizen's arrest. The guy didn't care and told him to get the fuck away from him. Brent kept going with him but the guy wished him luck and didn't move. They played a Bobo song parody after that. They went to break a short time later. - As Seen on Howard Stern

  • George Takei Clips. 10/18/17. 9:40am
    After the break they played a George Takei announce about how he and Brad are kneeling on Sundays at the same time NFL players are kneeling.

    Howard said that George recorded a bunch of things for them. He said there's nothing he won't read. He said he has some out takes of George recording. Howard the guys asked where they are. Gary said they're on the Cocktober page. Howard said he can't believe he has a Cocktober page. Howard had a clip of George trying to say Viva La Penis. Howard said he corrected the pronunciation. Howard said he's off his rocker. He said he loves that guy.

    Howard said here's George commenting and correcting the script they gave him. Howard played the clip and George was laughing at what they wrote for him. George said nothing has changed there. He was correcting some of the stuff they wrote. Howard said he's so literal. Robin said he's glad he's considering the script.

    Howard said he has a montage of George laughing. He had George chuckling to himself after reading some of the lines they had for him. Howard said he loves George. He said they only had him for a day this week. Howard said they love it when he's in for the full week.

    Howard had a montage of George clearing his throat before reading. Howard said he comes up with those great announces after that. Howard played one of George talking about how even he and Brad think Cocktober is too gay.

  • Entertainment Reviews. 10/18/17. 9:45am
    Howard said HBO is running a documentary about Steven Spielberg that's great. He said he's made some amazing movies. Howard said you forget about them until they put them all in one place. He said he forgot he made Indiana Jones. He said there was one that he didn't see that he didn't know Spielberg did. Howard said he did E.T. and Close Encounters. Howard said Beth fell asleep one night so he got to watch the documentary. Howard said he tries to watch stuff without her but she gets mad at him if he does that. Howard said he thought Beth would like this Brad Pitt movie but then he saw the trailer and figured she wouldn't like it. Howard said she's into Brad Pitt though. Robin said go figure. Howard said she has many different likes. Howard said Brad did this movie with a French woman. Howard said he watched it and thought Beth would like it. Howard said she got mad that he watched it.

    Howard said he knew to watch Spider-Man without her. Howard said he likes the kid who is playing the new Spider-Man. Howard said the movie was pretty good. He said he likes Wonder Woman too. Robin said she liked that too. Howard said she seemed to have avoided Harvey Weinstein. Robin said she managed to do that. Robin said she just got picked to do another movie. Howard said she's going to be in a Justice League movie. Howard said his problem is that he likes male super heroes better. Howard said he likes to fantasize that he's a super hero and he could get girls. Howard said that's the whole deal. Robin said he's not the only one who goes to the movies. Howard said the whole thing is that he's Spider-Man and all the girls are into him. He said that's what it is for him.

    Robin asked what about wonder Woman picking him to be her guy. Howard said he's got enough embarrassment. Howard said Beth could probably beat him up. He said she can probably bench press more than him. He said Beth is the one who knows what to do when something goes wrong. He said she saved their dog when he didn't know what to do when it fell in the pool.

    Howard said Beth once fell down a flight of steps and broke her ankle and she barely made a peep. He said she was back in heels a couple of weeks later. Howard said she didn't care about the pain.

    Howard said the woman who plays Wonder Woman is hot. He said she was great on Saturday Night Live too. Howard said some countries won't play the movie because she's Israeli and other countries hate the Jews.

  • Wendy Place The Face Game. 10/18/17. 9:55am
    Howard took a call from a guy who said that he loves the show and he does a lot of stupid voices but they pertain to the show only. He did a George Takei impression that was awful. Howard said that's the worst George Takei. He said that sounds like Adam. Howard took a call from Sour Shoes and had him do a good impression of George. Howard asked the caller, Adam, how tall he is. Adam said he's 6'7'' tall. Sour George asked how big his cock is.

    Howard said what he's going to do is give Adam a game to play. He talked more to Adam but said he might be too annoying to play the game. Howard said he'll give it a try. Howard said this is going to be a Wendy Place the Face Game. Howard said that Adam will be playing for $500 cash and a $250 Untuckit gift card.

    Howard said the way the game is played is where they show Wendy the Slow Adult a picture and ask if she can identify it. Howard said they showed her a picture of Barney the dinosaur. He asked Adam if he thinks she will get it. He said yes. Wendy did know Barney.

    Howard said they showed Wendy a picture of Elvis Presley. He asked Adam if he thinks she'll get that one. Adam said yes. Howard played Wendy's answer which was ''Elvis.''

    Howard said they showed Wendy a picture of Betty Boop. Howard asked if Adam thinks she'll get that one. Adam said yes. Howard played her answer and Wendy said ''Betty Boop'' which is her mom's favorite character.

    Howard said they showed Wendy a picture of Benjamin Franklin. Adam said no way she'll get that one. Howard played Wendy's answer which was ''That guy off the 100 dollar bill. John F. Kennedy.'' Howard said Adam has won the prize. Howard said he was trying to extend the game. Howard said he has to get rid of Adam anyway. He said he won $500. He said this guy was saying he can do other voices. Howard said he's Rich Little Talent. Adam did one more voice which was Jesse Ventura. Howard asked him to never call in again and put him on hold for his prize. Howard went to break after that.


  • A Few More Calls. 10/18/17. 10:10am
    After the break they played another George Takei announce where he asked Brad to turn his radio off and then said he wants to gargle Fred's balls.

    Howard came back and took a call from a guy who said he was calling to share in the spirit of Cocktober. He said he has a monster cock story. He said in 2009 his fiancee saw something weird on his shaft and it was like a little scab. It turned out to be a type of cancer. He said he had to have surgery and they had to remove an inch forward of the area. He said they had to remove and inch backward and they put it all back together and now they call him stumpy. He said he has 5 inches left. He said he had 7 1/4''. Howard said that's what he should tell people. He said he can use that as an excuse. Howard said he should be happy he had 7 and now he has 5. Howard said he would kill for 5 inches. Howard said that's a horrible story.

    Howard asked Robin if she's ever heard of a scab being cancer. Robin said that's how you find it. Howard said his partner would never notice because he never lets his partner see his penis. Howard said she'd never be able to pick it out of a lineup. Howard asked the caller, Jose, if his girl stuck with him. Jose said she did stick with him. He said the first erection after the surgery was the best. He said it looks like Frankenstein's neck. Howard said that's great that they were able to do the surgery and put it back together. Howard said the scabs he gets are from rubbing it too hard while watching YouPorn.

    Howard said he thinks they have a new sounder for George. Fred was playing George saying ''Viva La Penis'' in the French way.

    Howard took a call from a guy who claimed he was his counselor in Camp Welmet. He said that he got his first cigarette from him. Howard said he never did that. The caller said he'd never forget that. He also said he met Robin at Dr. Roni's place. Howard thanked him for the call.

    Howard said he ran a tight ship when he was a camp counselor. He said he'd never do something like that. He said he was a by the rules kind of guy. Robin said he only breaks the rules at work. Howard said in his personal life he follows all rules.

    Robin said when the whole Harvey Weinstein thing broke she thought to herself that's what people think Howard is. Howard said that's right. Howard said he has to get to the news because he has a full schedule today.

  • Robin's News. 10/18/17. 10:15am
    Howard said it's time for some news. He had a song parody about Fred to play for Cocktober. After the song Howard said that was sent in by Fred Zeppelin.

    Robin started her news with a story about a festival of the penis in Japan every April. Robin said it's based on some mythology about a woman who had two lovers and a third guy came and cut off the cocks of the lovers. She had to have a phallus created after that. Robin said they walk around with 3 big penises. Howard said he's never going to Japan.

    Robin said she just discovered something called the Penis Fish. Robin said she's not sure if Howard has ever heard of this. Howard said it has a lot of mercury in it. Robin said it can be a family of catfish that can enter the urethra. Howard ended up doing his George Takei impression talking about that. Howard had Lee Kingsnatch on the phone to talk about the penis festival. He was eating a penis pop and talking about meeting a guy over there named Long Dong Sucka.

    Robin asked Howard if he knows why a penis is called a cock. Howard said he thinks it would have to do with a male chicken as a cock. Robin said it's a rooster. Howard said they call it a cock. He said he doesn't know. Robin said that is one of the things people surmise. Robin said they also say there's a term in British slang called Pilcock which means idiot. She said it could have come from either of those places. Howard said Robin is full of penis information.

    Howard said they got a lot of great feedback about Robert Plant on the show. Howard read through some of the mail they got about that interview. Howard talked about how thrilling it was for him too.

    Howard said they also had a lot of feedback about Name that Splooge on yesterday's show. Howard read that mail and also had a negative reaction to the Robert Plant interview. He joked it was from Jimmy Page. Howard said someone was asking for more Medicated Pete on the show too. He did a live commercial read after that.

    Robin read a story about Tom Joyner the DJ who used to fly between Dallas and Chicago to do shows. Howard said they had to show him that he could do it from one location. Robin said that he finally realized that. Robin said Tom has announced he signed a 2 year contract and that's the end for him. Robin said he's still doing two shows but he's done after 2 more years. Howard asked if he's still flying back and forth. Robin said he's not but he did that for 8 years. Howard asked how old he is. Robin said his age isn't there but they say he's been doing it for 25 years. Howard read he's 67. Howard said that's about the right time. Howard said it's enough. Howard said he probably made a bunch of dough and he wants to hang out. Howard said he likes these guys who retire and have a heart attack 2 weeks later. Howard said that will be his luck. He said he'll retire and never wake up again. Howard said that's such a burn and embarrassment.

    Howard said that Tom Joyner has collected over 7 million frequent flyer miles. Howard said it's all for nothing. Robin said that you can get free rides from that. Robin said he couldn't stand being on a plane. Howard said he could get so much free travel. Robin said he wanted off that plane.

    Robin said she has something to go over with Howard. She said a Brooklyn high school student was arrested for sexual misconduct after having a 13 year old give him a blow job in a stairwell. The kid was 17. Howard said he shouldn't have done it. Howard said these kids know they're doing wrong. Howard said when he was like 16 or 17 and his friend was dating 13 year olds. Howard said he told him he was out of his mind. Howard said the guy dated them because girls his age didn't date him. He said that his friend told him a 13 year old was into him and he was introduced to him. Howard said he didn't see her again after meeting her. Howard said he knows better. He said you can't get a blow job from a 13 year old. Robin said the kids may not know it's against the law. Howard said he knew. Robin said a 17 year old may not know. Howard said they know. He said you see enough TV and you know. Robin said you should tell your kids that you can get in trouble. Howard said of course but he just knew. Robin asked if this should be taught to kids in their sexual education. Howard said of course. Robin said this kid got caught because he was bragging about it to his friends and the girl got upset and told a school counselor about it.

    Robin read a story about the fallout of the Harvey Weinstein revelation. Robin said Jennifer Lawrence was honored at some festival about women yesterday and she told a story from her early Hollywood years that had nothing to do with Harvey Weinstein but she was told to lose 15 pounds in 2 weeks. Robin said she also talked about a female producer who had her do a nude lineup with other thinner actresses and took pictures to give her an incentive to lose weight. Howard took a call from fake Harvey Weinstein audio clips and talked to him about this stuff.

    Robin read more about the Jennifer Lawrence story and had more details about the weird stuff she's had to go through. Howard said Beth has a million horror stories from her modeling days. Howard said he's not speaking for her about that stuff. Robin said if you escape from that you just move on.

    Robin read a story about Molly Ringwald talking about Harvey Weinstein and a business run in she had with him. Robin said that Molly claims she's had a lot of Harvey Weinstein's in her career. She talked about a 50 year old guy who pushed her up against a wall when she was just 13 and another guy who put his tongue in her mouth at 14. Robin said the woman who plays Sersi on Game of Thrones allegedly had a run in with Harvey Weinstein where he tried to lure her up to his hotel room. Robin said they had a faulty room key and she got away because of that. Howard said show business is fucked up.

    Robin read a story about the Weinstein company firing Harvey and he's now resigned from the board. Robin said he must be in rehab. Howard did his impression of Harvey calling in from rehab. He was doing the voice with a Chicago accent. He said he knows he doesn't sound like that but it's funnier that way. Howard kept that up for a few minutes talking about rehab and how he's cured already. Fake Harvey was talking to Robin about

    Sour Shoes called in as Mad Dog Russo talking about Harvey Weinstein. Howard spent a little time talking to him about that and about Robert Plant. Howard asked him to sing some Zeppelin. Sour did his Mad Dog Russo voice singing but then he told a joke and broke into his Jackie the Joke Man voice. Howard hung up on him saying it likes it better when he sticks to one character.

    Robin read a story about how 11 million men in the United States have oral human papaloma virus. Howard said he hopes not Fred. Robin said it can lead to cancer in the head, neck and throat. Robin read some details about the study. Howard did a live commercial read after that.

    Robin read a story about the Dow topping 23,000. Robin said that she doesn't even know what that means. Robin said they say it just reached 22,000 last summer. Robin said it's up to 23 now. Robin said that's a 121 year historic event. Robin said it closed just shy of 23,000.

    Robin thanked Howard for suggesting The Avengers to her on Netflix. She said that was very good. She said she went back and watched Jessica Jones and she liked it after watching it a second time.

    Robin read a story about a 325 pound woman who is changed with killing a 9 year old girl by sitting on her as punishment. Howard said what a way to go. Robin said she's been charged with homicide and cruelty to a child. Robin said she was her cousin. Robin said the 9 year old wasn't able to breathe with her sitting on her. Howard did a live commercial read after that.

    Robin read a story about Jay Z and Beyonce doing a show to raise money for charity to help hurricane victims. Robin had some audio from the show. Howard said he likes Robin's singing better. He said she's his Beyonce.

    Robin read a story about the death toll in Puerto Rico going up to about 450. Robin said two members of congress are asking for an audit of the death toll which was 48.

    Howard said they mentioned Robin in a story about hurricane Ophelia which hit Ireland. The weatherman mentioned the Stern Show since Robin's middle name is Ophelia. Howard said that hurricane killed 3 people in Ireland. Robin said it wasn't completely powerless.

    Robin read a story about the wild fires in California and how they haven't figured out the cause yet. Robin said they say that power lines can cause fires out there in California. Robin said over 40 lives have been lost in the past 10 days due to those wild fires. Howard did a live commercial read after that.

    Robin read a story about the aftermath of the shooting in Las Vegas. Robin said people are still in the hospital and they need money to help treat people who were injured. Robin said the hotel security guard is coming forward and appearing on Ellen Degeneres today. Robin said the security guard was the first one to come in contact with Steven Paddock. Robin had a clip of the guy talking to Ellen.

    Robin read a story about President Trump saying that he doesn't know what other presidents did when military were killed. Robin said Trump is being accused of telling the mother of a soldier who was killed that he must have known what he signed up for. Robin had some audio of a woman talking about how he never showed any compassion for what she was feeling. Robin said the White House is saying that whatever the President says to the family is private.

    Robin read about Steve Bannon throwing his support behind Dr. Kelly Ward who is running for senate. Robin said this is seen as another step in his war against the GOP establishment. Robin had some audio of Bannon speaking at some event.

    Robin asked if Howard is tired of Star Wars. Howard said yes. Robin said Ron Howard directed the new Han Solo film and he announced the title of the new one. Robin said it's called ''Solo: A Star Wars Story.'' Howard said he's a good director so maybe it'll be good. Robin had audio of Ron Howard announcing the new title of the movie. Robin said it's due out next March.

    Robin said that Demi Lovato has a documentary out and she never played any of her music for people who aren't aware. Robin had Howard play some clips of her music and of her talking about liking casual sex. She also talked about being on a dating app for both men and women. Robin wrapped up her news and Howard ended the show around 11:10am.

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    • Name That Splooge With Richard Christy. 10/17/17. 7:20am
    • High Pitch Erik Internet Show Clips. 10/17/17. 7:50am
    • Kina Grannis Cover, Phone Calls, Clips And More. 10/17/17. 8:15am
    • Big Foot Update. 10/17/17. 8:30am
    • Robert Plant Visits. 10/17/17. 8:50am
    • Robert Plant Recap And Some Calls. 10/17/17. 10:30am
    • Robin's News. 10/17/17. 10:40am
    • To Be Archived Later This Friggin Week.
    • To Be Archived Later This Friggin Week.

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