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  • Wrap Up Show - Worst Caller Bobo. 12/19/14. 9:50am
    Jon Hein started today's show talking about how they were going to talk about not only this week but the whole year of the Howard Stern Show. Jon said that he's there with Steve Brandano. He said Will Murray may drop by too.

    Jon said they started off the year with the Birthday Bash and then ended the year with the Worst Caller. Jon said that everyone loves the tension there. He said that some people say there is no such thing as bad press but he thinks that anyone who won the worst caller contest was going to take it badly. Jon said that you're getting that attention because people don't like you on radio. Jon said that someone who can handle it is Ralph. He said he knows people don't like him but there are some who do. He said he's friends with Howard too so he doesn't care what people think. Jon said he thinks when it came to King and Bobo at the end it was King who was having fun with it. He said Bobo was getting more and more nervous as the announcement came. He said you could hear the exasperation in his voice when the vote did come. Jon said as this goes on Bobo will be tagged as the worst caller of all time. Jon wondered if that will wear down on him. He said he thinks it will. Jon said it won't send him into a home but it will take a toll.

    Jon said Mariann wanted to win and she may not have been able to handle it either. He said he doesn't think Jeff the Drunk cares. He said Speech Impediment man may have enjoyed it. Jon said Steve deals with the callers so he wondered how he thinks they'd handle it. Steve said he thinks that King of All Blacks and Ralph are sane enough to know that it doesn't mean much. He said Mariann and Bobo would take it personally. Steve said Bobo isn't the worst caller in his opinion. He said he isn't sure how he will respond. He said he may try to prove when he calls that he's not the worst caller.

    Jon said Bobo does get feisty when you question his loyalty to the show. Jon said that he doesn't think he's the worst caller either. He said he is an extreme fan and he does have that title. He said they'll continue to debate that today.

    Jon took a call from a guy who said he was really upset the other day when he heard Howard pat himself on the back and rub himself on the back in the same stroke. He said he's so upset about being called an idiot. He said it could have helped his viewership with that article. He said he would have tuned into the show to hear him talk about that. Jon said that it can make people aware of the show but when you wake up to go to work and you see a picture of yourself on the paper and you're called an idiot, that's not a good thing. He said it was in huge type and it said Howard was an idiot. He said in the online version it wasn't there. He said it made a big difference. Jon said that Howard is very patriotic and you should hear that 9/11 show he did to understand that. Jon said they took his words out of context and they made him seem like he's unaware. Jon said that Howard's dad also called him a moron as he was growing up so you combine those two things and you can understand why he was so upset.

    Jon said that it's everyone else who picks up the paper and sees it. He said they think he's up to the same old thing as a shock jock. He said it paints a picture that's inaccurate. He said if people did tune in to hear the show they were corrected. Jon said that his family and friends are also looking at it. He said it's a big deal. Jon said it's been made clear that he was very accurate at what he was saying. Jon said he can't believe that Sony pulled the movie. He said that you can't get pushed around like that. Jon said that's a whole other show. Jon said that any press can be good press but he thinks this one hurt him.

    The caller said he thinks that it won't hurt Howard and it won't change anything about Howard at this point. He said he was just whining so hard. He said he had to turn the channel. He didn't need to cry so hard. He just wanted Howard to get over it. Jon said when that happens to you then you do that. He said that he hasn't heard Howard that angry in a long time.

    Jon took a call from a guy who asked what they think would have happened if Eric the Actor was alive and he was in the contest. He asked if he would have bested Bobo. Jon said he was thinking about that this morning. He said he thinks he would have finished in the final 3. He said it may have come down to Bobo and Eric in the end. He said he would have loved to have heard how Eric would have handled winning that title. Jon asked Steve if he thinks he would have made it in there. Steve said he does. He said that they were also wondering if they were talking about people who annoy you most or are just the worst callers. He said Bobo has things to talk to Howard about. He said that Speech Impediment Man doesn't have that many things to ask. He said that it might be the annoying factor that gets the votes. He said he thinks Eric would have been up there but Eric may not have won unless it was a Sanjaya kind of thing where they just wanted to see how he'd respond.

    Jon said he thinks Ralph has good questions but people can get annoyed by him. He said he thinks if Hanzi was part of it they would have voted for him because they're annoyed by him. He said that doesn't make him a bad caller.

    Jon asked the caller what he thinks. The caller said he thinks that Eric would have been in the top 3. He also asked Jon how the guys from Howard TV are doing. Jon said they're doing well and doing their thing and getting by. He said they miss them up there. Jon said they miss having TV as well. He said he hopes they're all having a good holiday.

    Jon took another call from a guy who said he would like to say that Bobo is an excellent caller. He said that when he comes on he can go to the bathroom or deal with the boss. He said it's a good chance to take a break from the show. Jon said there's a vote for Bobo in both ways. Jon thanked him for the call and went to break a short time later.


  • Wrap Up Show - The Year In Review. 12/19/14. 10:10am
    After the break Jon said they have the Birthday Bash Director's Cut coming up tonight on Howard 101. He said they have a lot of behind the scenes stuff in the special. He said that's on tonight at 5pm East on 101. He said it's like having a commentary track going on during the special. He played a clip from the special where Howard talked about Steven Tyler and Slash's performance together. Jon said that they have concerts between the replays too.

    Jon said that he can't believe that it's been a year. He said the more you think about that show and how they pulled it off it's incredible. He said that it was great to pull it off. Steve said he knows a lot of the people they talked to and they had a lot of things to talk about that went on behind the scenes. He said it's really cool. He said he hopes the fans enjoy it. Steve said they'll get to hear a full Black Keys concert and a full Foo Fighters concert in there too.

    Jon said the show is great to hear. He said that they have Joan Rivers, Howard and David Letterman and so much more. He said the guys did a really good job with it.

    Jon said that he wanted to talk about the best and not so best parts of the show from the past year. Jon took a call from a guy who said that it has been a great year of shows. He said they have so many great guests and the death of Robin's cancer. He said that he's looking forward to the new start time and maybe a new Howard TV. Jon said that they are all excited about the 7 o'clock start. He said that Howard will get more sleep and that's good for them. Jon said commuting may change for everyone. Jon said that Sal will forget and show up at 6 so that will be funny. He said that the audience won't forget. He said that you'll turn on the show and hear Robin's news which will take you into the start of the show. Jon said if that makes Howard happy then so be it. He said the West Coast people won't have that big of a change. He said it's just an hour difference. Jon said some people don't want a happy Howard but they do there.

    Jon took a call from a guy who said the show is awesome. He said he called the Stern Show recently to tell them how the Wrap Up Show should be replayed. He said it's the only program that will continue if Howard doesn't continue. He said he thinks that Steve is surprisingly good on the show too. Jon said he is very good on the show. He said Al Ragone is very good as well. Jon said he and Gary love doing the show for the audience.

    The caller said he thought they had a lot of Benjy on the show and it made the regular show wand the Wrap Up Show worse. He asked how much there will be in 2015. Jon said Howard runs hot and cold on Benjy. He said that he's interested in what he has to say at times. Jon said that he could upset Howard and then you'll stop hearing from him. He said maybe you'll hear a little bit from Benjy but from then on who knows. He said that you never know who will be in the spotlight.

    Jon said he thinks that Benjy has been on Wrap Up less lately but he likes having his perspective on things. He said that if he doesn't get the attention he's not sure if he'll do something to get that attention.

    Jon took a call from a guy who said he was at the Birthday Bash but he's looking forward to hearing the director's cut. Jon said there is so much commentary in this thing. He said it's not just the staff. He said it's the audience and the celebrities who were there. Jon said that they'll get their perspective and he thinks that everyone who is a fan of the show will enjoy it. They went to break a short time later.


  • Wrap Up Show - More Year In Review. 12/19/14. 10:25am
    After the break Jon said that they're wrapping up the year today. He said that he was going to go around the room and talk about what their favorite moments were. Jon said he thought the Birthday Bash was the big one for him. He said he has to say that everyone checked their egos at the door for that show. He said they were so proud of that too.

    Jon said the other thing was the Billy Joel town hall. He said everyone there couldn't have been more nice. He said they were out of the studio and they were doing something different. Jon said he also thought the good news about Robin was a great thing this year. Jon said that she's cancer free now and she never lost her zest for life. He said he's so glad that it was a great year for her. He said he hopes next year is even better. Jon said Robin lost one day of work, that's it. He said that is incredible.

    Jon asked Steve what he liked this year. Steve said he thinks there were some great guests like Robert Downey Jr., Jim Carrey and others. He said there was also a lot of Superfan love in the way of Ike Barinholtz and Amy Poehler coming on the show. He said it's fun to see people you see on TV loving Howard and the show. He said he's looking forward to more of that in 2015.

    Jon asked Lisa G what she thinks. Lisa said that she thinks Tan Mom was a big deal in 2014. She said she liked when Eric Andre came in and worked the phones. She said from behind the scenes it's joyful to see super Stern fans come in and they're celebrities. She said Eric was at the top of that list.

    Jon said that Benjy's moment with Perez Hilton stood out too. He said it was a crazy year. Jon took a call from a woman who said she has been listening since 1981. She said that she has lived in L.A. for about a year and she can't find a person who loves Howard and will admit it. She said it's only creative famous people who love Howard. She said she has been defending Howard all week with the whole stupid thing in the paper. She said that she's so appreciative of the show. She said it's been a part of her life since she was 13. She also said that she's glad that Steve is getting more air time.

    Jon took a call from a guy who said that it has been an awesome year. He asked if they think Benjy is jealous of JD getting so much air time. Jon said he doesn't think so. He said he thinks that they're all happy for JD and the attention he gets. He said that Howard's relationship with JD is something special. He said that Benjy gets attention on the show too. He said he doesn't think that he's targeted.

    Lisa said that she thinks that everyone should tune in on January 5th to hear Howard talk about the interesting conversation he had with Benjy at the Holiday party. She said that's all she's going to say about that.

    Steve said that he thinks that JD is very likeable and no one there is really jealous of him. Lisa said they all want the best for him. Steve said he doesn't think anyone there roots against JD. Jon said he thinks everyone roots for him. He said JD had a very big year. He said he has a gal now and he's maturing in a lot of ways. He said his fame bubble continues to grow too.

    Jon said he thinks it's time to wrap up the final Wrap Up Show of the year. He asked Lisa G for her Howard 100 News update. Lisa ran down a few headlines they had for today. Jon got in a plug for Leiberman Live and Sternthology too. Jon gave some plugs and ended the show around 10:35am.

-- Thursday Live Wrap Up Show --

  • Wrap Up Show - Richard And JD's Date. 12/18/14. 10:10am
    Jon Hein started today's live Wrap Up Show talking to JD and Richard Christy about their Christmas plans. JD said that there are great decorations around the city but anyone who lives and works there around Rockefeller Center it's like hell on earth. He said there is a lack of hustle and bustle. He said people stop and stare at things or at directions. He said there are just so many people now. Jon said there are always a lot of people. JD said he walks home and it takes him a half an hour to just get out of that general area.

    Jon said that they're not native New Yorkers so they were those people at one time. Jon asked how long it took them to adjust. Richard said it takes a while. He said you do learn pretty quickly and you do adapt. Jon asked Richard if he sympathizes with those people who are wandering around. Richard said they're there having fun on vacation. He said he knows why they're walking slow. He said they don't get to see it every day like they do.

    JD said they helped a woman find her car. Richard said they were looking at the windows at Barney's on their Christmas night out together. Jon asked if this is was a sober night. Richard said it was. He said they left work at the same time and he told JD he'd walk toward his house with him. He said he asked him to join him and he was gracious enough to be his date. Richard said they went to some windows and looked at those things. He said this little lady came up to them asking if they knew how to use Uber. He said she didn't know where to go to find the car so he helped her out getting on the phone to help find the driver. He said they helped them find each other. JD said they had some people coming up to them asking to take a picture with them. He said they were helping the lady first.

    Richard said he thinks this was the day that they talked about pissing in each other's faces and they were talking about that in front of this little lady. Richard said they had to explain to her that they were these goofy guys.

    Jon asked JD what he did to help the woman. JD said Richard was standing next to her and helping her out. Jon said that he could have just stayed on the phone. Richard said she probably thought they looked pretty harmless. Jon said maybe JD's heart is a little bigger than they thought. JD said he has become a very nice, sweet guy. Jon said that's as long as no one is getting in his way on his way home. JD said he wants to get somewhere and not wait.

    Richard said he and Steve take the same train in so they take a longer walk to go past the Rockefeller tree. He said he enjoys all of that. Jon said that there are times you can't even move around there. Richard said he and his wife like to go out and people watch at a bar near Rockefeller Center. He said they like doing that stuff.

    Richard said he's still trying to figure out who his Secret Santa was who gave him the Hoser t-shirt. He knew it was Jon. Richard said he listens to the Bob and Doug McKenzie 12 Days of Christmas special. Jon said that is a great one.

    Jon asked JD if he is a giver or a receiver. JD said he is more of a receiver. He said he'd love to be able to be a better giver. He said he gets so stressed when he wants to make someone happy. He said it stresses him out and that makes him not want to do it. Jon said that's sad to him. He said he enjoyed giving Richard his Hoser stuff. He said he thought he'd like it. Richard said he loves it. Jon said it seems like JD can't even enjoy the giving. JD said he's right. He said he likes to show appreciation but he doesn't know. He said he wishes he could buy anything for anyone.

    Richard said JD gave him a very nice card where he said he enjoyed watching gay porn with him this year. JD said they do watch a lot of that stuff. He said there is something called Big Guy Jack and he and Richard would talk about that and laugh at staff get togethers. JD said the man is portly and he jacks off. He said he has long hair and he's not having much luck. They spent a minute talking about that and then went to break. s


  • Wrap Up Show - Birthday Bash Director's Cut Discussions. 12/18/14. 10:25am
    After the break Jon said they had a big thing coming up on Friday. He said it's the Director's Cut of the Howard Stern Birthday Bash. He said they have a lot of behind the scenes stuff with the guests who were there. Jon said they have interviews with the staff and other things. Jon played a clip of Howard talking about being back stage right before the show started. Jon said that's on tomorrow night at 5pm on Howard 101. Jon said they will also have concerts from Foo Fighters, Train and The Black Keys.

    Jon said that he can't believe that show was a year ago. He said when you listen to the director's cut you will learn a lot of interesting stories about what was going on there.

    Jon asked JD how often he watches commentary tracks on DVDs. JD said he hasn't done it in a while. He said he just watches so much stuff that he moves on. He said he used to listen to Kevin Smith and Paul Thomas Anderson's tracks and stuff. Richard said they have a great commentary on Spinal Tap. He said they stay in character as they're doing it. He said it's so brilliant.

    Jon asked if Richard listens to a lot of those. Richard said he does. He said ''American Movie'' is another great one. He said there's a great commentary track on Halloween. He said there's one scene where John Carpenter was smoking and you can see his smoke come into the screen.

    Jon said that the Sixth Sense commentary track was great too. He said he though tit was great but nothing compares to the commentary on the Birthday Bash special.

  • Wrap Up Show - Benjy And Elisa's Interview. 12/18/14. 10:30am
    Jon said that they have to see how the interview Benjy and Elisa did with Howard will stand up over time. Jon said that Elisa held up pretty well. He said that people are saying they both did a pretty good job. Richard said he thinks that Howard was into it and let it go on for a while. He said he was very happy for them. Richard said their signals were pretty funny.

    JD said he loves Benjy. He said they did okay. JD said both of them love to ask a question and then they have 5 other questions on the same subject. He said they're almost the same question. He said they do a lot of follow up and they have no structure. He said they came in with 100 sheets of paper. Jon said they're not professional interviewers. He said they could have had a better game plan. JD said Benjy has prepared notes for people before. He said he should know better. JD said they need a lot more structure.

    Jon asked JD what he thought about Elisa saying that she's into women more than men. He said that it might make a guy feel like he's not needed. Jon said that she's one of those women who makes you want to hang in there until she realizes that the right man is right there in front of her. JD said he has been in that situation before. Richard said he would be so jealous if his girl was into other women. Jon said he would want to make sure that the woman he's with is into him. Jon said he only wants her thinking about him.

    JD said there is a difference between love and desire though. He said that you can want someone but not love them. Jon said it's a dangerous line. He said that you can say you love someone and then say someone else is really hot and you want to take care of things with her.

    Richard said he has told his wife that she can have a free pass with Bob Schieffer. Jon congratulated Bob for that. He said they had to take another break after that.


  • Wrap Up Show - Worst Caller Poll. 12/18/14. 10:40am
    After the break Jon asked JD if his girlfriend has a free pass with anyone. He asked if he has that free pass thing going on at all. JD said he doesn't want to talk about that kind of thing. He said he doesn't want to cause any issues at all. Jon asked about his feelings on the free pass. JD said it depends on whoever is into it. Richard said his free pass is a joke. He said he really wouldn't be okay with her having sex with Bob Schieffer. He told Bob to turn his car around if he's on his way over there now.

    Jon asked JD about it again. JD said some people are okay with it and that's fine. He said some people who are into swinging are okay with that. He said that's fine.

    Jon said that they've heard about some swingers on the show. He said that they have a particular balding man who used to drop his keys in the bowl. He said as long as you're not hurting anyone else that's fine. Richard said that most people pick someone who they will never have a shot at anyway.

    Jon said that Bobo won the worst caller of all time title this week. He said that this argument may go on for a while. He said that everyone is passionate about the show. JD said that Bobo has some good calls. He said that maybe it's the body of work that people are commenting on. JD said that he's just a bad caller in general.

    Jon said he feels bad for Bobo in a way. He said there are very few people who are more passionate about the show than he is. Richard said he will have that title forever. He said it's not a totally bad thing. JD said that they'll want to just call him the worst caller so he may like that. Richard said people may not want to wait to hear him on the phone now because they can hear his theme song. Jon said he thinks that it's going to wear on him a little bit. Richard said it does rub him the wrong way but that makes it funny. He said he doesn't think King would have cared so much about it. He said it's funnier when it bothers someone.

    Jon said he thinks if King did win that he wouldn't care. Richard said he loved that King was out picking up leaves when he was on the phone. Jon said that did make it pretty great hearing the truck. Jon said they congratulate Bobo on winning that title.

    Jon said Howard was very upset about the Daily News thing this week. He said he talked about how it really set him off when he saw the word ''idiot'' in print. He said that coupled with the way his dad treated him led to him being so angry during the week. JD said he can't imagine getting up in the morning and getting ready to go to work and you see that picture of yourself on the front page. He said it's a national paper and someone is calling you an idiot. He said it's ridiculous. Jon said it was pretty tough to see that with the Towers in the background. Jon said that Howard went off that morning and he thinks he stated his case clearly. He said he hopes that the editor would step forward and take responsibility. He said Jeff Jarvis said that they do name names in a lot of articles that are put out there in some publications.

    Jon said they'll see if that person comes out. He went to JD for a comment and JD didn't have much to say. He was freaking out that Jon left him hanging there. Jon said they were going to end the show. He got in a plug for today's Sternthology before wrapping up. They were done around 10:50am.

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