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  • Wrap Up Show - Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. 04/18/14. 10:05am
    Jon Hein started the show talking about the segments they replayed this morning. He said he wanted to start off with the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. He asked Gary if he's still thrilled with the evening he had. Gary said he is. He said Lisa G did an interview with Nils Loftgren and he tweeted out something very nice. He said that it turns out he took a seat filler's seat at the E Street Band table. He said it was great that he got to sit there instead of the seat filler. Jon asked if it made it more special that he was sitting with them. Gary said ''Hell yeah.''

    Gary said he's almost like a stalker now. He said he tried to get into the Hall of Fame induction when Bruce was inducted. He said he got in and he was asked to sit closer than he had seats for. He said he got to sit at Springsteen's family table. He said Bruce came in at one point and sat across from him. He said he sat and saw him editing his speech. Gary said he just sat and behaved there at the table. He said that was very exciting for him. Gary said when he was sitting there he dedicated the award to his mother. That led to the award being passed around the table. He said he asked to look at it and Bruce's mother gave it to him to look at. Gary said he was also at Clarence's last show and Danny Federici's last show. He said he's a big fan of the band.

    Jon asked how Gary's behavior is different than Sal's. Gary said he doesn't go in looking to sit up front. He said he doesn't go to places where he clearly doesn't belong like Sal does. He said he doesn't put on a uniform and pretend to be someone else like Sal has.

    Jon asked JD if he would do anything like that. JD said he'll sit back and wait to see if he can. He said if someone like Jay Z is on the show he might get a picture signed. He said he would like to see them in the studio but he just hangs back and waits usually.

    Gary said he wants to point out that he has been very lucky to be in proximity. He said that lucky things have happened. He said he just lucked out with the Bruce thing. He said he didn't go looking to find Bruce.

    Jon said the other reason it was a big night was because Questlove mentioned Gary in his speech. Gary said that he has always liked Hall & Oates and he used to fight to get them on the show. He said that he was psyched for Daryl when he finally got on the show.

    Jon took a call from a guy who said that he called a while back and said Benjy shouldn't be so proud of being in Sharknado 2 because Sharknado was such a flop. Gary said that it wasn't a flop. He said it did very well and it was made for a little bit of money. The caller said he is a new listener to the show. He said he offended Mark McGrath by doing that. Gary said Mark had called him and said that he was offended when he called and said he shouldn't take that guy's calls. JD said he's going to feel the Mark McGRATH from him.

    The caller said he has come up with some dos and don'ts for the show. He said he started listening after hearing some of the Tradio calls that Sal and Richard do. He said there are some things that you shouldn't say when you call in. Jon said he can call in and say what he wants to say. He said he can love or hate something. He said they may disagree but there are no rules when it comes to that on this show. Jon said he wants a definitive answer when someone calls in.

    Gary said you should have a good phone line, which this guy doesn't. He said you should get to your point and be definitive in your point. He said don't ask if you're on the air or things like that. Jon said he has your name and city on the screen so they don't need to mention where they're from. The caller, Joe, said he thinks that helps. Gary said he likes that the guy started listening from the Tradio calls on the internet.

    Jon took a call from a guy who said it seems like Howard was getting frustrated with Valerie complimenting him so much. Gary said he doesn't think that's the case. He said he doesn't think he was frustrated. He said when the interview needed they all agreed that she was a great guest. Gary said Howard doesn't really handle compliments very well.

    Jon asked JD what he thought. JD said he wasn't listening to what the guy said. He said he thought Valerie Harper was hot though. Jon said JD was distracted when he saw Wendy Williams walking down the hall. He was concentrating on one body part on her.

    Jon asked JD if he thinks Howard can handle compliments. JD said he can sometimes. He said there are times that he only wants compliments. Gary said he thinks that he feels like he can't handle it at times when someone goes on and on about it.

    Jon took a call from a guy who said he is obsessed with Cat Stevens and he wonders where Robin's hate comes from. Jon said Gary said that a lot of women don't seem to like him. Gary said his wife can't hit the button fast enough when she hears him. Gary said he loves Cat Stevens though. He said he was a highlight of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Gary said he hadn't heard him in 30 some years but he was funny and intelligent and just good at the Hall of Fame.

    Jon said his wife is indifferent of him. He said that Howard loves Cat Stevens and he thinks it's great that he's kind of had this renaissance. Gary said he's such a fan that he thinks Fine People is a great song.

    Jon took a call from a woman who said she thinks Cat Stevens is chick music and women love his music. She said that he was on 60 Minutes and he said that he made his comments about America when he was learning about the Koran. She said he was misunderstood and misrepresented when he spoke. Jon said he can't say anything either way on that. The caller said he has come around and he has started doing children's music now. She said she really thinks women love his music though.

    Jon said he's not sure where Robin's dislike comes from. He said he thinks he's one of the greats though. Gary said Howard can't stand Steely Dan so it's just an opinion. Gary said that when he thinks of the song Funkytown he thinks of a girl who put it on like 50 times in a row. He said the bartender there jumped over the bar and pulled the plug out of the wall.

    Jon said he loves Van Morrison but he had a roommate that played one of their songs over and over. He said he made him not like Van Morrison because he heard it so much.

    Jon asked JD if he ever had a roommate like that. JD said that he didn't but there were people in his building who played music over and over and over. Jon asked if he ever played songs over and over again. JD said he would do that on the subway when he was riding it.

    Jon said he used to play Dark Side of the Moon over and over. JD said he had a bunch of songs he used to do that with.

    Gary said he has two copies of Born to Run in vinyl. He said he wore one out from playing it so much. Richard came in and said he loved Bon Jovi's Livin' on a Prayer and he used to play that over and over. He said he made himself sick hearing it.

    Richard told a story about how he used to go to a Pizza Hut buffet with his band. He said they had a CD by a band Nitro and the album was called Outfuckingrageous and they'd play that song over and over and over. He said church would let out and they'd fill the place. He said they had to unplug the jukebox at some point. He said the guy in the band would scream for like a minute and people would think that it was a cay dying or something. Jon said they had to take a break after that.

  • Wrap Up Show - Pizza Hut Buffet With Richard. 04/18/14. 10:35am
    After the break Jon got back to Richard Christy and his Pizza Hut buffet story. The wondered what they had to eat there. Richard said they had pizza, dessert pizza, calzones and a salad bar. He said he took his wife once out in Kansas and they saw the funniest thing. He said if you ever get to go you should go just to watch people. He said he saw a 400 pound woman there who was eating a ton. Then she went to the manager and complained there was too much thin crust there at the buffet. He said they got some pan pizza for her and then she went to the bathroom for about 20 minutes. Richard said she must have taken the biggest dump ever. He said she came out and went right back to the buffet. He said she must have recharged and started again.

    Gary asked if this is a breakfast thing. Richard said it's like 11am to 4 or 5 in the afternoon. Jon asked if JD goes. JD said he has gone. He said he gets whatever when he goes. He said he'll try all kinds of pizza. Richard said you want to get your money's worth so you eat as much as you can. Richard said he would just sit there for a couple of hours sometimes. He said that he'd bring the Sunday paper and read it there. He said he'd drink like two pitchers of soda. Gary asked if there was a limit on how much you could eat. Richard said not at that time. Jon said there are other buffets and that's one of America's greatest inventions.

    Jon took a call from a guy who said he was listening to Riley Martin and someone called in and told Riley to give a shout out to the Blumpkin festival in Florida. He said Riley did it. The caller told Gary he's his favorite on the show. He asked if he feels that Howard would be as famous as he is without Robin or his other guys there. Gary said he thinks he would have great success but they really don't know. He said he feels the chemistry is just right and it has propelled him even further.

    Gary said he was watching the Letterman interview with Howard and Dave said something very nice about the 110 people who helped put that show together. He said that it does take a lot of people but Howard is the main guy there.

    Jon said Howard needs Robin there. He said they have something very magical there. He said people need to hear her there with Howard. Jon said Howard doesn't feel right without her being there. Jon said when Robin was out he could hear that. He said when she came back it was like she was never gone.

    Gary said there is a big difference when Robin isn't there. He said in the early days when Robin wasn't there it was like a different show. He said Robin keeps some sort of decorum there. Gary said it's a balance and when it's gone it's weird.

    Jon took a call from a guy who said he's a radio guy and he wanted to weigh in on the Michael Savage (Wiener) conversation. He said he listens to the show before he goes to work. He said he has listened since Howard was cut off in Cleveland and he remembers sneaking in to see Private Parts. The caller said he thinks the show is amazing and Gary kind of hit on it a minute ago. He said what amazes him is that the show sounds seamless. He said being in radio he knows how hard it is to do that. He said to make it sound that way there is a lot of work there. He asked how many hours they work in a week. Gary said that's a good question. Richard said the caller has a great voice for radio. Gary said working there is really a culture. He said he works on booking guests and work on the Billy Joel show and all of that. He said he'll finish around 5 or 6 tonight but he'll be checking his email all weekend and taking calls too. He said you're always working on the show. Jon agreed. He said they all work 24/7. Jon said if you see something on TV at night you will pass it along to the show.

    Jon said they're all in communication with each other too. He said it never ends. He said he thinks a lot of that comes from Howard. He said Howard is always thinking about the show and he wants them thinking about it too. Gary said you can't say you don't want to do something on the weekend. He said they're not slave drivers but there are always important things happening with the show. Jon said they had to take another break after that.


  • Wrap Up Show - Impressions Contest And Sour Shoes. 04/18/14. 10:50am
    After the break the guys came back to a Jesse Ventura intro. Jon said JD might remember him as someone else in the wrestling world. Jon said that he can't help but think of him in the film roles he was in. He said he was a wrestler and once a wrestler, always a wrestler. Jon said that JD is into wrestling and he was into all of that. Richard said they have a movie that has zombies vs. professional wrestlers. JD said he saw the promo and it looks so bad.

    Jon picked up on Sour Shoes and asked where he was in the impressions contest. Sour just played a Stryper song for Richard. Richard said he had a normal conversation with Sour the other day. He said he started playing a White Lion song for him. He said he had a nice 10 minute conversation with him about the bands. Sour did his Gary impression and introduced the White Lion song.

    Jon asked about the impressions contest. Sour said he did enter the contest. He said that Scott the Engineer told him to say he wasn't going to enter until the money was at ''Noine dollars.'' Gary asked if he did enter the contest. Sour said he did but he just got email and he isn't sure if he did it right. Gary said he thinks they got one from him and the audio was so unclear that it just wasn't very good. Sour played what he sent in and it was him doing an AM DJ. Jon said he does such great impressions so it's too bad that he wasn't able to get in. Sour said he is just getting into the transfer of the cassettes to MP3s.

    Gary said he'd like Sour to do his best impression for them. Sour played a tape of him doing an impression of Rosie O'Donnell. Jon said he thinks that he needs some direction for who to do the voices of. Gary said he is a genius who needs to be corralled correctly. He said he can do impressions in his sleep but he needs some direction.

    Jon asked Sour to play them out with something good there. Sour did his Mad Dog and Ferrell impressions for them as he was leaving.

    Jon said Sour is so talented and he just can't pull it together for that. He said he's glad he got his pone privileges back though. Sour had mentioned earlier that he had lost them because the phone bills were so high. Richard said he has a flat rate with his phone line. He said he's not sure why it would be so high. Jon said they may need some billing advice. JD said maybe that's just what they told Sour to get him to stop.

  • Wrap Up Show - Glen Miller Article Conversations. 04/18/14. 10:55am
    Jon said that Howard did a rap about racism this week. He said he got some unfair flack on that interview he did 4 years ago with the guy who shot up the Jewish center. Gary said that Benjy did some research on the reporter. Benjy said he disagrees with the guy who wrote the article but he thinks it was more of a nuance article. He said the headline was about Howard but he was talking about other places like FOX news. Gary said it was mostly about Howard though. He said he never discussed why you would talk to someone like that. He said he's not sure why he didn't bring up why Howard really has him on to expose him. Benjy said he remembers people being critical of Oprah and Phil Donahue about those kind of guests too. Benjy said he follows the Westboro people on Twitter but he wonders if he shouldn't. Gary said the most interesting thing about Daniel Carver is that he's an army of one. He said he had the thought that he had a group of people following him but he's really just a single guy with no followers. He said even the Klan threw him out. Gary said he has less influence when you learn that.

    Jon said that he heard that Sal was the leader of the Beastie Revolution back in the day and he thought that was thousands of people but it was really just Sal and one other guy. Jon asked about Richard growing up right near where that shooting went down with Miller. Richard said he felt really bad about that.

    Gary said when they first played Daniel Carver's voice mails they wanted to use him for something on the TV show. He said he was scared of the guy until he met him in person. He said he's a short, shlubby guy and it completely diffused the situation when he met him.

    Benjy said Daniel was a likeable guy other than that message of hate he had. He said that it reminds him of The Sopranos and how you love Tony but hate what he does. He said you can be hateful but still likeable. Gary said he thinks that the writer of that article should have dug a little deeper.

    Jon said he was going to end the show. Richard mentioned that his wife is going to be running in the Boston marathon this weekend. The guys got in some plugs and they ended the show around 11:00am.


-- Live Thursday Wrap Up Show --

  • Wrap Up Show - Bill Lawrence Visits. 04/17/14. 10:20am
    Jon Hein started the show saying that they had Bill Lawrence sitting in with them. Bill thanked them for having him in even though no one knows who he is. Gary said if you've seen Scrubs or Surviving Jack or many others you know who Bill is.

    Gary asked Bill about when he was a fan of the show. Bill said it was in the mid 80s. He said that the show is very inspiring. He said Howard used to talk about how he got from here to there. He said he always made him think he could drive to L.A. and he'd be okay.

    Jon said they'll talk to Bill and talk about the segments they replayed this morning. Jon mentioned Damon Feldman's call to the show and how they were trying to find someone to box with Tan Mom.

    Jon asked Bill what he thinks about being in show business now. Bill said that anyone who writes jokes and complains about it, you should be able to read through the radio and choke. He said he thinks it's fantastic.

    Jon said that Surviving Jack is great and he thinks that everyone should support him and watch the show. Gary said that Bill and his wife, Christa Miller, love the show and they deserve it. Bill said Christa loves the show. He said that she's asleep right now so she won't be coming down.

    Jon asked Bill about listening to Howard back in the day and how it was like a small club. He said now there's more of an acceptance of him. Bill said he loves how Howard softened a bit as he got older. He said the show has a new feel to it. He said he feels like it's easier for people to come into the show now. He said it's different than it was back in the day. He said there were more haters back then. He said the tone has changed a bit.

    Gary said he was talking to Valerie Harper yesterday and she was talking about how her friends told her how bad it would be. She quoted some things he said like 30 years ago and Gary told her that was a really long time ago and he's changed since then.

    Bill said he thinks Howard has evolved. He said the guys that stand the test of time change. He said you can't do the same show for 100 years. Bill said what he's doing is different and he feels like he has aged with the show.

    Jon asked Bill about the Letterman thing and what he thinks about that. Bill said he hates what people are saying already about something that's not even happening for a year and a half. He said they're bad mouthing his show and it hasn't even been conceived yet.

    Gary said that James Cameron had a quote once about how telling someone their movie sucks before they've seen it is like telling a pregnant lady that her child is going to be ugly.

    Jon said he thinks that Colbert will be fine but he's following Dave and that's going to be tough. Bill said that Dave has always done his own thing. He said that Colbert was on Spin City when he was working on that. He said he thinks that he'll be fine.

    Jon said that people are time shifting and they can watch a show the day after. Bill said that you have to adapt to that. He said that the powers that be out there in Hollywood have to realize that. He said more people are watching TV than ever.

    Gary said that some shows take time to build. He said that Dave's show was a slow build. He said he's not sure if CBS will give him time. Jon said he thinks they will because Dave is already at number 3. Gary said what sucks for Dave is that he'll probably go out number 1. He said that will be weird for him. Jon agreed.

    Benjy asked when they won't have to worry what time their show airs. Bill said that one of the things that you find is that fans don't know when the show is on. Bill said his show is on Thursdays at 9 on FOX. He said that the Nielson ratings still count these days. He said he watches TV voraciously and he hasn't seen a commercial in years.

    Gary said he loves The Good Wife. He said that he TiVos that and gives it two hours. He said that he hasn't watched that show on a Sunday night in a year.

    Jon said that when they went to the replays that was a big deal. He said that they wondered if that made it less special. Gary said it was a huge discussion. He said that for a lot of fans it was life changing. Bill said it was a huge difference for him. Gary said he knows that it was a huge change for a lot of fans.

    Bill said that they used to play SportsCenter all the time and he used to catch the same show over and over and his wife would see that.

    Jon took a call from a guy who asked about the celebrity boxing thing. He asked if Ronnie would do that and if he would kill someone if he did. Gary asked who he would box. The caller said maybe he could box that guy who used to be on Cash Cab (Ben Bailey). He said it would be a limo driver vs. a cab driver. Jon said he thinks his entrance into the ring would take forever. Gary said he'd have the gaudiest robe in the world too.

    Jon said that they brought Ronnie into Cougar Town. Bill said he was actually good. He said he was professional too. Bill said they knew who they were hiring too though. He said Ronnie was funny though.

    Jon asked Bill what he thinks about Ronnie's TV show offer from Howie Mandel. Bill laughed and said he will believe that when he sees it.

    Jon asked where Ronnie ranks in the celebrity world. Bill said he thinks he'd be a C-lister. Gary said he's like on the Real Housewives level. Jon said if he was on one of those shows he'd watch that immediately. Bill said he would too.

    Jon took another call from a guy who tanked them all for being there for him. He said he's a recovering alcoholic and the show has been there for him for a long time. He asked Gary how he deals with Howard's stuff. He said he listened to the show back in the day and he wonders how he deals with his B.S. sometimes. The caller said he doesn't know how he does it. Gary said it's like any other relationship. He said he's been with him for a long time. He said the relationship grew. Jon asked if it really grew. He said he gets picked on less but then it can be like it was 30 years ago. Gary said they have a trust and knowledge of each other that's different than it was 30 years ago. Bill said he looks at them like a couple and he can tell they love each other.

    Jon asked Bill if it's like the king coming to town when Howard goes out to L.A. Bill said he loved the parties that Jimmy had. He said that it will be interesting to see him going out there more and more. He said he seems kind of tied in with Jimmy and having to bounce around more and more. He said there is a buzz out there when he goes out. Gary said Howard is insanely booked up out there this time. He may not have time to do much out there.

    Jon asked Gary if he's going to bear the brunt of Howard's frustration when they come back from vacation. Gary said they come back to the Billy Joel special and he doesn't think he'll get anything there. He said maybe on that Tuesday he will. Bill said that he's blown away that Howard is working as much as he is at this point in his career.

    Gary asked Bill about why he continues to do his stuff because he has so many hits. Bill said he enjoys it. He said you have a short shelf life too so he wants to get it done while he can. He said his wife would like him to get out of the house too. They went to break a short time later.

  • Wrap Up Show - More With Bill Lawrence. 04/17/14. 10:40am
    After the break Jon asked Bill about being at the birthday show. Bill said it was sick. He said he loved it. Gary asked what his expectations were. Bill said he didn't think it was going to be such a show for the audience. He said that it was as high quality as if he had bought tickets to see a show. He said he had the same feeling at the Golden Globes once. He said it was very surreal.

    Jon asked what the Golden Globes were like back then. Bill said that was a long time ago and he was only 26 at the time. He said he had created Spin City around then. He said that he had someone come up to him and tell him he had nice eyes. He said his date, Christa Miller, asked what he was doing talking to Madonna.

    Jon asked Bill about the birthday party and Bill said that Gary really killed it with the production. Gary said everyone checked their egos at the door. He said no one was throwing their weight around at all. He said they were all there for Howard.

    Jon said they did a rehearsal and they forgot that everyone is a pro and they knew what they were doing. He said it ended up being very special.

    Gary said after the show was done they all took their headphones off and looked at each other like ''Did that just happen?'' He said it was a really good moment.

    Jon took a call from a guy who asked Bill about working with David Arquette and if he was insane to work with. Bill said no. He said that David is very professional when he shows up for a gig. He said there's also another side to his personality. He said Courteney and David came to a party and they had rafters in the ceiling at this place. He said he looked up in the rafters and saw David climbing around like Spider-Man. He said it was pretty interesting.

    Jon asked if Christa was always friendly with Courteney. Bill said that she was shooting the Drew Carey show on the same lot as Friends did. He said that they were friends there. Bill said that Courteney actually came and worked with them to see what it would be like working with them. Gary said he remembers Christa coming on the show with Drew Carey once. Gary said she had the look in her eye that showed she was a real fucking fan. He said that was a very long time ago. Bill said that appearance is why he's married to Christa. He said he didn't know her personally at the time. He said that Christa and Drew made some jokes about the guy she was dating at the time and they ended up breaking up over that. He said he swooped right in and started dating her after that. He said they did him a huge solid there. Jon said the Howard Stern Show is always giving. They had to take another break after that.


  • Wrap Up Show - Tracy Morgan, Nicole Bass And Christa Miller. 04/17/14. 10:55am
    After the break Jon brought up the Tracy Morgan interview that re-aired this morning. Jon asked if Bill has ever worked with Tracy. Bill said he hasn't but he said that he loved 30 Rock. He said they have so many jokes that his parents weren't able to follow it. Gary said he had to hit the repeat button so often on that show. He said that the jokes were so inside and he had to show them to his wife if she missed it. Bill said he thinks that Tracy's character on that show did overlap with his real life.

    Gary asked if he agreed with him that Tracy says he gets upset when people ask him if he's the same guy. Jon said he thinks that the difference is that if you think that's all he is. Gary said he thinks when someone plays something so good that there's got to be a piece of them in there. He said that's why he can't look at Mary Tyler Moore the same after she did that movie ''Ordinary People''. He said he feels like there has to be a little bit of that character in her.

    Jon said that he thinks that's why John Cusack works so well. He said he must have a little bit of that in him. Jon said that back in the say you didn't get to see these people in reality. He said now you see them do an interview and you want them to be that person you see on TV.

    Jon and Bill talked about people in show business that turn out to be good people. Bill said that Michael J. Fox turned out to be a great guy and that was great. He said if he turned out to be a jackass it would have ruined it for him.

    Jon took a call from a guy who said the comfort level that Tracy has almost makes it feel like Howard almost stepped on Tracy's riff. He also asked if there is any question that they shouldn't bring Tracy back every day. Gary said he thought Howard did a great job with Tracy. He said the hardest part for Howard is keeping Tracy on the tracks. He said he's trying to keep it moving forward. Jon said that's what you love about Tracy though. He said you love it when he goes off the tracks.

    Bill said he wants to get down to another level with Tracy where he gets into some deep shit. He said he knows it's there. Gary said he has seen Tracy interviewed about his dad and coming back from Viet Nam. He said he gets really serious and really interesting. Jon said even the stuff about his mother is great. Gary said that he seemed like he didn't want to talk about his mom.

    Benjy said he saw Tracy in an interview take off his shirt and start rubbing his stomach. Jon said he thinks that the more Tracy comes in the more serious he'll get. Benjy said he spoke to Tracy on the street and he got really serious. He said he wasn't the joking guy that he usually is when he went up to him and said he was in his life. He said he thinks he puts on a character. Gary said he thinks Tracy was scared of this stranger coming up to him like that.

    Jon took a call from a guy who said that Scrubs is one of his favorite sitcoms of all time. He said that Dr. Cox hated Hugh Jackman and he wonders if there's a story there. Bill said they wanted him to hate someone for no reason and they tried to pick someone who was the least bit hateful. He said they picked Hugh Jackman. He said they don't do that stuff anymore because they heard his kid got crap for that from his classmates. Gary said when they wrote that the guy probably didn't have kids. Bill said he knows but it bothers him because of how nice and talented Hugh Jackman really is.

    Jon took a call from Christa Miller who said when she came in with Drew Carey it was really early. She said she put on a mini skirt and boots and Gary poked his head in and told Howard how cute she was. She said it's because of Gary that she got in there. She said that he did her a solid. Gary said she is a super fan too. Christa said that she and Natalie Maines hike together and they break down the show with each other. Christa said she wanted to let Bill have his time on the show. She said she was going to let him go.

    Jon asked Christa how she feels Ronnie does when it comes to getting women on the show. Christa said that he is with the stripper look. She said that if she came with someone now on the show she'd be smart and wear a mini skirt in a classy way. Gary said there is a hot look that's not a stripper look. Christa said she doesn't think Ronnie knows that look but she loves Ronnie.

    Jon let Christa go and Gary asked Bill what show they have coming up. Bill said they have one coming up in May called Undateable.

    Jon said he wanted to talk about Nicole Bass and how they think she's doing. Gary said they used to have a great relationship with her. He said some bad things happened in her life and she was out of their lives for a while. Gary said it's kind of up to the Wack Packers to keep their star burning. He said that she's really mad that she's not treated the same. Gary said you have to earn that spot on the show though. Jon said that Jeff the Drunk has that sense of entitlement. He said that he might be pushing a little too hard. Gary said that he's not sure what the key is. He said it just happens. He said he's not sure what to tell them to do.

    Jon said Hanzi feels a sense of entitlement too. Gary said that's a whole other issue. He said that Jeff won't go work. Hanzi is looking for work.

    Jon said he was going to wrap this show up. Bill got in some plugs for Surviving Jack and for Undateable. Jack is on tonight on FOX and Undateable is coming up in May on NBC. They wrapped up and ended the show around 11:05am.


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    • Howard's AGT Work Week In L.A. 04/15/14. 6:15am
    • Howard's New Cat, Yoda, Has Less Than A Year To Live. 04/15/14. 6:20am
    • Fight Promoter Damon Feldman Calls In. 04/15/14. 6:30am
    • Otto Petersen Of Otto & George Dies. 04/15/14. 6:50am
    • News Stories And Boris From Russia. 04/15/14. 6:55am
    • Various Audio Clips And More. 04/15/14. 7:05am
    • Audio Clips And Phone Calls. 04/15/14. 7:20am
    • Tracy Morgan Visits. 04/15/14. 7:45am
    • Howard Takes Some Calls. 04/15/14. 9:05am
    • Robin's News. 04/15/14. 9:20am
    • Wrap Up Show - Howard's Upcoming Trip And More. 04/15/14. 10:20am
    • Wrap Up Show - Tracy Morgan And Ronnie's Sex Advice. 04/15/14. 10:40am
    • Wrap Up Show - Damon Feldman Fights. 04/15/14. 10:50am
    • Various Discussions. 04/16/14. 6:00am
    • Howard Takes Some Calls And Reads Some Email. 04/16/14. 6:15am
    • Howard's Rant Against Variety Magazine Article Writer. 04/16/14. 6:50am
    • Sternac The Improbable. 04/16/14. 7:10am
    • Wolfie Interviews Some LARPers. 04/16/14. 7:20am
    • A Few Minutes With Hanzi. 04/16/14. 7:35am
    • Valerie Harper Visits. 04/16/14. 7:50am
    • Howard Takes Calls And Plays Some Audio Clips. 04/16/14. 8:55am
    • Robin's News. 04/16/14. 9:15am
    • Wrap Up Show - Valerie Harper And Vinyl. 04/16/14. 10:10am
    • Wrap Up Show - Valerie Harper. 04/16/14. 10:35am
    • Wrap Up Show - Howard's Work Ethic And More. 04/16/14. 10:50am
    • Wrap Up Show - Bill Lawrence Visits. 04/17/14. 10:20am
    • Wrap Up Show - More With Bill Lawrence. 04/17/14. 10:40am
    • Wrap Up Show - Tracy Morgan, Nicole Bass And Christa Miller. 04/17/14. 10:55am

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