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-- Friday Live Wrap Up Show --

  • Wrap Up Show - Richard Roeper Sits In. 04/24/15. 11:05am
    Jon Hein started today's live Wrap Up Show talking about Richard Roeper sitting in with him today. Jon said he's actually in studio today. Richard said he's happy to be there. Jon asked if the Benjy stuff is driving him crazy. Richard said you want to look away but you can't. He said there's part of him who doesn't want to hear another second but then there's a part that wants to hear everything about what's going to happen next. Richard said they deserve each other based on what he's heard. He said that he heard her song about Gonzo and it's deeply disturbing.

    Jon played a ''What You Need to Know'' about today's show. Jon said they also have a poll question up today. He asked Rahsaan about the details of that. Rahsaan said they're asking ''Should Howard allow Hanzi in the Illuminati?''

    Jon asked if Richard thinks Hanzi should be allowed in. Richard said that they all did the secret handshake this morning but he's bound to not say anything more than that toady.

    Jon asked Richard if he enjoyed Birdman more than Howard did. Richard said he did. He said that's when he wants to call in and be the Hanzi of movie reviews. He said that he has seen many versions of this kind of movie and he thinks Birdman is so much better even if you didn't care for the ending. Jon asked why it's stuck in Howard's cross hairs. Richard said it's an aggressive film and it's in your face. He said Howard did make a good point about how actors like to pat each other on the back. He said part of it was that over the top kind of movie.

    Jon asked Richard about Private Parts and how good that was. Richard said that it's really good, subtle acting. He said Howard has a look in his eyes and it's a really strong performance. He said the movie holds up really well for a 20 year old movie. Jon said he thinks that everyone did really well in it. Richard said playing yourself is one of the most difficult things to do.

    Jon asked Richard about Robin's movie taste. Richard said sometimes she says things that are just way out there. He said one of those things was saying that Brad Pitt isn't a movie star. They went to break a short time later.


  • Wrap Up Show - Michael Rapaport Complains About His Gift Bag Again. 04/24/15. 11:15am
    After the break Jon said they heard Fred Armisen talking them in. He promoted tonight;s special with Fred hosting the Flaming Lips doing a tribute to the Beatles. That's on tonight at 11 on Howard 101. Jon said it's pretty trippy and he thinks people will love it.

    Jon said that they have a special guest in. He said Michael Rapaport is in. Jon congratulated him on his appearance on Louie. He said that he played a NYC cop in the show. Michael said it was a stretch. Jon said he felt like he really dug the part. Michael said he did. He said that Louie has some great writing and it reminds him of a Woody Allen script. He said that he sets things up similar to Woody and it's very comfortable. Michael said it's a dream to work in an environment like that. Michael said the response has been good and it was fun.

    Jon said he can see Michael being that cop and calling people out like he did. Michael said he's going to get warmed up but he sees that they have another gift bag for him. Jon said Richard got one too. Jon asked if he wanted to compare them. Michael said he did. Jon said last time Michael was in he took umbrage to what he had in his bag. He said he wants them to customize them for each guest.

    Michael said he had a t-shirt in the size Medium. He said that this is all one conglomerate there at the Stern studios. He said the first thing he pulled out this time is a thing of apple sauce. Michael said he wants to walk away with some kind of prize or something. Michael asked if he's 6 years old or something. He said this is a kindergarten lunch. Michael said they have shaving cream in the bag. He said there's heavy duty Potpourri for shitting. He said they have porno and an edible thong. He said he's excited coming there and this is what they give him.

    Richard said his is very heavy. He pulled out some bourbon and there's enough for the whole staff there. Jon asked what else he has. Richard said he has a t-shirt that says ''home'' on it. He had some socks, a Howard Stern baseball cap and some other things. He said it just keeps on coming. Jon asked if he's satisfied. Richard said he would have been with just a handshake and a thank you. Michael said it's an insult that he's walking out of there with apple sauce.

    Jon asked Michael what he wants. Michael said he has a tie with a Star Wars thing on it. He asked what he's to do with it. He said he's going to leave it there for them to pack up for the next asshole to come in there.

    Jon said maybe they're trying to help him out. Richard said if you look at the stuff they gave him it's like they're setting him up like a serial killer. He said that's the kind of stuff they'd find in a serial killer's apartment. They spent a few minutes on that.

    Jon took a call from a guy who said he had to watch the Gary Love tape again. He said he wondered what they thought about that being the first ever kick starter campaign ever. He said it was crowd funded. He said they hit the goal and they watched the tape. Jon said it's similar to something like that. He said it's a good point.

    Jon said they have never talked to Michael about that. Michael said he's not sure what that is. Jon asked what kind of fan he is. Jon said he'll let Richard talk about that. Richard said it's a raw video of a young Gary Dell'Abate trying to win back a girl. He said it an embarrassing thing that he did as a younger man. Richard said that they found out it was available and this was for the release and distribution. Jon said Gary regrets it to this day. Michael asked what his hair was like. Jon said it's just like he'd picture it being. Michael said that's a nice head of hair he has. Jon said that's where the ''Hello, hello'' thing came from. Michael said he has to see this. Jon said he'll send it to him.

    Michael said he wanted to ask Richard a film question. He asked what 3 movies he would bring to an island with him if he was stuck with just 3. Richard said that if Goodfellas is on you'll stay with it. He said he can watch the first two Godfathers and he can watch Goodfellas over and over again. He said he might bring a comedy but that's the toughest one. He said it might be Planes Trains and Automobiles or something like that. Michael said he would pick Raging Bull as his first. He said maybe Caddy Shack and Animal House or maybe Big Lebowski or Goodfellas. He said he might go with Rocky.

    Jon said he would take the Godfathers as one. He said Airplane would be his comedy. Jon said The Sting would be his third. They went to break after that.


  • Wrap Up Show - Benjy And Elisa And More. 04/24/15. 11:35am
    After the break Jon took a call from a guy who said he wrote the rap for him on Twitter a couple of months back. Jon said that Michael put up a list of rap sons for Gary to listen to last time he was in there. He said he put some time into that.

    The caller said the Ronnie's sex tips are great and he could listen to them over and over. He said they should do that more. Jon said that if they played more of them then it might get to be too much. Richard said he thinks if he did a full hour of that then there would be less births 9 months later. Richard said he says things that have never existed in human sexuality. Jon asked Michael how he feels about his action at this age. He asked if it impresses him. Michael said it does impress him. He said Ronnie is frozen in time and he's all fucked up but his fuck style must be wild. He said it's about this strong point of view he has. He said it's like a filmmaker and how you can respect them for that strong point of view.

    Richard said that even when Michael and Ronnie are being nice they sound like they're angry. Michael said he has to hang out with Ronnie more. Richard agreed.

    Jon took a call from a woman who said that they must consider that this Benjy and Elisa thing is all an act. Jon said they have thoguh that but he thinks that it's way too deep to be an act. Michael said if you see the darkness in Benjy's eyes you'll believe that it's real. The caller said that it seems so strategic that other Stern Show people have been brought into it. She said that it seems like they're just so desperate for attention. She said it's so absurd to her. Jon said he gets it. He said they do love people paying attention to them. He said this is beyond that though. He said it makes you feel for them. He said it's a love story that won't end well. Richard said he shares her cynicism but he thinks it would be a years long stunt. He said it's like an Andy Kaufman kind of thing.

    Michael asked why he has to beg and plead to have Benjy and Elisa on the show when he's there. He said he wants to talk to these freaks. He asked where he is. Jon said maybe there's a reason they're avoiding him. He said he wants to talk to these people face to face. He said he is going to demand that he sees these people next time he comes in there.

    Michael said he would love to hang out with Hanzi for a day in the city. He said he has no idea what he looks like though. He said he has no idea what anyone on the show looks like. He said he wouldn't know JD if he walked in. Michael said he has the feeling that Hanzi needs a scrub down. They showed him a picture of him and he said he had no idea. He said he's not sure he wants to hang out with him anymore.

    Michael said he has no idea what Mariann from Brooklyn looks like either but he'd guess she looks like Marissa Tomei's older aunt. They showed her a picture of her too. He said she doesn't look crazy but she sounds like a fool on the radio.

    Jon said if anyone wants to meet him next time he'll set them up. Michael said that he isn't upset about it but he wants some of the other stuff when he's in there. He said he doesn't ask for much. He said he comes up there and he doesn't get anything back.

    Jon took a call from a guy who said that the Benjy stuff is ridiculous. He asked if they think Howard cares as much as it looks. He said he can't understand it. Jon said Howard does care. He said he is concerned about Benjy. He said it works though because it's good radio but he is worried about him being okay. Richard said he thinks Howard is mirroring what the audience feels. Richard said Howard turns Benjy's microphone on and then he'll regret it. He said it's what the audience is going through too. Jon said it drives Howard nuts when Benjy argues with him when he's trying to be on his side.

    Jon said they have the results of the poll. Jon asked if Howard should let Hanzi in the Illuminati. Rahsaan said that 67 percent said no. Jon said the audience has spoken. Michael said he has to say he doesn't think he's ready. He said he knows he wants it but he doesn't think he's ready. He said it's not something they can discuss on the air. They went into a ''Fight Club'' kind of bit for a minute. Jon wrapped up and got in some plugs before ending the show around 11:50am.

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-- Thursday Live Wrap Up Show --

  • Wrap Up Show - What You Need To Know. 04/23/15. 11:05am
    Jon Hein started today's live Wrap Up Show talking about how Neil deGrasse Tyson will be coming in soon. Jon had Gary sitting in today. He played a ''What You Need to KNow'' about today's replays. Jon said that they have a poll up today that will involved Neil. Jon asked what they have up today. Rahsaan said they asking ''Which claim made by Riley Martin will Neil find most likely to be true?''
    • ''There's a Mother Ship sitting next to Saturn''
    • ''Targzissians are obviously Reptilians''
    • ''During my nine-day visit with the Biaviians aboard the great mothership, I managed to, uh, get some Polaroid shots of the, uhhh, ships uhhhh, in broad daylight. These are smart bugs, five feet tall. However, when you learn the potential magnitude of their power coupled with the deductive scope of their reasoning, you are given cause, on occasion, for apprehension. The aliens said some people think they are gods and I told them listen man, you're no god! Not with that big Elmer Fudd head! I said, 'Tan (O-Qua Tangin Wann), if you like Stevie Wonder so much, why don't you cruise by his crib and zap him some eye balls?''

    Jon said they'll get an answer by the time the show is over. Jon said after the break they'll have Neil there. They went to break after that.


  • Wrap Up Show - Neil deGrasse Tyson Sits In. 04/23/15. 11:10am
    After the break Jon said they have Neil deGrasse Tyson there now. Jon said he's very happy to have him there. He said his show Star Talk is up and he had George Takei on the show. Jon asked how that was. Neil said it was great. He said he is the kind of guest they would celebrate. Neil said they're trying to get people to know how science works and that's the kind of person they want on the show. Neil said the show is about science and it has a warm place to live with a guest like that. Gary asked if he has ever heard George on Howard's show. Neil said just briefly. Gary said there are a lot of things that he wouldn't know. He said George talks a lot about sex on their show. Neil said if there was science going on he would have talked to him about that. Jon said he's very open and unfiltered. Neil said that's good. He said you want that in any real situation.

    Jon said Gary has met Neil before. He said that he must get a lot of people asking about strange things. Neil said they don't lead off with it but they do land there. Neil said they do ask about aliens and god and things. Gary said he had lunch with Neil and someone else and this person was so excited. He said the person asked Neil ''What happens when we die?'' Gary said he was mortified. He said Neil doesn't know the answer to that. Gary said the guy must have thought he was going to get super secret information. Gary said that Neil doesn't know where we go when we die. Neil said they know where the energy goes from your molecules. He said you have energy content in your body from what you've eaten. Neil said that he wants to be buried and not cremated. He said the energy is burned and he'd rather be buried in a box. He said that way the flora and fauna can dine upon him like he has dined upon it. Neil said you can believe in ghosts and all of that but there is no evidence of that.

    Neil said there have been about 100 billion people who have died and if there are ghosts there would be a lot of ghosts.

    Jon said they have someone on the show who thinks his bed levitated and he saw ghosts. Jon said he really believes it. Jon said it's hard to talk sense with a person like that. Neil said that you can explain it that it's a personal truth and then the objective truth. Gary said he basically just said what Howard said that day. Neil said that you can't say they're lying. He said they believe it happened to them. He said you don't want to call them a liar. Neil said that in a court of law you ask for a witness but in science you say get the witness out of the room. He said that the brain is one of the least reliable ways of getting the truth.

    Gary said they have someone on the show who claims that he was taken by a space ship and he knows what was done to him buy the aliens. He said he has made a small business making symbols that will get you on the mother ship. Neil said he wants one of those... just in case. Gary said he thinks Howard kicked up his business with those. Neil said whatever he says happened to him, that's okay but science can establish a truth objectively. He said you want government to base their laws on that too. He said that if they base it on personal truths then people will have differences.

    Jon asked Neil if he's surprised by his acceptance in pop culture. He said it can be a difficult thing to do. Neil said he freaks out every morning that he sees his 3.5 million Twitter followers. He said maybe it's evidence that there is a previously undeserved thing that the public has for science that dives the wonder. He said he thinks he can weave the science into pop culture. Gary said he wants to know science and Neil is able to say it in understandable ways. Neil said he doesn't have to dumb it down. He told Gary about what he did during a super bowl once and how he weaved science into his pop culture mentions. He said that's all he's doing. He said it's not a secret formula.

    Jon said they played something today from Comic-Con and Neil must encounter a lot of people who hail him as a rock star there. Jon asked how he deals with them. Neil said that as crazy as they can look at the end of the day they know the difference between fantasy and fact. He said they are the ones who understand science. He said if they don't they do understand why science is important. Neil said that there were famous actors that he would have lined up to get an autograph from and he had a huge audience around him asking about black holes and things like that. He said he's just their servant and serving up their buffet.

    Gary said they send someone out to the Comic-Cons and the thing that makes Howard laugh is when you interview someone and they are in a mask and their voice is muffled. Gary said a 40 year old man in a costume like that and not knowing if they know the difference between reality and fantasy is fascinating.

    Neil said that they're all getting laid but with each other. He said there are two different circles of reality. Neil said that you don't have to find sex, sex finds you.

    Jon said he disagrees with him on one thing he said. Neil said he loves disagreements. Jon said when he's at Comic-Con there are people who don't know that Jim Parsons is playing a character. He said George Takei will start talking about his character like he believes part of him is that character. He said he thinks that fans forget that those people are actors. Jon said that he believes that they believe they're talking to the real person.

    Neil said he respects what he says. He said there may be some of that going on. Neil said the test is on a stage when you have the writer and the actor on stage. He said the questions go to the writers and not the actors. Gary said that George has talked about how he turned down a part in a movie because his character didn't get the promotion he expected. He said it's not a real thing but even George thought of it like a real thing. Jon spent a little more time talking about that and then went to break.


  • Wrap Up Show - More With Neil deGrasse Tyson. 04/23/15. 11:30am
    After the break they came back to a Seth Macfarlane intro. Jon said Neil worked with him on Cosmos. Jon said people really enjoyed seeing the program. Neil said they weren't sure how it would be received. He said that it wasn't on the science channels. Gary said that it was odd with Seth producing it and it showing up on FOX. Neil said Seth is a huge science geek. He said you'd know that if you watch Family Guy. He said they make reference to a lot of things in science. Neil said that there was one episode called the Multiverse. He explained what was going on in that episode and how he has his barbs in there. He knew that going into the Cosmos thing.

    Jon asked Neil what his take is on the whole Mars trip program. Neil said he's been trying to have a conversation with the Dutch person who is running the program. Neil said that it's interesting that the Dutch are trying to get in on it. Neil said there's one thing where you are traveling the world but they could breathe the air. He said Mars is hostile to human physiology. He said they have to create these modules to live there but it's like living in an earth module and not living on Mars. He said he loves the audacity of it.

    Jon said they had a conversation with Louis C.K. about aliens too. He said that Louis thought that if we do have Aliens show up they are going to be above us in some way. Neil said he agrees and they may want to eat us or turn us into their pets. Neil said that they have to be able to think in ways that we can't even think. Neil said you learn about insect vision and they see different colors. He said it's shifted. He said we can get insects to go to bulbs that they don't even see. He said we zap them when attracting them to the light. He said that we're smarter than they are. He said just imagine the same thing with an alien race. Jon said stay away from the blue bulbs if we do run into any aliens.

    Gary said if we find another alien race we may do the same thing. Neil said we do that with ourselves. He said just imagine what we'd do to aliens. He said we do things that is based on fear. Gary said if we went to a planet and found ET every kid would want one as a pet.

    Jon took a call from a guy who said he is such a fan of the series Cosmos. He said that he thinks anyone with kids would like it. He said it's such a great series. He asked Neil if he thinks with the vastness of the galaxy what are the chances of there being someone else out there and them having the technology to get them there. Jon said that Riley believes they are out there. Neil said it is vast and old and there are 100 billion galaxies and 100 billion stars in each one. He said this is huge. He said if you say there is no other intelligent life out there that's kind of ignorant. He said that if there is another species out there would they rank us as we rank them? He said we may not be intelligent compared to them. Neil said we can't even communicate with Chimpanzees. Neil said the aliens could enslave us by knowing we like really good food, sex and shelter. He said the aliens would study that and offer it all to us for free and they'd have us. He said they could create a zoo where they offer that all and they'd be able to lock the door on us forever.

    Gary said he was on one of Neil's shows talking about gadgets. Gary said he likes the idea of teleportation. He said that the science isn't there right now. Gary said that the science wasn't there in 1500 to have a cell phone. Gary said that there was no science for sending something into the air. Neil said he didn't mean to say it was impossible. He said that we don't know how to do that yet. He said maybe in 500 years we will be able to do it. He said if we have worm holes we wouldn't need that teleportation device. He said in Monsters Inc they had worm holes. He said that is an instantaneous way to move. He said that could be possible some day too.

    Gary said he'd just like to get to Paris in not 8 hours. Neil said they could have a door to Paris and a door to London. He said that's the airport of the future.

    Jon took a call from a guy who asked Neil about discovering new planets and saying they might be inhabitable. He asked how they figure that out. Neil said that's a great question. He said they have found about 1000 planets that could be Earth like. He said they have some that are the right distance from their star. He said that if they see oxygen on a planet they know there is life there. He said if they see hydrocarbons there may be no intelligent life at all.

    Jon said they have the results of the poll for today. Rahsaan said that his days of being the smartest black guy there are over now. He said the winning claim was the third one with 45 percent of the votes. He said the second claim had 38 percent.

    Neil talked about the reptilian thing and how he sort of understands where that comes from. Jon asked what he thinks about the mother ship hanging out by Saturn. Neil asked why it would be there. Jon asked about the bugs being 5 feet tall. Neil said if they were that tall they would collapse under their own weight. He said their legs would have to be thicker. He said that's why large animals have large legs.

    Jon got in a plug for today's Sternthology and wrapped up the show. Neil was also telling Rahsaan about how there have been a lot of very geeky black guys in movies and there's an interesting tradition there. They were done around 11:50am.

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