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-- Monday, January 22, 2018 --

  • Patriots And Eagles Games And Porn Discussions. 01/22/18. 7:00am
    Show opening bits and songs included: A clip of Charles Manson clip, a song parody about Bobo, a Eric the Actor song parody, a Scott the Engineer vaping tip, a phony phone call to an internet radio show using clips of Howard Stern talking about his enlarged prostate, Liam Gallagher performing ''Wonderwall'' in the Howard Stern Show studio, Sal Governale announcing that this date in 2009 Will the Farter farted on his mother's face for 30 seconds.

    Howard started the show talking about how he was such a masculine man watching football yesterday. He said at some point he watched porn during the game. He said during the commercials he'd watch porn. Robin asked if it was every time. Howard said not every time but he did it a few times. Robin said she's never heard of a more manly man. Howard said he was watching a woman receiving her first anal while Tom Brady was doing his thing. Howard said that guy is incredible. Robin asked what that is. Howard said he was rooting for the Patriots even though he shouldn't be. He said they came from behind. Robin said they always make amazing comebacks.

    Howard said he knows people hate the Patriots and the officials not calling things on them. Howard said they don't seem to want to get into their way.

    Howard said the Philly fans are staunch supporters of the Eagles so it should be a good Super Bowl. Robin said she didn't know about that guy who was singing that Philly song. Howard said he was busy with porn so he doesn't know anything about it. Howard said he starts watching football during the playoffs so he doesn't know about the rest of the season.

    Robin said in Philly they were greasing the poles so the fans won't climb them. Howard said how about just not climbing the poles. Howard said the song she was talking about is called Fly Eagles Fly. Howard asked Will if he can sing it. Will came in and sang the song for them. Howard said Will just came back from the riots. He asked if he's excited. Will said he is. He said he hopes they win. He said he's pulling for them.

    Howard said Will used to piss on people at the games. Will said he went to a Vikings game and he jumped on a woman's back who was wearing a Vikings shirt. He said he hopped off and ran away.

    Will said he drove down to Philly for a game and came back the next day to work. He said he thinks those days are over for him. Howard said he's taking his job more seriously now.

    Howard said he thinks Will should be a New York fan since he lives there. He said they have two teams there and they can't produce a winner. He said that's nuts. Robin said the Giants have won but the Jets you have to look at. Robin said look at the Mets and the Knicks. Will said the Yankees are good. Howard said it's embarrassing that they don't have better teams. Robin said they have teams for every sport and they don't have good ones.

    Howard and Will were talking about the Yankees and some of the players Will didn't care for. Howard thanked him for his thoughts on that stuff. Howard let him go after that.

    Howard said he has some Eagles fans pretty much unintelligible. JD came in and said he has some audio of Will singing the Eagles chant when he was drunk. Howard played the clip and Will was talking about how he loves the Eagles and he thinks they have some hope. He said he wanted to do an Eagles chant for once in his life. He did the chant.

    Howard said he can't get that worked up over teams. He had some audio of the Eagles fans getting worked up on TV about going to the Super Bowl. Howard said a lot of fans are wearing full costumes. He said that will lead to trouble. He said they think they can't be seen. Howard played a clip of some fans yelling ''Fuck Tom Brady'' on TV. Howard said it takes a while to get into it. In the clip the fans waited until the end of the broadcast to get that in.

    Howard had another clip of a guy saying he was going to fuck Tom Brady's wife over and over. Howard said sure he is. Howard said the dog outfit is because they are the under dogs. Howard said that guy wishes he could fuck Tom Brady's wife. He said that guy probably hasn't bathed in a year so he won't be fucking Tom's wife.

    Howard played a clip of a guy yelling out ''Big Dick Nick'' on the air. In the clip the reporter was trying to do a live report and everyone was chanting. Then this guy gets on and starts with the Big Dick Nick thing. Howard said they're always shocked when they are with drunk fans and they yell something out.

    Howard said he asked his guys there who watch football who will win and the general feeling is the Patriots will win. He said who knows though. He said you can't just do that and expect it to happen. Howard said he watched it and it was good. He said Ralph told him it was going to be good. He said the Patriots played the Vikings. He said he was watching and it's a lot of time to put in. He said he made some diner and Beth wasn't around so he jerked off during half time. He said he timed it out.

    Robin said she only watches the last 5 minutes of the game. She said that's all you need. Howard said he can't believe how many good looking women who are in porn. He said the women are so good looking. He said he remembers the first porn he saw that was on 8mm film. He said that he had to do the whole set up to watch it. He said it was a really old porn and the woman was not good looking. He said now the women in porn are really good looking. He said especially in lesbian porn. He said they're stunning. He said maybe they're short or something. He said they look like actresses or models. He said hey really are that good looking. Robin said he may be swayed by a full pipe. Howard said it's mind blowing to him. He said there are really good looking women in porn.

    Howard said he was watching a porn last night and this woman was light skinned mulatto. He said he doesn't watch a lot of black porn but this was a light skinned woman who was really great looking. He said he doesn't see that much black porn out there. Robin said there aren't that many black porn actresses. Howard said this woman had a perfect face and body. He said when he was growing up the women looked like Rocky Dennis from Mask. Howard said this woman fucked a professor and she walks in almost naked into his office. He said she's standing way too close to the guy and she says he fucked her best friend. Then the guy gives in and bends her over the desk and spanks her really hard. Howard said she loves it. Howard said she ends up blowing him forever. He said then he bangs her.

    Howard said he was thinking about how good looking she was. He said now he's forgotten about the game completely. He said he was watching porn, eating dinner and watching the football game. He said that was a masculine day.

    Howard said Bill Maher came back from his 3 month vacation so he was watching him last night. He said Michael Wolff was on the show and he said he can't have 100 percent proof but he thinks Trump is having an affair right now. Howard said Trump has to be miserable. He said he had a great life. He said he kind of flew under the radar. He said he can't believe he ran for president.

    Howard said there used to be famous porn stars but that doesn't happen now. Robin said that the porn industry has been affected by streaming. Howard asked JD if he knows any famous porn actresses. JD said there's Lisa Ann. He said she's getting back into it. Howard asked who else there is. JD said that he thinks Lisa Ann is as big as Jenna Jameson was. Howard asked if he knows other ones. JD said Riley Reed is another one. JD said he's blanking right now.

    Gary said Jason was telling him that the girl who went on the date with Medicated Pete is big now. Her name is Kendra Sutherland. JD said she's retiring too. Howard said you don't make a lot of money in porn these days. He said it's crazy.

    Howard said everything is changing. Robin said she searched for Lisa Ann and she got Jeff Probst's wife. Howard said she's some knock out. Howard said Robin must have known it wasn't the same woman. Robin said she's just saying it could happen.

  • New Goat Boy Phony Phone Call. 01/22/18. 7:25am
    Howard said what he's going to do is play a phony phone call Jim Breuer did and he might play it now. He said it might have to be played twice. Howard said he did it when he was up there a couple of weeks ago. He said Jim called a feed store and he went into his Goat Boy impression. He said it's so great he should play it now.

    Howard played the call where Jim called a feed store as Goat Boy. Goat Boy was asking about the nutrients in the food and what the aroma is like. The guy at the store didn't know what the aroma was like. Goat Boy had the guy at the store cracking up with the goat sounds he was making. The guy kept cracking up and eventually hung up.

    Howard said that call is fantastic. He said that guy should be so big. He said if he was on Saturday Night Live playing that character making phony phone calls he'd watch it. He said that's all he has to do. Howard said they don't have to spend so much money on the show. Howard said he has to take a break and get to more. They went to break after that.


  • Wolfie At The Juggalo March. 01/22/18. 7:35am
    After the break Howard came right back and said he played that phony phone call earlier by Jim Breuer. He said he should just play that on a continuous loop today.

    Howard had Wolfie on the phone and he said he went to the Juggalo march in Washington DC. He said Insane Clown Posse had a protest about them being listed as a gang by the FBI. Howard said Wolfie saw Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope there. Wolfie said there were over 1000 people at the protest.

    Howard read about how the gang classification came about and how all of the members are now known gang members. He said that they were out there in the big mall. Wolfie said there was also a Trump protest going on the same day. He said it was a pretty crazy day.

    Howard said Wolfie said the march was pretty disorganized and it started late. He said they marched the wrong direction too.

    Howard said Violent J started the whole thing with a speech. Howard had some audio of J doing his thing and getting everyone riled up. He said taking away someone's opinion is like sewing up a man's butthole.

    Howard said that spot leads to great speeches. He said that butthole analogy will go down in history.

    Howard said people were yelling chants in bullhorns and they were using the ''Whoop, whoop'' in their chants. Howard played a clip of them doing their chants with that in there. Wolfie said one of his favorite parts was a tourism bus going by and unloading and they had clowns all over the place. He said they had no idea what was going on.

    Howard said he has a clip of a guy named Butthole Ben. He played that and the guy said he shows his butthole so that's where he got his name. He told Wolfie that he saw a girl bang two of his buddies and they both nutted in her. He said she blew one guy and then a guy ate her out. He said then that guy wheel barrow fucked her up a hill. He said she wanted more and more and she refused to go away. Then she got tazered in the ass.

    Howard said that sounds exhausting. He said she kept coming back for more according to that guy. Howard said that guy also said he saw a girl put a giant turkey leg in her vagina. Howard played a clip of the guy talking about that. The guy said all of the skin and meat was being pulled off as she was doing it.

    Robin asked who these people are. She said she's not sure they should get their rights. Howard said Trump wants more white people in America. He said he thinks we have enough. He said it's crazy what's going on.

    Howard said Butthole Ben has a ZZ Top beard and he's looking for a girl to pee on his beard. He played a clip of the guy talking about how he had a girl do that to him once at a show. Ben said he was on the drug bridge at an event when that happened.

    Howard said this march didn't work. He said the FBI ignored them. He said Wolfie met another guy named Stutters McNutters. He said he saw a guy cut off his nipple and sell it at a gathering. Howard played that clip and the guy told Wolfie that story. He said he saw him at the bridge when he did that. Howard asked why this all happens on a bridge. Wolfie said he thinks it's because they're all on drugs there. Wolfie said he thinks the nipple sold for like 40 bucks. Howard said that would be the worst. He said he can't imagine not dying from that. Wolfie said he thinks he said he used pliers to pull it off.

    Howard played a clip of a guy talking about the worst vagina he's ever smelled. The guy said he went down on the girl and he gave her a lick and stuck it in. He said he had never smelled it like that before. He said it smelled like barf in 130 degree weather. He said he just stuck his dick in after that.

    Howard said he was once with a woman he could smell while kissing her neck. He said he kept going but didn't go down on her. He said he thinks he banged her. Robin asked if he worried about catching something. Howard said he thinks he wore a rubber.

    Howard said he was making out with this woman once and her boobs smelled funny to him. He said that he had to leave after that. He said that was weird.

    Wolfie said he was at a party once and his buddy was swinging panties around and they were so bad people were throwing up. Howard said a woman has to know it smells. Wolfie said maybe it's like bad breath. He said people with shit breath don't know it sometimes. Howard said Robin has never smelled so her vagina must smell fine. Robin laughed.

    Howard said his wife will take a bath 3 times a day. He said she won't let any kind of smell down there. He said he's asked her to have some stink on her and she said no way. He said he admires that.

    Howard said this guy says he saw a Juggalo drink Port-A-Potty water for $40. Howard played the clip of the guy talking about what he saw that day. It was the blue water with shit and piss in it. He said he doesn't know if the guy died but he saw it happen. Howard said he doesn't believe that. Wolfie said they have the video on YouTube so it really did happen.

    Howard said he has some more protest chants. He played a clip of the Juggalos chanting and fighting for the megaphone.

    Howard said he has a bonus clip of a phony phone call they made to an internet radio show where they were talking about Insane Clown Posse and the host said he's not a fan. He didn't know he was speaking to clips of Shaggy and Violent J. The hosts were arguing with them and calling them the ''Huggalos.'' The hosts said that they hope Trump keeps up what he's doing so they get them out of the country.

    Howard said on the phone he has a Juggalo chant leader who wants to lead them in a chant. Howard picked up and had a woman who had them chanting stuff that Howard didn't even understand.

    Howard asked the woman how she got the megaphone. She said she found it on the drug bridge. Howard said goodbye to her after that. Howard thanked Wolfie too. Wolfie said this year the Wing Bowl is going to be crazy. He said that it's within 2 weeks and they have the Eagles going to the Super Bowl so it's going to be wild. Gary said it's the Friday before the Super Bowl. Howard asked if Wolfie is covering Wing Bowl this year. Wolfie said he believes he is. Howard said it should be extra insane this year. He said it should be a lot of fun. Wolfie said he thinks so.

    Robin asked if they will still scream at women to show their tits. Wolfie said they will. He said they're not going to stop that. He said if you said ''#TimesUp'' at the Wing Bowl you'd get beat up. Howard went to break a short time later.


  • Don Imus Is Retiring. 01/22/18. 8:05am
    After the break Howard came right back and said he was handed an official Tweet from Imus in the morning. Howard said March 29th will be the last Imus in the morning program. Howard said they'll have to celebrate. He said that party is over. Robin said it's one of the worst parties ever. Howard said it's the worst he's ever been to. He asked if anyone can still be listening to that guy. He said there are some people who are saying it was some party and they will miss it. Howard read some of the tweets he got in response to his tweet.

    Howard said the guy is 77 so he understands. Robin said they do say the good die young and Imus is still going and getting old. Howard said people do say they'll miss him. Howard said he thinks Imus called Robin a ''spear chucker'' at WNBC. Robin said she's not even sure. She said he said a lot of things. Robin said he would sit in on Howard's writing meetings and on the show too. Howard said Imus changed his show because of that. Robin said Imus starting calling Howard's mom and having her on his show. Howard said he never understood half of what he was saying when he went to his talk format. He said he did a lot of voices and characters and then he went to talk after seeing them.

    Howard said Imus never thanked him for giving him a new format. He said he would give credit to Wolfman Jack. He said that he doesn't need his comments but it would have been nice for him to come clean. He said he could have apologized for being so nasty and then becoming a big fan.

    Howard said JD pulled some audio from Imus and said he had to cut it down because it was so boring. Howard played a clip and Imus really has that old man voice now. Howard said it's time to go.

    Howard said that he is the inventor of How's your Donkey Kong and Moby Worm. He said he did that reverend Billy Saul Harguss too. He said Imus was fired in 2007 over a ''Nappy headed hoes'' comment.

    Gary said that Jeff the Drunk has more followers on Twitter than Imus does. Howard said he should have retired 20 years ago. He said why not go on if they're still hiring you.

    Howard said he thinks he's bowing out in 3 years. He said he's kind of envious that he's walking away. Robin said Howard isn't 77 though. Howard said he feels it.

    Howard played more Imus audio and he said he can't get over that voice. Howard said some people think this could be a contract negotiation. He said he's not sure about that. Howard played more audio and commented on it as it played. Imus was giving details about his contract and how the company is going bankrupt so he won't be paid past March so that's why he's retiring then instead of in December.

    Howard said he is much funnier now that he sounds like that. He played more clips of Imus talking about how he is paid and how the staff is paid. Howard said he must have new teeth or something. He did an impression of Imus slurring his words. He and Robin were trying to figure out what he was saying. Some of what he said was really hard to understand.

    Howard said he's some broadcaster. Robin said he has made a great living at it. Howard did more of his impression of Imus. He played more audio of Imus making his announcement about his final show. Music started playing over him so Robin asked if he was being played off. Howard said he was.

    Howard said they worked with Imus so long they know that he's waiving that finger at the engineer to play the music. Robin said it sounds like he was doing Tradio. Howard said he plays off his own show. He said he gets all fired up about that. Howard said he had to hear that again.

    Gary said Brent was just showing him the ratings and that station has a 1.1 rating and they're just a fraction of a point above the country station. Howard said Imus used to say he had the wealthy audience. He said Imus lied about that stuff. He said that their audience was wealthier and wider than his.

    Howard did more of his Imus impression and goofed on that announcement. Fred was also doing the impression.

    Howard had an Imus fan on the phone. The guys in the back were doing an impression of an old woman talking about how edgy Imus is. She said he had a woman show her ankle on the show back in 1922. Howard said Imus has done a lot of characters like Moby Worm. Howard wondered if he'll bring that back to the show before he retires. The caller said that they don't make broadcasters who call their coworkers the N-word anymore.

    Howard picked up on Sour Shoes who was doing his Imus impression. Howard spent a short time talking to him. Howard said it was very inspiring to work there with Imus at WNBC. Sour was talking about his hot sauce and mumbling through some stuff with Howard.

    Howard said he heard he does his show from the ranch that's not in New York. Robin said she thought he sold the ranch. Howard said he heard he had to have warm weather. Howard said he thinks they've run out of things to talk about. Sour kept going with the impression but Howard said that's enough and hung up. They played a song parody that Fred did about Imus years ago.

    Howard said it sounds like they're just not paying Imus anymore. He said he's being forced to retire. Robin said that they are going bankrupt. Howard said he's not sure who ''they'' are. Gary said it's Cumulus. Howard said he thinks they're bankrupt. Fred said their stock is like 9 cents a share. Howard said he smells a podcast in Imus' future. Howard said he's had a big career so good for him.

    Howard said he remembers things about Imus that stick out in his mind. He said he met him and he remembers him being a dick. He said he thinks he was nervous he was going to take his job away so he gets that. He said Imus never missed a day of work once he joined. He said he used to miss days until he started. Howard said when he showed up Imus became a busy bee. He said it was a cosmic joke that he ended up there at WNBC. He said they hired him to do an edgy show on a family station. He said they never knew what they were getting. Howard said he remembers they forced him to meet Imus. He said Charles McCord was nasty to him. Once he got ratings he was nice. Howard said he gets it though. He was threatening them with his show.

    Howard said when he got to NBC he was told how great Imus was and they told him to listen to his show. He said he would have gotten worse if he had.

    Howard said they had a poster for the Imus show and they had a woman's eyes peeking through blinds at Imus. He said he's in such an insane business.

    Howard said he wanted to go to New York so he took that job at WNBC. He said he figured it would all work out but it was horrible going through all of that. He said they sued to sell posters of Imus to the fans. He said they sold them for like $100. He said they ended up giving them away.

    Howard said he was remembering that Imus would walk around all full of himself. Then he started wearing jump suits to work. He said it was like a jumper. Fred said it was a jump suit.

    Howard said that they shot a commercial with him and Imus and Imus didn't want to be in it. He said they had to give him a Rolex to get him to be in it. He said he remembers how lame his show was and how he changed the format. He said that he surpassed him in the ratings and he woke up and changed his show. He said it's all water under the bridge. He said that they shook hands a couple of years ago when they saw each other in the street. He said it's kind of weird hearing that he's retiring in 2018. He said he was still making good money in radio.

    Howard took a call from Ralph who said it was good radio back in the day when he was all fired up. He said he didn't know what the show was about but he was all fired up. Howard said he was angry because he was getting ripped off. He said he was just pissed.

    Ralph said it was crazy that he didn't shoot the guy. Howard said he would go to work with a knot in his stomach. He said it hasn't been a pleasant career. Ralph said it was great to listen to though. Ralph said he was bringing in the ratings. He said it was crazy. Howard said Grant Tinker wanted nothing to do with him. He said Grant just anted him out of there. He said everyone there hated them and it trickled down to him.

    Ralph said he remembers a great song parody they did about Imus that was to the tune of ''Addicted to Love.'' Howard said they might have to dig into the archives for that. Fred was looking for it. He said he thinks he found it. Fred played the song parody Ralph was talking about. It was about Imus being addicted to everything. Howard said that was with the band Pig Vomit.

    Howard said that song goes on for 3 minutes. He said they really were angry. He said they've been shitting on that guy for 30 years. Ralph asked when that song was from. Howard said he's not sure but it must be from WXRK. Robin asked when they wrote it. Howard wasn't sure.

    Howard said some guy managed to get on Long Island News 12 and he got the name Hugh Janus on the air. Howard played the clip and they had a guy claiming to be named Hugh Janus. Howard said the guy was quick and got that name in. He said they didn't catch it. He said bravo to whoever that guy is. Howard said it's so great when they put that up on the screen. He said he's not sure he'd ever think of doing something like that. He said you could write a book about that guy. Howard said Robin could use the name Anita Rimjob. Robin said she'll keep that in mind.

  • Eugene From Kentucky Calls In. 01/22/18. 8:35am
    Howard said he has Eugene from Kentucky on the phone. He said Eugene sent him that gift and he had to get rid of it. Howard said his listeners told him it had creosote on it. Eugene said it didn't have that but he's okay. He said he's glad he liked it. Howard said he loved it. He said it was a coat rack made out of spikes from a railroad. Eugene said it was a nice piece of wood. He said he wasn't trying to hurt him. Howard said the fans told him it was the spikes that were in question. Howard said he was told that they were soaked in something. Howard said another guy wrote that the spikes aren't soaked in that stuff. Howard said that the railroad ties are the wood. He said the spikes don't have creosote.

    Howard said that someone told him this stuff was harmless. He said he loved the coat rack but he got rid of it when he was told it could be cancer causing. Eugene said he understands. He said he wasn't trying to hurt him or anything. He thanked Howard for naming him the caller of the year. He said he threw a party for that.

    Howard said he never takes gifts home and this was the one time he did it. He said that's a shame.

    Eugene told Howard about how when he was growing up his mom would grab them and tell them that she kept square headed babies in the attic when they did something wrong. He said it scared him bad when he was growing up. Howard went over that story and tried to understand what he was saying. Eugene said you'd stop whatever you were doing if she said that. Howard asked if she was saying she gave birth to retarded babies or something. Eugene said he has been to counseling over it. He said he was thinking about it when they did the news story about the kids who were chained up in California.

    Howard said he was thinking about those kids and how they took them to Disneyland once a year. He said they did something nice for them between all of the torture. He said that is so weird. He said they would once in a while take them to Disneyland. Howard said you go to the psychiatrist office and think about that and how they couldn't have been that bad.

    Howard said it's like after your father fingers you he gives you ice cream. Robin said that's right. Howard said you wonder why the kids didn't run away. Robin said she was reading about how one of the kids went to college. Robin said the girl who was in school with him said he was very sweet but introverted. Robin said one day they had a pot luck kind of thing and he just stood there and ate plate after plate of food. Robin said when you're brainwashed at a certain age you're mentally captive.

    Howard asked Eugene if he ever told his kids he had square headed babies in the attic. Eugene said he never did. He said he didn't want his kids to be that fucked up. Howard said maybe when you're that abusive to your kids you say you went to Disneyland. Howard said they had 13 kids so it was tough to feed and bathe them.

    Howard let Eugene go and said if he's ever in town stop by. Howard said he never trusts a man with a Moe hair cut.

    Howard had the 13 kids from California who talk in a monotone. Howard took the call from the guys in the back who were all speaking together in a monotone. They were talking about how bad the orphanage is where they're staying. Robin would ask a question and they'd all tell her to shut up at the same time. The kids all asked if Howard has room for 13 cages in his house. Howard said he only takes care of cats. He let them go a short time later.

    Howard said they sound a little better. Robin said it has to be weird for them to be in a new home with new rules.

  • Scott The Engineer And Tom Petty Updates. 01/22/18. 8:45am
    Howard said Scott the Engineer is upset about an announcement that they made about raising the rates for coming into New York. He said that it's going up by $12. He said Scott is going to be bummed out. He did his impression of Scott getting upset about that. Howard said Benjy is all for the fee of course. He said he lives in the city so it doesn't matter to him. Howard said Scott is going to be more miserable than ever.

    Howard said he has a new song parody about Scott called ''Never Hustle'' to the tune of ''Do the Hustle.'' He played the song that Scott actually performed himself. Robin said they call this ''congestion pricing.'' Robin said it's driving below 60th street. Robin said just don't bring the car down there.

    Howard said the other sad news was that Tom Petty died of an accidental drug overdose. Howard said he was prescribed some stuff for pain and when you take it you have to be really careful. He said Tom had a bad hip and all of that. He said he wasn't one of those guys who jumped around a lot. Fred said when he was younger he did hop around a lot. Howard said a lot of guys jump around a lot and get hurt. He said he read about Prince and Eddie Van Halen getting injured from that. Howard said that's real sad that Tom died that way. He said he wasn't trying to kill himself or anything. He said maybe he didn't know how much he took. Robin said she's wondering what kind of mistake it was.

  • Comic Book Movies And TV Shows. 01/22/18. 8:50am
    Howard took a call from a guy who said he likes the DC movies but they're not as fun as the Marvel movies and comics. He asked if he agrees. Howard said he doesn't know why they can't get their movie franchise together like Marvel did. Howard said he loved the early Batman movies and all of that. He said Iron Man and the Avengers and all of this stuff is so much better. He said DC was the original so it has to be frustrating. He said Superman isn't fun. He said he feels like he could direct but he's busy with this show.

    Howard said they did a good job with Wonder Woman. The caller agreed but he said it seems like overall they don't do as good a job as the Marvel movies. Howard said that Marvel also hires the best people. He said getting Robert Downey Jr. to play Iron Man was genius. He said that was his big comeback and a lot of studios would have turned that down. He said that it turned out to be the best move. He said he's fun to watch. He said it's just cool with the whole thing they have going now.

    The caller said he thought Black Lightning show wasn't that good. He said he thought it would be better. Howard said it is just a TV show. He said he likes it. Robin said in Gotham you see that they are spending the money.

    Howard said that Black Lightning should be called Blue Lightning. He said it's weird how they call black characters ''black something.'' He said he has blue lightning though. The caller asked Howard thinks that the guy who plays Flash on the TV show is pissed he's not in the movies. Howard said he doesn't look like a super hero. He said he likes the guy though.

    The caller said that Howard takes great cat photos. He said he saw the pictures he shared. Robin said his Christmas card was a cat too. Howard said he did that in black and white and Robin thought it was in color. Howard asked what's up with her.

    Howard said his favorite story about Robin was when she named her cat Yoda and forgot that they had a cat named Yoda. Howard said he told her that they have a cat named Yoda and she had completely forgotten about it. He said she had read the book. Howard said Robin thought her cat looked like Yoda. Robin said she wasn't naming her cat after their cat. Howard said Robin renamed her cat after that. Robin said what Howard claimed he had a cat named Simba after she renamed her cat. Howard said you can't turn this around on him. Howard asked where the tape of that is. Robin said it might not have been on the air.

    Howard took a call from Ralph who said one of the problems with the DC comic movies is the director they use for many of the films. He said she's very dark. Ralph said Jim Lee should call him for advice on that. Fred played Ralph off with music.

    Gary told Howard that in the notes they have about the day Robin was told about Yoda she said she had compartmentalized the name even thoguh she had the book on her shelf. Ralph said that means she's crazy. They played a song parody about Robin naming her cat Yoda. Howard said other than that Robin is pretty normal. Robin said she keeps it together mostly.

    Howard said he brings that up sometimes and he thinks it's weird. Robin said it is bizarre but it doesn't make her crazy. Robin said she thinks about it every day that she calls Simba. She said that he's used to the name now though. Howard said Robin is one of the most together people. He said it's like the 13 kids that were chained to the bed but they went to Disneyland once a year. Howard said that's weird. He did a live commercial read and went to break after that. - As Seen on Howard Stern

  • Howard And Jon Bon Jovi In The News. 01/22/18. 9:10am
    After the break they played a ''Food Radio for the Hearing Impaired'' bit an then Howard came back.

    Howard said he got a lot of email about Jon Bon Jovi. He said he saw in the news that they picked up the story about Jon claiming that Trump had a campaign against him to buy the Bills. Howard said he has a news report where this guy says he doesn't believe Jon's story. Howard said he didn't have anything to back that up though. Howard said Jon said he was going to move up there if he bought the team. The news guy didn't believe that. Howard played the clip and the news reporter said he doesn't buy it for a second. One of the news people said she believes it.

    Howard said that's a weirdo. He said no wonder he's in Buffalo. He said it's such a bizarre statement to make. Howard said he's the one in the interview saying it. Howard said Jon told him he was going to move up there if he bought the team. Howard said he sees football as like watching gladiators. He said he wouldn't want to be a part of that. He said it's owning a team that makes people go in there and get concussions. He said that he and Jon talked about it off the air and he was ready go move up to Buffalo. He said Jon wasn't just doing it as a vanity project.

    Howard said he's not sure why the guy would say that. He said it wasn't Jon saying it, it was him.

    Howard said he was also ragging on Lorde recently and that got picked up in the news. He said there were a million reports about that. He said they called him the foul mouthed and disgusting Howard Stern. He said his rap was filled with cursing. He said that his mother always told him that cursing is for people without a large vocabulary. He said that he should have saved every description of him in the press. He said it was like ''the hideous creature'' and Lorde. He said no matter what he's saying he's the hideous creature. He said he's like Frankenstein returning to the village. He said people hate him.

    Robin said he is completely misunderstood. Howard said he should be used to it by now but he's not. He said he's just reading the description of him. Robin said he has caused some catastrophes. Howard said he's the reason North Korea doesn't like us. He said he's like the Incubus.

  • Baba Booey Shout Outs And Some Phone Calls. 01/22/18. 9:20am
    Howard said there is so much going on with Baba Booey. He had a clip from a golf game where someone yelled out a Baba Booey. Howard said he's not sure if that was a kid or a woman. Robin said she's not sure either. Howard said that will haunt them for the rest of their days.

    Howard said this is a guy yelling out Baba Booey during a live news report. Howard played that one too. The reporter was trying to do his job and the guy was yelling it out but stopped when he asked if they're live. Howard said he loves that. He said it sounds like Gary the Conqueror yelling it out. He said he got it out there. Robin said then he acts like he doesn't know if he's recording.

    Howard said Baba Booey is still the thing to yell out. He said it's still more popular than ''Hit 'em with the Hein.'' Howard played a Baba Booey song parody.

    Howard said a horse race announcer yelled out ''Hit 'em with the Hein.'' Howard played that clip and then said there's another clip of a guy who had a viral video slipping on the ice in his driveway. Howard said the guy was interviewed and he threw in a ''Hit 'em with the Hein.'' Howard played that clip and the guy threw that in while describing what happened.

    Howard took a call from Chad in St. Louis who asked what's going on with the porn stars who have died lately. Howard said he has no idea who he's talking about. He said he doesn't know the porn stars of today. Chad said one died in rehab recently and another one got bullied online over some things she said. Howard said he's not sure. He said it's not the most uplifting job to have. He said he would imagine there's a high rate of death. He said you're an outcast if you're in the business. He said it's a fucking dark life. He said for many years they would interview porn stars endlessly. He said you always come back to it being this life where they are on the outside.

    Robin said she remembers hearing that you give up the daylight. Robin said you become a person of the night. She said you separate from your family and friends and you immerse yourself in that world that separates you from everyone else.

    Howard read some of the people they lost last year. Chad said one of them hanged herself. JD said he was a fan of Shayla Styles.

    Brent came in and said that there are a lot of sad stories with the porn stars. Howard asked if JD can beat off to the woman's films. JD said if he keeps it to the basics he could. He said if she died some gruesome death he's not sure he could. Howard said she killed herself. Gary said it doesn't seem to affect anyone in the office. He said one of the guys said they were on a porn site and he jerked off to the video after hearing she was dead.

    Howard said he heard about Stormy Daniels and didn't want to jerk off to her thinking about how she slept with Trump. Howard said fire anyone who says they jerked off to a woman who died. Gary said it's two of the highest people there. Howard said he looks at stuff just to see who they were when he finds out they died.

    Robin said it's even weird when you have someone in your life who is dead. Howard said he has fucked people who are now dead. He said he thinks about them sometimes. Howard said they had some wild times. He said she was hot. He said they did things that maybe shouldn't have been done. Howard said Fred only jerks off to people who are dead. Fred said they don't move. Howard said he may have jerked off to this person who is dead. He said he thinks he was able to do that. He said it was very hot. He said maybe he didn't cum.

    Howard said he's trying to think if he has jerked off to anyone who has died. He said it's a weird thing.

    Howard said they say that August Ames is the number 2 porn star. He said she's the one who hanged herself. Howard said he doesn't even know who she is. He said he's kind of proud of that. Howard said there are some names like Ron Jeremy that you just know. Howard asked how that guy got known. Brent said he was big enough that he could suck his own cock. Howard said that's one thing to be known for. Brent said he thinks Ron can just sit and do it. Howard said he's not sure he could get that into his own mouth if he laid on his back.

    Howard said he's not sure why so many porn stars are dying. Chad said it's weird that prostitution is illegal but you can fuck on film. He said that everyone should tell their porn stars that they love them. Howard agreed. Chad mentioned one of his favorites now. He said he hopes that things get better for her and she sticks around.

    Howard wondered what name they put on the gravestone. Brent said that it must be the real name and not the stage name. Howard said you'd think that you'd put The Greaseman on the gravestone. Robin said that August was Mercedes Grabowsky. Howard said that sounds like a porn name more than August Ames.

    Howard said he'd like to know if Wolfman Jack has ''Wolfman'' on the gravestone. He said he bets it does. Fred looked it up and he does have Wolfman Jack on the gravestone. Howard said he hasn't figured out what to put on his. Robin said she won't have one. Howard said he's going to put ''Howard Stern Leave Me Alone'' on his. Robin said she's not going to have an urn or anything when she dies. she said she'll be cremated. Fred said he will too. He said it's a waste of earth to be buried.

    Howard said they should get a mass gave and be buried together. Robin said Howard doesn't want bugs eating him. Howard said he should have a mass grave so anyone on the show can go in there. He said even superfans and Wack Packers. Howard said they just push you in the ditch.

    Howard took a call from Mariann from Brooklyn to find out if she wanted to be in that grave. Mariann said of course she does. She said that would be cool. She said all of the fans would come. Howard said Bobo could be in there. Mariann said that Jeff the Drunk and High Pitch Erik would be in there. she said Howard said no fucking Benjy and he's right.

    Mariann said that Millie Bobby Brown got a boyfriend. Howard said he saw that. He said she has a young boyfriend. Mariann said he's a YouTube sensation. She asked what her agent would say about that. Howard went into his Millie Bobby Brown agent voice and talked about how that was all organized. The Agent was telling Robin about how the kid doesn't have any hair on his balls or anything yet. Robin said they say that she came out with a new style recently. The Agent said they gave her more of an adult style. She got more mentions in the media after that. Robin said they say she has grown up over night. The Agent said she has more of a grown up look. He said she has to get leading lady roles. He said they have the whole thing mapped out for her. He said when she turns 19 she's going to date a man of color. He said that she will never have any tattoos or anything like that. He said they will have her date a rap star or someone for a little while so everyone likes her. He said they have all kind of endorsements and things for her. He said she'll be around a long time. The Agent said she'll be the next Meryl Streep. He said he can smell it like you haven't bathed in a year.

    Howard said the boyfriend has a thing going with the YouTube thing. He said he has over 55 million plays whatever that is.

    Robin said there are kids who are the kids of famous people who date other kids of famous people. Robin asked what Howard thinks about that. Howard said they're lucky. He said he wishes he could have had that.

  • Tan Mom Confusion. 01/22/18. 9:45am
    Howard took a call from Tan Mom who said she has been waiting for 20 minutes. Robin said she must have something really important. Tan Mom said Happy New Year and Happy Birthday to Howard. She said she wanted to catch up with them and talk about that Jessica the porn star is someone she wanted to talk about. Howard said he has no idea what she's talking about but maybe he should try to get into it with her.

    Tan Mom said they were talking about that porn thing and that girl Jessica whatever. Tan Mom said she showed up to sign some autographs and Gina set it up. She said cut to the chase she was wearing the same hat as her and she said she's just a fucking bore. Howard sake Robin if she has nay idea what's going on in this conversation. Robin said no. she said she thinks they were signing things somewhere and they were wearing the same hat.

    Howard had Shuli as Tanner Mom on the line. Howard said she might be able to help with this. Howard had Tan Mom talk to Tanner Mom. Tan Mom started in with the Jessica sorry again. Tanner Mom said that she was the one who called in with the birthday wish. Tan Mom said she got Howard a birthday gift. Tan Mom said get this girl off the phone. She said she just called to talk to Howard and Robin.

    Tan Mom asked Howard to get this chick off the phone. Howard told her to get off the line. Shuli kept going with the Tanner Mom thing. Tanner Mom asked what she was wearing. Tan Mom said she's not wearing anything. Tanner Mom told Howard to cancel her Sirius. She said she doesn't like her.

    Tanner Mom asked Tan Mom to prove it's her to slap her tits on the phone. Tan Mom wasn't going for that.

    Howard asked Tan Mom what's going on. Tan Mom said that she was dropped off downstairs and then said something about Ronnie. She asked what happened the other day when everyone was quashing Ronnie. Howard said he still has no idea what she's talking about. He said he never knows what she's referencing. He said he can't have a conversation with her. Howard said he has to go. Tan Mom said she's on Speakerphone right now but she's going to call back. Howard said he can hear her just fine. Tan Mom said he's not sure why he can't understand her. Howard said he just has to go.

    Howard said he listens to these clips of Shuli talking to Tan Mom all the time. He said he has a clip of her talking about her trip to California and he gets numbed by it. Howard played a clip of Tan Mom talking about going to meet up with Pinsky and Dr. Drew in California. She said she's trying to go in segments of movies. She said she's blind so it's difficult to read. She said she isn't sure how you see it.

    Howard said he was like ''What the fuck?'' when he heard that. Howard asked Shuli if she's really going out there to see Dr. Drew. Shuli said he gets her for about 8 seconds. He said he'll ask her again and she mentions something that he doesn't get. Howard said he thinks she said she was going to Paramount. Shuli said he thought it was Panama. Howard said Dr. Drew must have a lot there. Howard said she was talking about how she can't read and she can't remember. Robin said she can't do any of that. Howard said he has heard this like 7 times to get to that. Robin said she doesn't have to have a memory.

    Howard said there's a rumor that she has head trauma. Shuli said that is something she's mentioned. Howard had Tan Mom back on the phone and she said she has two plates in her head. Shuli said she was thrown down a well one time. Howard did his impression of that. Howard asked how she was thrown down a well. Tan Mom said she was on Long Island. She said she was in there for 7 days. Howard asked if she's Baby Jessica. Tan Mom said ''Oh my god.'' Howard said she was stuck in a well for 7 days and it wasn't in the news. Shuli said she was also kidnapped. Howard asked how she ate in the well. Tan Mom her family found her after 7 days. She said she was maybe 18 when that happened. She said she was out partying and dancing and she was with this guy she knew and he threw her down the well. Tan Mom said people are crazy.

    Howard said a week in a well is something. He asked if it's in the newspaper. Tan Mom said no. She said her family didn't want anything in the news. Howard asked if they went to the police. Tan Mom said they did. She said one guy after another and whatever. She said she is talking about going out and partying at 19. Howard asked where this well is. Tan Mom said it was way back when she was 19. she said it was in some part of Lloyd's Neck. Howard said that's a nice area. Howard asked if Shuli believes this. Shuli said that he does. Robin asked if there was water in the well. Tan Mom said that she thinks it was like 7 feet deep. Robin said she could have crawled out.

    Howard asked if she shit in the well. Tan Mom said of course she did. She said she just had to drink water the whole time she was in there. Shuli asked if she threw the doody up to get people's attention.

    Tan Mom said she owns her own life. Howard said she is very complex. Tan Mom agreed. she said she had a lot of things happen to her. She said this is why she has problems walking. Howard said she was thrown down the well. Tan Mom said she was proclaimed dead twice. She said they brought her back to life. He said she lost half of her sight and she can't see out of her left eye. She said that was after the well incident.

    Howard said he's just trying to follow all of this. He said the accusation that she was thrown down a well is wild.

    Gary said she did an interview with the NY Post and she claims that she was cold cocked and that didn't mention the well. Shuli said that was a different story. Howard asked why the guy hit her. Tan Mom said he was completely drunk and she was 3 months pregnant. She said he was hitting on her and she swung her hand back and said no thank you. She said he cold cocked her and she doesn't remember anything. she said she went flying across the bar with that.

    Howard said he's just trying to understand. He said he knows she likes to tan. That's it. Howard said if he was in a well for 7 days he'd want to get a tan too. Tan Mom said the clay is good for your face in the well.

    Howard said Jeff the Drunk has something to say to Tan Mom. Howard said he doesn't believe her story. Howard took Jeff's call and he said she's making it up as she goes. Howard said it happened. Shuli said this is the guy who is telling you what's fake. The guy who beats off to dudes.

    Tan Mom said she called in for some happy stuff. Howard said they can only hope Jeff falls down a well.

    Howard said he has the well on the phone. He took the call from the guys in the back who were doing an impression of the well that Tan Mom fell down. The Well said that people were just throwing pennies on her head down there. Tan Mom said it was really grounding.

    Howard took another call from Jeff the Drunk who said what she's saying about the well isn't true. Howard said she was thrown. Jeff said she just wanted to get on TV. Howard asked Jeff if he was tricked by guys. He asked how he knows what's fake. Jeff said fuck you Howard. He said he still thinks Tan Mom is lying. Howard said he really has to get going. Tan Mom said she does too. She said she broke a nail and almost glued her head to it.

    Howard let Tan Mom go and talked to Shuli as Tanner Mom. Tanner Mom said she just got hit in the head by a quarter in the well.

    Howard took a call from a guy who said he has to stop with the Tan Mom thing. H said she's not a Wack Packer. He said she's just a skragy old crack head or something. that led to Shuli doing his Tanner Mom impression. The caller said that's the best part of Tan Mom.

    Howard said the woman did fall down a well. The caller said he thinks that's B.S. too. He said that Benjy is less fabricated than her. Howard said he has to take a break. He let Tanner Mom go and did a live commercial read before going to break.


  • Robin's News. 01/22/18. 10:15am
    After the break Howard came right back and said they tried to have a discussion with Tan Mom about falling in a well but that didn't work out very well. Howard said he knows the area she was talking about in Lloyd's Neck. He said that he's not sure if there are a lot of wells out there. He asked who the hell knows.

    Howard said it's time for some news. They played her into it with a song parody. Howard said Tan Mom was once swallowed by a whale. He said no one knows that.

    Robin started her news with a story about the Trump book Fire and Fury. Howard said he's 52 percent of the way through that book. He said he only reads at certain times of day. He said it takes him a long time to get through a book. He said he's not in a rush. He said the book is interesting. Robin said the book is just gossip. She said it's not helpful. Howard asked if she has read it. Robin said she sees what people are doing with it. Gary said he's shocked by this. He said it's not just gossip. He said it gives a view into what's going on with the President. Howard said Wolff interviewed over 200 people. Robin said she thinks this guy just wanted to make money. Gary asked what she's basing this on. Robin said she's just saying this guy just wants to make money. She said he doesn't care about the Russia investigation. Howard asked what it has to do with anything. Robin said we know that there was chaos in the White House. Robin said many of these people didn't know they were being interviewed. Howard said that he spent lots of hours with Bannon and others. Howard said Bannon is now being interrogated by the FBI because of that book. He said what Robin is saying doesn't make sense. Gary said it's like that woman who reviewed their Pay Per View without seeing it. Robin said she's not reviewing it. She said that this guy is sitting there talking about how people call Trump an asshole behind his back but the book is worthless. Howard said he doesn't get what her problem is. Robin asked why we need to know if someone is calling Trump an asshole behind his back. Howard said it's interesting to read. He said that he doesn't mind books about him that are from people who don't like him.

    Gary came in and asked what's wrong with Robin. He said everyone is wondering wheat's going on with her. Gary said that they call Trump an idiot and not an asshole. Robin was arguing with Gary but Gary kept pointing out that she never read the book. Howard said he approves of the book but she doesn't have to read it if she doesn't want to. Robin said she wouldn't read this. Howard said Sarah Huckabee Sanders is on the pone and she says she's right. Howard took a call from the guys in the back who had a woman playing the part of Sanders and thanking Robin for backing the President. She said that what people have to remember is that she came out of Mike Huckabee's dick. Robin said at least someone understands her.

    Howard took a call from a guy who said the book is 50 percent a work of fiction. Howard said they never said that. He said he interviewed people on and off the record and put together the pieces of the story he felt should be told. Howard said he's getting something out of it. Robin asked how it's enhancing his life. Howard said he's going to base his vote on what he's reading. Howard said he feels that this guy put in endless hours of interviews around the campaign and the White House.

    Howard said he has Oprah on the phone. He said she's calling in to talk about her presidency. Howard said she probably won't read it. He said he might. Robin said she will read Oprah's book. Howard asked if she ever reads history books. Robin said they are historians who care about the history and this guy Wolff isn't. She said it's not the kind of work you do when you care about history.

    Robin read a story about pirated digital copies of the book are spreading malware to computers. Robin said stay away from pirated copies of Fire and Fury. Robin said it could give hackers a back door to your computer.

    Howard took a call from a guy who said they have to stop attacking Robin about this. He said she's just against gossip and hearsay. He said it's ripping the country apart and it's bullshit. Howard said if it's an interview with Steve Bannon it's not hearsay. The caller said they have done this to Howard in the paper. Howard asked if he's saying that it's lies or their point of view is wrong. He said he has to get off of this and move on.

    Howard took a call from a guy who asked if they can throw Robin out of there. He said they're stuck in her vortex now. He said get Benjy in there. He said he can't stand Robin. Howard said stop it.

    Howard took a call from fake Donald Trump who said the book is a total fraud book. He said if it's so good why haven't they made a movie out of it. Howard said he doesn't have an answer for that. Howard said anyone can write a book and anyone can get something out of it. Howard let fake Trump go a short time later. He did a live commercial read after that.

    Robin read a story about Stormy Daniels going out and touring after the news that she might have dated the President and was paid to be silent. Robin said she made an appearance a club in South Carolina and the owner said it was the biggest night ever for the club. Robin said he calls his club ''like Cheers with breasts.'' Howard asked if they should talk to her if she's available. Robin said yes. She said she would like that. Howard said she can't talk about Trump though. He said she's under a gag order. Robin said her friends are saying she had some dates and she talked about it with them. Howard asked if that would be too tabloid for her. Robin said she's not opposed to it. Just say what it is.

    Robin read a story about how Matt Lauer was kicked out of his house by his wife according to Page Six. Robin said they say that his wife has been upset since the whole story came out. Howard said sometimes guys don't want to leave. Robin said she knows people who have hung sheets in the house to divide it. Robin said they say that Matt is living elsewhere now. He apparently owns a lot of real estate. Howard said Gary's parents tried to separate. Gary said they had no money. He said his father moved into a house with 3 other guys and all he had was a hot plate. Howard said he said fuck that and went home. Howard said he figured out how to get along with his wife. Robin said he figured that was worse than living with his wife. Gary said they were in separate rooms but they'd go out to dinner. He said he's not sure what was going on. He said his dad was a beaten man.

    Gary said his dad asked for a hot plate for Christmas. He said he took nothing with him when he moved out. Howard asked how he met these guys. Gary said there's a network for guys like that. He said his father walked in and there was no furniture in the house. He had his own bedroom in the house. He said he thinks he had a mini fridge. He said he never went there. Howard said it's like college. He said when you're in your 60s you don't want roommates. Howard said Jeff the Drunk has it better than his dad did. Gary said he's right about that. Howard said Jeff is upstate New York though. He said he has everything he needs up there. Howard said his dad needed to study Jeff the Drunk. Howard said that's probably why Sal stayed married. He couldn't afford it. Gary said Sal won't tell the truth about that anymore but that's what he thinks too. Howard did a live commercial read after that.

    Robin read a story about Amazon and how they are opening their new Amazon Go store. Robin said it allows shoppers to grab what they need and just go. Howard asked if you pick up an order you placed online. Robin said no. she said they scan your credentials when you walk in and then you take what you want and walk out. Robin said they have sensors and deep learning going on and it all makes for a hands off type of thing. Robin said it just sees what you're getting and you go. Robin said they are opening up these brick and mortar stores so you can shop in person. Howard said what a company. He said the shit they're into is something. Howard said Jeff Bezos is worth billions. He said he runs a hell of a business. Robin said the one thing you have to worry about is when automation takes over you lose jobs. Robin said the checkout jobs could be lost to this tech. Howard said he figures you need people around to monitor it all. Robin said they're not cashiers. Howard said it's amazing but he's not sure what the social implications are.

    Howard took a call from King of All Blacks who still had the shitty phone connection. Howard said he can't just be like everyone else and have a good connection. King said he can see the bars now so it has to be good. Howard asked what he can do for him. King said it's not that hard to get a Rolex watch. He said he has one. He said you just go into a store and buy one. Howard asked what's going on today. Robin said he must be calling back to a thing they talked about earlier. Howard said he had no clue what they were talking about. Robin said it was a reference during the Imus discussion. Howard said Robin is good. He said it's not easy to get a Rolex. He said you have to have a lot of money. He said King was lucky enough to have a father who left him money. Howard said he has no idea why he's calling in other than to brag. He said he's a fucking maniac. Howard said he's a weird dude. Robin said very. Howard said King thinks that's all funny. He said he had a wealthy father who bought him shit.

    Robin read a story about the women's marches that were going on around the country. Howard said his daughter marched. Robin said she was with Howard not marching. Howard said they were with them in spirit. He said they didn't want to distract anyone from the purpose. Howard said he can see Fred's wife marching. Fred said she didn't but their daughter did. He said she went with 4 of her friends. Howard said he'd get nervous letting her go. Fred said there were a lot of women around and not so many men. Robin had some audio of some chants that were going on at the march in the city. Robin had some audio of Jane Fonda speaking too. Howard said she's turning 80 and she has more energy than he does. He said he gets up around 5:30 or 6 and then eats and then takes a nap. Robin said she doesn't have the energy she used to have either. Robin said she doesn't get up as early as she used to either. Howard said Jane just had cancer removed from her lip and she did the show. Howard said he would be in bed for a month or two if he did that. He said she's amazing. Howard had some audio of the men at the march. He had guys chanting ''Show your tits!'' Robin said that must be from Wing Bowl. Howard said he got confused. Robin had more clips from the marches to play.

    Robin read a story about the SAG awards that were on last night. Howard said he was in bed. He said he's exhausted. He said he would have liked to have seen those awards. Robin said she's not sure what James Franco is supposed to do. She said that he's big news around these award shows. Howard said his movie was doing real well but now he's being accused of ding stuff to women. Robin said he was mentioned by Scarlett Johansson in a speech. Robin had some audio of her making a speech about Franco but not giving details. Howard said she made 3 movies with Woody Allen though. Robin said that's the backlash that she's getting now. Robin said people are pointing that out and she's saying that it's just stories about him and she couldn't validate not working with him based on the way things were failing out. Robin said they'll have to see how she deals with it. Howard did a live commercial read after that.

    Robin read more about the SAG awards and how Alison Brie was asked about James Franco. Robin said Alison is James' sister in law. Robin had some audio of her talking about Franco. Howard said that's a tough one to answer. He said she had to play that game of being supportive of Franco but also of #TimesUp.

    Robin said Aziz Ansari is still in the news. She said she saw some editorials about Asian women having trouble figuring out if he can be a role model now. Robin said Aziz was a role model before. Howard said it doesn't sound like he did anything from what he's read. He said he'd say he's okay. Robin said he can't speak for the women though. Howard said okay.

    Robin read more about the SAG awards and some of the winners. Robin said a lot of the award quality movies are very good but still unseen. Robin read about some of the other winners at the awards. Robin had some audio for Howard to play too.

    Robin read a story about the Super Bowl now being set. Robin said it's in 2 weeks. Howard said he'll be there by his TV watching. Howard had her make a prediction. Robin said she knows nothing. Howard said no one does. Robin said she thinks that destiny is on the side of the Patriots. Howard said he thinks the odds are against them because they have won so many times. Howard said they are so winning. He said that game yesterday was so bizarre. He said they come from behind and just win. Robin said they wear you out. She said they are still strong in the 4th quarter. Howard said it was a good game. Robin had some audio of Bill Belichick getting upset with the reporters after the game. Howard said he's a really angry dude. Robin said he just won and he's still not answering questions.

    Robin read a story about the boy who came here from Cuba to have a tumor removed from his face has died. Robin said he had a 10 pound tumor on his face. A few days later he had lung and kidney complications and he died on Friday night. Robin said it was as big as a basketball and covered his face. Robin said it was benign but it pressed on his wind pipe so it threatened his life. Robin said now he's gone. Howard said some people think he has a face tumor but that's just his face.

    Robin read a story about Lee Boyd Malvo who is up for new sentencing because of his age at the time of the crimes. Robin said he may be re sentenced. Robin asked what Howard would do. Howard asked how old he was at the time. Robin said he may have been 18. Howard said he should have gone to the cops at the time. Howard said he was 18 and you know the right thing to do at that age.

    Robin asked if Howard cares about Kanye and Kim and what they named their new baby. Howard said no. Robin said they treat them like royalty. Howard said she has like 50 million Twitter or Instagram followers. Howard said it's baffling. He said it's bigger than any radio audience they've had. Howard said she has 50 million followers. He corrected it and said it's 106 million on Instagram. Robin said they announced on Twitter the name of their baby. Robin said the girl will be named Chicago. Fred played Riley Martin saying ''Willy Fistergash'' and ''Hugh Jassole.'' He played some clips of Evil Dave mispronouncing names too. He had some audio of Beetlejuice screwing up names too.

    Robin read a story about the government shutdown and how they're working on bringing that back up and running. Robin had some audio of some people talking about that.

    Robin read a story about Arizona being number 1 in pro-life states in the nation. Robin said they were named that on some list that an organization came out with.

    Robin read a story about Tom Petty and how he died of an accidental overdose.

    Robin read a story about a 2018 Corvette that sold for 1.4 million at the Barrett Jackson auction over the weekend. Robin said the money is going to support veterans who have served since 9/11.

    Robin read a story about Ed Sheeran getting married. Robin said he's engaged to his long time girlfriend Cherry Seaborne. Robin wrapped up and Howard ended the show around 11:15am.

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