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-- Friday Live Wrap Up Show --

  • Wrap Up Show - Jason Nash Sits In. 08/28/15. 11:15am
    Jon Hein started today's show introducing his co-host Jason Nash. Jon asked Jason if he thinks Robin or Howard is more challenged with their issues than the other. Jason said this was one of the great battles on the show. He said at first he thought Robin would be the craziest. He said then Fred brought up the baby wipes and Periscope. He said he was turned and Howard is a little crazier. He said they're called ''Baby'' wipes. He said they're for babies. Jason said Howard is stressing out about things and Gary is waking up on a plane asking for orange juice.

    Jon said Howard finds issues with the world. He said Robin just does crazy stuff. He said that's what they have to look at. He said Robin seems to roll with things when Howard is finding something wrong and nit picking. He said if that's the case then Howard wins by a nose. Jon said they're talking about a photo finish there though. Jason said if Robin wants to go do Ayahuasca that's fine. He said anyone who has a boat is doing it right. He said Howard's not there on a boat. He said this is the yin and yang of the show. He said Howard will always be tortured. He said he has to put on a great show and he has to pick people apart. He said that's the best part of the show. Jon said Robin has a boat but she can't swim. Jason laughed. Jon said he respects how she tries everything. He said Fred has issues and so does Benjy. He said Gary has some too.

    Jon played a ''What You Need to Know'' about today's show. After that he asked Rahsaan what he had for the poll today. Rahsaan said they're asking ''Who Has More Issues?'' and the choices were:

    • Sal Governale
    • Ronnie Mund

    Jon said a lot of times it's Sal or Richard but Sal and Ronnie is a tough decision. Jon asked Jason what he thinks. Jason said he thinks it's Sal without question. He said the guy pees on people and that's like a caveman. He said he spent $10,000 on a rap album with very little talent. He said he loves what he brings to the show though so let him be him. He said Ronnie is a limo driver and he's just hanging out. Jon asked about his sex tips. Jason asked if they write them for Ronnie. Jon said some are written but not all of them. Jon said Ronnie came in when Howard was playing the porn star clips the other day and Ronnie was laughing and thinking it was the funniest thing since sliced bread. He said Ronnie is in the running for who has more issues. Jason said Ronnie was enjoying what he was hearing. He was with him on that. Jon said Sal thinks about peeing on people and that's just not a nice thing.

    Jon took a call from a guy who said Gary is a really good guy and he doesn't go toe to toe with Howard like Sal would. He said he always blames someone else. He said Gary doesn't do that. Jon said he's not sure there's a question there but he went over what he said. Jon said that Gary has a few decades there and he can handle the situations with Howard. Jon said the thing you have to remember is that the house always wins. He said you can argue all you want but the house wins and this is Howard Stern's house. Jason said he doesn't know how Gary does it. He said Howard must need Gary to produce the greatest show of all time. He also needs him for a bit. He said they talk about the tape and he's not sure how Gary had a copy of it. Jon said he made a copy of it back in the 80s. Jon said you'll hear more of that on the 25th anniversary of Baba Booey. That's running this weekend and next. They went to break after that.


  • Wrap Up Show - Booey 25. 08/28/15. 11:30am
    After the break Jon said they're going to move to Booey 25. He said it's one thing to have 3 weekends and a full day of songs written about you. He said it's flattering and Gary is a fixture of the show but he also thinks Gary gets a little irritated by it. Jon said that you're kind of goofing on Gary when you say Baba Booey. Jason said he doesn't look at it that way. He said he thinks Gary just wants to do his job but Baba Booey isn't derogatory. He said when he sees Paul Scheer he says ''Baba Booey.'' He said it's shorthand for the show. Jon asked if it's wrong to use ''He Baba Booey'd it'' when someone screws up. Jason said he doesn't think people do that anymore. He said when someone in golf has a good hit they get a ''Baba Booey!'' and that's not a bad thing.

    Jon took a call from a guy who asked what Jon's most embarrassing moment would be. Jon said the whole blow job saga. He said that he took a lot of flack for that. Jason asked him to repeat that. Jon said you'll hear that on the Jon Hein minute which will be in the Booey 25 weekend.

    Jon took a call from a guy who said that Jon wasn't able to even say the word vagina. She asked how he got blow jobs. Jon said you don't need to be able to say it to get one. The caller asked about who his favorite James Bond is. Jon said Sean Connery is his favorite. Jon said he took a lot of flack over the Kirk over Picard thing. Jason said it's probably because he was a kid when he watched it. Jon said he thinks so. He said it's the same thing as your favorite Saturday Night Live cast. He said it's probably the one you grew up watching.

    Jon took a call from a guy who said he enjoyed the Donald Trump call this week. He wondered if Hillary Clinton and Trump would come on the show and debate. Jon said that would be almost impossible to book. He said that Trump did talk to Howard and they would love to have Hillary on the show. The caller asked if they have tried to book them. Jon said he thinks Gary has reached out to her. He said they have tried to get Bill Clinton in there.

    Jason said they have to get that guy Deez Nuts in there. He said that Hillary can't touch Howard because he's really polarizing. He said Howard has sported her so it's kind of lame that she doesn't reach out. Jon said he thinks that the polarization of Howard has sort of changed. He said that they've had a lot of politicians on the show. He said if anyone came on the show he thins it would be a wise move. Jason said it's a little bit of the drinking of the Kool Aid. He said sometimes the questions are just crazy on this show. He said he doesn't think Hillary would ever come on. He said he knows from being on Vine that if you do things that are edgy then you lose people. Jon asked if he thinks she'd come on after the election. Jason said there's no point to do that. They went to break a short time later.


  • Wrap Up Show - Darren Ney Sits In. 08/28/15. 11:45am
    After the break Jon said they have Darren Ney from Nicki Bluhm & The Gramblers there. Jon said they pulled him in from the hallway. Darren said that he's a big fan of the show. Jon said that Booey 25 is happening and they're going to have Booey songs all day long on Labor Day. Jon asked Darren what makes a great song. Darren said that the Billy Joel song parody is amazing. He said that it was the greatest thing in radio history. Jon said Angry Young Booey lost to Carmina Booey. Jason said ''Yesterday'' is his favorite. He said it's so good because there are no words. He said that it's the best.

    Jon said the one that's tough to beat is the Star Wars Imperial March. He said that he can't wait for the new Star Wars to come out and everyone he's watching with will be singing that one.

    Jon said on that day they're going to have real DJs taking them through the day for the Booey songs. Jon said he did a segment with that too. Jon said his segment has a lot to do with his watching the small screen. He said they have Spyder Harrison doing a top 9 as well.

    Jon said tonight is the Booey 25 where they'll have the love tape and more. He said that Dead Casey Kasem will be joining Spyder Harrison for his segment on Labor Day too.

    Jon took a call from a guy who said the show is very short and they have to work on making it longer. He said Howard is the craziest out of Howard and Robin. He asked how many times Beth finds Howard arguing with the toaster. He said Howard also can't find anything and has no sense of direction. Jon said Howard doesn't really need to know where he's going. He has a driver for that. Jon said he's pretty sure if Howard had to find something he'd be able to do that.

    Jon took a call from a guy who asked if there is any way they'd do a Private Parts mini series that kind of picks up where the movie left off. Jon said it's an interesting idea but it would take a huge amount of time and he's not sure Howard would want to put more time into working. Jon said he thinks they want Howard to concentrate on the radio show. Jason said that he thinks it's a great idea but he doesn't think it would ever happen. He said Howard is slowing down. Darren said he can't picture it happening either. He said it's going to end up with the Flying with Balloons musical idea.

    Jon took a call from a guy who said there was a revelation this week where Gary said he uses a condom with his wife. Jon said he didn't hear that. The caller said he thought Howard was the only one who uses a condom with his wife. The caller said he'd love to hear Gary explain himself. He said he understands Howard but not Gary. Jason said that's the whole point of being married. Jon said he did not know that about Gary. He said they have to get into that sometime. Jon said they have to raise that sometime.

    Jason asked Jon to write a book about blow jobs. Jon said here are some secrets he'd rather not reveal. He said he'll talk to him off the air about that.

    Jon asked Rahsaan for the results of the poll. Rahsaan said 74 percent said that Sal has more issues. Jon said that's high. Jason laughed. He said Ronnie is pretty normal. Darren said there is no question in his mind that Sal is crazier. He said Sal is insane. He said he heard a segment the other day where Sal talked about taking his dick out and slapping his wife's friends around. He said that's just insane.

    Jon wrapped up and got in some plugs for the guys. They ended the show around 11:55am.

    Mr. Skin

-- Thursday Live Wrap Up Show --

  • Wrap Up Show - Techno Beaver / Gadget Gary. 08/27/15. 11:15am
    Jon Hein started today's Wrap Up Show talking about what they were going to hear after this show. Jon said he understands why people are saying Patrick Stewart is the best Star Trek captain. He said he loves the passion but no one is going to sway him on that. He said Kirk is the best to him.

    Jon said he thought Patrick Stewart was a great interview. He said there was a never ending back and forth about his childhood and how he was always trying to please his dad.

    Jon said he has to get to Rahsaan about today's poll. He asked what they have today. Rahsaan said they're asking ''What's Your Favorite Gary Tech Nickname?'' and the choices were:

    • Techno Beaver
    • Gadget Gary

    Rahsaan said he likes Techno Beaver. Jon said it's a tough decision. He said they wanted him to go in a full beaver outfit which he did for Howard TV. He said no one wanted him to do it for any other show. He said he's not sure he would have done it. He said he got really upset with Scott DePace because he was in this outfit and Scott can't hold it in. He said he started laughing at him in the outfit. He said that's probably why he wouldn't do it. Jon asked if he misses being that character. Gary said he likes talking about stuff he likes. He said that he did it for himself. He said you could call it a hobby. He said he only talked about stuff he liked.

    Jon said Howard seems to go out of his way to knock his tech knowledge. Gary asked what Howard gives him credit for. Jon said he does say that he's a good producer. Gary said that benefits Howard though. He said if he talks about something he's into then he's not an expert. He said he never claims to be an expert but Howard will never think he is. Gary said he has a good memory and that benefits the show. Rahsaan said Howard said Gary is a good father. Gary said that's true. Jon said Howard is technically challenged himself. He said they were talking about the ad blocker thing and he didn't know about that. Jon said when Howard plays things like the ''It was a bit of a stumble'' he's taking him down a notch. He said maybe he's doing that because Ralph is encouraging it. Gary said that could be. He said that he gets it. Gary said they used to bust Roger Ebert's balls all the time because he gave Godfather or Godfather II only 2.5 stars. He said that he had given 3 stars to a bunch of films that were awful. He said opinions are opinions though.

    Jon said Gary is in love with the Amazon Echo. Gary said he could talk to that thing all day long. He said they're going to post some video of him talking to it soon. Jon said they had to take a break after that.


  • Wrap Up Show - Tinder. 08/27/15. 11:30am
    After the break Jon said that Eric Stonestreet talked them in. He said he was the one who told them about how much luck he had on Tinder. Jon said JD tried it but it didn't work out so well. Gary said JD just wants women to come have sex with him and he wasn't willing to put the effort into it. He said at one time he knew a bunch of people who were getting laid off of Tinder. Jon said he wonders if Tinder was around back in their day if they would have been all over it. Jon said Steve Brandano has found that he can go out and get women just by talking to them in a bar. Gary said he would have used Tinder if he had it. He said you want any edge you can get. He said he gets what Steve is saying though. He said he'd like to go out with a nice girl once in a while. He said if that's not what you want then Tinder is the place to be.

    Jon took a call from a guy who said Gary was talking about going to Howard's house as a guest. He asked if he feels self conscious and being a bother when he's there or not. Gary said his wife asked if he thinks Howard invites them just because he has to. Gary said he told her that he thinks Howard likes them as a coupe more than just him as a single guy. He said that he doesn't feel any pressure when he's out there. Gary said he can feel pressure when you're having a conversation and it could end up on radio.

    Jon asked if Gary and Howard ever just hang out. Gary said no. He said he and Howard went to dinner once a long time ago. He said he's not sure Howard and Robin have gone out alone lately either. Gary said he and Jon haven't even gone out together alone lately.

    Jon said he was thinking about Howard and Gary and if there's anything that Howard has praised Gary for that doesn't benefit Howard. He asked the audience to think about that and call in.

    Gary said there's a lot of ball breaking there in the office. He said he thinks for him the knee jerk reaction is to see him and fuck with him.

    Jon took a call from a guy who asked about Howard possibly leaving Sirius and who the top people would be that he'd like to get for Howard before he leaves. Gary said he wrote a blog on Howard's web site about Bruce Springsteen's 40th anniversary for ''Born to Run'' and he thinks that's the kind of interview he'd hear that he wouldn't hear anywhere else. Gary said that would be for himself. He said for Howard he'd like to get Mick Jagger. Gary said he thinks maybe Tom Cruise too. He said he'd like to see him sit down with Howard. Gary said Plant and Page too. He said he's not how articulate they are. Jon said those are all good choices. He said he'd like to see him interview a sitting president. Gary said Bill Clinton would be great. Jon said it would be fantastic if Jennifer Lawrence would come in. Gary said he would love to get a hold of her. He said he's seen her interviewed before and what's in her head comes right out. He said she's smart and funny and he thinks she'd be into having it out with Howard in a fun way. Jon said maybe they'll see all of those people before Howard decides to close up shop there at Sirius.

    Jon took a call from a guy who asked Gary if it ever amazes or shocks him when they're having a conversation about something that has nothing to do with Gary but then someone will bring him into it. Gary said that sometimes they'll be talking about something that has nothing to do with him and bring him into it and he is shocked. Jon said he thinks about it like being a soldier out on patrol and how you always have to be fully aware.

    The caller asked Gary if he has booked the guest that he's really pushed hard for that he has mentioned before. Gary said he's not sure who that was but he thinks that he hasn't booked that person yet. They went to break a short time later.


  • Wrap Up Show - Periscope. 08/27/15. 11:40am
    After the break they came back to a Heidi Klum intro. Jon said they have to talk about America's Got Talent a little bit. Jon asked if Howard and Howie are doing okay. Gary said he's out of the loop. He said you can't tell from watching the show. He said he hasn't talked to Howard so he won't know until Monday. Jon said they'll know on Monday around 7. Jon said he's curious. He said it can go a number of different ways.

    Jon took a call from a guy who said he was watching Periscope this morning. He said Howie did it again and he went to Howard. He said Howard was pissed. He said Mel was pissed too. Jon said he didn't see it so he'd have to check out Howie's Periscope. Jon said he'd be surprised if Howie did that again. Gary said Howie likes to break balls a little bit. He said maybe he is pushing the envelope.

    Jon took a call from a guy who said Howie did push the button with Howard again last night. He said Howard hit Howie. He said it was pre-America's Got Talent. He said the night before he hit the phone out of his hand and last night they say Howard hit Howie. Gary asked if he actually saw Howard hit him. The caller said it looked like Howard swung at him. He said Howie was on his plane again later and Howie said Howard hit him. Jon said that's interesting. He said they can't confirm or deny it but if you push him too far he will snap. He said Howie may have experienced that first hand. Jon said he's kind of like Sal in that way. He said he'll push it until he goes too far. Gary said he's not sure what's going on there.

    Jon said the Wack Pack is on Periscope and he wonders if this will continue. Jon asked who he'd like to see on there. Gary said the Wack Pack are getting a lot of air time doing that. He said it's like their methadone if the show is their heroin. Gary said his son was doing a show on his front lawn the other night and he put on his Periscope for like 20 seconds and he shut it off because there was so much going on with the screen. He said he just shut it off.

    Jon took a call from a guy who said one thing he has noticed is that Howard hit Howie two nights in a row. He asked why they coach some guests with the proper pronunciation of Gary's name and sometimes they don't. Gary said that's a good question. Jon said what happens is if they ask how to say it then they'll tell them. If they don't ask they won't tell them. Jon said sometimes they will be corrected and sometimes they won't.

    Jon brought up Howard's shrink and how he's been freaking out while he's been off. Jon said that he has a lot of anxiety and they'll talk more about that tomorrow. Jon said Howard can't figure out why he's so angry and thankfully they have a show to hear about that. Jon asked if Howard will ever get over that. Gary said he's not nearly as angry as he once was.

    Jon got in some plugs for today's Sternthology and mentioned they have Scott the Engineer and Gary arguing over ''Best Of'' today. That led to Gary talking about how that used to go with Scott. He said he'd give Scott a schedule in January and Scott would blow up when it wasn't done. He said it always turned into an argument.

    Jon asked Rahsaan for the poll results. Rahsaan said that Gadget Gary only got 15 percent of the votes. Techno Beaver got 85 percent. They ended the show around 11:55am.

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