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  • Friday Replays. 01/20/17. 7:00am
    Show opening bits and songs included: They're no longer playing any opening bits and songs on replay days.

    Here's what they played on today's replay show:

  • Matthew McConaughey. 01/20/17. 7:00am
    First up on today's replay show they played the Matthew McConaughey interview. Here's my rundown:

    Matthew McConaughey Visits. 01/17/17. 8:40am
    After the break they played a commercial parody with fake Morgan Freeman as Tracy Morgan. They also played a phony phone call the guys made to a toy store using clips of JD talking about sex toys. They played Joe Cocker's ''With a Little Help from My Friends'' and a Ronnie the Limo Driver New Year's Resolution bit. They played Fred the Elephant Boy singing Led Zeppelin's ''Immigrant Song'' and Underdog Lady singing ''Happy Birthday'' to Howard. They played Imagine Dragons performing ''Radioactive'' in the Howard Stern Show studio as they were coming back.

    Howard came back and said he's radioactive too. He said he's waiting on Matthew McConaughey. He said he hasn't seen him in 15 years. He said that he's in a new movie called ''Gold.'' Howard said he is promoting a movie but there's always time for conversation.

    Matthew came in and Howard asked what he's looking at. Robin said he's looking around like this is Mars. Howard said he's looking good. Howard said he hasn't aged a bit. Matt said he's 47 now. Howard said he must be living a good life. Howard said he said to him 100 years ago that he's a vain guy but when he has to do something for a movie he does it. Howard said that must rip him apart. Matthew said he's fain enough to lose it or gain it for the role. He said he does it himself. Howard asked what he does to gain weight. Matthew said he had 6 months to saying yes to cheeseburgers and beer. He said that puts on 47 pretty quickly. Howard asked where the weight goes on. Matthew said it's on his ass. Howard said he must get titties too. Matthew said that happens too. He said he gets the double chin too.

    Howard said he won an academy award. He said he has to congratulate him on that. Robin asked if that's something he sought. Matthew said it is the gold standard. He said he can't say he sought it out though. Howard said he's been smart about his career. He said he did some romantic comedies and he could have stayed like that. Matthew said his career started in the reverse order. He said he was there on magazine covers before he took acting classes.

    Howard said he grew up in Texas. He did Dazed and Confused and he decided to be an actor after meeting some guy in a bar. Matthew said he was in a bar with is girlfriend and he got free drinks from the bartender because he was in film school with him. He said he wanted to be a director. Matthew said he went up and introduced himself to this guy Don Phillips who was working on a film. He said he asked what he wanted and it was kind of off putting to him. He said they shot the shit and then 3 hours later they were kicked out for being rambunctious. He said Don asked him if he had done any acting. He said he was in a Miller Lite commercial for a split second. He said Don invited him to come interview. He said he met with Richard Linklater. He said he worked on his lines for 3 weeks. He said that he did his lines and they were great lines. He said that he ended up working for 3 weeks.

    Howard asked Matthew about the audition. Matthew said he had shaved and ironed his shirt and had his shirt tucked into his jeans. He said that he came in to read for the part and he sat down and Richard had him go ahead. He said he laid his shoulders back. He said he knew who the character was. He said he was his brother. He said he saw his brother once leaning against a wall smoking in the smoking section. He said he saw him and that image was his brother.

    Howard said that it's not best to walk in on an audition all shaved. He said he had some break getting that. Howard asked if his dad saw him have some success. Matthew said he moved on when he was 5 days into Dazed and Confused. He said that he got to see him get a job that turned out to be his career.

    Howard asked if he knew Dazed and Confused was going to be big. Matthew said he had no idea. Howard asked when he prepared for that movie he listened to live Doors music. He said that Jim Morrison is the one who said ''Alright, alright, alright...'' or something. Matthew said that Richard handed them a mix tape to listen to. He said that was his homework. He said he went off and he was listening to all kinds of music from the 70s. He said this song was something he didn't remember. He said that he heard Morrison say that. He said he was supposed to do a scene and he just came up with that. He said it wasn't scripted so he was doing this scene and he was thinking about what his character was all about. He said he was all about getting high and with his car and he was thinking about the rock and roll he was listening to. Then he looks up and thinks about how he's also into chicks. He said then he had that ''Alright, alright, alright...'' He said those are the first words he ever said on film. Howard said it kind of stuck too. Matthew said it did and he has no problem with that.

    Howard said Matthew was voted most handsome man in school when he was in high school. Howard said that is such a gift and a blessing. Matthew said it had to do with the perm he had in his hair at the time. Howard said that's just fantastic. Howard said he was overlooked in school. He said he's a mess. Howard asked if he ever thinks about that and looks back on it. Robin asked if high school was great. Matthew said it was pretty great. He said he played golf and he was number 2 on the team. Matthew said the family was kind of strict. He said that they had to follow the rules but they knew that they would buck them some day.

    Howard said his dad was in the oil business. Howard said his brother Rooster is a self made millionaire. He said that his other brother is too. Matthew said no to the other brother. Howard said they're successful though. Matthew said they are. He said that no one mooches off the others. He said that they don't go asking for money if they're not doing well.

    Matthew said his mother wanted to be one of the Golden Girls. He said she's still alive and she's 85 now. Howard said his parents lived a lustful life. Matthew said they got remarried 3 times. Howard said his dad thought he was going to go out making love to his mother. Matthew said he was right and it was on a Monday morning when he died. Howard said he did it. He had a heart attack. Howard said his mom wanted him to be carried out of the house nude too. Howard said she wanted everyone to see his big cock. Matthew said that his mom was out there half naked taking the sheet off of him so they could see his boner.

    Howard said that's some emotional family. Matthew said they were bad asses. Howard said it had to be a great deal. Matthew said you couldn't hold a grudge in their house. He said that they would stay up all night to hash things out.

    Howard said Matthew's dad gave him the sex talk and talked to him about the shower head that hit him on the cock. Matthew said that he had a conversation about girls another time. He said they had that talk and about respecting women too. He said his dad told him if he ever feels a girl hesitate then you stop. He said when you stop she might tell him to go further but then you stop anyway. Robin said that's genius advice. She said a lot of boys could use that advice.

    Matthew said when he looked at Playboy he thought that things faced east-west. He said that then you get in there the girl is thinking ''Oh come on, just get it over with.'' Howard said he didn't know what to do. He said there was no porn. Howard said it was messy the first time he did it. Howard said he was shaking. He said it was a nightmare.

    Howard said he's jumping all over the place but he wants to know if he has a game plan for winning the Academy Award. Matthew said he had an idea of what he wanted to say but it wasn't scripted. He said that was a great night. Howard said his dad would have loved that. Matthew said he thinks his dad did see it. He said it would have been a lot of fun to have him there to see all of this. He said he thinks he got a nod from his dad that night. Robin said his mom was great out there that night. Matthew said his mom would go off and do interviews and sell him out. Howard said his mother wrote a book called ''I Amaze Myself.'' Howard said some actors who have great fame would be pissed about that. Howard said she got to write it because she's famous because of Matthew. Howard said he liked the book. Matthew said that would have pissed him off early in his career.

    Matthew said he asked his mom not to talk to guys with cameras. He said she would do that and tell the things that he didn't want her talking about. She thought that he wouldn't find out about it. Matthew said after 25 years of doing it you realize you can't change people. He said that she was 65 at the time and he told her to just go out and say what she wants and some point.

    Howard said that's very mature of him to do that. He said here are things that you want private in your life. Howard said there are things she shouldn't be talking about. Matthew said that he needs a mom and not a funny friend. He said that if you take yourself too seriously then they'll take you down. Howard asked if he's ever gone to therapy for that. Matthew said he hasn't. He said he has faith and family and he talks to himself a lot.

    Howard said he likes that he did Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3 with Renee Zellwegger. Matthew said he had a lot of fun doing that. He said that he wondered if it was even legal to do that and get paid for it.

    Howard said the big movie for Matthew was ''A Time to Kill.'' Matthew said it did well and it opened big. Howard said that's a game changer. Howard said he had to go earn that role. Matthew said he went to talk to the director about another role. He said he wanted to be playing the lead though. He said he met with Joel Schumacher. Howard said he was working on something else at the time. Matthew said he went into the meeting and asked who was playing the lead. He said that he told Joel that he thinks he should be in the lead. He said Joel laughed and said that would be great. Matthew said he thinks some things fell into place. He said they were thinking about Brad Pitt, Kevin Costner and Woody Harrelson. Matthew said he knew he had to throw it out there. He said Joel laughed and said it would never happen. He said something happened though. He said Sandra Bullock was able to green light a movie and she helped things move along. He said that Joel did a trial audition for him and he told him he may not get it. Howard said he was a ball buster. He said maybe he was trying to make him relax. Matthew said he thought that he was just being honest.

    Howard asked when he does the audition is he a bundle of nerves. Matthew said when he's good in an audition he's like ''fuck it.'' He said that the ones when he's not good he's thinking he just didn't go far enough. He said that the best thing to do is over act and pop that balloon. Howard said he might get thrown out of the room. Matthew said they can try to do that. He said they have tried to throw him out of audition rooms and he won't let them.

    Matthew said he was working on a film and he got the call from Schumacher and John Grishom. He said that they were off after that.

    Howard said being a movie star is so great. He said being on the set is just the best. Howard said the danger in that is that when you get back into real life there is no reality.

    Howard said he heard that he wanted to be in Titanic. Matthew said he wanted the role but the rumor is that he turned it down. He said he wanted it. Howard asked if he ever questions why someone else got the role. Matthew said he just accepted it and moved on to the next. Howard asked if he went to see the movie to see how he did. Matthew said not necessarily.

    Howard said he turned down L.A. Confidential. Matthew said that was a good movie. Howard asked why he turned it down. Matthew said it was during ''A Time to Kill.'' He said that movie opened that weekend and he was getting a lot of roles. He said that he wasn't sure what he wanted. Howard said then his whole world changes after ''A Time to Kill'' opens.

    Howard said he floated down the Amazon for a bunch of days. Matthew said that he needed to go somewhere where he wasn't seeing himself in a mirror. He said that you don't meet strangers anymore after that. He said that they don't ask what you do anymore. Howard said no one knew him in the Amazon. He did that for 21 days. Matthew said he was just putting himself in a quiet place and tried to figure out what he wanted to do and where he wanted to go.

    Howard said some people want that fame and want people to crowd them. Matthew said he had some of that too. He said he thought it was cool to see himself on two magazine covers in the grocery store. He said that he did have to check in with the M and the E though.

    Howard asked if it was a life changing experience going down the Amazon. Matthew said it was. He said he had a dream in 1991 and in 1996. He said it was 11 frames of him floating down the Amazon. He said that it was perfect. He said he had to get out and do it. Howard asked if he took Ayahuasca when he was there. Matthew said he didn't.

    Howard said Matthew has reinvented himself a few times. Howard said he could have kept doing the romantic comedies. Howard said it got old though. Matthew said he liked doing them but then he read a script that he thought he could do tomorrow. He said that he had to do something that scared him. Howard said then you fall into a trap. He said that he reinvented himself. Howard said he did so many romantic comedies. Howard said he worked with some great people. Matthew said they were paying great too. He said that there is a brand that comes with that. He said he also learned that he was branded as shirtless McConaughey on the beach. Howard said it looked like he was having a good life because he was shirtless on the beach. Matthew said that he thinks he needed a change. He said that he was falling for his now wife too. He said that he was about to have his first child. He said that he felt so clean and clear when he had his first child. He said a man should double down in their life around that first child. Howard asked if that's what happened. Matthew said his life was exciting at the time. He said his life was dynamic. He said his work wasn't as challenging as his life. He said he had to take some time out to figure out what to do.

    Howard said Matthew said no to movies for a year and a half. Matthew said his agent was great about this too. He said that he wanted to change gears there and not do romantic comedies. He said his agent told him ''Great, lets do it.'' He said that he wondered why he was doing it so easy. He said his agent said ''I work for you'' and that was it.

    Howard said that some guys walk away from a niche and you never see them again. He said saying no is so hard. Matthew said it's hard and it's powerful. Matthew said that he wasn't sure how long he was going to be out of work but he was okay financially. He said he had the new kid to keep him busy too.

    Matthew said that the same script for the $5 million is much better than the script for the $1 million. Howard said he made the right decision because he did some great movies. Robin asked if he was taken seriously after that. Matthew said he thinks that unbranding himself for 18 months helped. He said that he was out of the press for 18 months and he got a lot of offers. Howard said doing Magic Mike must have been a risky move. Matthew said that was an easy one. He said Steven Soderbergh pitched it to him and he was on his knees laughing. He said Steven told him about how his character was connected to the UFOs and that's what got him. Howard said then he got ''Dallas Buyer's Club.'' Matthew said he had that one for a while. He said no one wanted to make it. He said that they willed that picture to happen. He said they didn't have any money to make it but they didn't flinch. He said that they were doing this one in October but they had no money. He said he wanted to do it. He said 8 days before they shot it he got a call from the director and he told him he had less than 5 million for a budget of 7. He said that he showed up to work anyway. He said they scrapped the grip department which is the lighting department. He said he didn't get much money to do that film.

    Howard asked if working with Jared Leto is okay. Matthew said he was great. He said that they didn't meet until the last scene in the movie. He said he stayed in character the whole time and he never got to meet him until that last day. Howard asked if he really did that. Matthew said he did. He said that's fun and not a pain in the ass. Howard said some people think it's cuckoo. Matthew said it's the best. He said if you do things that aren't constructive then it's not good. He said they are making believe so lets make believe.

    Howard asked if he hangs out with Jared Leto now. Matthew said they do talk when they run across each other or they'll write to each other. Howard asked if they're close friends. Matthew said not really.

    Howard said if he's the Joker in a movie then you see him as the Joker. Matthew said it works the other way sure. Howard asked if he learned that technique from someone. Matthew said it's just a fun thing to do.

    Howard asked if Matthew thought about not doing True Detective. Matthew said they thought about that for 8 seconds. He said it was quality that mattered. Howard said some people over think that stuff. Howard said that's one of the best roles he ever did. Matthew said absolutely. Robin asked why he did just one. Matthew said that's all there was. He said he's not sure when they came up with the idea to do a second season. He said it was never going to be he and Woody returning. He said he'd give it a read if another one came around.

    Howard asked if Matthew settled down with his wife because she was the one woman who told him no. Howard said she was kind of rejecting him at first. Matthew said he kidnapped her for their first date. He said she didn't turn him down. He said he was single and at a club on Sunset. He said he was making Margaritas and he saw this creature moving across the room. He said he wondered what ''that'' was. He said she wasn't even a she. He said he went over and introduced himself to her and invited her over for drinks. She knew who he was. He said she wasn't like Wow. He said she just came over and had some drinks by herself. He said he spoke 25 minutes of the best Spanish he ever has that night. He said it was time to go home and she got in a car wreck that night so her car was impounded. He said he invited her to come back with him and his friends. He said they went to his house and kept the party going as long as he could. He said she wanted to get a cab but he talked her into staying in the gust room. He said he got kicked out of that room a couple of times.

    Matthew said he got up the next morning and he heard laughter from people in the house. He said there sits this woman holding court with his buddies eating breakfast like they were buddies for years. He said that turned him on. He said he needs a woman who knows herself and is comfortable. He said she had the same dress on and she was fine.

    Matthew said he had to drive her 45 minutes away to pick up her car. He said they listened to a new album that he had produced and they didn't say a word for 45 minutes. He said that was fine. He said there was no nervous tension in the car at all.

    Matthew said he asked her out and she said no because it was her father's birthday. He said she turned him down one more time and then she finally went out with him. Howard said he has to entertain and start juggling on the first date.

    Howard asked what he cooked for her. He said they had some ribeyes and some corn. He said he had a little loft on the beach that they stayed in. He said he took his shirt off and went jogging.

    Howard said that he has friends who are good looking. Howard said she could have gone off with them. Matthew said they had no chance.

    Howard asked if he gets upset when Jim Carrey makes fun of the commercials he does. Matthew said he takes them as a compliment. Robin asked what he is thinking about when he does them because he scares her. Matthew said he works on the script with those guys. He said in the latest ones they have dogs in the back and he wanted to be in the back at the same time he was in the driver's seat. He said he's in on the joke.

    Howard said Matthew did this movie ''Gold'' and he can do any movie he wants. Matthew said it was the first read. He said that it was worth doing. He said he's a producer on this one too. He doesn't do that a lot. He said he doesn't want to be objective when he's in a movie. He said he has to do that when he's producing. Matthew said he knew this world and the relationships in the movie. Howard said he must be able to get any movie green lit now. Matthew said it can help.

    Howard said this movie is an adventurer kind of movie. Matthew said it's about a guy who has a dream and he dreams that he ran into a Indonesian guy who knows where the gold is. He goes to make it happen. Howard said guys like that are usually losers. Howard said it's like being a prospector in the old west. Howard said he actually finds it. Howard asked if he based it on his father. Matthew said that this guy was a real guy. He said that he thought about his dad and who he dealt with. He said that his dad was the one who thought that he was going to ''hit a lick'' and he never did. He said that he thought every day they were going to do it but it never did. He said his dad was still the host and he never changed. He said he was captain fun. He said this Kenny Wells was based on that.

    Howard said his dad ate life up. Matthew said he did. Howard asked if he prepared for the film like he was his dad. Matthew said his dad would bring him with him to collect money that they were owed. He said that you bring a 12 year old along with you then you can guilt them into it. He said one day they went to a shopping mall and the mall was all broken down. He said there's a white fan in the back and his dad tells him to stay in the car because this is Chicago John. He said the guy gets out and he goes to the back of the van and he has a moving pawn shop full of stuff. He said he had this thing in a bunch of paper towels. He said his dad's shoulders went up like he was excited about it. He said his dad counted off some bills and he was looking up like he was looking for helicopters. He said his dad told him to put it in the glove box. He didn't know what it was. He said his dad told him to look at what it was to see if it was still there. It turns out it was a big, silver watch. He said that it was a $22,000 watch that he just bought for 3 grand. He said it wasn't worth 500 bucks. He said that was how his dad was. He said that interaction is the guy he's playing in ''Gold.'' He said he knew this character automatically.

    Howard said the movie is called ''Gold'' and it opens on the 27th. Howard asked if he's still drinking Wild Turkey bourbon. Matthew said he is. He said he's going to be doing another ad for them. Howard asked if he has to drink that if he goes out with him. Matthew said he doesn't have to.

    Robin asked where he came u with the character in Interstellar. Matthew said there's no one to base it on but he is a father and his dream was to be an astronaut.

    Howard said it's been 15 years since he last saw him. He said it was great to catch up but he is getting the high sign that he has to go. Howard gave him some more plugs and wrapped up before going to break. As they went to break they played a Baba Booey song parody.


  • Sal's Sleep Paralysis. 01/20/17. 8:05am
    Next on today's replay show they played a segment where Sal talked about his out of body experience. Here's my rundown:

    Sal's Out Of Body Experience. 01/18/17. 10:00am
    Howard took a call from a guy who asked how the Benjy experiment is going. He asked if he's showing up on time. Howard said he doesn't know. He said that's the good part of not having him in there. Howard said he did get reports saying he is showing up on time. Robin said she thought it was temporary. Howard said it's for 4 years only. Then they'll bring him back in. Robin said she thinks this is why Benjy is depressed. Howard said he doesn't think so. He said he's developed a friendship with Sal. He said Sal feels Benjy needs fixing and he's going to fix him. Howard said Sal was telling Benjy he had an out of body experience recently. He said this is what they're discussing out there. Howard said they're like a new power couple out there.

    Howard asked Sal what happened. Sal came in and said he talked to Benjy about it and he didn't know if he should bring it up on the air. He said that he had the same experience that he had when he was a kid. He said he thought his bed rose up but he levitated on his own. He said he did it again and he flew around. He said he was able to leave his house and he flew to the stars and back. Howard asked why Jimmy Kimmel came on. Sal said he was able to watch the show while he was in spirit form. Howard asked why he thinks he's the chosen one. Sal said he's researched this on the internet and it's called sleep paralysis. He said that your body is asleep but the soul wants to go out and experience things. Howard said Sal's body was on the ground but his spirit was in the sky. Sal said he was able to go through walls and stuff. He said that he went all the way up to the stars but he got scared and came back down.

    Fred said he's just dreaming. Sal said he's not. He said he'll tell you why. He said it was in real time. He said that when he flew up he told himself to leave his body. He said he was trying to wake himself up. Sal said he left his body and saw the bed and saw Jimmy on. He said he was floating around.

    Gary said Sal told that story from when he was a kid and said his bed slammed down but now he's changing the story. Sal said he realizes now that he was the one flying around.

    Sal said Jimmy Kimmel just happened to be on. He said he didn't watch that. Sal said he left his body again and did a somersault over the bed. Robin asked where his wife was. Sal said she wasn't home. Howard said of course not.

    Sal said a big hand came out while he was floating. He said he didn't touch it because he knew he'd be dragged into something.

    Howard asked Sal what they call that white thing they put crazy people in. Sal said it's a straight jacket. He spelled it ''Strait Jacket'' though.

    Sal said he saw a Buddha statue near the hand when he was floating around. He said that was floating next to the hand. He said he looked back at that and there were smaller hands around the big hand. He said that was getting crazy so he held his ground and went back in his body. He said he woke up after that. Howard said that's the key word. Woke up. Howard said he was asleep. Sal said he went back in his body and then woke up. Sal said he was in a different dimension and he knew things were going to be okay in his life. Howard said Robin is just staring at him. He said that's when there should be a TV show.

    Howard said this is when Sal doesn't get a lot of sleep. Sal said that's right. He said a lot of people have experienced this. Howard said Sal is a moron in many dimensions. Fred asked if he's taking medications. Sal said no but then he said he is taking Propananol. Howard asked if he still takes his bag of vitamins. Sal said he's only taking 3 a day. Howard said the Long Island Psychic thinks he's nuts.

    Howard said he has a creature from another dimension on the phone. Howard picked up and the guy told him to stay out of their dimension. He said they saw him coming and told him to somersault right out of there. He told him to put a straight jacket over his head.

    Howard let Sal go and said even with all of that hair stuff he uses he still has a huge bald spot on the back of his head. Howard did a live commercial read after that. - As Seen on Howard Stern

  • JD, Ronnie And Underdog Lady. 01/20/17. 8:20am
    Next on today's replay show they played a segment where Howard talked to JD and Ronnie and played some Underdog Lady clips. Here's my rundown:

    Music, Fat Ass And Kurt Busch Wedding Discussions. 01/18/17. 9:00am
    After the break Howard came right back and said he thinks he has to pee so maybe he'll play a song. He asked Fred what he had. Fred ran down a list of songs like ''Hurdy Gurdy Man'' and ''No Woman No Cry,'' ''Crazy,'' ''Should I Stay or Should I Go'' and others. Howard said he likes ''Hurdy Gurdy Man'' so maybe that. Howard spent a minute talking about how Donovan offered to teach him guitar. Howard said he thought that would be too much for the guy. He said he's not that good to begin with so he doesn't think he should have to teach him the whole thing. Howard said that he was going to approach him at collaborating on a song with him but he might have to go with someone more contemporary. Howard said he was thinking Trent Reznor or Weird Al.

    Fred said he has ''Low'' by Flo Rida too. Howard asked what happened to that guy. He said he hasn't heard from him lately. Howard said he was in and black strippers were throwing money at him while he was singing. Robin said he was on America's Got Talent a few years ago. Howard said that means you're at the end of the line. Jason said he has a hit song called ''My House.'' Robin knew that one. Gary said he was on the show twice. He said the first time he was on he made it rain. He said they let them have the money that time but the second time they took the money.

    Howard said JD was in love with the girl who came in with Flo Rida because she had a huge ass. JD said her name was Ashley. He said she was one of the hottest girl's he's ever seen in his life. Howard asked JD if he's ever banged anyone with a huge ass. JD said he has not. He said he's only been able to admire them from afar.

    Robin said they think about JD getting sophisticated but one time he followed someone out of the studio and into the subway. JD said he was going to get lunch one day and he thought he saw this actress, Katrina Bowden, and he only followed her a certain distance. He wasn't following her the whole day.

    Howard said JD always gets the girl with the biggest ass at the strip club. Robin said she'd bet that he got the fattest ass girl with the money he spent from his tax return refund. Howard asked if he would ever get a girl with an ass implant. JD said he doesn't think he'd do that. He said his girlfriend has a nice ass.

    Howard said Janet Jackson had a huge ass. He said J-Lo had a huge ass at the MTV awards too. He said he was talking to P Diddy and she turned to her side and he'd never seen anything like that in his life. He said Janet Jackson too. He said her ass was like a shelf.

    Ronnie came in so Howard asked him about the wedding he went to. Ronnie said that Steven Tyler did a whole concert there. He said it was kind of casual but it was Steven Tyler and his new band. He said he has some hot chicks in there too. Ronnie said they had a band playing but then after dinner they had Steven Tyler and his whole band. He said they were great. He said the wedding was great. Howard asked who this guy is. Ronnie said he's Kurt Busch and he does well. He said he has his own jet too. Howard asked how he met him. Ronnie said he was up there years ago and he met him then. He said he took him on a tour and they became friends. Howard asked if they goof on him. Ronnie said they have hung out. He said when he goes to a race he hangs out. Howard asked if Steven Tyler knew who he was. Ronnie said no. He said there were 300 people there.

    Howard asked if he talks to this NASCAR guy on the phone. Ronnie said they text almost every day. He said they have a whole group. Howard asked what kind of money a NASCAR guy can make. Ronnie said they do really well. Howard said if he has Steven Tyler there it has to be a lot. He said that's like 2 million there. He said the guy must be rolling in dough. Fred said he has a net worth of $25 million. Howard said you need more than that to pay for a private jet and have Steven Tyler there.

    Howard asked Ronnie what you give a guy like that for a gift. Ronnie said they did a donation to an animal thing. He said his wife is into that stuff. Fred said that he read another report that he's worth 50 million. Howard said that sounds more like it.

    Howard said Ronnie didn't want to listen to his own hypnosis segment. Ronnie said he can't listen to it. He said he heard about it. He heard some of the clips that Howard has played. He said he remembers the laughing. He said it was so uncontrollable. He said he wasn't able to stop it. He didn't remember the speaker bit and all of that. He said he remembers parts of it.

    Howard said he's glad he doesn't remember it. Howard asked if he remembers blowing Fred. Ronnie said he knows he didn't do that.

    Ronnie said the reason he came in is because he was talking about JD and his girls. He said years ago he would request that Lonnie find him girls with big asses. He said he didn't care if they were white, black or Spanish. JD said he's all for it no matter what they are. JD said they went to Tootsie's in Florida and that is like heaven on earth. Ronnie said there are a lot of Cuban girls down there. Howard asked if he thinks it's weird that he's not with a girl like that. JD said not at all. He said none of them were into him. Howard asked if he ever dated a black chick. JD said no. Robin said he didn't date anyone. Ronnie said he has dated. Ronnie said he had one blond chick on the road.

    JD said he likes it when you see a girl can move her ass right. He said that's what matters when you're having sex. Howard asked if he likes cellulite. JD said that a little bit is okay.

    Howard asked if he ever gets smelly ass. JD said he has not had one yet. Howard said he got one once. He said he had a girl at Scores with a smelly ass. Howard said she turned around and shook her ass an it smelled. Howard said she did not bathe. Ronnie said he's been there too. Howard said he kept quiet about it. Ronnie said you just say you want to hang with your friends when they want to do another dance.

    Howard said he thought Robin would be into chicks so he brought her to the strip club. Robin said she wasn't into it. She said it was disgusting. Robin said she doesn't want a girl rubbing all over her. Ronnie said she dated someone who brought her to strip clubs. Robin said they just sat at a bar and drank. Ronnie said she has to go with the right person. Howard said here is no right person. Howard said she's a buzz kill. Robin said when she was with Sally Field and John Lithgow at the play they went back stage and she told Howard Sally asked to have a drink. Robin said when they got to her she said she doesn't drink the hard stuff. She said Sally said she doesn't either but on an occasion like this she does. Robin said she realized she was being a buzz kill.

    Robin said she remembers being dragged to a strip club in Vegas and she saw these women who looked like hot fudge sundae's melting on Howard. She said that Howard is a germophobe. Howard said it's only for some things. He said for that he's fine.

    Howard asked JD about the reverse cowgirl thing he mentioned. Howard said he tried it once and he almost broke his dick. Howard said that the porn girls do it for the movie but not in their personal life. Ronnie said some girls do. Howard said he doesn't know any. He said he doesn't have much dick though.

    Howard asked JD what his favorite position is. JD said he doesn't want to get into it. He said it's normal stuff. He said he likes it from behind. Howard said that ass has to be really big. JD said it looks good. Howard said his favorite is doggy because the girl can't see him.

    Gary said that Will told him that the ass was so big on the girl once that he wasn't able to see JD behind it. He said JD's not a small guy either.

    Howard said it was nice of his buddy to have Steven Tyler at the wedding. Ronnie said he did an hour and 20 minutes and he was gone. He said after that they moved to another room and had another band. He said that they played for 3 and a half hours without a break. He said they got out at like 1:30 in the morning. Howard said he must have some bank account. Ronnie said it was beautiful. Howard said he didn't know the NASCAR guys had that kind of cash. Ronnie said he has sponsors too. Howard said watch and he'll be divorced in a year if he keeps spending that kind of money. Gary said Jason looked up his wife and she's a model and the daughter of a billionaire. Howard said maybe the father paid for it. Ronnie said he doesn't think so. He said he knows Kurt spent a lot of time planning it.

    Ronnie told Howard about hanging out with Kurt on his wife's father's 98 foot yacht. Howard said he's got a model wife too. Ronnie said that they have a house in North Carolina too.

    Howard said that it's so great that Steven Tyler shows up. Howard took a look at the wife. Howard said she's got some body. He said she's a billionaire. He said her name is Ashley. Howard said he'd marry her if she was half that good looking. Howard asked Ronnie if he's ready to get married after that. Ronnie said it's up to Stephanie.

    Howard said that Kurt should keep his mind on driving. Ronnie said he does and he does very well. Howard asked what he last won. Ronnie said he won a couple this year. Howard asked if he won the championship. Ronnie said he didn't but he did win some races. Howard asked how long you can be at the top of your game in racing. Ronnie said Dale Earnhart was like 50. He said Tony Stewart just retired in his mid-40s. He said they go to mid 40s usually.

    Howard said this guy married right. He said he doesn't have to worry about money. Ronnie said they're really nice people too. He said not everyone is nice. Howard asked how that guy has money. Ronnie said he's in construction. Howard asked what he built. Ronnie said he builds buildings. He said it's not houses.

    Howard asked who Ronnie has met who are wealthy but not nice. Ronnie said he's met some. He said there are some who have a reason not to be nice. Howard asked where happy Ronnie is. Ronnie said he doesn't know. He said he can't believe it was a week ago. Fred played some clips of Ronnie from that day.

    Robin asked if he knew he was into Jason Statham when he was ''Jamie.'' Ronnie said Stephanie told him about that. He didn't remember it. He said that's why he didn't want to listen back to it. Fred played more clips of Ronnie acting weird. They played a song parody with his laughs in it too.

    Robin said he told them about some things that he didn't tell them about the threesome thing. Howard said he told them that he saw their feet and legs. Howard asked if he finds Jason Statham hot. Ronnie said he just thinks he's cool. Howard said he is good. Ronnie said he met him there. Howard said Ronnie seems to be meeting a lot of people there. He said Jason was there when he was promoting a movie with Melissa McCarthy. He said that Jason grabbed him and he knew who he was. He said he's a big fan of the show. He said he's a cool dude.

    Ronnie said he heard about looking under the door shit and he was upset about that. Howard let Ronnie go after that. He said he's just back from that big wedding. Howard said he knows that it costs a lot to get big acts like that to show up. He said it has to be a million bucks. Howard said Mariah Carey and Elton John were paid $4.2 million to play a Russian guy's wedding. Howard said that's when you know who has the power. He said they have you play for them on their boat.

    Robin said these guys have a lot of money but there are people who can buy and sell them. Howard said they should do radio shows at people's weddings. Howard said they could go up with microphones and just do a show. Howard said the guests can be on the show.

    Underdog Lady's Thoughts On Michael Keaton. 01/18/17. 9:40am
    Howard took a call from Jeff the Drunk who asked if he saw his moustache. Howard said he didn't. Jeff said he just tweeted it to him. Howard said he was looking at a model instead. Howard said he missed that tweet. Howard said that's pretty productive for him to grow a moustache. Howard said he didn't see it. Howard thanked him for the call. Jeff said he didn't talk about the good parts of The Bachelor. Howard said he did already. Jeff said that girl has a Nanny. Howard said Jeff does too. It's the U.S. Government. Jeff told him to stop. Howard let him go.

    Howard said Shuli was talking to Underdog Lady about Michael Keaton because he was supposed to come in but then he canceled. Howard said they were asking Underdog about Michael Keaton. Howard played some audio of Shuli talking to her about Michael Keaton as Batman. She watched the movie but stopped when the Joker would come on.

    Howard said she went into it more and she said that Superman overshadowed Underdog so it was hard for her to get bookings. Howard played that clip and Underdog was upset about how she wasn't able to get bookings in 1989 because of that. She said she had to tell people it was the 25th anniversary of Underdog because they didn't know. Howard said he doesn't mean to break the bubble but Underdog was never that popular. He said she is very interesting. He said she dedicated her whole life to Underdog. He said she always has a problem related to Underdog though. He said 1989 was a bad year. Robin said she thinks it's more than that year. Howard said the glass is always fully empty for her.

    Howard said that they told Underdog Lady that he and Beth rescue cats and it kind of shut her up a little bit. Howard played some audio of Shuli telling her that. Underdog said ''Oh that's nice.'' Howard said maybe she'll show up there some day.

    Howard said he was supposed to play a song to take a pee but he never did. He said this show goes on for days. He did a live commercial read and then went to break.


  • King Of All Blacks Vs. Rahsaan - November 7, 2016. 01/20/17. 9:05am
    Next on today's replay show they played a segment from 2016 where King of All Blacks and Rahsaan went at each other. Here's my rundown from that day:

    King of All Blacks 23rd Anniversary. 11/07/16. 10:10am
    After the break Howard came back and said that it's the 23rd anniversary of King of All Blacks calling into the show. Howard said he called in back in 1993. Howard said they've known him for 23 years now. Robin said they should have had a special day today. Howard said King came up with his own name. Howard played a clip of King saying that he's King of the Blacks. Howard said he was making him the spokesperson of the black community.

    Howard said it's funny that he made him the spokesperson because he lived in a lily white neighborhood. Howard played a clip of King talking about the neighborhood he grew up in. King said he calls the police if he sees any black people walking around in his neighborhood.

    Howard said King claimed that he could tell what race someone was by the garbage they had. Howard played another clip where King was talking about garbage and seeing women's underwear in the garbage.

    Howard said they gave King his own show on Howard 101. He called it Black on Black with Big Black. Howard said King talked about liking golden showers on the show. Howard played a clip of him talking about that.

    Howard said King was obsessed with material things like faucets. He played a clip where he asked a caller about what kind of faucets he has in his house.

    Howard said they're celebrating this monumental anniversary today. Howard took a call from King of All Blacks who said that was a beautiful tribute. King asked Howard about some guy on the Wrap Up Show talking shit about him like he knew him. Howard asked who that guy is. Gary said it's Rahsaan. Howard asked if he was talking shit about him. Gary said he was just offended by what King was saying. Howard asked where Rahsaan is. Gary said he'll send him in.

    Rahsaan came in and King went off on him for talking about him like he was a cartoon character. Rahsaan said he is. He said King is like a cartoon because he's playing it up for everyone there. King said Rahsaan is the one who is playing it up. King said he acts like he knows him but he doesn't know him at all.

    Howard said this is like Game of Black Thrones. Rahsaan said he thinks King is upset he has a different view from him. King said he should listen to what he's saying and stop being against it. He said maybe he'll learn something. He said Rahsaan doesn't have more sneakers than him. Rahsaan said he doesn't have Moen faucets like him either. Howard said Rahsaan doesn't think King is his King. Rahsaan said not at all.

    Howard asked Rahsaan who his favorite rapper is. Rahsaan said he was a Tupac was a big one in his life. King said he knew he was going to say that. Howard asked why that's bad to say. King asked why he would pick Tupac now with all of the great rappers out there. Rahsaan said that he was picking his favorite of all time. King said there are so many great ones out there. He rattled off a bunch.

    Howard asked what Rahsaan's favorite sneaker is. Rahsaan said he has a bunch of Jordans. Rahsaan said his problem with King is that he feels like he plays into every black stereotype there is. Howard asked what type of sneaker he should be wearing. King was asking if he has any exclusive Jordans. Rahsaan said of course he does. He said King is the most materialistic asshat there is.

    Howard asked King if he's cool in his book or not. King said he knows they look crazy and corny. He said he just knows it. King asked what kind of jeans he has on. Rahsaan said he has All Saints jeans. He said he's sorry he doesn't have whatever King has. King laughed when Rahsaan said what kind of jeans he has on. Howard asked what's wrong with that. Rahsaan said King just has some insecurity that he's trying to cover up. He said he's trying to show how he's better than everyone but he's just a clown. Rahsaan said they've been face to face before and King never said any of this to him. King said he's like Angry Black. He said he'd put his name on his license plate of his car. Rahsaan said he hasn't done that. King said Rahsaan would do it though.

    King kept calling Rahsaan a corn ball. He asked how his dad did in his best year. Rahsaan asked why that matters. King said that his dad didn't even cross his mother fucking mind. Howard said his father isn't his king either. Rahsaan said King doesn't know anything about him. King said he knows him because he knows he ain't got nothing.

    King asked who he's fucking. Rahsaan said he just got married. He said he doesn't get on the radio and talk crazy about his woman like King does.

    Howard said Rahsaan's wedding announcement was in the NY Times. King said it just had to do with Howard. Rahsaan said every once in a while King does say something that makes him laugh. Howard said that's why they're celebrating him today.

    King said that he saw a sink somewhere that they said was Howard's sink. Howard said get out of here. He said he doesn't want to talk about his sink. Howard let King and Rahsaan go and did a live commercial read after that.


  • Wizard World Con. 01/20/17. 9:25am
    Next on today's replay show they played a segment where Howard played clips of Ruby and Mick the Nerd at Wizard World Con. Here's my rundown:

    Presidential Pardons And Ronnie's Masturbation. 01/18/17. 8:10am
    After the break Howard came right back and said he doesn't understand this pardon thing that President Obama is doing. Howard asked how that whole thing got started. He said he's not sure why he gets to do something like that. Robin said it's something that the three branches of government do so they have checks and balances. Robin said it makes sure that no one is too powerful.

    Howard read about one guy who is going to be pardoned 20 years ahead of schedule for this FALN mastermind who served 35 years of his 50 year sentence. Howard said this guy was part of this FALN that was trying to free Puerto Rico from U.S. control. Howard asked who'd stop them. Robin said you can't stop it. Howard read about what this group did in 1975 and how they killed some people with bombs. Howard said this guy Lopez has another 20 years on his sentence and Obama says he can leave now. He asked why. Robin said they have to apply for these things and they have to meet certain criteria. Robin said he's not hearing anything about what they have done.

    Howard read more about what this Lopez guy has done in prison and how he didn't show any remorse for what he has done. Howard asked why Obama isn't explaining why he's letting these people out. robins said they don't usually do that. Howard said this guy is 75 years old. Howard said Ronnie is like 75 and he's out there doing crazy shit.

    Howard said Ronnie went to Florida for a wedding and Steven Tyler was there playing at the wedding. Howard said Ronnie is out there having a lot of fun. Robin said he should be like that all the time without a hypnotist.

    Howard said Ronnie had that revelation of hearing his parents having a threesome and then he jerked off. Howard said they asked people on the street what they think about this. Howard played some audio and people were saying that they wouldn't want anything to do with that. One guy said he'd shoot all three of them. One guy said he'd be scarred for life. A lot of people were disturbed by the story. Howard said that not one person said it was something they understood or would do.

    Howard said he's not sure what President Obama is thinking with this pardon for this guy who blew people up. Robin said this is the problem with not having the death penalty. Robin said that at the time they would have wanted the guy to die. Robin said they hang around and never go away. Gary said he wasn't convicted of murder. Howard said he was part of the group that planned it though. Robin said Charles Manson didn't kill those people either. Howard said as soon as you hear about a plot you have the obligation of ending it.

    Howard said Brent claims to be an expert on this. He had Brent come in to explain. Brent came in and said that he thinks that this guy is getting out because he wasn't convicted of the crime. He said he's also the only one of the group left in prison. He said from what he read he's one of the leaders of the group and he was convicted of conspiracy but not the bombing that Howard talked about. Robin and Fred had more details of what he was arrested for. Robin said there may be new laws in place now that would have been much more stringent.

    Howard asked Brent if his pubes grew back. Brent said they have. He said it's about 1/3 of what it was. He said that it was itchy for a while. He said you have to scrub it when it's growing back in. He said you have to scrub them in the shower so they don't get ingrown.

    Howard asked how he felt with it fully waxed. Brent said his wife loved it. He said she wants him to do it again. Howard thanked him for that. Brent said he's with Howard on this pardon. He said he doesn't think Obama should be doing it.

    Howard took a call from a guy who said he became a Gaga Fan because of Howard's show. He said that he heard she's going to be performing at the Super Bowl. He said that they protect domestic abusers more than anyone else. He said she should take that chance to speak out. He also said that Bill Clinton is a vocal fry guy. Howard said he was born like that though. He didn't just start doing it.

    Howard said he's not sure about the speaking out thing with Lady Gaga. He said he might have a point though. He said he's not sure he'll look into it though. Howard said he and Robin were asked to sing but they turned it down. Howard said good thing is that they don't get asked to do anything. He said they're never asked to do anything legitimate. Howard said the most legitimate thing he ever did was America's Got Talent. He said he has been offered so many TV shows now. He said that he's been asked to host in so many areas. He said he should tell Robin what he's turned down. Robin said he has to ask if they want to get involved with him. She said that she's done that when people ask her to do something

    Howard said he's said no to a bunch of things. He said those things take up a lot of time and time is a commodity. Robin said he's not 23 anymore. Howard told her to rub it in. Howard said he needs some of that young blood that Robin talked about yesterday in the news. Howard said he wants that blood pumped into him. Robin said she thinks that's a scam.

    Ruby And Mick The Nerd At Wizard World Comic-Con Clips. 01/18/17. 8:25am
    Howard said there's something called Wizard World Comic-Con. He said Wizard World is a sponsor of this Comic-Con. Howard said it's some kind of company or something. He got Wolfie on the phone. He said he met this guy Ruby at the comic-con last year. Howard said Wolfie thought it was a girl but it turned out to be a 25 year old guy who has something called speech disfluency. Howard said this guy lives at home with his parents and he does some writing. Howard said this is the guy he met. He played a clip of Wolfie talking to the guy at Comic-Con last year. He had that interesting speech impediment. It sounded kind of like a stutter or a skip in his speech.

    Howard said Wolfie took this guy Ruby and Mick the Nerd to this convention. Howard said Wolfie said the place smelled of body odor. Howard played a clip of Mick and Ruby talking about their favorite series. Mick was interviewing Ruby about his favorite comic book characters and things like that. Ruby had that speech impediment and Mick has that very unique voice. Howard said that conversation is like Kryptonite to pussy.

    Howard told Robin both men are available. He played a clip of Ruby singing the Ewok song from Return of the Jedi. Ruby asked the guy dressed up as a Tuskan Raider if he wanted to hear it. The guy said yes so Ruby sang the song to him. Howard said he thinks they have a new Wack Pack right there. Howard said Wolfie has a good eye for talent. Wolfie said he might be good on a red carpet interview.

    Howard said now Ruby finds this guy dressed up as Red Hood. Howard played that clip and Ruby was talking to the guy and trying to ask questions but he had that stuttering stammering thing going on. He had trouble getting his question out. The guy was in a mask so his voice was muffled. Howard said all of these guys love villains that no one has heard of. They're really obscure. Wolfie said they want people to try to figure out who they are.

    Howard said he thinks that the biggest douchy thing to do is sing the Ewok song. Jason came in to talk about the Red Hood character. Howard asked Jason if he scratches his face. Gary said Jason puts his face on his door when he's talking to him. Howard said he looks like he did something to his face.

    Howard asked who Red Hood is. Jason said it's a gang and you never know who the leader is. Jason told the story about how The Joker got pulled into that gang and he ends up as the Joker. He had some other stories about how one of the Robin's is in the Red Hood gang. Gary said there's a whole geek thing going on. Brent had more details about the characters and who is in the gang. He was going on and on about these characters.

    Howard was following along but not Robin. Robin didn't have any idea who they were talking about. Howard said if he wanted to get back into comics he'd have to pick up from when Dick Greyson was still Robin. Howard said he'd have to go way back. Brent said he could start with some rebirth stuff. Jason told Howard he should start with Scott Snider's Batman. Jason said that he could use his Kindle for that. Howard said he wouldn't want to do that. Howard said he might start reading some. He said he's reading real books and there are no pictures. He said he likes reading with pictures.

    Howard asked Jason about the characters and Robin was still confused. Jason told Howard about some of the stuff that shows up in the comic books but Howard cut him off and let him leave.

    Howard had some more Ruby clips to play. He had a montage of his stuttering to play. Howard said it's almost musical. He said he should take up sign language.

    Howard said he has the Blue Hood on the phone. Howard picked up and he had a guy who had a speech impediment talking about what his character is. He had a long back story and Howard gave up after a few seconds and hung up.

    Robin read about some of the people who show up to the New York Comic-Con. Robin read about some of the people there. Robin said that Bobby Brown would be there but she was talking about Millie Bobby Brown from ''Stranger Things.'' Howard said he's getting kind of sick of her showing up at all of the award shows. Robin said Dean Caine will be there. Robin mentioned some other people and Howard knew who some of them were. Howard said a lot of the kids in shows like Stranger Things are cute but they're still kids. Robin said they get cast when they're cute but they keep growing. Howard said his girlfriend was the best looking girl in summer camp. He said he turned 13 and then he had no girlfriend. Howard said he was even cute at some point. He said then his nose and Adam's apple grew.

    Robin went through some other people. Wolfie said they had all of The Avengers but Robert Downey Jr. at this con. Howard said he doesn't need to go to those things. They talked about some of the characters from The Walking Dead. Howard said he thinks the son, Carl, has an issue with his ears or something. Howard said he has that big hair grown out for some reason.

    Howard had a clip of Mick the Nerd naming all of the different types of Kryptonite. Mick had a long list that he ran down in 15 seconds. Howard said he was born to answer that. He said he hit that just right. Howard said he was a big Kryptonite fan and he knew of about 3. He said that they had Gold, Red and Green. Howard said now they have a pink one that turns him temporarily gay. He said that's ridiculous. Howard said it would be red because it makes you act differently than he normally is. Howard read about the blue, orange, black, periwinkle, gold, white, red/green and more. Howard said comic books became too complicated. Howard said you need a PhD to figure it out.

    Howard said he thinks this guy Ruby is a good find. Wolfie said he thinks he'd be good doing interviews. Howard said they have to get something going with them. Howard said he thinks Ruby is this close to being in the Wack Pack.

    Wolfie asked Howard about what his birthday parties were like when he was a kid. Howard said it was pretty good. He said his mom would have them at home. Howard said she would invite like 8 friends. Howard said he has films from those days. Howard said he always did a puppet show even though it was his birthday. Howard said he should have had a fucking day off. He said his mom would make fried chicken and French fries. He said she'd make an ice cream bar where you could make your own. He said he liked that. He said he got a lot of gifts. He said he'd get model cars as gifts and he hated that. He said he wanted something that was already put together.

    Howard said he would get monster masks and stuff. He said that the kids would get him stuff that they were into and not stuff he was into.

    Howard said his parents called him and left him a voicemail. He said his mother was pretty normal about it. He said he was going to pay it but he felt bad. Howard said his mom said that she wanted to wish him a happy birthday and tell him that she was thinking of him. Howard said then his father got on. He was doing impressions of the two of them. Howard said his dad said he was glad to be there for another year with him. He said then it just fades off. Howard said then they hang up after fumbling with the phone. Howard said his dad didn't say ''I love you'' or anything like that. He said he just hung up. He said he should say something but it's too upsetting. His dad was just happy to be alive. Howard said his father never called him. He just said he was happy to be alive on his birthday. He said it's the worst message ever. He said it's no wonder he's so fucked up. He said there's no hope of him getting out of the psychiatrist's office.

    Big Foot's Birthday And More. 01/18/17. 8:50am
    Howard took a call from a guy who said he's been watching The Bachelor because of Howard. He said it's gross when they kiss on the show because it sounds like they have a microphone in their mouth. Howard said the sounds of people kissing in movies are edited out. He said it's disgusting. Howard said on that show they don't care. The caller said they stop the music too and it makes him want to throw up. Howard said he agrees.

    Howard took a call from Ralph who asked if Wolfie is still on. Howard said he's gone. Ralph said Wolfie goes to these shows and goofs on people but Wolfie said he bought an Amazing Spider-Man for $1000. He said that Howard actually gave him that same issue. Ralph said he put a thing like a picture frame that stands up. He said it's the first appearance of The Punisher. Howard said he has to see that apartment some day. He said he has to see what's going on over there. Ralph said it's like 1,500 square feet and he keeps the more expensive stuff up front. Howard said his apartment sounds like a Toys R Us.

    Howard said today is Big Foot's birthday. He said he's in his 50s. He asked Robin how old she thinks he is. Robin said 52. Howard said he's 59 years old. Robin sounded shocked. Howard played a birthday song parody for Big Foot.

    Howard played a clip of a guy out on the street talking to people about telling his son that he's been using his tuition money for hookers. They went to break after that.


  • Vocal Fry And Sports Talk. 01/20/17. 10:20am
    Next on today's replay show they played a segment where Howard talked about vocal fry and sports. Here's my rundown:

    TV Show And Vocal Fry Discussions. 01/18/17. 7:00am
    Howard started the show asking if anyone was in the mood to do a show. He said he's not. He was up at 3 in the morning. Howard said he caught up on some TV. He said he watched some Rolling Stones documentary that might have been the worst he's seen. He said it was horrible. Robin saw it too and said the same thing. Howard said it was like bands worshiping them. He said they didn't need to do a documentary about that. Howard said there was nothing about the Rolling Stones. He said Mick was walking down the street talking about how hard it is to do that. He said it was the worst documentary he's ever seen. He said he'll watch anything with them in it but that was bad. Howard said they had people in Brazil talking about how much they worship the band and it wasn't good.

    Robin said there was a lot of vocal fry on The Bachelor this week. Howard said he heard that. He said he had JD pull some clips. Howard said he asked JD to do that last night. Howard had some clips to play. He said it's becoming an epidemic. Howard said Robin sometimes starts to do it and she can't fall into that. He said she has a great voice. Howard said he'd throw her right off the show. He said he didn't hire that.

    Howard said there's something weird going on. He said if you read Dr. Sarno's book there was no back pain before World War II. He said then it became an epidemic. Howard said Dr. Sarno goes into the why about that. He said vocal fry became a thing and you can't understand why it spread so quickly. He said psychologists think it makes women feel more intelligent. He said it's mostly in women who aren't so smart who want to feel smart.

    Howard played some clips of some of the women on The Bachelor doing the vocal fry thing. Howard had a clip of Andy Cohen talking about how this is about to get very gay. Howard said it's no though. Howard played some clips of these women talking and having this vocal fry thing. One of the women was Liz. Howard said they got rid of her thank god. Howard played another one where the girl had a lot of vocal fry while talking about something happening over and over. Howard did an impression of the vocal fry. He played another clip and it was really bad in that one. Howard said one of their parents must be a frog.

    Howard played a clip of a woman that Robin was talking about. Fred played a frog sound while she was speaking. Howard said she's so bad you can't understand what she's saying. Fred played the frog sound again.

    Howard said the women of low IQ are doing this. He said the women on that show have to be low IQ if they're looking for a man on a TV show. Howard said the idea of going on a TV show and throwing yourself at a guy to beat out other girls is mind blowing. He said he loves the show though. He said it's a train wreck.

    Howard played another Bachelor clip and the guy, Nick, was seen by the women and they freaked out. Robin said this is like meeting someone on a movie set. she said they cater to every need and then reality hits when it's all over. Howard said if he gets engaged it ruins his career. Robin said this is the 4th time he's done one of these shows. Howard played more of the clip and the girls were all fawning over him. Howard said he had a dream about what it would sound like if he was on that show. It was women screaming and horror music playing.

    Howard asked JD what this clip is. He saw one of a reporter who had vocal fry. Howard said this is a NY Times reporter. JD said she was on this show called Democracy Now. Howard said she must be fairly bright to be a reporter. Howard asked why she's doing it. JD said he didn't know. Howard played the clip and she had a tiny bit of vocal fry. Howard said it's not that bad. Robin said it's creeping into the entire generation. Howard played the clip again and she did have a bit of it. Howard said that's not too bad.

    Howard had another clip of a guy who has vocal fry. It was one of Memet's friends. Howard started to play it and said if guys start doing it he's done. Howard played about a second of that and cut it off.

    Howard had another clip of a guy doing it on Project Runway. Howard said the guy is dressed as a woman so maybe that's why he was doing it. Howard played that and laughed as he heard it. Robin said maybe women should listen to this and it'll teach them not to do it. Howard played more of that guy doing it and said maybe a penis poked his vocal chords.

    Howard said speaking of strange voices, he thinks George Takei is working too hard. He said he was interviewed by Yahoo News. He said that he's defending Muslims and you have to hear his voice. Howard played a clip of George talking to a reporter and his voice was shot. He could barely speak. Howard said he's obviously ill. Howard said he should have rescheduled. Howard said he'd throw him right out if he showed up. Robin said something and she had some vocal fry so Howard said he can't bust her balls too much. Robin said she'll have to start watching that. Howard said she doesn't need that. Howard said she's an intelligent woman. Robin said maybe she wants to sound young. Howard said it makes her sound old.

    Howard played more of George Takei trying to speak with his shot voice. Howard laughed. He said it's so important that he get that out. Howard said maybe he has one of Brad's pubic hairs stuck in his throat. Howard said he loves George. He said his message is so important he had to get it out even though he can barely talk. Howard did an impression of George speaking. Howard said he can't get over the fact that he was taken to a Japanese American Internment Camp when he was a child. Robin said there is talk of a Muslim registry.

    Howard played more of George talking and said that no one really gives a shit. Howard said he could have waited 2 days for his voice to clear up. He said that he lost all credibility when he grabbed Jason Ellis' penis in there. Howard said his voice was fine that day. Howard asked Fred to find the clips of George talking about how beautiful his cock was. Howard said his voice was fine that day and clear as a bell. He said that's the George he loves.

    Howard took a call from a guy and Fred played the ''Hey boner'' George Takei clip. Howard said they should do a whole day of that. The caller asked what it's going to take for him to stop watching The Bachelor. Howard said he likes it. He's not going to stop. The caller asked what it would take. Howard said nothing as long as there are hot chicks vying for a dude he's there. The caller asked if Simon Cowell was the host. Howard said he'd stop watching then.

    Football And Phone Calls. 01/18/17. 7:20am
    Howard asked why the San Diego Chargers went to L.A. Gary said it's because San Diego wouldn't build them a stadium. Gary said they moved to Los Angeles because of that. Howard said that he saw some San Diego fans crying over the move. He said just get over it and follow another team. Howard said he saw the Detroit Lions a couple of times and it was horrible. Howard said they were indoors and it wasn't too bad. Howard said no one on the team is going to miss the fans. Howard had some clips of some people crying over the move.

    Howard said now Los Angeles is going to have two shitty teams. He said the game is going to be banned soon anyway. Howard said the players are getting Alzheimers from concussions by the age of 30. He said he wouldn't want that on his head. Howard said he tried to talk to Jon Bon Jovi about that. Howard said he wouldn't want that responsibility. He said fuck that. He said he knows Jon is passionate about it though. Howard said he wouldn't want to own a team. Robin said he sees it as the guys doing it as their own choice. Howard said many of the players aren't any smarter than a Bonsai tree. Robin said there are plenty of them making a good living and having a great life. Howard said the world is divided by people who have a brain and those who don't. He said there are a lot of morons out there.

    Gary said that Bo Jackson came out and said he wouldn't have played football and he wouldn't let his kids play. Howard said of course not. Howard asked on what planet you'd put your son into a football league to break his neck or have water on the knee or something. Howard said just play tennis or something. He said that's a nice sport. He said there is money in it. Robin said Field Hockey. Howard said that's for pussies. Howard said play golf and you won't get brain damage. Howard said you can socialize when you play these other games.

    Howard said their general manager would play golf and get people to advertise on the show. Howard said that's the way to do it. Howard said that's a social game. Howard said he knows some guys who can barely walk after playing football or basketball. Howard said it's brutal on your knees. Howard said that he played the penis his whole life.

    Howard took a call from a guy who said he thinks that he vocal fry thing came from women trying to sound bored. He said it came from the valley girl kind of thing. Howard said he's going with the psychologists and what they're saying it is. Howard said the caller has a good point about the valley girl thing though. He said back in the 40s they spoke really fast and in a unique way. The caller said he's hearing a lot of men speaking with the vocal fry thing. He said he does a lot of interviews with younger people.

    The caller also corrected Howard on the name from The Fly. He said it's Brundle and not Brindle. Howard thanked him for the correction. Howard said he should know that. He said that's embarrassing. He said he always thought it was Brindle. Howard said it's too much football.

    Howard took a call from a guy who said he thinks the Kardashian's brought the vocal fry thing to everyone. Howard said he doesn't think they invented it. The caller said they did help spread it though.

    Howard said that King of All Blacks is on the phone and he wants to apologize. Howard asked for what. King said he called that dude Rahsaan a ''coon'' yesterday. He said it bothered him yesterday. Howard said that's not cool to call him a ''coon.'' King said that it should be said to some people who deserve it. He said they have to be black. Howard said he doesn't know this guy though. He said he called him that and it offended him. Gary said Rahsaan is on the Wrap Up Show with them and he said that King doesn't represent the black community very well. Howard said he didn't want to hear it yesterday. He said King ruined what Martin Luther King did in just one day.

    King said there are people who do certain things that make you call them a coon. He said that's what he was thinking with Steve Harvey when he met with Trump. Howard said maybe he's trying to make him more racially sensitive. King said he just did it to get more basketball courts in the inner cities and things. Howard asked what's wrong with that. King said what they need is books and learning, not basketball courts. Howard said he has to go. He thanked him for the apology.

    King said he thinks he knows why Howard wakes up early. He said its his fear of dying. Howard thanked him and hung up.

    Howard had a clip of a guy talking about how black people should be thanking white people for freeing them. Howard said that's like him thanking someone for getting raped in the ass and the guy stops in the middle of it. Howard said this is the governor of Maine. Howard played another clip of the guy talking about what ''these people'' are doing. Howard said that Maine is beautiful. He said he loves it but this kind of ruins it. Howard went to break after that.

    Today's show was over around 10:55am.

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