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-- Friday, May 18, 2018 --

  • Friday Replay Show. 05/18/18. 7:00am
    Here's what they played on today's replay show:

  • King Fashion Show. 05/18/18. 7:00am
    First on today's replay show they played the King of All Blacks fashion show. Here's my rundown:

    King of All Blacks Critiques The Staff Wardrobe. 05/14/18. 8:30am
    After the break Howard came right back and said he has King of All Blacks there and he wants to have a fashion show to pick apart the staff. He said that he has been pitching this idea for a long time now. Howard had King come in and sit down. King was laughing hard and Howard said he's already annoying. He said he kept him out there to calm him down. King said he had 2 Red Bulls and smoked a joint.

    Howard said King is going to critique his staff over their clothing. King said he saw them already and some by mistake. Howard said King has been calling into the show for about 25 years. He said at times he is funny and sometimes he's annoying. He said that Wendy Williams was complaining about him. He said that he showed up at some restaurant she was at and he was annoying her. King said they were going to Chilis and he just said hello to her. King said her husband gave her the chin. He said he was asking what's up with that. He said he just said hello. Howard said that maybe he was lingering too long. King said he nodded hello to Wendy. He said that's all he did. Howard said sometimes Beth will want someone to get the fuck away from the table.

    Howard played a clip of Wendy Williams talking about King bothering her at the Willowbrook Mall. She said they were at the Chilis there in the mall and King came over to her. She said that he's from the Howard Stern Show. Howard said he wants to say that he isn't from his show. He said that he calls the show. He doesn't work for him. He said he didn't tell him to go over to her table. Howard said he doesn't work there. King said he's about to ask him for a job. He said he's retired now.

    Howard played more of Wendy talking about this meeting and how King was egging on her husband. King said he wouldn't do that now. Howard said he must have been a bit of an asshole. Howard said he did that to Robin and drove to her house. King said he wasn't impolite. He said he wasn't obnoxious. Howard said she's saying that he grabbed one of her French fries or something. King said way back then he had a crush on Wendy. He said he went into her studio once when she invited her up there .Howard said he smelled her chair and got kicked out. King said he was just being funny. He said she wasn't there in the studio. He said someone told her about it. Howard said he's not sure what the beef was over.

    Howard said King is a retired garbage man and street sweeper. King said he misses it. He said he doesn't have anything to do. He said his mother and father left him some money and he has some property and a house in Barbados. Howard said he says he only has $264,000 left. King said he doesn't talk about money like that. He said he spent like 92,000. He said the Rolex was about 22,000 and he spent like 16,000 on this ring. Howard said that's crazy.

    Howard said fashion is very important to the King. He said that he thinks a man should dress well for his woman. King said guys get married and they don't care how they look anymore. King said that he saw Howard's jacket with buttons all over it and he knew it was a $4,000 jacket. Howard said King has mocked his staff over the years so they're going to do a fashion show. He said King will address the staff on their fashion choices.

    Howard said here it is, the King of All Blacks fashion show. Howard said he has Brent, Ralph, Gary, Jon Hein, Rahsaan from the Wrap Up Show, Ronnie and Jason coming in.

    Howard said he wants King to look over the staff and they'll start with Brent. Howard said good morning to him. He said Brent used to work for Bubba and he now works for them. He asked what his problem is with Brent. King said he didn't know he was involved with this bit. He said he was wondering what kind of sneakers he was wearing. King said it's time to get rid of them when you see that indentation on them. He said they don't look good. Brent said that he's taking advice from someone who has plastic on their sneakers. King said his are $275. Brent said he got ripped off. King said that they're not meant for Brent. Brent said that's fine.

    Howard asked what else is wrong with Brent's look. King said his jacket is wrong. He said it looks like it's missing a button. King said it's now always about the expense. He said that he can afford something. Howard said the jacket is fine. Ralph agreed. He said the sneakers aren't ratty. He said they're not great and the shirt is too blue. He said it's not horrible. He said he likes King's shoes too. King said Ralph dresses impeccable. He said that he has no complaints about Ralph.

    Howard moved on to his jewelry. King said he looks like he's on a job interview but he doesn't want the job. Jason said the one thing they talk about is the heavy metal lapel pin. King asked who cares about that. He said that's Home Depot shit. Howard asked him to give him a rating on a scale of 10. King gave him a ''generous'' 2.

    Howard said that they're going to move on to Jason who weighs 275 pounds. King said his jeans are bell bottoms and high waters at the same time. He said he loves Jason and he hates to do this. He said he's going to act like his wife. He said shave your chest and neck. He said he has to do that. Howard asked Ralph if he agrees on that. Ralph said he does. He said that Brent looks all heavy under his shirt. King said he doesn't look crispy. Jason said he doesn't know where to stop if he does shave. Howard said he can do better on the jeans too. King said he's trying to figure out what they are. Jason said he thinks they're Levis. King said they're not Levis. King said they're from JC Penny or something. Howard asked what else is going wrong. King said the suit jacket could be nicer. He said the sneakers look crazy. He said they're the worst. Jason said they're Sketchers. King said his 8 year old looks way past those.

    Howard asked Ralph if they're bad. Ralph said the sneakers look too small. He said they should be boots or something. He said he has little feet. He said he dresses good for a fat guy though. King said you have to look good while you are trying to lose weight. Howard asked him for a score. King said he and Brent are running neck and neck. He gave Jason a 3.

    Ralph said that he'd give Brent a 5. He said he's not that bad. King asked if he would wear anything he has on. Ralph said no way.

    Howard moved on to Ronnie who was wearing a suit. King said he looks regular. He said it's not good or bad. He said it's just regular and he's invisible like in the background. Gary asked how he could look better. King said that belt is too wide. Ronnie said he can't wear a thin belt. He asked who the fuck this guy is. Ronnie said look at that gold shit he wears. He said this is a stupid idea. He said King is so stupid and he thinks he's so cool. He said everything is about money and price with him. He asked who gives a fuck. King said he didn't have to struggle growing up. Ronnie said he's being an asshole about this.

    Howard said Ronnie is wearing a Hugo Boss suit. King asked if that's a Movado Watch. Ronnie said it's not but he does have one. He said this is a cheap watch. He said he has 15 different Skagen watches. King said it's in those magazines. He said you can get them in Motor Trend magazine. King said he could get a leather band. Ronnie said he doesn't care what he says, he's nothing to him. He called him garbage.

    King said that he's wearing steel toe shoes. Ronnie said they're comfortable. He said he's on his feet all day. He said that King can't even walk right. He did an impression of him walking. King said he has 3 cars. He said his phone opens his garage. Howard asked what kind of cars he has. King said he has a Avalon and a classic Cadillac. He said it's in mint condition. Ronnie told him what he has too. Ronnie asked what he drives for his regular car. King said he drives an Avalon and he had a truck before that. He said that the other cars are bullshit. He said he has a Taurus and his wife has a new Honda. He said that he will be honest. He said his father told him not to spend his money on the fucking cars. He said what he wants is a Porsche Macan Turbo. He said he'll do that after his lease is up. King said when his father was living he'd buy him cars. He said he had a Lexus before. He said that he has cars that are silver so he blends in.

    Howard went through what Ronnie is wearing and talked about his $150 watch. King asked if his wrist is green. Ronnie said it's not. Howard asked about his eyewear. King said they're alright. Howard said Brent is shooting King the death look. Brent said he's just wondering why Rerun is in there critiquing them.

    Ralph said the only thing Ronnie has wrong is the square toe shoes. He said they're really out of date. He said it's not a good look. Howard said alright. He asked what King gives Ronnie on a scale of 10. King said he'll give him a score of 5. Howard asked Ralph what he says. Ralph said he's a 5 or 6. He said he should stick to the suits though. He said when he's out in regular clothes he doesn't look good. King said he's seen him in shorts and he wore dress socks. Ronnie said they were just socks. He said they were black socks.

    Howard asked about his facial hair. King said that's fine. He said he'll give him that. Ronnie said nothing he says means shit to him.

    Howard said he has a picture of Ronnie at a comedy show. King said all you have to do is look at yourself and asks if you world wear it. Howard said he might wear that jacket King is wearing. He said that the sneakers are fine. He said they're not his thing though.

    Howard had Rahsaan up next. King said he looks innocent. Howard asked what's wrong with him. King said look at those shoes. Rahsaan said they're wavy. King said he doesn't know anything about Wavy. Howard asked what Wavy is. King said it means you're fresh. King said he ain't with no black woman. Rahsaan said his wife is black. King said he doesn't look like the type. Howard asked King what he gives Rahsaan. King said the jeans are fine. He said he ironed his shirt today. He said that he's ashy. He said that he should be shining when he comes out the house. Howard said a lot of brothers would use Vaseline when they came out of the shower. King said he should be greasing up. He said he greased his head this morning. Howard said he can see it. Rahsaan said don't listen to this bullshit. Howard asked if Rahsaan ever does that. Rahsaan said he does use lotion multiple times a day. He said he isn't ashy. He said King does that every time he's on the show. King said he knows he uses Suave or some shit like that. He said that he could use Vaseline once a day and that's it. He said if you're black you have to be careful what you do.

    Howard asked Brent what he doesn't like about King. Brent said he doesn't like trust fund babies. He said he also doesn't like that he had a government job. King and Brent went at it for a short time.

    Howard asked if Rahsaan's beard and all of that is okay. King said it's fine. He said he should get a pedicure and a manicure. Rahsaan asked why they're even doing this shit. King said he looks like he was eating licorice. Howard asked if his nails are dirty. King said they are. Rahsaan said that he looks like he was changing the transmission. Rahsaan called him Larry and told him he doesn't have to do this bullshit. King told him not to call him Larry. He said it's Lawrence.

    King lifted up his shirt and Ronnie said look at those tits. He couldn't stop saying it. Ronnie was cracking up laughing at the size of his tits.

    Howard asked everyone to take a breath because everyone was talking over each other. Ronnie said he has plenty of breath. Howard told them to all calm down. Ronnie and King kept going at each other.

    Howard said he wants to get back to Rahsaan. He asked for a number. King said his facial work is cool. He said he likes his shirt. He said that's probably Old Navy. Rahsaan said it's J. Crew. King laughed. Howard said he would ear that shirt. Rahsaan said J. Crew is great. He said King doesn't know anything. King said don't put your chest out with Polo on. Rahsaan said he doesn't have any of them. Howard asked for a number. King said he's in the lead. He said he'll give him a score of 6.

    Howard said that he's sorry about that but Rahsaan has to get new shoes and some Vaseline. Ralph said he would trim the beard. He said he'd go bigger on the shirt too. He said the jeans are too skinny jean looking. He said you just see his shoes. Ralph said that it's ridiculous what King says about labels. He said you can find nice things in JC Penny. Howard said they should put this fashion show up today on Howard 360.

    Howard said that Jon Hein is wearing a nice outfit today. King said that he's very interesting. He said that the converse are nice. He said he should have on a straighter jean though. He said if you wear a lumberjack shirt you should not have those jeans on. Howard said they're like farmer jeans. He said Jon is on TV too. Jon said he doesn't wear them on TV. Howard asked Ralph what he makes of Jon Hein. Ralph said it's tough for Jon because he's a little thick. He said that what he would do is get rid of the Apple Watch. He said his problem is his hair. He said he should maybe shave his head. He said it's weird. Jon said he has been thinking about it. Ralph said that it's hard to find jeans to fit too. He said he might want to go to pants. Howard asked King what he would give Jon. King said that he's giving him a 3. He said the Converse almost saved him.

    Howard moved on to Gary Dell'Abate. King said Gary looks okay today. Gary said he has some Varvatos shoes on. He said he also got a Maxima for a car. Gary said his father told him not to waste his money on cars. Howard asked what Gary gets for a number. Jason said it's weird that Gary has a Nissan. He said that his first thought was ''did something happen?'' He said he's always had a BMW. Gary said it's a top of the line Maxima. King said he'd give Gary a score higher than everyone else. Rahsaan asked if they can stop going to this clown over this stuff. He said he's Larry the former Garbage Man. He said he's not his King. King said that he's the kind of guy that you can't talk about money with. He said he worked all his life and his father lent him a couple of dollars but don't make that a bad thing. Rahsaan said the bad thing is him coming in there and doing this.

    Howard said King did give Rahsaan some advice on using Vaseline. Rahsaan said he uses lotion. Howard said that most of Gary's clothes are from their sponsor. Gary said just the pants. He said he bought the shirt and the shoes. King said at least Gary knew that he should get some Varvatos stuff. He said some of the people there look like they do the opposite of what Howard does. Howard said he gets that from a lot of the guys there. He said some of them won't even say 'Hey now' back to him.

    Ralph said he agrees that Gary is the best dressed. He said that he has to say that the Untuckit shirts are great. King said he'll give Gary a 7. He said possibly an 8. He said he looks like that actor who does that charity. He said he's that nice looking actor. George Clooney. Howard said Gary just hugged him for that.

    Howard asked King to give Ralph a number. King said he's always on point and he gives him a 10. Howard said Ralph knows how to dress. King said no question about it. He said these days you have to dress a little feminine these days. Ralph asked what's feminine. Ronnie asked if that's why he has breasts. King said that runs in his family. Ralph said that King is accentuating that with the giant medal he has on. King said he can't help that. Ralph said it draws the eye to his breasts. King said that the medal is something his father lent to him. He said his father has had it since the 70s. Ralph told him to tuck it in. Howard said he loves men arguing about fashion.

    Howard said they have learned that black people dress better than white people. He said King told Rahsaan that he should know better. King said he's out of tune with the times. Ralph said he's right about that. He said that black people do dress with the times better.

    Howard asked if some of the guys would benefit from a fashion consultation from Ralph. Ralph said they can't afford him. King said he could do it for free. He said just watch Ralph and you see what to wear. Ralph said Brent has a tacky Iron Maiden pin on. He said it's not good. Brent said he doesn't give a fuck.

    Brent was still talking about the tits King has. King said he's going over the same thing over and over.

    Howard took a call from a woman who said that her comment is about King telling his wife when she can go outside. King said that's right. Howard said he has never heard a man who tells his wife when she can go out. King said she asks at this point. He said that he does say no to her. Howard asked when he has done that. King said she went to Puerto Rico the other day. He said he didn't want her to go. King said it was personal business and he didn't want her to go. Gary asked why he would keep her from going. King said he thought it was senseless. He said that her grandfather died and she wanted to get some money. He said he told her she was going for nothing. King said she came back with a t-shirt for him. He said he was upset that she was gone. He said he likes her and loves her. He said if he didn't like her he wouldn't care if she went. He said that he asks her to ask him when she goes somewhere. Howard said this is very archaic thinking.

    Howard said King said he doesn't like Fred's shoes today. King said he did. Fred said they're Adidas and they're comfortable. King said he's not sure what this comfortable shit is. Fred was critiquing King's clothes too. He said he loves the bicycle chain necklace too. Howard cut them all off.

    Howard said he has a guy from ISIS on the phone. The guy said he agrees with King. He said he keeps his wife chained to the stove and he throws rocks at her. He said King must agree with that. King said he doesn't.

    Howard said he has King's wife on the phone. He picked up and she was talking about him and saying ''Don't hit me!'' Ralph said that Jason has to trim up his beard. He said it's a mess. He said he has to pick a line and cut it. Howard said his whole neck is covered in hair. Jason said he's a monster.

    Howard took a call from a guy who said maybe next week they can have Bobo come in next week to judge everyone's hair style since King is in this week.

    Howard took a call from a guy who asked if they're going to have this on the app. Howard said he hopes they can have it up today or tomorrow. He said he would like to do that.

    Ralph said that King's sunglasses are too dark. King said he has some Gucci that he didn't bring today and they didn't go along with anything he wears so he didn't wear them.

    Howard said Rahsaan seems to have something on his mind. Rahsaan said he just can't stand this guy. He said it's well documented. Rahsaan and King went at each other calling each other clowns and saying they embarrass black people. King said that Rahsaan likes Tupac but he must have a knapsack. Rahsaan said he doesn't. King asked what the greatest rap album is out right now. Rahsaan said they're not going to agree on this. King said how about in the last 15 years. Rahsaan said oh man. He said he thought Kendrick's album was great. King said see, you can tell. Rahsaan also likes Childish Gambino. King said you can't blast that shit out your car.

    Rahsaan said that he thinks Kendrick Lamar is great. King said that Jay Z is the best rapper out there and off into infinity. King said that if Jay Z is the greatest rapper Jim Jones ''Wasted Talent'' is great. He said that he's the greatest. Rahsaan said he hasn't been big in rap in years but he's very talented. King said he's not a great rapper. He said he's good. Robin said she's not the type of black person that King thinks they need. Howard said Robin is so dope that she listens to Simona Dinnerstein. King said that's the other side of her.

    Howard said he has the director of the TV element of the show. Howard took the call and he was yelling about how they have to get this up now on the app.

    Ralph said that Childish Gambino should put a shirt on. He said he has that belly and he has to put a shirt on.

    Howard took a call from a guy who said this is like the Great Gatsby done by Key and Peele. He said this guy has no style whatsoever. He said he thinks that Lacoste is a good brand. King said they're like $100.

    Howard took another call from a guy who said King is a fraud. He said he's making all black people look bad. He said they rob guys like King down in Miami. King said he wouldn't even think of robbing him. The caller and King were arguing and the caller was trying to say something that no one but Robin heard. The caller said that he would bet $100,000 and say that his necklace is more karats than King's is. Howard asked what is going on there. Rahsaan said this is not authentic. He said this is an act. King said he's been this way since he was born.

    Howard asked what King thinks about Benjy. King was talking about how awful he looks too. Ralph said he can see the crease in King's t-shirt. He said he didn't wash it. King said you don't have to wash a new shirt.

    Benjy came in so King said he looks like he's about to clean fish. He was wearing an orange cap. King said those sneakers look like gloves. He said at least he might scrape up something if he dressed nicer. King asked him to show his chest a little bit. Benjy showed his chest and King said he shaved it. Benjy said Ralph should do something with his hair. He said he should get a more masculine hair cut. He said he looks greasy and sweaty too. Ralph said he didn't think Benjy looked that bad. He said his sneakers look awful though. He said they look medical. Benjy said Jon Hein looks like he had brain surgery with that hair. Jon said that's the pot calling the kettle... Howard said that Benjy is saying that Jon should shave his head or something. Benjy said he should wear a hat. Howard said he doesn't think that they're going to do anything differently.

    King said the thing to do now is shave the top of your head and do a fade on the sides. He said that's what Jon could do.

    Benjy said that Ronnie looks like he's dressed like a little boy. Ralph said Ronnie is good. He said everything cuts at the right place. He said he must get it tailored. King said no way. He said they call that Nordstrom Rack. Ralph said there's nothing wrong with that. Howard said the guys looked it up and found that King's shirt is on sale for $48 online. King said that's on sale. Gary said King looks like he lost weight in the front but not on his back. Howard said he's going to calm everyone down now. Ronnie said King can't take it. Benjy started screaming so Howard said they have to get him out of there now.

    Howard said Richard and Sal want to come in to get critiqued by King. They came in naked. Richard asked what he thinks of his penis. King said this shit is crazy. He said they look like clay. Howard said Richard's penis looks extras small today. Richard said he needs to shave his pubes. Howard asked King what he has to say about them. King said they're not fat. He said that when they put on their socks they have to turn the gold the right way. Gary said that Sal has a scar on his ass. Sal said he had a melanoma. He had a scar on his ass from having that removed. Howard said his foreskin is hanging really low too. Howard asked Ralph what he thinks about that. Ralph said he's never seen them naked like this before. He said it's really disturbing. He said Richard is trying to chub up. Sal said he thinks Ralph is going back to pussy after this. Ralph said Sal has to shave that patch on his back. He said his balls are big and that's nice. He said he thinks Sal is trying to chub up too. Howard asked if Richard is chubbing up. Richard said he's trying to. Sal asked what Robin thinks. Robin said she thinks nothing. She said that his foreskin is growing. She said soon it'll be dusting the floor. Howard said it looks like someone stepped on his penis and part of it died.

    Howard said it seems like his cock is wearing a stocking cap. Howard asked Rahsaan what he thinks about this. Rahsaan said that this is the first time he's seen them naked and it's shocking. Howard said he's seen it a million times and it's shocking every time.

    Ralph said Richard looks like Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs. Howard said he has to get this on the new app tonight. He said Richard is tucking his balls and it looks really weird.

    Howard went over the scores everyone got. He said they acted out what King has been asking to do for years. King said he was surprised at Gary today. He said he's right up there with ''us.'' King said there's someone in the back who is in all black and he looks sharp. Howard asked if anyone is going to change over this. King said he smells something. Howard asked if he has something in his ass. Sal said he smells it and it must have been King. King said it's not him. Jason said it wasn't him. Sal said he just hit Richard in the face with his cock. Sal said Gary's mouth is open, he just figured it out.

    Howard asked if anyone is going to change after this. Jason said he was looking Howard to this. He said he don't put any thought into this stuff. He said he will go look for more fitted stuff and he will shave.

    Howard asked everyone else if they'll change. No one was saying they would. Howard asked Rahsaan if he will use Vaseline. Rahsaan said he's going to keep using lotion. Howard said don't trip on Sal's foreskin when you leave the studio. Richard said he got hit in the eye with that foreskin.

    King said he sells male enhancement pills. He said it's called The Beast. He said what it does is makes you horny and harder. Howard said he can smell the smell in there now. He asked if Richard shit himself. Richard said he didn't. Howard said it has to be one of the naked guys. He said it didn't happen until they came in there. Howard asked if Richard shit and didn't shower. Richard said he did. He said he didn't shower since Saturday. Howard said he stinks. Richard had Sal smell him. Sal said he has pimples all over his ass. He said that it's terrible over there. Howard told Ralph to go smell him. Howard said he has to go shower. Richard said he'll go wash up. Ralph said he can't fathom not showering after shitting. Howard asked if he just uses paper. Richard said he does. He said he wipes real good. Howard said then he doesn't shower for 3 or 4 days. Richard said he showers if he runs.

    Howard said they found the smoking gun. Richard said it's the smoking asshole. Sal said last week Richard blew his nose inside his shirt. Howard said he's going to throw up from the smell. Robin said she's glad she's not in there. Jason said Richard is all worried about getting his kid sick but he won't shower himself.

    Howard said he has to get these guys out of there. Richard said he learned he has to shave and he has to take a shower. Ralph said he can't take it in there. Richard said he doesn't think it's coming from him. Howard said he got the smell over there. He said that if you don't shower it gets smelly back there. Robin said you don't come off the track and now shower. Sal said that's why his ass is all rashy. Howard said he has to wash that ass.

    King said he has a song that he sent to them. Howard said if he sniffs Richard's ass he'll play it. King said no way. Howard said he should do it. Howard asked how many times Richard has defecated since his last shower. Richard said maybe 4 or 5 times. King asked if he had sex with his wife. Richard said no. He said he's always clean when he's with his wife. Howard said he must have fucked her once. Richard said no. Howard asked if he ran yesterday. Richard said he did. He ran this morning too. He hasn't showered since Saturday though. He said he showered after his run on Saturday.

    King got in a plug for his stuff and said you can get it at King said he used it last night. He said she gave him a 69 right off the plane from Puerto Rico. Howard said she must have smelled like Richard. King said she smelled feminine. He said that's what he likes to call it. Howard wrapped up and thanked everyone who was involved in this thing today. They went to break after that.


  • Richard's Smell & Sour. 05/18/18. 8:40am
    Next on today's replay show they played a segment where Howard talked about Richard's stink and took a call from Sour Shoes. Here's my rundown:

  • A Few Phone Calls Before The News. 05/14/18. 10:15am
    After the break Howard came right back and said he's exhausted from that King of All Blacks thing. He said that someone thinks that King farted and put the blame on Richard. He said Richard could have smelled bad thoguh. He said Fred's theory was that King farted though. Fred said Richard was in there a good 5 minutes before that came up. Fred said it may not have been Richard.

    Howard said it's getting late in the morning so they have to move on. He said he has some flirty Gary stuff to play but that will have to wait.

    Howard took a call from Balls who said that was some segment they just did. He asked if it's going to be on Howard 360. Howard asked if he has the app. Balls said he does. He asked if they can have a bra show so they can see King's titties next time. Howard said they'll have to see.

    Howard took a call from a guy who asked how they stay in that studio when that guy is stinking like that. The caller said even inmates wash every day. He said he's a former corrections officer so he knows. He said he's not sure why he can't just wash his ass every day. Howard said it's baffling.

    Howard said he doesn't understand Richard. Robin said he's been doing that a long time. Howard said he sometimes doesn't want to take a shower but it feels great when he does.

    Howard said Sal's penis looked odd too. He wondered what people are going to think about that. Robin said he's been pulling and shoving things in there so long it had no choice. Howard took a call from Sour Shoes who was doing his George Takei voice talking about Sal's foreskin. Howard did a live commercial read and went to break after that.


  • Radio HOF Nominees. 05/18/18. 8:55am
    Next on today's replay show they played a segment where Howard talked about Kid Kelly and Broadway Bill Lee. Here's my rundown:

    Top 40 DJs And Radio Hall Of Fame Talk. 05/15/18. 7:00am
    Howard started the show talking about how it's like flying a spaceship with all of the controls in front of him. He said he switched them all around to get with the times. He said his equipment was old and he knows he can stop running it himself but he likes being in control. He said he likes that. He said now he has to learn to fly a new plane and he's getting comfortable with it. He said it's been a couple of weeks now. He has no choice but to go right in and do it. He said the first day he wanted to go back to his old board. Now he's used to it.

    Howard said he's bragging now. He said he loves doing it. Robin asked if he watches guys like that DJ who makes noises and all of that. Howard said he can't do that top 40 DJ stuff. He said he admires that. He applauds their expertise. He said they remind him of the toy monkeys that hit their knees with the cymbals. He said he'd like to go watch guys do that just to see it. He said it's very entertaining.

    Howard asked what that guy's name is that he always talks about. Gary said it might be Broadway Bill Lee. Howard said that's it. He said Kid Kelly is another one he watches. He said that Bill Lee has a lot going on in his studio. Howard had some clips to play. He said it's not as fun to just listen to. He said you have to see it.

    Howard asked how old that guy is. Robin asked why it's ''Broadway.'' Howard said he's not sure about that. He said some guy probably gave it to him at a station and now he's stuck with it. He said there were guys like Johnny Dark who got their names when they got into radio but that wasn't their real name. He said he knew a Johnny Dark and he'd call him Johnny even though it wasn't his real name. He said this guy had been to like 50 radio markets. He said he told him he was the original Johnny Dark from 1963. He said that was impressive.

    Howard said these guys had a whole story. Howard played some Broadway Bill Lee clips. Howard said he couldn't even do what that guy just did. He said he was playing sound effects and making jokes and rhyming. He said he'd need like 10 guys to pull that off. Howard said that guy is relaxed on the video when you see it. Robin said he must have that poem written down. Howard said he doesn't think so. He said he thinks he made it up. Howard said the guy hit the post and all of that too.

    Howard played another Bill Lee clip and did his own talk up. He said he was Amsterdam Howard Stern. Robin said he had a lot of rhyming going on in there. Howard tried to do his own talk up like Bill Lee. Howard had to have Fred play the song for him. Howard did his talk up and hit the post. He said that guy has a big smile on his face as he does it too. He said he's strutting around the studio like he just solved the problem between the Israelis and the Palestinians.

    Howard played another Bill Lee talk up of an AC/DC song. Howard said he doesn't even know what he's talking about. He said he just gets his name in there and does those poems. Howard did his impression of that talk up with ''Highway to Hell'' talk up.

    Howard said Fred has to start that one over from the beginning. Howard did the talk up again as a Bill Lee like DJ. Howard said even Fred wasn't able to do it with the sound effects. He said he played a drink pour over the start of the song.

    Howard played another clip where Bill Lee talked up The Fixx ''One Thing Leads to Another.'' Howard did that one too. He said that guy is really relaxed. Howard said he must be in the radio hall of fame. Robin said he must have a lot of Marconi awards. Howard said he might have 5,000.

    Howard said speaking of the radio hall of fame awards he was reading about the nominations. He said he hopes none of them lift a finger to get into this thing. He said he's in it and it's an embarrassment. He said it's all they have as radio guys thoguh. He said some of the guys buy into it. He said he sees the list of guys and they're all good. He said how dare some fucker pass judgment on them.

    Howard read the nominations and he said he felt bad for Kid Kelly because his wife was asking him to help get him in. Howard said she was asking him to help get him nominated and he was thinking about how there are no awards. He said it's in some guy's basement. He said he got an email from Kid Kelly's wife about that. He said she was encouraging him to put the word out there. He said his wife really wants it bad.

    Howard read about the nominations for induction and said these people aren't even in it. Howard said Kid Kelly is no kid. Gary said all of the categories are voted on by the hall but the last two are voted on by fans. Howard said he doesn't understand this thing. He said he might need Gary's help on that. Howard read more of the letter from Kid Kelly's wife.

    Howard read about the votes that are done by the public. He said they made it complicated. He said there's a music format and spoken word nomination. Howard said Broadway Bill Lee isn't in the hall of fame. Howard said he'd like to give him his slot. He said he'll give Robin's slot to him. Robin said that's fine.

    Howard said he doesn't understand this. He read about the pubic vote. He said there will be votes by industry insiders. Howard said this is over complicated. He said that the ceremony is taking place in New York City later this year. He read the details and it was confusing to him.

    Gary sent Brent in to talk about all of this. He said he seems to know who these people are. Brent told Howard about this guy Kraig Kitchen who was mentioned in the thing Howard was reading. Howard said that can't be the guy's real name. Brent said that they use to have to beg that guy to syndicate them when he was on Bubba's show. He said he would always say no. Howard said fuck that guy.

    Howard asked if Brent can believe that Kid Kelly's wife sent him that letter. Brent said it must mean a lot to them. Howard made up some stuff the wife could have sent to him.

    Howard said that Kraig Kitchen used to be the head of Glenn Beck's show. Howard said Kid Kelly's wife is begging him to help get into this hall of fame that's in someone's basement. Howard did his Kid Kelly's wife voice and talked about the reasons they want in. He made up a bunch of reasons she wants him in. He had her saying that Kid cries himself to sleep every night. She was saying that Kid has been buying a lot of rope and it's kind of nuts. Howard had her saying that he has developed habits like jarring his urine. Robin said this is a crazy letter. Howard had her saying that he cut the CBS call letters into his wrist and things like that.

    Howard said he's trying to figure this thing out. He asked Brent about the categories and asked if they're in or not. Brent said they are not. Howard said this is so insulting to these guys. He said the guys he's reading about must be in. He read about some guys he doesn't know that well but he said they must be good to be on where they are on. He mentioned some guys in Detroit and Philly. Howard said he doesn't know them very well but if they're on in the morning they must be pretty good.

    Howard said this Kraig Kitchen is the hand picked successor to the head of the radio hall of fame by the original guy who started it. Howard saw some other names on the list and said they should all be in there.

    Howard said he'll give his place in the hall of fame to a bunch of these guys. He said that the radio hall of fame isn't even a place. Brent said it is now.

    Howard was making up a letter from Jim Kerr's wife asking him to help get him into the hall of fame. Howard asked people to please don't write him. He said he can't help. Howard made up things that Jim Kerr's wife could ask him about to help get him into the radio hall of fame.

    Howard said he should have his own hall of fame and just induct all of these people at once. Gary said he should because they're asking for $25 from everyone to get in. Brent said he got a picture of Howard's plaque there. Howard said they had to put him in but they tried to ignore him for years. Howard said take his post down. Brent said Robin is in the class of 2017 and she got in with Sean Hannity.

    Howard made up more things Jim Kerr's wife could tell him about Jim to make him feel for him. He was making up stuff that Jim had wrong with him that would make him feel sorry. He had Brent cracking up.

    Howard said they should call it Loserville instead of the hall of fame. He said he's embarrassed to be in it. Howard said the Rock hall of fame is really nice. He said they have all kinds of stuff there. He said they have Jimi Hendrix stuff. He said the guy who runs the hall of fame asked him to take a tour. He said he just wanted to be left alone. He said he doesn't even want to see that shit. He said he'd rather just listen to the music.

    Howard did more of his Kid Kelly's wife impression and had her begging him to help get Kid in. Robin said that they had Howard to the rock hall of fame. She said it probably sells records when they have that. She asked what a radio hall of fame does for people. Howard did his Kid Kelly' wife voice and said she's just jealous. Brent said Robin is in so what did she get out of it. Robin said nothing.

    Howard read about some of the nominations and saw that John Tesh was in there. Howard said he's for Kid Kelly in this one. Robin asked when John Tesh got into radio. Howard said he has a syndicated show of some sort. Robin said he hasn't been there as long as Kid Kelly. Howard said she's right about that.

    Howard read some of the other nominations. Brent was talking about who he thinks should be in the hall of fame. He picked Jim Rome out of a list of guys in the other group Howard read about.

    Howard took a call from a guy who said he should make Kid Kelly's wife work for it and make her smell Sal's balls or something. Howard said maybe they should have her come in and campaign for Kid. He said he can give her 5 minutes on the show. Robin said she told him when he has to do it. The caller said they should have John Tesh's wife come in to campaign for him too. Howard said that's Connie Sellecca. Howard said they could have all of the wives in. He said Dr. Laura Schlesinger is up too. Howard said if you're on NPR you shouldn't be nominated. He said that's like a podcast. He said she should be in just because she's been on so long. He said she's a douche bag but she should be on. He said for some reason there are idiots who keep listening to her. He said he wants to use the C-word about her but he'll hold back.

    The caller asked if he has any games to play. Howard said he does but he has shit to get to. He said he can't do it.

    Howard said Gary can tell Kid Kelly's wife she can come in and make her case. He said why not. He said she took the initiative and got in touch with him. He said Connie didn't do that for John Tesh. Howard said Kid Kelly's wife can do it. Howard went into his Connie Sellecca voice and had her telling him why John should be in the hall of fame. Howard had her saying that John crushes her pussy when he fucks her. Howard said that was some letter from John Tesh's wife. He said these are some series of letters.

    Howard said he was watching American Idol and Katy Perry makes everything about herself when she judges. He said that she decided to wear something nice instead of looking like a clown when Carrie Underwood was on. He said that she was showing her belly button and she didn't have any belly rolls when she was sitting. He said she's in really good shape. He said she's kind of annoying but she's really hot. He said that's why he likes watching her.

    Robin said that Orlando Bloom made some comments about her and they're not completely done. She said he said something about how there's just something about her and he was thunderstruck when he met her. Robin said he said he didn't know about her music but there's something about her that he keeps coming back to.

    Howard said there are guys who have to be voted in by the radio insiders. Howard said he should have a vote in that. He said he would vote for Jim Kerr. He said he thought he listened to him when he was a kid. He said he must be like the same age as him and he just thinks he's older. Howard said the guy was on WPLJ and he must have been like 15 when he was listening to him.

    Howard said all of these guys should be in the hall of fame. He said it would be great if Kid Kelly's wife came in to tell him all of this stuff. He said that's what she should have done. Howard said listen to Kid on Sirius Hits 1. He said he's good. Howard said he's not sure if he knows him. Brent said he might know him if he saw him out there. He said he was just talking to him the other day out there. He said Kid is very thankful that they're going to help him with this.

    Howard said it's cooler not to be in these hall of fame things. He said he told Jon Bon Jovi that but Jon wanted to be in. He had Kid's wife asking him again to help out getting Kid into the hall of fame.

    Howard mentioned Benjy and his night terrors and how he told Benjy to stop with them or he's out of there. He said they miraculously cleared up.

    Howard was doing more of his Kid Kelly wife voice. He said he knows it's getting late so he has to get out of this. Howard said he has to make a big announcement after the break. He said that it's a good one. He said he thinks he's all for this. He said he loves this company. He said where would he have gone with no Sirius radio. Robin said he's be begging to get into the hall of fame. Howard did a live commercial read and went to break.


  • Andy Cohen. 05/18/18. 9:55am
    Next on today's replay show they played the Andy Cohen interview from this week. Here's my rundown:

    Andy Cohen Visits. 05/16/18. 8:55am
    After the break they played a ''Rang Richardson Breaking News'' bit where they had people on the street pretending to be clowns. They also played Crackhead Bob singing ''Bad Day'' and a Caitlyn Jenner ''Caitlyn Sings Today's Hits'' commercial parody. They played Avicii's ''Wake Me Up'' as they were coming back.

    Howard came back and said he has Andy Cohen there. He said he's the star of Radio Andy on channel 102. He said he's also the host of Love Connection which is coming to FOX. Howard said he sees Andy out there at Sirius but he saves his conversations for when he's in the studio. Howard said when he's in the hall he's trying to get out of there. Andy said he gets that. He said he turns into a fan and he gets why he would run.

    Howard said he has been named top gay on the show. Andy said the show has gotten gayer over the years. He said that everyone is inching toward gay. He said it's not even inching. He said he almost called in the day Jason Ellis was on the show. He said he felt it was very progressive and incredible to listen to. He said this was a straight guy who likes getting it up the butt from guys. He said he was amazed. Howard said he likes Jason Ellis. He said that he likes fucking guys and he thins his honesty is great. Robin said she wouldn't call him straight. Howard said he's bi.

    Howard said he's not sure where to begin with Andy. He said he's still a fan of the Beverly Hills Housewives. Andy said that makes him happy. Howard asked if he's going to keep John Mellencamp's daughter on the show. Andy said he loves her. Howard asked if John is supporting her. Andy said that she's an accountability coach. He said she has like 250 clients and has a bunch of people working for her. He said her husband owns a home security company. He said John doesn't support her. He said he heard that John likes to watch the show with her on it. Howard said he should pull her aside and get her to get her dad on the show.

    Howard said he's friendly with one of the women from one of the Housewives shows. He said he kind of likes them. He asked Andy about this one who everyone is afraid of. Howard said he'd level that one in a minute. Robin said she claims she has records that no one ever hears. Robin said she knows her from Dancing with the Stars though, not from watching Housewives.

    Howard said Andy is the one who started the Real Housewives franchise. Andy said he was the head of programming at the time and this guy came with some video tape of these women and they developed this show. He said they had other shows in development too and once the Housewives show did well they turned some of the other shows into the Real Housewives shows. He said they were going to call the show ''The Real Housewives'' and someone came up with the idea of adding ''of Orange County'' and he thought it was a dumb idea. He said he didn't think they were going to do it anywhere else.

    Howard said Andy thought it could turn into something. Andy said in the first years they never heard from the men. He said they kept that for a while. Howard asked if they coach these women and tell them they have to fight. Andy said they tell them if they're feeling something they have to say it. He said it can be in person or on camera.

    Howard asked if the Housewives think they're big stars and they ask for big money. Andy said they are big stars. Howard said they're not getting paid big money. Andy said they're not getting Howard Stern money. He said the longer you've been on the more you get. Andy said that's how it works with any show.

    Howard asked who the biggest pain in the ass is. Andy said they probably aren't there anymore if they were a pain in the ass. He said you have to be willing to share your life on the show. He said you have to invite the cameras in and not shut them out. He said that's the price of entry.

    Howard asked Andy if he keeps a diary of his life and what goes on. Andy said he did put that stuff in his last two books.

    Howard said that the shows have put Bravo on the map. Robin said that's what Bravo is. Andy said they're bringing Project Runway back too. Howard asked if Heidi can make good money from that. Andy said he thinks so. He said that they were on Lifetime for a while. He said Harvey Weinstein took it away from Bravo for a while.

    Howard asked why Matthew Broderick doesn't go to the Met Gala with Sarah Jessica Parker. Andy said he never goes. He said he doesn't think it's fun for him. He said he has gone with Sarah instead of Matthew a bunch of times. Howard said it's like prom night for gay men and for women. Andy said Tom Brady was there in front of him. He said they all enjoy it.

    Howard asked Andy how Sarah asks him to go. Howard said he thinks Sarah is a sexy woman but he doest get the head dress. Andy said she loves that head piece. Robin said maybe Matthew was inside that head dress.

    Howard said it's smart to go to get attention but it might be the wrong attention. Andy said she's dressing to be on theme. He said she could probably speak about it more eloquently than he does. He said he had to bring her in this big Sprinter van. He said the dress was very big and the head dress was large too.

    Howard asked if he was laughing in the car. Andy said he was loving it. He said he has a Dolce and Gabana outfit on. Howard said he remembers controversy with them years ago. He said they said some disparaging remarks about gay parents. Andy said he remembers that. He said they live in a world of outrage and they are on two sides of everything. He said what has happened to him is that he sat down with one of the Dolce guys. He said that he understood it more after that. He said he has his own views on that whole thing. He said there are bigger fish to fry in this world.

    Howard said he admires Andy. He said that he had Snoop on the show yesterday. He said he builds his life on getting high. He said that Andy is smart because he eats edibles. Andy said he was stupid for mentioning that. He said that he had an edible. He said he sat down for dinner and had one. He said Sarah doesn't do any of that. He said that they had gotten in and he was there and ate it at the table. Howard asked who was at the table. Andy said that Emilia Clark was there. Howard said she's so uptight about getting naked now. Andy said Nick Jonas was at the table too. He said as much of a stoner as he is he's never been high on the air. He said he got called into the broadcast booth once after he had eaten one. He said that was because he forgot that he was going to go on the air.

    Howard asked if he talked to Rihanna. Andy said he did. He said he didn't get high with her. He said she's so cool. He said she was one of the hosts and the hosts are there to shake your hand. He said that she was super friendly. He said they saw her two more times during the night.

    Howard said Andy says that people would smoke in the bathrooms and stuff. He said they don't do that now. Andy said they cracked down on that this year. He said they kind of locked the bathrooms down from smoking. He said it happened and people were staying at their tables instead of going to the bathroom. Howard said that can kill a party.

    Howard asked where he gets his edibles. Andy said where doesn't he get them from. He said he begs Sarah to take them but she won't do it. He said she's fun without it.

    Andy said it's a nightmare at the Met Gala because he wont recognize someone who was on his show 2 weeks before. He said he's bad with faces.

    Howard asked what Sarah does with her dress after the party is over. Andy said she is done and she won't go to any parties. He said that she goes home and he goes out with a bunch of friends like Jimmy Fallon. Andy said they wanted to get burgers and they went to this gay bar. He said he doesn't think that Jimmy had any clue what the place was. He said it was awesome going there because it was empty.

    Howard said Andy claims there was a late night talk show host there who was very drunk. Howard said it wasn't Jimmy Fallon. Andy said it was someone who called into his show who brought that up. He said there was a talk show host there. He said he didn't say they were the most drunk. Howard said the only ones who were there were Stephen Colbert and James Corden. He said it must have been one of them. Andy said it was James who he was referring to. He said he wasn't blotto. He said he was just having a good time. Howard said he seems like a good guy. Andy said he is. Howard said he likes that guy. He said he's been on the show.

    Howard asked Andy about his friends Bruce and Brian. Andy said they're some gay friends of his. Howard said one of them was with Carrie Fisher. Andy said he was. He said he doesn't talk to him about that though.

    Howard asked how Jimmy Fallon can stay up so late at these events. Howard asked Andy if he has been late to his radio show before. Andy said he has. Howard said he's burning the candle at both ends. He said the older you get the tougher it is. He said he heard he's turning 50. Andy said he's feeling good about it. Howard said he looks good and he must be taking care of himself.

    Howard said he heard that Madonna was going to perform at the show. Andy said he pushed Stephen Colbert to get to her. He said that he went to the stair case and Stephen came to him and said he just pushed him. Andy said he just heard Madonna was coming in and he had to do that. He asked Stephen what he expected him to do.

    Howard asked why Madonna means so much to gay guys. Andy said that she was there for them at a time. Howard said she cares. Andy said she does.

    Howard asked Andy if he was on a boat and it was sinking and Madonna and Barbra Streisand were on the boat, who would he save. Andy said he'd save Madonna. Robin asked if Cher was on the boat who would he save. Andy said he'd save Cher and hope that Madonna can swim.

    Howard asked if James Corden pushed anyone out of the way to get to Madonna. Andy said he didn't.

    Howard said he feels like he's getting better and better guests on his show lately. He said they have big news about the Love Connection coming back too.

    Howard said he has to talk about this Kathy Griffin stuff. Howard said Andy is in a feud with Kathy. He said that she got fired by CNN after she did the photo with the Trump head in her hand. He said that Kathy was hurt that Anderson Cooper didn't stand up for her. He said that Andy got hired to be the New Years Eve guy. He said Kathy came on the show and blasted him. Andy said he heard about that. Howard said Andy was also her boss at Bravo. Andy said she calls him her boss but he really wasn't. He said he was in charge of programming. He said she went to the head of Bravo for everything.

    Howard said things got ugly and Kathy said some things about him that he's going to play. Andy said that he didn't listen live for a reason. Howard said he's going to play this and it's going to be good. Howard played a clip of Kathy talking about Andy giving himself a show and how his ambitions outweigh his talent.

    Andy said you can't green light your own show. He said that's not how it happened. Andy said he has told that story on this show. He said he had a web show he hosted on the Bravo web site. He said his boss asked him to do a show and he did a bunch of them on the network. He said then they said he could do his web show on TV. He said Bravo asked him to do it for cheap. He said it cost nothing to do and they picked it up for 12 weeks. He said he thought the ratings would suck but it did pretty good. He said they picked it up for another 12 weeks and moved it to 11 at night. He said they kept the show going. He said they were beating Chelsea Handler so they kept it going.

    Howard said he clearly has talent. He said Kathy can't be right about that talent comment. Andy said that's her opinion and that's fine. He said it's subjective. He said that some people think Kathy is funny and some don't. He said that's not for him to say.

    Howard played more of Kathy talking about working at Bravo and how Andy treated her there. She said she thinks that Andy doesn't have talent and he's not funny.

    Andy said he wasn't in charge of picking up shows at Bravo. He said he was EVP of programming and development. He said if shows are doing well they get picked up. He said that Kathy never called him about her show. He said he only gave notes on her show ''My Life on the D List'' for the last 2 seasons. He said he was just trying to make her show better. He said Kathy actually reminds him of Trump. He said she makes shit up and she doesn't take responsibility for her own actions. He said her comedy is funny and she always has a list of enemies. He said she reminds him of Trump.

    Andy said Kathy had her talk show and it didn't do well. He said they picked her show up for a second chance after the first season.

    Howard asked if Anderson cooper should have stuck up for her. Andy said that's not for him to say. He said that he did talk to him about it but that's for him to say.

    Howard said he has another clip of Kathy talking about him. He said this might be vicious. He played the clip for Andy and Kathy was talking about being fired from Bravo and she thought she helped build that network. She said she did like 15 specials there. she said she hates Andy and he's a talentless piece of shit. She said she has nothing to lose now.

    Andy said that was something. He said she wasn't fired from Bravo. He said she had a show that was a late night talk show. He said it wasn't great. He said they aired it for two seasons. He said she did win the channel a lot of Emmys. He said he's not sure what to say. He said if he's the guy she needs to hate then find your bliss.

    Howard said his CNN ratings were the highest that they've ever had on New Years Eve. Andy said that's true. Howard said he beat Kathy's ratings with Anderson Cooper. Howard said please welcome Kathy griffin now. Andy said that would be amazing. Andy said she hates him so what is he to do?

    Howard said he has one more Kathy Griffin clip to play. He said he heard he offered her cocaine once. Andy said he doesn't like coke. He said he has taken Kathy to dinner and she doesn't drink or smoke pot. He said he wouldn't offer anyone anything before going on his show. He said if they're sober he wouldn't offer them a drink much less anything else. She said she just makes shit up like Trump. Howard said he would be shocked if he did offer anyone drugs before the show if he won't even do them.

    Howard asked what this is about. Andy said he really doesn't know. He said that someone suggested that maybe he joked about getting her coke after she said she was tired or something. He said he really doesn't know what this is about. Howard said it's not the worst thing in the world.

    Howard said he has this one last clip to play. He played the clip and Kathy said that Andy puts his ratings in with the Housewives ratings and that's how they look higher. Andy said he can't believe this is the conversation. He said in the early years they would air his show in prime time and they would kind of marry it to the Atlanta Housewives. He said that was to jump the ratings but they haven't done that for years. He said for about 3 and a half years they haven't done that.

    Howard said this is like he's being accused of war crimes. Howard asked if this is being used to start a feud. Howard said he got the job and it's not his fault. Andy said that he can be that guy for her if she wants. He said he's just not going to take it on. He said he's at peace and he's not going to get into it. He said she was on his show a few times and she was very funny.

    Howard asked what he would do if she called and apologized. Andy said he would have it out with her and then accept it. He said that he would want to get to the bottom of the coke thing. Robin said invite her on the show. Andy said he should.

    Howard asked how he and Anderson Cooper are. Andy said they haven't talked about the New Years thing but they're good.

    Howard said he didn't know he was dating someone for years and he broke up last summer. He said it's been a while since he was on the show and he didn't know this. Andy said he was close to being in love. Howard asked if he's capable of being in love. Andy said he is. Howard asked why he wasn't able to get to love. Andy said he doesn't want to discuss the other person. Howard said he's calling bullshit on this. Andy said he thinks part of him was in love. Howard said why stay with someone that long if you can't get to love. Andy said they were in different places. He said he was ready to go deeper and the guy was 20 years younger than him and starting his life. He said he doesn't think that guy was ready to go as deep as he was.

    Howard said maybe he was too young and he knew there couldn't be a loving relationship. Andy said he knew it wasn't going to go any deeper than it was. He said he wasn't going to spend that much time with someone he can't love. Howard asked if Anderson met the guy. Andy said he did and he really liked the guy.

    Howard said now Andy and Anderson are both single. Howard said they go on the road together and they do their shows together. Howard said he thinks they must have blown each other on the road. Andy said they have never. He said he is in love with Anderson as a friend. He said when you become close friends with someone you lose that element of sexuality. Howard said it depends on how hot the person is. He said that he wonders if there will be kismet between them. Andy said he thinks that ship has sailed. Howard asked if Anderson said he was interested in him if he'd want to fuck him in the ass just once. Andy said no. Howard said them blowing each other on New Years would be big ratings. Andy asked if he can imagine that. He said imagine he just starts blowing him. He said Anderson would never speak to him again. He said if he grabbed him and started kissing him he'd never talk to him again.

    Andy asked if Howard would admit it if he dyed his hair. Howard said he would. He said look at the grey in his hair. Andy said it's not that much. Howard said his grandfather had dark hair in his 80s. He said he didn't get a lot of good genes but that hair is one thing He said imagine if he didn't have that hair. Andy said maybe he'd look like Michael Avenatti. Howard said that guy is on a roll.

    Howard said that Love Connection is coming back. He said JD loves that show. Andy said he loves JD. Howard asked how his bromance is going to John Mayer. Andy said it's good. He said he has a new single out. Howard said he likes that guy. Andy said he would be so good on the show. Howard said he was at the birthday show.

    Howard said Andy works there in the building. He said he has a controversy with Memet. Andy said they asked him to weigh in on the beauty contest with Steve and Memet. Howard said he picked Steve. Then he saw Memet in the halls there. Andy said that Memet asked why he eye fucks him in the halls. He said he feels that Memet gave him the stink eye out in the hall one day. He said that he realized it was because he put him at number 2. He said that he was trying not to eye fuck him in the hall. Howard said he thinks Memet has something going on in his mind with Andy.

    Howard said Andy has weighed in on the Ronnie pegging thing. Andy said that he was once at a very fancy party and Madonna was standing there and he asked her how many guys have had a finger up their ass and how many want it. She said 100 percent. She said every guy likes a finger up their ass. Howard said they don't. Andy said he thinks if you're in touch with that area it doesn't make you gay. He said he doesn't think that Ronnie is thinking about having a dick up there. Howard said he doesn't ever think about taking anything up there. Robin said Ronnie is willing to try. Howard said he's open and honest about it.

    Howard said the Love Connection show is working out with him. He said that the doesn't have to put a lot of time in it. Andy said they shot it over a week in L.A. He said they have 13 or 14 hours. He said it's so fun. He said they go on dates and rate each others looks and things like that.

    Howard asked if he ever feels it's a bit much. Andy said he always brings it around so everyone is feeling okay. He said he will go give someone a hug occasionally. He said the show is so funny. Howard asked if anyone has found a true love connection. Andy said yes. He said there was a couple in the very first episode who are still together. He said there's another couple that has been together for 4 months.

    Howard asked what his schedule is like for that show. Andy said he wears the same suit so they can mix and match things. He said he just goes in there and goes fishing with the couples. Howard asked when they're gong to have Trans Love Connection. Andy said maybe in season 3. He wondered if he would have Caitlyn on the show. He said he probably would. Gary said Caitlyn wanted to come on their show but they were on vacation both times she wanted to come in.

    Howard said Andy has a show there and Sirius is upset with him for having political shows. Andy said they offered him to program his own channel and he has one political show that Jim Parsons hosts. He said that he thinks things are going great on his channel.

    Howard asked when they're going to have little people eon Love Connection. Andy said he'd love to have them on. He said he wanted to have a spin off called Lil Love Connection.

    Howard asked Andy if he would have little people. Andy said yes. Howard asked if he would have burn victim love connection. Andy said yes to that. He said yes to people with baby arm. He said they would not have Bill Cosby on. Howard asked if he would have OJ on. Andy said they might since it's FOX.

    Howard asked if he would have slow adults on. Andy said they would. He said that he had Hanzi on. Howard asked if that's true. Andy said no but he wanted to bring up Hanzi. He said that Tan Mom's alter-ego is great. Howard said that's Tanner Mom. He said Shuli does Tanner Mom. Andy said he loved when Eric the Actor called in as Derek from Texas.

    Howard said Andy is on fire. Andy said he loves Howard. Andy asked whose side he's on in the Kathy Griffin thing. Howard said he's on Kathy's side. He was joking and said that he's not on anyone's side. He said that Andy did nothing wrong to her.

    Howard asked if he has had sex with any couples lately. Andy said he has not. He said that he invites anyone who listens to the show to DM him dick pics on Instagram.

    Howard wrapped up with Andy and gave him some plugs for Love Connection. Howard said it's returning on May 29th. Howard gave him some plugs for his radio show and all of that too. Howard said he always loves seeing him. Andy asked what kind of watch that is. Howard said it's a Panerai he's had for years. Howard wrapped up and let Andy go a short time later.

    Today's show was over around 11:05am.

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