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-- Tuesday, May 24, 2016 --

  • Spring Vacation Replays - Day 2. 05/24/16. 7:00am
    Show opening bits and songs included: A Medicated Pete message of hope for babies born without an anus, a Jack and Rod Show segment where Richard and Sal had fake Bernie Sanders microphone left on while he was in the bathroom, a Daniel Mendelson song parody about JD.

    Howard is off this week. They're playing some replays from the past few years this week. Here's what they played today:

  • Bobo Prep & Staff Crying - May 7, 2014. 05/24/16. 7:00am
    First up this morning they played a segment where Howard played a clip of Bobo on the Wrap Up Show talking about how he prepares for his calls. Here's my rundown from that day:

    Bobo On Yesterday's Wrap Up Show. 05/07/14. 6:00am
    Howard started the show talking about a guy on Facebook who is jerking off but narrating his jerk off tape. He said he has audio of that. Howard said he was listening to the Wrap Up Show yesterday where Bobo was talking about how he prepares to call into the show. Howard said it was quite a fascinating discussion.

    Howard took a call from Wolfie (@ThisIsWolfie) who said he's fascinated with Bobo. He asked Howard if that freaks him out. Howard said Bobo could just call in and not prepare. He said he's not sure what he's preparing for. He said he even logs how long he stays on the show. Howard said it would be disturbing to see one of those notebooks. Robin said she'd like to see the notebooks. Howard said it sounds organized but then they were saying to him that he should get the book and read the questions to them. He said it didn't sound like he was able to get that stuff out. Howard said Jon Hein wanted to hear one of his rejected questions. Wolfie said he was fascinated by that. Howard said Bobo wasn't able to get it together when Jon asked him to pull out a question. Wolfie said you'd think he'd organize it on an iPad or something. Howard said it's too complicated for some people and they just stay old school.

    Howard played a clip from the Wrap Up Show where Bobo was talking about the questions he writes in preparation for his calls. He told them that he has a back up question in there just in case he can slip it in. Bobo said he has notebooks with the questions for Howard.

    Wolfie asked Howard to go in deep with Bobo and ask what he has. Howard had him on the phone so he picked up on him. Howard asked what his question was today. Bobo said he was going to ask Bryan Cranston if he has a line he wouldn't cross in a love scene. Howard asked him what his back up question was. Bobo said that one is marked in purple. He said he had that one on another page. Howard said there is no organization there.

    Howard asked Bobo why he wasn't able to get in a question yesterday when Jon asked him to. Bobo said he had to go into the house and find the notebook. Howard asked how many notebooks he has. Bobo said he had a lot but a bunch of them were destroyed in the flood. He said he freaked when he lost all of them. He said this was all stuff he sat and thought about. Howard said God destroyed all of Bobo's notebooks.

    Howard said he found it fascinating that he had three books. He said it sounded organized but now it doesn't sound so organized. Bobo said he color codes stuff red to show him not to ask the questions. Robin asked what some of those were. Bobo said he had one he'd ask every year around his daughter's birthday. He said he crossed that one off the list. Howard said when Bobo came up to the hospital that made him realize just how crazy Bobo is. Howard said he was in a private room and Bobo just walked right in. Bobo said he figured out the security code. Howard asked how he did that. Bobo said it was his ex-wife's maiden name. Howard said that no one thought some lunatic was going to show up there. Bobo said he knows he crossed the line on that one. Howard said he sure did. Howard said Dominic showed up too so it was weird.

    Bobo said Howard's parents didn't stop him from coming up. Howard said they're just regular people who don't think about that stuff. Howard said they don't know that there's a lunatic loose. Howard said he's got a rat on his head and no human being would wear that in a serious way. Bobo said you might say he stood out.

    Wolfie asked if serial killers have notebooks like that. Howard said they do and you see that all the time. Bobo said he's just a big fan of the show and he writes his stuff down. He said he has to go by the water to get inspired to write them. Howard said he was thinking about Bobo and how he has an IQ of 80. He said this is his big accomplishment. Howard said it won't get any bigger than this. Bobo said that he has achieved things in his life that no one has with an IQ like his. He said he's made it into Newsday. Howard said even stupider people make it into the paper. He said that's not that big of a deal. He mentioned some of the dummies that have made it into the paper. He said it's filled with dopey people.

    Howard said that Bobo is good at writing questions for the show. Bobo said he has a serious thing going on there. He said he has an idea that there's a conspiracy going on. He said he thinks there is a conspiracy with Howie Mandel setting Ronnie up for one of the biggest pranks of all time. Howard said he doesn't think so. H said Howie called him at home about this show. Ronnie said he signed a legal contract for the show. Howard said Bobo still thinks that it's going to be a prank. Howard said Howie had this idea for Ronnie and he wanted to make sure it was okay with him. Howard said he told him to feel free to do what he wants with him. He said Howie laid out the show for him and if it was a goof he would have told Ronnie. Ronnie said he doesn't see it being a goof. Howard said he doesn't think it is. Ronnie said it could be though.

    Howard said the show is a goof on Ronnie because he's not an expert in how to start a business. Ronnie asked what he's talking about. Howard said the idea that he's advising a strip club is funny. He said that he's going to advise the clubs on how to run their club.

    Howard said Ronnie is a nut job too. He said Ronnie was talking about the movies he cries over when they were talking to Richard about that. Howard played a clip from the Wrap Up Show where Richard was talking about the things he has cried to when he's watching King of the Hill. He was talking about crying to Sunday morning news on CBS too. Howard said Richard was crying on the Wrap Up Show. Robin said crying over that on the Wrap UP Show is odd. Howard said Ronnie was talking about how he cries over Toy Story. Howard said then he said he has seen it multiple times. Ronnie said he's seen it at least 100 times. Howard said Ronnie is watching it on his own. Ronnie said he was watching it with little Brian when he was a kid. He said the kid loved it and grew up on that thing. Howard said he thinks that's Ronnie's Godfather. Ronnie said he felt bad for Buzz Lightyear when he was in the box.

    Ronnie said that Bobo found out where the guy from the security company Slomins lived and went to his house knocking on the door in the middle of the night. Bobo said he had a problem with his alarm system 50 times and he had to do something. Ronnie said the guy still talks about that to this day and he said he was going to let his dog out to rip him apart.

    Super Fan Caller Wars. 05/07/14. 6:25am
    Howard said that King of All Blacks wants to talk to Ronnie. Ronnie said he had to go get some people. Howard got King on the line and Ronnie said he's not talking to him anymore. King asked what the significance of his TV show is and why does he have to watch it. Ronnie said he doesn't care if he watches it. He said King is an asshole and he doesn't care what he says. He said he doesn't care about his opinion at all. King said he doesn't get the show. Ronnie told him to ask Howie about it. He said Howie knows what he's doing and he sells shows.

    King said he wanted to tell Ronnie a secret. Ronnie said he's just so jealous of anyone who is on the show. Howard said King has to be jealous if Ronnie. King told Howard that the car that Ronnie told Howard to get, an Escalade, has been changed for 2015 and he got the wrong one. Ronnie said it doesn't matter. He said the new one looks like a hearse. He said that King likes things that look like dead people ride in.

    King said the car was out already. Ronnie said it was not. He said Howard didn't tell him when he got the thing. He said King thinks he knows everything. Ronnie said he knows nothing. He said everyone knows how dumb King is. Howard told Ronnie to go get the guests up there. Ronnie left and Howard said he has to go. Howard said he hung up on Bobo and accidentally left Wolfie on.

    Howard said he doesn't think Ronnie's show will be made. King said that's what he's saying. He asked why it would get made. Howard let King and Wolfie go after that.

    Howard said he thought it was nice of Howie to call him and ask about the TV show. He said he felt good about that.

    Howard took a call from a guy who said that Bobo said he's one of the worst callers. He said he wanted to make up for that. The guy, Jesse, brought up America's Got Talent and started to talk about that. Howard said he really is the worst caller. Howard said he's taking an hour to get to his point. Howard said he is a horrible phone caller. Jesse said he saw Howard's butt crack for about 10 seconds at the taping. Howard asked who cares. He said that there must be an art to calling into the show.

    Howard took a call from Mariann from Brooklyn who said she never writes anything down. She said she talks off the top of her brain. She mentioned that Beth was going to be on Fox and Friends this morning. She said that she's been trying to call in about some other things too. Mariann said that Bobo will steal things that she wants to talk about on the show. She said he takes her lines and writes them down.

    Howard let Mariann go and took a call from Wheels. Wheels said that Tommy from Malden is the worst. Howard said they should have a whole show about callers going back and forth. Gary said they're all very competitive. Gary said Mariann told him about Bobo stealing her lines earlier.

    Tommy from Malden was on the line. Wheels told Howard that he had to block Tommy from following him. He said that he likes Jim from Raleigh. He said that he doesn't have to be friends with Tommy and Bobo. Howard said callers are evaluating and texting and tweeting each other.

    Howard asked Tommy if he thinks Wheels is bad. Tommy said sometimes he has a good call. He said he got mad when he said his best call was when he talked about how he almost killed himself. Wheels said that Twitter isn't Facebook and he doesn't need him tweeting him about his calls. Tommy said it's done. He said he's not following him anymore.

    Tommy said he has to write his questions down but he doesn't keep a book. He said he has note paper that he writes them down on. Wheels said he writes stuff down too. Howard said he didn't know there was a whole show to be had from this.

    Wheels was talking about how he's a quadriplegic and how tough it is for him to make his calls. Tommy just let out a ''Wahhh'' for that. Howard laughed about that. Wheels mentioned that Tommy is fat. Howard asked if he really is. Wheels said that he has met him. Tommy said he never has.

    Howard asked Wheels about how he takes a shower. Wheels said he gets transferred onto a chair by a nurse. He said that she has to lift him onto the chair and he goes into the shower and all of that. Howard asked how much he weighs. Wheels said he's about 182. He said the nurse is about 140. He said she has been working for him for a long time. Howard asked if she's ever given him a hand job. Wheels said she never has. He said she wouldn't have been there for 12 years if she did. Howard said he thinks she'd last a lifetime if she had done that for him. Wheels said she's nuts and that's why she's there.

    Robin said she's not sure he has any feeling down there. Wheels said ''Any day Robin.'' Robin said she was just asking. Wheels said he sent Will a picture of his penis once and he thinks he scared him off. Wheels said that stuff has happened but those nursed don't last long. Howard said that's too bad. He let Tommy and Wheels go after that. They both said ''Fuck you'' to each other as they were leaving.

    Howard took a call from a guy who said that he'd take a hand job from a nurse like that. He also told Howard that he heard that Paul Mooney was cut off on the Arsenio Hall show because he brought up the N-word. Robin said he was on their show saying he wasn't going to use that word anymore. Howard said that was just for their show. Howard said he uses it on other shows. Howard said he can't imagine why they'd cut Mooney short. The caller said they did that on Arsenio's show. They actually had a producer come out and cut him off. Howard said he got thrown off Arsenio's show years ago. He said he's going to be on the show soon. He said they'll talk to him about all of that.

    Howard took a call from a guy, Shandor, who said he was calling in about the Mike Judge interview. He said he met him at a concert once and he was with Ron Jeremy of all people. Shandor said he filled out a will last week and he put in something for the North Shore Animal League. Howard said that's great. He said that North Shore rescued the cat that was in the video of the guy kicking the cat. He said that he's very proud of that organization. He said Billy Joel will be donating a bunch of money to them with his May 9th concert too.

    Howard took a call from Hook Nose Mike who said he had no idea there was a hierarchy for the callers. He said he wanted to ask about the birthday bash video and if they have a date for that yet. Howard said it will be this summer but not set date yet. He said that it will be free for everyone on and He said there will be no charge for it.

    Mike said Howard always gives back to the fans. He said he never rips them off. Howard said he prides himself on that. Howard said he has to thank Joel Gallen on the show. He said he did a great job with it. Howard said it will create a lot of discussion on the show. He said he's watched it several times and he really enjoys it.

    Mike asked if they're going to have a release party for the show. Howard said they were going to do something but he just wants to put it up and let everyone enjoy it. He said he didn't want to get too crazy.

    Mike said he's going to be up there in July and maybe he and Howard can grab a bite. Howard said he'll think about that. Howard said that guy is crazy. Howard said he's a nice guy. He said he met him down in Florida outside Bubba's studio once. He said he's a really nice guy aside from the anti-Semitism.

    Howard said the thing with Paul Mooney was that he denounced the N-word in 2006 after the Kramer incident. Howard said that they were wondering if that was really going to happen.

    Howard said that Venus and Serena Williams dad is coming in. He said Larry King is too. He said he had to take a break after that.


  • Ben Stiller - December 18, 2013. 05/24/16. 7:40am
    Next up on today's replay show they played a Ben Stiller interview. Here's my rundown from that day:

    Ben Stiller Visits. 12/18/13. 8:00am
    After the break we heard a prank call Richard Christy made to a Christmas store where he says nothing but Christmas song lyrics to the woman on the line. We also heard a Riley Martin ''All I Want for Christmas is a Fucking Raise'' song parody. Fred also played Green Day's ''When I Come Around'' as they were coming back.

    Howard came back and said Ben Stiller is there to promote this new movie ''The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.'' Howard said Ben is in the movie and directed it too. Howard said he was thinking about directing and starring in a movie.

    Howard asked how long he's been doing promotion. Ben said it's been months. Howard asked if it wears him out. Ben said it does. He said if you're into the movie it makes it easier. Ben said you have to do a lot of promotion in different ways. Howard asked what he's doing. Ben said he was in Russia and did one of those tours. Howard asked if he's huge over there. Ben said he's not sure if he's huge. He said he exists on some level. Ben said that a couple of generations ago he would have been flushed out of there. Robin asked if he has an interpreter. Ben said he does and the people just look at him with a blank stare. Howard said its not conducive to a long conversation. Ben said some of the jokes he tried didn't go over very well over there.

    Howard asked Ben if he's recognized over there. Ben said he is. He said he was in Red Square and he had a photographer following him around. Howard asked what they know him for. Ben said he thinks the Night at the Museum movies are what he's known for over there.

    Howard said that movies are tough to make money with these days. He asked if TV is the thing to do now. Ben said it is. He said TV shows can go international now. Howard asked if Ben is too hot to go into TV. Ben said would do it if he had a good show offered to him.

    Howard said Ben says that he turned down the opportunity to direct ''Good Will Hunting.'' Howard said that would haunt him for his whole life. Ben said that these two guys were attached to the movie and no one knew them. He said he probably wasn't the only one offered the shot. He said that he never actually read the script because he was told that these two guys were attached to it.

    Howard said he thinks that Ben is pretty down to earth and he wouldn't overlook something like that. Ben said it was just a mistake. Robin said it was tougher for Ben to break through and you'd think that he'd want to give some upstarts a chance. Ben said it was just one of those things.

    Howard said he saw Ben, Jim Carrey and Bill Hader do a thing on stage together and Ben does give young people a chance. Howard said he gave Bill Hader a shot at 15. Ben said at the time he had a girlfriend in Tulsa and her friend was teaching Bill and said that she had a student who wanted to meet him. He said that they all went out to dinner and talked. He said that they were in Tulsa so what else is there to do. He said they hung out and went to a movie. He said he didn't see him for another 10 years after that. Ben said in about 1999 Bill Hader was in a 7-Eleven and he talked to him and found out that he was a P.A. or something. He said he invited him out to hang out after that. He said that he used to have people do that for him and he remembers how nice that was. Ben said he got to hang out on movie sets as a kid. He said that he got to talk to Rick Moranis on the set of a movie and he did that for like 45 minutes.

    Howard said when Ben was a kid he was in a play and Steven Spielberg saw him in it. He said that's what led to him being cast in Empire of the Sun. Howard said that also led to Spielberg letting him watch as he directed some stuff. Howard said it must be great when something like that happens. Ben said he was very encouraging to anyone who was into film making. He said that he did a short for Saturday Night Live and showed that to Steven. He said he did watch it and that was a big thing for him.

    Howard said Ben was on Saturday Night Live and he quit because they didn't want to put his short films on. Ben said he likes making movies. He said he doesn't feel comfortable doing live stuff.

    Howard said Ben worked with Chris Rock on Madagascar and he can't believe how fast he is. Ben said Chris would improv when they recorded together and he was too fast for him. Ben said that he feels more comfortable being a director. Howard asked if he would pick that over acting. Ben said he probably would.

    Howard said Ben has made so much money that studios don't want him directing. He said they want him to do three big comedies a year. Howard said when he directs it takes too much time. Ben said it's show business so they want you to do what they know you for. He said the movies he's directed haven't made the kind of money that he's made in acting. Howard said they keep him working and keep him moving. Howard said they didn't want Ben to direct this Walter Mitty movie. Ben said they came to him as an actor. Ben said he felt very passionate about this movie.

    Howard said he remembers the Walter Mitty in the past and this isn't the same thing. Ben said that this isn't like that musical. He said they've been trying to remake the movie since the Danny Kaye thing. He said they were trying to do a musical without the music. Ben said this guy wrote a new take on it and that's what they went with. Howard said the studio loved the new script.

    Howard said Jim Carrey left the project. Then Ron Howard and Steven Spielberg backed out of directing. Howard said that would make him freak out. Howard asked Ben if he thought like that. Ben said he thought the new script was a whole new thing. He said it didn't fall into one category. He said it was really different and the other guys may not have ever seen that script.

    Howard asked why it's so hard to star and direct a movie. Ben said that there are times when he wishes he had someone directing him.

    Howard asked if he feels pressure when he directs a movie. He said that the movie might tank. Ben said that can happen with anything in show business. He said he's been in a lot of movies that have tanked. He said there is pressure but you don't think about that when you're making the movie. Howard said he would think about it. Howard said he feels pressure doing the radio show. Ben said he feels pressure right now when the movie is coming out. He said while he's making it he doesn't feel that. He said he will do a take in a movie and they can do a lot of takes so things can change.

    Howard said he heard that Spielberg will wait on set all day for the right sunset. Ben said he's really good with the budgets though. He said he came in under budget with Empire of the Sun.

    Howard said he read that Ben will shoot 4 different walls for one scene. Ben laughed. Howard asked if he has to do that because he's seeing something in his mind. Ben said that you try the choices you have and that's making a movie. Howard said that's caring for what you're doing. Ben said he's not sure why people criticize him for that.

    Howard asked what movie he made where he went over budget and got fined. Ben said Zoolander went over but he put his own money into it. Howard said he knows a guy who did a movie and just coasted through it. That movie ended up tanking. Howard said he worked so hard on Private Parts. He said that he didn't want to make a shitty movie. Howard said they were going to get rid of him and have Jeff Goldblum play him if he rejected another script. Howard said he would have been a laughing stock if they didn't get it right.

    Howard asked Ben if he cast everyone in the movie. Ben said they have a casting director. He said he eventually meets with them and reads with them. He said they didn't make Kristen Wiig audition. He said he didn't make Sean Penn audition either. He said he does kind of do a bit of Spicoli in the movie. Ben said they were shooting in Iceland and he understands the directing process so he goes along with it. He said he has a great sense of humor too. He said he helps out on the movie too. He said they shot on a mountain and he was carrying stuff down the mountain with the rest of the crew.

    Howard said he really likes Kristen Wiig. He said he thinks she's sexy. Howard asked Ben if he fell in love with her on the set of the movie. Ben said you have to. He said that everything is channeling through her. Ben said he's thinking about her in the movie about them getting together. Howard said that Walter Mitty is a douche and he can't talk to her. Ben said he's more of a guy who hasn't realized his potential. He said the original title of the movie was ''Walter Mitty the Douche.''

    Howard said Ben directed Reality Bites and Cable Guy and he got some critical acclaim. Ben said Cable Guy didn't really.

    Howard asked Ben about working with the Farrelly brothers and the big hit he was in with them. Ben said that he had done some other movie before that and that's what got him the job in that movie. Howard asked why he doesn't do more movies with David O. Russell. Ben said that he doesn't know. He said that he has talked to him but it would be weird to ask to be in another movie.

    Howard asked if it's hard to go get directing jobs. Howard asked if it's true he had to make a short movie to show he could do this Walter Mitty thing. Ben said Howard is the most prepared interviewer. He said he did have to do a ''sizzle reel'' together for the studio. Ben said he thinks he did what every director does when they're making a movie like this. He said he's showing them that he cares and he's passionate about it.

    Howard asked what he shot. Ben said he just edited together scenes from other movies to give them a vibe of what's going to happen. He said people respond to that because movies are so visual. Howard said it's almost like an interior director showing sample materials.

    Howard asked how he got Kristen Wiig on the movie. Ben said he met her at Saturday Night Live when he hosted it. He said he sat down and talked to her after he talked to the movie studio. He said after all of that they have to negotiate with her. Howard said a studio can blow it when it comes to that. Ben said they have to be on the same page. He said it's hard when they're not into the choice you have. Howard asked how long he had to wait to find out. Ben said it was pretty quick. He said they wanted her in it too so it didn't take long. Howard said if they held out then he's fucked. Ben said that it's up to the studio. He said they can go over budget to get someone in a movie. Ben said if it's someone incredible then they'll go out of the way to get them.

    Howard said he thinks that Ben can do a douchy character and have a sure fire hit. Ben said he doesn't think there is such a thing as a sure fire hit.

    Howard asked how long he worked on this movie. Ben said it was 2 and a half years of his life. Howard said that's crazy.

    Ben said that the Something about Mary movie was one that actually built over time. Howard said that the same thing happened with Crocodile Dundee. Howard said he knows that for a fact. Robin said it has happened with smaller movies too.

    Howard asked what else is opening on the day this is opening. Ben said there are like 35 movies opening. He said everyone opens on Christmas day. He said you have to find a niche and he thinks that it's for everyone. He said that it's a PG movie and you can take the whole family to it. He said he never intended it to be a family movie but the whole family can go.

    Howard asked how long he has been editing the movie. Ben said it's been a year. He said you have a responsibility to be a movie you want it to be but it has to work for an audience too. Howard asked if he can go to an alternate take and make it funnier or more emotional. Ben said that's the process. He said he probably did that 10 or 11 times. He said you can change music or take a line out to make a change.

    Howard asked Ben if he thinks about how he should have shot things differently. Ben said he does. He said that he thinks about how he screwed things up and how he could have changed them.

    Ben said he got to watch Zoolander recently with an audience and he got to see what held up and what didn't. Howard said that movie has turned into a thing. He said his kids are way into that movie. He said it's a thing. Howard said they didn't see it in the movies though. Ben said that's what he loves. He said it's great when something can live on like that.

    Howard asked if he's going to make a sequel to Zoolander. Ben said he does want to. Howard asked if he thinks he'd have a problem if he did it now that he's done a movie like Walter Mitty. Ben said that he'd want to make the movie live up to the first one. He said he's always going to be a guy who makes comedies. He said as you get older you want to make different types of movies. He said you don't want to do the same thing.

    Howard said he knows he wrote Tropic Thunder with Justin Theroux. He said he had no idea they were so close. Ben said he came up with the idea for Tropic Thunder when he was shooting Empire of the Sun. He said that he thought it was just going to be a sketch or something. He never expected it to be a whole movie. Ben said he met Justin 20 years ago when he was acting with his girlfriend. Ben said that he's a great writer and actor. He said he's very stylish too. Howard said he knows Justin pretty well. Ben said he knew he was a writer and they talked about doing things together. Howard asked how he knew he was going to be any good. Howard asked how you get out if it doesn't work. Ben said he knew he was a brilliant writer. Howard said Justin is very complimentary about Ben too. Howard read about some of the things that he said about him and how they'd change the script and pull something funny out of a scene.

    Howard said he never sees Ben in the tabloids. He said the only thing he saw was that Jennifer Aniston doesn't like Christine and that's why they don't' get together. Ben said that's just not true. He said Jennifer and Christine go back a long way. He said they were on Friends together. Ben said he doesn't read any of that stuff. He said they're boring people and don't get into the tabloids so much.

    Howard said asked if he's shocked that his old friend is dating Jennifer Aniston. Ben said that when he wasn't dating her they'd get followed by one photographer. He said that they'd ask what his friend's name is. Then a month later they were asking who Justin's friend was. Howard said it can't be easy for them. He said that they get photographed all the time. Howard asked if they meet secretly now. Ben said it does have to be taken into account. Ben said Justin might have to hop on his Ducati and shake the Paparazzi.

    Howard asked if he's writing with Justin now. Ben said they wrote Zoolander 2 a few years ago. He said that they have a script now but only Paramount can do the movie. Howard asked if he wants Justin to direct it. Ben said he does. He said he doesn't want to do both jobs at the same time. He said Justin is a talented guy too. Howard asked if he could walk away from the editing process. Ben said they would do that together. Howard said it sounds exhausting. Ben said it is.

    Howard asked Ben what a day is like for him. Ben said he's been doing nothing but working on Walter Mitty for the past few years. Howard asked what he can say about the movie that will get the audience to go see it. Ben said they will make the right choice. Howard said he'll tell Robin to go see it then. Robin said it must be a boost of confidence when the studio makes it a Christmas movie. Ben said it is.

    Howard said this movie is about a guy trying to win a girl over. He said that appeals to him. Howard said he had to work so fucking hard to get a girl himself. He said he got one too. Howard said that was a lot of work.

    Ben told Howard more about the movie and how Walter has to go out in the real world and has a real life. He said he becomes his own real hero.

    Howard said there are a lot of people who live like that. Robin said it reminds her of Jeff the Drunk. Robin said that he wants to be a star but not do anything about it. Howard said he knows people who will think about doing it but never take that chance. Ben said that's what the movie is about. Howard said he'd go see that.

    Howard asked if Ben is working on a live Pinnochio. Ben said Robert Downey Jr. and he have been talking about doing a live action movie about that. He said Robert would play Geppetto. Howard said that guy has done such a turn around with his career. Ben said that he's very smart and he has so many ideas for movies. Howard said he talks very fast and he delivers it effortlessly. Howard said everyone wants him in a movie right now too. Howard wondered if he's joking about wanting to be Geppetto. Ben said he's not at all. He said Robert has an idea for the character and he'll do a whole thing doing the voice and acting it out.

    Howard asked why he can't go to a studio today and tell them that he has Robert ready to do this. Ben said he thinks that they'd do it as a computer generated thing. He said they don't want a human Pinnochio. Howard said why not. Howard said he is a puppet and then he becomes a human. Ben said it won't work if you do that live. Howard said he has a vision for this though. Ben said that Robert is the one with the vision. He wants him to direct it.

    Howard said he gets it now. He said that this is an interesting dilemma. Howard said he has Robert Downey Jr. but he wants to play Geppetto.

    Howard said Ben is there to promote this Walter Mitty movie. Howard said that this could be it for his career. He said if it's a big hit then he could coast through his life for a while. Howard said his world could change in one day. Ben said it never really works like that when you've been in the business so long. Howard said it happened for him when Something about Mary hit. Ben said that's true. He said that it was a different world after that.

    Howard asked how Ben's parents are doing. Howard said he's a huge Stiller and Mira fan. He asked how they're doing. Ben said that they're doing alright. He said his dad is 86 and doing his thing. Howard said that he hears from his dad once in awhile. He said he doesn't believe it's really him but it could be. Ben said they're the best. Howard asked if he resented them being on the road while he was a kid. Ben said he was resentful for a while but now he knows what that's like now that he has kids of his own. Ben said his mother was a drinker for along time. He said she stopped doing that and stopped smoking too. He said they had to work together all the time because they were a team. He said they got to go with them sometimes but it was tough for them to make that all work.

    Howard said that Ben can't be away with the kids all the time. Ben said he went to Iceland and he didn't have the kids there. He said he takes off time in the summer for the kids. He said when he's working he tries to make sure he's with them on the weekends. He said he edited the movie at home in Westchester. He said his daughter wasn't thrilled with that. He said she wrote a song about him being in the edited room.

    Howard said he thought his kids would be enamored with the radio thing but they couldn't care less. Ben said he loved going to the radio studio and seeing how things were done. He said that they had Larry Storch come over almost every year until last year. Howard said he saw him work with his dad.

    Howard said he wishes him luck with his movie. He said he can play Pinnochio if he wants. He said he has the right body for that. Howard gave him some plugs and wrapped up with Ben. Howard said it was great to see him. Robin said she was thinking about Robert Downey Jr. in Tropic Thunder and it makes her laugh. Howard said that line about going Full Retard was great. Ben said that was a Justin line. He said he didn't know that was going to blow up like it did until he got so much blowback from it.

    Howard asked Ben what he thinks about the FOX News White Santa thing. Ben said that he hadn't heard anything about that. He said that Santa can be whatever color you want him to be. Howard said Ben has put in way too much time there. Howard let him go and went to break.


  • World Star Clips - March 18, 2015. 05/24/16. 8:40am
    Next up on today's replay day they played a segment where Howard played some clips from Here's my rundown from that day: Clips. 03/18/15. 8:45am
    Howard said that he has a clip they found on the internet of a black guy talking and he has no idea what he's talking about. Howard played the clip that JD had found on Howard said that he has no clue what he was going for. The guy was just rambling on and on about something that was very hard to follow.

    Howard asked Robin if she understands it. Robin said she thinks they might be talking to a pimp. Howard said she might be right. Howard said the guy has a really nice car. Robin said he hasn't said a full sentence yet. Robin said she's listening and hasn't heard one. Howard said that James Brown was on the show once and they had to have Janie the Cleaning Lady come in and interpret for them. Robin said she might be the one for this job too. Howard played more of the clip and asked if you can believe that.

    Howard said the site was started by a black guy. Robin figured it was run by white people earlier. Howard said that it's a hip hop thing. Howard said a lot of guys sounded like that when he was growing up. Howard said he'd just go along with whatever they said. Howard said there is something going on there but he doesn't know what it is. Robin said when you have a limited vocabulary you have to start fighting. Robin said that's why it's scary. Robin said he has to start throwing his fists after 5 words.

    Howard said someone gave him a note about how Russell Simmons is making a movie about the start of Howard said he's not sure who would want to see that.

    Howard played another clip from the site where this guy is pissed off in a McDonald's and yells at a girl there. Howard said he's not sure what she did. JD said he thinks he was yelling at the fry cook. Howard played more of the clip and the guy was yelling at the top of his lungs at this woman who was talking back to him. Howard said this guy is more muscular than the guy in the first video. Howard played more of the clip and tried to figure out what that guy was yelling about. Howard said this is why he won't leave his house. He said he's afraid.

    Howard said he has a clip of a woman yelling on a plane about taking over Venezuela. Howard played that and said this is on a plane where you just don't want to deal with that. Howard said there's one guy who slowly gets up and moves. He said he just disappears. In the clip the woman is yelling and rambling about Venezuela. Howard said he doesn't want to be on a plane next to that. Howard said they say she's a professor at Penn State. Howard asked how they know that. They told him it's all over the news. Howard said she must just teach wherever she goes. Howard said she's the modern day Paul Revere. Howard let that play a little more and said he heard she lit up a cigarette too.

    Howard asked Robin if she would rather sit on a plane with that woman or a crying baby. Robin said she knows what she would do to that woman to shut her up. She said she can't do that to a baby.

    Howard played another clip of a Muslim guy yelling out a prayer on a flight. Howard played that one too. Howard said the world is fucked. Howard said you know you're in trouble when you hear that. Robin said she wants to propose a law right now and say that anyone who does that on a plane can be subdued by the passengers on the plane. Howard agreed. Howard said when he was a kid and he got on a plane people would get dressed up. Howard said he had to wear a jacket and a tie. Robin said the airport was a fabulous place and you dressed up to go there. Howard said then it got affordable. He said they have to jack up the prices to get guys like that off the plane. Robin said it's like a bus station now.

    Howard said Jim McClure has a tape that he just brought back from Los Angeles. Howard played that and it's a baby crying and screaming. Gary said he had that on a plane on his way back from L.A. recently too. Gary said the other thing is that the seats are getting smaller and smaller and there is etiquette for sitting on the plane. He said you have to have a discussion with the guy next to you about how you're going to use it. Gary said that if you get a fat person next to you and you're on the aisle then you have to lean into the aisle. He said that everyone hits you as they walk by. Gary said he's had people elbow him and he says something. He said that it gets so bad that you have to say something but you don't want to.

    Howard played another clip that Richard brought back from a flight with a crying baby on it. Howard said that is not fun. Howard said kids should be kept home. Robin asked where this kid is needed to go. Howard said he feels like crying sometimes. He went to break after that.


  • Mother's And Daughters - January 14, 2014. 05/24/16. 9:00am
    Next up today they played a Hottest Nude Mother/Daughter contest segment from 2014. Here's my rundown from that day:

    The Hottest Nude Mother/Daughter Contest. 01/14/14. 8:20am
    After the break we heard a prank call the guys made to a Chinese restaurant using clips of Robin speaking Klingon. We also heard a Scott the Engineer ''The Least Interesting Man in the World'' bit. Fred also played Guns N' Roses ''Sweet Child O' Mine'' as they were coming back.

    Howard came back and said he's excited about this big contest. They have a $5,000 prize. Howard said that it's courtesy of

    Howard said they have two sets of mothers and daughters competing today. Howard said that's a miracle they got that many. Howard said he didn't think anyone would enter the contest. Fred played Howard in as the host of the show. Howard said they have Ronnie, JD and possibly Sal as the judging panel. Howard said that you never know what will come out of their mouths. Howard said Ronnie always has something to say. He's an expert. Howard asked JD if he wanted to judge. JD said why not. Howard said Sal can judge but he can't say creepy stuff. He said he has to keep his mouth shut. Sal said he wants them to be comfortable. Then he blurted out ''Bring those sluts in!'' Howard said he's done with him. Sal said they're not there yet. Ronnie said they can hear him though.

    JD said he's judging a contest tomorrow too. He said they're doing the Wack Packer contest tomorrow. He said he has a gavel for that. Howard said if Sal fucks up he has to leave.

    Howard said he wants Robin to judge too. He said they need a woman's point of view. He said it could get creepy if they don't. Howard said they're bringing in the contestants one at a time. Howard said someone should have discussed that with him.

    Howard brought in Buffie and Lexus. Howard said ''Wow!'' when they walked in. JD said they look like sisters. Howard said Buffie looks very young. She's 40. Howard asked if she's married. She said she is. She said she's been married to him for 10 years. She said that it's not Lexus' dad. Howard asked how old she is. She's 22. Howard asked if she ever gets jealous of the attention her mom gets. Lexus said she doesn't. She said that they walk around the house naked so this isn't a big deal for them. Howard asked if they bathe together. Lexus said they'll be in the bathroom at the same time but not shower together. Howard said his dad washed his balls for him regularly.

    Howard asked if Buffie ever had to spank her daughter. She said she did once but that was really tough. Howard asked if she has other kids. She said she has younger kids but Lexus is the only one over 21. Howard said that JD is liking this.

    Howard asked if the girls get hit on a lot. Buffie and Lexus said that they do. They'll go out to a bar and drink and they get hit on a lot. Howard asked if that's confusing to Lexus. She said she finds it funny actually. Howard asked if they have normal type jobs. They said they do. Howard said she must have been pregnant young. Buffie said she was pregnant at 17. She said she had both sides of the family helping out. Howard asked why she didn't get an abortion. Buffie said that they are from Utah so there was no abortion going on there. Howard asked if Lexus still in touch with her dad. She said she is. She said he was okay with this whole thing. Howard said Buffie is very open with her daughter.

    Howard asked Lexus what her mom's strength is. She said her arms are good. Howard asked if she worked out for this contest. Buffie said she worked out hard for 2 months. Howard said that they do have competition today. Buffie said they met them. She said they're from Utah as well. Howard asked the judges if they care about arms at all. Sal said he doesn't fuck arms. Howard asked what the weakness is on Buffie. Lexus said that her legs need work. She has fake tits so Howard asked about that. Buffie said she had a blow out of one of her implants. She said it had a slow leak. Sal said he has a slow leak right now too.

    Howard asked Buffie what her daughter's best feature is. She said it's her eyes. Ronnie said no one cares about eyes. She said her flat stomach is her best body feature but her bird legs are her worst feature. Howard said he bets they look good.

    Howard asked what kind of work they do. Buffie said she's an office manager for a company and they're listening right now. She said hi to them all. Howard asked who the fan of the show is. Buffie said she is. She said she's been listening for a long time. She said her friend Amanda is there and she's a super fan. Howard asked what she weighs. She said she's 122 pounds and about 5'5''. Lexus is 5'6'' and about 120. Howard said that seems to be the perfect weight.

    Ronnie said he wants them to get naked so they can stop listening to this bullshit. Howard asked Lexus what she does for a living. She works in the cell phone industry. Howard said this is exciting. Howard said it's time to disrobe. Howard told them to take a deep breath and do their thing. They stripped down a few seconds later. JD said ''God bless America.'' Howard said they're in great shape. Sal said they have twin vaginas. Howard told him to take it easy. Howard said Robin has to be impressed. Robin said they're beautiful. Howard asked Sal if he's touching himself. Sal said he did by accident.

    Howard said they're beautiful girls. Howard asked JD what he has to say. JD said this is awesome. Ronnie asked them to turn around. Everyone sounded like they were impressed. They said they both have great asses. Ronnie said the mom needs some squats but she looks great. Howard asked if Lexus has a boyfriend. She said she does. Howard asked if they have any pictures up on the web. Howard said he never thought a mother and daughter could look this good. Howard said that they're looking really good.

    Sal asked if Buffie has ever given Lexus advice on oral technique. Lexus said she hasn't but she went through her mother's drawers when she was about 16 and she found anal beads. Buffie said that they do have a lot of toys. Howard said the husband must be happy to have a wife like this.

    Howard said that the girls can put their robes back on. Howard said that they are going to bring in their competition now. Howard said that they have Christine and Sarah coming in now. Howard said this is touch competition. Howard said they look young too. Howard asked how old the mom is. She said she's 48. Howard said she looks young. Howard said she has a young look. Howard asked if guys mistake her for being much younger. She said they do.

    Howard said Sarah is the daughter. Howard asked if anyone knows what they're doing. They didn't tell anyone until Sarah's brother found out what was going on. They weren't happy to hear about it. They're all Mormons out there in Utah so they weren't thrilled about this. Howard said Christine is the mom and Sarah is the daughter. Howard asked if they have seen each other naked. They said they have their whole life. Howard asked if the mom walks around naked all the time. Sarah said she does but she's comfortable doing that. She said that her mom doesn't do that when her husband is around.

    Howard asked if they were upset about the brother finding out and snitching about what was going on. Christine said that her son was very upset with her but Sarah is almost 25 years old. She said that Sarah was the one who brought up the contest and she agreed to do it right away. Howard said some women aren't uptight about their bodies. Robin asked if they worked out. Christine said she stopped eating. She said she had some pizza last night but it was thin and vegetarian. She said it was about 4 days that she didn't eat before that. She said she's a pro at that. Howard asked if she's ever been anorexic. She said she has been. She said she was down to 69 pounds. She's at 105 right now. She said she was in an ICU at the time. Howard said 69 is his goal weight. Howard said imagine how he'll look at that weight. Christine said she was like 23 at the time that happened.

    Howard asked what their strengths and weaknesses are. Christine said Sarah's best feature is her ass. Sarah said her mom's boobs are the best feature on her. Howard asked if Christine has other kids. She said she has a 16 year old and a 10 year old. She said the 16 year old is a boy. She said that she told him that she was going to be nude on the show and he was cool with it. She said she's still the MILF. Howard asked if she walks around in bathing suits in front of the kids. She said she wears pajamas.

    Howard asked if she's married to Sarah's dad. She said that she isn't. The dad does know they're o the show but not that they're getting nude. Christine said her husband knows but he's not happy about this. She said that she just called him a few minutes ago and told him what she's doing. She said that it was hard on him today.

    Howard asked if Christine taught Sarah about sex. She said she did. Sarah said her mother didn't want her to have sex. She said she wanted her to use vibrators and masturbate. Howard said that seems strange. Christine said she was a sexual person and she knew she'd have those urges and she didn't want a young boy to give her that. She said that she wanted her to experience a man. Robin said she doesn't think her mom even knows about vibrators now.

    Howard asked Sarah if she was taught how to shave down below by her mom too. She said she figured that out on her own. Howard asked the judges what they thought of the vibrator thing. They all seemed to think it was pretty great.

    Howard asked Sarah when she started having sex. She said she was about 18. She said that it did delay sex. Ronnie asked if she made out and gave blow jobs and all of that. Sarah said she did. Howard said he never would have thought to ask that.

    Sal asked if they spit or swallow. They said it depends. Sal said they are wonderful parents. Howard asked if Christine gives her tips on what to do with her husband. Sarah said she tells her how to keep it interesting. Ronnie thought this woman was awesome talking about all of this stuff.

    Christine said that men need sex at least 2 or 3 times a week. She said that her husband is older than her and she will do what she needs to do to keep him happy. Sarah said she does the same thing for her husband. She said she'll give him road head at times. Christine said she'll use a vibrator on herself in the car too. She said she has done that and showed the truckers her tits.

    Christine said one of her daughter's boyfriends was coming on to her too. Howard said that must be annoying. Sarah said she gets it. She said they had broken up though so it was okay. Christine said that she didn't do anything because she loves her daughter. Sal said she should have had a threesome. Christine said Sal would never do that. She said he'd be scared. Sal said he'll take her home now. Howard said these women are very open and honest.

    Howard said the first mom and daughter were great too. Howard asked if they give road head too. They said they do.

    Howard said they have to judge them so they have to take off their robes. Howard had the mother looks amazing. He said she has the body of a 19 year old. Howard said it's unbelievable. Howard said she is in some shape. Howard said she's standing next to her daughter and that's not easy to do. Howard said she is very attractive. Howard asked JD what he thinks. JD said they have to turn around. He had to see their asses. Howard asked if they were nervous. They weren't as nervous as they thought they'd be. Howard and the guys told Sarah not to get implants. Howard said she looks great. Ronnie said little ones are good too.

    Sal said it's like when they pull the curtain and you see a new car on the Price is Right. Ronnie said this is a good day.

    Howard said that they have to judge the women now. Sal wanted to get the two mothers to make out. Howard said that's not the contest. Howard asked if the moms were into each other. They weren't into girls at all so they weren't really into that.

    Howard said this is important because it's a $5,000 prize. Howard said they have two mother/daughter teams and they have to give them some scores. Howard said that they have Buffie and Lexus and on the other hand Christine and Sarah. Howard said they're shocking that they're mother and daughter. Howard said they are very sexually liberated women.

    Howard said he's not going to put Robin on the spot yet. He asked JD who he thinks gets the money. JD said that Christine and Sarah are both hot. He said that their story makes him want to vote for them but he's going with Buffie and Lexus because he thinks they're hotter. they thanked him for that. JD said ''No, thank you ladies!''

    Howard said he's going to Ronnie next. Ronnie has established himself as an expert on women. Howard asked what he thinks. Ronnie said that the second group has great stories. He said that their masturbation stories are so good Sal was rubbing himself and getting turned on. He said that they're going by looks and hotness and he has to go with Buffie and Lexus.

    Howard said Robin is next. Howard said she's on the spot now. Robin said she loved everyone and she thought they were wonderful. Robin said that she has to agree with Ronnie and JD. Gary said that the mother and daughter are holding hands. Buffie said this is a fun experience. She said just being there alone is a wonderful experience.

    Howard asked Sal what his vote is. Sal said he agrees that physically the blondes are beautiful. He said they have the same vaginas and he finds that fascinating. He said the second couple were great too. He said the hotness comes to attitude with him too. He said he has to give them a vote.

    Howard said it's irrelevant what he says now. The winners are Buffie and Lexus. Howard said Christine looks disappointed. She said it's hard. Howard said they may have something for them too. Howard said that they have $5,000 for the winners. Howard said that they have porn star Julia Ann there to give them their prize. Howard asked her what kind of movies she's been in. Gary said she was on the show many years ago with Janine Lindemulder and the had a movie called Blondage.

    Sal said he has cash in his hand if the porn star will make out with the losing mom. He had a dollar in his hands. There were no takers. Howard said Julia is a beautiful woman too. Julia presented them with their check for being the hottest mom and daughter.

    Howard said is very generous and they have a parting gift of $500 for the losing mom and daughter. Howard said they are all very brave for coming in. He thanked them for that. Howard wrapped up and went to break a short time later.


  • Arthur Ashe Award - June 8, 2015. 05/24/16. 9:50am
    Next on today's replay show they played a segment where Howard talked about Caitlyn Jenner getting the Arthur Ashe Award. Here's my rundown from that day:

    Caitlyn Jenner Discussions. 06/08/15. 7:40am
    Howard took a call from a guy who asked about the guy who won the Arthur Ashe Courage Award. Howard said that you can't compare what Caitlyn Jenner is doing to anyone in the armed forces. Howard said that these guys are insanely brave. Howard said that the guys who were in World War II were amazingly brave. Howard said asking if he deserves that award you can't compare any war vet to anyone else. Howard said they are beyond courage. Howard said Caitlyn is courageous in a way. Howard said he was Bruce Jenner and he was worth about 100 million as Bruce. Howard said he gets $40,000 speaking fees and all of this. Howard said he has this thing inside him that makes him want to be a woman. Howard said to come out in front of the world and say fuck it, I'm 65 and I want to be a woman... is brave. Howard said that he has a lot to deal with.

    Howard said they were out at some event and they asked people what they think we should do with Caitlyn Jenner. Howard said one guy said we should kill him. Howard said that Bruce Jenner is courageous for coming out with this. Howard said that he came out to much ridicule and shame. Howard said it must be really difficult to deal with. Howard said he's not sure he could do that.

    Howard played a clip of one of their guys asking people about transgender people and one guy said that they should be extinct. Howard said Bruce is brave for doing that. Howard said he's not as brave as a soldier. Howard said the bravest people on the planet are the people who fight for this country. The caller agreed. Howard let him go after that.

    Howard said they were at the Belmont Stakes and interviewing people there. Howard said a lot of kids were getting drunk there. Howard played some clips of some people talking about getting drunk there. Howard said Memet was out there doing the interviews and he got hit in the face with a beer can. Howard played a clip of him talking to some people when he got hit. The sound of the can hitting him was pretty loud. Howard asked Memet why the guy did that. Howard said it's so fucked up when people do something like that. Robin wondered why they are so hostile.

    Robin said she was talking to a friend and he said that this Caitlyn thing is disgusting. Robin said she told the guy that it's not even happening to him. Howard said it's not impacting the guy at all. Robin said this person doesn't know what Bruce has been through. Howard said he did after watching that show. Robin said she did too. Robin said they said it couldn't be done but American Pharoah did it.

    Gary came in and told a story about how Scott the Engineer's fingers are yellow and brown again. Howard said his fingers got yellowish. Gary said his never did. Gary said that might be from smoking it down to the filter and he never did that. He said Scott's thumb is yellow. Howard said he can't believe Scott is smoking.

    Gary said that yellow is what's in his lungs. Howard had Fred play ''Brown Fingers'' which is an old song parody about Scott the Engineer. Howard laughed through the song. It went on too long for him so he cut it off.

    Howard said Scott had quit smoking and then he found out he had COPD. Then he started smoking again. Howard said they knew enough not to throw out that song. Howard said they're not idiots. Howard said Scott will never quit smoking. Howard said he doesn't stop smoking that cigarette until his fingers are smoking. They went to break after that.


  • Jennifer Hudson - October 24, 2014. 05/24/16. 10:05am
    Next on today's replay show they played an interview with Jennifer Hudson. Here's my rundown from that day:

    Jennifer Hudson Visits. 09/24/14. 7:05am
    After the break we heard a prank call Sal and Richard made to a pizzeria using Autotune on their voices as they sang their orders. Fred also played Guns N' Roses ''Knockin' On Heaven's Door'' as they were coming back.

    Howard came back and said he met Jennifer Hudson at AGT the other night. Howard said she looks great. He said her new album ''JHUD'' is out now.

    Howard asked Jennifer if she had fun the other night. She said she had a blast. Howard asked where she lives. She said she lives in Chicago. Howard said that was voted the most violent city. Jennifer said she's not sure why it's like that. Howard asked if she walks around the city without bodyguards. She said she just knows where to go and where not to go. Howard said she became so glamorous. Howard said she lost weight on Weight Watchers. She said now she just watches her weight. She said that it was life changing for her. She likes bike riding and playing sports and things.

    Howard said he has to talk to Jennifer about being a part of the church and how she was able to sing there but she kept her eyes closed until she was 19. She said she's very shy. Jennifer said she hates seeing people's faces and eyes in the audience. She said she has to block it out. Jennifer said that she has to turn her back when she sings if there are people in her rehearsal. Howard said she gets caught up in that. Howard said it can affect the performance. Jennifer said it's energy for her. She said it can suck the energy out of her if she's looking at that.

    Howard asked if her mom put her in the choir. Jennifer said she was a lap baby. She sat on grand mom's lap during church. Howard asked if her voice was that big when she was a kid. She said it was and Quintavious reminds her of herself when she was that age. Howard asked if that's developed or is it a gift. Jennifer said it's a gift. Howard asked if she thinks God gave her that. She said she does. Howard asked if she thought she was a special person. Jennifer said she didn't think so. She said that some people do. Howard asked if she was always going to be a big star. Jennifer said no. She said she has a host of singing relatives and no one ever made it. She said that some people said that the world had nothing for her. Jennifer said it's not all about the talent but the drive.

    Howard asked Jennifer about growing up and being afraid to open her eyes. He asked if she didn't think her dream was going to come true. Jennifer said she didn't think that way. She didn't think she had to open her eyes to sing. Howard asked if she can play instruments. She said she can play piano but she doesn't have the patience for it. She said she can play by ear too. She said she doesn't have to be able to read music.

    Howard said Jennifer had a record contract very early in her life. Jennifer said that it wasn't a real record deal. She said it wasn't a real record label. She said that it was a local company in Chicago. She said they saw her at a talent show and they told her to come audition for the label. Howard said they sent her to a finishing school though. She said it was at their house. She said they never recorded anything. She said she didn't give them money though. She didn't have any to give them. Howard said they did try to train her. Jennifer said there were a couple of artists they were training. She said every day they were doing this. She said they'd sit on the couch and do that and they never brought them to a studio. She said all she did was stand up and sing a song. Howard asked if that was part of the scam. Jennifer said they were supposed to make records and they neve did. She said she was under contract and she was able to get out of it eventually.

    Howard asked Jennifer about doing American Idol. He said she was already working on cruise ships and things. Howard said she did a Hercules show on a Disney cruise ship. Jennifer said she did. Howard said she was making some money. Jennifer said they were paying her and that was legit. She said Disney is real. Howard asked if that was the first real paycheck. She said she worked at Burger King and she sang in the drive thru. She said that there was a mic there. She said that was her stage. Jennifer said she would just sing away when people would pull up. She said that the head manager of Burger King was a club manager so he hired her to work at his clubs. She said she was making more money doing that in one night than she did at Burger King for 2 weeks. Howard asked how long she was at Burger King. Jennifer said she was there at 16 and she quit. Then she went back eventually for a year or two. Howard said it's hard work. Jennifer said it is. She said she did everything there the second time she was there. She said she did the burgers and fries and worked the drive thru.

    Howard said it's kind of great she was discovered there at Burger King. Jennifer said it was. Howard said you just do the best job you can and someone will discover you. Jennifer said that's what she thought. Jennifer sang a little bit while she was talking about that.

    Howard asked if people would audition her while she was working. She said they would. Howard said that he gets people auditioning in front of him in the elevator. He said he just wants them to shut up.

    Howard said he can't imagine what people would think when she'd sing. Jennifer said they'd ask her to sing again for them.

    Howard said Disney puts her in Hercules on a cruise ship. Howard asked if that was horrible working on a ship. Jennifer said that it can be fun but then you do the same thing and it's like Groundhog day over and over again. Howard asked if it's the performing or the trips to the same places all the time. Jennifer said it's the same thing over and over. Jennifer said they asked her when she was leaving if she wanted to come back. She said she wasn't coming back.

    Howard asked if her mom was a big supporter. She said she was. She said her whole family was but especially her mom. Howard asked about sleeping in the same bed with her mom until she was 16. She said she did that. Howard said that must cripple her to be doing that so long. Jennifer said that she wanted to sleep in another bed but she loved it. Howard asked why she stopped at 16. Jennifer said she must have been too big to be in there with her mom. She said now she knows what it's like since she has a kid.

    Howard asked Jennifer if she was a good girl. She said she was. She said she curses though. Howard said he has friends who are great singers and they smoke. Howard said if he had that gift he wouldn't do that. Jennifer said she doesn't smoke. She said she wouldn't want to hurt her voice. Howard asked if she does any vocal lessons. She said she doesn't. She said that she doesn't like air conditioning. She said she likes heated rooms with moisture. She said she doesn't even need to warm up. She just sings.

    Howard said Jennifer is doing the cruise ship thing and they ask her to do another tour. She says screw it and doesn't do it again. Howard said she goes and auditions for American Idol. They were hot as a pistol at that point. Howard said she went in front of Randy, Simon and Paula. Howard asked how she found out about the show. Jennifer said she missed the first season. She said her mom told her to go try it. She said she wasn't sure it was legit though. Jennifer said she didn't do it that first season. Jennifer said she couldn't believe she missed it. Then season two rolled around and she was with Disney. She said the ship was her test. She said that she was a home baby and she had to get out. Jennifer said that was her own test. Jennifer said if she could get through that on her own then she was cut out to do Idol.

    Howard asked if she didn't think she could do that for 2 months. Jennifer said it was tough. She said she was at least 20 when she started that. She said she was 22 on Idol. Jennifer said she did go to college a little bit too. Jennifer said it was really hard to be away on the cruise ship for 2 months.

    Howard said Jennifer wanted to be a famous singer and she had to push through that. Jennifer said it was her test. Howard said she goes to American Idol and she gets sick because she should have done it the first season. Howard said that she didn't even win and she has a career now. Howard said there are people who say these shows can't help with a career but they can.

    Howard said Jennifer is from Chicago and she didn't go through to the end. There was a power outage in Chicago that weekend of voting and that could have cost her the win. Howard asked if she was upset. Jennifer said she did cry for a few minutes. She said she just had to keep going. Howard asked if she cared what the judges had to say. Jennifer said she likes to be critiqued. She said Simon was her favorite. She said that he really was critical and told her that she was out of her league. She said he went at her about her outfits too. Howard asked if she changed to please him. Jennifer said she did not. She said you can't tell her nothing when she's into it.

    Howard said it must have felt great when she won the Oscar and she could rub it in their faces. Jennifer said something about coming in 7th and how that's God's number. Howard said she's really religious. Howard said that she must pack people in now at church. Jennifer said ti's weird. Howard asked if she gets bored out of her skull. She said that she gets there just in time for the sermon. She said she can't do all of the other stuff they do there. She said that they extend every word when they sing. She said that it's always the deacons who can't sing and they go on and on forever.

    Howard said he would never sing in front of her if he was a deacon. Howard asked if it's true that she was in talks to be a judge on Idol. Jennifer said that they did talk about it. She said she thought it was weird but they were really interested. Howard asked why it didn't work out. Jennifer said she's not sure. Howard asked if this was after Jennifer Lopez left. Jennifer said she's left and come back so many times she doesn't know. Howard said it would be interesting to have a former contestant come back to judge. Jennifer said she's not sure they'd appreciate that.

    Howard said that she did the movie ''Dream Girls'' and she won the Oscar for that. Howard said that Fantasia Barino was up for that too. Howard asked what she did to get that role over Fantasia. Jennifer said that she was told that she was the one the director got chills from. She said that she went in and did her thing and she tried to sing it. She said she blew the audition because she didn't have the right sheet music. Howard asked if she thought that was curtains for her. She said that she was told they messed up the sheet music. She said they did still think she had something though. She said they requested that she sing another song so she did that. She said she did ''Easy to be Hard'' which is from Hair. She said that they got it after that.

    Howard asked if she chose to do the song. Jennifer said that she had just recorded it for a Broadway benefit so she did that for them.

    Howard said there's a third audition too. Jennifer said they made them wait until the last second. She said it was a dream role she got. She said she knew the music and she wanted to sing it.

    Howard said one of the things he loves about her story is that it was supposed to be Beyonce's movie. Howard said that it was her movie and that was the idea. He said it became Jennifer's movie. He said that's a remarkable thing. Howard asked if they sensed it was her movie. Jennifer said that she had no clue what was going on at the time. She said Jamie Foxx told her she was going to win an Oscar for that. She said everyone was saying it. She said Beyonce told her that no one gets a start like this. She said that it was so bleak that she'd get that opportunity. Jennifer said they had so many great people in the movie and she didn't think anyone would notice her. Howard asked if Beyonce had any rivalry with her. Jennifer said there was nothing like that. Howard said that's refreshing to hear.

    Howard played a clip from the movie and asked how many takes it took. Jennifer said she thinks it was one take. Jennifer said she sang the song in front of an audience and she was told to just go in and be herself. She said she did it in one take and they applauded her when she was done. Howard played more of the song. Howard said she nailed it. Robin said she's not only singing but acting too. She said she's telling this story about this woman.

    Howard said he heard she had to get lip injections for this movie. Jennifer said she had this booty lip and she had a temporary thing done to her lip. She said that she had an injection that was some kind of filler to get the crease out of her lip. He said later on they told her that the director did not want her to get it. She said that she didn't know.

    Howard said her mom must have been overwhelmed. Jennifer said she was. Howard said he's sorry for the loss of her mother. Howard said he doesn't know how you get through that. Howard said it must have been great for her to see her daughter go through all of this and make it. Howard said that's a great thing. Jennifer said if you listen to her song on her new album she dedicated it to her mom. She said there's not a day where she says ''My mama used to say...'' She said that she used to say that if something hurts then you moan to make it better. She said around the time she passed she ended up writing this song. She said that she had this sadness and she moaned to make it better.

    Howard asked if she thinks that she will see her mom again some day. Jennifer said oh yes. She said that it makes passing a little bit easier. She said that she has her son and fiancee there but she has her mother, grandparents and more on the other side. She said if they can do it then she can do it too.

    Howard said that Jennifer has Pharrell on the new album. Howard said she has other people too. Timbaland, R. Kelly and a bunch of others are on the album with her. Howard said maybe he should play some of her song ''Moan'' here. Howard said that this is on her new album ''JHUD''. Howard said they say that her voice is so big that they have to figure out how to tone her down. Jennifer said she wants to have a hit song too. She said that it's very tough to figure it all out. Howard said that she wants to be more mainstream and not so much a church person. Robin said that's what Whitney Houston did with her voice.

    Howard asked Jennifer where she sang ''I Will Always Love You.'' She said that was at the Grammy's. Howard played a clip of that performance. Howard said just listen to her sing. Jennifer said that she used to sing this song in her mom's hallway at home. She said she would listen to the Whitney Houston song at home and sing it. Jennifer said they asked her to sing just minutes after the news of Whitney's death was reported. She said that she can cry just thinking about that whole thing. She said it's so sad that she's gone. Howard said that was a sad story with Whitney. Howard said that she self destructed. Howard said she was it and she had it all. Howard said Jennifer is taking care of her voice but Whitney seemed to lose that.

    Howard said Jennifer's new album is in stores now. Howard said her mom told her to moan if she feels down and it will make you feel better. Jennifer said it does. Howard said that everything she said is in her head now. Jennifer said it really is. She said she thinks about her every day. Howard played her song ''Moan.''

    After the song Howard said that he loves her with just the piano. Howard said he sees Jennifer crying there. He said he gets it. Howard said it must be very emotional. Jennifer said that's the most personal song she has ever written. She said she broke down in the studio. She said it took a while to record it. Howard asked what she was thinking about listening back. Jennifer said she thinks of her mother. She said their memory lives on through you and it makes her cry happy tears knowing she's doing everything she can to do that. She said she had a perfect mother. Howard told her it's a beautiful song.

    Robin asked if she works on the songs with producers or do they bring her songs. Jennifer said she did get some songs that were brought to her but she wants to make sure she's connected to them so she didn't do them all.

    Howard asked if she's going to keep acting. Jennifer said she wants to play Aretha. She said she wants to keep acting. Howard asked how far she's gotten in the process. She said not far yet. She said she has met about it. She said that it's in talks. Howard asked if Aretha gave her the stamp of approval. She said she did but that's not easy to get. Jennifer said that they did have talks and that would be her dream role.

    Howard asked if she's going to tour. She said she is and she likes a very intimate setting. She said she likes the one on one thing.

    Howard asked if she really bought her assistant a home. Jennifer said she did. She said she had one already and he had been with her so long that she had to do that for him.

    Howard asked if it's true that Halle Berry was up for playing Aretha. Howard said he doesn't think of her as a singer. Jennifer said she's not sure about that. Howard played another song off the album called ''It's Your World'' from Jennifer's new album. Howard wrapped up and went to break after that. He thanked Jennifer for coming in. He said that was a quick hour. Howard said John Mellencamp is coming in next.


  • Tan Mom Prank - June 23, 2015. 05/24/16. 11:05am
    Next up today they played a clip where Howard played a prank on Tan Mom. Here's my rundown from that day:

    Sal And Richard Prank Tan Mom. 06/23/15. 7:50am
    Howard said he was sitting home last night giggling. He said his buddy Matt walked in and said he had never seen him laugh before. Howard said Sal and Richard pranked Tan Mom. He said Sal was going to pretend to be blowing Richard under the console. Howard said then he took this lotion and sprayed it on his face so she thought there was cum on his face. Howard said Tan Mon reacted to that.

    Howard played the clip and Tan Mom walks into their studio and sees Sal under the console and then he comes up with lotion on his face. She said she knows every game in the book. They said they weren't doing anything. Tan Mom was really pissed. Howard said she was really taken with Sal because he was so into her. She said she was leaving after all of that. Tan Mom got upset with Sal saying she thought he was her friend. Howard said once she found out it was a prank she was so happy. He said the two of them went down to the lobby to have a cigarette.

    Howard played the clip of Sal and Tan Mom talking about the prank and then going down for a smoke. Howard said that she was there to record some stuff. Howard said when Amy Poehler was on the show she asked a question for Tan Mom. He said Tan Mom Loves that. Howard played the clip of Amy asking what her secret is for having it all. In the clip Tan Mom talks about how it's to never be married. She said that's the only way to live. She said you just have to believe in yourself.

    Howard said Tan Mom had a question for Amy Schumer too. She called her ''Amy Shuler'' in the clip.

    Gary told Howard that Tan Mom was on the phone before going into the studio with Sal and Richard so they were waiting for her for like 5 minutes. Howard played another clip of Tan Mom giving some advice and then went to break.

    Today's show was over around 11:10am. I will not be writing up the Wrap Up Show.

-- Monday --

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