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-- Wednesday, March 4, 2015 --

  • Unnamed Vacation Special - Day 3. 03/04/15. 7:00am
    Howard is off this week so they played an unnamed vacation special where they played various ''Best Of'' segments from the Howard Stern Show. Here's what they played today:

  • Dating & Marriage Discussion - May 28, 2003 And September 9, 2002. 03/04/15. 7:00am
    First up this morning they played a couple of mashed together segments from 2002 and 2003 when Howard and the guys talked about dating and marriage. Here's what I could find in my archives:

    Gary's Throat Clearing Getting On Howard's Nerves Again. 5/28/03. 6:00am
    Howard said he finally got a tape he was waiting for where people speak Klingon in mental hospitals. He reminded everyone of the story they talked about weeks ago and how there are so many people in this one mental hospital using this phony language that they need an interpreter. He played some clips of the tape where people are speaking certain words. Howard and the guys tried some of the words. After hearing a few Robin said it sounds like if you just clear your throat, you're speaking Klingon.

    Howard said he was trying to eat before the show but Gary was in talking to him and clearing his throat. He said he makes him nauseous when he's trying to eat. He said Gary tries to do it quietly but he can still hear it. He said it only takes him 2 minutes to eat his breakfast but Gary can't seem to wait that long. Howard said it's so gross that he might have to throw away his breakfast. Gary came in and said they don't even get to talk anymore, they're like an old married couple. Howard said they talk plenty and the throat clearing is just really gross. Howard said he knows that there's something wrong with him when he concentrates on stuff like this but that's the way he is. Gary said there are things he has to talk to Howard about in the morning and he has to stand around waiting for him to finish eating. Howard said he doesn't mind him coming in, he just doesn't want him talking and clearing his throat. Howard went on to say that KC has a bit where he has a survey to fill out about who's the most insane on the show and who's smartest and stuff like that. He said for the smartest he put down Fred who said that Gary's throat clearing is kind of gross. Howard told Gary that he knows he's human and needs to clear his throat but it's still gross.

    Howard took a phone call from a guy who asked who would sell more copies of Playboy if they posed, Robin or Beth (Howard's girlfriend). Howard said he thinks Robin would sell more because she doesn't pose for anything like that. Beth poses in bikinis and stuff like that already. Another caller asked Howard what his psychiatrist thinks of all of these things that bother him. The caller said that every little thing like that bothers him as well. Howard said he thinks it means that it's things that they hate in themselves and that's why it bothers them so much. Gary asked Howard how long he's been going to the shrink and if there will ever be a ''graduation day'' from that. Howard said it's been three years now and he doesn't see an end in sight. He wasn't sure what his condition is called other than ''depressed and removed.'' Howard said he and his shrink go round and round in circles with certain subjects and he can see steam coming out of the guy's head. He said he can't even develop a relationship with his doctor. Gary wondered how long you're supposed to go to a shrink. Howard told him he thinks you go as long as you think you need to go. It's not a set time. Gary said he's seen some progress with Howard and he's not sure he still needs to go. Howard said he sees that there are still problems with him though so he knows he has to keep going. He said his doctor has helped him a lot though. Robin said she had a goal in mind when she was going to her shrink and once she reached it, she was done. Howard said he doesn't have any goals in mind. He said he has gotten some relief through his doctor's help. He apologized to Gary for his problem with his throat clearing after that.

    Frightening Fred The Fat Father... And Other Stuff. 9/9/02. 8:45am
    Howard took a phone call from someone who wanted to know what was up with Fred and his wife lately. Fred said that his wife is in her 8th month of pregnancy and she's going to the doctor today to get a check up. Howard then said that someone pointed out the fact that Fred has gone the way of every other father out there... He's gained quite a bit of weight. Howard said Fred has a belly now just like Gary. Gary came in and said that he and Fred now share the same waist size. Fred, however, pointed out that Gary is only 5'8'' tall while he's 6'3'' tall.

    Howard then changed subjects and said that he heard that when Artie was trying to get a date with his current girlfriend he practiced asking her out while looking in a mirror. Artie said that he did practiced ''...not looking like a dick.'' He told Howard that he would get dressed in his leather jacket and would look in the mirror to see if he looked okay asking her out. Howard and the guys spent a few minutes goofing on him about that.

    After that someone said the other night after Artie threw the bachelor party at Scores they heard him say that the next one may be his own. Artie said he's not planning anything at this point but the guys said it looks like he may just fall into that hole and marry this woman Dana that he's dating. Stuttering John said that he probably won't have her sign a pre-nuptial agreement either. Artie said he can see himself married to Dana some day but he doesn't know if or when that would happen. Stuttering John asked him if he can see himself married to her in 2 years. Artie said he has no idea what his life will be like in two years. He said he could be in rehab for all he knows. Howard gave him the usual talk about getting married and divorced. Howard also spoke to John about his wife and what will happen when they divorce. John said that he will take care of his wife by getting her an apartment and the kids will be taken care of. He thinks that he'll be able to keep his house out on Long Island too but the guys told him that won't happen once the lawyers get a hold of them. John said his wife is really cool about all of this at this point but Howard and Gary told him that when a marriage goes wrong, things change. They said that she won't be cool with all of that stuff during the divorce.

    Howard interrupted that discussion to take a call from a guy who says that his wife wanted him to suck on a dildo for her. Howard told the guy that his wife is disturbed and that him doing something like that is gay. He spent a couple of minutes talking to the guy about that while the other guys brought up other gay stuff that women want their men to do.

    Dominic Barbara called in again and told John that he will lose more than he thinks he will if he ever gets divorced. Apparently the laws in New York are such that John would lose half of what he has no matter what he thinks his wife isn't going to take.


  • Sarah Silverman - April 21, 2010. 03/04/15. 7:45am
    Next on today's unnamed special they played a Sarah Silverman interview from 2010. Here's my rundown from that day:

    Sarah Silverman Visits. 04/21/10. 8:35am
    After the break we heard a prank call the guys made using Ed McMahon audio clips. Fred also played James Taylor ''Carolina In My Mind'' as they were coming back.

    Howard came back and said that Sarah Silverman is coming in and she got $2.5 million to write her book ''The Bedwetter: Stories of Courage, Redemption, and Pee.'' Howard said that Sarah was looking good and looked like she lost some weight. Sarah said she's been trying hard.

    Howard said he sees Sarah making out with this guy she's dating. Sarah said it was one lunch they had and it's showing up everywhere. She said that she was on his lap once and they had tons of cameras taking shots of them. Howard said it's weird to see her like that. Howard said it never looked quite right when she was getting physical with Jimmy Kimmel.

    Howard said he felt like Sarah was cheating on Jimmy when he saw her with that other guy. Howard said Sarah did knock Jimmy a little bit in Playboy magazine. He said she said something about how she's used to a certain kind of guy but this new guy isn't like that at all. Sarah said that she was really complimentary to Jimmy in that article. She said they twisted her words to make it seem negative. She said she has no reason to bash him.

    Howard read the quote he was talking about and it was about how she usually likes pudgy, macho guys but this new guy isn't like that. Howard said she also said something about this new guy being more emotional. Sarah said she really likes Jimmy and she has nothing bad to say about him.

    Sarah said that they twist her words no matter what she says. She said she could say she doesn't want to talk about stuff but she can't do that either. Howard said that there's not much you can do about hurting someone's feelings.

    Howard said it was really weird to see Sarah making out with this guy. Sarah said it's not weird. She said it turns out that the Bachelor and his girlfriend were there at the restaurant too so that's why they were taking pictures.

    Howard said Sarah has lost all of this weight and he wonders what Jimmy thinks of that. Sarah said she wasn't fat. Howard said she wasn't but she has lost some weight. Howard asked if she lost it because of this new guy. Sarah said she lost it before she met him. Howard said he likes what he sees.

    Sarah was saying that she told a joke about having a bruise on her butt from this guy who she's dating and people thought she was serious. Sarah said it was all jokes from her arsenal of jokes. She said she told that one on Letterman and they took it seriously.

    Howard said he saw that Sarah was on The View and she was good on there. He said she's a really good guest. He told her that she did a good job. Sarah said they're such hens but she does love them.

    Howard asked if the boyfriend does spank her. Sarah said he doesn't really spank her but he might give her a whack on the ass once in a while. She said everyone loves that once in a while. Howard asked if they do any role playing or racial playing. Sarah said they don't do that much.

    Howard gave Sarah a plug for this new book she has out called ''The Bedwetter: Stories of Courage, Redemption, and Pee.'' He asked her about the money she made on that and Sarah said it's like the most money she's made collectively. She said she's finally going to own her apartment now that she has that money. Howard said he heard that the apartment is really small. Sarah said she's like the poorest, non-controversial, comedian out there. Sarah said she would rather just play a friend in a movie than have a lead role. That led to them talking about the movies that come out with hot chicks who can't find a date. They talked about Jennifer Biel and Jennifer Aniston being those women who do movies like that.

    Howard said he's going out to L.A. soon and jimmy Kimmel is throwing a big party for them. He said that Sarah can't make it to the party because it would be too uncomfortable or something. Sarah said she hasn't been on Jimmy's show since they broke up. She said it would be too weird.

    Howard said Jimmy is going to have this huge party and barbecue for him and Beth. He said Jimmy is running the guest list past him before he does it. Howard said it sounds like it'll be fun.

    Howard asked Sarah about the $2.5 million she got for this book and if she feels pressure to sell it now. Sarah said she already wrote it and she doesn't put pressure on herself like that. Sarah said the book was due in may and she passed it in 8 months late to make sure it was good. Sarah said she's not ruled by money but she's super proud of the book.

    Howard asked if she has any revelations like fucking Tiger Woods or anything like that. Sarah said of course she does, that's in chapter 3. Howard said she should invest the money she got from the book. Sarah said she's going to put it aside for when she needs it.

    Howard said when Sarah was on Saturday Night Live she had a tough time. She wrote a ton of sketches and they never used any. Sarah said that's because they were terrible and she just realized that recently. She said she kept them all these years and she saw how bad they were. Sarah said she was there for a year and it was like the greatest comedy boot camp working there. Sarah said she didn't feel bitter about it. Sarah said working there didn't define her so she's kind of happy about that.

    Sarah said she was at SNL when people like Adam Sandler, Mike Myers and Michael McKean were there. She said she was there the year they did the sketch of Howard with Michael McKean playing him. Howard remembered that. He asked if they found her doing stand-up. Sarah said she didn't have an audition because she was hired as a writer. She said she had just one eyebrow at the time too.

    Howard asked Sarah if anyone hit on her at SNL. Sarah said that no one really did. She said Adam kind of looked at her like a little sister. She said that Spade always tried to see her naked in the changing room. She said he's a friend now though. Howard said Sarah has put in her time and the money wasn't just handed to her. Sarah said that's true.

    Sarah said that she was asked to write a book in the past but she didn't feel it was time yet. She said that she figured she had something in her this time.

    Howard asked if she's doing book signings. Sarah said that she does and she has a very eclectic group that show up. She said that she has young girls, young guys, big fat smelly milky asshole type guys too. She said they don't do laundry and they don't wipe properly. Sarah said she has been with guys who have that asshole juice smell. Howard said that's his worst nightmare. He said he's no picnic back there so he showers.

    Sarah said she thinks of Christy Christy and what she has to do. Howard told Sarah about the story Richard told earlier about going to the dermatologist and not having showered for days. Howard told her about the stink he had and how he hadn't showered yet.

    Howard asked Sarah if she can imagine what Richard's balls smell like. She said she knows exactly what they're like because she smelled them one time. She said that it was like bad milk that was left in the trunk of a car during the summer. Sarah said if someone just mentioned his balls she can smell them.

    Howard said he pees there at work and sometimes his balls smell strong even though he showered the night before. Sarah said it's a very princessy thing to shower the night before. Howard said he has to because he doesn't want to get up at 3 in the morning to shower.

    Howard talked to Sarah about how she banged her boyfriend the first night they were together. He said she can't possibly do that with every guy. Sarah said she doesn't but she knows when she knows. Howard asked how bad it is when a guy smells down there. She said that it kills the mood. She said that it's hard to say if she'd dump the guy.

    Howard asked if she's ever had to retreat after going down there. Sarah said she's probably been a sport in the past but now she'll say something.

    Howard said he saw that Sarah did this TED Awards thing. Sarah said they're not awards, they're just talks. She said that she was asked to do this thing and she was already a fan. She said she felt betrayed because the guy who ran the thing bad mouthed her. She said it went so well they brought her back on stage after she did her 18 minutes. Sarah said she killed and she knew it. Howard read that the head of this thing told her she was terrible. He was offended by what she did.

    Sarah said she had to leave right after it and she had to go to Haiti. She said she went to help them out and the next morning the guy apologized for having her there. She said he Twittered about her and she thinks that one of the rich people complained so he was responding to that. She said he said that he thought she was god awful at the event.

    Sarah said she had told some jokes about how she wanted to adopt and how she wanted to adopt a mentally challenged baby. Sarah said she came up with a way to adopt a mentally challenged baby with a terminal illness so she doesn't have to worry about the baby when she's old and dying. Sarah said they were mad at that joke. Howard was laughing and asked who would get mad at that.

    Sarah said they had a person with autism speak that day and she never did say ''retard'' during her speech. She said it was ''retarded'' or ''mentally challenged.'' Sarah said this guy Chris Anderson started this TED thing and he likes to associate himself with smart, rich people. She said that she Twittered about him after he came out against her and went off on him. She said that's when other people jumped in and got in on the bashing. Sarah said Steve Case from AOL was saying something about there not being funny and it was like people were ganging up on her by grown up intellectual types.

    Howard said it must be tough to have to go home and think about that stuff. Sarah said that the guy didn't even post her performance and they claim they don't have the space to put it up. Howard said he's demanding that they do put it up.

    Sarah said she didn't even want to talk about that anymore. Howard said he wants to see Sarah's book go to number one on the best seller list. He said she needs a molestation story in the book. Sarah said she was hung out of a high rise by her feet when she was a kid. Howard said she should tell stories about how her sister molested her like Mo'Nique's family did on Oprah.

    Howard said he loved Octomom on Oprah yesterday. Sarah said she heard about that and she has to go check that out. Howard said she really does have to see it. He told Sarah if she wants to go on Oprah she should say that Howard Stern taped her in the bathroom with a hidden camera. Sarah said that's really tempting.

    Howard gave Sarah a plug for her book ''The Bedwetter: Stories of Courage, Redemption, and Pee'' and gave her some plugs for some upcoming book signings. Here are a few of those dates:

    • 4/22/10 6:30 PM at Borders Books – 1801 K Street. Washington DC.
    • 4/23/10 6:00 PM at Brookline Booksmith – Harvard Street. Brookline, MA.
    • 4/28/10 7:30 PM at BookPeople – North Lamar. Austin, TX.
    • 4/29/10 7:00 PM at Book Soup – Sunset Blvd. West Hollywood, CA.

    Sarah told Howard a story about going to see an old friend at the Laugh Factory and she ran up and kissed the guy. She said she got this crap on her face from kissing her and it turns out he had just finished eating out a chick and she realized that right after she kissed him. Sarah said she guessed it right when she asked the guy about it. Sarah said that story is in her book.

    Howard took a call from a guy who asked Sarah about how she didn't shave when she was with Jimmy. He asked if she's shaving with the new guy. Sarah said she does groom it but she likes a nice, neat, triangle that's trimmed. She said it's respectable and grown woman-ish. Howard asked her how much weight she lost. Sarah said it's like 10-13 pounds. Sarah said that this iPhone app ''Lose it'' is what has helped her do it.

    Another caller asked Sarah if she wanted him to take care of that guy who runs TED. She said that's fine, he can live with his own non-accomplishments.

    Another caller said he saw Sarah on some show and she looked really hot. She was on Regis and Kelly. She said that she was wearing a very unflattering shirt on that show. Howard asked why she would do that. Sarah said she didn't realize it until she was on. Howard told her to hire a stylist. Sarah said she's not into that.

    Howard asked if she followed J-Lo on the show. Sarah said she did and it was a big deal. Howard asked if Marc Anthony was there. Sarah said she didn't see him there. Sarah said she did slip in how she hates to see her leave but she loves to watch her go.

    Howard said they didn't have a copy of the book there and Gary said they refused to send one over. Howard said he would have read the book and asked her about it but they didn't send one over. Sarah said that was un-fucking-believable. Sarah said they told her to tell Howard to say the book was great and now this is making her crazy hearing that they don't even have a copy. Howard said he really would have read it if they had sent one over. Sarah showed Howard the copy she had but it wasn't a completed book. Howard said that was a very regal picture of her on the cover.

    Howard asked Sarah about how her father sits around making fun of people at Target. Sarah said he does that at Starbucks actually. She said he loves to heckle people when they go into Starbucks and he's been punched in the face 3 times in the past 3 years.

    Howard asked Sarah what kind of pictures are in the book. She said there are some tits but not her's. Sarah said she has some with girls from the Bunny Ranch. Sarah said they were at the Playboy mansion but they were whores, not Playboy girls. She had done an appearance with Artie out there and that's when those pictures were taken.

    Howard asked Sarah about who she dedicated her book to. She said she did that and she dedicated it to her family and her step-dad. Sarah said she really loved him. Howard asked if she wrote the forward herself too. She said she did that and she came up with a ''midword'' which is something new for books.

    Sarah was still upset that they didn't send a book to Howard. She said she's out busting her ass promoting the book and they didn't send him a copy. Howard said she should use her own PR firm to do that for her. Sarah said she knows she should.

    Howard gave Sarah some more plugs for the book and book signings. He asked if she signs every book. Sarah said she absolutely does. She said she loves talking to people too. She said she would like to talk to people longer but the book store people rush them along. Sarah said she will shake hands too but she has Purell around her at all times.

    Howard took a call from a guy who said he loves Sarah so much and he wants to know what color panties she's wearing. Sarah said they were pink and purple horizontal stripes. She said that it wasn't a thong though. Howard said he pictures her with big panties. Sarah said she does like them to be baggy. Howard had to wrap up and go to break a short time later.


  • Howard Vs. Jackie Basketball - March 20, 1997. 03/04/15. 8:45am
    Next on today's special they played a segment where Howard talked about a basketball game against Jackie and more. Here's my rundown from that day:

    The Singing Psychic Answers Some Questions. 3/20/97. 8:25am
    This woman, Fran Baskerville, called in back in February for the first time. There was such good feedback that Howard decided to have her on again. She claims to have found over 4000 missing children around the world. She now has her own private investigation business. This time Howard and the crew all had questions for her. Here are some of the questions that were asked:
    Question Singing Answer
    Will Liz Taylor die soon? I'd say yes...I don't know how she's hung on so long...
    Will President Clinton lose his sexual harassment suit? I'd say yes... and there's a lot more coming up for him...
    Will Robin ever get reunited with her bathroom lover? Not yet.. maybe in 10 years...
    Will Howard ever have sex with a woman other than his wife? Yes.. He loves his wife but he's hard to hold on to..
    Will Fred ever get oral favors from his wife? Yes...yeah, yeah, yeah
    Will Charles Grodin ever show his bald head? Not unless Howard pulls off his wig...

    After all of those questions Howard wondered if she could locate a missing college student from Fordham University up here in New York. Howard gave her the guys name and she said he was within 100 yards of his home but he may have ''fallen to ill fate''. That's not good news for the family.

    Practicing For Jeopardy. 3/20/97. 9:10am
    Robin is going to be appearing on a Celebrity Jeopardy game sometime in April. Today Howard decided that they'd practice a little so Robin can kick some celebrity ass. Howard, Robin, Fred, Gary and Stuttering John all played. The funny thing was that Fred blew everyone out of the water. He kicked ass! Fred answered some questions that nobody else could have known. Howard thinks that Fred should be on regular Jeopardy, he's that good. Everyone was also betting on whether Robin would win or lose on Jeopardy. Howard thinks she will win. It should be interesting.

    Howard VS Jackie In Basketball? 3/20/97. 9:50am
    Somehow this morning Howard and Jackie decided that they wanted to play a game of basketball against each other. It had something to do with all the bets going on this morning. Robin said that every time she makes a bet with someone about Howard she loses. When Jackie and Howard decided that they wanted to play this basketball game Robin refused to make any bets in favor of Howard. Since both Jackie and Howard suck at basketball they're only playing to 7 points! It might take all afternoon for them to finish even playing to only 7. The game was to happen right after the show today. We should have the results tomorrow. - As Seen on Howard Stern

  • Psych Vs. Little Mikey - January 20, 2011. 03/04/15. 9:50am
    Next on today's unnamed vacation special they played a Psych vs. Little Mikey segment. Here's my rundown from that day:

    Little Mikey Vs. Psych. 01/20/11. 7:25am
    After the break we heard a prank call Richard made to a guy asking him to give his friend a message about getting his porn back. Fred also played Sheryl Crow's ''If it Makes You Happy'' as they were coming back.

    Howard came back and played a new Little Mikey song parody about Robin. Howard said that The two guys who write songs about Robin are Mikey and this guy Psych. Howard said that they're apparently having a feud. Howard said he asked them to come on the air with him so he can work this out.

    Howard had Psych on the phone and he said he was sick from hearing that song that he had just played. Howard asked Mikey to say hi too. Howard played some of Mikey's songs and Psych said he was going to hang up. Mikey accused him of stealing some of his songs. Howard asked Psych what his problem is. Psych said he had no problem with him but Mikey accused him of stealing his song. He's not even sure what song he stole. Mikey said it's the For The Longest Time Billy Joel song.

    Psych said he tries to hit songs up the next day. He said that he doesn't remember Mikey's songs. He said he's only been on since December of last year so he doesn't know everything that's been going on. He said he has to tell Mikey to leave him alone in the email. Howard asked how he even got the email. Mikey said he never threatened him. Psych said he sent the email to Sal. He told Howard to have him bring in.

    Psych said that he sent some songs into Sal and he played one on the air. He said that he figured Sal was the guy to send the songs to.

    Howard asked Mikey why this bothers him because they play his stuff all the time. Mikey said he thinks that his songs are better and Psych doesn't really do anything new with his songs. Robin said he has great production values. Mikey said that he doesn't change the lyrics that much. He doesn't change them that much. Psych said that they're about Robin and he doesn't have to. Howard played his cover of Big Big Bang which was one that Mikey complained about.

    Psych said that he has raised the bar for song parodies and they have to admit that. He said that Mikey thinks that he can keep him off the show and it's just not right. He also said that he heard Howard saying that Mikey might get a job there. Howard said that he was in a meeting and someone mentioned that he wanted a job and he thought it would be a good idea. He said that he told the guys to talk to Mikey about a job. He said it has nothing to do with Psych. Psych said he has a job but he would like to be more integral to the show. He said he'd like to have celebrities do song parodies. He played a new one he did yesterday.

    Psych said that he'd like to get the celebrities to do parodies. He said that all they'd have to do is hear the song and do some lines. Howard said it won't work. He said that they're not going to play along with his ideas. Howard said they're not going to sing about cumming on Robin's face. Psych said that they could even email the stuff. Howard said that Mikey is talented too.

    Psych said that he's really a musician so he plays everything in the songs. Mikey said he's a musician too. He said he plays guitar on his tunes. Psyche said that he can tell he does the karaoke stuff. Psyche said that he plays all of the instruments on almost all of his songs. He said he didn't do it for the Big Big Bang but just about everything else. He had Howard play one of his Billy Joel song covers. Howard played that and got some laughs out of that.

    Psych told Howard about how much effort he puts into his songs and how he can do impressions of people singing. He said Mikey doesn't do that. Mikey said he's an original and he doesn't have to rip people off and steal songs.

    Howard asked Mikey if he has been sending emails to Psych. He said he has but he's just letting him know that he's re-doing his songs. Psych asked if they have his cover of ''For the Longest Time.'' Howard actually did have that one so he played it. Mikey's version was good. Howard said that he liked that one so Psych said that he should take a poll and ask the fans to vote.

    Howard asked Mikey which song is his favorite. Mikey told him to pull up Nuts On Her Chin and another one. Psych said that Robin said that he's her favorite. Howard asked if that's true. Robin said he is her favorite. Howard played Mikey's ''Nuts On Her Chin'' and said that Mikey has a funny singing voice. He said that anything he sings is hysterical. Howard asked if they would ever work on a song together. Psych said he wouldn't do that. He said he's just going to keep writing better songs.

    Mikey said he never said he was going to try and keep him off the show. Psych said he has. Mikey said that he's lying about him right now. Psych said he's not lying. He asked Sal to bring in that email if he has it. Sal wasn't responding to his request.

    Sal eventually came in and said that he hasn't seen this email that he's talking about. He said he just got a description of the email that he claims Mikey sent to him. Mikey said that Psych hasn't seen one either. Psych said that Mikey said that he has a way to get him off the show. Mikey said he never said that.

    Howard took a call from a guy who said that he thinks he blows both of those guys away. His connection was really bad though so Howard had to hang up. Another caller asked Robin which song is her favorite out of the two guys. Psych said he has 63 songs. Robin said Mikey has like a billion.

    Psych asked why Howard plays the Richard Christy songs. Howard said he does some good ones. Psych said he didn't like that one. Howard said that Richard does some of the funniest KC songs he's ever heard. He said that he did KC's Gay and others.

    Psych said that it takes time away from him and Mikey when he plays those. Howard said that's the way competition goes.

    Howard took a call from a guy who said that he has to give Mikey his props and he has been around for a while. Howard said that Mikey might feel kind of territorial about his songs. Howard asked Mikey why he won't work with Psych. Mikey said that he's lying about stuff and he doesn't work with liars. Psych just laughed.

    Howard said he's going to play a couple of their tunes to celebrate them. Robin said she likes Mikey's voice and Psych's production values. She said that you can see his work in his songs. Another caller said that they're ruining this whole thing by arguing about it.

    Mariann from Brooklyn called in and said that she's a big Little Mikey fan and she asked him to write her a new song. Howard had to hang up on her when she started to sing. Mikey said he has a song for Mariann actually.

    Howard played some of Mikey and Psych songs. He went back and forth with their stuff like a mini battle of the bands.

    After playing a bunch of their stuff Howard said that they should both be flattered with themselves. Robin said that neither one should be jealous. Psych said he'll bury the hatchet. He said that he heard Mikey doing the parodies and he inspired him. He said that if he didn't hear him then he wouldn't have done them. He said that he may not have even gotten them on the air if Sal didn't listen to them. He said he sent them to Jason and Gary too and they didn't get them on the air. Howard said that he has to have a meeting with them about that. He said he's going to do a full investigation.

    Howard took a call from a guy who said that these guys obviously have no life. He said that Mikey has no production but that's what made Ham Hands Bill so great. Howard said he loves a feud.

    Psych asked Mikey if he has a job. Mikey said he does. Psych said he puts a lot of time into his songs and he barely gets any sleep. Howard said all he knows is that he's talented.

    Jeff the Drunk called in and said that they're both great. Howard said he loves that they have a feud. Psych got in a plug for his web site Mikey got in a plug for his site too... Mikey said that Psych has Howard's voice on his site. Psych said he was trying to bury the hatchet with him and he goes and does that.

    Anther caller said that they have to stop with this complaining and just leave it alone. He said he writes songs for Gary and they're not creating anything new there.

    Robin said she can't believe this. Howard thanked the guys for the call and said they're fans of both of them. Howard said he wanted to talk to Joan Rivers who had just shown up. He went to break after that.


  • Billy Corgan And Jimmy Chamberlain - February 29, 2000. 03/04/15. 10:30am
    Next on today's special they played a Billy Corgan interview from 2000. Here's my rundown from that day:

    Smashing Pumpkins' Billy Corgan Comes In. 2/29/00. 8:45am
    Billy Corgan and Jimmy Chamberlain from the Smashing Pumpkins came in to promote their new album ''Machina: The Machines Of God'' this morning. Howard started off by bringing up how screwed up Billy's childhood was. He said that Billy was abandoned by his parents and was passed around his relatives at the age of 5 even though his parents were just around the corner. Howard tried to get Billy to talk about the whole situation but he was very reluctant to get into it. He kept telling Howard that it was a very long and boring story. He did eventually say that his relationship with his parents is like a roller coaster. He's now on the outs with his father. His mother died 3 years ago. He said he got along with her the best. Howard kept trying to get details but Billy just skirted around the subject.

    Howard also spoke to Jimmy Chamberlain who's the drummer in the band. Jimmy was kicked out of the band a while back but he's back in now. At the time he was on heroin but that wasn't exactly the reason he was kicked out. Billy explained that because the two of them didn't see eye to eye on the focus of the band that he had to let him go. Jimmy wanted to party and do drugs while Billy wanted to concentrate on the music. Jimmy said he enjoyed his 2 year vacation from the band but he knew he'd be back. The bass player in the band just recently left also so Howard asked Billy if he thinks that he's the problem. Billy admitted that he is hard to work with so that may be the reason but the bass player had problems too.

    Howard brought up Courtney Love from Hole who Billy used to date. Howard hung out with her out in Los Angeles last week and said she's a handful. Billy agreed and said that she was a ''World class drama queen'' and that she was a ''nightmare to be with.'' He was one of the people who pushed her to do another album but that led to them fighting once again. Billy said that while they were dating she actually cooked for him and did his laundry which surprised Howard.

    At one point in the interview Howard had a couple of 16 year old female fans come in. Howard had video of their bedrooms which were covered with Smashing Pumpkins posters and stuff. He let them talk to Billy for a minute but they didn't have much to say. They said that they started their own band ''Nagrok'' because they were inspired by Billy. The band name is Corgan's name spelled backwards with the letter K. Howard got them out of the studio pretty quick since they didn't have much to say.

    Howard wanted to talk to Billy about Sharon Osbourne managing the band and how that didn't work out but he's not allowed to talk about it because they're in a legal situation with the whole thing. Howard took a few phone calls before ending the segment. Smashing Pumpkins will be appearing at HMV records on 34th street tonight at 7pm for an in store performance. They'll be doing a full hour's worth of music for the fans. The new album ''Machina: The Machines Of God'' comes out today.

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  • Robin's News - Unknown Dates. 03/04/15. 11:00am
    Next on today's special they played some Robin's News segments from unknown dates.

    Today's show was over around 11:30am.

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-- The Wrap Up Show --

  • Wrap Up Show - Jillian Barberie Sits In Again. 03/04/15. 11:35am
    Jon Hein started today's show saying that Jillian Barberie is joining him once again. Jillian said she pulled a Benjy and showed up 30 seconds before she had to be there.

    Jon talked about the Little Mikey and Psych battle today. Jillian said that Eli Braden is genius too. She said that Mikey and Psych pump them out like crazy though. Jon played a ''What You Need to Know'' about today's show. Jon said that they also have a poll up today asking who your favorite Robin song parody guy is. Jon said they'll have the results at the end of the show.

    Jon said that when people come in for an interview they need to be open for a good one. He said that's what they get with Billy Corgan and Sarah Silverman. Jillian said she thinks people go on and want to please Howard. She said the last Billy Corgan interview was great. She said Sarah is always great and so open and fun. She said she never seems anxious or like she's trying to please too hard. Jillian said she's very open and honest.

    Jon said he thinks Sarah has glammed up a bit over the past few years. Jon said that he'd like to get her boyfriend Michael Sheen on the show. He said he seems to have a good sense of humor. Jillian said she's always been gorgeous and downplays her looks but she has polished up a bit. Jon said she was also wiling to sniff Richard Christy's balls.

    Jon said that Howard really loves Billy Corgan and his music. Jillian said that she finds him fascinating. She said what's great about that interview is the stories behind the Courtney Love and Sharon Osbourne things. She said Billy says straight up that he has respect for Howard and vice versa. She said that Billy said if Howard asks he will answer.

    Jon said you do have to be honest but also up front about things. He said that a lot of actors and musicians need to side step a question. He said Howard will call bullshit on them when they do.

    Jillian said she had a friend who was going to be on the show and he told her that he was nervous because h was afraid of the questions he might ask. Jillian said she told him that if Howard keeps going it can get worse so you just have to give in and answer. Jon said they had to take a break after that.


  • Wrap Up Show - Sarah Silverman, Psych Vs. Little Mikey And More. 03/04/15. 11:50am
    After the break Jillian said that one of the great things about Sarah is that she's got an angelic face but all of that filth comes out of her mouth. Jon said she's become more mainstream over the past few years and she deserves that. Jillian said she was on the Kimmel show a few years ago and Sarah and Jimmy told her that she needs a comedy writer as a boyfriend. She said she thinks they were right.

    Jon took a call from a guy who said he thinks that both Psych and Little Mikey are great but Psych takes the cake when it comes to production. He said that his songs are so much clearer and better sounding. Jon said that some of the worst sounding songs are some of the best though. He said Ham Hands Bill did one years ago that sounded really bad. The caller said when you're listening while rolling down the road you hear the quality difference and it just sounds better. He said it makes you enjoy them more and remember them. Jon said he thinks that he's right about how Psych is tough to beat.

    Jon took another call from a guy who said he thinks Psych is a better singer too. He said Mikey doesn't have that quality for him. He also asked Jillian if she would smell Richard Christy's balls if it wasn't already done. Jillian said she would. She said she's game. Jillian said she was jealous of Sarah for getting to do that. Jon said he's sure she could get in the mix if she wanted to.

    Jon took a call from a woman who said she is sending a big kudos to Jillian. She said it's nice to have a female in the sausage fest. She said that she has never called into a show but she had to do that for Jillian. She said she likes a chick who knows her shit. The caller also said she doesn't know if she's in the demographic or not. Jillian said she thinks that there are plenty of lesbians who listen. She and the caller spent a minute talking about what kind of lesbian she is.

    Jillian said she loves when women call into the show. She said she remembers hearing calls years ago and she'd be jealous. She said a lot of her best friends are women.

    Jon took a call from a woman who said she thinks Jillian is great on the show. Jillian thanked her for that. The caller said that no one admits to listening to Howard where she works. Jillian said that's the way it used to be but not so much these days. Jillian said she thinks AGT has helped with that too. The caller said in New York it's not so undercover but out there it is. Jillian said she talked about him on a daily basis on Good Day L.A.

    Jon asked the caller if she wanted to weigh in on the Little Mikey vs. Psych thing. The caller said they're both great. She said Psych tries to imitate the voice of the singer of the song. She said that makes it funny but then Mikey is so affected but he doesn't have a great voice. She said that they're both great but different.

    Jon took a call from a guy who said he thinks Mikey is funnier but Psych might be more talented musically. He said they're both funny. Jillian said she doesn't care so much about the singing but about the lyrics. She said that they're all talented and they have their own way of doing things. Jon said that he misses the old piano theme for Robin. He said it's all a great mix. They had to take another break after that.


  • Wrap Up Show - Phone Calls, Robin's Jeopardy And More. 03/04/15. 12:00pm
    After the break Jon said that Sharon Osbourne loves Howard. They came back from break to an intro from her. Jillian said that all reality shows are bullshit but Sharon and Ozzy used to come on when the show first aired. She said that she could watch Ozzy watching paint dry. She said Sharon is one of the great personalities. She said she really does love Howard.

    Jillian told Jon that when the Kardashian reality show came out they had story lines that they'd follow. She said that they didn't have to tell Kelly, Jack, Ozzy and Sharon what they had to do. She said she thinks a lot of reality shows are the furthest thing from reality. Jon said he agrees but that doesn't mean you can't watch it if you enjoy it.

    Jillian said that Sharon is one of the biggest ball busters out there. She said she is such a mama bear. Jon said that you can't push her around. He said that's what made her such a great manager. Jillian said she had a talk show out there and she had her on with her birth mom and sister. Jillian said that Sharon is no bullshit.

    Jon took a call from a woman who said she loves hearing an educated woman who is in love with Howard as much as she is. She said that she's a lawyer and she sits in her car until it's time to go to court. She said she sees other people doing the same thing. The caller said it freaks her out that people don't know how great the show is. She said that she is shocked that more people don't know that women are listening. Jillian said she used to say the same thing on the air every day. Jillian said that people who don't listen don't know what they're missing.

    Jon said he felt that the AGT thing helped get the word out there. He said he thinks that it's become much more widely accepted to listen to the show. He said he is very happy for him because he's getting the due that he's long deserved. Jon said as he winds down a little bit he's still getting it while he's in the game. Jon said now is the time to come out and say you love listening.

    Jon said there will be a day when Howard won't be there. Jillian said she refuses to even hear that. She said she panics when she thinks about that. Jillian said she can cry just thinking about it. Jillian said Howard has been a part of her life for 25 years now.

    Jon said that Howard also got the Best Hair award too. Jillian said she wants to say that the guy who tweets at her that his hair is a wig is an idiot. She said she has run her fingers through it and it is real.

    Jon took a call from a guy who said he'd love to hear some celebrities getting involved with the song parodies. He said they used to do that when guests would come in. Jillian said she was supposed to do one with Eli Braden a while back but things didn't work out. She said she's still up for that.

    Jon said that he wanted to talk about Robin prepping for Jeopardy. Jon said when it gets to it Robin just can't hit the buzzer on time. He said it's difficult when you're on those shows to deliver. He said Robin has the knowledge but she can't deliver when it comes to show time. Jillian said Howard is such a champion of Robin and she loved when they would do the run throughs. She said that it's got to freak you out a bit when you're doing it for real.

    Jon said Howard and Robin have gotten closer on the air over the years. Jillian said she remembers seeing Robin on a show talking about the Selena killing and defending Howard. She said that she was new to listening to the show and she knew that Robin had his back. She said seeing that grow over the years is wonderful.

    Jon said Robin called out Linda Ronstadt on the Tonight Show once too. Jillian said she was so proud of Robin for that.

    Jon said he has Rassan there to give the poll results. Rassan said that it was a super tight race today. He said just edging out the other guy with 51.4 percent of the vote was Psych. Jillian said there is room for everyone. She said she was pulling for Mikey. Jon said he thinks he would vote for Mikey based on his goofy voice but they both do a great job.

    Jon wrapped up the show and got in some plugs for today's Sternthology and some plugs for Jillian as well. They were done around 12:15pm.

    Mr. Skin

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    • To Be Archived Later This Friggin Week.

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