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-- Tuesday, July 7, 2015 --

  • The History Of Howard Stern - Day 2. 07/07/15. 7:00am
    Howard is off for two weeks so they're playing The History of Howard Stern. This is an edited down version of the four part, 7 weeks worth of winter vacation specials that ran from 2007 to 2010. Act IV ended with the 9/11 shows in 2001. This special will end with Howard leaving K-Rock in 2005 so they have added a little bit of ''new'' material that will air on the final day of this special. Everything is available on SiriusXM On Demand.

    I won't be listening to this whole special trying to figure out what they left in and what they edited out. What I'll have posted here each day will be wherever they start that day's edited down version of this special. I'll link to my archives of the 4 acts if you're interested in seeing what they covered originally. Here are links to the original four parts of The History of Howard Stern:

    Today's The History of Howard Stern compressed Act I days 3, 4 and 5 into one show. It started with what's below and ended with Howard getting fired from WNBC. Day 3 is below. The other days are in my archives.

  • The History Of Howard Stern Day 3 - Howard Meets Robin In Washington DC. 12/19/07. 6:00am
    Today's History of Howard Stern started off with some clips from DC-101 where Howard went after working in Detroit for about a year. We then heard from program director Denise Oliver who ended up putting Robin and Howard together at DC-101. She talked about how she saw Robin at a broadcasting school doing some public speaking and she was very good. She remembered her name after hearing her.

    We heard from Robin about how she thought she wanted to be a nurse for a living. She did that for six years and then stumbled around for a few years and fell into this radio thing by accident. She said she looked in the yellow pages and tried to figure out what she could do. She went to a few different schools and ended up going got the broadcasting school and knew that's where she should be. She said that she knew that she had to do the news because the regular DJ job wouldn't allow her to talk enough.

    Robin said that she was told that she could go places in the industry before she even finished school. She went to Carlisle, Pennsylvania for a job and did some work there for a short time. She said she was only at the station for one day. The guy who hired her ended up leaving the station the day she started and he asked her to go there with him. She did that and moved to Harrisburg, PA. She said she was having fun doing radio and every day was different for her. She worked there for 6 months and then figured she got all she could out of that place and called some people in Baltimore. She got a call from someone in Baltimore and got hired to do an afternoon show with some other people.

    Robin said she didn't stay in Baltimore very long because Denise Oliver heard her. Denise said she heard Robin and knew who she was so she called Robin and told her she wanted her to send her tapes and courted her to work at the station in Washington. Robin said that she had to coerce her into working in Washington because she didn't think she was ready. She said she knew she had to move there after Denise played her a tape of this new morning man, Howard Stern.

    Robin said that Denise popped this tape into the tape machine and she heard Howard interviewing a prostitute as if she was a molecular scientist. She said that he was asking her all of these questions like she was a normal person and no one had ever done that. She said she had to meet Howard after that and took the job just so she could do that.

    Howard said that when he was on in Detroit he knew that he wanted a good partner that could mix it up with him. Denise Oliver told him that she had played this tape of him for Robin and he had some tape of Robin to play for him.

    Denise said that when she introduced Howard and Robin, she was the only other person there. She said that she talked to Robin about being in the military and why she did that. Robin said that she didn't think that things could be that bad in there. Denise said that Howard and Robin hit it off right from the start and she knew that they'd make a great team. That led to a reading of some of Howard's book ''Private Parts'' by Crackhead Bob. It was unintelligible.

    After that we heard a clip from DC-101 where Howard was talking to a guy on the phone about his ideas for picking up women. Howard introduced him to Robin and had him try and pick her up. He said something about her breasts so Howard had to cut him off.

    Robin said that Howard would never say what she looked like when people would ask about her on the air. He used to let them believe that she was tall and blonde. Denise said that she thought that Robin was going to kill Howard when he held a contest to let people guess what size her breasts were. Robin just laughed it off though and things went just fine.

    Howard said that Robin fills out the show and people underestimate what she brings to the show. He said that his father was always a fan of hers and he told him that she fills in the show like that. She has a good voice and she's got a lot of information.

    Ben and Ray Stern had some things to say about Robin too. Ray said that they hit it off right away and she's amazed that they're still together after all this time. Ben said that Robin really was more important as a sidekick than as a news person and Howard had to convince management about that.

    Howard said that Robin was always laughing on the show but she was just having fun and not putting on a phony laugh. She would know the right stories to get him going and they never really worked things out off the air. He said that they've had very few off air discussions about radio over the years. She said they never really planned anything. She knew what to do and he relied on that.

    Robin said that she figured that being on Howard's show was a great way to get her name out there in a big market. Denise said that she's glad that she was able to bring those two together back then. She thinks that it would be a different show without her. She said she always liked Howard and Robin as people too.

    We heard another clip of Howard and Robin talking back at DC-101. Howard ended up asking Robin about what she did over the weekend and she let him know it was none of his business. He guessed that she was in a leather mask or something. She laughed the whole time.

    Jim Forbes said that Howard and Robin weren't in the same studio together for very long. Management separated them because Howard was spending too much time talking to her. That led to them playing a clip from ''Private Parts'' the movie where they separated them and told her not to let Howard intimidate her.

    Denise said that there was an FCC regulation that said they had to do the news so she'd have to go in and talk to them about that. She said that she had to encourage them to do some news on the show. Robin said that Howard's interactions were welcome but she had a tough time doing her reports with him interrupting so much. She was never prepared to answer all of the questions that he had for her. She said it was good because she got more air time though.

    Howard said that he knew that he was going to be number 1 in Washington with Robin working with him. He said he never thought he was going to be super successful, he just wanted to make a living in radio.

    We heard another clip from DC-101 where Howard was making a phone call to a elementary school and claimed to have Prince Charles on the show. He told the guy who answered the phone that Prince Charles liked young girls and he was looking for a date. The guy on the phone knew it was a joke but Howard kept it going and had a guy doing a Prince Charles impression, very poorly.

    Howard pointed out that Prince Charles was 32 and he was dating a 19 year old. The guy who answered the phone was a custodian at the school and said that he's actually an engineer there. Howard thought that was kind of funny and goofed on him about that. Howard asked if he could set up a date with one of the 11 year olds at the school. The guy told them to try high school instead.

    Howard's Lesbian Dial-A-Date took place in May of 1981 and caused a stir in Washington DC. Denise Oliver talked about how they were planning this dating thing and they were going to do a gay man dating thing but she thought that might not fly with management. Howard changed it to lesbian and she thought that might work. Robin said that she thought that it was pretty innovative at the time.

    We heard a clip from that show where Howard did his first Lesbian Dial-A-Date. He spoke to the woman who was playing the game who hadn't come out to her parents yet. She talked about the way she picks up women and finds other lesbians. Howard went through the stereotypes that she has to put up with and then moved into the game. He said they had a few women from around her age who wanted to play. Howard said that he was going to be chaperoning the date and nothing crazy was going to go on.

    Howard went to the phones and picked a few women to play the game. He went through each woman he had on the line and asked them a couple of questions about their lesbian experiences. He was calling the contestant Ms. X during the segment. He asked her what kind of women she likes. She said she's into women who are into sports. She had no preference on hair color. Howard asked the women on the line what they looked like and went through all of that with them.

    Howard picked out the women to play the game and went through details of each of the women's lives. He wondered if they buy magazines like Penthouse and Playboy like he does. The women said they didn't which surprised Howard. Ms. X said that it's a different thing for them than it is for men. One of the contestants was 5'9'' tall so Howard was into her. He told her that if she ever goes straight, she should give him a call. After going through all three women Ms. X went with number 1. She said she went with her because she agreed with a lot of her concepts and the way things had gone for her in her life. Howard let the other women know that they had lost.

    Howard told the girls that they were going to go to a basketball game or something together and he would be there to chaperone them.

    After that we heard from Andrew Dice Clay about one of his favorite moments from the show. He said he thought that they were going to come to blows one time on the show when they were fighting. He said that Gary came in at one point and said that people were pulling to the side of the freeway to listen to the show. He said that a show has to be great for people to do stuff like that. Dice said that he really wanted to kill Howard at the time because he said that the mother of his kids wasn't a good mother.


  • More DC-101 - Petey Greene And Racial Humor. 12/19/07. 7:00am
    After the break we heard Howard and Robin at DC-101. Howard was talking about how he didn't get to see his mother on Mother's day so he wanted to have people call in and give him their mother's phone number so he could call them and give them a Mother's day wish. He got Robin's mother's phone number and called her first. He didn't know what he could give as gifts so he figured maybe a Styx album.

    We heard from Robin about how Howard used to call her mother on the show when they were in Washington DC and they stopped doing that when they moved away to New York. Robin said that she stopped talking to her mother fore about 10 years so that was another reason they stopped calling her.

    They got back into the DC-101 clip where Howard called Robin's mother and got a guy on the phone. It turned out it was her father but Howard just wanted to talk to her mother. He went on to tell her that her daughter is very nice but she's always trying to hug and kiss him. Robin's mother said she thought she taught her better than that.

    Howard took some phone calls and asked the people if they wanted to ask some questions. One guy asked how she raised Robin to be such a prim and proper girl. Mrs. Quivers didn't know. Howard wished Mrs. Quivers a happy mother's day and let her go. He said that his mother would never come on the air with him.

    We heard from Ben and Ray again and Ray was saying that they started hearing stories from people about hearing their son on the radio and he was really making a name for himself. She said that he really took off down there in Washington DC.

    Jim Forbes said that one of the guys who picked up on what Howard was doing was this guy Petey Greene who had a public affairs show on Sunday morning. Howard talked about Petey and what he'd do on his show. He said he loved Petey's show and he was surprised that he was stuck to doing those Sunday morning shows. Robin said that he was very entertaining and Howard really did love him.

    We heard a clip of Howard and Robin talking about Petey Greene's show because Howard was going to be appearing on it. He joked that he was going to show up with a white sheet over his head but he said he was just kidding about that.

    Howard talked about how he actually showed up in black face and not in a white sheet. He said he now knows that he was nuts to do that and it wasn't even that funny. Robin said that she wasn't sure if Howard was going to get out of that place alive that day. She was in the audience and saw it all happening. The audience loved it and laughed when Petey called Howard a cracker.

    We heard a clip from that Petey Greene show where he introduced Howard and brought him out to do the interview. Howard was doing his impression of a black man when he did the show and it was such a bad impression that it was funny to Petey. Howard came out and did some weird stuff where he was yelling about the plight of the black man. The two of them went back and forth goofing around with each other. Howard stayed in that goofy character through some of the interview but then went into his own voice eventually.

    Howard talked to Petey about his radio show. He talked about the type of guests he gets. Petey told him that he would never put on white face and appear on a show like Howard did. Petey kept calling Howard a cracker throughout the interview. Howard said he'd like to see Petey on in prime time and not stuck in the mornings on a Sunday. Petey asked Howard why he doesn't give Robin's job to a white woman. Howard said that he was working on it.

    Howard wrote a song to perform on Petey Greene's show. They ran out of time though so they couldn't play guitar. Howard ended up having the audience clap for him instead and went into the song. He sang a song about the white man being a honky. The clapping fell apart in the middle of the song, just like the lyrics did.

    After that interview Jim Forbes was talking about how some people had a problem with Howard's racial humor, even if Petey Greene didn't. Robin was one of them. She said that she did have a problem with Howard in the beginning but she eventually got over it and realized that it was her own problem.

    We heard another clip from DC-101 where a caller asked when they were going to play the ''Metro Bus'' song parody. Howard ended up goofing on the guy because of the way he was speaking to him. He said he sounded like an old black guy with no teeth like Muddy Waters or BB King or something. The caller thought that Robin sounded white to him and wondered why that was. Howard went off on the guy for sounding racist.

    We heard from Howard about how he never knew that Robin was black before he met her and it wasn't a factor for him when she did start there. He said he didn't go out and hire a black woman just so he could justify the racial humor he was doing on the show. He said that wasn't even in his head. He said that a guy like Imus might think like that and hire a black woman so he can get away with that kind of stuff but that's not the way he thinks himself.

    Robin said that Howard was a great observer of human nature and he talked about every race. Denise Oliver said that people thought that Howard was anti-Semitic and against retarded people and that he was racist. She said that she could diffuse most of the complaints with simple explanations. She said that some people would call and they'd give specific times for when stuff was happening on the show. She said she knew that they were listening then and that's all that mattered to her.

    We heard another DC-101 clip where Howard was playing a song parody that he had created. He was doing his black guy impression singing the song.

  • Howard And The Think Tank At DC-101. 12/19/07. 7:40am
    Jim said that Tuesday's on Howard's show were meant for the group of guys called The Think Tank. Howard said that they were just guys who would sit in on the show a couple of days a week. They weren't even radio guys. They were just a bunch of regular guys who sat in. Robin said that she only remembered one of the guy's names, Steve. Some of the other guys from the Think Tank talked about how they didn't know what was going on with the show or if they were even on the air.

    Denise Oliver said that they had an attorney in the Think Tank and he was a lawyer who helped George Carlin out with his case against the FCC and the 7 dirty words. Some of the guys from the Think Tank talked about what they did back then and then they went into a clip where Howard was taking phone calls and talking to those guys. It sounded like a morning zoo show. Howard was doing a creepy voice and someone was banging a drum and cymbal and laughing for no apparent reason.

    In the clip Howard was asking some trivia questions and had people calling in to win a prize. A bunch of people called in and had the wrong answers.

    One of the Think Tank guys said that the bit worked in two ways. They'd give the listener a prize if they got it right and if they didn't, they'd goof on the listeners. He talked about one of the answers that he had himself and how he gave himself some credibility at the time.

    Robin said that they wanted to have those guys in the studio more often but they ended up getting into some trouble with the local PTA groups in Washington when they'd do their ''rank outs.'' That led into some more audio from DC-101 where Howard and The Think Tank would do their ''rank outs'' with the listeners.

    In the clip we heard Howard preparing everyone to do the rank out segment and saying he was going to give away a Billy Squire album if the caller won. They then started in on the rank outs.

    They interrupted the rank out contest with more of the Think Tank guy talking about how things worked at the time. They'd prepare with more and more rank outs during the time they had to play music. They faded back into the rank out segment that they had just interrupted. Howard and the caller were going back and forth with their rank outs.

  • Fred Joins Howard And Robin At DC-101. 12/19/07. 7:55am
    Up next we heard from Denise Oliver about how Fred ended up coming to Washington to work with Howard again. She said that they had a guy there they called Earth Dog Brent who worked for Howard. Robin said that she remembers Brent and that she used to drive him to work. She said that she had to go past him anyway and she remembered that her car would start to smell bad when he got in the car. She assumed that it was him that smelled and she'd actually drive by him and not pick him up. She said that Howard noticed the smell too and they didn't know what to do. Neither one of them could confront the two of them though. They had to have someone else do it.

    Fred said that he was fed up with things in Hartford because he couldn't get a raise. He said that a guy came in and replaced Howard and he was a decent guy. He said he asked him to go up to Springfield with him and they wanted to pay him better than they did at WCCC. He said he was thinking that they would want him to stay there when he told them he was leaving but they didn't do that. He said he went to Springfield and stayed there about a month before he got the call from Howard. He said he didn't know what he was walking into at the time and wasn't sure if he should make the move. He eventually thought that it was a chance to be creative and not doing the stiff stuff everyone else was doing. He made the move to Washington DC and was blown away by what they were doing. He's been with Howard ever since then. It was 1981 when he went down there.

    We heard a clip of Howard talking to Robin about Fred joining the show after Earth Dog Brent left the show. They were calling Fred ''Earth Dog Fred'' at the time.

    We heard Fred talking about the article that came out about him joining the show and how the guy who wrote it was a huge fan of Howard's. He said that the writer really got the show and gave them a great write up. Fred said it was great to do an interview with the guy because he got the quotes right and he wrote a great article. He said it was a very nice article and it was the first time he had smoke blown up his ass.

    We heard from Harry Cole from the Think Tank team who was talking about how great Fred was at doing his impressions and stuff like that. He worked incredibly well with Howard and Robin and used to do the stuff that this guy Brent used to do.

    Robin said that Fred was amazing on the air but he was very quiet off the air so it was hard to get to know him as a person. She said that Fred would nail the voices and he came up with material quickly so it was wonderful to see him work.

    Fred said that when he walked into Howard's show down there, it was like going from playing softball in a small town and then walking into Yankee Stadium and playing with the Yankees. He said that it was like ''Holy shit!'' because it was a totally different ball game there. He said that he saw the show explode around that time and it was the most exciting time of his life. He said that he still can't believe how big Howard has become and how quickly it was happening back then. Fred said that he was blown away by the way people were treating them and how they were like the three musketeers at the time. He said the station loved him when he started there but by the time they left they hated him. They were upset that he was leaving them though, not because he was doing anything wrong.

    Robin said that they were on the air when Princess Diana married Prince Charles. She said that everyone was watching the wedding on TV so Howard wasn't sure why they were doing a radio show. They decided to pretend to be there at the wedding and covered it from their studio. She said it was just her, Fred and Howard pretending to cover it. They played a quick clip of that show that lasted about 10 seconds.

    Fred said that the gay humor has always been a big part of the show and some people probably think that they were actually gay themselves. That led into an Out of the Closet Stern Show clip from DC-101. In the clip Howard was doing his Out of the Closet Stern voice with Fred doing his Mr. Blackswell voice. They were doing the Gay Hulk show that day. They went to break a short time later.


  • Howard And Robin's Weight Gain, God's Weather, And More. 12/19/07. 8:20am
    After the break we heard Jim Forbes talking about how nothing was sacred on the show. Robin learned that the hard way on the air. She said that Howard is very sweet and charming off the air and you get the feeling that he's a very close friend but then he'll get back on the air and talk about that stuff they were discussing off the air. She said that they were going out to lunch at Roy Rogers every day and they were starting to expand. She said that she realized she couldn't button her jeans anymore and told Howard that off the air. Then Howard went on the air and announced it to the whole audience. She said she was devastated.

    That led to a clip of the show where Howard brought up Robin's problem. He told the audience that she walked in that morning and lifted up her shirt and showed that she couldn't button her jeans. She told him not to do that to her. He continued on and said that she had shown him the unbuttoned pants and was wearing a sweatshirt to cover it up. Robin said that she showed him that as a friend in strictest confidence. That led to Howard talking about how much she would eat when they'd go out to Roy Rogers for lunch. Robin said she was going to go over and bust him in the lip for talking about that. Howard said she was eating two cheeseburgers, fries and a milk shake every day. That's too much for a woman to eat. Howard admitted that he was a cow at the time too. He had a belly hanging over his belt. Howard said that everyone around him has a belly now, Fred, Robin and his wife, who was pregnant at the time.

    Denise Oliver said that they were playing 5 songs an hour at the time and that was outrageous in 1981. She said that they were cutting edge with Howard's show at the time. She said that they were doing some very innovative things back then. She said that he was doing regular radio stuff too but they were still cutting edge.

    In another clip we heard Howard talking to God as he did often on his show back then. He'd summon him up and he'd have a tape of himself doing the voice of God and he'd talk to that. He was doing the weather with him at the time.

    Robin said that Howard would bring up God whenever he wanted to talk about something like birth control or abortion or something like that. Howard said he's not sure how that got started, he thinks it must have just popped into his head during a shower or something. He said that no one talked about God on the air at the time so he came up with the idea to do that. He said he did that for a couple of months but people would write about it for years after that.

    Denise talked about the weather report and how entertaining it was. She said it got a lot of reaction from the audience too. She said that Howard wanted to drop it but she convinced him to keep it going for a while. She said that she knows that you get bored with doing certain things and that's why he wanted to drop it.

    We heard another clip of a news report about Howard's show and talking about the many different things that they were doing on the show at the time. They talked about Howard, Fred and Robin and how they were up before most people were doing their radio show. They played clips of Howard doing his thing, taking phone calls and goofing on the listeners. They were also talking about some of Howard's enemies. They had him interviewing some people out on the street and having some women complaining about how crude his show was. They also had an interview with Robin who was talking about what a nice guy he really is. They covered the dial-a-date stuff that they did. Station management was also interviewed and talked about how successful Howard has made their station.

    Up next we heard Howard talking about how out of his mind he was in Washington DC. He said he was coming up in the elevator one day and this Spanish guy hops in with a machine gun in his hand and demands that he bring him up to the studio. He figured it was all over at that point. He got up to his floor and they took the gun away from him and figured out it was a toy gun. They were going to call the cops but Howard decided that he wanted the guy to be his sportscaster that day.

    Howard said that one day this woman came in and said she wanted to make love to him. He couldn't do it so he told Fred to go for it. They started to mess around and came close to having sex. That was the kind of wild stuff they were doing. Denise Oliver said that they had one of the first delay devices in the industry and that was so Howard could edit out curse words and stuff from his show. She said that he did have to use it once in a while.

    We heard another clip of Howard talking to a caller about a live show they were going to be doing and ended up hanging up on a caller because he seemed annoyed with the guy. He told Fred that he was going to have to wear a dress to the live show they were doing but Fred said he wasn't going to do it. He was doing a weird voice and demanding that he wasn't going to wear one. That led to a fake fight where Fred was supposed to be attacking Howard. Howard told him he'd talk to him about it later and told Fred to get out of there. Howard made it sound like Fred was attacking his leg and breathing down his neck.

    Fred said that stuff was funny and he couldn't believe that they did that stuff together. He said he thinks that he was just playing back then and Robin was playing her part really well. He said that the gravely voice he was doing back then was just something he was doing to sound more interesting than his regular voice. He said that over the course of time Howard was calling him Earth Dog Fred so he was trying to make his voice fit the name. He hopes that people didn't think he was trying to be a phony, he was just trying to make it more real.

  • Howard Goes To Number 1 In Washington DC. 12/19/07. 8:50am
    Robin said that when they were working in Washington DC Howard said that he wanted to go see the Rolling Stones in concert before they retired. They talked about it on the air and complained that no one was giving them tickets. She said that they finally got them so she went out shopping that day and overheard a couple in front of her talking about Howard and Robin talking this morning. She said that no one knew what she looked like and didn't know that she was right behind them. She realized then that the impact of the show was huge.

    Ray Stern said that she went out to lunch with Howard one day and he was surrounded by a bunch of women. She said that he was signing autographs and it was a big shock to her. She said that she was really taken aback at the time.

    Denise said that she was out talking about the station with someone else and someone overheard them talking and was amazed when she told them that she was Howard's boss. Fred said that once he came on board the show was already going really good. He just hopped on board and the show just happened to take off really big after that. He said that it was insane that they had so many fans showing up to events that they were going to back then.

    Howard said that he still doesn't think that he's ''made it'' and that's why he still feels like a beginner doing the stuff he does. He still feels that he has to prove himself when he does these shows and that's what keeps him going strong.

    Denise Oliver said that the first ratings book that they got after Howard and Robin started was really big news. She said she got a call from someone at Arbitron who congratulated her for the ratings before she even saw them. Howard and Robin had tripled the morning ratings for the station. Howard said they were getting an 8 share in the morning and they were only getting about a 1 before that. Howard said that 8 share was nothing to him, he figured that it should be a 100 share and he was motivated to keep the show going and making it even bigger.

    We heard another clip from DC-101 where Howard had just learned about his ratings and was talking to a listener about how he'd like to go to Baltimore next and take over there in morning drive. Howard was reading some stories about the ratings and said that they're going to be more disgusting than ever. He said that the guys there used to ask him to change his show but now that he's gotten ratings, they think he's funny doing things the way he is.

    We heard Howard talking about his 8 share that he managed to do in less than a year. He said that this guy who was his boss there, Goff Labar, would pull him into his office and ask him why he wasn't the subject of articles because he had plans for the station.

    That led into another clip from DC-101 where Howard and Robin were talking about their boss and how he doesn't understand comedy. He only understands ratings. He doesn't like Fred on the air for some reason. Howard wondered what his boss had to say about their big ratings and Fred now. He said that he's so glad that they hired so many geniuses there at that station.

    We heard Robin talking about Goff Labar and how he used to have this little bit of spit that would move around his mouth as he spoke and that's all she could concentrate on when she'd talk to him. She said that guy just never understood why no one was paying attention to him and he was disgusted by the whole thing.

    Denise Oliver said that they had hired this guy Goff from Cleveland and he came from a station where they were playing easy listening and it was a big change for him to come and be Howard Stern's boss. She said that she got along better with Howard and Robin than she did with Goff so she had to try and keep Howard under control around him.

    They went into another DC-101 clip where Howard was talking to Robin about their boss getting roasted the night before. He said that he should be the one roasting the guy but he wasn't invited to the thing. He said that he did have a guy who was there who wanted to talk about the roast. He called him up and put him on the air to discuss the roast. The guy told Howard that the roast was at the Washington Marriott and it was a black tie event. He told Howard some of the jokes that they were telling about Goff. Howard did a fake laugh for most of the jokes and hit a drum and cymbal after each punch line. Goff had some jokes about Howard that he told at the roast but the lines that the guy on the phone was telling him weren't funny at all.

    We heard from another guy that worked with Howard at DC-101 who was talking about Goff and his cigar smoking. Denise also said that Goff came to her one day and said that Howard wasn't funny that day. She told him that he can't be funny for 4 hours a day every day and not have a bad moment once in a while.

    We heard another DC-101 clip where Howard took a phone call from a woman who asked Howard how he got on the station. Howard said that it was miracle and his Detroit station had changed to country so he had to get out. He told the woman that he gets dirty looks from management there all the time. The woman said that he could probably get any price he wants if he threatens to leave. Howard said that he was going to leave then. The woman asked him not to leave. He got off the microphone for a short time and left Robin hanging and trying to get him back. Howard came back on and said that he tried to get more money but it didn't work. He said that asking for a raise there is like squeezing a brick for water.

    We heard another news report about Howard protesting that Leave it to Beaver had been taken off the air and Howard was protesting by having people out on the street asking for them to ''Bring back the beaver.'' That went into a Leave it to Beaver bit that they did around that time.

    One of the Think Tank guys talked about the Beaver bits they did and how they were doing them all tongue in cheek and doing some edgy stuff. They played another ''Beaver break'' after that. Fred said that those bits were fun back then. He said that it was like the way America would see the world through the eyes of David Lynch. They played another one of those Beaver Break bits after Fred's quick comments.

    We heard from Mary McCormack and how she's been asked for years if she ever saw Howard's penis when she worked with him. She said that she did catch a glimpse of it real quick one time but didn't see the whole thing. She said it wasn't a full view so she wasn't sure how big it actually was. They went to break after that. - As Seen on Howard Stern

  • The First Birthday Show Special At DC-101. 12/19/07. 9:30am
    After the break Jim said that on January 12, 1982 Robin started something that would be a show tradition for years, the Howard Stern Birthday show. That led to them playing some audio from that first birthday show. They had a bunch of people in the studio singing to him and making a big deal out of his birthday.

    After that we heard Howard talking about how big those shows were even if they were the biggest form of narcissism. He said that his mother never made a big deal out of his birthday after he turned 13. He said that she told him she didn't want to hear about it after that. He may have craved some big parties after that and that's what led to those big shows. Howard said that he was always embarrassed by those parties but they were very entertaining.

    We heard more of the first birthday show where Howard was listening to a clip of Joan Jett wishing him a happy birthday and calling him a pencil necked geek. He said it was very nice of her to do that. In another clip they had mayor Marion Barry call in. Howard spoke to the mayor about coming in for a visit but Marion said he was very busy that morning. Mayor Barry asked Howard how old he was. Howard was only 28 at the time. He thanked him for calling in a short time later.

    We heard from Robin again about how no one was giving Howard any respect down there at DC-101. She wondered how they were going to get him some respect so she came up with the birthday show so they could have people come in and give him some respect. She had Petey Greene call in one time. That led into the clip where Howard spoke to Petey on the phone.

    In the clip Howard told Petey that people listening to his show didn't know about him. Howard talked to Petey for a few minutes about his show. Petey didn't stay on too long before he said he had to get going.

    Robin said that the birthday shows had to get bigger and bigger over the years so they could out do the last one. Howard said that Robin always took those shows very seriously and that's why they were always so great.

  • The Air Florida Call That Never Actually Happened. 12/19/07. 9:40am
    Jim said that the next day there was a shocking tragedy in Washington DC. An Air Florida jet crashed into a bridge as it was taking off. It killed 78 people. Some of the guys who worked on the show said that they remember Howard calling the air line that day.

    Dave Grohl from the Foo Fighters remembered hearing Howard's show and he remembers that day. Dave said that it was a horrible tragedy but Howard called how much a one way ticket to the 14th street bridge was and it was so brutal that no one else would have had the balls to do that. He said that he didn't remember hearing Howard on the radio in Washington DC much after that so he thought he had been fired.

    David Brenner also remembered that day and how he was listening to the show that day, but he didn't know much about him yet. He said that he remembers hearing Howard calling the air line and asking how much a one way ticket to that bridge cost. He said that it was the darkest but funniest joke he'd ever heard. He said he told his driver to write that DJ's name down because he had to do that show if he was in town again.

    Jim Forbes said that the Air Florida call never actually happened. Howard came on and said that he did talk about that crash on the air and did say that maybe that was going to be a stop on that flight and made up a fake phone call that he could have made to them. There was no controversy, no one got upset with him either. Fred said that Howard was just commenting on the situation and how fucked up it was. They should have never let that flight take off in the conditions it took off in.

    One of the guys from the Think Tank talked about how Howard had been so thrilled that one of the rescuers there at the plane crash was a fan of his. He took that and ran with it. Robin said that Howard used to make fake calls on the air all the time and that's what happened that day and that's what the newspapers reported. That led to them playing the clip from the show where he made that fake call to Air Florida.

    In the clip Howard said he was going to call Air Florida that day and tell them that he's fine with them crashing their planes into the bridges there. Howard picked up a fake phone call and they had some mumbling going on in the background. He joked that it was going to be a non-stop flight to the bridge and it was an obvious joke and not a real call.

    Fred said that the broadcast news takes stories like that and they blow it out of proportion. He said they were commenting on the outrage instead of on what he actually did. Robin also said that there was a lot of fall out for that call. One of the guys from the Think Tank was talking about how it was rumored that Howard was fired over that call. They had made a bigger deal out of it than it actually was and the story changed over time. People were saying that Howard had actually booked a flight and tried to get on a plane to fly to the bridge.

  • Howard Fired From DC-101, More Bits And Clips. 12/19/07. 9:50am
    After that we heard a clip from another radio show that Howard did after he was fired from DC-101. Howard was on the show to talk about his firing. He was asked about the call he made to Air Florida. Howard said that it wasn't in good taste but no one was calling them to ridicule them about what they let happen. He said that he was trying to make fun of them, not about the people who died. The host of the show thought that was a little rough. Howard said that he's a satirist and that's what he does.

    Up next we heard a bit that Howard had done back then called ''Hill Street Jews.'' We heard some other people talking about the bit and how bit of a deal it was back then. It was something that would get people to tune in and keep listening to the show. Fred said that they were doing bits, song parodies and more back then and it was incredible.

    We heard another clip from the show where Howard was doing a bit called Born Again Stern. He was doing a preacher character and talking to another character that someone was putting on.

    Howard's friend Dr. Lou was up next and talked about hearing Howard for the first time on radio. He said he was laughing just hearing Howard on the air and thinking how he was actually on the air on a real station. He said that Howard telling him that he was going to be on the air seemed like a pipe dream at the time when they were in college. He doesn't think that Howard knew he was going to be the King of all Media some day.

    Howard talked about how there are so many hypocrites in this world and how they're the ones who come after him. He said that he had to get rid of all of that phoniness on radio that everyone else was doing at the time. He wanted to break down the walls and do something honest with his show.

    We heard another God weather forecast, this time it was from the movie ''Private Parts.'' It was the one where Howard talked about the miscarriage that his wife had.

    Robin said that miscarriage thing was very interesting because they knew that it had happened and they went public with it. She said that it wasn't so personal after that and Howard must have gone around and around in his head thinking about doing that on the air. She said that he turned it into a whole bit where he was talking to his little blood clot and how much it meant to him. She said that they just played along with him that day and let him go where he wanted. She said that he never warned anyone that he was going there.

    We heard from another guy who said that a reporter had picked up on that story and recorded it and called his wife about it and asked her what she thought. She really didn't need to hear that replayed for her though.

    We heard more of the interview Howard did with the guy after he was fired from DC-101. In that one Howard talked about the miscarriage thing and how he got some letters from people who thought that it made them feel good hearing him talk so honestly about it. He didn't get why people found it so offensive for him to talk about that kind of thing on the air.

    Robin talked about how people used to pretend to be something other than what they were when they were on the radio. Howard was just being himself when he'd go on. That's what he was trying to change in radio. Ray Stern said that Howard was trying to make the car ride for people easier every morning. She said that he was trying to help them out with their day. She said that if people don't get it then it's not for them and they don't have to listen. She said that if people want to hate him then they can. They don't have to listen if they don't want to. Ben Stern said that he thought that many of the things Howard was doing on the air were for entertainment purposes and that's it. He said that was the bottom line.

    Howard said that he was approached to be a news guy on a station but he was doing something different where he was the host giving his opinion instead of getting the audience's opinion like the news programs were doing.

    In another DC-101 clip we heard Howard talking about doing the Charlie Rose show and meeting Arnold Schwarzenegger in the bathroom there. He said that he and Fred were in the bathroom while Arnold was making a number 2 in the bathroom. He said that he and Fred ran in and yelled out his name. Arnold thanked them for telling him how great the Conan movie was. He said that it smelled really bad in there while he was going. Howard said he told Arnold who he was and then ran out. He said they spent about 5 minutes in there with him.

    Howard's character Fartman was born at DC-101. Howard said that he was doing it around the same time that they had a fart man in National Lampoon and he figured that maybe he wasn't so original back then. He didn't remember the first time he did that bit but they did have tape of it.

    They played a clip of Howard doing his Fartman character one morning and talking to Burpman on the phone. He and Burpman went back and forth with their farts and burps battling it out to the death. They went into another segment where Howard was talking about his Fartman costume and brought in a woman who was designing the outfit for him. He said that he wants to go out in public in the outfit because it'll freak out anyone over the age of 45.

    We heard more from one of the Think Tank guys who said that Howard had a deal to work at the station for 2 years and then they were going to renegotiate with him. The contract was up in the middle of 1982 and they came back with an offer that was too low. He was very popular at the time and the deal was just chump change according to this guy.

  • Howard Leaves DC, Makes A Deal With WNBC. 12/19/07. 10:35am
    After the break Jim Forbes talked about Howard being number 1 at DC-101 but he was about to sign a deal to work at a station in New York City. Ray Stern said that it didn't take long for Howard to get that offer there in New York. She said that she told him to get himself there as soon as he could because it was the Big Apple after all.

    Howard talked about how when he'd go home to visit his parents he'd hear about Imus or Scott Shannon's morning shows and he knew he could do better. He said that he was asked to go to a meeting with Jerry Nachman in New York City so he could bring the show to New York and turn it into an all talk format. Howard said that he asked to be put on WNBC but he was told he couldn't be on in the morning because that's when Imus was on. A couple of weeks later he went to a meeting with some people from WNBC who wanted to hire him. The picked up his show and even brought in Fred and Robin. Howard said he wanted to go to WPLJ but they wanted him to play music during the show, at night. He said he couldn't do that and took the job at WNBC.

    Fred said that they were having some team to come down and tape them to get an idea of what the show was all about. They had this guy Douglas Kiker show up and do a story about them that was trying to bury them. The guy went off on him and said that NBC was hiring the devil. Robin said that they were sold a bill of goods saying that they were fans of the show and it turned out it was just the opposite. She said that they aired this report and Kiker really went off on them complaining about how NBC had hired them to be on the same network with him.

    They played that report that Douglas Kiker did about Howard where he talked about how filthy Howard's show was and how his 7 year old son came down for breakfast and saying the same things that Howard had said in one of the clips they played. Kiker said that they had some concerned parents who wanted to talk about this show and played some of those interviews where people were complaining about the show and saying that it had no business being on the air.

    After that story broke loose a bunch of the people who hired Howard were fired for hiring him. The shockwaves hit the whole company, including his future program director Kevin Metheney, AKA Pig Virus. Kevin talked about what had gone on back then after they hired Howard. He said they thought they knew what they were getting into until they saw that Douglas Kiker interview. He said that it caused a lot of problems within the company.

    We heard more from Think Tank member Steve Chiconis who said that Howard always knew how to entertain on other shows like Charlie Rose, Petey Greene and others. That led to some clips of Howard talking about how he was leaving Washington DC to move to New York. In the clip he was talking about how he was insecure about his future there because he wasn't able to get a new contract going with DC-101. He said that the city had been great to him and he hoped that they'd return within a short time via syndication. Howard said that he was doing it for the cash but he couldn't say how much it was.

    Howard said that Fred and Robin were supposed to be hired to work with him over there at NBC but he took it as a handshake deal. He said he was very naive back then and he didn't know that they were going to screw him over. He said that they refused to hire Robin after the whole Douglas Kiker thing happened. Robin said that she didn't know what to do then because she didn't want to stay at DC-101. She didn't want to work with someone else and have to pretend to work with someone she didn't like.

    Robin moved back to Baltimore after leaving DC-101 before Howard left. That happened just a couple of months before Howard was supposed to move to New York. Robin said that she wasn't even speaking to Howard for a couple of months because of what was going on. She said that she would talk to him on the air but not off the air.

    Howard said he knew that Robin thought that he had abandoned her. He said that she was offered a job working with the Greaseman and he still credits her with turning down that offer. They offered a huge amount of money to work with him but she still turned it down. She went back to being a regular news reporter at some shithole station in Baltimore. Howard said he told Robin that he was going to get to New York and hire her somehow. He begged her to listen to him and understand that he really wanted her to work with him.

    We heard a clip of Robin's last day on the air at DC-101 where she said she was going on vacation and not returning. Howard took some phone calls from the listeners and asked for their response to that. Howard told Robin that she was a great talent and she would be missed.

    Fred said that he thinks that Robin quit and left but everyone was upset. He said that DC-101 told him that they were willing to send him out to some lame station out in Alaska to work for them. He didn't want to do that and told them to go fuck themselves, in his head. He said he was very nice about it and didn't actually say that. He said that they were actually breaking up the team at the time. They wanted to keep Robin there at DC-101 but she didn't want to do that. He said there may have been some things that were said between Howard and Robin but he wasn't privy to them.

    Howard said that Robin wrote him a nasty letter at one point. Robin didn't remember it though. She said that she wasn't a very stable person at the time and no one knew it because she was such a good actress. She said that she had trust issues and when that NBC thing didn't work out, she couldn't believe Howard and what he told her. She said that it just didn't make sense to her and she figured that everyone was just lying to her. Howard said it just showed how much Robin loved him and how much she really wanted to work with him.

    In another DC-101 clip we heard Howard taking calls about Robin's disappearance. He said that she got kind of angry with him and she went to Baltimore.

    Jim said that Howard had a show to do with or without Robin. After Robin left Fred read the news. He did it as Arnold Schwarzenegger one day and they played a clip of that. Howard and Fred tried to have fun with the news that day. Nine days later Howard's contract with DC-101 was terminated.

    Howard said that it was big news that he was leaving the station and there were newspaper articles about him being fired over the Air Florida 14th Street Bridge thing. He said the firing was actually due to his signing with NBC. He said they were mad at him for leaving them with such high ratings. He said he wasn't fired for anything he did on the air.

    Fred said that he didn't know where he was going after that. He talked about the way things were starting to go toward the end there and it was getting ugly. They started using things against him that he had been doing all along. He said it was the stupidest thing he'd ever seen in his life.

    We heard more of Howard's interview with this guy Joel about his firing. He flipped out and screamed about the way they blew him out of there. He was putting that on for this guy though. Joel asked Howard what he did to get himself fired. Howard said he wasn't even clear on that and he'd have to talk to his lawyer to find out exactly what the reason was. He said that he was told that he was making fun of other DJs in other cities and towns but he had done that before.

    Jim said that Howard's album ''50 Ways to Rank Your Mother'' was kind of a way to say goodbye to the audience there. Fred said that the song turned out to be a pretty big deal for the show but it had already been written before he started there. They played a couple of clips from that as Fred was talking about it. Fred said that they were going to put out some stuff that they had done on the show but DC-101 didn't want to release it because it was coming down to the end of their time there. That meant that they had to go out and write more stuff for the album. They wanted to make it a goodbye present for the fans but then they found out that they had to recreate that stuff and write new stuff. He said that it didn't turn out as well as the original stuff. He apologized for that and said that he's sorry to anyone who wasn't happy with it. He said they were trying to recreate something great that just didn't turn out quite right. They played an ''Unclean Beaver'' bit that was on the album.

    Jim said that the album was promoted on TV commercials that ran on late nights on TV. Fred said he knows there were some commercials but he didn't remember what they were like. He said he'd love to see them though, they're probably funny as shit. They played one of the commercials after that.

    The album never got played on DC-101 because they got fired before they could do that. Steve from the Think Tank was talking about how many people showed up to this record signing that they did back then. He said it was really eye opening when they saw just how many people showed up to that event.

    We heard a clip of Howard talking to Sandra Bullock about being at his last appearance in Washington DC. This was a newer show clip where Howard and Fred talked about the old days and that last event they did down there. He said that his wife was already up in New York so he and Fred were there alone. He said that two hot chicks showed up and offered them a ride home. Sandra was only like 13 or 14 years old at the time. Howard said that he remembers doing that show and told Sandra that she should have come up to him at the time. She said she was only a kid. Howard said that he was only like 18 or so. Sandra said that her neighbor was the big fan of the show and he was the one who invited her down there.

    Howard said that he and Fred were paid some cash by that club to do the appearance. He got back to the story about the hot chicks that picked them up. One of the girls was Siobhan, but not the transsexual Siobhan. He said that she was one of the hottest chicks he'd ever seen. He talked about getting drunk with Fred and the chicks asking to come in with them. He said that one of the girls was wearing one of those metal snakes around her arm. Artie said that any chick who wears one of those is willing to fuck. Howard said he had to get out of there and he's not sure why Fred didn't stick around to bang them. Fred said that he thought too much and didn't think it was right for him to stick around.

    Howard made one last appearance on Washington DC radio before he left. He was on a station across town from DC-101. Fred said that they wanted to do something really big but they ended up doing something on this WAVA station instead. That led into a clip from that final show.

    In the clip a DJ introduced Howard and then he and the rest of the crew took over and did their final show. Howard was putting on some kind of announcer voice and had his Think Tank guys laughing, screaming and banging on a drum. Howard did his God weather forecast and recreated some of his bits that he was doing at DC-101.

    After that Jim wrapped up the show and said that they'll be talking about the NBC days tomorrow. They played a few preview clips and ended the show around 11:35am.

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-- The Wrap Up Show --

  • Wrap Up Show - A Few Minutes With Gary Dell'Abate. 07/07/15. 12:10pm
    Jon Hein started today's new Wrap Up Show talking about how Gary came into the picture in today's History. Jon asked Gary if he had any idea what he was getting into when he took the job. Gary said he didn't. He said Lee went to work for Soupy Sales and so did he. He said that Lee got it because he had been there longer. He said he wanted to work with Howard after he found out Lee got that job. Gary said he wanted a job and that was it. He said he knew Howard from around the station. He said Imus was on in the morning and people there knew that Howard was the man. He said that other than that he hadn't heard the show. He said he heard it once before. He said he heard a dial a date show and he thought it was funny. He said that he chaperoned the date and he ended up dating the girl for a while.

    Jon asked Gary about how he got on the show originally. Gary said he was driving the N-car for a while and he was on the show for the first time. Gary said he had a really thick accent back then and he was very meek. He said he was surprised that Howard wanted to talk to him on the air.

    Jon asked Gary how Robin and Fred treated him. Gary said Robin was on the other side of the building. He said he didn't interact with her that much.

    Jon said today was the first naked girl in the studio too. Gary said that he was there for that and he helped out and ever since then he's had Howard's back.

    Jon said that this was also the firing from NBC. Gary said no one saw that coming. He said it really did come out of nowhere. He said the fighting with management just seemed to be like a normal thing that day. Gary said Robin was the first one to be fired. He said he handed her some things to sign and she flung them at a wall. He said Howard walked in a few minutes later and he was very calm. He said Howard's agent showed up and said it was the best thing that has happened to Howard. Gary said they had champagne that day too.

    Jon said today is a great day for the History of Howard Stern. He got in some plugs for today's Sternthology and wrapped up the show. They were done around 12:15pm.

-- Monday --

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