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-- Friday, August 17, 2018 --

  • Friday Replay Show. 08/17/18. 7:00am
    Here's what they played on today's replay show:

  • JD's Bachelor Party. 08/17/18. 7:00am
    First on today's replay show they played JD's bachelor party. Here's my rundown:

    JD's Bachelor Party - Memory Lane. 08/15/18. 8:30am
    After the break Howard came right back and started the JD bachelor party with a song parody about JD loving ass. Howard asked Robin to dance with that. Robin said she was. Fred was playing the horn of happiness so Howard asked him to stop that.

    Howard said they have a bunch of guys in there. He said that Fred is there and the last time he was at a bachelor party he was making out with a guy. Fred said that was in 1994. Howard said Sal is there. Ronnie is there. He said Sal isn't allowed to go to bachelor parties. Sal said this is JD's future. Howard said that Jason is there too. He said Will is there and he's like JD's best friend. Will said he's good at calling him fat. Howard asked if he's his best friend. Will said no. Howard said Jon Hein is but he's not even there. He said they didn't invite Jon to the party.

    Howard said JD is on Xanax for his bachelor party. Howard said he can see that nothing is bothering him and he likes it when things bother him. JD said things will bother him. Ronnie said he didn't take anything the night of the there ''blachelor party.''

    Howard said Jon Hein is part of the best ass contest. He said that's why he's not in there. He said no one from the show is invited to the wedding. Ronnie said he's insulted by that. Howard said he's so happy that no one from the show is going. He said he gets pissed when people invite him. Ronnie said he was invited and then not invited. Howard said it's not that big of a deal. JD said it wasn't an official invite. Ronnie said it was a save the date and then don't come. Howard said he thought he wanted to be best man or something. Ronnie said he's known this guy since he was a kid. JD said he's sorry. Ronnie said fuck you, fuckin' prick.

    Howard said he'll give the best man speech today. He said that JD has been there for a long time. JD said he started in 2003 in January. JD did the math for Howard and said that's 15 years. Robin said that JD described his love for Jon Hein and it sounded as bad as his vows. JD said he and Jon both get along and they have the same sense of humor. He said they just get along.

    Howard said he thought they'd take a walk down memory lane with JD. He said they have some guests from his past coming in. He said they'll bring in 4 women to show off their asses later too. He said that they watched JD grow up on the air.

    Howard said when they first met JD he was an intern there. Ronnie said he was very quiet and shy. Howard said Ronnie befriended him from the start. Ronnie said he was very skinny. Will said he creeped out the other interns. He said he was writing a movie about an axe murder and the other interns thought that it was based on his own life.

    Howard said JD was in love with one of their interns and Robin was the one who suggested he change his name to JD. Howard played a clip from that day when they changed it to JD from Jamie.

    Howard said changing his name didn't help get that girl. Will said that girl was beautiful too. He said that he should have shot lower. Jason said he had a lot against him back then. He said he had bad breath and they had to talk to him about that.

    Howard said JD lost his virginity at the age of... JD said it was 25. Robin sounded shocked by that. Howard said he lost it to a former webcam girl. Howard said that was in December of 2005. He said that he spent more than $10,000 on porn on the web. Howard said what JD admitted to on the air once was pretty bad. He played a clip of JD talking about this girl having a dog lick her pussy once. Howard said he has to start that again. Will asked how that's not a crime. JD said he didn't do anything. Howard replayed the clip. JD was talking about how wrong it was when she did it. Howard said he really is a bad ass.

    Howard said they found out he used the screen name ''DABA'' to stay anonymous. He said that's when they found out what it stands for. It was ''Da Bad Ass.'' Howard played that clip and everyone was cracking up when they heard that name.

    Howard said they learned that he liked a girl named Kissyfur. Howard said they got them on the air to reenact their online chats. Howard played a clip of that. They had JD talking to her and asking if she wanted it hard.

    Howard let the clip play but JD yelled in the background ''How long is this clip?'' Ronnie said Sal just blew a load. Jason said there wasn't one stammer in that clip. Howard said when he's on a cam he speaks the king's English. He said there are so many other things.

    Howard said he has to get to some of the phone calls. He said they sent JD to Jamaica to party with some porn stars. He said he was supposed to call in live while he had sex. He said three porn stars tried to jerk him off and he wasn't able to get off. Howard said on the phone he has Annie Cruz who was there that day. Howard said hi to Annie who said that was 12 years ago. JD said that was so long ago. He said it had nothing to do with her. He said she was one of the hottest ones there. Howard asked Annie to take them back. Annie said there was one other girl there. She said she thought it was Shy Love and another girl. JD said his memory is that it was Shy Love holding the phone and his dick. He said he was trying to get there but he has the phone in his face and he wasn't able to get it up.

    Howard asked Annie if she was shocked that day. Annie said she was kind of. She said she understood why he had issues. She said even now when she hooks up with someone they get intimidated by her. JD said she is very tough and intimidating. He said that he wasn't able to get it up and he felt bad about it.

    Howard asked if Annie is still in the business. She said she's working in marketing now. He said she quit the business about 3 years ago. Howard said she's the woman who squirted in Gary's eye too. He said she's famous for that. Annie said she remembers that one. Gary said he was mic'ing that and no one has ever done that to him. He said it was insane. Annie laughed. Gary said it was like a chainsaw with a bunch of tongues on it and she came when he leaned into it to get closer audio. Gary asked if she's healthy. He said that's all he cares about. Annie said she's good.

    Robin asked if she's still able to be with men. Annie said sure. she said it was tough for her to date for a while. She said that they can't handle her because of what she used to do. She said that she had some relationships that lasted a decent amount of time and then she'd be single. She said she's kind of seeing someone now and she's quite happy now. Howard said she has a show on SiriusXM. He said it's called the Dirtiest Girl in the World on Vivid Radio on channel 415 at 4pm on Mondays. Howard said he didn't even know the channels went that high.

    Howard asked if Annie has any advice for JD. She said that communication is key. The guys said ''Uh oh...'' JD told them to shut up.

    Howard asked how long Annie worked on JD. JD said it was a few minutes. He said they just gave up. He said nothing was going to happen. Howard said he heard she got Carpel Tunnel from it. Ronnie asked why he didn't get off when they hung up. JD said they were all done after they hung up. He said they weren't that into him.

    JD's Bachelor Party - JD's Brother Jason Calls In. 08/15/18. 8:55am
    Howard asked if it was like pulling taffy. Annie laughed. Howard thanked her for the call and said he wants to move on. He gave her another plug and let her go.

    Howard said that was the woman who pulled on JD's dick for a few minutes. Howard said the guy who has been in his life longest is JD's brother Jason. Howard said they never think of JD and his brother. He said that he is close to him. JD said they were closer when they were younger. He said he's a younger brother. He said they don't live in the same city. He said they text more than talk.

    Howard took the call from Jason Harmeyer who sounded kind of like JD. Howard welcomed him to the show. Howard asked if JD was a good brother. Jason said he was a good brother. He said as he's gotten older he's been there for him. He said he's just a great guy. Howard said he loves him. He asked him to tell them about his younger years. He asked if JD picked on him. Jason said yes and no. He said he had different ways of messing with him. He said they were big into WWE wrestling and JD would randomly put him in his place that way.

    Howard said he is way more articulate than JD. He said that he was expecting him to sound just like JD. Jason said he is extremely nervous right now. He said he didn't take Xanax but he would love to. Howard asked if they shared a room. Jason said they shared a room for quite a while. Howard asked if he was aware of JD jerking off at all. Jason said not at all. He said there are certain tones they get in that mood and a brother shouldn't have to hear that.

    Howard asked Jason if it's difficult to have a world famous brother like JD. He asked if he's jealous at all. Jason said not really. He said that people may seek him out for certain things. He said he was hanging with JD at a show once and then JD went off with Ryan Phillippe and left him on his own. Jason said it's not a bad thing. Howard asked why Jason can't hang out with Ryan. Jason said Ryan has no idea who he is. Howard said maybe in some ways JD has gone Hollywood. Jason said well... He said there is some name dropping here and there. JD asked when he does that. Jason said he does it here and here. JD asked what names. Jason said he mentioned Horatio Sanz and Guillermo Del Toro. JD said he did get a tweet from David Spade once and he showed it to his brother.

    Howard asked Jason if he had any dreams of being a star like JD. Jason said they both went to Full Sail and he was into writing and editing. He said he didn't want to be a director. Robin said they could have been The Harmeyer Brothers. JD said the thoughts were there but they didn't do it. Jason said they did writ something together in school but nothing since then.

    Howard asked if Jason had to step in to help his brother out in school. Jason said not necessarily. JD said he was in the drama club and Jason got big in it after him. Howard asked if Jason was better with the girls. Jason said maybe a little better. He said he lost his virginity at 23. Jason Kaplan asked if it was with a regular girl or a cam girl. Jason said it was with a regular girl.

    Howard asked if Jason is going to the wedding. Jason said if this phone call goes okay then yes. He said he doesn't want to step on any toes of anyone there. Howard said no one else is invited. Howard said none of the guys are going to the wedding.

    Howard asked Ronnie if he has ever met Jason. Ronnie said never. Howard said he's impressed with the way he speaks compared to JD. Jason Kaplan said they look similar but they don't speak the same. JD said that Jason is also thinner than him.

    Howard asked if Jason has met the fiancee. Jason said yes. He said he's seen her 3 or 4 times. Howard asked if he's upset with the lack of closeness with his brother. Jason said that it's tough living in different places. They used to live together and Jason said that JD was clean back then. He said maybe he wasn't so clean himself. He said that he never had any issues with JD when he lived with him.

    Howard asked if he is shocked by JD's weight gain. Jason said he's not alarmed but he does remember seeing him at a family gathering and JD said something about hitting 35 and it hits you.

    Howard said this is a fascinating story. He said that they're there celebrating JD's upcoming nuptials. He said that Jason must be surprised that JD got a girl. Jason said he is a little surprised. Howard asked if he thinks it will last. Jason said yes. Howard asked if he is father material or is he too damaged. Jason said he thinks he'd make a good dad. He said that he did hear those tapes they played but he can still have fun. He said JD can't teach it nothing so he'd have to send it to a good school.

    Howard asked what the most annoying thing was about JD. Jason said he thinks that he was very particular about certain things. He said he had to do things in a certain order. He said that was kind of annoying. Jason said it was very routine.

    Howard asked if there was any discussion about JD maybe having autism. Jason said that they did not and it only came up on the show recently. He said he did rock back and forth when he was younger. He said that still happens.

    Howard wrapped up with Jason and said he hopes he enjoys the wedding. Jason said he still has to find a suit. JD told him to hurry up. Robin asked if JD tells him who his favorite guy on the staff is. JD said he knows he hangs out with Ronnie and Jon a bit. Jason Kaplan asked who he doesn't like. Jason said he doesn't know. JD said he doesn't really talk about that stuff with him. Jason said that he wouldn't know who half the people are if he told him everything about the show.

    The guys asked JD if he knows who is marrying them yet. JD said he knows it's a woman. He knows they're going to some place.

    Will said that JD knows things about Jon Hein that he likes but he can't come up with stuff about his own fiancee. JD said he doubts himself a lot. Howard said these are his friends giving him a hard time. He said he's sure Jason is glad he doesn't work there.

    Howard thanked Jason for participating in the show. He said they're going to get the women in there with big asses. He asked Jason if he's into that too. Jason said he doesn't mind it. Howard let Jason go and said he's kind of disappointed that he sounds so normal. He said that guy has his shit together. Robin said they hired the wrong guy. Jason Kaplan said they actually hired the right one.

    The guys were still shocked that no one from the show is going to be at the wedding. Howard said Ronnie should be there. Ronnie said he would never go now. He said fuck no. Will said he's going to regret it. JD said he doesn't think so.

    Howard said they heard from the girl who rubbed his dick and from his brother. Howard said they have someone there for him. He said they learned that JD used to cum into his t-shirts and things like that. Then they learned that he only washed his sheets once a year. He said they have JD's unwashed bed sheets there. They had a guy (The Lump/Mike Trainor) come in as his sheets. He came in and said he has a low thread count and a high sperm count. JD told him he didn't want to look at him. JD's sheets was talking about how they used to roll around together in the hot weather and things like that. He said he would cum all over him and not wash him. He said JD didn't wash himself either so they were a perfect fit. He said they were two disgusting things. JD's Sheets said they had a three way with the pillow. He said he thinks the pillow killed itself. He said that he has to remember back in the day about the dog licking the peanut butter. JD told him to shut up.

    Howard said please don't get too close to Robin. He said he doesn't want her getting pregnant. Howard asked the guys to get a shot of the sheets costume because they had all kinds of JD jokes on it.

    Howard let JD's sheets go after that. JD asked him not to touch him. Howard said he just molested JD.

    JD's Bachelor Party - Ronnie's Poem And Sal's Toast. 08/15/18. 9:15am
    Howard said he's going to turn the ceremony over to Ronnie who has a poem to read. Howard had him do that a short time later. Ronnie read his poem about JD and what it was like when they met for the first time 15 years ago. He was talking about his bowl hair cut and how it looked like Drek. Howard asked if this took hours to write. Ronnie said it did.

    Howard had Ronnie read more. Ronnie read this long poem/story about JD going to strip clubs and things like that. Ronnie went through the history of JD and how he got into wanting a relationship and things like that.

    Howard asked if Fred Ronnie has a poem for JD. Fred did his Ronnie impression and read a quick one about cumming in his fiancee's face. He had a couple of others that the guys were applauding.

    Howard took a call from a guy who said he's having such a great time with this. Howard said just wait until they bring the girls in. He said they have 4 ladies who have asses like JD likes. JD said he has seen their work so they will be nice.

    Howard said the girls are going to clap their ass. Jason said he asked JD what a girl's ass has to do and he said clapping is one of the important things. JD said that's a sign of a talented ass.

    Howard said now Sal is going to toast JD. Sal said he's going to give a nice toast for JD. He went right into roast mode and started telling jokes about JD. He told a few jokes about his weight and about how his fiancee won't admit to dating him because just look at him. He said Nicole Brown Simpson made a better choice. He said JD looks like a bloated Charlie Chan. Howard said he may want to take another Xanax. Sal wished that his first child be a mumbling, masculine child.

    Howard said that was beautiful. JD said that was very nice. Howard said they're going to do JD's favorite ass moment next. He said they have the girls coming in next. The guys all cheered. Ronnie cheered the loudest. Ronnie said lets get this shit started. Howard said this is the greatest. Robin said this is a good bachelor party. She said she's not sure what she missed with the other one.

    Howard said Ronnie is just about purple from being so excited. He said they're going to get the girls in there. Ronnie was going nuts. Howard said the girls are going to do 3 things for JD. He said they're going to twerk and clap with their buttocks. Ronnie was still going nuts. He said one of the girls was his hot chick of the week. He said that she has an ass that doesn't quit. Howard asked what he would do to her. Ronnie said forget about it. He said he'd be right in that asshole. Howard asked with his penis or mouth. Ronnie said it doesn't matter.

    Howard said the girls are also going to let him smack their asses. JD said he'll do that. He said he's ready. Jason said that one of the girls wants him to worship her ass. Howard said when they get back they will see some old school style action in there. They went to break after that.

    Artie Lange - Wanna Bet?: A Degenerate Gambler's Guide to Living on the Edge

  • JD's Bachelor Party - Part 2. 08/17/18. 8:00am
    Next on today's replay show they played more of JD's bachelor party. Here's my rundown:

    JD's Bachelor Party - Big Ass Girls For JD. 08/15/18. 9:35am
    After the break Howard came right back and had a message from Paul Feig for JD. He played that for JD and then brought in the first girl for JD. The first one to come in was webcam model Ginger Banks. Howard spent a few minutes talking to Ginger about stuff she's done in porn. Ginger told Howard about a guy she had who was really big and she had to take it down her throat. She said it just isn't something that's enjoyable forever. She said that she has a G-spot that's pretty big so he can get off with a guy who is smaller. She said she kind of likes taking a guy's dick that can hit the back of her throat. She said she had bulemia and the cam work actually helped her out with that.

    Howard said that it's amazing that it cured her. Ginger said she saw people liking her fat ass and it helped. Robin said she doesn't even have a fat ass. JD said it's a nice ass. Ginger said that she doesn't do anything with her ass. She said she just got lucky with the genes.

    Howard asked Ginger about how she had accused Ron Jeremy of being inappropriate with her. Ginger said she was asking about stuff and she heard from a lot of people that Ron gropes people. She said that it's not when you just take a picture with him though. She said all she did was consolidate the evidence of him doing it and she let people decide. She said she isn't saying anything that's not true so she's not going to get in trouble for that. she said one of her good friends had an issue with him so she had to do something about it.

    Howard asked Ronnie if he still has a boner. Ronnie said he was still having a good time. Howard said Ginger is going to Twerk for JD. She said she's going to clap her ass for him and asked him to put the mic right there for her. She went right into it and Howard said that's crazy. He said that he wants to quiet the room down and hear it again. Ginger did it again and Howard said he couldn't do that. Robin said he has a pretty flabby ass too. Howard asked when she realized she could do that. Ginger said she did it accidentally and realized she can do it.

    Howard said Ginger has a full bush too. He said he likes it shaved but she's got a full bush. Ginger said the part you mess with is shaved. She said it's just hair up above. Howard said that she is now going to do a twerk. Howard asked her to describe what that is. She said it's basically just shaking your ass to a song. Howard had Ginger do that next. Ronnie said he was waiting to find out if she was going to be topless but he didn't have to ask.

    Howard said that was amazing. JD said he thinks he can declare a winner. He said that's not leaving his mind any time soon.

    Howard gave Ginger a plug and said follow her on Twitter. Ronnie said he does. He said she has a video where this guy knocks on her door. Ginger said she did a boy girl webcam thing and someone knocked on her door. JD said she did one where she masturbated next to her sister in bed. Ginger said she sleeps next to her sister. She said it's her real sister. Ronnie liked that too. Robin said Ronnie is out of control. Howard asked if Ronnie is okay. He was cracking up and unable to talk. Howard asked what he's laughing about. Ronnie said he's having a party. JD said her sister has a great ass too.

    Howard thanked Ginger for doing her thing and moved on to Kendra Sunderland. Howard said that Kendra went on a date with Medicated Pete last year. Kendra said that they thought something else was going to happen but nothing has. she said that she keeps in touch with him and Pete comes to see her. She said that when she's in Pittsburgh he always comes out to see her. She said he's a sweet guy. Howard said Pete must have a lot of feelings for her. JD said she made quite an impression on him last year too. Ronnie was into her too of course. Ronnie said his glasses are fogging up from her. Howard said Ronnie really loves this. Ronnie said this is the real world here. Howard asked Sal if he's going to get in trouble too. Sal said he won't get in trouble for this.

    Howard read about how Kendra got in trouble for masturbating in her school's library. Kendra said it was months later that she got in trouble when someone posted it. Gary said you can see people in there reading books and she's kind of jerking off there. Howard asked if she was nervous about that. Kendra said she just does things and doesn't think about it. She said she wasn't worried about it. Howard said Kendra has resigned from the porn industry but she's still making her own stuff. She said she's only doing her own projects and only things she wants to. She said she went to Greece and had sex on a beach. She said that's harder than you think. She said that sand is everywhere and people were all over the place too. She said they were saying they were doing a photo shoot but then she did a blow job and people knew it was more than that.

    Jason said that her videos for Black are out of control. He said she is so hot and committed to those guys. She said that it's huge cocks. Kendra said she has had sex with Mandingo and Dread. She said they are the biggest guys. She said that they're so big they can't get the whole dick in there. Howard said he would love that. Robin said no he wouldn't. Howard said he's tired of being laughed at when he pulls his pants down. He said he'd rather have them fear him.

    Howard asked if her vagina looks different after a big cock is in there. Kendra said she's not sure. She had a Fleshlight for JD that was made from a mould of her vagina. JD thanked her for that.

    Howard asked Kendra about how the porn shoots go and if she ever gets worn out. Kendra said she does. She told Howard the position they put her in is tough. She said she has to shake her tits so that gets tiring.

    Howard said it's time for her to do her thing. Kendra said she can bounce her tits and ass at the same time. JD said that's a good girl. JD said that his glasses are fogging up now too. Howard said she is a beautiful woman. He asked Robin what she thinks about this. Robin said this part is disturbing. Ronnie asked why that is. Robin said she's not going to talk to him.

    Howard said next up is Raven Hart. JD said he likes a shorter woman like that. JD said that she would be right up there in the club. Robin asked why he wasn't able to describe what he likes. JD said he didn't want to do it in the wrong way. He said she's being a buzz kill. Howard said she just got into it 2 years ago. Raven said it was only a year and a half ago. She said she was a dominatrix and before that she was a dancer and on webcam. She said she knew some friends in the industry and they sent her info to Brazzers and they hired her for two shoots and there she is.

    Howard asked Raven about being a bisexual and if she prefers one over the other. Raven said she likes both equally. She said she has a boyfriend and a girlfriend. Jason said JD has a full learn right now. JD said he's been learning at everyone. Howard asked how old she was when she had a man for the first time. She said she was 15 and the guy was 16. She said she was 18 when she was with a woman for the first time. She said that her friend put a move on her and they shared her bed. She said that they started out kissing and then other things. Howard asked if she was shocked she enjoyed it. Raven said not at all.

    Howard asked if she can clap her ass or anything. Raven said no but she had her panties for JD to take off. They had JD go in and take them out of her ass. Howard gave her some plugs and also gave Kendra her plugs because he had forgotten about that.

    Howard said that they're down to their last woman now. He said JD is getting quite the bachelor party. Ronnie said they have another hour. Howard said they have to get to news. Ronnie said fuck it. Howard asked if Fred is fun at a party. Fred said these women are all gorgeous and he's not sure how JD is holding it together.

    Howard said next up is Richelle Ryan. JD knew of her. He said he knows her from work and that he's in a fantasy football league with her. She didn't even know that. JD said he's well aware of her ass. Howard asked if men go wild for her ass. Richelle said they do. She said the booty drives them crazy. She said she's Italian and she was blessed. Ronnie said he knows her too. He said he saw her at the exotic dancer awards. He said they'll be seeing each other soon. Ronnie said Robin is all upset about this. Sal said she's upset with Ronnie.

    Howard said that they're going to learn a bit about Richelle. He said she's been in porn. Richelle said she goes way back. She said that she's been in it 12 years. She said she loves it. Howard asked how many films she's been in. She said about 250. Howard said her specialty is MILF. She said she plays the mom or horny cougar. She said it's a lot of step son and things like that. Howard asked Richelle about the step mom porn since that's the kind of thing he watches. He asked her how a scene might go and acted one out with her.

    Howard asked Richelle about being with younger guys and older guys. She said older guys ask too many questions. Ronnie asked what the hell she's talking about. Richelle said that the younger guys want to get in and out like she does. She said that she just took a guy's virginity a couple of months ago. She said that he was 25 and a friend of her's. she said she could tell he wanted it so they went out and hung out and then she brought him up and ripped his clothes off. Howard said he reminds him of Mother Theresa but with bigger tits. Howard asked if guys act inappropriately with her. She said oh yes. She said Ronnie probably has. Robin said now she's talking.

    Howard asked if Richelle can do the clapping thing with her ass. She said of course. Howard asked her to do that for JD. She did it but it wasn't making noise. JD said it moves fine. Howard asked if she can give JD a dance. JD asked if he can spank. Richelle said sure. JD said god bless. Howard had Fred play some music and JD did his spanking thing while she danced for him. Richelle had some gifts for him too. JD told her to get out of there before something happens.

    Howard said it seems like this would take you out of the marriage thing. JD said that it's not and he loves his fiancee. Richelle said that she has a fantasy football connection with JD. JD said he was talking about the connection he has with his wife.

    Howard gave Richelle some plugs and took a call from Bobo who said he's loving this. He said he can't wait to see the video on the app. Howard said he's sure they'll have it up soon. He said everyone loves the app. Bobo told JD to have a great wedding.

    Howard said he's not sure how to decide who wins. He said that they all do very well. Howard said he's going to give one $500 cash thanks to Quip toothbrushes. He asked JD to pick his favorite. He said look at the four of them. JD said he had a sash to put on the winner. Howard wished them all luck. Jason said he thinks that the girl who put her ass out the most was Ginger. Howard said it's JD who picks the winner though. Ginger clapped her ass for them again. Howard asked if Robin can do that. Robin said no.

    Ronnie picked Ginger to win too. Sal said he wants to pick one too. Howard asked what he has to say. Sal said that ''We are! (the winners)''

    Howard asked JD what he thinks. JD said he knows this girl's work and he's seen her a lot. He said he's seen this ass for a long time. He said it's just so thick and circular. He said it's Richelle Ryan. Howard said wow. She kissed JD and Howard asked if he wanted to make a speech. Richelle said that she put a lot of work into working out and eating oatmeal and steak. She said that she started to get it around the age of 21. Howard asked if she was shocked. She said she was pretty much. Howard said they're all talented. JD said he loves all of them.

    Howard gave everyone their plugs and started to wrap up. The girls all had gifts for JD that they mentioned. Howard thanked the girls for coming in. He asked JD if he has anything to add. JD thanked Howard and everyone else for what they did for him.

    Howard took a call from fake JD's fiancee who said she's moving her stuff out right now. She said that she just realized she's going to marry JD. She said no hard feelings but take care mumbly JD. Howard said he's sure she'll have a new boyfriend in days. He let her go and went to break a short time later. - As Seen on Howard Stern

  • City Council Meetings. 08/17/18. 8:50am
    Next on today's replay show they played a segment where Howard played some city council meeting clips. Here's my rundown:

    Omarosa Manigault's Secret Recordings. 08/13/18. 10:00am
    After the break Howard came right back and said he loves that name Omarosa Manigault. He did an Italian voice saying the name. He said it sounds like something they'd serve at a pizzeria. He said that he likes that she wrote a book about Trump and then he gives her a job in the administration and now Trump hates her. Robin said that he tweeted that she's a low life. Robin said she was thinking that she was that when he hired her. Howard said he wants to compliment Omarosa Manigault on one thing. He said that woman made secret tapes that sound so perfect. He said that the tapes she made with General Kelly were perfect. He said you're not even supposed to have recording devices in there. Robin said their tapes are like government tapes. Howard said no one on Meet the Press asked her how she recorded. He said this morning she played tape of Trump talking to her and it's high level tape. He said it's better quality than their phony phone calls.

    Howard said he has the tape to play. He said now Donald is calling her wacky and saying that she will never make it. He read what Trump said about her and how everyone hated her there. Howard asked why he hired her if that's the case. Howard said she just said she liked him.

    Howard read more of what Trump said and wondered why he'd admit to that stuff. Howard said that Gary told him that Trump claimed he knew nothing about her being fired. Gary said she said that they told her that she was fired and Trump acted like he was mad about it but he didn't try to keep her there. Howard said that would be like him firing Gary and then acting surprised when he calls him. Howard said he has to hear this.

    Howard played the clip of Trump talking to Omarosa asking what happened. He told her that he doesn't love her leaving at all. Howard said Trump told her that in the tape and told her that she works for him and not the president. Howard had some of the audio of Omarosa talking to General Kelly. Howard said that's pretty good tape. He said she's like Omarosa the engineer. He said she's another whacko running around being his friend and then betraying him. Howard said the tapes don't lie though. Howard said Gary told him she had a whole mixing board under her dress.

    City Council Meeting Clips. 08/13/18. 10:05am
    Howard said maybe they should start news. He said he has so many things to play though. He said that he has four tapes to play from 4 city council meetings. He said people get up and speak at them. He said they're known to be boring. He said that sometimes a citizen will liven things up. He said this guy was from Lawrence Kansas. He said he was making a plea for genital massages to be legal. Howard played the clip and this guy Chris Flowers got up and made the plea for genital massages and prostitution to be legalized. He had a story of smoking laced pot and how that doesn't happen now that it's legalized in Colorado. He said that if they had legal prostitution then they'd be able to stop sex trafficking.

    Howard said that was an interesting meeting. Chris was going on and on in the tape. Howard said wrap it up already. He said that he's going on and on. He kept playing the clip though. Howard said that he likes that he pauses when he's embarrassed about a word. He said just give hand jobs a chance. He said he's like the Martin Luther King of hand jobs.

    Howard said he's all for the legalization of hand jobs but he's not going to city hall to fight for that. He said that it might make you a pariah in the community. Howard played more of Chris' speech and he just on and on.

    Howard said he has other wacky clips. He said two comedians went to a city council meeting and they posed as surfer brothers. He said they testified against the city cracking down on house parties. Howard played the clip and one of the guys called himself Chad Kroeger which is the name of the lead singer of Nickelback. Howard said that's funny. The guys were talking about house parties and the crackdown on them in the city. They cut him off and then his buddy got up to defend house parties in the Hollywood hills. He was talking about the party crackdown and went on for a couple of minutes. The city council let him speak for a short time before cutting him off and welcoming them to Bill and Ted's excellent adventure.

    Howard said that they have to do more bits like that. He said Benjy once did one. He said he went to the port authority about toll hikes. He said that he did the speech from Footloose. Howard played some audio of Benjy doing his thing. He got up and read the speech from Footloose. Howard said this is proof that no one listens to what's going on because it had nothing to do with toll hikes. Howard said they don't even shut Benjy down. He said the city council voted to let Benjy dance. He said he could use some dancing.

    Howard said he didn't even know he was a Footloose fan. He played more of his speech and Benjy went on for a few minutes with that ridiculous speech. No one was catching on. Howard said they figured they'd catch on but they never did. He played more of the speech and someone said ''amen'' at the end. Howard said he got all the way through it and didn't make a difference. He said that's awesome.

    Robin said that was a little fun with city council meetings. He did a live commercial read and went to break after that.


  • Panel: Sal's Colonoscopy. 08/17/18. 9:15am
    Next on today's replay show they played a segment where Howard talked about Sal's colonoscopy. Here's my rundown:

    Staff Panel - Sal's Colonoscopy, Richard Christy And More. 08/14/18. 8:10am
    After the break Howard came right back and said he has a big crew in there. He said that they are going to clear out the computer with the guys. He said he has Gary, Richard, Brent, JD, Ronnie, Shuli and Memet in there. He said they're going to go through some material and Gary is going to go first.

    Howard asked Gary what he's got. Gary said Sal went to get a colonoscopy. He said Sal took his laxatives and taped himself shitting. Howard said he has heard a little bit of this but he can't listen for long.

    Howard played a second of the tape and had to stop. Gary said Sal was late to the appointment. He said he went to sleep and he was farting a lot. Shuli was the one who recorded this so he talked to him about that. Shuli said that Sal claimed he couldn't stop shitting and there was construction near his house. He said the doctor was done and he was told to go in. Howard said this is Sal asleep from the anesthesia. He was farting in his sleep. Howard played the clip and Sal was snoring. Shuli said everything was going fine but he's farting a lot in his sleep. He played a clip of Sal farting. Howard said that was liquid.

    Howard said when he went to his colonoscopy he had a tampon under his ass. He said liquid does come out. Howard said that's so gross. He said when you come out of the anesthesia the truth comes out. Gary said Sal had a lot to say about him. He said that he said that he trusts him the least on the staff. Sal trusts Richard the most. Sal was really out of it talking to Shuli as he was coming out of it.

    Sal came in and said he doesn't remember any of that. He said he remembers seeing Shuli and the other doctor but not talking about that. He said he's standing by his answers though. Shuli said that this nurse walked in and woke him up in the middle of his sleep. He said he was trying to be quiet in there.

    Howard played a clip of Shuli asking if Sal would save Howard or Richard if he had to save just one. Sal said don't get mad but he'd save Richard. Sal blasted out another fart. Sal said he'd save Richard because he thinks Howard would be miserable stuck with him. Howard said that's true. He said he gave Sal a job. Howard asked if he has met Richard's baby yet. Sal said not yet. He said it's 9 months old. Richard said not many have. He said Sal is welcome to come over at any time. Howard said he should invite him over to meet the kid. Howard said Richard has no social graces. He said you don't learn that growing up on the farm.

    Shuli said that he's very nervous about bringing the kid anywhere. Richard said there's a hand, foot and mouth thing going around the city. Howard asked what that is. Richard said it's spread around by other kids. Howard said he's not taking any chances. Ronnie said he took his kid to a bar. Richard said they went to a barbecue place that had a bar. The guys told him that's a bar.

    Howard asked Richard why he's not afraid of his wife taking the kid out jogging. Richard said he's not touching other kids out there. Howard said he sees some moms out there crying and the moms ignore it. Richard said they take him home or feed him with a bottle if he starts crying.

    Howard asked if they have had a babysitter yet. Richard said they haven't and they never will. He said only his wife's mom will watch him. He said they have only put their son in the car when the came home from the hospital. Howard said who knew Richard would bring a kid up like that.

    Howard said he learned something very disturbing about Richard. He said that he has a part of his body that's rotting and he has to have surgery. Howard said he doesn't know what part of him it is so they're going to make a game out of it. Howard asked who wants to take a guess. He said that he's rotting away somewhere and he has to have surgery. Howard said he has no idea what it is. He said it could be anything. He said he thinks it might be his foot. Brent said it could be his toe. Shuli said it could be a tooth. Robin said it could be his coccyx.

    Howard said Richard is an alcoholic. He said it could have something to do with that. Richard said he has gotten way better with his drinking. Howard asked if he is an alcoholic. Richard said no. He said that he has stopped drinking for only a full week in the past year. Howard said he has tape of Richard calling Will and saying gay stuff to him. He said that he's never done that himself.

    Howard played the clip of Richard talking to Will in a voicemail and saying all kinds of things about him being a sexy bitch and stuff like that. Howard said he's flirting with him. Richard said he is a hot guy.

    Howard said Richard called Will instead of a woman. He said Richard is gay. Richard said JD is hot but not Will hot. Howard played more of his voicemail where Richard was getting all creepy with Will. Howard asked if Richard can imagine him jerking Will off. He said maybe a boner fight. Richard said that would be funny. He said that makes him laugh. Howard asked if Sal is jealous. Sal said absolutely.

    Howard said they took the drunken Richard tapes and called a guy selling a mower. Howard played the phony phone call where they had Richard selling a mower and talking to the guy all drunk. They had Richard pissing all over his shirt and those things he told Will about.

    Howard said he loves that guy on the phone. Sal said he was so sweet. Howard played a song parody about Richard's drinking.

    Howard said he has to take a break and then get to Richard's rotting body. He went to break after that.


  • News & Sharknado. 08/17/18. 9:45am
    Next on today's replay show they played a segment where Howard read some news and talked about Benjy in Sharknado. Here's my rundown:

    Church Abuse, Sam Smith's Trouble And More. 08/15/18. 7:00am
    Howard started the show talking about how he didn't know they were on because he was reading the paper. He said he was just doing his job. He said he was reading about the catholic church covering up over 1000 cases of sexual abuse. He said these are the people who scream about gays being perverts and not letting them get married. He said the hypocrisy is out there. He said it's even worse than that. He said there should be another word for it other than hypocrisy. Robin said she thought about the good priest who is now embarrassed. Howard said it's a weird occupation. He said you have to not get married and be in a relationship with imaginary Jesus. He said they want you to devote your life to the church. He said that's going to attract pedophiles. He said they molest children since that's who they're around all the time. He said the guy is wearing a special outfit so he's supposed to be some guy you can trust. He said on top of that they tell you that gay people are the devil and they don't deserve happiness. Robin said they value the church more than the lives of those kids.

    Howard said if he was the pope he'd just say he's had enough. He said just go get married and you can be a priest. He said problem solved. Robin asked why you have to be unmarried. Howard said the church used to let priests get married. He said somewhere along the line they changed that. He said for some reason they didn't let you marry. Robin said Jesus never married. Howard said that's when all of the pedophiles got involved. He said they can work in a carnival or be a priest. He said you go down the list where you can be around kids and this is the one that comes up. He said you're around kids 24/7 and you don't have to get married. He said it's the perfect job for a pedophile.

    Howard said the abuse has been going on over the past 80 years in Pennsylvania according to this article. He said that they have brainwashed a whole parish of people to believe that gays are bad. Robin said nothing happened to the priests either. Howard said they just went to hang with other ones like themselves. Howard said it's 1000 kids. Robin said the bishop had to apologize yesterday.

    Gary said 1000 is really low. He said they only have that many documented. He said there may be thousands more that don't come forward. Howard said of course. He said it's a horrible story.

    Howard said this social media thing is something he can't handle. He said Sam Smith was on a boat with Adam Lambert and they were vacationing. He said that they both sing so that seems like a vacation already. Howard said Adam is busy videoing Sam Smith. He said he sees people videoing all day long. He said there is no privacy anymore. He said he met with a friend of his and the guy walks in and snaps a picture of him. He said everyone is doing it. He said there's a world full of assholes and they all have cameras.

    Howard said Sam Smith starts singing to this Michael Jackson song and he gets slammed. He said that he had an article about it but Jason didn't print it out. Robin said the song was ''Human Nature.'' Howard said he got attacked for singing the song. He said when he gets the article he'll read it. He said that Sam quit Twitter after that. Robin said he said he didn't like Michael Jackson but he liked that song.

    Howard said he doesn't get Michael Jackson. He said that he doesn't like his music. Robin said he doesn't get Bieber either. Howard said he gets Bieber and likes some of his songs. Howard said that people were bashing Sam Smith over him saying he doesn't like Michael Jackson.

    Howard read the article about Sam saying he doesn't like Michael Jackson on this boat that Adam Lambert posted. Howard said that Jackson fans were going after Sam Smith but Adam deleted the video. It was too late though. Howard said that celebrities were going after him too. Howard read about one woman who went after him calling him a one hit wonder and things like that. She was some Broadway star according to Robin. Howard read about some of the other comments that were made about Sam Smith's comments. Howard said the guy just doesn't like Michael Jackson.

    Howard asked what the hell is wrong with people. He said the guy just doesn't like Michael Jackson. He said he hopes Sam Smith has a huge hit song. He said you'd think he wrote ''I Love Isis.'' Robin said he'd get less tweets about that.

    Howard read one comment where a guy defended Sam about his right to his personal opinion. Robin asked Howard why Adam Lambert did this. Howard said he's jealous, that's why. He said he's jealous that Sam Smith has a hit. Howard said Adam Lambert is out there singing Queen songs. Howard said this is what happened to the Bachelor. He said he said he liked some things and that was that. Game over.

    Howard said he's reading about the church covering stuff up and Sam Smith is in trouble. He said he also read that men have better sex with emotionally unstable women. He said a study was done about that. He said he figured that out on his own. Robin asked how this test is being conducted. Howard said it was the institute of ''No Shit Sherlock.''

    Howard said those are girls who want to please and make men think that they will love them. Howard said unstable men are the worst at giving sex. He said he knows that from personal experience. He said he's very unstable and he's terrible in bed.

    Howard said the research was done by some place in Europe. He read the name of the person and the university but he threw it out after reading it.

    Howard said he almost went home with a woman who used the N-word to some bouncer at a club. He said he is a good man and didn't go home with her because of that. He said he wants a medal for that. He said she was a professional model and she was super fine. He said she started calling this guy the N-word. Robin said if she was the only hot woman he ever got maybe he would have. Howard said she was in another league. Robin said she knows who he was with and he was with some hot women before that.

    Benjy's Sharknado History. 08/15/18. 7:20am
    Howard said the black girl from Clueless is still hot. He said she does it for him. Robin said that's Stacey Dash. Howard said she's all kooky. He said he guarantees she fucks like a crazy woman. He said he was thinking about her because Benjy is in the new Sharknado. He said it's number 6. He said they put him in it so he'll talk about it. He said he's fine with that as long as he knows that's the reason.

    Howard said someone asked him if he remembers all of his Sharknado movie appearances. He said he was in it from the second one on. He said he doesn't want Benjy in there but he's the worst actor he's ever seen. He said no offense. Robin asked if there are good actors in that movie. Howard said he thinks the cast of the Today show were fine. He said they're in it and they act like normal people. He said Benjy's acting is mostly just screaming. He said he's been on TV and in a movie and Benjy just yells. He said you don't need someone like that in your life. He said he's been in terrible situations in his life and he's never yelled like this.

    Howard said in the second Sharknado Benjy was a homeless guy. He said he was screaming so annoyingly that you can't understand what the fuck he's saying. He said when he gets eaten you're so happy. He played a clip of Benjy screaming in that one. Howard said no one screams like that.

    Howard said just listen to that. He played the clip again. Benjy was screaming in a way that you don't understand what he's saying. He asked what kind of acting that is. Robin asked what the director says to him. Howard said there can't be a director there. He said it's just a P.A. telling him where to go. Howard said you never hear anyone yell like that. Gary said Benjy is in there saying there are sharks flying around. Robin said there is no one else yelling like that in the movie.

    Howard played the part where Benjy gets eaten. He said you're so relieved when he gets eaten. He said then in Sharknado 4 they told him he was going to be a reporter so he doesn't yell. He said he has a big beard as a reporter. He said he's wearing a baseball cap too. He said no one looks like that on TV. He said Benjy doesn't like being bald. He said he's the anchor man with a baseball cap on. He played that clip too. Howard said you really have to see him.

    Howard said that's Stacey Dash talking to him. He said that's why he was thinking of her. He said he got totally distracted by her. He said he was looking for her online. He said there aren't a lot of clips of her from Clueless. He said she's so good looking. He said he knows she's a complete maniac on FOX News. He said he doesn't care though. He said he would be sexual with her if he wasn't with Beth. He said she's 51 years old but she still looks good. He said he'd like to go back in time to 45 or so though.

    Howard played the Stacey Dash clip and Robin said she's a terrible actress too. Howard played more of Benjy's lines and pointed out how he's starting to yell again. Howard was goofing on the way he says ''Mayor'' as ''Mare.''

    Howard said Stacey Dash once said that trans people shouldn't have their own bathrooms and they should go outside. He said it was something like that. He said she's so hot though. He asked how that happened. He said she has two kids too. Robin said she knows. Howard wondered if they're as good looking at her. He said as good looking as that model using the N-word was he dumped her off on the street. Robin said Stacey did say that trans people should use bushes for bathrooms.

    Howard said Stacey has some bod. He said that she really is hot. Robin said she had it all. Howard said it's wild. He said he'd guess she's wild in bed. He said who knows though. Howard said you can't get much crazier than telling trans people to pee in the bushes.

    Howard had a clip of Benjy from Sharknado 5. He said the world is ending and the Today show people are acting like nothing is going on. He said Benjy is the one yelling. No one else was yelling. Howard played the rest of the clip and Benjy was yelling as soon as he came on.

    Gary said that Benjy is letting him know that he's not in a studio and he's outside in the Sharknado. Howard said he knows that. He said that they have guys out in hurricanes and their caps don't fly off. He said Benjy's never comes off. Howard said you have to watch Mothra Vs. Godzilla. He said the Japanese people don't yell while they're watching the fight between the monsters. Benjy said he thinks it's more realistic to be jumpy like that. Howard said you don't have to yell. He said you speak loud and that's it. He said Benjy isn't yelling now. Benjy said he thinks he's a fine actor and he did the best with what he had. Gary said he's blaming the script. Benjy said he's not.

    Howard asked what it was like working with Stacey Dash. Benjy said she didn't want to wear the socks they asked her to but she eventually did it. He said she was nice. Howard said a house falls on her and they make her like the Wicked Witch.

    Howard said watch tapes of 9/11 and no one is carrying on like Benjy. Benjy said anything he got in the scripts were right when they were shooting. He said he did his best. Howard said he's not saying he didn't but he's saying his best sucks.

    Howard took a call from Benjy's acting coach. The guy was screaming everything he said. Howard spent a minute with him.

    Howard said they gave Benjy even less to do in Sharknado 6. He said he has a clip. He said you barely hear him in this one. He said the movie comes out this Sunday. He said they didn't reveal his name but he plays a guy running on the beach an he gets excited when he sees a reporter played by Gilbert Gottfried. Howard played the clip and you hear Benjy yelling again. He yelled out a Baba Booey.

    Howard said no one understands what you're saying. He said he's wearing a cap again in the movie. He said that never blows off. Robin said it would be a departure to take that off. Benjy said he likes the way he looks wearing one. Howard said it never blows off. He said he goes out for a walk on a windy day and his cap blows off.

    Howard said he doesn't understand anything that Benjy says other than Baba Booey. Benjy said he did what he was told to do.

    Howard took a call from a guy who said he had to change the channel just hearing him play the clips. Howard said he can turn it back on now. Howard played a song parody about Benjy after that.

    Howard said someone said that Benjy has a big belly and his shirts don't cover it up. He said he's expanded so much that they can't cover it up. He said in the middle of talking to him he lifts his shirt and rubs his belly. He said someone told him that's what he was doing. He said the belly is also starting to split like it has two hemispheres.

    Howard took a call from a guy who told him to check out ''Illegal in Blue'' because Stacey is totally nude in that. He said it's from 1995. Howard asked why that didn't come up in his search. He said he'll have to give this guy a job. Howard asked why she gets naked. The caller said he doesn't remember because he was about 17 and he was just jerking off. He said it's locked in his jerk off memory bank.

    Gary told Howard that he's viewing it now on and it's a sex scene. He said she's naked in it and you can see her boobs. Howard asked him to bring that in for him.

    Gary brought in the clip and Howard said she is a good looking girl. Howard said they need more callers like that last one. He said they need information like that. He told Gary to cut it off because he's on the air. Robin said she didn't know she did nudity. Howard said he didn't either.

    Howard said for Benjy he'd suggest less yelling and more acting. Robin said if he just acted maybe he'd have a bigger role.

    Howard said the other weird thing he read in the paper is that Coca Cola is releasing a new line of Sprite soda and it turns blue if anyone shits in it. He said that has to be an Onion type article. He said that can't be real. Jason said the guys are saying that it was an joke article. Howard said he couldn't tell.

    Howard said they're going to do JD's bachelor party later. He said they're going to go through some history with him and they have some girls coming in for him. He said they have big, giant asses. He said they're JD approved asses. He said each one will perform for him and he can touch their asses too. Robin said maybe he shouldn't do that if he's getting married. Howard said JD took a Xanax today because he doesn't like being the center of attention. He said he knows the girls who are coming in. Howard went to break after that.


  • Panel: Richard Is Rotting / Les & Julie's Phone Call. 08/17/18. 10:30am
    Next on today's replay show they played a segment where Howard revealed what part of Richard Christy's body is rotting. Here's my rundown:

    Staff Panel: Richard's Rotting Body Game. 08/14/18. 8:40am
    After the break Howard came right back and said he's on his way to losing weight. He said he'd down a pound today. He said it's such a struggle. He said he's kind of skinny looking but he's not in shape. He said he had a big bowl of vegan meatballs and pasta last night. He said he threw out a quarter of it ahead of time. He said then he was in a panic watching Nicole Wallace on MSNBC. He said he thought he was going to be hungry. He said he ate what he had and he filled up. He said he ate some cucumbers too. He said that he knows he over does it with them. He said his doctor found seeds in his asshole when he had his colonoscopy. He said everything he does just goes wrong.

    Gary asked how many he was eating. Howard said he used to eat a full cucumber. He said that he was eating so many that he just over did it. He said he was eating so much fish that he had too much mercury in his system. He said they thought he had cancer. Howard said he had too many cucumbers too so he had too many seeds in his colon. He said he just goes overboard.

    Richard asked if he ever sees seeds in his feces. Howard said he doesn't look for them. He said he was eating broccoli too. He said he threw out one of his meatballs too. He said that Robin told him they were carbohydrates so she ruined that for him. He said that's from all of her new wisdom.

    Howard said he was down a pound and he looks fat as ever. He said he has a gut. He said he has a Manigault. He said he's trying to eat slowly. He said he wolfs it down usually. Robin said he shouldn't be watching TV while he eats. She said that he's not chewing his food. Howard said if he dies from cucumbers, so be it. He said he doesn't care. Richard said there's a fork that vibrates if you eat too fast. Howard said he will eat one noodle with a cucumber slice. He said he'll eat a quarter of the meatball with a cucumber. Brent said that sounds terrible. Ronnie said it sounds like fun.

    Howard said he loves watching anything about Trump while he eats. He said he's addicted to it. He said he loves reading about Mueller and Trump tweeting and freaking out. He said if it's a report from the parade where the Nazis are he'll fast forward through that. He said he likes seeing Rudy fighting for Trump. He said it helps with his digestion. He said Trump tweeted this morning and he wished he was eating. Gary said he called Omarosa a dog. Brent said it's crazy what he's tweeting. Howard said it's weird that he's saying he loves her in the tape but now she's a dog.

    Shuli asked if it's worse calling her a dog or ''manly looking'' like Gary did during the commercial break. Howard said that's pretty bad. Howard said Trump called her a ''crazy, lying low life dog.'' He said that guy is out of his mind. Robin said that's like Sacha Baron Cohen's show where they show great presidents and then Trump doing that impression of the handicapped guy. Howard said he loves Sacha Baron Cohen. He said his show is so good.

    Howard said they have to get to Richard and what's rotting. Robin said it has to be like a nipple or something. Howard said Richard doesn't shower so this isn't surprising to him. He said that he goes for a run and doesn't shower. He said he's disgusting. Gary asked Richard if he comes home and just puts on fresh clothes. Richard said he does. Howard said he must smell in all of those areas. Richard said he used to get a rash. Richard said sometimes he just forgets. He used to use rash cream but Gary said he could just take a shower.

    Howard said Richard likes the smell to build up. Shuli said if he's not taking care of himself then he shouldn't worry about other kids getting his kid sick. Howard asked if he showered today. Richard said he showered yesterday morning.

    Howard asked Richard if he's concerned about his rotting body. Richard said he's scared. Howard said he's so disgusting. Robin said she thinks it's a nipple. Howard said Richard had Sal wipe down his sweaty back one day. Richard said he had to walk to work so he was sweaty. Howard said his wife showers like 4 times a day. Brent said he gets that. Richard was wearing a shirt for the second day in a row. Howard said he bets it's more like 5 days.

    Howard asked if anyone has a guess. Brent said he thinks it's the gall bladder. Shuli went with a toe. Howard said he's going with a toe. Shuli said he thinks it could be a tooth. Robin said he said it was a doctor. Howard said he hopes it's not a tooth.

    Howard said he has an envelope. He opened it up and it's Richard's jaw that's rotting. Richard said he had a root canal 12 years ago and something has been up with it. He said he just went for a checkup and there's a large part of his jaw that had an infection and it rotted. He said that they say he wast' in pain because of the root canal. He said it sounds like a process. He said it scares the shit out of him. He said he has one wisdom tooth they have to take out and then they have to take out the root canal tooth and dig out the rot. Then they have to let it heal for a month or so and then put in a post. He said then they put a cap on that. He said it scares the hell out of him.

    Richard said he thinks this was out of his hands. Robin said this is a guy who doesn't brush his teeth every day. Richard said he does now. Robin said he didn't in the past. Howard told Richard not to come near him. Rob in asked if he kisses his baby with that mouth. Richard said he does.

    Staff Panel: More Sal Under Anesthesia Audio And Les Moonves Talk. 08/14/18. 8:55am
    Howard said they have to wrap up this thing with Gary. He said that he had the Sal tapes where he was talking to Shuli after his colonoscopy. Gary said that Sal is talking about what he needs to get off in this clip. Shuli asked Sal who has the hottest wife on the staff. Sal was talking about Gary's wife Mary. He told Shuli that he's a married man so he can't talk about that. Shuli said they get there, don't worry. He talked Sal into talking about it. Sal said he'd put her on all fours and stick his tongue up her butthole. He said he'd put her on a glass coffee table and have her take a shit on it. Then he said he was just kidding.

    Howard said Sal is such a freak. He said he really is. Sal said he forgot what fucking a woman is like. Gary asked if he has ever done that coffee table thing. Sal said no. He said he'd never want his wife to do that. Howard said that he's such a creepy guy. He said he loves shitting. Sal said he really doesn't.

    Howard played more audio of Sal farting. He made a joke about that being everything Gary has ever said. Howard played a song parody about Sal after that.

    Howard said Les Moonves must be the most powerful guy in show business. He said that's a guy you don't fuck with. He said Ronan Farrow wrote that article about him and the board of directors didn't even put him on suspension. Ronnie said the whole thing died already. Robin said that shows that CBS and the board of directors aren't friendly toward women. Howard said they were pointing out that he had said that Les was a snake but that was from 10 years ago. He said he was talking about his relationship with Les when he was suing him. He said he cried over that. He said that the article was pointing out that everyone is afraid to say anything about Les. Howard said they have to be fair and say that they don't know that the allegations are true. Robin said that Les admitted that he did things wrong. JD said he saw him go into his building and it was very weird. He said he looked like he had security around him and not a care in the world.

    Howard said he's wondering what his wife is thinking about all of this. He made up a conversation Les and Julie could have about that whole thing. He had Les saying that he'd like to think that Julie is going to give up her shows if the board fires him. He had the two of them going back and forth about staying at CBS or not.

    Howard said he doesn't know what's going on. He said it's none of his business. Robin said yes it is. Howard said it seems to be his business. Robin said he has a big corporation whose president has been smeared and not cleared and no one is saying that these women are lying. Howard went back into those voices and had Les and Julie talking about their situation. Robin asked how old their kid is. Howard had Les saying he has no idea. Then he said he's 9. Howard had Les saying maybe he should have married Connie Chung.

    Robin asked if Les had asked Meredith Vierra to be the host of Big Brother before Julie got it. Howard, as Les, said he did tell her that. He had Julie saying he told her that wasn't true. Howard got out of character and got back to the guys.

    Howard asked who is next. Gary said they have JD. Howard said they'll get to him after a break. He said JD is getting married soon. He asked what he'll be talking about today. JD said he has these porn stars talking about crazy fan experiences. Howard said all he knows is Richard's jaw just fell on the floor. Ronnie cracked up.

    Today's show was over around 11:05am.

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