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-- Monday, June 26, 2017 --

  • Scott Impression, Phony Phone Call And More. 06/26/17. 7:00am
    Show opening bits and songs included: A phony phone call the guys made to a guy using clips of Ronnie the Limo Driver asking him to admit he's gay, a JD Harmeyer song parody by Daniel Mendelson, Robin Thicke performing ''Blurred Lines'' in the Howard Stern Show studio, a Scott the Engineer ''I Feel Like Shit'' song parody.

    Howard started the show talking about how he just finished his coffee so he's amped up. Robin asked if it comes too early. Howard said he can drink it but not finish it. He finished his large coffee this morning though. He said in 3 hours he'll pass out. He said that's what happens after the show.

    Howard played a clip of Scott the Engineer announcing who is on the show today. Scott announced they have Jimmy Iovine coming in. Howard said imagine that Jimmy started out as an engineer like Scott did. Howard said Jimmy came in on Easter Sunday and he got going because of that. Howard said Scott was never available on Sundays. Howard did his Scott impression talking about that. Jimmy started Beats and Scott started Rocket Entertainment.

    Howard said Jimmy is really something. He said he will talk about the artists he's worked with. He has stories about John Lennon, Bruce Springsteen and many others. Howard said he has a documentary coming out so he'll be talking about that. Robin asked how long Howard could take watching a documentary about Scott. Howard was still doing his Scott impression and making the ''Chh'' noise. Howard said that's called Engineering Lung.

    Howard said Scott started a company called Dead Beats. He has 2 speeds, slow and slower. Fred added that he has reverse too. Howard had Scott talking about how he has a song he'd like to record for Interscope. He played ''Don't Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go.'' Howard said he also discovered COPD. Howard played another song parody that Scott did about vape juice.

    Howard read more about Jimmy Iovine and who he produced. Howard said Scott produced misery. Howard said he also produces phlegm.

    Howard was still doing his Scott impression and goofing on him. He said that Eminem says ''I'vine'' for his name. Howard said he likes Iovine. Howard did more of his Scott impression and goofed on him about his shitty push ups and more.

    Howard said they'll talk to Jimmy later in the show. He said he has some cool stories to tell. He said he has a new phony phone call to play. Howard played the call where they had clips of Ronnie calling an internet show. They also had Ronnie's Mom making her debut in her first phony phone call. They had Ronnie asking about how he wants to bang his mom. Then they had Ronnie's mom get on the line to talk about how she wanted to bang her son. The host of the religious show was saying they should both be burned.

    Howard asked how that is. Robin gave it a ''Wow!'' They spent a short time talking about that call. Howard said he liked where Ronnie said he was going to cum on her eyeglass chain. Howard said they hung in there with him a long time. Robin said she can't believe that. She said they must be bored. Howard said most of these internet shows don't get a lot of calls so they keep them on the line a long time.

    Howard said Gary is excited that Jimmy Iovine is coming in today. He said he's all excited about hearing about the record business and all of that. Howard took a call from Sour Shoes who was doing his Gary impression and rambling on and on about statistics about the record business. Howard said whenever he says ''real quick'' he goes on and on and on. Sour Gary said ''Right, right...'' Sour kept going with the history of Jimmy Iovine and talked about the Beats headphones being a ''bit of a stumble'' and things like that. Sour was clearing his throat like Gary too. Howard said don't worry, he's not going to throw up from that. Sour started playing music and Howard let him go. Howard said Gary is so interested. He said he should go home and let him do the interview.

  • Remembering Dr. John Sarno. 06/26/17. 7:15am
    Howard said one of his heroes died over the weekend. He said Dr. John Sarno died at almost 94 years old. He said he knows he was on the decline for a while. Howard said he was a wonderful man. Howard said he suffered from back pain for many years and he read his books and it helped him out. Howard said he was told for years he needed surgery for his back and shoulder pain. He said he was close to being operated on. Howard said someone told him about Dr. Sarno and he saved his life. Howard said his pain was unbearable and because of Dr. Sarno he was cured. Howard said he'd go to see Dr. Sarno and he was like 5'3'' tall and he was always in a lab coat. Howard said he'd have him come into his office and he'd tell him how much pain he was in. He said he'd examine him and he'd ask him what's going on in his life. Howard said he'd have a conversation and Dr. Sarno would smile and that smile made him feel good.

    Howard said Dr. Sarno was so sad because he had come up with real answers for pain. He said that the rest of the medical industry called him a quack. Howard said a hundred years from now he'll be seen as the Steve Jobs of pain management. Howard said what he did was unbelievable and people didn't want to accept it. He said his pain was caused by not being able to get more doctors involved. He said his second and third books were updates on the first.

    Howard said Dr. Sarno should have been fucking Scarlett Johansson, not some guy from Saturday Night Live. Robin said they say we should treat them like rock stars but their productivity might go down. Howard said she might be right.

    Howard said he was an amazing man. He said his wife sent him a note and he was so sad that his hero is gone. Robin said she thought she was his hero. Howard said not lately.

    Howard said Dr. Sarno had retired and he knew he could call him whenever he wanted. He said he didn't abuse the privilege. Howard said he wish he could have spent more time with him. He said he was an amazing guy and an amazing thinker. Howard said if you suffer from back pain then read his book. Howard said there are other guys who are keyed into this and are practicing his methods. Howard said there are a bunch. He named a couple. Howard said he thinks that some day they might teach this stuff. Howard said he did have acolytes.

    Howard said he is in a documentary called ''All the Rage'' that they did about Dr. Sarno. Howard said he participated in that. He said the movie came out the day after Sarno died. Howard said it's playing in a couple of theaters.

  • Al Franken Discussions. 06/26/17. 7:25am
    Howard said the other guy that he's going to give a shout out to is Senator Al Franken. He said he thinks he's in love with Al. He said he was available to come on the show but they were on break. Howard said he thinks if he were gay he'd love to be with Al. He said he's sure he'd be good at giving a blow job.

    Howard said he just bought Al's book is so good. He said he's funny and he talks about his life and how he got on Saturday Night Live and how he became a senator. Howard said Al was told by his parents that they wanted him to be a scientist but he got to Harvard and became a comedy writer. Howard said he goes through his life and what led to him being in the senate. Howard said he's so passionate about being a senator and he wishes there were more people like this guy. Howard said his book is called ''Al Franken, Giant of the Senate.''

    Howard said Al was on a panel with Bill O'Reilly one time and he had just written a book. Howard said Al ripped into Bill on this panel and he was claiming he won 2 Peabody awards and he went off on him about that. Howard said it was the greatest clip ever. Howard said Robin has to see it. Robin said she has to do that.

    Howard said that one of his comedy influences was Soupy Sales. Howard said he'd recommend Al's book. He said he'd be gay with Al Franken if he was a gay man. Robin said that's the first time he's ever said he has a man crush. Howard said Dr. Sarno would be his type too. Robin said they're very deep thinkers. Howard said he's not shallow. He said he'd be blowing guys like that.

    Howard said he can't believe that he lost Dr. Sarno. Howard said he met his psychiatrist because of Sarno. He said he gave him the name of his guy. Howard said he sat and stared at the piece of paper with the name on it for like 5 years. He said he finally did it and it was the best advice he ever got. Howard said he still needs therapy bad.

    Howard said it's depressing. Robin said you can be a brilliant human being and you still wind up in the same place as everyone else. Howard said a lot of geniuses aren't recognized in their time. Howard said some day they'll know and he can say he knew the guy. Robin said we all end up in the same place.

    Howard said he has to test something out. He said it'll take a second. Howard tried something with his microphone. He it was over modulating the microphone. Howard said that's all he wanted to do. Howard tried it again. He was testing for proper modulation. Howard asked how that is. He said that's for a bit he's planning to do.

  • FOX News The Musical In The Works. 06/26/17. 7:35am
    Howard said he's only going to mention this one time. He said he's given serious thought to sitting down and writing FOX News the Musical. He said he's written an outline already. He said all bits aside he's really thinking of writing this thing. He said he hopes the public appreciates this. He said he's going to write the music and everything. He said that he doesn't need to collaborate with anyone on that. Howard said he thinks he can do it. He said he was thinking about it and when he was talking about it he heard from like 10 Broadway producers. He said they're all interested in it. He said it might be as profound as that ''Book of Mormon'' play or something like that. He said there will be things to learn. He said it might be the next ''Rent.'' Howard said he didn't think that was so good. Robin said they had some great songs. Robin said they had hits from that play. Howard said he fell asleep during that one.

    Howard started singing about FOX News and made up a song as he was going along. He did it to the tune of a song from Rent.

    Howard said he's really going to write this thing. He said he was talking to his agent about it. He said he told him to write an outline. Howard had one in 10 minutes. Howard said he has taken some poetic license though. He said he's going to have a chorus line of hot chicks in it. Howard said he might even put himself in it for a couple of weeks. He said he'll get all the biggest stars. He said he'll get that little blonde chick, Kristin Chenoweth, in it. Gary said she loves Howard. Howard said he'll get Patti Lupoon too. He said not Petty Lupone but Patti Lupoon. Howard said he's going to single handedly change Broadway. He said he needs about a year to get it all together.

  • Howard's Time With Fred's Wife And Gary's Wife. 06/26/17. 7:40am
    Howard said he's so glad the hot weather is finally there. He said he went for a nice walk in Central Park yesterday. He said he saw Fred's wife this weekend. He said they just met privately to get to know each other. Fred said he didn't know that. Howard said he was actually talking to her her and she asked why they can't move the show to California. Howard said he asked her if Fred knows this. Fred said he has to tell her that they're not moving to California. Fred said he has no plans to move anywhere at this point. He said he told her that he'll wave goodbye to her as she closes the trunk. He said he can't make that commitment.

    Howard said he was telling her that he's not moving and she just doesn't want to hear it. Fred said he has those conversations too. Howard said he wants to move to Florida but he can't do that. He said it's too hard.

    Fred said they've moved about 5 times in the last 7 years. He said that he thinks his wife just likes to move. Robin said she thought she wanted to live upstate. Fred said she just likes to move.

    Howard said he heard all about Fred's daughter and he's hearing all good things so far. Howard said Fred is a disciplinarian. Fred said he's really not. He said his mom was and he's not going to put his daughter through that. Howard said good for you.

    Howard asked if she has a boyfriend yet. Fred said not yet luckily. Fred said she never tells him about that stuff. He said she tells his wife about her crushes and things like that. Howard said he imagines a guy coming over and jumping in his car like on the Munsters.

    Howard said Fred is a good dude. He said he heard his daughter had a boyfriend but he went missing.

    Howard said he had a nice time with Fred's wife. Robin asked if he talked to Fred. Fred said they had a 30 second discussion. Howard said Fred goes out on dates with Steve Brandano and they go to concerts. He said Steve turns him on to new bands. Fred said he likes Jason Isbell. Howard said he has to spend more time on that.

    Howard said Gary talked his ear off the whole time at this thing. Fred said he was talking to Jim McClure and Gary walks in and starts his rap and he got hijacked. Howard said Gary is not a good listener. Fred said that's not even something Gary can do. Howard said he was talking to Gary's wife about her painting. Howard said Gary walked by and said ''It's a good painting...''

    Howard said that his wife is really nice. He said they have a dog at home, Riley, and the dog has a best friend that's a baby deer. Howard said Mary videos the whole thing. He said the deer comes over every day out of the woods and the dog and the deer play for like 3 and a half hours. Howard said it's the most beautiful thing ever. Howard said the deer isn't afraid so they play the whole time.

    Robin said there's a documentary right there. Howard said it's so beautiful to see. He said Mary is video taping most of it. Robin said she would love to see that. She said she has to go on Facebook to check it out. Howard said Mary is into inter species relationships. Howard said it's like her and Gary.

    Gary said there's another dog in the neighborhood and that dog is freaked out by the whole deer thing. He said that dog will come over and lay down and watch them play but it won't play with the deer. Robin said there are many stories like that where different species get along.

    Robin told a story about a horse and a goat that were very friendly and when the horse died the goat died a few days later.

    Howard said there's one video of Gary swinging in the trees over the deer and the dog. Howard said it was very nice to talk to Gary, Fred and their wives. Howard said he had to take a break after that.


  • Howard's Loads, Cosby Trial, Radio Hall Of Fame And More. 06/26/17. 7:55am
    After the break Howard came right back and said he did an experiment with his penis. He said he had sex in the morning and jerked off at night. Howard said he wasn't sure if he'd be able to but he was. Howard said he's still pretty virile. Howard said he wasn't into masturbation that much but he felt pretty fucking good about himself after that. Howard said he assumed by the time he hit that age he wouldn't be jerking off or having sex. Robin said Howard's great thing is that. Howard said it is. He said he had 2 loads in one day. He said it was a full load too.

    Robin said she's reading about how SpaceX has launched and landed a satellite and Howard is proud that he had 2 loads. Howard said they say that you do need to do that to avoid prostate cancer. Howard said he likes to save it up for his wife so he's all charged up. He said he and his wife still enjoy each other after 17 years together. Robin said maybe she's just into it because she's his wife. Howard said he thinks that maybe that's the case. He said after hearing his mother talk about it that's what he thinks.

    Howard said the Bill Cosby trial ended in a hung jury. Howard said he heard that one juror thought that because that woman showed up at Cosby's apartment in a crop top that she was a willing participant. Howard said imagine thinking like that. Howard said if you wear a crop top it means something to that guy. Howard said another juror was wondering why she waited so long to bring the suit. Robin said that a lot of times the jury thinks if a crime happened then you report it right away. Howard said he'd say that 100 percent of the people he knows who were sexually assaulted never reported it. Robin said she didn't tell anyone until she was 28 years old. Howard said that's when he opened Robin up like a can of sardines. Howard said she saved it for on air.

    Howard said speaking of on air Robin is now in the Radio Hall of Fame. Robin said she wasn't even going to mention it. Howard said they asked for her not be in it but they put her in anyway. Howard said he heard that the Radio Hall of Fame during the FCC years someone went to them asking them to defend Howard when the FCC was after him and they said ''No fucking way.'' Howard said he has to find out if that's true or not. Howard said it's kind of a bogus thing anyway. Robin said she's not crowing about it.

    Howard read about some of the people who were inducted and who Robin beat out. Howard said Ryan Seacrest didn't get in. He said Robin did. Howard said Hollywood Hamilton didn't get in but Bobby Bones did. Robin said Ryan was asking people to vote for him on his show with Kelly Ripa. Howard said those are his people who didn't vote him in. Howard said everyone wants to be in that hall of fame. Robin said she was shocked when she heard the news. She said they didn't do anything to get her inducted.

    Howard said getting back to Cosby... He said the jury system is fucked up. He said he announced that he's going to go on tour and hold town halls on sexual assault. Robin said she didn't know about that. Howard had some audio of his spokesperson talking about the town halls where they will talk to young people about sexual assault claims.

    Howard said that someone said it would be like Hitler holding a bar mitzvah. Howard said they have to go to one of these town halls. Howard said come on. He said it's like Michael Vick starting a pet grooming business.

    Howard said now they came out and said that Cosby will not be talking about sexual assault. Howard said if he were Cosby he'd just sit home and be thankful that they were a hung jury. Howard said he'd go into hiding.

  • Dennis Rodman Interview Clips. 06/26/17. 8:10am
    Howard said the other weird story was that Dennis Rodman went over to talk to Kim Jong Un. Howard said that kid who was imprisoned over there came home in a coma and now he's dead. Howard said they interviewed Rodman about his visit. Howard said it was on Good Morning America or something.

    Howard played a clip of Michael Strahan talking to Rodman about his visit. Rodman was saying he didn't get to see Kim Jong Un this time. He said he has seen him in the past. Rodman said people don't see the good side of that country. Robin asked who he did see this time if he didn't see Kim Jong Un.

    Howard said Rodman gets emotional too. He said he thinks the world is beating up on him. He said he starts crying and carrying on. He said you don't know what the fuck's going on. Howard said when he's crying you just have to back up and not interrupt. Robin said this is Michael Strahan doing the interview. Howard played another clip and Dennis was talking about how people treat him so bad and he's not sure why. Howard said he's supporting a murderer, that's why people are upset.

    Howard said Bill Cosby should take his tour to North Korea. Howard said that's who wants to see that. Howard said this is comparable to shaking hands with Hitler. Howard said they have to get Dennis in there and ask how he thinks he's helping. Howard said he wants to know what he thinks he's done. Howard said he thought Rodman came home in a coma after hearing this.

    Howard said Dennis thinks he's doing something or whatever. He said he has to take a break but he has to play some Jeff the Vomit guy stuff. He said he'll get into it. He did a live commercial read and then went to break.


  • Phone Calls And More FOX News Musical. 06/26/17. 8:25am
    After the break they played a phony phone call Sal and Richard made to a Swap Shop show where they were trying to sell a trumpet. They also played Coldplay ''The Scientist'' as they were coming back.

    Howard came back and said he was reading about how Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow were on a family vacation and they were getting along great. Howard wondered if they were banging. Fred said it depends on if Chris brings his girlfriend. Howard said maybe he just gets a blow job.

    Howard took a call from a guy who said he has a complaint. He said every time he mentions these n-word on his show it boosts their egos even more. Howard asked where the hate comes from. The caller said it's not hate. He said much love and he loves the show. He said he just has to keep them out of the fucking show. Howard said he has to get it together. Howard said he's too exhausted to deal with this guy. Howard said it's too much.

    Howard took a call from a guy who said he loved the exchange between Howard and Fred. Howard said it was too much for him. He said it may never happen again.

    The caller asked if he wrote the outline for the play like he wrote his book. Howard said he doesn't want to talk too much about it. He said if it doesn't happen he doesn't want people asking where it is. He said he did hear from about 10 producers about making it. He said he will write it and he will get a great cast. He said that his agent told him to write an outline so he did that. The caller said he should bring Seinfeld and Larry David in on it. Howard said he doesn't need them. Howard said he's going to get Harvey Firestein to play Roger Ailes. He said he'll be terrific.

    The caller was talking about a book he had of Howard's and how there was a misprint in it. His phone started to cut out. The caller's phone came back so he told Howard someone took his book and some of the pages were out of order. He asked if Howard had ever heard of that. Howard said no and let the guy go.

    Howard said someone evaluated the cost of that and the value was $50. He said some day it'll be worth $50. Howard said he's not going to talk about the FOX News the Musical anymore. He said he doesn't want to get people's hopes up. Howard said he's going to get Harvey Firestein and see if he's into this musical. Howard said he has to talk to Jimmy Iovine about this stuff. He said he's never going to give up like Jimmy never gave up. Howard said he might even get the real Bill O'Reilly to play himself in the musical.

    Howard said Bill's scene is going to be something. He said he's going to have Bill on the phone with women who are in the shower and dancing falafel is going to come out. Howard said Bill is all charged up about food and he mistakes falafel for luffa. Howard said Robin is going to love this musical. He said it's all in the outline. Howard started to make up a new song for the musical. He was doing different characters and making up lyrics as he went along. He was doing the Bill O'Reilly voice talking to sone of the female reporters at FOX News.

    Howard said that's enough of that. He said he's not sure who Bill called actually. Robin said he called a couple of people saying he was thinking about them and this is how it would go. Howard said he'll have to do some research. He said he was hoping that he wouldn't have to do that but he might have to.

    Howard asked Robin what she's going to wear on opening night. Robin said it's going to be a big deal so she'll have to have a special dress made. Howard said she needs something to show off her tits.

    Howard took a call from a guy who asked if he caught Family Feud last night. Howard didn't see it. The caller said Steve Harvey had his wife and kids on the show and his wife and daughters are smoking hot. He said his two sons are fucking morons. Howard asked why he'd have his kids on the show if they're not good at it. The caller said the daughters are hot. He said they must be in their 20s or early 30s. Howard asked who knew he had hot daughters. The caller said the mom went and got like 270 points and the other son wasn't able to get the other 30 points. He said it's worth going back and watching the replay if you didn't see it.

    Robin said she was looking at the line up for Sunday night and Steve was on 2 different networks. Howard said he's the only guy who can do game shows at this point.

    Howard said a few months ago they got interested in Jeff the Vomit Guy again. He said Jimmy Iovine is there so he has to get to him. Howard said he needs about 15 minutes to talk about Jeff. He said Jeff might get down if he hears him talking about Jeff the Vomit Guy. Howard said he has the life now. He said he's sure he doesn't want to sit through 20 minutes of that. Howard said it would keep him humble though. Howard said they could give Jeff prime time talk. He said that Jimmy is an interesting guy so he has to get to him. He said make sure you listen on Beats headphones so you can hear the bass. Howard said he insisted on wearing Beats in there. Gary came in and said he changed his mind on that so he's not going to be wearing them.

    Howard said he loves hearing good stories about Rock and Roll. He said he can't wait to talk to Jimmy. He said he might run some tracks by him for FOX News the musical. They went to break after Howard did a live commercial read. - As Seen on Howard Stern

  • Jimmy Iovine Visits. 06/26/17. 8:50am
    After the break they played a Caitlyn Jenner ''50 Ways to Chop Off Your Dick'' song parody. They also played a Dr. Sam Samuelson man on the street interview bit. They also played Dave Matthews Band ''Crash Into Me'' as they were coming back.

    Howard came back and said that Jimmy Iovine is there. He said Jimmy has a project out called ''The Defiant Ones'' on HBO. Howard said Jimmy came from humble beginnings. He said he loves stories like that. He said that its really good to meet him. Jimmy said it's good to meet Howard too.

    Howard said he likes a story of hard work. Howard said the story that keeps going around in his head is when Jimmy was a kid he was a fan of music and he had a band in high school. He asked what his band was named. Jimmy said it was ''Fantasy'' and they were horrible. Howard said they worshiped music growing up. Jimmy said the Beatles changed his life watching them on TV for the first time.

    Howard said Jimmy had a cousin who got him a job at recording studios and he was getting fired from them all. Jimmy said he grew up in an Italian family and they didn't have a lot. He was spoiled. He said his family did everything and he didn't really sweep anything. He said he never even took the garbage out. He said he was kissing everyone's ass at these jobs too. Howard asked if they were really dirty at those studios. Jimmy said it was also cleaning and making sure they had pencils and all kinds of things like that. Howard asked if it was heaven being there in those studios. Jimmy said it was intimidating. He said he was terrified working there.

    Howard said his father owned recording studios in Manhattan. He said that was his business. Jimmy didn't know his dad was a recording engineer. Howard said it was very intimidating for him as a kid but it was also very fascinating to be there.

    Jimmy said he was working with this woman Ellie Granite and this recording engineer was there and they had candles lit in the entire room. He said Ellie was singing and the recording engineer stood up to leave and he had a leather bag. He said this beautiful girl came in to pick him up and he was like ''That's the job.'' He said he was sold after that. He said he kept getting fired and he met this guy at the record plant and that was it. He said he clicked.

    Howard said the part of the story he likes is that these guys asked him to come in and work on Easter Sunday. He said Jimmy must have been torn. Jimmy said his mom was like ''fuck these guys.'' Howard said he went in to work and they asked him to help work with John Lennon himself. Howard asked how old he was. Jimmy said he was 19. He said that they asked him to come in to work on Sunday and he just did it. He said he has to be available and be of service. He said that's the key.

    Howard said he's there to service the artist. Howard asked Jimmy about doing that for Bruce Springsteen too. Jimmy said that's been his attitude the whole time. He said it's still like that. He said he's there to facilitate the artist.

    Howard said Jimmy got to be a recording engineer for John Lennon. Jimmy said he did that for 3 albums. Howard asked if he was able to talk to John. Jimmy said they hit it off and that's why he let him in the office. He said this was in 1973 and John wasn't sure what he was going to do. He said John had a lot of guys who were working with him on this album. He said John was experimenting with sound. He said they did it in New York City and then in California. He said that was rough times when Phil Spector was there. Howard said when Phil did it he'd come into work with two guns strapped to him. Jimmy said he'd come in with a butcher's coat and two guns on him. He said he had a boat horn to use to get his attention. Jimmy said there was alcohol and other substances there too. Jimmy said he shot his guns off in the bathroom and that's why they got kicked out of the studio.

    Howard asked Jimmy if he misses those years. Jimmy said the only bit he misses some parts of it. He said he likes the Bob Seger line about how he wishes he didn't know now what he didn't know then.

    Howard played some John Lennon music and asked about recording that. IT was a song he did with Elton John. Jimmy said that every piano player would come in and ask for Elton's sound. He said they wanted John Bonham's drum sound and Clapton's guitar sound. He said the first thing Elton did was sing. He said he had barely done anything at that time so he didn't know what he was doing. He said that he made fear a tailwind instead of a headwind.

    Jimmy said that Elton wanted to play piano and he didn't know how to mic it. He said that he had to just do it as he thought he should. He said on his way out Elton said he loved the way his piano sounds. He said John said ''That's why we use him.'' Jimmy said he didn't know what he was doing. He said that Elton has that piano sound because he really pounds on those keys. Howard said Billy Joel does that too.

    Howard asked Jimmy about Eminem calling him Jimmy I'vine. Jimmy said that he does that and he's fine with it. He said he's not going to correct him. He said Marshall is a funny guy. Howard said he can't wait to get to that part of his career.

    Robin asked if Jimmy thinks he has a special kind of hearing. Howard said he sure does. Howard asked how you know when someone is worth producing or signing to a record label. Jimmy said he's looking for writing. He said he was interested in someone who has something to say. He said Stevie Nicks has a sound and people like that have a sound. He said that's what he's looking for.

    Howard said he wants to move on with this career he has. Howard said this is the key. He said just do what Jimmy did. Howard said it's simple.

    Howard said Jimmy was working with Lennon and Lennon asked him to go with him to record something for David Bowie. He said Bowie was there recording Fame at the time. Howard said Lennon did the background vocals for that. Howard asked what that was like to see Bowie working. Jimmy said he was on John's team at the time and he was into his psyche. He said that he felt comfortable with him. Jimmy said that he wouldn't tell people where he was or anything like that. Howard said behavior is a key to all of that. Howard said he noticed when he was starting out he had to learn to talk to management. Howard said Jimmy has to figure out how to talk to artists. Jimmy said he has humility and you have to know who you are.

    Jimmy said that one day John asked him to go out to a movie. He said it was a subtitled movie and he didn't have his glasses. He said they were the only two people into here. He said the movie was two people eating themselves. He said when they leave there are hundreds of people outside the theater. Jimmy said he spent a lot of time with John at the time.

    Howard asked about recording Fame with Bowie. Jimmy said that they asked John to come down and record on this song. He said he went and did it and went back upstairs. Howard asked if he knew that was a hit song. Jimmy said that album set the tone of his album career. He said he used the background singers from ''Young Americans'' on a Simple Minds song. He said they were just awesome.

    Howard asked if the recording session for Fame went quick. Jimmy said it did. He said he was in and out in one take. Howard played the song. He said that's some song. Jimmy said the Beatles would record quickly. He said John was very quick and so was Paul McCartney. He said they could do an album in 8 weeks.

    Howard asked Jimmy about being the engineer on ''Born to Run'' for Bruce Springsteen. Howard said he wasn't that big yet and he knew that had to be his album or he'd be screwed. Howard asked if he felt that pressure in the room. Jimmy said absolutely he did. He said they all wanted it to be the greatest thing in the world. He said that the thing about Bruce is that he added a lot to his life. He said he's not for sale either. He said there's nothing in this world that he wants and he was broke at the time. Jimmy said he was like ''Oh shit, this is how you work'' when he worked with him.

    Howard said Jimmy stayed with Bruce through that and he was there hour after hour. Jimmy said that he was there like 14 hours. He said there was no life or anything. Howard asked if he ever said he had to go home and just got out. Jimmy said he knew there was a prize somewhere. He said then you get hooked on the people and you want them to win. He said you want the band to be great. Jimmy said you do everything you can to stay on it and in it.

    Howard asked Jimmy about being there for hours and hours day in and day out how long does it take. Jimmy said it was maybe 6 or 7 months. He said he had a sound in his head and couldn't get it. He said it was all of their responsibility to get it for him. Howard asked if it's true that Bruce took the first master and threw it in the pool. Jimmy said he did. He said that they mastered the album and the minute they finished it they were on the road in a car. He said he brought the album to Bruce and he took him to a record store. He said they didn't know what the fuck they were going to be listening on. He said they put it on and Bruce was listening and staring at it. He said he told him it sounded great in the studio. Jimmy said there was no smiling going on. He said they went back to the hotel and he said they were going to start over again. He threw the master in the pool.

    Howard asked Jimmy if the thinks it was neurosis that made him do that. Jimmy said that what he was doing was constantly reforming the lyrics. He said he would sing and then go write new stuff. He said he has the greatest work ethic he's ever seen on anyone. He said that he thought that John was quick and he just did it. He said that's how the Beatles did their thing. He said Bruce had the greatest work ethic. He said no one in the band ever quit.

    Howard said John Lennon's assassination was the worst. He said that he was such a hero to him. Jimmy said it was fucked up. He said he remembers where he was standing when he heard about it. He said he was going to see John in a few months from then. Howard asked if he knew what he was going to do in the studio. Jimmy said he was very spontaneous.

    Howard asked about Jimmy about what went on with Bruce after he threw the record in the pool. Jimmy said it was like he had been thrown in the pool. Howard said when Bruce writes a song it can be like a funeral dirge. Jimmy said Bruce is just another species. Howard said when that album came out it's like wow. He played some of Bruce's album that he was talking about. Jimmy said that album was magic. He said that Bruce is still that same guy. He said that they saw him about 8 months ago and they went to his house and Bruce was up eating his cereal. He said that he used to put that stuff out for him to eat. He said he knew how he liked his food back then. Jimmy said they sat down at the table and said he was going to go out by the pool. He said that Bruce said he was going to go to the gym instead. He said that he's haunted by this guy who can do that and be so disciplined.

    Howard said his dad would order all of this food for the people who he was working with. He said you have to treat them like stars. Howard said you have to create a vibe. Jimmy said you have to be of service. He said he can't say that enough on this show. He said you want to make them comfortable.

    Howard said if you want to see this story then you have to check out ''The Defiant Ones.'' Howard said it's premiering on July 9 on HBO. Howard said that it's a 4 part series. Howard said Jimmy is a part of this Bruce thing and then Foghat hires him to be a producer. Howard said that's big step up. Howard said he fucking blows it. Howard said he gets fired by Foghat. Jimmy said he was breathing his own exhaust. He said he had Born to Run and they went to L.A. and it was like holy shit. He said that they had tons of women and all of that. He said it wasn't the level of Bruce but you do pretty good.

    Howard said Jimmy is the producer after that. Jimmy said he let his girl run the tape machine and things like that.

    Howard said Jimmy had his shot and he blows it. He said Patti Smith said she happened to be around when he was recording with Bruce. She saw that he was there 24/7 and that's the kind of producer she wants. Howard said she hires him to produce her album. Howard said what he likes is that Jimmy had a music track stuck in his head from Bruce that he wasn't going to use. He had a song called ''Because the Night'' and he turned to her and told Patti about the song and told her to go listen to this song. Howard said Bruce was going to let her use the song. Howard said she said for months she wasn't going to use it and didn't listen to it. Howard said Jimmy insisted on her listening but she defiantly said she's not going to listen. Howard said he's persistent and keeps on her. He said she finally listened to the track and she says she wrote the rest of the lyrics to it.

    Jimmy said he thought that a woman singing those masculine lyrics would be great. Howard said he should take a bow. He said Jimmy made her career. Jimmy said he knew it was magic. He said that they took it to another level. Howard played some of the song. Howard said she ended up with a number 1 hit and Bruce hadn't even had one yet. Howard said that's amazing. He asked what Bruce thought of that. Jimmy said he loved it. Howard said he had the thought to mix these two people together and that's what makes a great producer.

    Howard said it made Patti mainstream and he's not main stream. He said that became a big hit and now he's a record producer. Jimmy said that was a great record and that got people interested in working with him.

    Howard said Tom Petty liked the sound of the drums on that album and he got Jimmy to produce his album. Jimmy said they made an alum together and it was called ''Damn the Torpedoes.'' Howard said he did this song. He played Tom Petty's ''Refugee'' and Howard said he must have been over the moon with that. He said he must have thought he could do no wrong. Howard said he has the ability to recognize who is good. Howard said Jimmy asked Tom to play him what he wanted to perform. Howard said Jimmy said he could make a ton of money with that song and Tom was about the art. He wasn't even thinking of the money.

    Jimmy said he was getting $10 an hour working as an engineer. He said you get 3 points as a producer so selling albums is a big deal for him.

    Howard asked how long it took to record that ''Damn the Torpedoes'' album. Jimmy said that was about a year. He said it took 6 weeks to get one song right. He said he felt like the drums were behind Tom when he was singing. He said that this guy Stan was the drummer and he hears things differently than he does them. He said that ''Refugee'' was a beast. Howard said you have to have a different set of skills in a studio. Jimmy said he had timing but he tortured Stan. Howard said he must have hated his guts. Jimmy said he did.

    Howard asked what makes him keep going with that. Jimmy said it's abject fear. Howard said it must have driven Tom nuts. Jimmy said that he and Tom connected. He said they agreed.

    Howard played ''Refugee'' again and asked if he likes the song. Jimmy said if you listen to the record you hear a little shaker. He said someone came into the room and listened to the song and he said it just needed some of this. He said this guy shook the thing and that's what they added to it. He said that's what the song needed because it was never quite right until they added the shaker. Howard said that's awesome. He said he'd never noticed that before. Howard said that must be what Jimmy hears on that song every time.

    Howard said that Tom Petty now trusts him. He said Stevie Nicks was hot back then and she asked him to produce her first solo album. Jimmy said that everyone said that she can't sing more than 3 songs on an album because she'd never done that before. He said that he walks in as a producer and he's following Fleetwood Mac. He said that she liked Damn the Torpedoes and she wanted him to produce. He said they got involved romantically too. He said it was simultaneously doing the album and getting involved. He said he only feels comfortable in the studio so he was terrible with girls. Jimmy said the next thing he knows she's interested. Howard said he must have been paralyzed by that. Jimmy said he was confused. He said that he knew it was bigger than him. He said he was lonely. Howard said he meets her an 10 days later she's living in his house. Howard said that's fucking awesome. Jimmy said that was really a complicated time. Howard said she's one of the biggest stars in the world. Jimmy said he was just fearing failing with her album. He said he was fundamentally replacing Lindsay Buckingham.

    Howard said Jimmy kept that relationship quiet from Tom Petty. He said that when Tom would come around he had to hide Stevie in his basement. Jimmy said that he kept making social mistakes in his career. He said he asked her to just stay in the basement when Tom came over. He said she did it too. Howard said she got to hear him working with Tom and she liked it.

    Howard said that he was working with Tom and he was working on ''Stop Dragging My Heart Around'' and he suggested that they record it for her album. Jimmy said he told her that she had great songs but no hits. He said that no one was going to hear it if she didn't have a hit song. He said she got pissed at him. He said he had this one song that they could do. He said that if a woman sings an aggressive guy's lyric it can't miss. He said that the song couldn't miss.

    Howard asked how he convinced Tom to put it on her album. Jimmy said that the song became a really big hit and they dropped it right on top of his record. He said that her album was bigger than his. He said he handled it wrong too. He said he screwed it up and didn't mean anything by it. Howard said that his album was overlooked. Howard asked if Tom came to him asking how he did that to him. Jimmy said he didn't like how it went down and neither did he. He said he heard the record as a magic record. Jimmy said what they didn't put in the documentary was Tom saying that it did buy him a house. He said that Tom is an incredible human being. Howard asked if he had a falling out after that. Jimmy said that they never really talked at times. He said that he screwed that up. He said he should have known more about that stuff that he did.

    Jimmy said that there's no one better than Marvin Gaye but when you hear a woman singing his song it's great. Howard said Stevie Nicks must have loved him for this. Howard played some of her singing ''Stop Dragging My Heart Around.''

    Howard asked if Stevie and Tom got along while performing together. Jimmy said they did. He said he wasn't worried about them working together.

    Howard asked who broke up with who. Jimmy said that Stevie broke up with him. Howard said that's a big heart break. Robin said maybe it was just the working together that brought them together. Jimmy said that she's very generous about the whole thing. Howard said he thinks she just got sick of hiding in basements for him.

    Jimmy said that Stevie's life got out of control and even she would say that. Jimmy said he was socially incompetent. He said he felt horrible and lonely. Howard said he thinks that's everyone's general disposition. He said he feels the same. He said Stevie came to his wedding so they didn't end things badly.

    Howard asked Jimmy about being such a big producer that he works with Bob Seger and Dire Straits. Jimmy said he moved to California and he was out there doing that and the record company wasn't letting him work with the young acts. He said that he got burnt out from doing that stuff. Howard asked about working with Mark Knopfler. He asked if he's the best guitar player. Jimmy said he is a great guitar player. He said he has his whole song in his right hand. He said he can play a whole song on guitar. He said that they did that whole album in 6 weeks. Howard asked what he's doing now. Jimmy said he doesn't know. He said he lost touch.

    Howard said Jimmy worked with U2 on Rattle and Hum. He said that was so exhausting that he stopped producing after that. Jimmy said that they have Bono and The Edge and both of them are like Bruce. He said they're great but they're perfectionists. He said they had 5 studios going at once. He said he was toast after that one. He said he overheard them saying something about going to Berlin to do a recording. He said he wasn't going to go to Berlin to record. He said that he had just had a child so he wasn't going to fly to Berlin.

    Jimmy said after that he started his own record company. Howard said something had to give and he was going to do something on his own. Howard said the acts can wear you the fuck down. Jimmy said he felt like an athlete. He said that up until then it was natural to him. He said he didn't have to think about anything. He said then music started to change and he was using his brain instead of his heart only. He said he had to get a record company to get young people to work with. He said he didn't want to make records. He wanted to pick the people who were great.

    Howard said Jimmy went to David Geffen and asked how to get it done. Jimmy said he had been friends since 1980. He said that David has never gotten anything but friendship from him. Howard asked how it was working with Geffen. Jimmy said it was great. He said if you want to get from one point to another David is the quickest way to get there. He said Geffen could help you pick stuff up. Howard said he might start his own record company. Jimmy said that business to Geffen is like an art form.

    Jimmy said he got sued once and David told him to make sure they knew he would never settle. Jimmy said he didn't settle and then they wanted to settle. Howard said his first big act was Gerardo with ''Rico Suave.'' Jimmy said he wanted to put some grease in the wheels. Howard played some of that song. Jimmy said that his daughter is like Miss America or Miss California or something.

    Howard said Jimmy saw Gwen Stefani and he told her that she needed another 6 years to get things going. Jimmy said that it was all math to him. He said that you do an album ever 2 years and it's the third one that hits. He said that it usually takes 6 years. Jimmy said he thought she was great and he knew she needed some time to learn how to write. He said it actually happened too. Howard said she had a great look too. Howard played some of Gwen singing ''Just a Girl.''

    Howard asked if he ever had anyone that he turned down that became a big hit. Jimmy said he did but he can't remember who it was. Jimmy said they've had so many great acts and so many great people working for him.

    Howard said Trent Reznor talked about how great it was in the old days. He said that Trent was signed to a shitty label and Jimmy took him on. He said they wanted Nine Inch Nails bad. Jimmy said he knew that with them and with Dre that it would make Interscope records. He said he feels he aged a lot at that moment. Howard said that was some move. He said that he remembers seeing Nine Inch Nails when they were the thing. He said he liked him when he was really creepy. He said he's more mainstream now. Jimmy said he's a scientist. He said the guy is amazing. Jimmy said Trent won an Academy Award for the music on The Social Network. Howard said he wanted his own label under Interscope and he gave him complete autonomy on his album. Jimmy said you just let them go and something great will happen.

    Howard said that Trent signed Marilyn Manson for his record label. Howard said then he has this guy on his label. Howard said Trent is awesome. He said he knew enough to trust these guys.

    Howard said then Jimmy hooks up with Dr. Dre. Jimmy said the documentary is about how two guys from similar neighborhoods meet up in 1990 and they stay together. Howard said he got Dre on and he started Death Row records and then things got violent in the rap business. Jimmy said things got very bad and they lost Tupac and Biggie. He said that it was ugly. Howard said that must have been crazy. Jimmy said it was terrifying in many ways. He said that fear helps him move forward. He said that there must be something better at the other end.

    Howard said Dr. Dre is like him and he hired Eminem. He said he learned that Dre was writing the music for Eminem's ''My Name Is.'' Then Eminem just took it from there. Jimmy said that it's such a gift to be around these people who are doing this. He said the whole thing is that you have to bring something to it and be of service. He said he doesn't say that lightly.

    Howard said his movie is very good. He gave him another plug. Howard said the great thing too is that Dre wants to merchandise something like sneakers. He said Jimmy tells him it has to be speakers, not sneakers. He said then they start Beats and then they sell it to Apple for like 3 billion.

    Jimmy said Dre had his own thing going and you have to pivot. He said that the record business was falling apart. Jimmy said he wasn't going to be the last guy to sell the last CD. He said he saw these guys who were doing a lot of branding and he was trying a few things. He said he knew Napster was the death knell. He said that he tried meeting with tech companies. He said he ran into Dre and he doesn't speak much. He said that he said to him the other night that he's never going to answer another question the rest of his life after promoting this documentary.

    Jimmy said Dre wanted to start promoting sneakers but he told him they have to do speakers. He said that's when they started Beats. He said that they make records so they wanted to do something like this. He said they wanted to get these things on kid's heads and once they're on they're not coming off. He said Dre is walking around his house and they're listening on little ear buds and that drove Dre nuts. He said that's how they started Beats.

    Howard asked what it's like working at Apple. Jimmy said that he goes up there for meetings and they talk about Apple Music. Howard said that Steve Jobs was something else. He said that there's a scene in the movie about having secret meetings with Apple and they're told to keep their mouths shut about the deal. He said Dr. Dre and his buddy go on Facebook and start talking about it. Jimmy said he told him not to make a move the whole weekend. He said Dre got drunk and that was it. Howard said it's a great scene in the documentary when he starts talking about it. Jimmy said he called him at 4 in the morning and asked what the fuck he was doing. He said that Dre didn't realize he was online. Jimmy said he thought the deal was going to get blown. Howard said that he could have blown a $3 billion deal. Jimmy said they watched that all day the next day on CNN. He said he and Dre are buddies so it's been good. He said he is a controversial guy at times.

    Howard asked if Jimmy is sick of working. Jimmy said Howard's not sick of working. Howard asked who said that. Howard said he bitches about the show every day. Jimmy said he thinks he's just looking for peace. He said he'd like to have some ambition with it. Howard asked if he could create a day that would be just fine for him. Jimmy said he can. He gave him a scenario where he wakes up and the papers take him 2 hours. Howard said that's right. Jimmy said he just learned to swim so now he goes swimming for an hour. He said he almost drown as a kid and his mom never let him near a pool. He said he met an 85 year old guy in France who taught him how to swim in an hour. Jimmy said now he goes on a walk on the beach. He said then it's lunch. He said after lunch he naps. He said now it's 4 o'clock and it's time for tea and biscuits. He said then it's time for some CNN and then it's time for dinner and TV after that. He said he might stay up late on Friday night at the beach house. He said that they play abstract radio on Beats One. He said that they go upstairs and put on R Kelly and that's it.

    Howard said that Stevie Nicks never should have dumped him. He said she could be having tea at 4. Jimmy said that streaming music is great. He said he loves working at Apple Music. He said what Howard should try on it is the curated playlists. He said they have a lot of their old DJs there. Howard said it's a tough business. Howard said Jimmy is turning people on to this stuff.

    Howard asked if Jimmy can believe what he's seen in the music business. Jimmy said that artists are getting screwed more today than ever. He said that he's afraid of that because you just scare off one Prince and that's it.

    Howard said that he has said it all. He gave him some plugs for his documentary ''The Defiant Ones'' and started to wrap up. Howard said he was surprised when he did American Idol. Jimmy said he did that to sell headphones. He said it worked. Jimmy said he had some fun doing it. Howard said he doesn't like Simon Cowell. Jimmy said he doesn't know him very well.

    Howard wrapped up with Jimmy and thanked him for sharing his stories. He said that's it. Howard went to break after that.


  • Robin's News. 06/26/17. 10:30am
    After the break Howard came right back and said that's a successful guy they just had in there. Robin wondered if Scot the Engineer heard that and thinks about what he could have done. Howard and Fred were doing their Scott impressions. Howard said Stevie Nicks misses him and she's on the phone now. Howard picked up on Sour Shoes who was doing his Gary impression and playing a Stevie Nicks song. Howard didn't last long with that.

    Howard said he can't do the Jeff the Vomit Guy talk today. He said that will have to wait until tomorrow. He said that can wait a day. Howard said it's time for news.

    Howard played Robin into her news with a song parody from Daniel Mendelson. Robin started her news with a story about Johnny Depp and how joking around about assassinating the president isn't a good idea. Robin said he was at the Glastonbury festival to open a drive in theater and said he was just trying to be amusing when he said an actor hasn't assassinated a president recently. Robin had some audio of Depp saying that. Howard asked where that accent comes from. Fred said he's from Kentucky. Howard said he got in a lot of trouble for that. Howard said he got a thank you note from Kathy Griffin for saying that.

    Howard said he has the number 1 Jeff the Vomit Guy fan on the phone. Howard picked up and one of the guys in the back was yelling about wanting it now, not on Tuesday or Wednesday. Howard said he promises it'll be on tomorrow. Robin said that Johnny Depp is now apologizing and realizing that wasn't such a good idea.

    Robin read a story about what's happening with older men and sperm. Robin said they give birth to geeks from what a study has found. Robin said they found that the older the sperm then the less social skills the kids end up having. Howard said JD's dad must have been 90 when he was born. Robin read more details about that study. Howard asked if JD's dad was 90. Fred played JD hooting.

    Howard took a call from a guy who said the interview with Jimmy was unbelievable. He said that it was like he had all of those people in the studio with him. He said he first saw Jimmy in a Tom Petty documentary. He said it's one of the best interviews he's done. Howard said he could have gone on for another 27 hours but you have to let these people out of the studio at some point.

    Howard said that he might have Forrest Gump in his balls. He said Ronnie might have a Stephen Hawking in his balls.

    Robin read a story where it said as you get older you should get the bed frame creaking to stay healthy. Robin said that they say better mental abilities come from having sex. Howard said Beth had better get ready because he's on his way.

    Howard took a call from King of All Blacks who said Leslie Jones was on the BET awards and people say she's really ugly. He asked what Howard's opinion is. Howard said he knows she takes a lot of shit. He said she's not a super model but what is she supposed to do about that. King asked if he agrees that she's ugly. Howard said he doesn't. Howard asked who he is to judge someone's looks. Howard said he looks like a monster. King said she looked crazy on the BET awards. He said she was yelling and... Howard hung up on him and said he's not sure what he's talking about. Howard said he's not sure what the purpose of his call was. Howard said he's a fucking weirdo. Howard did a live commercial read after that.

    Howard read some email about Ashton Kutcher and about Steve from Florida. Howard said some people said they can't wait for Steve to come in on Wednesday. He said that's when he'll be doing his walk of shame. Howard had Fred play a quick promo for that walk of shame. Howard said that's coming up on Wednesday. Howard said people want more Joan Rivers from Heaven. Howard read some of the feedback on that bit. Howard said he had some email about Scott the Engineer. He had some mail about High Pitch Erik and how much they hate him. Howard said another guy thinks he should be on stage doing stand up. Howard said he thought about doing that about a year ago and he talked to Jerry Seinfeld about it and Jerry told him not to do it. He said he was right and he won't be doing any stand up. Howard said there was an email from a guy who said he's addicted to saying ''Ass chreaks'' which was the line Ronnie said. Howard said it's causing marriage problems for this guy.

    Robin read a story about a man who was looking at his cell phone and got hit by an Amtrak train. Robin said he didn't notice he was close to the track while looking at his phone. Robin said the train hit him at about 30 miles per hour.

    Robin asked Howard how he'd feel if his pilot said ''please pray'' while flying. Howard said he'd freak out. Robin said this Air Asia flight had that happen. Howard said people tell him to fly all the time abut he hates it. Robin read about this flight that had an engine seize up. Robin said the airplane was shaking like a washing machine. Robin said the pilot said ''I hope you all are saying a prayer...'' Robin said the pilot said he'd be saying a prayer. Howard had the pilot saying ''We're fucked.'' Robin said there's nowhere to go when you're in a plane.

    Howard took a call from a guy who said he was all worked up about the psychic the other day. He asked if he came in and did a reading for him and said something he didn't know would he believe it. Howard said no way. He said it's a racket. He said it's all horse shit. He said this kid on E! is like a 12 year old and he's contacting the dead. He said he's not sure why he scribbles on paper but that's his gimmick. Howard said his prediction is that the kid is a phony. He said he saw him reading Corey Feldman. He said he only has Corey Haim as a friend. Howard said it offends him that people give money to psychics. He said we should evolve past that.

    Robin read a story about how they just decided to stop teaching evolution in Turkey. Howard said that's what he's talking about. He said that psychics don't have any ability. He said they're full of it. Howard said nothing happens after you die. He said imagine that bullshit. He said they put that on E!. He said he built that network with his two hands. He said he wonders who would watch that. Robin said someone should have told the founders of E! that they'd get stuck doing that with this kid. Howard said if he knew that he never would have helped. Howard did a live commercial read a short time later.

    Robin read a story about a Delaware teen who fell of a ride at a park in upstate New York. Robin said she was dangling from a ride and then she dropped into the arms of a crowd below. Robin said a bunch of people got together to catch her. Howard said you have to be out of your mind to go on a ride. He said if you want a thrill go to work! Howard said go build a road and don't ride on a gondola. Howard said he goes to work and then goes home. He said he doesn't need to got to an amusement park. Howard said imagine this girl has to fall into the crowd. Robin said this girl was taken to a medical center with just minor injuries. Robin said one man hurt his back trying to catch her. Howard said he'd let them fall right on the ground. Howard said he's not going to be disabled. Robin said she was only 14 years old. Howard said he's not going to throw his back out from that. Howard asked why a gondola is up in the sky. Robin said they have them for ski resorts and stuff like that. Howard said he thought a gondola was when you're in a boat in Venice. Robin said that's one too.

    Robin read a story about how Google is going to stop reading email to give you ads. Robin said they announced that last week. Robin said the changes start later this year. Howard did a live commercial read after that.

    Robin read a story about these people who go on trips to foreign countries getting on party boats. Howard said Robin did that and had him go on a boat. Howard said he hates that. Howard said K-Rock had a party boat one time and he was trapped on it. Howard said he hates being on the water. He said he hates boats, planes, gondolas and people. Robin said as many as 9 people are dead and 2 dozen are missing in Columbia after a boat went down. Robin read more details about that. Robin said they think it was from over crowding. Howard said Robin brought him on a boat and he was on it with Richard Christy. Howard said Robin was busy driving the boat and he was stuck talking to Richard. He said that was the boat ride from hell. He said Robin once crashed her boat. Robin said that was early on. Howard said she doesn't talk about that. Robin said he's acting like she forced him on. Howard said he hopped on and it wasn't too long. Howard said he hates the wind hitting him in the face. He said it's too much. He said he's miserable. He said he doesn't like having to project his voice over the sound of the wind. Robin said they're so much fun to be on when it's a hot day. Howard said he's with Jimmy Iovine. He said just having some tea, some lunch and sex is enough.

    Robin read a story about the death toll rising after an oil tanker exploded in Pakistan. Robin said that people were running to the site of the accident to collect the fuel and they ended up burning up. Fred played a Jackie Martling laugh during that story. Robin said that's not funny. Robin read more about the people who died and Fred played another laugh.

    Howard took a call from a guy who said he makes his job fun. He said he drives and listens to the show. He said he can't imagine not being able to listen to the show. He said that they're the best. He said he even lives the Angry Political Guy when he calls in. He said he's so spot on. He said there are shows in L.A. who try to copy his show. He said Howard is the King of all Radio. He said Howard is the only one who knows what comedy is. Howard said he's right about that. Howard asked how old his father was when he had him. The caller didn't seem to know what he was referring to. Howard told him ''never mind.'' The caller asked about Wendy and her new dog. Howard said he doesn't want to even think about that. He said he hopes someone is supervising that.

    Robin read a story about the senate health care bill that's supposed to be announced today. Robin said they will have more details soon. Howard wondered why we can't just copy what Canada is doing and give everyone health care.

    Robin said they dug up Kellyanne Conway to talk about the health care bill. Robin had some audio of her talking about that.

    Robin said she just read that the press briefings are only audio now. Robin said they haven't given a good explanation about that. Robin said CNN has resorted to sending in a sketch artist to cover the press briefings.

    Robin read about how Bernie Sanders is railing against this health care bill. Robin had some audio of Sanders talking about the bill. Howard said he loves when he gets worked up. Robin had some audio of Trump talking about the bill too.

    Robin read a story about Trump talking about the Russian meddling in the election and wondering why Obama didn't do anything about it because they apparently knew about it.

    Robin read a story about a doctor being accused of killing 5 of her patients with a lethal dose of drugs. Robin read the details of that story.

    Robin read a story about John Oliver talking about how he wants to talk about the lawsuit filed against him by a coal baron but lawyers have told him to wait. Robin said he's being sued by Robert Murray. Robin read about how Oliver was going after Murray on his show a couple of weeks ago and Murray is now suing over that segment. Robin said that she's not sure if they should play any clips from the show. Howard said maybe not because he doesn't want to be sued.

    Robin read a story about these robocalls that are being made to millions of people. Robin said Chuck Schumer wants the FCC to prevent the calls that go straight to voicemail.

    Robin read a story about the temporary travel ban may be put in place while the details are being litigated. Robin said the Supreme Court will be weighing in on that.

    Robin read about the BET awards that were on last night. Robin had some clips from the show for Howard to play. They ended up talking about a Bruno Mars clip that Howard had seen that really impressed him. He said it was a Prince tribute rehearsal that he did. He said that guy is so talented. Howard said there's also a video out there of a 12 year old girl at church who is cute as a button and she tells the church that she's a lesbian and she hopes for a full life and all of that. Howard said this guy from the church cuts off her mic and tells her to go sit down. Howard said she came out to her church and it's heartbreaking. Howard had some audio that he played. Howard said you have to go watch it. He said it's a 12 year old coming out to her Mormon congregation. Robin said you'll be loved unconditionally at church and then that happens. Howard said it broke his heart.

    Robin read about it being gay pride day yesterday. Robin said they had a big parade there in the city. Robin said it was good to see people not being in opposition. Howard said Fred blew him yesterday. He said it was beautiful.

    Robin asked if Howard wants to be a ball person. Howard said he's more into penis. Robin said the U.S. open is holding try outs to be a ball person. Robin said they need 80 people to do it.

    Robin read about the new Transformers movie being number 1 at the box office this weekend. Robin said it made just over $45 million in theaters.

    Robin read about the new Sharknado movie that's coming out soon. Robin wrapped up her news and Howard ended the show around 11:25am.

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