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  • Wrap Up Show - Jim Carrey. 10/31/14. 10:05am
    Jon Hein started today's live Wrap Up Show wishing Gary a happy Halloween. Gary gave a half hearted ''Oh, thanks.'' Jon said that today is a national holiday. Gary said he thinks he's over it. He said it's been fun but now it's time to just go and do your thing.

    Jon ran down the things they replayed this morning and said he wanted to start off talking about Jim Carrey. Gary said Howard and Jim dove right in and the interview was really good. Jon said they both have respect for each other's talents. Jon said Jim is just a naturally funny guy. He said Howard asked if Jim thinks that other comedians are jealous and Jim seems to think that if they have some success of their own they're not jealous. Gary said maybe that's the way he sees it or he just deals with it.

    Jon said Jim also talked about his drug use and being addicted to pot. He played a clip from the interview where Howard and Jim were talking about Jim's experience in the mountains by himself.

    Jon said Jim got through that vision quest and he changed forever after that. He said Robin did her own kind of vision quest and she came out of it a different person. Gary said that whole thing Robin did didn't sound regulated and it sounds dangerous to him.

    Jon played a clip of Howard talking about Robin taking Ayahuasca and how that was a drug deal. Robin insisted it wasn't. Jon said he admires Robin taking that chance but you are taking your life into your hands. Gary said it is a drug and it's like dropping acid here in this country. Jon said she either came back better or worse for it depending on your views.

    Jon took a call from a guy who said the Jim Carrey interview was the best he's heard all year. He said he really related to the interview and he's going to listen again today. He said he thought it was an amazing interview.

    Jon took another call from a guy who said he didn't like the interview. He said it seemed like Jim came off as some affected celebrity. He said it was all of that shit he was talking about with the vision quest. He said it's all just bullshit. Gary said it wasn't to Jim. Gary said he knows a lot of people who are like that who aren't celebrities. He you can't blame it on celebrity.

    Jon said that it's done Jim pretty well over his life. Jon said he respects the sincerity in their belief but then he'll talk to someone like Sal and laugh because he finds it funny. Gary said he had a guy who told him to put magnets in his shoes. He said he was told it aligns his whole body. He said he's not sure that he needs that though. They spent a minute on that and then went to break.


  • Wrap Up Show - Halloween And Sal. 10/31/14. 10:20am
    After the break Jon had Sal sitting in. He said Sal enjoys Halloween. Sal said he goes with the flow. He said he's not like Richard. Sal said he loved dressing up as a kid. He said at 14 he dressed up as a pack of Marlboro's. He said he wore a cheese box from the pizzeria. He said he pasted red and white paper and wrote Marlboro on it. Sal said he went to the local stores near the pizzeria. He said he was asking for candy dressed as a pack of cigarettes. Gary asked what they gave out at the pizzeria. Sal said nothing. He said that his dad would take orders but no candy.

    Jon asked Sal what the other places gave him. Sal said if they didn't have anything they gave nothing. He said not even fortune cookies or fortune cookies.

    Sal said he's going to a Halloween wedding party tonight. He said his cousin is getting remarried. He said he's going to try to go out with his youngest kid.

    Jon asked Gary if he knows what Sal is going as. Sal said he's going to go as an ISIS guy with Ebola. Gary said he figured it was something like that. Gary guessed it was going to be Elvis but then Sal said he's going as Gene Simmons. Jon asked which one. Sal said Love Gun Gene. He said that's the cheapest costume he could find.

    Sal said he has a friend coming over to do the makeup. He said he has the boots too. Sal said he's pretty pumped up about it. Sal asked his wife to be Gene Simmons' wife or Tina Turner since Gene went out with her. He said she settled on Madonna. He said she's going as the 80's Madonna.

    Jon asked Gary if he's doing anything. Gary said he's doing nothing. He said they get trick or treaters up there. He said they should be done by 8:45 or so.

    Jon said his wife goes crazy and gets a ton of candy. He said they put it out and no one comes. He said they end up bringing tons of candy to work. Sal asked if that's because of Megan's law. Jon said they have a long driveway. He called Sal an idiot for the joke about Megan's law. Sal said he hates when someone shows up when you think you're done. He said he gets the doorbell ring and gives them as much as they can so he has an excuse not to answer the door.

    Jon said Amy Poehler said that Sal made her a bit uneasy. Sal said that he was flattered. He said she did say she likes the work they do. Sal said he thinks that she broke it down about how repulsed she was and in an odd way she was saying that she likes him. Sal said he thinks if he was with her alone that shit would be flying and they'd have a blast. Sal said she would see a different side of him and he thinks that she wants to see that. Sal said he thinks some wild stuff would go down. Jon said he doesn't get that. Sal said that there's a subconscious thing going down there. Sal said he gets that from Gary's wife too. He said she didn't like him but now he thinks that she'd bang him.

    Gary said he thinks Sal likes Amy and he needs her to like him back. Sal said he doesn't think she hates him. Sal said he's been in situations before and they have said thy don't like him and then they end up actually liking him. Jon asked how many times that has happened. Sal said he went out with Mary Dell'Abate and she wasn't comfortable meeting him. He said on day 2 they were like best buddies. Jon asked if he's had that with other women too. Sal said it's been maybe 3 or 4 times. Sal said he doesn't like people feeling uncomfortable around him. He said it affects him. He said he really does think Amy would go out with him if they were both single. Jon said maybe the four of them can go out. Sal said sure, why not. Jon said that will never happen.

    Jon took a call from a guy who said he's surprised that they didn't bring up Howard dating Mike's ex. Jon said it has come up in the past. He said they've been over it. Jon said they were also talking about the Mike Tyson Punch Out game the other day. Sal loved that game. He said he played that arcade game. He said when Mike Tyson's Punch Out came he would get home from school and play that. He said he became the king of the game. He said he went to his friend's house and played it there. He said his little brother was playing and they couldn't beat Mike Tyson. He said he took the controller and knocked Mike out. He said he had kids cheering for him. He said they looked up to him like a god.

    Jon asked how much he played the game. Sal said he played it all day long. He said he plays it on the Wii now and he can't beat it. He said it's like all his brain cells packed up and left.

    Sal said there was a way to beat Mike and he knew how to do it at the time. JD said he used to be able to get past the 4th guy but not the 5th. Jon said he never played the home version. He said he only played in the arcade.

    Sal said he had a metal shop guy drill a hole in a quarter so he could play it over and over with no quarter. Sal said the guy came to collect the quarters and the box was empty. He said the quarter with the hole in it eventually fell in though.

    Jon asked JD if he could take Sal in it now. JD said he wishes he had an old Nintendo. Sal said you can play them on the Wii. He said his kids are great at the game and he sucks now. He said he gets beat by Glass Joe now. Sal said the kids loved him when he could beat Tyson. He said he was the king of Mike Tyson.

    Jon took a call from a guy who said he thinks that Sal is right about Amy. He said he's right in the corner with him.

    Jon said Amy also defended JD. Jon asked JD if he sensed the same thing that Sal did with her. JD said he loves Sal but he thinks Amy was being for real. He said that she might be a little put off by him. Jon said Sal said he would go out with Amy and Nick and his wife. Sal said maybe just Amy and Nick. He said he was just joking about that. He said his wife can come too. They went to break a short time later.


  • Wrap Up Show - Bobo And His Wig. 10/31/14. 10:40am
    After the break Jon said Sal did a prank call to Don King once as Russell Simmons. Sal told Jon how that went and did this awful Russell Simmons voice. Sal said he did it around the time Mike Tyson was in the paper. He said he had a good time with that.

    Jon said some people don't care for Sal and he can be polarizing. Jon asked Gary who else can be on the show. Gary said Bobo and King of all Blacks can be. JD said Ralph too. Jon said Ralph has kicked it up a bit the past few weeks. Jon asked Sal if he feels he is. Sal said he can be. He said that's not a bad thing. He said you have to strike a nerve somehow some way. He said that it proves you stick to your guns and your beliefs.

    Gary asked Sal if the negativity affects him. Sal said sometimes it can. Gary asked what bothers him. Sal said sometimes the whole emotional friend thing. He said some people go really deep and it hurts. Sal said he wants to be the best person he can be but he won't cave in for people who want him to change.

    Jon asked Sal why he thinks that Bobo isn't polarizing. Sal said he loves Bobo and he thinks he's interesting and funny. He said he thinks that he's more liked than disliked.

    Jon had Bobo on the phone and Bobo said that these fans who bad mouth him are fans who have nothing better to do. He said he put his job on the line when he was starting out. He said they have no idea what he did. Jon asked if he thinks there are people who aren't as committed to him. Bobo said there are people who just talk horribly about the show and he won't go on these sites where they do that. Bobo said people like he and Ralph have longevity on the show. He said he tries to give it 1000 percent.

    Jon said sometimes that stuff can hurt. He asked Bobo if it hurts when he hears some of that stuff. Bobo said it can hurt. He said these people who are giving their comments aren't die hard fans of the show. He said he can't believe that die hard fans would bad mouth him. Gary said Bobo thinks that if they trash him they're not true fans of the show. Gary said he likes Bobo but he's wondering if he thinks that people really have to appreciate him just for putting the time in. Bobo said it's about the jealousy. He said that he calls in and people say he hogs the phone. Bobo said he tells them to call in and they say they don't have the time. Bobo said he makes the time. Bobo said he could have been fired for what he did. He said he would call in sick and things like that to go to the show and things like that.

    Sal asked if he had any backlash after he painted his face with his cock. Bobo said the people in his building made his life a living hell. He said they were hanging pictures and posters and all of that.

    Jon asked Bobo if he has a pension from his driving class. Bobo said he did it for 38 years so of course he does. Jon said that they have a new drop with Bobo saying ''Off the roof.'' Bobo said he has something to say about that too. He asked if that's any different than off the chain or off the shelf. Gary said he's not sure they'd find any other usages of it. Sal said he would see it as ''I saw Bobo and I kicked him off the roof.'' Bobo said he's sure it's urban slang.

    Jon said Sal is a master of urban slang and asked if he heard it at all. Sal said he's never heard it. Jon said he thinks that's all Bobo's. Bobo said he's going to claim it then.

    Bobo said he had one more thing to clear up. He said he comes up with great questions over the years and he did come out with that one thing that morning he was on early. Gary said they tell Howard a lot of stuff and he's not interested in everything. Gary said it's not that they don't tell him. He said he's just not interested. Bobo said they all jumped in on the conversation so sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.

    Jon asked Bobo if he's getting into costume at all. Bobo said his son wanted to do something with his hair and paint it orange and green. Bobo said he didn't want to do that. Gary said he could just take it and throw it in the dishwasher when he's done. Jon asked if his kid knows he wears a rug. Bobo said the kids don't know. He said he wears a hat or spikes it up around them. Gary said maybe a 6 or 7 year old doesn't know but he's sure the older kids do. Bobo said his son is asking too many questions. Gary asked if he will find out before or after he finds out there is no Santa. Bobo said that's going to be hard.

    JD asked if the wig talk or the sex talk is going to be harder. Bobo said the wig talk will be. Jon asked if his son asked him to get rid of it, would he do it. Bobo said he would. He said his other kids want him to get rid of it but the little guy might freak out. Bobo said his son says he looks really young compared to the other dads. Jon said he hopes he can keep that dream alive. He let Bobo go after that. Jon said they get a new story from Bobo every time.

    Jon asked Mike Hambrick to give a Howard 100 News preview. Mike ran down a few headlines they have for today. Jon got in a plug for today's Sternthology and for the Rob Zombie Halloween Special that will be airing tonight at 9. They got in their plugs and ended the show around 10:55am.


-- Thursday Live Wrap Up Show --

  • Wrap Up Show - Royals Talk With Richard Christy. 10/30/14. 10:10am
    Jon Hein started today's live Wrap Up Show introducing a heart broken Richard Christy who was sitting in with him. Jon went over the things they replayed this morning and said he wanted to start off with the Kansas City Royals losing last night. Jon said he missed all of the craziness last night but he saw it this morning. He explained what happened in the game last night and how crazy things got for the Royals.

    Jon asked Richard how he felt last night at that point. Richard said it was pure chaos. He said the place exploded. He said it was real somber until then but then that happened. Richard said it blew their minds. Richard said he thinks they made the right move.

    Jon asked if Richard thought it was over then. Richard said he thought it was their destiny. He said they've come down to that before and gone into extra innings. He said the game was still amazing. He said he's proud of the Royals. He said they lost by one run and they came so close. He said it was awesome.

    Richard said everyone was cheering and doing the Royals chant. He said they didn't think they'd make it as far as they did.

    Gary said that someone came up to Richard saying sorry for the loss but he thought he was in Giants colors. Richard was actually wearing his Halloween colors. Gary asked if the orange on his arm is from the shirt. Richard said it's probably from Cheetos. He said he'll eat anything orange in October. Richard said he had orange yogurt every morning this month too. Jon and Gary named some other orange colored foods that he could eat.

    Jon asked Richard if he spoke to his dad yet. Richard said they did talk. He said they were looking at the positives last night. He said they were talking about Halloween coming up. Richard said he thinks that KU is going to do really well and the Chiefs are doing well too. He said next year the Royals may be great again. He said he's hoping for that.

    Jon said he knows how Richard feels. He said the Pirates have come close to getting there too. He said they get so close and then they don't make it. Gary said the Mets have been there too. He said it's been close a few times since 1986.

    Jon said Howard doesn't get it when they're into this stuff so much. Gary said he understands that. He said none of the New York teams have any chance of getting a championship this year and that's unusual. Gary said Howard goes to the Knick games all the time. He said they're supposed to be better this year. Jon said the Yankees had a system that worked and they were always in the playoffs. He said you have to respect that.

    Jon played some audio of Howard talking about all of the sports talk. He was talking about how stupid people sound when they're so vested in sports.

    Jon asked Richard if he was yelling about it last night. Richard said he tries not to curse a lot but the F-word was flying around last night. Jon said he can't see him getting that way. Richard said he was mad at Baumgartner and he was frustrated that the Giants were doing so good. He said it was frustrating. Jon said he feels for him.

    Jon said now Halloween is coming. He said that should pick up his spirits. He asked what he's going to do. Richard said they're going to try going North to see the fall foliage and go to some Halloween events. He said he'll be watching a bunch of movies like the first Halloween, Halloween 3 and a movie called Trick or Treat from 2008. Then there's also a Trick or Treat from 1986 that he likes to watch. Jon asked what that was about. Richard told Jon and Jon was laughing at how ridiculous it sounded.

    Gary asked how many Halloween movies there are. Richard said there are like 12. Gary asked why he likes those two. Richard said they're just the ones he loves the best. Richard said he only has time for a certain number on Halloween.

    Jon took a call from a guy who said he knows Howard isn't into sports but are their wives into the same teams. Jon said they're all married so they can answer. He said Beth is into sports. Gary said she grew up on it so she tends to watch. Gary said Mary isn't really a sport fan. He said she just got a bunch of Jets shirts she can wear though. Gary said she looks at it like Howard does.

    Jon asked Richard how his wife is. Richard said she's into the Eagles big time. He said that she listens every weekend to her phone to hear the games. Richard said she's a die hard fan. He said those games are a blast to go to. Jon said his wife is a Michigan fan. He said she got a new Steelers shirt the other day and she knows what a big fan he is.

    Gary said his wife asks if he's going to watch football all day and he says yes. He said there are games that go on all day long. Gary said last week there was one on at 9 in the morning and he could have watched it all day long. His wife wasn't too thrilled with that.

    Jon said he went out to dinner to a place that had a TV to watch the game on last weekend. Richard sent Jon a picture last weekend of Stryper saying he was watching the Steelers. They were wearing old style uniforms that made them look like Stryper. They went to break a short time later.


  • Wrap Up Show - Amy Poehler. 10/30/14. 10:25am
    After the break Jon said he wanted to talk about Amy Poehler. He said he knew she was a fan of the show but he wondered if she'd ever come on the show. He said Gary told him that she was afraid that she wouldn't be a good guest. Gary said that she's insanely funny and she has a leg up on everyone because she knows the show. He said she knows it so well that she might outthink herself. He said she was talking about how she was rehearsing the interview in her head.

    Jon said Amy has a book out and that can make things easier. He said that he liked when she realized her dad was listening to the show while she was on. Richard said his wife's mother listens to the show too. He said he doesn't want to say anything too crazy. He said it does matter when you know a family member is listening.

    Gary said he had that issue when he'd date someone or something. He said there are people who love to deliver the bad news to people about what was said on the show. He said the only people who listen are his wife and his son Lucas is secretly listening. He said his brother in law listens too. He said Lucas will say something that happened on the show and he'll ask how he heard it. He said he'll say a friend told him. Gary said he knows he's listening.

    Richard said that when they moved to Sirius he told his parents he was getting them a radio and subscription as long as they never questioned what he did on the air. He said that they accepted the deal. Richard said they have a good sense of humor about it. Richard said it was weird thinking about how they were going to be listening to him licking Sal's testicles.

    Jon asked if he talks to his parents about that stuff at all. Richard said they know he's a responsible person so it doesn't worry them. Gary said when Richard started dating his wife she must have known he was that wacky guy. Richard said she was a fan and she liked what he did on the air so she was cool with it.

    Jon said it must be weird to go on the first date and have her asking what Sal's balls taste like. Richard said it was.

    Jon said people will always hear the news through people who didn't even hear the show directly. Gary said the person reporting it always makes it sound the worst. Jon said he was thinking of JD and how that's playing out on the air for him and his girlfriend. He said that they're hearing it unfold live. Gary said his girlfriend sounds fairly mentally healthy. He said she hasn't gone off the deep end yet. He said he has seen that happen before.

    Jon asked if JD is handling this stuff the right way so far. Gary said he thinks he is and he's playing both sides of the fence.

    Gary said he dated a girl once and she didn't come up to the studio. He said Howard and Fred found out about it and they morphed it into her being so ugly that he didn't want to bring her up. Gary said the woman called him so upset about that. He said it wasn't about that but it sings when it comes out on the air like that. Gary said she was really hot too so that was the fucked up thing. Gary said he didn't bring her up because of that. He said she was too hot to bring up.

    Jon took a call from a guy who said he thinks Amy's interview was one of the greats. He said she was really genuine and she opened up about her sexuality and all of that. He said that gave her a bit of an edge. He also thought she was really attractive. He said they seem to frumpy her up on Parks and Recreation. Jon said he thinks they do. Richard said Jon frumps himself up for this show. Jon said he does.

    Gary said when someone sits on the couch with Howard then you get to know someone in a new way. He said that's what happened with Lady Gaga. He said they found out how interesting and talented she was. He said not everyone can do that and some people know they can't be interesting.

    Jon played a clip of Amy Poehler talking to Howard about leaving JD and his girlfriend alone. Jon said they're going to take a break and get into that. They went to break after that.


  • Wrap Up Show - JD And His Girlfriend. 10/30/14. 10:40am
    After the break Jon said JD was joining them. He said JD must be busy back there. JD said he's busy with a bunch of nonsense. He said he's doing work stuff. Gary said that's not nonsense to them. JD said it's not being the president or something. Jon told him not to belittle what he does. JD said they love to slice up everything he says. Gary said JD could have just said hello. JD said he was just trying to be entertaining.

    Jon asked if what Amy Poehler said about leaving him and his girlfriend alone meant something to him. JD said he knows nothing will change. He said that life is so weird. He said when he moved to New York City he went to see Upright Citizen's Brigade. He said he went to see this show and this was over 10 years ago. He said Amy was in the show back then. He said it's weird that she now knows him and his life. He said it's very strange. He said it was very nice to have her support. JD said he knows nothing will change though. He said it could get even worse.

    Jon asked JD if it's weird to JD that he's famous and he knows who Amy is and Amy knows him. JD said he's not on the same level as her. Jon said that he is sort of in a comparable level. JD said that he's not on TMZ or Access Hollywood or anything. He said that's not what he needs though. Gary said that JD and this show are as important to people's lives as Saturday Night Live might be to JD.

    Jon said Amy brought it up herself so clearly JD is on her mind. JD said it's nice to be on Amy Poehler's mind. He said he's glad to have her support.

    Gary said he and Jon love Parks and Recreation. He said he met her once briefly and when you like someone so much that you don't want them to disappoint you and she didn't. He said he was going to take her around for the full tour when she was there but she had to leave. He wondered if JD would make the full turn to say hello to her. JD said he would have. Gary said sometimes he only opens his door halfway to give a hello. JD said he might be in the middle of something. He said he tries to be nice to people but he doesn't know what to do. He said he's not good with that sort of thing.

    Jon said he was sort of bummed about something. He said he loves Amy and he likes to do the IDs with people. He said Gary came in and did the IDs with her and sort of rushed her out. Jon said he was so bummed that he didn't get to do that. Gary said he really had to breeze her through it. Jon said he's looking forward to having her back.

    Jon said Howard asked Amy if she didn't like someone on the show and she brought up Sal. Jon said she had some issue with what Sal does. Gary said you can blame it on her being uptight but she's really not based on that book she wrote. He said that she's just not into that Sal weirdness. Gary said Sal doesn't understand just how weird some of that stuff is.

    Jon said Sal had a unique take on the situation. JD said Sal talked to the news about this and he thinks that Amy is into him. Gary said he thought that with her no means yes. JD said that's what it's like. Gary said she was creeped out by him a little bit. Jon said they'll get to that more tomorrow.

    Jon said Brett Larson is there so he asked him to give his Howard 100 News headlines. Brett ran down a few stories and mentioned a list of the top 5 FOX News anchors that JD came up with. They talked to JD about that for a minute.

    Jon got in a plug for today's Sternthology and Leiberman Live and then wrapped up the show. They were done around 10:50am.

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