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  • Winter Vacation Replays - Day 5. 02/16/18. 7:00am
    Howard is on vacation this week so they're playing some old segments. Here's what they played today:

  • Hit 'Em With The Hein Clips - April 19, 2017. 02/16/18. 7:00am
    First up on today's vacation replay show they played a segment where Howard played some ''Hit 'em with the Hein'' clips. Here's my rundown from that day:

    Hit 'Em With The Hein Clips. 04/19/17. 7:00am
    Howard started the show talking about the great Foo Fighters. He said he was at a restaurant the other day and someone thanked him for making them happen. He said he wondered what the guy was talking about. He just said ''You're welcome.'' He said he actually said they came on their show early on but he didn't make them. Howard said it was big of him to say. He said normally he'd just take the credit. He said he could have said he put them together after Nirvana.

    Howard said today is going to be an exciting show. He said they have Alec Baldwin coming in and they have to talk about the Ronnie Embedded with Jon Leiberman. Robin said that's what she's looking forward to. Howard said they have Ronnie, Stephanie and Jon Leiberman coming in to talk about that today. He said it's going to be on Thursday after the Wrap Up Show. He said next week they'll have a lot of Ronnie on Sternthology.

    Howard played a promo for the Ronnie and Stephanie Embedded. Howard said he listened to this stuff and it sounds like an angry relationship on Ronnie's side. He said it's too wild. He said they haven't seen Jon Leiberman in a while so that should be exciting.

    Howard said Alec Baldwin wrote a book and he says in the book that he wrote it for the money. He said he admires that honesty.

    Howard said they've had a lot of ''Hit 'em with the Hein's'' lately. He said that it's going very strong in 2017 so far. He said he has pages and pages of fans and commentators using the phrase. He said they had this guy Ami Horowitz on the show and he is a reporter who was on a conservative radio show, the Lars Larson Show, and used ''Hit 'em with the Hein.'' Howard played the clip and Ami worked it into a story about getting beat up.

    Howard said KTVK had a ''Hit 'em with the Hein'' shout out from one of the reporters. Howard played that clip and a woman used it in a report.

    Howard said this guy was on TMZ over Skype and got in a ''Hit 'em with the Hein'' on that show. The guy mentioned the Stern Show and did the ''Hit 'em with the Hein'' over Skype.

    Howard said it's become a catch phrase in sports broadcasting. Howard said he has one from a Canadian show where they used ''Hit 'em with the Hein.'' It was a quick mention that a guy did where he got in both ''Baba Booey'' and ''Hit 'em with the Hein.''

    Howard said that a North Carolina state player got in a ''Hit 'em with the Hein'' too. The commentator mentioned it but used a player's last name of Heinz.

    Howard said this is a New England Patriots announcer using ''Hit 'em with the Hein.'' He played that clip and said that Jon still hates it. He said he doesn't show much emotion about it. He said Jason loves it though.

    Howard said that there was a ''Hit 'em with the Hein'' during a golf tournament. Howard played that clip where someone yelled it out after a swing.

    Howard said Jon hates it more than jogging and he really hates jogging. Howard said he went to a Knicks game and got called out for leaving early. Howard said this coach calls him out for this all the time. He said this led to a ''Hit 'em with the Hein'' during a sports highlights segment. The announcer said it twice. Howard said that was nice. Howard played a ''Hit 'em with the Hein'' song parody after that.

    Bill O'Reilly And Howard's Show Discussed. 04/19/17. 7:10am
    Howard took a call from Jim from Raleigh. Howard said that Jon Hein created the term ''Jump the Shark'' and ''Hit 'em with the Hein'' might surpass that. Howard said he just wants to point that out.

    Howard asked Jim what he has. Jim asked if he thinks FOX News should fire Bill O'Reilly or not. Howard said on MSNBC they reported that they are in talks to get rid of Bill. Howard said to answer the question he is a big defender of air talent. Howard said anyone who is on radio or TV and people who give opinions and things. He said he had many years when the FCC was trying to fire him. He said Mel Karmazin stood up for him and the show. He said the difference was that they had done nothing wrong. He said they were just talking about sex. He said some people are so uptight. He said that fueled him every day. He said that this was shocking to some people. He said people were going to wars and stuff and this is what they were worried about. Howard said they made a lot of money with the show and there was no reason to get fired over what he was doing. Howard said in the case of Bill O'Reilly the corporations have people working for them and he's not sure how Bill is still working for them after all of these payouts. Howard said he's a predator. He said FOX is a corporation that has a lot of things going on. He said that they can't say that the employees have to behave if they let this guy get away with this behavior. Howard said he thinks they have to fire him. Robin said it's Roger Ailes too. She said they have to question it.

    Howard said that Bill O'Reilly went on the air a few years ago yelling about a soda company hiring Ludacris to promote their product. Howard said he's not sure what he thought he had done. Howard said maybe he was sexual or something in his songs. Howard said now he should be saying shame on FOX. Howard said O'Reilly was putting out actions, if it's all true, where he was making sexual offers to women at work. He said that's not a good way for FOX to do business. He said they all become a joke there. Howard said they're between a rock and a hard place there. He said the show is very popular and they have to think about this controversy. Howard said he has a really big following. He said all of his books are on the best seller list and he's very popular with his audience. Howard said it's all built on hypocrisy though.

    Howard said FOX would be the laughing stock of the world if they don't fire him. He said he has met Bill and he was nice enough to him. He said he does defend women too though. Howard said the things he's accused of doing are the lowest things you can do. Jim said that the reason they're upset is because advertisers were pulling out. Howard said that he read that Rupert Murdoch's sons are running the company and they've been encouraging them to fire O'Reilly. He said that it's painful for FOX to get rid of the guy because the show is a cash cow.

    Howard said he predicts that they'll have to get rid of him. He said he thinks that they can replace Bill with someone else like Tucker Carlson and make that show big. Howard said that he loved watching FOX News during the 8 years of Obama because they were so against him. Howard said he liked Obama but it's fun to watch. He said he likes watching MSNBC now because they're against Trump. He said it's way more interesting television. Howard said he's a big fan of FOX News too though. He said that they have aligned themselves so much with the republican party that the whole strategy is kind of screwy. He said some of it feels not honest. He said he's not sure what's going on.

    Jim asked if Howard has picked up the Letterman book. Howard said he was sent a copy but he doesn't want to read it. Howard said he read some excerpts from it and it was upsetting. He said he thinks the NY Post or Daily News had some pieces from it and it had things to do with the scandal and things like that. He said he knows that good friends who know you don't cooperate with these books. He said the people who do are nobodies who barely know Letterman and are speculating at best. He said it's almost like a hatchet job. Howard said he was the victim of this many times in his career. He said they'd get guys who worked with him for a short time and they call him a dick and say he didn't bring them with him and things. Howard said he didn't bring them with him because they suck. He said they claim they told him to do bits and stuff and he doesn't even remember who these people are.

    Howard said it's the people who you weren't good to that write these books and comment in them. Howard said he heard that this author interviewed Letterman. He said he hasn't read it so he doesn't want to disparage the guy. Jim said that Letterman did interview and so did some of the other guys from the show. Howard said maybe it's good but he hasn't read it yet.

    Jim said he found it interesting that Letterman fell out of love with comedy. He said that Howard was talking about how he has fallen out of love with stand up. Howard said if you don't constantly change you get tired of it. Howard said Dave got tired of the Top 10 List and people kept making him do it. Howard said he does what he wants to do and that's what he's doing now. Howard said he gets shit all the time now about having strippers and things like that on the show. Howard said he did that stuff for years and he did it to punch the FCC and religious groups in the eye. Howard said he could be fucking in the studio every day and no one would bat an eyelash. Howard said you have to change up the show constantly to do whatever tickles you. Robin said people complain about Howard changing and she thinks ''thank god.'' Howard said there are people who hate him and they think it's Marci Turk who got him to change. Howard said they think she calls the shots on the show. He said he thinks they're out of their mind. Howard said he does what he feels like doing. Howard said Marci is the GM there. Howard said she helps run the organization. He said he doesn't meet with her about he show at all. He said it's all about where he wants to go. He said he sets the show up the way he wants to do it for the year. He said the people who work there help him get it done. Howard said people want controversy and want to hear that something weird is going on. He said he hasn't been taken over by pod people. Howard said if you like the show it's because it's his vision. He said that's it. Howard said Marci is there to make sure Gary doesn't fall asleep during the show.

    Jim asked if someone was to write a book about him eventually who would it be. Howard said he doesn't know. He said he's sure people talk all the time. Howard said there are some moles there who are busy yapping about what goes on there. Howard said people are entitled to do that and he's not Hitler. Howard said he tries to run a nice situation there. Howard said the people who are there are nice people. He said they can talk to whoever they want. Howard said the people who are loyal to him won't talk to these book people. He said he knows he has been the victim of people saying stuff that's just not true.

    Howard said he is very good at what he does. He said people get furious and angry and want to take him down. He said that's what's fatiguing about the show. He said that people are crying all the time. He said do the hard work, cunt. He said they're little bitches.

    Howard said that the people who aren't that successful aren't that talented. Howard said that you weren't chosen for whatever reason. Howard said there are so many bitter people out there.

    Howard said most of his day was spent in meetings yesterday. He said he was trying to keep things calm. Jim said he's doing a hell of a job. Howard said Jim has him all riled up now.

    Howard said some of these books he just can't take. Howard said he called Robin last night yelling and screaming about assholes and shitheads. Howard said he doesn't know how they sleep at night. Howard said he slept like a baby after getting it all out. Howard said Beth was kind enough to let him have sex. He said he was all sweaty and garlicky. He said he had garlic for lunch. He said he took some of the guys out for lunch to discuss the radio show. Howard said that's how the show improves. Howard said there are tremendous people working there. He said he's not the only one.

    Howard said he took some of the guys to Del Friscos and he had garlic mashed potatoes. He said he ate every bit of it. He said it was so good. He had salmon and garlic mashed potatoes with broccoli rabe. He said he didn't know Beth was going to want to make love. He said they were laying in bed after watching the final episode of Girls. He said he was laying there all sweaty on his thighs. He said Beth said he was very dewy. He said he's not a sweaty guy. He said he agreed he was and he was also garlicky. He said he knows. Howard said he thought maybe she wouldn't want to do it. Howard said he must have smelled like a vampire hunter. Howard said Beth said lets do it so they did it. Howard said she gave him the signal. He said he has to say that he did lose his erection when she said he smelled like garlic. He said he was so upset. Howard said he didn't want her to be with a guy who is dewy and garlicky. He said his balls were like garlic knots.

    Howard said he sees a note that Ronnie and Stephanie and Jon are there. Howard said he has to do that. He did a live commercial read and then went to break after that.


  • JD's Camping Trip - August 15, 2017. 02/16/18. 7:40am
    Next up on today's vacation replay show they played a segment where Howard talked to JD about his camping trip. Here's my rundown from that day:

    JD's Tiny Tent. 08/15/17. 9:15am
    After the break Howard came right back and said he was listening to Joe Walsh music yesterday. He said he doesn't get enough credit. He said that guy is so good. He said if he had just done the James Gang or his solo stuff. He asked if he gets enough respect. Fred said he doesn't think so. He said on his own he's great. Robin said he loves being in the Eagles. Howard said that keeps him sober. Fred asked what he was listening to. Howard said he was listening to ''Rosewood Bitters.''

    Howard said Chris Matthews started coughing on his show. He said it's pretty good. Howard played the clip where Matthews was speaking and then he starts to cough. He keeps talking and then coughs some more.

    Howard said JD made a list of his top 5 cough attacks. Howard wondered how JD's day was yesterday. Robin asked why that is. Howard said the in-laws were leaving and they had talked about that on the air. Robin said they may have left before he got home. Howard said he heard that JD's fiancee gets upset when JD is on the air. Gary said that she gets upset in general when he's being made fun of. JD came in and said she actually likes it. He said she doesn't mind it usually.

    Howard said it was crazy that Ronnie took a movie role during work hours. JD said he doesn't know his set schedule but he should be there at 10. Howard said JD would never do that. JD said no. He said no one is looking for him to act. Not yet at least.

    Howard asked if JD is jealous of Ronnie. JD said no but he'd like to work in the movie industry eventually.

    Howard said they have a picture of the actual tent that JD used. He said they planned it to get there at midnight. JD said the whole thing was just wrong. He said they did everything wrong. Howard said at midnight you just want to lay down and go to sleep. JD said she knows how to do that tent so it didn't take long. Howard said the tent looks like a one person tent. JD said it is. Howard said it's tiny. JD said it's her's and she knows how to do it. JD said he fit in it. Howard said to show up at midnight and then pitch a tent is tough. JD said it only took like 10-15 minutes to set it up.

    Gary said he was shocked at how small it was. He said it was tiny. Howard said it's a weird tent. He said it's like something you put a dog in at the beach.

    Howard said it was driving him crazy that they got there at midnight. Howard said if it's a 9 hour trip you leave early. JD said she wanted to do a hike early in the morning and it was a whole thing. Robin said that JD isn't camping savvy. She said you don't show up at midnight. Howard said she sounds like she's a fanatic about hiking. JD said that she wanted to go hiking early in the morning. Howard asked why they didn't leave early to drive up. JD said they left around 5 in the evening. Howard asked why they would do that. JD said she was excited to get going. she had to work that day.

    Howard asked if he ever puts his foot down. JD said she wants a dog and he's putting his foot down. He said he does not want a dog. Howard said he's glad he said that. He said there are people who get dogs and they can't handle it. Howard said they don't think one is right so they get another and another. He said he's glad JD is putting his foot down. JD said he picks his battles.

    Howard said he's glad he's being honest about that. Howard said some things you just have to say no to. JD said some day they'll have a yard and then they can get one. Howard said he lives in the city now. He said JD doesn't get much sleep as it is. He said it's a lot of work and you have to be up for it. Howard asked if he puts his foot down on anything else. Robin said she doesn't think so. JD said he won't go to the Ballet anymore. He said he'll buy her tickets but he won't go. He did go see Hello Dolly. They had a song parody from Daniel Mendelson where he was playing JD singing Hello Dolly.

    Howard asked if JD sang at all during the show. JD said he did not. Howard asked why not. JD said he did go to see The Nutcracker. JD said Richard saw that too. Howard said Richard likes anything with the word ''nut'' in it.

    Howard took a call from a woman who said she thought it was real camping that JD was doing. She said when she heard it had showers and toilets she knew it wasn't. She said they're for children and women. JD said he's so not a man. He thanked her for the call. He said this is like his Twitter feed all day.

    Howard took a call from a guy who said this isn't JD's fault at all. He said it's the fiancee's fault. JD told him to hold on. Howard said he's trying to defend JD. JD was just laughing. Howard said everyone is taking sides.

    Howard took a call from a guy who asked why JD is so whipped. Howard said JD never had a girl before. JD said she's been wanting to do this for a couple of years. Robin said he folded and she knows that now. Howard said he has to get to JD's favorite coughing bits but he did a live commercial read and went to break after that.

    JD's Top 5 Coughing Clips. 08/15/17. 9:30am
    After the break Howard came right back and said they were talking about JD and his list of coughing clips. They played a JD song parody from Daniel Mendelson.

    JD had some coughing clips that he liked. He had one from a guy in Cleveland who started coughing while talking about West Nile Virus. He was coughing a lot and wasn't able to get the whole story out. Howard said he likes it because it sounds like he has West Nile. Howard said that would make a good movie where they talk about something like that and get sick.

    Howard told JD to do number 4. JD had a sports anchor who was trying to hold off a cough. Howard played the clip and the guy was trying to hold it in while he was doing a report. He wasn't able to keep it in though. The guy kept coughing while the other reporters took over. Howard said Jeff the Drunk is at home thinking he could be a sportscaster. Howard said yesterday Jeff was on saying that he has COPD and he quit smoking cigarettes but he smokes weed. He said he doesn't cough when he smokes weed but when he did that he did cough. JD said he wasn't coughing as hard as usual. Howard said he was trying to hold it back.

    Howard said he got an email from a respiratory therapist who said they had diagnosed the COPD months ago. He said that Jeff is basically done. He said start the eulogies now. Howard said Brent was telling him that pot smoke isn't bad for you. Robin said it is irritating though. JD said he's not smoking anything. Howard said JD is high enough. He's high on life. JD said he doesn't know about that.

    Brent came in and Howard asked if he did something to his head. Brent said he shaved it on Sunday. Howard said it's hard losing your hair. Brent said it's terrible. Brent said you just shave it and go with it. He said you don't do what Bobo did and wear that ridiculous thing on your head.

    Howard said Brent just celebrated his third year with them. Brent said no one is going to ask him to do anything like Ronnie is doing. He said he has a standing no for any interviews or anything like that.

    Howard asked if it's been better working for this show or Bubba's show. Brent said it's this show. Howard said Bubba is going to freak. Brent said he was in charge of everything at Bubba's show. He said here he has a better more focused job. He said he's in charge of one thing. Howard asked if this show or fucking whores in Okinawa was better. Brent said this show.

    Brent said in 2006 UCLA did a study about pot smoke and they found that it's not like cigarette smoke. He said the tobacco is treated with radioactive pesticides and that's what people are smoking. He said with the pot you don't get that. Howard said if you burn wood in your house it's like smoking cigarettes. Brent said that Usaine Bolt and Michael Phelps are both big pot smokers. He said that they're the fastest men on earth.

    Howard asked if Jeff should keep smoking weed. Brent said he's not a doctor so he won't say that. Robin asked if they did study on people who smoke weed and cigarettes. Brent said he doesn't know about that. He said that Jeff smokes a ton of cigarettes. Robin said you'd think pot smoking would be bad for Jeff. Howard said maybe he should eat edibles.

    Howard said he heard Brent ate 15 edibles at an Iron Maiden concert. Brent said it was great. Howard said he knows people who take one and they're wrecked. Brent said maybe they're light weights. Robin said she'd have to get high to see Iron Maiden too. Brent said it was such a great show. He said his favorite band of all time is Pink Floyd. Brent said that he does think Roger waters is a dick though.

    Howard said there's a lot of Glen Campbell videos out now that he died and he was a great guitar player. Howard said he did a bunch of rock stuff.

    Howard said he's not that familiar with Iron Maiden. Howard said he thinks about Zeppelin when he thinks of heavy metal. Howard said Ozzy is right up there too. Howard asked if he thinks of Metallica. Brent said he does. He said he thinks Iron Maiden is better. Howard told him to get out of there. He said he can't take him seriously now. Howard said he had a good 3 years there now get out.

    Howard asked what his favorite movie is. Brent said ''The Big Lebowski.'' Howard said he's got to be kidding. Brent said that's his favorite comedy. Howard said he asked what his favorite movie is. Brent said Saving Private Ryan is up there too. Howard said he's not vibing with him today. Brent said he has a lot of likes in music. He said Pink Floyd is his favorite of all time. He said he loves the Stones too. Howard said he's off his rocker. He likes the Pink Floyd better than the Beatles. Howard argued with him about that. He said that Pink Floyd is good but not better than the Beatles. Brent said he's more of an Elvis fan than the Beatles. Howard said no wonder Bubba threw him out.

    Fred played some Iron Maiden. Howard asked if he really thinks this is better than Metallica. Brent said he can sing better than James. Howard said he might have to have a battle of the bands in there between the two.

    Howard took a call from a woman who said she works for a cancer center and she does behind the scenes stuff. she said she keeps records and things like that. Howard asked if she gets paid well. She said she works in the South East and it can be between $60,000 to $100,000. She said she works from home doing that too. Howard said that's pretty cool. She said she is listening to the nonsense and she usually likes what Brent has to say. she said that he is an educated guy. She said whenever she hears Jeff she wants to vomit. She said that Jeff has major issues. She said that Jeff has COPD and he must have lungs like ground glass. She said the deal with pot smoking is that he should not be doing it. She said that the data is out there and Brent can look it up. Brent said they say that THC kills cancer. the caller said it does not. Howard asked what cup size she is. she said she's between a B and C because she lost a lot of weight. The caller was going on and on but Howard said he agrees with her. He let her go after that. He told her to send him a photo of herself.

    Howard thanked Brent too. Brent said Iron Maiden rules. Howard said he's sure they do. Howard asked on what planet Metallica would be behind Iron Maiden. JD said he doesn't like the higher singing. He likes a growling.

    Howard said his dad brought home the entire Doors catalog and he threw it out. He didn't like them. Robin said they were a decent band. JD said he likes ''Not to Touch The Earth.'' Howard said he doesn't know that one. they all did their impressions of JD singing.

    Howard said JD was doing his top 5 list. Howard asked what's next. JD said they have Mike Woods coughing on Good Day New York. Howard played the clip and Mike was having trouble with a tickle in his throat. He wasn't able to stop coughing.

    Howard said that shows how archaic newscasts are. Howard said the app on his iPhone never coughs. Howard asked who is getting their weather from those guys. Robin said High Pitch Erik is. Howard said that's because he's jerking off to him. Howard said he never hears Siri coughing when he asks for the weather. Howard said he never hears anyone getting their weather from the weather man. Robin said some people like to hear it from their friends in the morning.

    Howard asked JD what they have at number 2. JD said this is from NBC Sports when Rebecca Loh started coughing while she was doing highlights. Howard played the clip of her coughing. She was trying to speak and wasn't able to get anything out so they moved on to someone else. Howard said Jeff the Drunk just called in saying he's worried about her COPD.

    Howard took a call from a guy who said he wants to talk about Brent. He said he thinks everything he says you should take the opposite and that's the way to go. Howard said this guy thinks Brent doesn't know what he's talking about. Howard said he has a lot of information. The caller said it's all wrong.

    Howard asked JD where they are. They were at number 1. JD said this is good and it's in 2 parts. He said this was in Arkansas and this weather girl was unable to stop coughing. Howard played the clip and the weather girl was having trouble with her cough in one segment. She kept going for a few but then turned it over to the news anchors. She was still coughing in the background. Howard said all she had to do was not cough for 30 seconds of her entire day.

    Howard played the second part of the clip. In that one the woman was still coughing and threw it to the news anchor again. She was still coughing in the background. Howard laughed as he heard her coughing.

    Howard said it sounds like Gary's soul mate. Howard said it's a big report about tornados. Howard said it turns out she's allergic to tornados. Howard said he used to cough as a kid and his mom would tell him to stop with all the coughing. She'd tell him you don't need to cough. He said that's how she talked to him. He said that got him to quiet the fuck down. Howard said he still thinks he can control it.

    Howard said his mother put up with nothing. He said she'd ask about what's up with all of these involuntary responses. Howard said it's true though. He said he told his kids the same thing and realized he sounded like an idiot. He said he told them to go ask their grandmother.

    Howard said when he'd tell them they don't need to cough his mother would say she never said that to him. He said she had a thing with coughing. Robin said a lot of coughing is voluntary. Howard said maybe so.

    Howard thanked JD for the list. He said that was pretty good. Howard said he was listening to a chick on some channel where she was in the middle of a newscast and she started wandering around not making sense. JD said she lost her train of thought in the middle of her report. Howard said that was weird. JD said that was from the CBC. Howard told Robin to listen to this. Howard played a clip of the reporter doing her report about a girl riding a skate board and holding on to a Jeep and she got run over. Then she was repeating herself and cursing. She lost her train of thought and they moved away from her live report.

    Howard said she wasn't making sense at all. He said she got hung up on RNC. Robin said that she got hung up on the RNC saying this wasn't common. Howard said that's how he feels on this show too. He said he loves fuck ups on TV. He loved when she said ''Fuck.'' Robin said she hopes she's okay. Howard said if they had her there she'd be rewarded for that.

    Celebrity Fund Raiser Discussions. 08/15/17. 10:05am
    Howard took a call from Mariann from Brooklyn who said that she gave Howard a shout out on Home Shopping Network last night. She said that she's calling about Howard going to some party and J-Lo being there. Howard said he didn't bump into her. Howard said he went to this fund raiser for the Apollo theater. Howard said it's a good cause. Howard said he didn't want to go but it's very exciting. He said they had The Roots as the house band. Howard said they have to be the best band on late night. Howard said they did a song that was so good. He said they know a million songs. Howard said they had some guy with a tuba and it was actually good. Howard said he thinks they put out an album of their own. He said whatever they did was good. Howard said he didn't stay for the whole thing though.

    Howard said Beth got tired and she had to go. He said it was very lovely. He said he's going to send a check. Robin said Mariann said that J-Lo was there. Howard said first of all there's a seating arrangement there. He said J-Lo and A-Rod were way up front. Howard said he's pretty successful and he's used to going to the Knick games and sitting up front. Howard said he has an image. He said he was way behind Chris Rock and A-Rod and J-Lo. He said the big stars were up front. Howard said it was kind of weird. He said he could point out some people who shouldn't be in front of him. Howard said J-Lo doesn't make people laugh for 4 hours. Howard said he saw her at a wedding once and she ran from him like he was the plague. He said he got to talk to her husband who was a nice guy. He said he was able to get along with him but she wasn't.

    Howard said he saw the back of her head but he didn't talk to her. Howard said he was way back from her. He said that he did wonder what the fuck was going on. He said that there were some famous people there who had a better view of the stage than he did. Howard said he just won't go back. He said he will still support the charity... maybe. He said it was a good show. Robin asked if they think he's JD at a Samantha Bee event. Howard said he's sitting there picking his ass with Don Johnson. Howard laughed. He said he's top shelf. He said that as Ronnie. Howard asked if he's an extra in an Adam Sandler movie.

    Robin said she's laughing thinking about JD getting moved from the table he sat at to the right table in the back. Howard said Jimmy Fallon wrote to him asking where he sat and he was embarrassed to write back. Howard said he sat next to Screech and Butch Patrick. Howard said he loves Butch by the way. Robin said she does too. Howard said Screech has a very big penis according to him.

    Howard said that he's a big star and suddenly he's High Pitch Erik. He said he was right behind Scott Baio. Robin said he was looking at the back of Tan Mom. Howard said he was between Marcia Brady and Erkle. Howard said he wasn't that important. Howard said his hot wife doesn't need to see him in that position. He said with his celebrity he's one of the most famous people there in New York but some people don't want to acknowledge it. Howard said they wonder who he is.

    Howard said they can have their party out there. Howard said he's not a snob but he has a reputation to keep up. Howard said he's A-list but he was G-list that night. He said he's not as important as that guy from the Patriots, Robert Kraft. Howard said Steven Seagal pushed him out of the way. He said Lou Ferrigno told him to get out of the way. Howard did his impression of Lou for a second and then did a live commercial read and went to break. - As Seen on Howard Stern

  • Gary's Fake Crab Meat - January 24, 2017. 02/16/18. 8:45am
    Next up on today's vacation replay show they played a segment where Howard talked about Gary eating fake crab meat. Here's my rundown from that day:

    Dr. Laura Doll, Audio Clips And More. 01/24/17. 9:55am
    After the break Howard came right back and said they do have a Dr. Laura action figure that talks. Howard said she had a good run for a while. Robin said there was a lot of hype about her but then she did the TV show and that crushed the momentum. Howard said she must have been grabbing at everything. He said that's one thing he never had. Howard tried to use the doll to make it speak. Howard said the pants are off the doll. Howard said they have a hole to press her belly. He said she's kind of hot. He said she has a hot body like Barbie but a shitty face.

    Howard played the doll and she said some of her catch phrases. Howard said imagine selling that to your audience. He said that's rock bottom. Howard asked who would buy this because it's not for kids. Robin said some grown man is supposed to buy it. Howard pushed the belly of the doll to make it speak. Howard said they should put it up Sal's ass.

    Howard said the doll has a lot of thoughts. Howard played a few more. The doll had a lot of comments in it. Howard said they should put it in Richard's ass and see if it still works. Howard said he thinks he's had enough of the doll. Howard said her pants are all the way down. He said it looks like something got into the box and got to her and did something to her. Howard said the doll is on Ebay for 10.99. Howard said theirs is boxed. Jason said the one on Ebay is too.

    Howard asked if he should do news here. Fred said it is 10 o'clock. Howard said he has to see if he got to everything. Howard said Sour Shoes called Boomer and Carton. Howard said that he called while Governor Christie was on. He said he's not going to play that now. He said Sour is calling every show but theirs.

    Howard said some protestors went into Jean George to protest and they started coughing. Howard played some audio of them doing that. Howard said that's what it sounds like when Gary comes in every morning. Robin said the problem is with people who go to protest at Trump buildings. Robin said she doesn't think the coughing is helping anything. Howard played more audio of people coughing. Howard said that sounds more like a Tourette's sit in

    Howard said he was talking about Gary eating fake crab meat yesterday. Robin said she doesn't remember that conversation. Robin said that she did remember telling him that it was made of fish. Howard said it's made of various types of fish ground into a paste. Howard said it's often used in fish salads and sushi because of it's cheaper cost.

    Howard asked if Gary is still doing that. Gary said sometimes but mostly he has smoked salmon. Howard said that he's still fat though. Gary said he knows but he's not sure why. He said he still eats the fake crab meat. Howard said that's like the hot dog of the ocean. Howard said it has MSG in it too. He said they talk about the nutritional value of it and it's pretty low.

    Howard said someone gave him a note saying that Gary served fake crab meat at a party at his house. Gary said it was a crab dip that anyone would serve. Gary said it was dip, not fake crab. JD said he thought it was fake crab meat. Howard asked if he got a headache after it. JD said he didn't. He said he actually liked it.

    Howard said they should start the news. He had to do a live commercial read and a break first. Howard said it's hard to talk to Robin after all of the anal talk earlier. He said Ronnie brought it all out in her. Howard did the live commercial read after that.


  • Chelsea Handler - April 4, 2017. 02/16/18. 8:55am
    Next up on today's vacation replay show they played a Chelsea Handler interview. Here's my rundown from that day:

    Chelsea Handler Visits. 04/04/17. 8:50am
    After the break they played a song parody with Gary's trumpet playing over a Stevie Wonder song. They also played a ''Beetlejuice Sings Marvin Gaye'' commercial parody. They played a phony phone call Sal and Richard made to a religious radio show using Crazy Alice audio clips. They played The Rolling Stones ''Can't You Hear Me Knocking'' as they were coming back. Fred had some Benjy moaning and Gary trumpet playing clips playing over the song.

    Howard came back and said he has Chelsea Handler there. He said her show debuts on April 14th on Netflix. Howard said she's experimenting to see if she can have a talk show that streams. Howard asked if she lost a lot of weight. Chelsea said he asks her that every time. Howard asked if she has had any work done. Chelsea said she has some filler done from time to time. Howard said she looks very youthful. Chelsea said she doesn't lie about that stuff and she hasn't really had any work done. Howard said she seems to be smiling and beaming. Chelsea said it's good to see Howard. Howard said he's glad to see her too.

    Chelsea said there are so many things to be joyful about. Howard asked if she worries about getting into a twitter war with someone like Donald Trump Jr. Howard asked if she's worried that something could happen with her career. Chelsea said Trump doesn't even have control over his own administration. Chelsea said she's been audited just about every year so she doesn't worry about that. Howard said he has been audited too. Chelsea said she's happy to pay her taxes. Howard said the thing with the Twitter war is that she thinks social media is gross. Chelsea said she likes Twitter. She said Instagram is kind of gross with the filters. She said that you can't look great all the time so why pretend? Howard said that regular people want to look good too. He said he has to filter as much as possible.

    Howard said Chelsea started in with Donald Trump Jr. Howard said he's having a baby and she said ''Oh god not another kid with those genes.'' Chelsea said she spelled it ''Jeans'' too and that's because she's stoned or buzzed almost all the time. Chelsea said she likes to have something in her system at night time.

    Howard said someone offered Chelsea a mint with opium in it and she got all fucked up and then someone told her it was just a mint. Chelsea said she was told they had hashish at this Indian wedding. She said she was convinced she was hallucinating. She thought she was fucked up and she may have just been hallucinating from being in India. Chelsea said she was told that they looked it up and it was just some spice that was like opium. She said after that they told her she didn't take it. She said she was acting like she was high for the next 7 hours.

    Howard said Chelsea gets high a lot. Chelsea said she thinks it's good for your brain. Howard asked if she tells her staff to do it. Chelsea said she suggested it. She said they don't have to. She said they might be rewarded if they do take it.

    Howard asked if she takes her staff to Mexico every year. Chelsea said it's not a retreat or anything but they went on a camping trip in California. She said they don't have to go. She said anyone who wants to go can go. Howard said he would go to suck up to his boss. Chelsea said you don't have to do that.

    Howard said that he'd do it so he doesn't get fired. Howard asked if she gets them all high. Chelsea said she doesn't get them high but they can do drugs and she'll do it with them. Howard asked if she gets naked out there. He said she seems to be happy with her body. Chelsea said she's really not. She said she went through a phase when she was showing her boobs. Howard said she has great boobs. Chelsea said they're funny to her. She said she thinks she looks like an idiot. Howard said they're real too, right? Chelsea said they are real. Howard said they're so big and she's not a big woman. Howard said it's a genetic feat. Howard said you don't see that very much. Chelsea said her teeth are her's too. She said she's very proud of those two things. Howard asked if she thinks she has good breasts. Chelsea said she does but when you have big ones they can be embarrassing. She said they were very embarrassing when she was 14.

    Chelsea said she likes showing her boobs off but only to show that she can do it. She said she's not trying to be sexy when she does it. She said that if she wants to take her top of she wants to be able to do it. She said guys can walk around with their shirts off so why not her.

    Howard said Chelsea did an event with Gloria Steinham recently. Chelsea said she's great and she has such dignity and elegance. Howard asked if they got topless on stage. Chelsea said that came much later. Howard asked if it's like Lena Dunham because he thinks she's doing it as a statement. Howard asked if she likes Lena. Chelsea said she does. She said she thinks her show is great. Howard asked if she has girls she likes to hang out with and then she dumps them. Chelsea said if you piss her off she gets really pissed. She said if you lie to her or lie about her then she gets really pissed. Howard said he's a little scared of her. She said maybe he should be.

    Howard asked if Mary McCormack is still her friend. Chelsea said yes she is. Howard asked if Whitney is still a friend. Chelsea said she hasn't spoken to her a lot lately. Howard asked if Jennifer Aniston is still a friend. She said she is. She said they haven't spoken since she was on her show last though.

    Howard asked how she got into Goldie Hawn's life. Chelsea said she knows Kate Hudson and she hangs out with her. Howard asked what she's like to hang out with. Chelsea said she's fun. Howard asked if she gets high. Chelsea said she's never gotten high with Kate. She said she got to hang out with her mom Goldie Hawn and she's great to hang out with. She said they have a place in Aspen and they hung out there. Howard asked how long she hung out there at Goldie's house. Chelsea said that she was there for hours and she ended up getting driven home by them and they said they wished she was part of their family. She said that's all she ever wanted to hear. She said that they're great to hang out with. She said Goldie and Kurt are just great people.

    Howard asked if Goldie is a pain in the ass mom to Kate. Chelsea said she doesn't think so at all. She said that she lost her phone there at their house and they were all looking for it. She said that Kurt and Goldie were all looking for it. She said she had to get out of there soon after that. Chelsea said she had to figure out who her carrier was and then get out of the store.

    Howard said that Chelsea left E! and she was freaked out by what went on there. Howard said he watches the late night talk shows and they don't really talk and then you have the sidekick and it's such a formula. Howard asked what happened to the guy she had on her show. Chelsea said he had a reality show and he may have opened a taco stand. She said he texts her once every 6 months or so. Howard asked if it was hard for him not to be part of her Netflix show. Chelsea said she was so burnt out on that show and she had to do something different. Chelsea said she didn't care anymore. Howard asked if she regrets what she said about E! after she left. Chelsea said not at all. She said she could have been less outspoken about it but she doesn't think that much about it. She said it wasn't a great relationship and it was their fault for lying to her about things repeatedly. She said if you lie to her twice then she's pissed off. Howard asked what it was that they lied about. Chelsea said she's not even sure. She said that they told her they were going to change the programming and it was all bullshit. She didn't like being around the Kardashians. Howard said if they're the lead in then they bring an audience to her. Chelsea said it wasn't the same audience. She said that she hates the Kardashians and the people watching them aren't watching her show.

    Howard asked if they were telling her they were going to get other shows for her. Chelsea said they were doing other stuff and E! never executed it properly. She said she asked them to do these things for her and she thought she could have some input into that.

    Howard asked how it is going to Netflix and if she misses any of the E! stuff. Howard said she had some cache over there. Chelsea said she thinks they have more at Netflix than on E!. Howard asked if everyone is cool over there at Netflix. Chelsea said they have been good. She said they let her go all over the world to shoot her show. She said she likes to travel. Howard said it sounds horrible to him. He said he hates to travel. Howard said they ask him to go other places and he's not sure what's going to happen there. He said he'd rather just stay there.

    Robin said she's sure there's something different going on in India. Chelsea said that Howard would be disgusted by India. She said with him being a germophobe he's going to hate it.

    Howard asked who else was in aspen. Chelsea said that Kevin Hart was there. Howard said he's had him on the show. Gary said he's going to be there in a month. Chelsea told him to shut up.

    Howard said that Chelsea had some problems with the show when she started. She had to change the Executive Producer over there. Chelsea said she did and it wasn't fun to let someone go. Howard asked how they were put together. Chelsea said there's not a great way to figure out how it's going to be until you work with someone for a few months. Howard said you don't want to be a bad person and pull the plug on employment but you have to do it. Chelsea said it was before they started to shoot the show. She said that she's not good at that kind of stuff.

    Chelsea said they got her back on track and told her to chill out and just do her thing. She said it kind of clicked and she got back into it. She said she kind of clicked back into it.

    Howard said they were telling her to take over on CBS or something and it was kind of accepted that she might to go a network. Howard asked if she's interested in that. Chelsea said she's not into late night. She said she goes on the shows but she can't be in a corporate world like that. She said she can't not curse. She said you have to behave yourself and she can't do that. She said she's never been interested in that. She said she never thought about using that as a negotiating tool to get a job on a network. Howard asked if she watches Bill Maher or shows like that. Chelsea said she loves Bill Maher and she's going on this week. Howard said you have to go on and bone up on that political stuff. Robin said she does fine on that show.

    Howard asked if Chelsea could be romantic with Bill Maher. Chelsea said she was in London recently with Eddie Izzard and he showed up to do the interview and he's really fit. She said he had long girl nails on and she was looking at him on the boat and she was wondering if she could date someone who is trans. She said as they were talking she learned that he's going to run for Parliament. She said she did this interview for like an hour and she was thinking about him. She said later that night they were outside a topless bar and he walked out in full on makeup and heels and she looked over and asked ''Is that Eddie Izzard?'' She said that just 8 hours earlier they had run into all of these big stars and then she was wondering what the fuck is going on. Chelsea said she can't believe she was thinking about dating that guy. Chelsea said he didn't even see her at that point.

    Howard asked what's going on with her. He asked if she's having sex at all. Chelsea said she's not having sex. She said she doesn't have any sex stories for him. Howard said she's looking good. Chelsea said she had sex a few months ago in London. She said that was 3 different strangers over there. Chelsea said she found one at a party and one on an app called Raya. Chelsea said she had sex with a guy in London and her hair stylist works at a salon and she found out about the guy who had sex with her in London. Howard asked if they are one nighters. Chelsea said they are.

    Robin asked what the Raya thing is. Chelsea said it's an app that's an industry thing. She said it's a lot of photographers, male models and people like that. She said you have to be famous or good looking to get in there. Howard asked if the other guy is famous that she met on there. Chelsea said that London men are fun. She said that they don't care so much over there. Chelsea said they have to put 7 pictures together with music playing behind it. She said she was going to hook up with a male model and he was talking about Trump in a way that turned her off. She said that she gets picky about that stuff. She said he was talking about Trump and she asked if he was a republican. She said she's fine with that and it might work for her job if she fucks someone like that. She said it got too heated.

    Howard asked how this went from Bill Maher to Eddie Izzard. Chelsea said that they were talking about smart guys and dating. She said that she's not sure what Bill is up to. Howard said he can't see them getting along. Chelsea said they're both moody. Howard said they both like weed. Howard said he can't smoke that stuff. Chelsea said that Mary McCormack can's smoke it either. She said she just won't do it. Chelsea said some people it's just not for them.

    Chelsea said the other night she was wiped out after traveling. She said that friends bring her edibles. She said that smoking is better for her but the edibles can really knock you down for the count. Chelsea said that she was on her couch watching Girls and she was laughing a lot. She said she realized she was stoned. She said they had a windstorm in L.A. and she opened up everything so the wind was blowing around. She said she put on some Neil Young and she was laying in bed listening to that and it was like the best time in her life. She said this is exactly what she had hoped adulthood would be like. She said she can do whatever the fuck she wants.

    Howard said he doesn't think she could ever get married. Howard said she likes to be on her own. Howard asked if she did Ayahuasca. Chelsea said they talked about that last time. Howard said he could never do that. Howard said Beth wouldn't either. He said she would smoke weed. Chelsea asked if the cats do. Howard said her cats get high. He said he and Beth smoked pot together once. He said that she claims that they had great sex but he doesn't remember it that way. Howard said he got all bitten up by mosquitos after he smoked. He said that he can't smoke that shit. Chelsea said that you have to be very careful with what you smoke now. She said it can be very powerful.

    Howard asked if Trump is doing anything that she likes. Howard said he was a big Hillary supporter and he thought that's where the country would end up. Howard said it didn't work out that way. Howard said Chelsea is talking about trump and it's a personal thing. Chelsea said she thinks his behavior is deplorable. She said he has no respect for the office he sits in. She said the dignity between Obama and this guy is so different. She said Steve Bannon looks like a Herpes sore and he acts like one too. She said that Sean Spicer looks like a potato. She asked how he can lie to the American people every day. Chelsea said she would like to see them do things for the poor people and different groups. She said that Trump doesn't know anything about his job. She said it's irresponsible not to speak up now.

    Howard said Chelsea said she would move if trump became President. Chelsea said if he's there in 4 years she may move to Spain. She did buy a house there. Chelsea said she had a bunch of people on her show that day and it was tough to see this going on. Howard asked if she was live that night for her show. Chelsea said she went to Mary's house and Mary told her to come over. She said that Mary predicted that he was going to win. She said she thought there was no way he was going to win. Chelsea said they were all miserable that night.

    Howard said Chelsea took a lot of shit when she said that she wouldn't interview Melania Trump because she can barely speak English. Chelsea said she really can't. She said that she can't speak Spanish herself so she would never go on a show and have to speak Spanish. She said she's never going to have Melania on to talk about her anti-bullying campaign for the internet. She said she's not going to stick up for her. She said when you marry someone like that then she's done sticking up for her.

    Howard asked if she thinks Trump won't last 4 years. Chelsea said she thinks that something will come up and he won't last the full 4 years. Chelsea said that she can't see how he can be President and have no respect for the law. She said that he has access to the trusts he has and he can take money out of them at any time. She said he changed the law for that. Chelsea said that he's incriminating himself every time he says something. She said that he claims that he was being spied on and it's just that the Russians were being spied on and he was caught talking to them.

    Howard asked if she ever met Trump before. Chelsea said she has the feeling talking to him is like talking to a water balloon. She said she did meet him once. She said hi and that was about it. She said she did say to her friend that he wasn't as gross a person as she thought he was at one time.

    Chelsea said there was a reporter who wrote an article about how he thinks that Trump may have syphilis. She said that the symptoms kind of fit with the way he's acting. Howard said there is no evidence of that though. Chelsea said no but it was an interesting article.

    Howard asked what Chelsea is listening to musically. She said she likes Alicia Keys. She said that she doesn't listen to a lot of music. She said she likes watching TV and Homeland. Howard said he likes that show too.

    Howard said there's a great story about Chelsea and Florence Henderson. Howard said she partied with her just before she died. Chelsea said she met her at some event. Howard said she hit it off with her. Chelsea said they were both hosting the show and she met her back stage. She said she has that gossipy kind of personality. She said that Florence asked about what they were going to do about alcohol. She said that she wasn't sure because they were in a theater. Chelsea said she asked the publicist if they had any vodka and they did. She said she got Florence the drink and she later asked when they were going to get the fuck out of there. Chelsea said she was great and they got to hang out. She said that her daughter was there too and she said her mom is exactly what people think she is. She said they had a couple of cocktails and that was about it. Howard asked if she got to see her after that. Chelsea said she had her on her show shortly after that. She said she was great on the show. She said she filmed some great segments for the show and then she died. She said she couldn't believe it. Howard asked if she went to the funeral. Chelsea said she didn't.

    Howard said the second season of her show is starting. Howard said it's called ''Chelsea'' and she's happy finally. Howard said he thought she was doing 3 shows a week. Chelsea said she's doing one hour a week now. She said she wanted to do that instead of the 3 shows. Chelsea said that Netflix came to her saying that's when everyone watches the shows so they could do that with 3 shows or just an hour.

    Howard asked if Chelsea is doing stand up anymore. She said she stopped at 40. She said that she will be doing speaking engagements at colleges. Howard asked if she'd have Ivanka on her show. Chelsea said she should be embarrassed too. She said that her father is taking away women's rights. Chelsea asked how she can sit there while her father is doing this.

    Howard asked if she goes to a college and a 21 year old wants to have sex with her, would she do it. Chelsea said of course she would. Howard asked if the kids have a shot. Chelsea said both boys and girls of course. Howard said she should go to a frat party and tape that. Howard said he'd watch that. Chelsea said she's not opposed to that. She said if she was going to do that she would go to college for a week. She said she never went. She said she wouldn't be opposed to that. Howard said he can see her at a frat party roofie'ing herself.

    Howard said it's good to see Chelsea in a good frame of mind. Chelsea said last time she saw him she was already at Netflix so that's bull. She said she was already in a good frame of mind. Howard said she has a good attitude and she's got real teeth and real D-cup. Howard said he wonders what else is going on in her life. Howard said she must have something going on. He said he thinks they saw a 10th of what's going on. Howard asked what's going on with her.

    Chelsea said that she doesn't know what arena he's talking about. Howard asked about celebrity men who have hit on her. Chelsea said they don't. She said that they think she'll go on Howard's show and talk about them. She said she had sex with a celebrity a year or two ago that Howard would be interested in talking about but she can't do that. Howard asked if it was Adam Sandler. Chelsea said no but he is in her first episode of her Netflix show. Howard asked if he knows this person. Chelsea said he does know this person. She said that they had sex like 5 or 6 times. Howard asked if she's been in love. Chelsea said he has of course. She said she expects a lot out of people. She said she's awesome and she delivers. She said she's a good girl.

    Howard asked if this person was an A-list celebrity. Chelsea said she won't comment on that. She said that he may be less famous than her though. Howard said good for her. She said that the sex was great. She said it was funny, crazy and wild. Howard asked how it was fun. Chelsea said that it's just fun. She said when you like someone and you're into them and you're having a little affair and you get texted to come over it's fun. Howard said it sounds fantastic. Howard asked how she kept it out of the paper. Chelsea said that Mary may be the only one who knows who it is. Howard said he's going to call Mary to ask. He said she used to be more loyal to him but maybe she's more loyal to her now.

    Howard asked if the guy wore a condom. Chelsea said yes. She said she has to have safe sex at 42. She said she has to be responsible. She said she had an abortion at 16 and it hasn't happened since then.

    Howard asked where she's going next. Chelsea said she's going to the Today show. She said she's not sure when she's going to be on.

    Howard said that Chelsea is doing her thing and doing what she wants with the Netflix show. Howard said give it a try and see what it's like. Howard went to break a short time later.


  • Sour Shoes As Gary - July 19, 2016. 02/16/18. 10:05am
    Next up on today's vacation replay show they played a segment where Sour Shoes played producer Gary during Robin's news. Here's my rundown from that day:

    Robin's News. 07/19/16. 10:05am
    After the break they played a phony phone call Mark the Bagger made to a woman. They also played Seal's ''Crazy'' as they were coming back. Fred threw in some clips of Robin singing over that song.

    Howard came back and said he heard a song by some guy named Dylan Wear. He said he was covering Rockin in the Free World. Howard said he didn't hear it on vinyl but he heard it on the radio.

    Howard said he saw Leslie Jones doing a bit with Seth Meyers recently. He said she was really funny. Howard said he thinks she's really funny. Robin said she's been getting beaten up on Twitter a lot. Robin told Howard what's been going on and how people are treating her sending her racist tweets and things.

    Fred found that song Howard was talking about so he played it for him. Howard said he'd love to see someone go up to Leslie Jones in person and say those things to her. Howard said it would be a whole different story. Howard said he would behead people who made comments about him if he had the power.

    Howard said he got an email from Inside Radio and the guy's name is Tom Taylor. Howard said they've done away with the radio column in most papers these days. He said they don't even have a TV section anymore. Howard said radio gets no respect. He said Tom Taylor gives it some respect. Howard read about what indecency fines are up to these days. Howard said he didn't think they cared about it anymore. Howard said you don't read about it anymore. Robin said they'd go after award shows. Howard said they were relentless with him. Howard read about what they were fining before the Janet Jackson thing and after. Sour Shoes, as Gary, interrupted and told Howard something he already knew about where the article was from. ''Gary'' said he was busy not listening to the show. Howard told him to try to listen to the show because he is the producer.

    Howard said they should do some news. They played Robin into it with a song parody. Howard said it used to drive him crazy when they got fined. Howard said Spanish stations were doing their show in Spanish and they never got fined. Howard said that was racist.

    Howard took a call from a guy who was calling in from his car with his window open. The caller said he will pull over. He said Howard was ranked as the funniest radio host by Howard said of course. He said all the big web sites say they're the funniest. The caller said Bobo posted that on Twitter.

    ''Gary'' interrupted again and mentioned the Leslie Jones story again and said he didn't hear it because he had Jon Hein's cock in his ear. Howard said that can't happen again. ''Gary'' told him he should start the news because it is 10:19. Howard said they'll do that. He said he was in a Hall & Oates chat room so he didn't hear that part of the show.

    Robin read a story about Bradley Cooper has a new girlfriend. Howard said she's not so new. Robin said she's just finding out about her. She said she had a strange tinfoil thing on her head. Howard said he thinks she may have been doing a hair treatment or something. Robin said that never occurred to her. Robin said that is pretty wild. She said that would explain a lot.

    Robin read a story about someone who came down with Zika after just caring for someone who had Zika. Robin said the person has recovered but they did come down with symptoms of the disease. Howard asked if he cold have been bitten too. Howard said maybe it was spread by a mosquito or someone else spread it to that person. Robin said there was only one person with it in Utah.

    Howard took a call from a guy who said he's wondering if Sour could call Gary's wife and have a conversation with her as Gary and she wouldn't know. Howard said he thinks that could happen. ''Gary'' got on the microphone and said he can't deal with that right now in his private life. He said his private life is at a ''noine'' right now.

    Robin read a story about Bill Cosby being almost totally blind. Howard asked if they're saying that for sympathy. Robin said they might be doing this for that. Robin said they say that he has had this problem for a long time now. Howard said he would sit down with Cosby if he were his publicist and tell him to play up the blind angle. Howard said he's so blind that he just raped his couch. Robin said he's now confined to his Pennsylvania home. Robin said his wife is sticking by him. ''Gary'' interrupted again and said that there are 1299 cases of Zika in this country right now. Howard said they just talked about that.

    Howard took a call from a woman who said she wants to talk about Bernie Sanders and how he wants to contest the convention. She said he only endorsed her so he could get up and speak there. Howard played some audio of fake Bernie making some wacky comments. The caller said there is still a campaign left for Bernie. Howard argued that there isn't and hung up on the caller a short time later.

    Howard played a clip of Bernie Sanders calling Wolf Blitzer ''Jake'' over and over again during an interview. Howard said he was corrected and he kept saying Jake. Howard and Robin spent a little more time talking about Bernie.

    Robin started to do a story but Sour Shoes as Gary interrupted again. Howard did a live commercial read for Avion Tequila. He asked Sour Shoes about drinking. Gary said he brings about noine bottles to a party. He did the Gary impression for a few minutes. He was clearing his throat a lot and smacking his lips like Gary.

    Robin got back to her news and read a story about Bill Cosby suing one of his accusers. Robin said a judge has said the suit can go forward.

    Howard took a call from a guy who asked if Beetlejuice has the Zika virus. Howard said he isn't sure how he got the little head. He said he doesn't think Zika was around back then. He said there have been less little headed people since he was born. Howard said now the Zika is bringing it back. He said he's hoping for more of them to come around now. Howard let the caller go a short time later.

    Howard took another call from a guy who said he wants to talk about the new Ghostbusters movie. Howard said he thought he heard him say the N-word the way he said ''new ghost...'' The caller said there is a Baba Booey at the end of the movie. Howard said he heard about that.

    Robin read a story about FOX News talking about removing Roger Ailes. Robin said they say that Rupert Murdoch is turning over running the empire to his children and they're not big fans of Roger. Robin said there are some sexual harassment lawsuits going on too. Robin said Roger is 76 years old. Howard said he doesn't care, he knows how to run that channel. He asked why they would remove him. Howard said the kids don't know what it's like to run the channel. Robin said they say that Gretchen Carlson's suit has set this off.

    Sour Shoes, as Gary, interrupted Howard and said that there was a big Baba Booey in Ghostbusters. Howard said they just talked about that. ''Gary'' said they were trying to work back there and he was talking so much he didn't know. Howard said if he had been listening he would have known. Gary said he just read online that Bill Cosby has gone blind. Howard said they did that story a few minutes ago too. Howard said he has problems listening to the show. Howard said he missed what they were saying.

    Robin said she's still amazed by the speakers who are at the RNC. Robin said that Willie Robinson from Duck Dynasty was a speaker there. Robin had some clips of him speaking there. Robin had some audio of Scott Baio and other ''celebrities'' speaking too.

    Sour Shoes interrupted and said in 1989 Charles in Charge had a ''noine point noine'' rating. Then he asked ''Where am I?'' He said he's also listening to Lucas' EDM song. Howard said maybe he should listen to the show sometimes. ''Gary'' asked ''You have a show?''

    Howard took a call from a guy, Balls, whose phone connection sounded really bad. Howard said all of the calls today sound bad. Balls said he liked Mila Kunis today. Howard said she is such a beauty. Balls said he'd give an arm and a leg to drop a load on her squish mitten. Howard said no wonder women love us. He said she really is super hot though. Howard told him to keep making up those names. Balls said he just turned 40. Howard said he was a dynamo in his 40s. He said he's busy just trying to pee and sleep through the night now.

    Sour Shoes as Gary interrupted again and said Nick Cannon has been acting odd lately with the turban on his head. Howard said that happened on the show yesterday. Gary said he was busy talking to Ross about which Bruce Springsteen song to play.

    Robin had some audio of Steve King making some controversial comments. Robin and Howard talked about that for a short time.

    Sour Shoes as Gary interrupted again and said that Scott Baio spoke at the RNC last night. Howard said they just talked about that. Gary said he's sorry but Jon Hein was flashing his big tits around so he was distracted.

    Robin had some audio of Bob Dole talking about Mike Pence and what a fan he is. Howard said he was lifted on to stage by a black guy and he was the only black guy there.

    Robin read a story about Melania Trump being the big draw at the convention last night. Howard said she looked beautiful. Robin said she spoke very well too. Robin had some clips. Howard said he's having a Heidi Klum flashback. Howard said it would have been great if she was carried on stage by Beetlejuice. Robin had some audio of her making her speech and she claims she didn't plagiarize it even though people were claiming she did. Robin said they are calling for whoever did write that speech to step down. Howard said he thought she did fine. Howard had ''Melania'' on the phone. He picked up on her but gave up after about 3 seconds.

    Sour Shoes as Gary asked Howard to keep it down because he's trying to take a nap. He told Howard about some games and guests he was trying to book but they had already had them on the show. ''Gary'' said he was busy talking to Michael Rapaport about fantasy football so he was distracted and didn't know.

    Robin said Stephen Colbert had Jon Stewart on Late Night last night. Howard said he likes what Jon is doing with animals now. Howard said he's taking in animals. He said he always dug Jon. He said he doesn't have a dark side like some of the people around there. Robin had some audio from Late Show with Stephen Colbert where Jon Stewart visited.

    Robin read about Donald Trump floating a conspiracy theory about President Obama. Robin said he's saying he's not sure the President is really against the violence against the police. Robin said he says there's something about his body language that isn't right. Robin had some audio of Trump talking about that.

    Robin read a story about a new book that's out about David Bowie. Howard said he just downloaded it. He said the guy who wrote it worked for Rolling Stone and he thinks he slammed him a few years ago. Howard said it was a whole fucking thing. He said he was sitting there ready to download and he wasn't sure if he should do it or not. Howard said he did download it because it's about Bowie and Rob Sheffield is a good writer.

    Robin asked if Howard saw the Bowie documentary called 5 years. Howard said he probably did. He said he watches everything about Bowie.

    Robin said that Amy Schumer has revealed that she was raped. Robin said that she claims that her first experience wasn't consensual. Howard said she should reveal that on their show. Robin said they haven't seen her lately. Howard said they were one of the first to put her on in a regular basis. He said she should come in there to do it. Sour Shoes was still doing bits as Gary and interrupting with his lunch order. Howard said they're still doing a show. ''Gary'' said ''What show?'' Robin wrapped up and Howard ended the show around 11:05am.

    Today's show was over around 11:00am.

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