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  • Wolfie And Bobo Clips. 06/22/16. 7:00am
    Show opening bits and songs included: A phony phone call Sal and Richard made to a Swap Shop show using clips of a guy making horse neigh sounds, Metallica performing ''One'' in the Howard Stern Show studio.

    Howard started the show talking about how someone yelled at him for not having the P at the end of his ''Whoop, whoops.'' He said he's been getting a lot of positive email about Wolfie. He said yesterday he should have read this. He had Wolfie on the phone and told him about how he got some good feedback about the JD observation thing and the other things he's done lately.

    Wolfie asked Howard who he is most interested in out of the latest Wack Packers. Howard said this is weird for him. He said he just asked a lame question after hitting home runs. Howard said he's asking a Bobo-esque question. Robin said she's interested in knowing. Howard said he thinks Wolfie just blew it. Robin said she thinks it's a valid question. She said they have had some stand out Wack Packers in the past. Robin said that there might be a void in the top of the Wack Pack.

    Howard said he has Bobo on the phone so maybe he has a better question. Bobo said he has a question he crafted. He asked Howard who he would say on the staff has put themselves in a dangerous situation. Howard said Wolfe's question wasn't this bad. Howard said he didn't even ask a question. Howard asked what the question was. Bobo wondered what kind of dangerous situations the staff have put themselves in. He said Gary did a thing where he dressed up like a clown and almost got killed by a bull. Howard said that's like the shittiest question he could have asked. He said it's so bad it's beyond bad. He apologized to Wolfie for comparing him to Bobo.

    Fred did his impression of Bobo asking the question. Howard got in on that a little bit too. That led to them talking about the kid who was killed by an alligator in Florida. Howard said he was wondering why the kid was out at 9:30 at night and it turns out the parents were watching fireworks. Howard said the kid didn't care about fireworks.

    Bobo said a girl got her arm bitten off in a lake down there a few months ago. Howard said maybe this is a chance for him to play the Bobo clips he has that Wolfie recorded. Wolfie said he has to do that.

    Howard said he has an answer for Wolfie's question about the Wack Packers. He said he'll talk about that after he plays the Bobo clips. Howard played a song parody about Bobo and his awful questions and bad toupee. Howard asked Bobo if he enjoys those songs. Bobo said he doesn't really but he has a thick skin so he can handle it.

    Howard said they found out why Bobo earned his name when he was growing up. He played a clip of Bobo talking to Wolfie about how kids called him Bobo the Clown when he was growing up and he kind of liked the name. Howard said it sticks in your head for negative reasons. He said Bobo said he ''had it in his craw'' so he asked Bobo what that means. Bobo said it's something that sticks with you in your mind. Howard said that's kind of not what that means. Howard said it's your gut. Bobo said okay. Howard and Fred did their Bobo impressions and goofed on him for a short time about how he got the name Bobo.

    Howard said Wolfie made the trip down to Orlando. He said he noticed the toupee raises above his head about 3 inches when it's hot down there. Howard said he's seen it do that up there in New York too. Howard said it seems like it's not attached. Wolfie wrote that water pours out from under his toupee too. He had really sweaty armpit hair when Wolfie saw him. Bobo said it was like 99 degrees out that day. He said he was walking on the trail. Howard said he was wearing a tank top too. Howard said that's never a good idea. Howard said if you're a young guy and you have guns then you show it. Wolfie said it was like his grandma wearing a tank top. Bobo said he's in pretty good shape.

    Howard said Bobo bought a crypt to be buried in because he's afraid of being in the ground. Bobo said that's true. Howard played a clip of Bobo talking about how he was bullied about the white socks he wore as a kid. He said he had them stolen and he was called a faggela when he wore them.

    Howard said he has Bobo's Toupee on the phone. He picked up on him and locked him into the conversation for a few seconds and then gave up. Bobo's Toupee said ''Fuck Wolfie'' before Howard hung up.

    Howard played another clip of Bobo talking about how he's one of the Long Island boys like Seinfeld, Jackie Martling, Eddie Murphy and guys like that. Bobo said his stomping grounds was the Hamptons. Robin said Bobo was close with Jackie but that's about it.

    Howard said Wolfie talked to Bobo about how he ended up at the hospital when his third daughter was born. Bobo said he doesn't want to talk about that again. Howard said he's going to play the clip. Bobo said his kids crucify him over that. Howard said you have to hear how kooky this is. Howard played the clip and Bobo talked about how he went to the hospital and his son told him he was crazy for going. Bobo said he wasn't doing any harm going in there. He said he looks back now and thinks he was crazy for doing that. Howard said Bobo only thinks he was crazy because he told him he was. Bobo said that's not true.

    Howard asked how old his kids were back then. Bobo said they were teenagers. Howard said even teens knew he was out of his mind. Howard said Bobo wasn't even on his radar that much back then. Bobo said he wasn't really Bobo back then. He said there wasn't even any security there. He said it was ridiculous. Howard said he walked in with his parents. Howard said his parents were so out of it they didn't know. Howard said his mother is the worst at that. He said she'd just invite him to go along with them. Fred did his impression of Bobo talking about all of that stuff.

    Howard said in this next clip Wolfie talks to Bobo about the trail he walks on. Howard started the clip and Bobo was talking about how he looks at the show as a blank canvas. Howard stopped it and said that's what he says about the show. Howard said he is the one creating, not Bobo. Bobo said he knows that. He said he used to talk to his class about that when he was teaching. Howard said that would be applicable. Robin said it's not the same thing.

    Howard asked what he thought was going to happen when he came to the hospital. Bobo said he just wanted to meet him. He said he left after he did that. Howard said that was great.

    Howard got back to the clip where Bobo talked about how he's inspired to write his questions when he's listening to the show and down at the trail. Bobo said when he was ''banded'' from the show he spent a lot of time down there.

    Howard said in this next clip Bobo talks about his most memorable moment from the show. Bobo said it was the day he was down there when he thought the world was going to end. Bobo said he regrets leaving his family alone that day and went all the way into Manhattan. Howard said Bobo put this fear into his kid telling him that the world was going to end. Howard asked Bobo if he told the kid the world was going to end. Bobo said he didn't tell him that. He said the other kids knew what he was doing that day. Howard said they were ready for the world to end. Bobo said that caused a lot of problems for him. He said it took his wife a long time to forgive him.

    Howard said Bobo was going to live in an abandoned missile silo or something. Bobo said he had a lot of supplies to help him survive down there. Bobo said it was a pretty secure place so no one knew about it. He said it was a well kept secret.

    Howard took a call from a kid who said that he was Bobo's son. The kid asked Bobo to stop calling the show and stop embarrassing them. He said he's an idiot. Howard thanked Bobo's son for calling in.

    Howard asked what Bobo did with the supplies he had in the silo. Bobo said he gave them away. He said he kept a box of rations. He said he has glow sticks and he has enough to light up Florida. Howard asked Bobo why he didn't hold on to that stuff for a few days just in case the end of the world was still coming. Bobo said he did hold on to them for a little while. Howard said imagine Bobo's family survives and the animals become smarter than Bobo. Bobo said that Howard made him aware that it's pointless to survive on that stuff because you'll just die a few weeks later.

    Howard asked Bobo what he was asking earlier. Bobo brought it up again and asked who on the staff has put themselves in a dangerous situation. He said maybe someone will come forward. Howard said that's awful. He said no one cares and Bobo kind of knows the answer. He said Benjy got hit in the ankle with a chain once. Howard let Bobo and Wolfie go after that. He played a song parody about Bobo as they were going to break.


  • Shuli And Underdog Lady At The Mermaid Parade. 06/22/16. 7:35am
    After the break Howard came right back and said he's going to answer Wolfie's question. Howard asked Robin who she thinks he's most fascinated by. Robin said she'd say High Pitch Erik. Howard said he is fascinated by them all but Underdog Lady has him the most fascinated. Howard said Shuli went with her to a Mermaid Parade and it's such good tape. Howard had Shuli in the studio. Howard said he likes how she calls him Mr. Shuli. Shuli said he asked why that is and she said it's because he's a professional media broadcaster. Howard asked if she knows he's not. Shuli said she has no clue.

    Howard asked if Shuli thinks that she's in love with him but can't act on it because he's married. Shuli said there could be something there. Howard asked if it was all business at the parade. Shuli said they were getting ready to be dropped off and she was smearing on this lotion and she asked him to out it on her back.

    Shuli said this Mermaid Parade is the last thing you'd expect her to go to. Howard said she hates all of the costumes at the parade because here is nudity but she's compelled to go there. Shuli said he thinks she hates her parents for what they did to her and she also still loves them. He said this is kind of an F-you to them who stopped her from going to these things as a kid.

    Howard said this was out in Coney Island. Howard said this parade is different because all of the people dress up in ocean related costumes and there are a lot of cross dressers in it. Howard said that blows Underdog Lady's mind. Howard said she was late to show up to this event and her friend Phil came with her. Shuli said that he's been doing this for like 20 years and not documenting it. Shuli said he's like her assistant. Howard asked if he's Phil or Mr. Phil. Shuli said he's just Phil.

    Howard said Underdog was an hour and a half late because her bus didn't show up. Howard said she was already stressed out from that. Howard played a clip of Underdog Lady crying over being late. She said that the bathrooms were closed on the lower levels. Shuli was trying to comfort her. She said she's having an awful time. Howard said she wants to hang out with her and see this from beginning to end.

    Shuli said Underdog was in costume and last time he did this she was in tears too. He said everything has to go to plan or this happens. Howard said he is most fascinated in Underdog Lady. He said they got a car and Underdog had a tough time getting her seat belt on. Howard said in this clip she's in a panic over that. The first clip he played was the wrong one so he threw out his notes and tried again. He played the clip of Underdog freaking out not being able to get her seat belt on.

    Howard asked what she's so worried about. Shuli said everything that's out of her comfort zone she freaks out over. Robin said everything is out of her comfort zone. Howard said then she breaks into song on the drive over. Shuli said she's singing Christmas songs that have been translated into Latin. Howard played a clip of Underdog doing that. Howard said then she sings Joy to the World in Latin. Howard played that next. Howard asked Shuli what he's doing while she's doing this. Shuli said he's watching the Uber driver to make sure he doesn't veer into traffic.

    Howard said he drew a picture of her once. He said it's pretty good. He said he did it when he was first starting to draw portraits. He drew Beetlejuice and then Underdog. Shuli said he should give it to her as a gift. He said she'd love that.

    Howard said they get to the parade and then she's trying to put on suntan lotion and she can't get to some spots. Howard said then Shuli has to apply it to her. Shuli said she was very bossy about him putting it on her. Howard played that clip and Underdog told him not to forget about the backs of her shoulders. Shuli put the lotion on her. He said she was sweating before she was even in the parade. He said it was like putting lotion on sweaty stucco.

    Howard asked why Phil didn't do it. Shuli said he conveniently had to do something else. He said he's not sure how Phil has been doing this for 27 years. Howard asked if he popped a rod while he did it. Shuli laughed and said he was half chubbed.

    Howard played another clip of Shuli talking to Underdog about how she prepares for the parade. Underdog said she takes her glasses off and puts her hair down. Shuli said there were tits everywhere at this parade and she was trying not to look. He said the people are having a blast.

    Howard said Shuli says to Underdog asking if she would change anything about the dress code. Shuli said one of the organizers asked how it was going and then she goes into this diatribe. Underdog was yelling at the guy that there should be a dress code.

    Howard read that she sleeps in her costume the night before. Howard read some notes about her and said that she will take pictures with people but she gets angry when they don't send copies even though she doesn't give out her email address.

    Howard played more of Underdog yelling at the organizer about the dress code. Shuli told her to go have fun. Howard said this parade isn't for her. Shuli said that she's surrounded by tits when she's yelling about this stuff. He said two feet away from her is a dude with an inflated cock and balls. Shuli said he asked her about what she thought about that and she saw it and said ''No, that's not appropriate!''

    Howard said Underdog wants a lot of room around her when she's in the parade because she needs to dance. Howard said she doesn't like the parade at all. She wants space.

    Howard played a clip of Shuli talking to Underdog what she liked about the parade that day. Underdog said she liked it when she had plenty of space around her so she could dance.

    Howard said a few years ago Underdog Lady won for best sea creature at the parade but she wasn't dressed as one. Howard said to answer Wolfie's question he is most fascinated by Underdog Lady. Shuli said she is willing to do a show there but she has to have Phil and him there. Shuli said he can mention Howard's name in front of her now and she doesn't freak out. Howard said the fans will fuck with her if they give her a show. Shuli said that Riley Martin was able to do the show without too many people fucking with him. He said it might work for her too.

  • Underdog Lady Game. 06/22/16. 7:50am
    Howard took a call from a woman who said she can't get out of her car listening to this shit. She said this is unbelievable. She said they have to give her a show. Howard said he has a game to play with her. He said he doesn't have any money but he has a Flat Ronnie. He said he has a Jim Baker food bucket too. He said she can play for that or unopened Sybian attachments. The caller, Jill, said she'll play for the Flat Ronnie. Howard said he has a picture of him with Joey Boots. Jill said she'd love a picture of Howard autographed. Howard said he hasn't seen it. He said she can play for that.

    Howard said to win the picture of him with Joey Boots in a steel frame... they ask Underdog Lady some questions and she has to guess if she'll get it right. Howard saw the picture of Joey Boots and him and said it's lovely. Gary said it was sent to them accidentally and it almost ended up in the garbage. Howard said one man's garbage is another man's treasure or something like that.

    Howard said they asked Underdog who Jay Z is married to. Jill said no way she'll know. Howard said this is a practice question. She was right. Underdog didn't know.

    Howard said he'll throw in a JD breakfast wrapper too. JD said he has some spoons but he doesn't eat breakfast. Howard threw that in too.

    Howard said they asked Underdog Lady if she knows what Netflix is. Jill said she thinks Underdog will know. Howard played her answer and Underdog said it's something about getting pay per view movies on TV. Howard said close enough on that one.

    Howard said they asked Underdog if she knows what A-Rod's name is. Jill said no she won't know that. She was right. Underdog said she doesn't know.

    Howard said get one more right and the game is over. Howard said they asked Underdog what company makes the iPhone. Jill said she won't know. Howard played Underdog's answer and she said Motorola. Howard said Jill won the game. Howard said she just won a metal print of Joey Boots sitting on the couch in the studio and a spoon from JD. Howard thanked Shuli and Robin and went to break after that.


  • TV Show Discussions. 06/22/16. 8:05am
    During the break Howard was talking about TV shows he's been watching. He was talking about them during a live commercial read. He was talking about a show with Magic Johnson's kids. He was also talking about how shows like Game of Thrones seem to have their best episode of the season with the episode before the season finale.

    Robin said she started watching that show with Elvis' granddaughter. Howard said the mother is Lisa Marie Presley and they had Riley Keough. Howard said it's called The Girlfriend Experience. Howard said it's soft core porn. Howard said she shows her tits. Robin said she saw an episode of that and it finally started going somewhere. Howard said he and his wife watch shows together. Howard said he prefers to watch alone. Howard said he's like Underdog. Robin said she thinks they'd like Outlander. Howard said he hasn't watched that.

    Howard said Magic Johnson's kids have a show. He said their son is way over the top and they accept him totally. Robin said they probably thought he was going to be another great basketball player. Howard said he's too affluent for that. Howard said you have to be poor. Howard said this kid looks exactly like Magic Johnson or maybe Cookie Johnson. Howard said the kid is real girly and the daughter is super hot. Howard said she has a great body. He said he's mesmerized by them. Howard said the son is trying to get a career going but he doesn't need one. Howard said he wants to be in the fashion industry. Howard said the kids are fascinating in a way like the Kardashians are. Howard said he's all caught up in that.

    Howard said there are so many good gay and transgender shows. He said he's watching the Caitlyn Jenner show. Howard said he's watching a transgender camp show. Robin said she hasn't found that one yet.

    Howard played a clip of Christopher Mad Dog Russo introducing what they had coming up today. It was she real Mad Dog talking about a spelling contest they're going to have with Ronnie and a 12 year old. Howard said they asked Sal's son to come in to compete against Ronnie. Howard said Ronnie's spelling and grammar is pretty atrocious. Howard said Sal's son is in 6th grade.

    Howard said that Ronnie is a good sport and he'll play the kid. Howard asked Robin who she thinks will win. Robin said he would always put her money on the kid. Howard said the kid is smart but not a spelling bee champ. Howard said Ronnie thinks the game is rigged but it's not. He swears. Howard played a couple of song parodies about Ronnie not being able to spell.

  • New Phony Phone Call. 06/22/16. 8:15am
    Howard said they made a phony phone call a few weeks ago with fake Michael Caine calling a radio show and complaining about the Khaleesi not showing her breasts on Game of Thrones. Howard said they made a new one to the same show. Howard played the old one first and then played the new one. That was after the Khaleesi showed her boobs. In that one Michael tells the hosts that the Khaleesi has shown her breasts again. The hosts didn't care. Caine talked about the bumps on her areolas and said that she didn't show her vagina but there's always next time. One of the hosts said that it sounds like he needs to get some pussy.

    Howard said one of the women sounds like Popeye. Howard replayed some of the call and one of the women did sound a bit like Popeye. They went to break after that.


  • The Ronnie Mund Spelling Bee With Sal's Son Aaron. 06/22/16. 8:25am
    After the break they played a Baba Booey song parody, a phony phone call the guys made to a woman using clips of Gary Dell'Abate sweet talking her, a song parody about JD's filthy sheets and Joe Walsh performing ''Rocky Mountain Way'' from a 1993 Howard Stern birthday show.

    Howard came back and had Ronnie come in. Howard said Ronnie was cursing in front of Sal's son as soon as he got there. Howard asked what he's all agitated over. Ronnie asked what the fuck he thinks he's agitated with. Howard said Ronnie thinks the game is rigged but he swears it's not. Howard said the 6th grader hasn't been given the answers. Ronnie said this is bullshit. He said everyone knows about things in advance. He said he didn't know. He said he could have said he doesn't want to do it. Howard said he can say that now. Ronnie said he'll do it. Howard said he's getting some good air time. Ronnie said making him look like an asshole isn't good air time.

    Ronnie said he knows Jason put this together. He said Jason and Will are behind it. Howard said Sal is too. Howard said he was told about it on Monday. Ronnie said he knows but he's willing to do it.

    Howard said he heard that Ronnie cursed in front of Sal's son. Ronnie said all he said is ''This is bullshit.'' He said it's not like he's not hearing that in school. Robin said try to be above that. Howard said a lot of people look up to him. Ronnie said Robin doesn't even know who her interns are. Howard asked if Robin is better now. Robin said she doesn't have an intern now.

    Howard said Ronnie cut a song and he'll play it before they bring the kid in. Howard said Ronnie renamed the city ''Titty City'' and he laughed. Howard said that led to this new song. Howard said Ronnie thinks it's going to be a hit. Howard played the parody that Ronnie sang. Howard had a laugh over that.

    Howard said Ronnie also said the f-word in front of Aaron. Howard said this is Sal's son Aaron. He said that all of Sal's kids names start with A. Aaron knows Ronnie from being at his cook out last year. Howard said they're both at a 6th grade level.

    Howard said he noticed that all of the boys have names that start with A. Aaron said people have pointed that out. He said that his mother told him she just wanted them all to be A. He said it's really weird. He said people get confused by it too. Howard asked Ronnie if he knows how to spell Aaron. Ronnie said some people spell it ''Arron.'' Howard said it's Aaron. Howard said it's never ''Arron.''

    Howard asked Aaron about Ronnie cursing as soon as he got there. Aaron said when they walked in his dad asked if Ronnie was ready and Ronnie said ''I don't want to f'n do this.'' Howard said he's sorry he had to hear that.

    Howard asked Aaron how old he thinks Ronnie is. Aaron said maybe in his mid-80s. Ronnie checked his ears to see if he had an ear piece in. Ronnie said he knows his father. Howard asked how old Aaron thinks he is. Aaron said he would say maybe around his 50s. Howard said that's close. Ronnie said he's far off. Howard asked who he thinks was president when Ronnie was born. Aaron said he doesn't know. Howard asked if it was Lincoln or Washington. Aaron said he really doesn't know.

    Howard said Aaron is in 6th grade and they wanted to see how he'd do against Ronnie. Howard asked if he knows what his dad does there. Aaron said he writes jokes and gets on the air sometimes. Ronnie said Sal is the class idiot. Howard said no.

    Howard asked Aaron what he's going to do this summer. Aaron said they're going to a house in July to just hang out and have a fun time. Howard asked if Larry Caputo is going to be there. Aaron said that he might visit. Ronnie said he's been hanging out with Larry and he's going to steal him away from his dad.

    Howard asked Aaron why his dad steals straws from McDonald's. Aaron said he takes a whole bucket of them. Howard said that's embarrassing. Aaron said his dad tells him times are tough so that's why he takes them. Robin said that's stealing. Ronnie said they used to take salt and pepper packets. Aaron said they do that too. He said they take sugar too.

    Howard said Aaron loves video games and he likes Call of Duty. He said he loves Math and Science in school and he loves Bob's Burgers on TV. Howard said now they're going to play the game. Howard said Aaron can't lose. He said if he does get beaten then he was beaten by an 80 year old guy. He said if he wins then he beat an 80 year old. Howard said he's going to give him a prize if he wins or loses.

    Howard said that this is it for Ronnie. Howard said it's time to play Spelling Bee. Howard said the first word up is ''vegetable.'' Aaron spelled it ''VEGETABLE.'' Howard said that is correct. Howard gave him one point.

    Ronnie's word was ''penguin.'' Ronnie spelled it ''PENGUIN'' and got it right.

    Aaron's second word was ''several.'' Aaron spelled it correctly. Ronnie's second word was ''predator.'' Ronnie spelled it ''PREDAITOR'' and got it wrong. Aaron spelled it correctly.

    The next word for Ronnie, which was a sixth grade word, was ''physical.'' Ronnie spelled it ''PSYICAL'' and got to wrong. Aaron spelled it correctly.

    Howard said the next word for Ronnie is ''seethe'' and Ronnie spelled it ''SEETH.'' Howard said that's wrong. Aaron spelled it ''Ci...'' Howard said that's wrong. He said neither one got that one right.

    Howard said the next word for Ronnie is ''February.'' Ronnie spelled it correctly. Howard asked him to repeat it. Ronnie said he heard it. Howard said he thinks he heard something wrong. Ronnie did it again and got it right.

    Howard gave Aaron his next word which was ''faculty.'' Aaron spelled it correctly. Ronnie's next word was ''receipt.'' Ronnie spelled it correctly. Howard said he'll call it a day because Ronnie seems to be suffering. Ronnie told him to keep going.

    Howard gave Aaron ''intelligence.'' Aaron spelled it ''INTELIGANCE'' and got it wrong. Ronnie spelled it correctly.

    Howard gave Aaron the word ''caravan.'' Aaron asked him to use it in a sentence. Howard and Ronnie gave him sentences. Aaron spelled it ''CAROVAN'' and missed it. Ronnie spelled it correctly and tied up the game.

    Howard said they need a tie breaker. Howard had to look over the list to find something. He spent a minute finding a word that would be fair. Howard said the next word is ''rhythm.'' Ronnie spelled it ''RYTHEM'' so it went to Aaron. He spelled it ''RHTHM.'' They were still tied.

    Howard found another word for Aaron. This time it was ''museum.'' Aaron spelled it ''MUSEUM'' and he got it right. Howard said he just won. Howard said he should give Ronnie a chance though. He gave Ronnie the word ''ultimatum.'' Ronnie spelled it ''ULTAMATIUM'' and got it wrong. Howard said he came close. Howard told him how to spell it. Howard said Ronnie has nothing to be ashamed of. Howard said he thought he was going to do worse. Robin said he still lost at a 6th grade level. Howard said he's just trying to make him feel better. Aaron said his dad thought he would have no chance. Howard said Aaron is trying to make him feel better. He told him to keep going. Howard said Aaron has a lot more education and Ronnie is all out of education.

    Howard said Aaron took on Ronnie and he handled it well. Robin said he handled it better than Ronnie did. Howard said he handled it better than he did because Aaron didn't curse but both he and Ronnie did. Ronnie asked what the kid won. Howard said he got him an Amazon gift certificate for a couple hundred bucks and a couple other things. Howard said he thinks that what they got. Jason confirmed.

    Howard said Ronnie will also be taking on Aaron in the 9 times table. Howard said they won't play that yet. Howard asked where Sal is. Aaron said he wants him in there to see his reaction. Howard said he heard he was nervous. Sal said he beat the old fart so good for him. Howard said his son clearly takes after his wife. Ronnie asked when he's going to take on his father. Howard said he'd beat his father. Sal ended up cursing in front of his own son. Howard asked what's going on with these adults. Howard said Aaron is such a beautiful guy and he doesn't need profanity. Aaron said he doesn't have a problem with those words. Sal said they do correct him when he uses them.

    Howard asked what advice Aaron would give to Ronnie. Aaron said he thought he would do worse. He said that's because of what his dad told him. He said if he knows there's another spelling bee he should study. Howard said that's good advice. Robin said Ronnie shouldn't have had trouble. He said it was a sixth grader he was taking on. Howard said Ronnie loves to have fun and he's out having fun instead of studying. Howard asked Aaron what he thinks Ronnie should be doing for fun. Aaron thought about it and Robin asked if ''sitting up'' is something he could do. Aaron laughed and said yes.

    Howard asked Aaron who he loves more, his mom or dad. Aaron said he can't do that. Sal told him to just say it. He said just be happy Ronnie isn't his dad. Howard wrapped up the spelling bee and went to break.


  • Hateful Pastors And Orlando Shootings Discussed. 06/22/16. 9:15am
    After the break Howard came right back and took a call from Mark in Boston who said Howard is going to hear about that on the ride home. Howard said Ronnie was pissed but he did hold his own. Mark said Howard had better buckle up. Howard said Ronnie thought they were plotting against him. He said he thought he had an ear piece but he didn't. He said it was a fair contest. Mark said the back of the limo is going to be like 99 degrees.

    Howard took a call from a guy who said they were talking about transgender shows earlier. He said the new Ghostbusters is coming out and there's a six page spread in a magazine about the transgender TV stuff. Robin said Howard pointed out that lesbians were going to be big on TV and he was right. Howard said now it's transgender. Robin asked if he saw that coming. Howard said he did. Howard said now everyone is over the top gay or transgender and he loves it. The caller said this magazine has a six page spread of all of the shows that are out. Howard said he'll do that.

    Robin said people aren't hung up on the whole gay thing so much now. Howard said there are still some out there who are. He played a clip of a pastor talking about ''queers'' who were shot in Orlando and he was saying he's going to pray that the injured will die as well. Howard said imagine saying that. Howard said that's a man by the way. Robin said he sounds like he's trying to reach puberty. Howard said he's not sure what that guy is up to. Howard said what a thing to say. He said he's talking about how they're child rapists.

    Howard played another clip where the guy said that if the building collapsed on those people he doesn't think we should mourn over those evil people. Howard said he doesn't have time in his day for hate like that. Howard said he doesn't get the terrorism thing either.

    Howard played a clip of Pastor Steven Anderson who talked about the shooting in Orlando and said the good news is that there are 50 less pedophiles less in this world. Howard asked how he makes that leap. The pastor said they are disgusting homosexuals at a gay bar. He said this will be used to push for gun control. Howard said these pastors all sound feminine to him. Howard said if you're going to hate on gays you should sound really masculine. Howard and Robin goofed on the guy's effeminate voice a little bit.

    Howard played more of this Steven Anderson talking about what the bible says and all of that bullshit. Howard said it really concerns him that this is going on.

    Howard said the guy who shot up the place in Orlando also hated Puerto Ricans from what he read. Howard said he has the article somewhere. Howard said he's looking through the paper and sees a woman half naked and he forgets what he's looking for. Howard said Jenna Dewan Tatum looks good even after having kids.

    Howard said he ordered some eggplant parm last night and he threw out all of the spaghetti. Robin said he ate the cheese though, right? Howard said he did but he's 6'5'' tall and he has to eat something.

    Howard found the article about Omar Mateen where they say he had a grudge against Latino men because he felt used by them. Howard read the details about that and how he had a tryst with a guy who he later found out had HIV. Then he hated Hispanic men. Howard said they claim that the people at the club knew the shooter and the motive remains unclear. Robin said ''oh please.'' Robin said there isn't any reason people go out and shoot people.

    Howard said the naked cowboy likes the idea of them corralling the characters in Times Square. Robin said he used to have that area to himself. Robin said then everyone figured out that if they had a gimmick they could make money too. Robin said the cowboy has to keep in shape while the rest of the people just get in a costume.

  • JD And Some Porn Clips For Blind People. 06/22/16. 9:30am
    Howard took a call from a guy who said he loves JD. Howard said he got a lot of positive email about JD. The caller asked how often JD jerks off to Robin. JD said he has never jerked off to Robin. No one believed him. Howard said everyone is obsessed with Robin. JD said he has found Robin attractive.

    Howard read some of the email he got about JD. People are really liking him on the show lately. Howard said there's a video that has an audio description going along with it for blind people. Howard played that clip and said he would have a hard time beating off to that. Robin asked how you get that job. She said that's what she needs to know.

    Howard said there's an anal fucking scene too. He played a clip where a woman is describing what's happening in this anal video. Howard said this isn't getting him off. Howard said there's a lot of editorializing in there. The description was really graphic. Howard said they have gay porn too. Howard played a clip of a guy describing what was going on in this scene and they describe a guy with a bit of a lazy eye. Howard asked if that's necessary. He said they don't need to bring up defects.

    Howard said JD laughs when he watches gay porn so they asked him to do this for some gay porn. Howard played a clip of JD doing that and he started laughing about 5 seconds in. Then JD is talking about one guy pissing on another guy and laughs as he describes it. Howard said he likes JD's description better. He said he lets the natural sound of the video come through. Howard said the piss sounded like rain on a shack. Howard said he hasn't pissed like that in years.

    Howard played another clip of the blind porn announcer going through a video description. Howard wondered if that job pays well. Robin wondered if that gets a blind person off. Howard said he bets it does. Howard said Robin should do that with her great voice.

    Howard took a call from a guy who asked if Robin gets upset when she's doing the news and Howard takes calls from guests. Howard said she can answer that but they're trying to get the audience input. Robin said she doesn't mind it. She said they have pretty good timing with that stuff.

    Howard said in Rhode Island there's a news program that has some construction going on nearby and they can't get away from it. Howard played a clip of a news report where they're talking and there's a ton of noise behind them. Howard said they're trying to avoid talking about it but it gets crazy. Howard played another clip where it got really loud. Howard said they used to have a similar problem at K-Rock when they were there. Howard played another clip where the construction noise was extremely loud during the newscast.

    Howard played another clip where there was constant banging on their roof. The broadcasters brought it up and said it's a good day for construction.

  • Howard Takes Some Calls. 06/22/16. 9:45am
    Howard took a call from a guy who asked when Robin masturbates does she use her fingers or a dildo. Howard said they know that. He said she has talked about using dildos. The caller asked if she licks the dildo when she's done. Howard said of course not. Howard said she's a lady. Howard said he never had a girl doing that either. Howard said he doesn't see any of that behavior. Howard said he's never seen it.

    The caller said his life was fucked up when he worked in the porn industry. He said his girl does that. Howard said this guy is creeping him out. He said he talks constantly and he can't have a conversation with him.

    Howard took a call from this guy Ronell who called in yesterday. Ronell asked if Howard could be a game show host, who would he be. Howard went into his female voice and asked if he remembers what his measurements are. Ronell said that he was a 34 waist and he had huge boobs. Howard said that's right. Howard asked if he can spell penguin. Ronell started to spell it but Howard said he's really bad at phone sex. Howard had him rub his cock while he spelled penguin. Howard said he gives up on this guy. He said he's a drag.

    Howard said that he wishes he was good at this because his hairy taint is so moist right now. Howard said he never shaves his asshole. He said it looks like Letterman's beard.

    Howard said he watched Letterman with Tom Brokaw and he thought it was good. Robin said it was JD who thought it was boring. Howard said he thought it was a good interview. JD said it was just okay. Howard said it was two segments. JD said it was Gary who said he walked away after 2 minutes. Howard said he thought it was pretty good. He said he's always interested in what Letterman is up to.

    Howard got back to Ronell and tried a little more but gave up saying they have no chemistry. Howard said that guy is a weirdo.

    Howard took a call from a guy who said there was an article about the Zika virus and they say they can change the DNA to get rid of it. Howard asked why they don't do it. The caller said something about it screwing with the bat population. Howard said he'd be fine if all of the bats in the world were gone. Howard said he's not sure how you protect yourself from mosquitos. The caller said just stay in the house. Howard said they still get in. They went to break a short time later. - As Seen on Howard Stern

  • More With Aaron Governale. 06/22/16. 9:55am
    After the break they played David Bowie performing ''Fame'' at a Howard Stern birthday show. Howard came back and said that was one of the highlights of his life seeing David Bowie performing at his birthday show. Howard said it was a great performance and the band was cool. Howard said they were so talented. Howard said it was great. He said the bass player was really attractive. He said it was stunning black woman with a shaved head. Robin said it was a great look. Howard said she didn't think he had a great look. Howard said this is when he was working with Trent Reznor. He said it's very gritty.

    Howard said he was some performer. Robin said she read that before he died he was following god. Robin asked if Howard thinks he will get like that before he dies. Howard said he will. He said he's going to hedge his bet. Howard said he feels like Bowie should have willed his body to the show so they could eat him. Howard said he may have tried a bite of Bowie. Then he said no he wouldn't but Jason would.

    Howard said during the commercials they were talking about how together Sal's kid seemed. Howard said it didn't make sense to them. Howard said he would hang out with that kid but not Sal. Howard said the kid was pleasant and together. Howard said Sal's fantasy is to hang out at his house but he'd never do that with Sal. Howard said the kid was so well behaved and intelligent. Howard said that kid is at a great age. Howard asked how old he was. Robin said he's 11 or 12. Howard said that's a great age. He said someone has one a great job raising those kids. He said it can't be Sal. He said he's demanding a DNA test. He said there's no way there's any Sal in there.

    Robin asked if Howard read about the people who came here to save some girl from a heroin den. They came all loaded with guns and ammo. Robin said they caught those guys because they had a broken windshield. Howard said they were armed to the teeth.

    Howard said Sal's son was saying they don't listen to Sal when he disciplines them. Howard said they only listen to their mom. Aaron came back in and Howard said he thinks he's so much cooler than his dad. He said he can discuss issues with him.

    Howard asked Aaron about his dad disciplining him. Aaron said his dad tries to do that by telling him to just be a good boy. Sal said that his kids will laugh at him when he's doing that. Howard said Sal's dad used to humiliate him when he was growing up. Sal said his dad would break loaves of bread over his head. Aaron said Sal will tell him that his dad would whip him if he asked for McDonald's. Howard asked what he's trying to teach him there. He said he's kind of complimenting himself. He said he's acting like he's such a great guy by not whipping them. Aaron said his dad will get them McDonald's but then he tells stories about how bad his life was. Howard said you don't have to lecture the kids like that. Aaron said he has no problem with it but he tells his friends at school about it.

    Sal said he also didn't take a whole thing of straws. He said he took like 4. Aaron said he took all of the sugar packets at Smashburger. Sal said he's grounded! He said he's fucking dead. Howard said that's inappropriate. Howard said what's crazy is that Aaron's grandfather owned a pizza store and he knows if you steal that stuff it costs the store money. Howard asked why his dad would do that. Howard said Sal should know better. Sal said he takes a few straws and Splenda packs. Aaron said he takes napkins too. He said they look like white trash. Howard said he needs to put himself up for adoption.

    Howard said he's saying that his father is embarrassing him. Aaron said he's making a big deal out of it. Aaron said his dad told him not to tell Howard this and that. He said he works hard and he tells them about it. Robin said the stuff he's doing at home isn't for them so he's probably lying. Howard asked if he says anything negative about him. Aaron said definitely not. Aaron said his dad says Howard is really nice. Howard said he rewards him for the antics he does.

    Howard asked if Sal says anything bad about Robin or Fred. Aaron said not Robin. He said he's not sure if he says anything about Fred. Howard asked if there's anyone at work his dad doesn't like. Aaron said he has never said he doesn't like anyone specific. Aaron said everyone there is really nice. Howard asked if Richard comes over a lot. Aaron said he doesn't think he's met Richard face to face. Sal said he has but he was a lot younger.

    Howard said it seems like Larry Caputo has taken Richard's spot. Aaron said that they call each other like a gay couple. He said he wants to snuggle with Larry during a movie. Sal said this kid is lying. Howard said kids don't lie. Sal said that's what's confusing. He said he never said he wanted to snuggle during a movie.

    Aaron said Larry was really nice when he met him. He said he never thought he would meet him. Howard asked if it would surprise him if Larry and his dad ran off together. Aaron said not at all. Howard said he thinks Aaron's mom is more of the disciplinarian. Aaron said she is.

    Howard asked Aaron what his dad's grossest habit is. Aaron said his dad will blow his nose in a napkin and then he shows it to everyone at the dinner table. He said they'll be eating and he does it. Howard said this kid is a saint. Sal said he blows his nose at the table from time to time. Sal said he tries to get the kids to listen to their mom. Aaron said he tries to be reasonable. He said his dad is really nice most of the time.

    Howard asked if Aaron is proud of his dad. Aaron said he is. He said he's pretty good. Aaron said his dad's friend Ben gave him some collectors editions of a game. He thought that was nice. Sal said that was the great Ben Barto.

    Howard asked if they're recording bits together back there. Sal said they are. He said they're going to save what they're doing for later. Howard let them go after that. Howard said he wanted to ask Aaron if he thought JD was a nerd. Howard asked JD if he's hanging with the kid at all. JD said he's mainly been with Sal. Howard asked Aaron, while he was by JD, what he thinks of him. Aaron said he seems really nice. Howard asked if he thinks JD would be good with women. Aaron said he thinks so. Howard let him go after that.

  • Robin's News. 06/22/16. 10:15am
    Howard said it's time for some news. They played Robin into it with a song parody about her big, brown boobs. Howard said that was awesome. He said Daniel Mendelson is his favorite. Howard said that's good opera.

    Robin started her news with a story about Dandy Dan Daniels passing away. Robin said he was 82 years old. Howard said they used to see him at WNBC when they worked there. Robin said he used to work at WMCA too. Howard said he was good. He said the only thing he had was that name though. He didn't have a special saying. Howard said Cousin Brucie had the ''Eee'' thing and called everyone cousin. Howard said the big station when he was growing up was WABC. He said WMCA was competing with them. Howard played some audio of some old WMCA stuff. Howard said he could never do that kind of radio. He said he was so limited in what he could do that he never thought he'd be able to work there. Howard did an impression of what those guys sounded like to him. He said when he got into radio he tried to sound like those guys but he didn't make sense. Howard played a couple more clips from the WMCA days.

    Howard also played a call they made to a woman where they played audio from his early radio recordings and asked a woman what she thinks of that. The woman wasn't impressed. Howard said he was no Howard Stern back then. He said he was so bad on the radio that he couldn't get a job. Howard said he was trying to lower his voice and it sounded like he was trying to lower his voice. Howard said some of the stuff he did didn't make sense to him. He said the echo on his voice didn't make sense. Howard said he needed it though. Howard said he was trying to come up with some kind of delivery that would be smooth. Howard played more Dandy Dan clips and did his own version of that radio guy voice.

    Howard took a call from Old Howard which was clips from his early recordings. They had Howard giving the weather report. Howard gave up on that and said he can't talk to that guy. Robin asked how he got rid of that accent. Howard said it was hard. Howard said his father told him to try to sound more like an announcer so that's what he did.

    Robin read a story about Carol Miller having a love triangle with Jim Kerr at one time. Howard said they're probably older than they are. Robin said they were on radio before they were. Robin said someone is suing someone over that story. Howard asked when that was. Robin said that Carol and another woman allegedly got into a fight over Jim Kerr. Robin said that the woman was the ex and she was irate over Kerr hooking up with Carol. Howard said that guy is really smooth on radio. Howard said he was on in the mornings on WPLJ there in New York. Howard said he really wanted that job. He said they wouldn't have put up with him over there though.

    Robin read a story about the court case going on about Led Zeppelin songs that another band says they stole. Howard said they should just settle. Howard did a live commercial read after that.

    Robin read a story about SUNY being hit by a hacker. Robin said their Twitter feed was hacked and pornographic images were posted on their account.

    Howard took a call from a guy who said he's a former DJ and when Howard talks about that stuff it's the most fascinating thing to him. Howard said it's good to review what's going on in the universe. Howard did his old DJ voice again and talked up Glenn Frey's ''You Belong to the City.'' Howard asked what the caller's radio name was. The guy said he was J.T. in the Afternoon. Howard had him do his DJ voice a little bit. Howard asked where he worked. Justin said he worked in Texas and New Mexico. Robin asked what he's doing now. Howard said he's Elmo out in Times Square. Justin said he does a show at Bally's in Las Vegas. He said he's an actor in Tony and Tina's Wedding out there. Howard said all of the people they knew who were in that play never got paid. Justin said he does get paid. Howard said Fred's wife was in that and they got her out as quick as they could. He said things got crazy. He said he thought Fred was going to run out the door when he heard that name.

    Robin read a story about how Apple may be doing away with their traditional headphone jack. Robin said now you'll have to buy headphones that work with the power jack. Howard said he doesn't know what's going on there. Robin said they say it will make the phone thinner and more water resistant. Howard said they better come up with more stuff than that. Robin said they plan even bigger things for 2017 which is the 10th anniversary of the phone.

    Robin read a story about Donald Trump having a meeting with some religious leaders and he came out questioning Hillary's religion. Robin had some audio of Trump talking about that. Robin said he has a board of these religious leaders guiding him now and Jerry Fallwell Jr. was one of them. Robin had audio of Fallwell.

    Robin had some audio of Hillary Clinton talking about Trump as well. She joked about how all of Trump's books seem to end at chapter 11. Fred threw in some Jackie laughs when they played another joke that Hillary told. Howard had some fake Donald Trump clips telling some jokes about Hillary too.

    Robin read a story about Selma Blair apologizing for her outburst on a flight she was on. Robin said she says she made a big mistake mixing alcohol with medication. She says she blacked out and said some things she didn't mean to say. Howard said he thought he read that her kid was with her. Robin didn't remember reading that. Howard got a note saying the kid was with her. Howard said he thought he had read that but he wasn't sure.

    Robin read a story about how Americans are out looking for Chick-Fil-A and pizza places over burgers now. Robin said that McDonald's and Burger King aren't in the top of the list. Robin said tastes must be changing. Howard asked Jon Hein what he thinks about that. Robin said McDonald's was number 12 on the list. Howard said Jon is out of touch with that stuff. Jon said that Chick-Fil-A is really good. He said that list is a customer satisfaction list so that's why they're up at the top. Howard asked Jon some trivia questions about fast food places that came out of his own book. Jon wasn't able to answer a couple that were right out of his own book. Howard asked why he doesn't know the answers. Howard asked if he wrote the book. Jon said he did. Howard asked what Jon is having today for lunch. Jon said he's having Chick-Fil-A. He said he just felt like having it today. He's having an original chicken sandwich and waffle fries. Howard asked how many calories that is. Jon said it's a lot. Howard said he wants to be like Jon and not care. Howard said his daughter begs him to take better care of himself. Jon said his whole family does. Jon told Howard he should just try it once. Howard said he eats that stuff and he gets tits.

    Howard asked Jon what he'll have for dinner. Jon said he'll have a roast beef sandwich or something like that. Howard asked if he has a dessert for diner. Jon said no. Howard asked if he drinks the shake with the fries and chicken. Jon said he saves it for dessert. Fred said the shake is 540 calories alone. He said the fries are 400 and the chicken is 440 with 18 grams of fat. Howard said that's like 1300 calories right there. Howard said he'll probably shit his brains out too. Jon said he may but he'll wait until he goes home. Howard said he and Fred used to eat like that many years ago. Jon said you can do it once in a while. Howard said he did that on Saturday night. He said he had some dessert that was really good. He didn't eat it all though.

    Howard asked Jon what time he's eating. Jon said around noon after Wrap Up. He said it'll be waiting for him after the show. Jon asked what he's having. Howard said he's having an egg wrap. That's it. Howard asked how many times a day he shits. Jon said it's just once. Howard asked if they're big. Jon said it depends. Howard asked if he has a lot of shit left in there after he shits. Jon said he clears out pretty well. Howard said he has a lot of problems with it not clearing out. Jon said you just have to wait. Howard said he has a mess down there. He said he doesn't smell. He said Jon must smell like hot garbage. Jon said it depends on what you eat. Howard said Jon's wife has a great body. He said she must watch what she eats. Jon said she eats very well. Jon said she exercises all the time too. Howard said it all goes down at 12 today. Jon said he'll give him some of his shake. Howard said no thanks. Howard said he could try it but he can't. Howard let Jon go a short time later.

    Robin read a story about a falling bundle of space trash that's going to be falling today. Robin said it's expected to disintegrate in the atmosphere around 9:20 this morning. Robin said that they're not sure how it will break up. Robin said you don't think about this stuff and what happens to it.

    Robin asked if Howard worried that his pets would get the Zika virus. Howard said they have indoor pets so they don't. Robin said an expert says it won't hurt your pet. Howard said he doesn't want a pet with a shrunken head. Howard said he can't stop thinking about that shake Jon is going to be eating.

    Howard said he's going to get a new tattoo. He said he and Beth are getting one to memorialize their cat Apple who died a while ago. Howard said he may get it on his wrist by where he wears his watch. Howard said he knew a guy who got his penis tattooed and died a couple days later.

    Robin read about pets getting heartworm and how people should worry about that. Howard said he's thinking about dogs and people having shrunken heads like Beetlejuice. Robin had Howard play a clip where a guy talked about how the heartworm can be spread by the same mosquitos who have Zika. Howard asked Jason if he's eating Chick-Fil-A today. Jason said he has a turkey sandwich from home actually. Robin had more clips of officials talking about the Zika and pets thing. Howard asked what Gary is having for lunch. Gary said he will have a spicy chicken sandwich. Howard asked if they go off and eat somewhere. Gary said Jon eats at his desk. Howard said Gary was just walking around carrying a bag of peanut M&M's with those teeth. Gary said that's what you chew them with. Howard played a song parody about Gary's mouth and he had to cut it off when he heard ''mouth full of spit.''

    Robin read about another person who died in Arizona because of the heat wave out there. Robin asked why people are hiking in that 120 degree weather. Howard said he would do that. He said he loves the hot weather.

    Robin read about Joan Rivers belongings being auctioned off. Robin said that one of her dog bowls is being auctioned off. Howard asked if that's for charity. Robin said she doesn't know where the money is going. Gary said someone there at the auction said the Tiffany dog bowl sold for $11,000. Someone in the office said it is going to charity too. Robin said she thinks it would be nice to have something of Joan's because she feels close to her. Robin said she may go online to pick something up.

    Howard asked Robin if she'd want one of those shakes. Robin said that doesn't appeal to her at all. She can't eat chicken either. Howard said Jon is leaving a large carbon footprint there.

    Robin read about how Twitter is offering longer video lengths on the service.

    Robin read about how Rory McIlroy is going to pass on the Olympics in Rio this summer because of fears of Zika. Howard said he would too. Robin wrapped up her news and Howard ended the show around 11:15am.


-- The Wrap Up Show --

  • No More Wrap Up Show Rundowns.
    As of May 23, 2016 I'm no longer doing a rundown of the Wrap Up Show. This is mostly due to my complete lack of interest in the new format which started in 2015. That's when they stopped having staff members sit in on the show and started having celebrity ''superfan'' guests. I've tried for over a year to get through the show every day but I finally got fed up and stopped listening to it completely. Very often I found myself zoning out during the interviews Jon and Gary were conducting. In recent months I was including my frustrations with the show in my rundowns. I don't want to do that anymore so I'm stopping. This is just for the Wrap Up Show. I can listen to 4 1/2 hours of Howard Stern and never get tired of it. On the other hand 45 minutes of Wrap Up was feeling like torture.

-- Monday --

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