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  • Wrap Up Show - Eric Andre. 10/24/14. 10:10am
    Jon Hein started today's show going over what they replayed this morning. Jon said he wanted to start off talking about Eric Andre. He said he had the biggest impact on the show this week. He said he was working in the back on Tuesday and he did the Viagra thing when he was in there on Wednesday. Jon said you got a great glimpse into the world of what goes on in the office when Howard played the tape of Eric answering the phones. Jon said if you have a good topic to get on the air with then you can be one of those callers. Gary said Bobo started out as a regular caller. He said if they knew some things about him earlier on he may not have picked up on him as often. Gary said that they do have interesting lives so that's how Bobo became a regular. Gary said he's fascinated with people like Natalie Maines when this show is such an important part of her day. Jon asked if he's calling Natalie a Wack Packer. Gary said no way and he doesn't even want to start that fight.

    Jon said with Bobo and Mariann they found out how much they need the show. Jon said he gets that they get upset when someone new comes in and they don't know who they are. Jon said Mariann was trying to change her character and all of that. Jon said they were acting shocked when people didn't know who they were. Gary said he's always shocked when someone says that. He said it's such a thereat. He said it's like saying that they're in big trouble when the powers that be find out they don't know.

    Jon took a call from a guy asked Gary about Leno and Imus and who he thinks Howard hates more. Gary said he would have to think it's Imus but he'd have to ask Howard. Gary said Imus tried to screw with Howard's livelihood. He said Howard had to claw his way past Imus. He said he was a roadblock to his success. Jay is just a disingenuous person in his life.

    Jon played a clip of Howard talking about Jay Leno lying about the Joan Rivers ban on the Tonight Show. Gary said he was talking to someone about booking someone on the show and they said they had no room in their schedule for them. He said he thought Joan got pretty hot at one point and Jay still kept her off. Gary said she was a guest on a show where she proved she could mix it up. Gary said he found it really interesting that Leno kept the ban going. Jon said that his excuse didn't really fly. Gary said that they had guests who weren't as hot as Joan was at one point.

    Jon took a call from a guy who said we've seen Howard's enemies fade over the years. He asked if they think Howard will ever surrender and become friends with Jay. Gary said he will never say never. He said it doesn't seem like it right now but maybe some day. Gary said he did ask Howard if he would ever do Leno when he was promoting something and he said no way.

    The caller also asked about Beetlejuice and wondered if Sal and Beet could squash their feud if Sal just got Beet some teeth. Gary said he's not sure that they have a feud and he doesn't think Beetle wants or needs new teeth.

    Jon took a call from a guy who said he thinks Bobo has been there so long and you have to blame the show itself for creating the sense of entitlement they have. He said he feels that's where it comes from. Gary said there is a way to do it where you can say it nicer. Gary said he could have just gone and done his house work that morning and called later in the day to find out what's going on. The caller said they may not be very rational people. He said that you almost expect it to happen and that's why the prank went on. The caller said the best thing was the voice mail Bobo left where he said someone had to have infiltrated the show.

    Jon took a call from a guy who asked how they think Howard is doing now that Ebola is in New York. Jon said there was a report about that last night. Jon asked Gary if he's doing okay. Gary said he knew it would happen. He said the city is a huge port of entry. Gary said he and Mary were watching the news and Mary asked how he thought Howard was going to take it. Gary said he doesn't know. He said he thinks Howard is a bright guy. He asked what they can really do. Jon said it's playing out like that movie where it gets closer and closer. Jon said he watches The Strain too so this is affecting him. Gary said he is waiting for the call where they're doing the show from a remote location or something. He said maybe from Florida or somewhere like that. Jon said they'll have to find out on Monday.

    Jon took a call from a guy who said it seems like when Gary is on with Howard he sort of dumbs it down for the show. He said he's very articulate on the Wrap Up Show though. He said Gary comes off very articulate and smart and he's not sure if Howard notices that. He said he's impressed with his intelligence. Gary said he's not playing a character when Howard yells at him. He said he panics when Howard yells at him. He said he feels like he's been with Howard so long that he knows how to push his buttons. Gary said on the Wrap Up Show he has an opportunity to think about what he's going to say. He said with Howard it's different. Gary said some days he just doesn't fight that fight. Sometimes it's just not worth it and you have to pick your battles.

    Jon asked Gary if he still gets just as nervous now as he did years ago. Gary said it depends but he can still turn him into a bowl of Jell-O. They went to break a short time later.


  • Wrap Up Show - A Few Minutes With Bobo. 10/24/14. 10:30am
    After the break Jon said he loves Mel B's accent. they came back to a promo that she did. Gary said that he loves that they have her calling in as a regular now.

    Jon took a call from Bobo who said he wanted to clarify something. He said this sense of entitlement thing is out of hand. He said he never says that thing where he asks why they don't know who he is. He said that he was asking Eric what his name was and he wouldn't tell him. Gary asked Bobo how he felt when Reese Witherspoon said it to the cop. Bobo said she's famous and he's not. Gary said that Bobo's back got pushed to the wall and that's when they found out what's really in his head. Bobo said this really is like heroin in the morning and this guy wasn't letting him get his question out. Bobo said he was panicking.

    Bobo said he wanted to take up Ralph's comments today. He said that he always liked Ralph and he's always defended him. He said that Ralph was a fan who because friends with Howard. Bobo said Ralph called him a douche bag and all of that and it really hurt him. Bobo said that Ralph said he wondered why Howard takes his shitty calls. Bobo said that if he didn't have good calls he wouldn't take his calls. Bobo said sometimes he doesn't hit a home run but he was hurt by the douche bag comments. Bobo said he doesn't walk around saying he's Bobo or wearing a Bobo shirt or anything.

    Gary asked if Bobo sometimes sits around and relives his greatest hits. He asked what his greatest on air call was. Bobo said it was probably when Jackie was in there and he made up games with Jackie. He said he was on the air for like 35 minutes. Jon asked if that's how he rates his calls. Bobo said he does. He said there have been great times when everyone jumps in. He said he leaned to be quiet and that's the hardest thing to do. He said you have to have the right timing.

    Jon asked if Bobo times his calls. Bobo said he doesn't do that. Bobo said he's okay with it if Howard doesn't let him get in a second question or something. He said when you're on the air you never know when Howard is going to hang up. He said that's why he tries to get it all in.

    Gary said it's great when Howard is having a good time with the caller and then they go for that one more question. He said then there's that long pause and Howard kicks the person off the phone or out of the studio. Jon said Sal has those moments. He said they wait for Sal to say the wrong thing or something at the wrong moment. He said Sal does that where he says that one extra thing when he should have gotten out. Jon said Howard likes it short and sweet.

    Bobo said he hung out with Gary once and they told some stories and Gary remembered everything that his wife said. Gary said what he remembers about that was that Bobo's fiancee at the time was so normal looking and acting that it was just strange. He said she's just very nice.

    Jon said he's sure Ralph will hear about this and get back to him. Jon said they heard that Bobo is having some issues with his hair. Bobo said it's really bad down there in Florida. He said that the humidity is bad down there. He said it's okay now but in July it was really bad. Bobo said when the humidity is high he has to get his hair piece serviced more often. He said it's very expensive to get it serviced. Bobo said things are good until May or so and then he'll have to start up again. Bobo said he has to wear hats and stuff down there. He said they go to Disney when the sun is down now. He said that part really bothers him a lot.

    Jon asked if Bobo thinks about getting rid of the hair thing. Bobo said he has thought about it but then his son looked at a bald guy and said he looked so old. Bobo said that's why he can't do it. Jon said he must get comments about the hair piece though. Gary said he remembers years ago they had a client who owned a toupee place. He said Scott the Engineer walked in one day and he looked utterly ridiculous. He said a couple of weeks and months went by and you knew it was a wig and he got rid of it eventually. He said he thought Scott looked good with a wig and he kind of missed it.

    Bobo said the thing that replays in his head is when he was in the studio and had his hair piece off. He said he put it back on and he thought he looked better with it on. Gary asked how much what Howard thinks matters to him. Bobo said he's been so intrigued and he's so in tune with what he has to say. He said that he loves the man so much and he can't believe he's so fixated on it. Bobo said he has to listen to what Howard says.

    Gary asked if his wife told him that it would be better with it off and Howard said don't take it off, then who wins. Bobo said Howard wins. He said he loves his wife but that's the way it is. Bobo said his wife loves him either way. He said he thinks it would be too much of a transformation for him.

    Gary asked Bobo if he ever thinks he's disrespecting his wife if he listens to Howard over her. Bobo said she knows what he's like and they are fine with that. Bobo said his life revolves around what Howard says. He said that his kids have said that they come in second to Howard. Gary asked if that gives him pause. Bobo said things have changed and he spends a lot of time with his kids. He said his other son has fixations too and he told him he gets the way he is.

    Bobo said he goes into his normal life after the show is over. He said that he gets back to his life and starts his business. Jon said he doesn't think anyone is going to question his devotion to the show. He thanked him for calling in and let him go.

    Jon said it's a tough call when you wonder if you should listen to Howard or his family. Gary said that's what makes him interesting to him. Jon agreed. They went to break after that.


  • Wrap Up Show - Sal, Howie Mandel And More. 10/24/14. 10:50am
    After the break Jon said Sal and Lisa G are joining them now. Jon said he's glad Sal is there because they were talking about Bobo and his dedication to the show. Jon said he can't think of anyone who is more dedicated to the show but they were asking if he would do something Howard told him to do over his family. Jon said Sal has been a dedicated fan for a long time. He asked how hard it is to tell Howard no to something. Sal said it's extremely difficult. He said that it's almost impossible to say no. He said he has been in situations where it's very hard to say no to him. Gary asked if he's ever been asked to do something for the show and his wife told him not to do that. Sal said that's never been the situation. He said his wife has always been supportive. He said he took a drastic pay cut to do this job. He said his wife was okay with it. He said she told him if he was doing what he loved then he'd be successful at it. Sal said he's been very fortunate.

    Jon asked Sal about the gift giving thing that Howie Mandel talked about and how thy have that problem there at work. Gary said as a general rule he has more hits than misses. He said that Howard will sometimes say he got something cool but then he will say that he didn't like something like the grooming kit or something someone else has given him. Gary said Howard sometimes saves stuff and enjoys it eventually. Gary said the thing with Howard is that you have to get him something he's into at the time or something from the heart.

    Jon said one of the bigger misses was Richard giving Howard some of his ejaculate in a photo frame. Gary said the scary thing is that he brought that up to Howard the other day and he had forgotten about it. He said it got Howard upset all over again.

    Sal said he did this thing where he went out and got the cover of MAD Magazine for Howard with his face on it. He said he had gotten that done and then Mutt outdid him with something that was a poster of the same thing. He said he was so deflated over that. Sal said he didn't think he could ever hit it on the head with Howard. Sal said he thinks that something he can use on a daily basis is something that he should get Howard. Gary said he's working on Howard's gift now. He said he's been working on it since September. Sal said sometimes he gets them as a Christmas and Birthday gift at once. Gary said he knows what he wants it to be and now he has a choice of a bunch of things so he has Jason trying to help him whittle it down to just one.

    Jon took a call from a guy who said that they've had so many great guests on the show the past couple of weeks. He said they had Bill Murray in the studio and he thought that was great. He said Chelsea Handler was great too and he feels she's very sexual when she's on the air. He asked if they get that feeling. Gary said he doesn't think she likes him so he doesn't get that feeling at all. Sal said he thought it was just wild that she got peed on in the face. Sal said that was a complete blow out for him. Gary asked if he got excited over that. Sal said he did slightly. Sal said that he watched it a few times and he picked up on the fact that it seems like she wanted it in the mouth. He said he probably watched it 6 or 7 times.

    Jon asked Sal if he would ever do that to someone. Sal said he would never do that unless it was Jon out on the boat with him. He said he thinks it's amazing that she got peed on. He said he loved that Hannibal Buress was into granny porn and William Shatner was into the Long Island Medium. Sal said it's like Sal Governale time.

    Sal said that he thinks Chelsea is into that stuff and he'd like to ask her more about it. Gary said she just did it once. Gary said he's very intimidated by her and he'd be afraid to tell her she looks hot or something.

    Jon asked Lisa G to give her news headlines. Lisa said she watched that Chelsea Handler video a few times herself and she wondered why she stayed where she did. She said Chelsea said she had nowhere to go but she thought she did. Lisa got into her news headlines and ran through those quickly. Lisa also got in a plug for tonight's Leiberman Live. Lisa mentioned that they'll be talking about Ebola hitting New York on Leiberman Live. Jon asked Sal if he's freaked out by that. Sal just gave a quick ''Nah.'' Jon said that pretty much wraps it up. Sal said he's taken Sbarro napkins into the booths to jerk off so he's not afraid of anything.

    Jon had the guys get in their plugs and then wrapped up and ended the show around 11:05am.

-- Thursday Live Wrap Up Show --

  • Wrap Up Show - The Richard Christy Game. 10/23/14. 10:05am
    Jon Hein started today's live Wrap Up Show saying he had Richard Christy and JD Harmeyer sitting in with him. Jon went over what they replayed today and said he wanted to start off talking about the Richard Christy Game they replayed right before the Wrap Up show.

    Jon said that Richard does draw the line at some things. He asked what he does draw the line at. Richard said boogers freak him out. He said that if Jon picked one right now and put it in his face he'd be freaked out. Richard said he's fine with his own boogers. Richard said that it's like the smell of your own waste and how you're fine with it but not with other people's waste. Richard said he knows how much it freaks him out so he used to threaten Sal with his boogers. Jon asked JD if he was aware of that. JD said he wasn't. He said maybe that came about like when women's periods come into the same time.

    Richard said he knew a guy who had an older brother who was a bully. He said he got to the bottom of the glass of soda at his house once and there were boogers at the bottom of it. He said he immediately vomited. He said he thinks that might be where that fear came from. Jon asked if that's the same guy who jerked the dog off. Richard said there were two who did that but they're not the one.

    Jon said Richard looks very clean cut today. He asked if he got his hair cut after the Royals lost their first game. Richard said he did. He said that nothing he's doing is helping so he didn't wear his lucky underwear last night. He did wear his unwashed shirt but he will end up washing that soon. Richard said that the underwear doesn't matter. He said there are fans out there wearing clean ones and his didn't help so he's done with that.

    Jon said that he knows nothing he does affects the game in any way but he still does it. Jon said maybe it makes him feel better. He said he burnt his Michigan stuff this season because of how they did but he doesn't really think anything he does affects anything.

    JD said he never tweets during a game. He said that he thinks there is something going on with the Bengals though. He said when they are on TV or broadcast in New York he noticed they always lose. He said there has to be something going on there. JD said they always lose when they're on national TV.

    Jon asked JD what he can do to overcome that. Gary said there's nothing he can do. JD said that he tried watching the game on another channel on a secondary source and he was trying to see if that affected the game in some way. It didn't.

    Jon said if the Steelers start to lose he'll just turn the TV off. He said he always does that. Gary said Jon will also walk his dog. Jon said the pup reassures him. Richard asked if their superstitions are any different than Sal believing the Long Island Medium. Jon said he knows deep down that what he does doesn't actually do anything. He said that's the difference. Richard said he thinks deep down he believes it is real. Gary said he doesn't think that way.

    Jon said one time they went to a Mets and Pirates game and they brought Scott the Engineer with them. He said they had a water main break that day and it delayed the game for 90 minutes. He said they did think about how Scott was there but they know it was just a coincidence.

    Richard said he was so excited watching the Royals. He said that it was so great when they'd be doing well. Richard said he could cry just thinking about it.

    Jon asked JD how down he can get. JD said he gets down quite a bit. He said that the Bengals keep getting blown out. He said he's getting blown out in the Fantasy Football league too. Gary said he can't do that. Jon said he knows he had a horrible week in his fantasy league.

    Jon took a call from a guy who said he has some things he'll do to try to change the outcome of the game. He said he'll change the channel. Jon said he does similar things. He said that he will change TVs or maybe listen on radio.

    Jon said one time the Steelers were playing the Browns and the Browns were killing them. He said he had to get out of the house. He said he went to pick up lunch or dinner and didn't come home for the next hour when they were winning. Jon said he stayed out until the Steelers won because he knew if he went home they'd lose. He said they did end up winning.

    Gary said he also likes the great psych moves that teams will use to psych other teams out. Gary said he's a huge Islander fan. He explained how they were going to play game 7 and they had Kate Smith come out to sing live and you know that the Islanders were going to lose. He said they used to play a tape of her singing and they brought her out live. He said that psyched the other team out. Jon said he thinks that could do it. They had to take a break a short time later.


  • Wrap Up Show - JD And Richard's Gay Porn Viewing. 10/23/14. 10:30am
    After the break Jon said he wanted to get back to Richard for a minute. He said he started the show talking about that line he won't cross. Richard said he would cross that booger line for the right money. He said it might take like 50,000. Gary asked if whose booger it is changes it. Richard said it does. He said he trusts the boogers of the guys there but maybe not Beetlejuice's. Gar asked whose he is freaked out by, JD or Benjy's. Richard said he thinks that Benjy would do some weird stuff to grow his. JD said he thinks that maybe Jason would try to fuck with him. He said he'd try to give him the nastiest booger ever. JD said he might go with Benjy after Gary convinced him.

    Jon said that Richard loves to watch good gay porn with JD. He asked if they get turned on at all. Richard said no. He said it's kind of a bonding thing that they do. He said he and JD used to watch it with Wood Yi in the same studio. He said they found that famous clip where the guy says ''You want to have some fun, I want to have some fun'' about 10 years ago. He said he and JD found that together. Gary asked what Wood Yi did. Richard said one time JD was busy and he asked Wood Yi to help him. He said he had his head down and he was shaking his head like ''What am I doing?'' JD said he would sit in the corner shaking his head at other times.

    JD said that he and Richard find it funny to watch that stuff. He said they still laugh at this one guy called Big Guy Jack. He said they can't play it on the air though because it's not so much audio.

    Jon played a clip of Hannibal Buress talking about porn with Howard. Jon asked if JD is distracted by the ads on porn. JD said you can't avoid some of them because they're so big. Gary said he gets a lot of the ads that say that the women are in your neighborhood and he's never seen anyone like that there.

    Jon asked if they ever get more excited by the ad than by the video. JD said he has. Jon asked Gary if most guys don't know those women aren't in their neighborhoods. Gary said of course not.

    Gary said he also looks at the comments section like Hannibal was talking about. He said he'll check the ratings of the videos too. He said he tries not to go below the 65 percent positive ratings. Gary said he doesn't want to just see some girl dancing around in front of a mirror. He asked who cares about that. The guys said someone must care. Jon asked Gary if there are any critics he follows. Gary said he doesn't do that. Gary said he has looked at interracial porn comments and they're really brutal.

    Jon said he thinks that Hannibal did really well in the studio this week. He said he talked about that Cosby thing and that takes some balls to talk about. Gary said that he grew up with Cosby and Hannibal probably isn't in that demographic. He said he was probably born when the Cosby show was ending so he doesn't give a shit.

  • Wrap Up Show - Phish Fan Interviews. 10/23/14. 10:40am
    Jon said he doesn't think that anything has stirred up people more than Howard talking about Phish fans. Gary said that he has to go to a board meeting tonight for Life Beat. He said one of the guys on the board is Phish's business manager. He said he can't wait to talk to that guy about what Howard said. Gary said so many people love bands that have a cult following. He said then they drop them once they become famous. Gary said that there are some fans that don't want Howard liking Phish.

    Steve Brandano said that he thinks that they have to mention what Phish does for their fans. He said that builds an importance to them. He said they do so many things with the audience in their shows. Steve said they do special shows and it makes the fans really into them and really passionate. Jon asked if it's like Jimmy Buffet in a way. Steve said not really.

    Gary said he knows a guy who is a big Phish fan and he said that he was laughing about what Howard was saying. He said that he still loves Howard and he loves the band and he knew that what Howard was going to do on the show is what happened.

    Jon took a call from a guy who said he wanted to talk about Phish. He said he's been a fan of Howard and Phish for 30 years. He said that he wanted Howard to like Phish and say they were cool. He said then he realized that it wasn't possible. Jon said he thinks that Sal wishes Howard was into KISS and he wishes he was more into Rush too. Gary said that people loved the Bill Murray interview and so many people liked that they love the same guy as Howard does. Gary said it can make you feel good.

    The caller said that his second point was this. He said the parallels between Howard and Phish's careers are uncanny. He said when Howard was ripping on Phish's lyrics he was thinking about how people have talked about Howard's voice not being so good. The caller was going on and on about the similarities that weren't really that similar. Steve said there is that connection with the audience though. He said that's what Phish has exemplified.

    Jon said Howard still eats fish. Steve said that they also don't screw the fans with the ticket prices. He said one price is all they get for the tickets no matter where you sit.

    Gary said maybe if he went to a show he'd like it better. He said you can't say you don't like something until you've tried it. Gary said he'd be afraid of going and running into their management. Gary said Howard didn't say that you should hate them and never see them. He said he's not vicious toward them.

    Jon said if Howard says he doesn't like your music then people will try to change him. Jon asked if they have ever had their minds changed over what Howard has said. JD said no. JD said Howard has his play list and he has his own.

    Gary said it would be much easier if he hated what Howard likes. He said that's not the case. Gary said that they have goofed on him for liking Steely Dan. He said they tell him they suck and they're the worst band. Gary said it's not fact, it's just opinion. They had to take a break a short time later.


  • Wrap Up Show - High Pitch And Elephant Boy. 10/23/14. 10:50am
    After the break Jon said he wanted to talk about High Pitch Eric and Fred the Elephant Boy. Jon said that some people thought that Eric won the battle but some thought that Fred would have won if he could have been understood.

    Jon said that some people think that Eric won't be able to lose the weight that he says he can. Gary said he thinks they should get the piano box ready for him. He said he thinks that he's very malleable and you can tell him something and he believes it. He said he doesn't think he has the ability to stick with it though.

    JD said if he had a cane he thinks he'd do whatever he had to do to get rid of it. He said Eric is talking about hitting people with his cane on the subway so he's not looking to get rid of it.

    Jon said that Fred has a job so it's different with him. Gary said that he's a fairly bright guy. He said he has a speech impediment and he can hold a conversation. Gary said he did an appearance once with Hank, Gary the Retard and Eric. He said he spent most of the time talking to Hank. He said he was able to have a conversation. He said with Eric it's a very circular conversation.

    Jon said he could talk sports with Medicated Pete all day. He said that he thinks that people don't' think Fred has a job but he has had one for many years.

    Jon asked Brett Larson from Howard 100 News if he thinks Eric can do the weight loss thing. Brett said he thinks he can follow through on it. He said he may be enjoying those free meals he's getting from the place that's supporting him.

    Gary said he had a friend who met Eric once and Eric talked him into writing him a check for his cable bill. He said his friend wrote that check and he's sure it never went to the cable. He said that's the ability that Eric has.

  • Wrap Up Show - William Shatner. 10/23/14. 10:55am
    Jon said William Shatner was also in this week. Gary said he's 82 years old. He said Star Trek was only on for a couple of seasons but the show just keeps going and going. Jon said that Shatner was talking about the Long Island Medium thing. He said that kind of validated Sal's thoughts on that. Jon asked JD if he understands why Shatner is thinking about that at his age. JD said he does. He wanted Jon to move on to other things. He said he doesn't want to talk about that stuff because it scares the shit out of him.

    Gary said he's listening to the Lena Dunham book. He said that she's been terrified of death since she was young. She said that she knows it's irrational to be that paranoid about death. JD said he's not sure why he has that fear but he does. Brett asked him if he almost drowned. JD said he did when he was young. Gary asked if that's the clip of him in Jamaica. JD said it's not. He said he was 4 or 5 and he was flailing around in the water because he didn't know how to swim. He said that he just remembers being in the pool and almost drowning.

    Gary said he almost drowned when hew as almost 25. JD said he had a fear of water so he never wanted to do it again. Jon asked if he has a fear of going in a pool now. JD said he has no desire to do it. Jon asked if he's okay in a bath tub. JD said he's fine.

    Jon asked JD if trying not to think about it makes him think about it more. JD said he doesn't know. Jon said he didn't know it was this extreme. He said Sal thinks there is something after this life. He said that must keep him going. Sal said it's reassuring to think there is something after death. He said he has a fear of dying too. He said knowing something is there for him after he dies is reassuring to him. He said if he dies then he knows he's going to a good place and that calms him down.

    Gary asked Sal if he'll be the guy grabbing at people and screaming. Sal said he will be that guy too. He said he hopes there is a good place he's going to when he does die. Sal said when JD has kids he'll be thinking more about them than his own mortality.

    Brett asked Sal if he would throw his arms up and pretend it's a roller coaster when it's going down. Sal said he thinks about being in a bouncy house with Gary the Retard when he's in turbulence on a plane. He said that calms him down. He said if you're flying you should try that and it will really help relieve some of your stress and fear.

    Jon asked Brett what they had coming up today. Brett ran down a list of the news stories they had coming up today on Howard 100 News. He mentioned a story about Bobo having problems with his wig down in the Florida humidity. He ran through a couple of other stories they had coming up and also mentioned Leiberman Live which is coming up at 4:45 this afternoon. The guys got in some plugs and they ended the show around 11:05am.

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    • Wrap Up Show - Wolfie's Phish Interviews. 10/20/14. 11:00am
    • Email, Today's Guests And More. 10/21/14. 6:00am
    • Wolfie At The Gathering Of The Juggalos. 10/21/14. 6:10am
    • Hannibal Buress Visits. 10/21/14. 6:40am
    • Hanzi Calls In, Howard Plays A Booey Bomb. 10/21/14. 7:35am
    • William Shatner Visits. 10/21/14. 8:00am
    • Wendy Williams Clips And More. 10/21/14. 8:45am
    • Robin's News. 10/21/14. 9:05am
    • Wrap Up Show - Hannibal Buress And Sal Talks About Mediums. 10/21/14. 10:20am
    • Wrap Up Show - Michael Rapaport Sits In. 10/21/14. 10:40am
    • Wrap Up Show - Wolfie Interviews And More. 10/21/14. 11:05am
    • Robin Records Beth's Audio Book. 10/22/14. 6:00am
    • Leiberman Live Clips And Some Phone Calls. 10/22/14. 6:10am
    • Angry Dad Yells At Son Who Deleted Angry Birds. 10/22/14. 6:25am
    • Howie Mandel Visits. 10/22/14. 6:40am
    • Eric Andre Visits. 10/22/14. 7:55am
    • Viagra Discussions. 10/22/14. 9:00am
    • Robin's News. 10/22/14. 9:25am
    • Wrap Up Show - Eric Andre. 10/22/14. 10:15am
    • Wrap Up Show - Bobo, Viagra And More. 10/22/14. 10:45am
    • Wrap Up Show - Ronnie's Strip Club Show. 10/22/14. 10:55am
    • Wrap Up Show - The Richard Christy Game. 10/23/14. 10:05am
    • Wrap Up Show - JD And Richard's Gay Porn Viewing. 10/23/14. 10:30am
    • Wrap Up Show - Phish Fan Interviews. 10/23/14. 10:40am
    • Wrap Up Show - High Pitch And Elephant Boy. 10/23/14. 10:50am
    • Wrap Up Show - William Shatner. 10/23/14. 10:55am

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