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  • More Nonsense. 01/23/19. 7:00am
    Show opening bits and songs included: A phony phone call to an oil delivery company using clips of Howard talking about his contract, a ''Ronnie Mund Reads the Classics: The Grapes of Wrath'' bit, Chris Cornell performing ''Black Hole Sun'' in the Howard Stern Show studio, a 2019 lineup announce for the staff including Fred Norris, Gary Dell'Abate, Robin Quivers and Howard Stern.

    Howard started the show talking about his opening song with curse words and everything. He said Rob Zombie is a rebel for doing that. Robin said he's one of the biggest. Fred played some ''Hey Now'' clips and Howard repeated that. He said that's the greatest.

    Howard said they're working their asses off there doing another live show. He said they work on nonsense 24/7. He said he has a whole team back there working on it. He said it's great to be part of this organization.

    Howard said just yesterday they pretended to be Ivanka Trump and called into a talk show. He said they all looked at one another and said ''More nonsense.'' He said their jobs are so stupid there. He said they wonder why they're doing this. He said he has a headache from that song. He yelled at it to shut up. He said it should fade down.

    Howard said they are up to nonsense. He said this is the call he was talking about. He played the call that fake Ivanka made to a call in show. Fake Ivanka said she was calling in to give people a way to cut down on expenses during the government shutdown. She suggested a garage sale. She also said she was getting an enema while she was on the phone. Ivanka said dine at home instead of going out to eat. Ivanka kept farting wet farts while she was giving these suggestions. She suggested that people donate kidneys to make money during the shutdown. The host of the show said she would never do that. Ivanka let out some more farts. The host hung up on her and thanked her for calling in.

    Howard asked if there's anyone out there without a show. He said it sounds like ham radio. He said the nonsense just goes on and on.

  • Newlywet Game Preview. 01/23/19. 7:10am
    Howard said they're planning more nonsense with the Newlywet Game. He said this is going to be next week and they'll have Brent and his wife vs. Ronnie and his fiancee. He said it's a Newlywed Game but it's wet because of their sexual stuff. Robin said it's the natural juices like Ronnie says. Howard said he could listen to that clip all day long. Howard said the guys are betting on who will win.

    Howard wondered how Brent's wife's implants came out. He said they'll have to find out. Fred played Ronnie saying ''Natural juices'' and Howard goofed on that a bit.

    Gary came in and said he's betting on Brent in this. He said he thinks that Brent is really tuned into his wife because he has to be to keep that thing going. He said he's putting his money on them to win.

    Howard said they'll have Ronnie and Brent in the game. Brent came in and said that he has really had to get down and have some deep conversations with his wife. He said that they're going to win this thing.

    Howard said Brent and his wife are the worst swingers. He said they haven't swung yet. Brent said that they are working on it. Howard said no one is swinging with them yet. He asked what's going on with that. Brent said they're getting there. Howard asked how the new tits are. Brent said it went great and they're good. He said she went to Florida for the implants. Howard said the best doctors are in New York. Brent said the best tittie doctor is in Tampa. He said he has known this guy his whole life. He said he's seen his work and it's amazing. He said she got silicone implants. He said he obsessed over the positioning and the shoulder width so they look amazing. He said he's known this guy his whole life. He said he would not trust anyone else to do it. Brent said he didn't get a discount or anything. He said he paid for everything. He said he's not sure if the guy gave him a break on anything.

    Howard asked what it cost. Brent said it was just under $7,000. He said the estimate was 8-10000. He said that her implant failed so they got some money back. He said she got a 585 cc implant. Howard said that's a lot of CCs. Brent said it is. He said it's over a D-cup. He said she'll be a double or triple D. Gary asked if that's not too big. Brent said no way. He said she's 5'8'' and she's athletic so they'll fit her good.

    Howard asked if he can do missionary with that. Brent said he can. He said she had the operation last week and she had to stay down there to get some checks done and things like that. He said she had to have two post-op appointments to make sure everything was good.

    Gary asked how she gets money back on an implant that failed. Brent said they have serial numbers on them so they know where they came from. Gary asked how they got the money back. Brent said it's the manufacturer. He said one hardened and one failed so they went back to them.

    Howard said Brent thinks he can win this game. Brent said Ronnie and his fiancee are great together. Ronnie came in asking how he knows. He said this is bullshit. Ronnie said this is a sex game. Howard said it's not a sex game. Ronnie said he didn't agree to a sex game. Howard said it's a game show. He said it's not a sex game.

    Ronnie said that they won the last time they played this game. Robin asked why he's getting so angry. Ronnie said it's bullshit. Gary said he didn't say anything about Ronnie. He said he just thinks that Brent is tuned into his wife. Ronnie told him to bet on him then.

    Robin said she was going to bet on Ronnie but now she's not sure. Ronnie said it became a wrestling match. Gary said he made it that. Brent said they have a competition and they'll find out who will win. Brent said he thinks that he has this argument kind of thing with Stephanie so he can avoid having conversations with her.

    Ronnie was yelling over everyone when they were trying to talk. Ronnie said bet on Brent and his wife. He said they seem to know everything. Howard said Ronnie isn't listening. He said this is a Newlywed game and not a sexual game. Ronnie said bet on Brent.

    Jason came in and said a lot of people are betting on Ronnie. He said most think Brent and his wife, Katelyn, can win. Jason said Shuli changed his mind this morning and he's now on Ronnie.

    Howard asked why he changed. Jason said he'd have to ask Shuli. Shuli came in a short time later and said he thinks that Stephanie knows everything about Ronnie because she doesn't want to piss him off. Howard said it's like walking around a land mine. He said he'll go off on her. Shuli said Katelyn is so aggressive that she doesn't think about Brent the way Stephanie thinks about Ronnie. He said that Ronnie also does things for Stephanie to make her happy and they've also been together a long time.

    Jason said that Chris Wilding thinks that Ronnie has no chance at all. Ronnie said of course. Howard took a call from a guy who said that Ronnie likes to find reasons to get pissed off for no reason. Howard said he came in there so pissed off. He said he has to explain what he hears on radio. He said that he's not sure what's wrong with Ronnie. He said he has zero comprehension. Howard said Jason should change it to Newlywed Game so Ronnie doesn't have an aneurysm.

    Howard took another call from a guy who said that angry outbursts are an indicator of senility. Howard said he has to chill out. Ronnie said he doesn't have to. Howard said he's yelling about shit that he doesn't have to yell about.

    Chris Wilding came in and Ronnie said he wants to hear what he has to say. Howard said he'll let him know when to talk. Chris said that he hangs with Brent and his wife and they seem to love each other. He said that Ronnie and Stephanie don't seem to have that. He said Ronnie is angry. Ronnie said he's never hung out with them. He said he did a stupid piece on him. He said it was about their fucking Christmas lights. Chris said he's constantly yelling at his wife and never listens to her. He asked how she can compete with him ever. Ronnie said he knows nothing about her even though they've been together for 12 years. Chris said he doesn't think he can even get hard. He said he's a lip dick, angry old fool. Howard said that's enough of that.

    Howard said Chris thinks that Brent and Katelyn can win this game. Ronnie said he doesn't give a shit about anybody. Howard said if he put money on Ronnie can he win. Ronnie said no. He said Brent is going to win. Howard said he thinks that Ronnie can win. Ronnie said he doesn't know anything. The guys said they got Ronald. HE's getting serious now. Ronnie said figure it out for yourself.

    Howard asked Brent if he and his wife are boning up. Brent said he's finding out what her favorites are. He said he knows her very well though. He said they've lived in close quarters since 2013.

    Brent said that when you're swingers you have to have a deep down conversation with the person. Ronnie asked what that has to do with anything. Howard said that's a good question. Chris explained it to them.

    Memet came in and said that both of them are lug heads. He said he knows that he could win if he and his girlfriend played. He said he's only been with her for 4 months. Howard said he has said that he loves her on Instagram. Brent said he knows her better than these guys do. Brent said that's ridiculous. Memet said that Brent is like an idiot savant so he will win. He said with Ronnie it goes in one ear and out the other. Howard said that's a good point.

    Memet said that he has a list of things that every man should know about his wife. He asked Ronnie what his anniversary date is. Ronnie didn't answer. He said he knows the answer. He said it's May 4th. Memet said that he was looking for the answer. Howard had him ask another. Memet asked what Stephanie's favorite song is. Ronnie said it's a Kesha song. He said he doesn't know the name of it. Memet said he didn't even know the anniversary date.

    Memet asked Brent some questions and he had his answers immediately. Memet said that means he can win this thing. Howard asked what Memet's favorite movie is. Memet said it's the Mr. Rogers documentary. Howard said that just came out. Ronnie said after all these years that's her favorite. Memet said it is. Brent said that he has to live with her for a few years before he can play this game. Memet said they would wipe the floor with these idiots. Brent said he hasn't put enough time into it.

    Howard said Memet thinks that Brent is going to win. Memet said that Brent is going to get a lot more answers than Ronnie.

    Chris said that with Ronnie it's his way or the highway and there's no way they can win. Howard said he's thinking about his bet. He said if he goes in he's going all in on his horse. He said he loves both of them but he has to pick the right one.

    Memet said that he'd bet with more than one person. He said he's that confident. Shuli asked if he's willing to put up his hair for that bet. Howard said no one is betting their hair. He said Shuli just wants his hair.

    Howard asked Sal who is going to win. Sal said if Memet was in it he'd pick Memet. He said he has pulled some tricks before. He said between Ronnie and Brent he would go with Brent. He said that Ronnie isn't fully invested in knowing everything about Stephanie. He said if a girl is eating your ass then they are fully invested. Howard said Stephanie does that. Sal said that she may not be doing it willingly. He said he thinks she does it to keep Ronnie quiet.

    Jason said he would bet on Ronnie. He said he thinks that Ronnie is going to win this thing. He said he thinks they've been together so long and he just thinks that they know each other.

    Howard took a call from Competitive Brent who said that Ronnie is going down. He was going on and on like real Brent talking about that stuff.

    Memet said he'll take the bet with Jason. Jason went for that. Howard said that maybe they should put the winner of this thing up against Memet. Howard asked Robin if they should put Memet into it. Jason said if they're all arguing then it's going to be a lot to take. Memet said that he'll take on the champion.

    Howard asked Ronnie what's going on because he's quiet all of a sudden. Ronnie said that he didn't think this was going to be a wrestling match. He said you don't have to make a whole big deal out of this. Everyone laughed at that comment. Ronnie said he didn't have to tear him apart. He asked why Memet was even in there. Howard said he asked him to come in. He said they're betting on them. Howard said they're trying to figure things out.

    Howard said he is gathering evidence. He said if you bet on a football game you look at the stats. Ronnie said they don't call people in for that. Howard said these are his experts. Jason said this is a radio show and they have to say things out loud. Ronnie said he knows that.

    Howard asked Ronnie how he saw this segment going. Ronnie said it's going great. Howard said he wants to know how he thought this was going to go. Ronnie said they don't have a pre show for this stuff. He said just make your fucking bet and get it over with. Everyone laughed again. Howard asked why he's so upset. Ronnie said he's not upset. Ronnie said he's senile.

    Howard said Memet says Brent will win. Chris is going with Brent. Sal says Brent will win. Jason is going with Ronnie.

    Ronnie said he already won this once. Howard asked who he did it against. Jason said it was Benjy and Elisa.

    Jason asked if they can bet something bigger like if Brent loses can Ronnie and Stephanie have a threesome with Katelyn. Brent said no way. Howard said they're not betting like that.

    Howard took a call from a guy who said he thinks that Brent is wrong for letting his wife do this surgical intervention. Robin said they're in the bizzaro zone on this. Howard hung up on the guy.

    The guys asked Robin what she's thinking with this. Robin said she's undecided right now. She said she was thinking Ronnie but even he's not that confident. Gary said some of them aren't that confident on Brent because he's been that confident in other things that he didn't end up winning.

    Howard asked JD what he thinks. JD said he thinks Ronnie will win. He said he doesn't know Brent and his wife that well.

    Howard said he heard that JD won't let his wife on air and she wants to be on air. JD said she loves attention so of course she wants to be on air. He said he's not getting involved in this though. Howard asked when she said she wants to be on air. JD said whenever this kind of thing comes up. JD said he wants to have a separate life. He doesn't want to bring it on air. Chris asked why he married a fan then. JD told him to shut up. Jason said JD was lying about her not wanting to go on the air. JD said that was the case before. Jason said she wants to be on the air now. He said he started asking JD and JD put his foot down. JD said that he told Jason and Will that if they want to talk to her then go right ahead and whatever. Memet asked if he's protecting her or himself. JD said both.

    Howard asked if Ronnie thinks that he could beat JD. Ronnie said he doesn't know. He was being really mellow now so Shuli yelled at him the wake the fuck up. He said he wants to bet on him and he has to get something out of him. Howard said he just wants to know if he thinks he can beat them. Ronnie said he's answering the question. Howard said in the car he talks to him about stuff and he has tons of answers. Ronnie said he never talked about this in the car. Howard said he has opinions in the car. He said he never talked about this.

    Howard took a call from a guy who said this game is going to put Ronnie in his grave. Ronnie said it is not. The caller said that this is Ronnie's core of his life and even if he knows Stephanie really well he has never been able to articulate that to them. He said he's not articulate. Ronnie went off on that guy and told him to go fuck himself. The caller had mentioned something about Ronnie saying Stephanie had a fat head or something and that set Ronnie off. Ronnie kept telling him to fuck off. The caller said Chris' reporting led to them talking about how Ronnie said Stephanie has an ''ugly head.'' Ronnie said get it straight.

    Gary said Memet already got his girlfriend's favorite movie wrong. He said he got a text saying that it's actually ''Harold and Maude.'' Memet said that Mary is wrong and she doesn't know what she likes. Ronnie said that he's fucked up. Gary said she wrote that they would lose because he doesn't know her answer. Memet said to tell her to stop texting because he doesn't need her help right now.

    Howard said calm down. He said next week is a battle royale between Ronnie, Stephanie and Brent and Katelyn. He said she'll be in with her new titties. He said that's it. Robin asked if Ronnie understands the game. Howard said try not to have a stroke over this. He said it's just a game.

    Howard said he just wants to bet on the game. Ronnie said do it then. Shuli asked if he bets on him is that money gone. Ronnie told him to do whatever he wants. He said bet on Brent.

    Howard said on a straight bet between these two, Brent and Ronnie, he's going to bet on Ronnie. Shuli said he's on Ronnie too. Brent said he'll take that bet. Memet said he'll take that bet too. He said he's got that $100 with all three of them. Robin was betting Ronnie too. Memet said he'll go 200 with Robin. Memet said he has 500 all in. He has Shuli, Howard, Jason and Robin. Howard asked Chris who he wants. Chris said he's taking Brent. Howard took his bet. Howard told Ronnie not to fuck up and make him look bad. Shuli said he has to win. He said he believes in him.

    Memet said he wants his cash that day. Howard said he will have it. He said he's still saying that if they get anyone else in on this that between Ronnie and Brent he's betting on Ronnie. Gary said they could have JD and Memet go against each other in another game and have the winners of the two go up against each other.

    Howard said that the cat is going to be out of the bag if JD's wife comes in. He asked if he's going to let her take her burka off. JD let out some odd sound. Ronnie told him to stand up for himself. JD said if it's something she wants to do then he won't deny her. He said he would prefer not to do it.

    Howard asked Ronnie if he could beat JD. Ronnie said yes. Howard said that's what he wants to hear.

    Brent said he saw JD's wife doing Power Cleans and she's very strong. Howard said he heard that Brent's wife wants to do JD's wife. Howard asked if JD would let her do that. JD said things are weird with people from work. He said he's not going to do that. JD said that he doesn't know. Howard said Brent's wife hit on almost every wife at the Christmas party.

    Howard took a call from fake JD's wife who was mumbling and not able to get anything out just like JD. Howard said she's sounding a lot like JD now. She was hooting and laughing like JD. Howard said he was surprised to learn that she can power clean really well. She let out some more hoots.

    Howard said he's excited about the game. Ronnie said he is too. Howard said he has money on him. Ronnie said he's ready. Robin said she's scared for JD. She said he wants that separate life. Ronnie said JD doesn't want it but he won't come out and say it. JD said he did say it. He said he's not like a fucking dictator or whatever.

    Gary said he got a text from JD's wife. He said she says she respects JD's wishes and she will not be on the air. Robin said now she's upset with JD. Gary said that she did say she would love it if she could go on the air but she respects JD's wishes. The guys were all goofing on JD over that. JD said if she wants to come on then she can come on. He said he's done fighting. Shuli said he's fighting himself.

    Howard said he likes that Gary is texting with everyone's wife. He said even when Robin was dating Mr. X he came on the air. Everyone's wife has been on. Sal said he and his wife were on and they get along just great. He said she shot his ass with a paintball gun.

    Some of the guys thought that JD should bring her on the air. Howard said he's posting pictures of her out there.

    Howard asked Fred who he's going with in this game. Fred said he's picking Ronnie. He said he thinks they can pull it off.

    Brent said that just listen to Ronnie's proposal. He said that wasn't tender or loving. Shuli said that they could say that about Brent and his wife going out and eye fucking other people while your wife is with some other dude.

    Howard said they're calling it the Newlywet Game even though it's not a sexual game. He said it's a match game. He said he has a lot of money on Ronnie and his wife. He said he's just going with his instinct. He said he loves Brent too.

    Howard said they have to figure out if Memet can play this game. He said he thinks he knows more about his girlfriend after 4 months than these guys do after years. Memet said he didn't miss the movie. He said that she forgot. Memet said that she got it wrong. Ronnie said Memet is fucked up. Brent said he and Ronnie agree on that. Memet said he's going to make $500 because Ronnie doesn't know his fiancee.

    Howard said JD's wife offered her followers a yoga promo code out there. He said that she's some kind of influencer. Ronnie said it has nothing to do with the show. Ronnie said that JD doesn't want her doing it on the air. Howard said she wants to monetize that so maybe she could do it on the air. JD was trying to say something but he stumbled trying to get it out. JD said he hasn't mentioned this stuff on the air. Ronnie said JD is pissed off and he doesn't blame him. He said this is what life he wants. He said he wants a private life. He said he's not doing anything about the show on twitter. Howard said he's doing it on Twitter so it is in public.

    Howard asked if JD thinks he can beat Brent or Ronnie. JD said he has no idea. He said he thinks he knows his wife pretty well. He said she's no sure what her favorite movie is. JD said he doesn't have any favorites. He said he likes a lot of movies.

    Howard asked Gary to have JD's wife tell him what her favorite movie is. Gary said Stephanie said that they will win so everyone bet on them. Robin said that's what they want to hear. Howard said that's the attitude to have. Shuli told him to wake up and get in the game.

    Gary said Memet's girlfriend just let him know what her birthday is. Memet said that it's July 10th. Gary said that's wrong. Memet said he told her to stop texting. He said knowing someone's birthday doesn't mean that you know someone that well. Gary asked what her favorite color is. Memet said that doesn't matter. He said her favorite color is pink. Gary said it's red. Memet said that she's doing this to mess with him. He said this is how she does it. He said she messes around. Howard asked when her birthday is. Gary said it's July 19th. Memet said she's messing with him.

    Memet said he can tell you what's in her mind. He said it's loving him. Howard said Memet doesn't know shit. Memet said that she's messing around with him. Memet said that they're making him sound crazy. Ronnie said they already know he's crazy. Memet said that pink is her favorite color. Gary said they asked her that and she gave them answers. Memet said those are superficial things. Howard said he's goofing on the other guys over that stuff. He said he got every question wrong.

    Shuli said that Memet is so into himself that every answer has to do with him. Gary asked Memet what state she was born in. Memet said California. Gary said that's right. Gary said that he has JD's wife's favorite movie. Howard asked JD what he thinks. JD said Titanic. Gary said it's The Empire Strikes Back.

    Howard said he will try to get JD and Memet in this game but he has to talk to JD about it. Howard said he'll ask him on the air now. JD said he has to talk to the wife when he gets home. Howard asked what he's nervous about. JD said a lot of things. He stammered out his answer. Howard said this is what it's like back there. Howard said he understands what he's saying. He said this does cross a new line. He asked if he wants to hold off on this. JD said he will discuss it when he gets home. Howard said look at him. He said he's not trying to convince him either way. He said he knows he has issues. Robin said she wants to convince him to do it. Howard said his mental health is more important to him. He said if it feels that it's going to push him over the edge then he won't make him do it. He said if he really doesn't want to do it then he won't push him to do it. He said he's with him. Howard kept telling him to look at him. JD was looking somewhere else. Howard said if this is something private he wants then he won't make him do it.

    Howard said he has shared everything else on the air but he won't do this. Howard said this is his marriage. Robin said she's not sure what doing a Newlywed game can do to a marriage. Robin said his wife wants to be on the air for a couple of hours or whatever. JD said they can live on through video and the internet. He said it could affect her job and she could get harassed online. Robin said he's imagining things. She said they can't control things that happen online. Robin said they all get that there.

    Howard said he likes how this is going. Howard said there are a lot of questions up in the air. Gary said that he just wants to say that Memet's girlfriend sent a copy of her passport and her birthday is July 19th. Memet said this is her sense of humor. Gary asked what her favorite song is. Memet said it's George Michael ''Careless Whisper.'' Gary said it's actually a Beethoven song. Memet said he has to talk to her off the air. Memet thanked Mary for fucking everything up. Howard said that his relationship is so fucked up that he was complaining that she won't let him like pictures of other women on Instagram. Memet said that every guy does that there.

    Howard said he doesn't even know his girlfriend's birthday. Memet said he hasn't been with her on her birthday. He said that everything they've experienced together is what they know.

    Howard said Memet will lose if he plays. Memet said he will not. He said she's just messing around and giving the wrong answers. He said at the end of the day they are solid.

    Howard took a call from a woman who said that she follows JD's wife online and she's doing a lot of stuff in public. She said she's doing all of this stuff and JD won't let her on the show. Howard said it may open up a different world for her and JD is afraid of that. The caller said she thinks that his wife is beautiful. She said she thinks they need to get her on the show. Howard said she sounds like her biggest fan.

    Howard took a call from a woman who asked what happened to Memet. She said he used to be normal back in 2017 and now he's the biggest cunt. Memet said that this woman calls in all the time. He said she's obsessed with him. Howard asked if she's attracted to him. she said that she's not attracted to him. She said she likes a man who gets hard. Memet said he wouldn't be able to with her because he's sure she's hideous. <>Howard said he's not sure how this turned into a war. Howard said he's not sure Memet would do very well in this game. Memet said he's just saying that he'd do better than Ronnie in this game and he's only known this girl for 4 months.

    Gary said he's looking at the bets and 95 percent of them are Memet. He asked if he has $500 to lose. Memet said he does. He said that's all he has to lose. Sal said if Memet plays he thinks he will win.

    Howard took a call from a woman who said that JD should not let his wife go on the air. She said you can not rewind that. She said that he will regret it. Shuli said she's not coming in to do porn. He said she's coming in to play a game. The caller said they will replay it over and over again. Howard asked JD if he's being influenced by this. JD said that stuff is already in his head. He said he is well aware. The caller told JD not to do it. He said his wife does not have skin in this game. Howard said she wants it though. Brent said she's a public figure. He said she has social media accounts. The caller said she may regret it. Chris said that it's up to her so let her do it if she wants to.

    Robin wondered why JD would object to it if it's something she wants to do. JD said if she wants to come on the show so bad she can come on and fuck everything. Howard said she seems to like the idea of coming in. He said if it's going to upset JD then maybe not. Howard asked what he envisions being the worst thing to happen. JD said she may not be available next week anyway. He said he's texting her now.

    Chris said JD met her because she's a fan of the show. He said he thinks that JD is thinking that if other guys see her and become aware of her then she might go for someone else. JD said everything is fine and that's not it. The caller said that once you have that stuff out there then you're a sound byte. Shuli asked what kind of questions they think they're going to ask. Howard said it's not sexual. He said it's a straight up Newlywed Game. The caller said you know they're going to ask other stuff.

    Howard took a call from Hulk who said he has to hear JD's wife to find out why she fucks JD. Then Hulk turned into Dr. Banner and said Memet is kind of an asshole. Howard spent a minute talking to him about having JD's wife on the air. Banner said that he thinks it would be great. Then he turned into Hulk again and said he wants JD's wife to fuck Katelyn. He said Hulk is horny.

    Howard took a call from a guy who said that caller has to shut up. He said this has to happen. Howard said it's just a regular Newlywed Game. He said he doesn't want it to go horribly wrong for him and have JD hold it against him. He said he'd rather have him hold it against Robin. Robin said she can take it.

    Howard said JD will talk it over with his wife and they'll find out. JD said she's a little tied up at the moment. Howard asked if there is some small part of JD who wants to promote her career. JD said not necessarily. He said she's not an influencer. Howard said she is going down that path. He said that's her business and not his. JD said that people probably stalked his Instagram and then followed her. Chris said that he announced his engagement on Twitter. He said he did but he didn't tag her in it. JD asked them to just leave him alone.

    The caller said it's not sexual and it's just a game. Howard said he's not sure what Ronnie got so upset about. The caller said he's not sure what JD is worried about either.

    Howard took a call from a guy who said he gets that JD is insecure about this whole thing. He said that he's with that Fruity Wilding guy on this.

    Howard took a call from Mariann from Brooklyn who said shame on her for wanting to get on the air. She said don't do it to JD. Howard hung up on her.

    Howard took a call from a woman who said that Memet should be in on this game. She said she doesn't get how he's validating getting them wrong. Howard said he thinks that he just wants in on the game. The caller also told Ronnie to have some confidence.

    Howard took another call from a woman who said that they should not let Memet in the game because he will ruin it. Memet said that everyone was getting questions wrong.

    Howard took a call from a guy who said that Memet is trying to work on his self awareness but he has to stop starting every sentence with ''Listen!'' Howard said good point.

    Howard took a call from Jim from Raleigh who asked if JD is feeling used by his wife wanting to get on the air. JD said not necessarily. Jim said he did kind of use the show. JD told Jim to shut up. Howard asked if he would prefer that she get off of Twitter and Instagram. JD said whatever. He said it's her life so whatever. Howard asked Ronnie what he thinks. Ronnie said JD just doesn't want to play the game and have her on the air. He said that once she comes on the air it's not going to be a good thing for him.

    Jason said that he spoke to JD about it and he hates that she's on social media. He said he hates it. Jim said he's a private guy. Howard said he's going to let JD do whatever he wants. He said he will talk to him privately. Robin said now she doesn't want him in the game. JD said he will know by tomorrow.

    Howard took a call from a woman who said that JD tagged his wife in his birthday post on Instagram on her birthday. Howard said that's interesting. JD said he's not throwing anyone under the bus but yes. Chris said that means she wanted to be tagged. Howard said she wants to be on the Newlywed Game. Shuli said just give her a taste and we'll see if she wants more.

    Robin said she didn't know this meant so much to JD. Ronnie said that it really does. Howard said this is like a vampire who can make you live forever but you have to let him do it. He said once you make her a vampire then it's never going to end. Howard asked if JD is worried that she'll be too famous from the show. JD said this is more about protecting her. Robin said she's not wanting to protect herself. JD said that this is just the way he is. Robin told JD to bite her already.

    Ronnie said JD is getting more and more pissed. Howard said he knows what's going on in his head. He did an impression of JD thinking about how she's going to get famous and end up dating Pete Davidson.

    Howard wrapped up the segment and said they'll have the Newlywed Game next week. He said we'll see what happens. He said they'll find out if JD is going to be involved. He said it's a cliff hanger. They went to break a short time later.


  • Calls, Email And Richard's Dental Work. 01/23/19. 8:50am
    After the break Howard came right back and said he's going not the studio next week with Mark Ronson. Robin said she was thinking about that. She said that he's going back into the studio and JD wants to do a documentary. Howard said he didn't get back to JD about that. He said they were discussing how he got Mark Ronson to work on it. He said he's already working on it. Robin said she hopes it's not one of those things where they can't tell it's Howard. Howard said he hopes not. He said he should be in it. He said he doesn't know his song very well. He said Fred has played it for him 100 times. He said he's just too tired to listen to it. He said he'll just wing it. He said maybe he can practice if he sends him some tracks.

    Robin asked if he changed the melody at all. Howard said he better have. Howard said he needs a hit song. Robin said he needs his Disco Duck. Howard said that's right. He said that's the one prize that has eluded him. Robin said she's not sure why Gangnam Style wasn't given to Howard.

    Howard took a call from a guy who said he is a new listener and he has been part of his morning routine lately. He said he just wanted to say it's an awesome show. Howard said that's right, we're your pals. Robin said they're all in this club together.

    Robin said she's a little worried now. She said she thought they were having a fun conversation and now she's worried.

    Howard said he wants to give a shout out to Jimmy Kimmel who was hosting the Chris Cornell tribute in California. Howard said he watched some of the clips on social media and he gave a Baba Booey and a Hit 'em with the Hein at the concert. Howard played a clip of Jimmy doing that after someone in the audience yelled out Baba Booey.

    Howard said he was going through the email about JD and his pitch to direct a video of the making of his song with Mark Ronson. Howard asked Gary if Mark knows if the song sucks he's not going to put it out. Gary said it's all up to Howard what happens with the song. Howard said he can't be embarrassed. Robin asked what happens if everyone loves it but he hates it. Howard said it's not getting put out.

    Howard took a call from a guy who said that it seems like other people copy his interviews and he wonders if that upsets him. Howard said not at all. He said that it's bound to happen. The caller said that Seth Meyers did the same interview with Pete that Howard did. Howard said he doesn't know if that's true. He said the older he gets the less he cares about stuff like that. He said he has his fans and they know what he's doing.

    Howard said he used to get upset about that stuff. He said he can't get upset now. Robin said that if something interesting comes out of an interview Howard does then other people may want to find out more about that.

    Howard took a call from a guy who asked what he thinks about the federal agent on The Punisher. Howard said she's hot. He said that he likes what they're doing with that show. He said he's only 2 episodes into the new season. He said he likes it a lot though. He said that Beth will walk in and say ''Oh, you're watching your show...'' He said she slows him down. He said he'll watch something with her that they both watch. He said that Beth was booked on a bunch of shows. He said she taped Rachel Ray yesterday and she had a cute outfit on. He said she didn't even consult him about it. Howard said Rachel has donated so much money to the animal charities they work with. He said she's awesome. He said she's a saint like his wife. Howard said for every animal Jason eats and devours Rachel saves one. Howard said Jason eats so much meat. He said he's constantly with the animals.

    Howard said he was told that Jason made a new years resolution to lose weight. He said he's not sure that's going to happen. He said they followed Jason to this Pig Island place. He said it makes him sick to hear it. Howard said he can break and then get to the Pig Island stuff. He said it's really disgusting. Robin asked how you find out about Pig Island. Howard said it's really gross. He said he's trying not to eat that stuff. Gary said the whole point was because they butterflied a cow and Jason wanted to eat that. Howard said they say that the number 1 cause of global warming is because of eating cows. He said it's the farting.

    Howard said Beth is going on the Ellen show soon. He asked Mariann when she's on. Mariann was on the phone and said it's on Friday. She said they're also doing the Cat Bowl next weekend. Howard said there are so many cats in the shelters. He said his wife got two 15 year old cats that the owners just threw out. He said they took in the older cats and they're so great.

    Gary came in and said Mariann is so crazy. He said she sent over a picture of herself giving the finger to Simon Cowell. Howard said Mariann is so cute and that voice does not match her face. Howard said he's sure there's not a guy in their audience who wouldn't bang her.

    Howard said JD pitched this idea to make this documentary about the making of the song and Steve Lacey tweeted about how bad the pitch was. Jason said Steve is a local FOX news anchor.

    Howard said they also got a lot of reaction to Richard reacting to the Chiefs losing. He said a grown man crying over that is ill. He said he gets that you want to have a team and you feel disappointed but crying over it is strange. He read some email from people who wrote in about Richard's crying. Howard said Richard's mouth is in pain today. He said that he had to get some dental work done and he's in pain today.

    Howard had Richard come in to talk about his dental work. Richard said his face is beating with his heart. He said his face is throbbing. He said that this has been a 5 month process. He said they had to dig into the bone in his jaw after his root canal got infected. He said that they had to heal that and then put a screw in his jaw bone for an implant. He said then they took the crown and put that in. He said it was like he was a car getting its motor worked on. He said he thinks the tooth was out so long the other teeth moved in and they had to squeeze it in. Robin said the crown was sized months ago. Howard said if you use a towel as a toothbrush it doesn't work. Richard said he admits he fucked his teeth up. He said he's really in pain today. He said the sound of the drill and stuff was so loud.

    Howard asked if he's really not going to watch the Super Bowl. Richard said he's not going to. He said he's sick of the Patriots.

    Gary said that Richard has to get work done on the other side too. He said that he has to get a root canal done and then he's putting off the work for 5 years. Richard said he can't spend all of that money on his mouth. Howard asked if he hates Tom Brady or Oral Surgery more. Richard said the surgery. He said it's hard to hate Tom Brady after meeting him. Howard did a live commercial read and went to break. - As Seen on Howard Stern

  • Live News Screw Ups And More Phone Calls. 01/23/19. 9:20am
    After the break Howard came right back and said he is going to play Pig Island but he wants to do some other catching up. He said he has some live news fuck ups. He said they're coughing fits. He said they love to hear this stuff. Howard said this is a HLN news anchor who had a coughing fit. He played the clip and the woman started coughing and wasn't able to stop. They just cut away from her. Howard said he loves that and he's not sure why. Howard said if you cough just go with it. Robin said she has had hiccups on the air. She said if she doesn't hydrate enough she will cough. She said she has to take water with her to the theater because it's too dry in there.

    Howard said this is another news anchor coughing. Howard played that one and the woman started coughing so bad that another anchor had to take over for her.

    Howard said this was Tucker Carlson choking on something when he was introducing a guest. Howard played that clip and Tucker had something stuck in his throat. Howard said it's probably one of Trump's pubes. Tucker kept going and his guest told him to take a drink and it will pass.

    Howard was doing an impression of that like he was wrestler Goldust. Fred played some Goldust clips too.

    Howard said a guest on FOX news had a coughing attack while talking about the migration caravan. He played that clip and the woman started to cough and kept trying to speak. She drank some water and tried to keep going but she lost her voice. They had to cut away from her. Howard said he would have boiled her microphone.

    Howard took a call from a guy who said he wants to say that he was watching the segment with Richard talking about his sports thing. He said he was so frustrated because his close ups were horrible. He said his teeth are so yellow. He asked them to never have another close up again. Howard said you've got it. Robin asked how close they can get. The caller said not enough to see his teeth and what's going on in his gums. Howard said they're putting a new camera in that will shoot from space.

    Howard said Richard will be doing a bit where he tastes wine with his asshole. He said he can tell the difference between red and white. Howard said they will zoom in close on his ass when they do that.

    Howard took a call from a guy who said he had a chance to see Metallica last night and they tore the house down. He said they came out at 8:30 and walked off at 11:15. Howard said he knows exactly how he feels. He said he has been to two or three Metallica shows. He said he ends up being more blown away each time. He said one time they were doing a show with a 70 piece orchestra. He said that James Hetfield is a manly dude. He said he comes out and that's what every man should look like. He said he could have been someone really tough. He said that he sings in a really masculine way. He said he holds the guitar in a masculine way. He said he's everything Brent wants to be. He said the bass player is something else too. He said he looks like a wild beast.

    Howard said he saw them at the Apollo and they were bad ass there. He said it's so masculine. Howard played some of their live stuff from their studio. Howard asked what man wouldn't want to go see that. He said they're unbelievable. Howard said you want to go in the woods nude and go around with your bow and arrow. He said he's not sure if they're the greatest but they're right up there. He said you have to go see them do at least one live performance in your life.

    Howard said he thinks he took Ralph to that concert with the orchestra. He had Ralph on the phone. Howard said he got laid that night. He said he went out and fucked. He said that he had to get a hold of someone after that show. He said it was crazy. He said it was him, Ralph and Richie. He said they were taking their pants off there. Ralph said he thinks they went out to a club after and had a party. He said you really did get charged up. He said it was in the round and they were in between the band and the audience. He said it was fucking amazing. Ralph said they don't stop playing. He said it's just fucking crazy.

    Howard said his friend started taking his pants off and mooning the audience. He said it's not gay if you do that at a Metallica show. He said you can blow a guy there and it's not gay. He said it's insane there. Fred played another Metallica song and some blow job gagging clips over it. Howard said he loves those guys. He said Ralph pulled his eyes out and threw them on stage. Ralph said that was a once in a lifetime thing. Howard said it really was.

    Howard took a call from a guy who said that he will do his Underdog lady for no reason at all. Howard said he as to get to part two of that Embedded. The caller said that they have announced a prequel to The Sopranos and it's going to have James Gandolfini's son playing a young Tony Soprano. Howard said that seems crazy to him. He said that his son has a resemblance to him but what are the chances that he could be a great actor like his dad. Howard said it seems crazy to him. Robin said they probably wouldn't take that franchise and dumb it down. Howard said David Chase wrote it. He said that it sounds nutty to him but maybe the kid can act. He said it's like John Gambling giving his son the radio show. Or Franklin Graham taking over for his tent show fucking preacher dad. Robin said even that Pat Robertson has a son trying to look like his dad. He said he drolls on just like his dad too.

    The caller asked where that show could end up. Howard said he's not sure. He said it's crazy that Netflix is the place to do shows like that now. He said it used to be HBO.

    Howard had Ralph on the phone to talk about the Sopranos thing. Ralph said they announced this a while ago. He said it's going to be centered around the Newark riots and it should be great. He said it's going to be a movie and not a franchise. He said you don't know how much Tony will be in it. He said it's going to be from that time but it's about them growing up. He said it's going to be like the flashbacks in The Sopranos. Howard said it is about Tony Soprano growing up. Ralph said it's not. He said it's a time in Newark when the riots were going on. It's more about the father and his friends.

    Howard took a call from a guy who said that Ralph is right about what the movie will be about. He said it's not about Tony but more about his father. He said Michael is also in The Deuce and he's good in that.

    The caller also asked Ralph what his logic is for not watching the Super Bowl. Ralph told him his reason and said he will not be watching the game. Howard said enough with this. He said he has to go.

    the caller asked if Howard is excited about the Deadwood movie. Howard said not at all. He said no one cares about Deadwood. Robin said she does but she doesn't care about the movie. Howard said he's boycotting that. Howard went to break after that.


  • Gary's Latest Screw Up. 01/23/19. 9:50am
    After the break Howard came right back and said he just had a very strange conversation with Gary. He said he came in bragging about David Chase writing him a beautiful email about his book ''They Call Me Baba Booey.'' He said he told Gary you can't do better than David Chase. He said then Gary said ''Oh, it wasn't David Chase.'' He said it was a different writer on The Sopranos. Gary said it was a guy who wrote some other stuff and The Sopranos. He said it was Terrence Winter. Howard said that's crazy. Gary said he fucked that up. Howard said he can't talk about it. Robin said that's too much.

    Howard said that's like saying that Robin Quivers complimented him and then 10 minutes later saying it was Memet. Gary said Terrence Winters wrote a lot of great stuff. Howard said that's so wrong though.

    Howard wondered what happened in Gary's brain. Gary said he got his Sopranos writers screwed up. Robin said Gary read the letter and appreciated it but then he got it wrong who it was. Howard said it's like saying that Barack Obama wrote you a letter and then 5 minutes later you say it was Ronald Reagan. Gary asked if he's dealing with the person who forgot that Howard had a cat named Yoda after reading the book about Yoda. Robin said the book she read but that has nothing to do with forgetting Howard had a cat named Yoda.

    Howard asked why his lip is bleeding. Gary said he has a scab on it. He said he's not sure what happened. Jason said he thought it was bleeding too. He said it looks like it's bleeding out of his lip. Gary said it's not. He said he may have bitten his lip. Howard said his teeth may have knocked into his lip. Howard said maybe it's Jon Hein's lipstick.

    Howard said he isn't going to bust Gary's balls anymore. Gary said that Terrence Winter produced 79 episodes. Howard said Gary came in there telling him the nicest letter he got was from David Chase. Howard said Fred was there when he said it. Fred said he did an about face about all of that. Gary said he corrected himself. Howard said he was going to do Pig Island but he's out of time. He said he can't sit there all day. He said he's doing 4 hours and they want him to stay all day. Gary said oh come on. Then he said he didn't realize how late it was. Howard said he will get to it eventually. He said they have 2 years worth of shows coming up. He asked what the rush is.

  • King of All Blacks And Rahsaan's Rant. 01/23/19. 9:55am
    Howard said he has King of All Blacks on the phone. He said people hate him in the email. Fred said people really do hate him. He said they love him because they get to hate him on the air.

    Howard took the call from King of All Blacks and said that Rahsaan did a rant about him and King called in and left a message about that. King said that Rahsaan is just a white dude dipped in chocolate. He asked if he saw the thing about Chris Brown. Howard said he did. Robin said he's been cleared of all charges. king said they won't talk about that. Robin said he's going to sue her. King said she should do 15 years in prison for lying. Howard said if she lied about rape he has a big problem with that. He said women who are raped are afraid to bring it up. He said he's not sure about the clearing but it's a terrible thing to do if you accuse someone of doing something that they didn't do. Howard said he agrees that she should be locked up if she lied.

    Robin said that they say that the news came out that Chris was arrested and then he was let go and no charges came from that. King said people were already shitting on Chris brown on their podcasts. He said they were going off on him already because this bitch was lying. Robin asked how he gets so worked up.

    Howard said Rahsaan is doing something on the Wrap Up Show now called Rahsaan's Rant. He said that he did one about King of All Blacks and King called and left a message on Shuli's voicemail calling Rahsaan racist names. Howard played the message that King left about that rant. King was going on and on about how he was brought up in affluent neighborhoods and there's nothing wrong with that but Rahsaan has a problem with that. He was calling him names and going on and on about that rant. Howard said Shuli thinks King was drunk when he left that message. He was going on and on calling him names and talking about what he thinks he has in his house.

    Howard asked Rahsaan if he has anything to say about this. Rahsaan came in and said that he doesn't' have a white wife like King said he does. He said she is light skinned though so King might think that she's white. Howard asked why King is calling him names like that. Rahsaan said he thinks that he's just trying to take away his street cred or something. Robin said King is talking about everything he owns. Rahsaan said that he does that every time. He said he calls him a corn ball and all of that every time.

    Howard got King back on the phone and asked why he's calling him racist names. King said he was drinking some Hennessy that night. Rahsaan told him to shut the fuck up about that. He said that's like the national black liquor. King said that's what he was drinking. He said that Rahsaan is trying to fake his blackness. He said he's doing what he accused him of doing.

    Howard said imagine King sitting home in his 3 car garage drinking his Hennessy. Howard said his rant is very strange. He said he can't learn from him because he didn't have a rich father like King did. King said that's what he's talking about. He said he always slips into that barbecue talk.

    Howard said Rahsaan is some incredible runner or something. He was on the cover of Runner's World. Rahsaan said he was last year. King said he's like Obama. He said Obama is different because he fit in with the white environment. He said Rahsaan isn't going to be able to do that. Robin said King is the nuttiest guy. Howard said he cant believe that being like Obama is an insult.

    Howard asked what Rahsaan can do to improve himself. King said he has to change up his whole thinking and stop running away from his blackness. Robin said every time he runs away from that it catches right back up. King said stop trying to fit in. He asked if he wears a back pack. King said he bets his friends have dreads. King said he knows he loves sounding white. Rahsaan said he dos sound white to King. Rahsaan said that King doesn't make any sense when he calls in.

    King's phone cut out for a second so Howard used that to get out of the conversation. He said he has to be out of there on time today. He said he has to go.

    Rahsaan kept calling King ''Larry'' instead of King. Howard said he feels like King is a racist. He said he shits on black people more than any racist he's ever heard. Rahsaan said he can do better. King said he loves black people and he loves being black. Robin said he does not. She said that he thinks his Rolex makes him valid. Rahsaan said he's a fucking clown.

    King said his parents took him to a restaurant named La Vie and it was in a brownstone. He said that they were the only black people in there. He said Howard knows where he's talking about. Howard had never heard of it.

    Howard said he has to go. King said Robin understands and she's just planing along with it. King asked what kind of sneakers he has on. Rahsaan said he has Under Armor sneakers on. He said he gets sponsored by them to wear them. He said he gets paid to wear them. King said he knew he was wearing them. King asked why he doesn't know about Asics. Rahsaan said they don't pay him to wear those sneakers. King said that dinner at La Vie was like $3,000. He said it looked like a picture. Howard asked Rahsaan if this has set black people back. Rahsaan said yes by about 300 years. King said Howard ran into his father in Barbados. King asked where Rahsaan's father is. Rahsaan said in Georgia. King said he's probably eating watermelon. Howard hung up on King and did a live commercial read and went to break.


  • Robin's News. 01/23/19. 10:20am
    After the break Howard came right back and said it's time for some news. They played Robin into it with a Cardi B song parody. Howard said they love that. He said that's two songs in a row that are killer.

    Robin asked if he follows the Bikini Hiker. Howard said he does and he hopes nothing ever happens to her. Robin said he's out of luck because she has reportedly died from hypothermia. Robin said she would go around hiking and take selfies of herself in a bikini. Robin said she fell off a rock and she was only wearing a bikini. She sent a distress call but she wasn't reached until Monday. Robin said she was actually fully clothed when the found her. Robin said rest in peace Bikini Hiker. Howard said he thought that was a sad story but what are you doing?

    Robin asked what Howard's connection to Tennessee Tuxedo is. Howard said his dad recorded them all at his studio. Robin asked if he knows the name Bradley Bulk. Howard said that's his penis' name. Robin said he played Chumley. She said he has died at the age of 93. Howard said he had better not tell his dad. He said that would upset him. He said he's sure his dad got him shrimp salad sandwiches. Robin had some audio of Bradley doing his thing as Chumley. Howard said he thinks Chumley was on the spectrum. He asked Robin if Chumley and the Bikini Hiker are together finally in heaven and if he's the same age up there. Robin said she imagines you get to be the age you're stuck in your head. Robin said no one is 90 in their head. Howard said you never see those Tennessee Tuxedo cartoons anymore. He said his dad did Underdog too. Howard said he always thought that was cool that his dad did that.

    Robin read a story about Macaulay Culkin who is doing a lot to get himself out there lately. She said he's showing up on talk shows and podcasts. She said now he's being asked about his friendship with Michael Jackson. Howard said Macaulay actually took a picture with Memet. Robin laughed but Howard said he's serious. Robin said that Macaulay was on the Michael Rosenbaum podcast. Robin had some audio of Macaulay talking about his friendship with Michael. Robin said he was 10 and Michael was 33 at the time. Howard said that's just weird. Macaulay said Michael was very funny and he would make prank calls with him.

    Robin read a story about Sara Gilbert talking about becoming friends with Paul Reubens who plays Pee Wee Herman. Robin said she had a very large age gap with him. Howard said he's not sure if Michael was into kids or not. He said they say he was just trying to have a childhood that he missed out on. He said it will never be proven if he was innocent or not. He said it's just weird. Howard did a live commercial read after that.

    Robin read a story about Tom Arnold splitting from his wife. Howard said get out. He said she has to be kidding. Robin said they announced they are splitting up yesterday. Robin said that things have been tough the past few years. Robin said that he says he and his kids have a wonderful life and he's told her to do what she has to do so she moved out. Robin said they've been together almost 11 years. Howard said he can't believe that. Robin said she remembers him saying that he felt like there was ''team Arnold'' when he was in there last. Robin asked what you do now. Howard said he has to stop getting married. He said it's not for him. Robin said she's not sure he'll believe that. Howard said after 4 marriages it should be illegal to marry again. Howard said he's been married twice. He said if that didn't work out then he'd worry that maybe marriage isn't for him.

    Robin read a story about Jay Leno being on Andy Cohen's show and talking about the Conan debacle and about Howard. Howard said oh no. Robin had some audio of Jay talking about what happened with Conan. Howard said he feels like he was in a time machine. He said he had forgotten about that. Robin had some audio of Jay talking about Howard. Howard played that clip and Andy was asking Jay about what he thinks. Jay said he never responds to that. He said that's fine if he talks about him. He said he didn't get into a feud with Howard because Howard is always going to win. Jay said he thinks Howard is really talented and he's a good interviewer. He said he just looks at it like it's part of the business. He said he listens to Howard now and it's good. Andy asked if he keeps listening if he's ragging on him. Jay said you have to keep listening. Andy asked if he would go on the show. Jay said he would go on the show.

    Howard said he doesn't know. He said he just got ticked off. He said that all occurred when he hired Stuttering John. He said that it's not that he cared about John but it's like if he went to Jimmy Kimmel and hired his cousin Guillermo or something. He said Jimmy might get upset if he just hired him away from the show. Howard said he thinks Jay should have called him first. He never would have stood in John's way. He said they weren't paying John a lot of money. He said he wasn't trying to hold on to John but he felt it was weird the way he hired him. He said he did call him after the fact and Jay was just saying he can afford to pay him better. Howard said he would never stand in his way. He said he could have gotten Opie and Anthony fired but he'd never do that. He said he wouldn't be able to live with himself if he did that. He said he thought he was owed a call. He said now it's all blown out of proportion. He said that's just the way he handles business. He said he doesn't hate Jay. He said he's one of his biggest fans. He said h used to go see him do comedy in the clubs in Washington. He said it pains him because he used to be on the show all the time. Robin said he was the first guest on the birthday shows for years. Howard said it pained him that he chose to do that with him. He said he thought it was weird and he had a weird feeling about him. He said Jay is a funny guy and it's been a hundred years. He said it might be too weird to have him on the show. He said the feud has gone on so long. He said it's all forgotten about though. He doesn't hate Jay and he has a lot of respect for him and his stand up. He said he likes that Andy asked about it. Robin said she thought his answer was good. Howard said he answered it fine. He said it felt genuine. Howard did a live commercial read after that.

    Howard asked who he's still in a feud with. Robin said Simon Cowell. Howard said that's because the guy lied to him. He said he lied about the email that were released in the Sony hacks. He said Simon claimed he wasn't trying to steal his job on America's Got Talent. He said he was though. He said it was right there in the emails. Howard said don't plot behind his back. He said he's not a moron. He said he's stupid but not that stupid. He said the guy is a sleazy liar. Howard said he's not even in a war with Jay anymore. Howard asked if he's at war with anyone else. Robin said maybe Opie and Anthony. Howard said not at all. He doesn't care about that. He wishes them well. He said he didn't know what their problem was in the first place.

    Howard asked if Fred is at war with anyone. Fred said maybe El Chapo. Howard said he wouldn't say that. He said he's fine with that guy. He said he'll chop your head off.

    Robin asked who said ''Porn and Playstation. We've lost many good men to this.'' Howard didn't know. Robin said that Pam Anderson said that. Howard said that she was in Playboy so why would she say that. Robin said that she would know. Robin said she thinks guys who play games and are in to porn are not good lovers. Howard said he would disagree with that. He said he has learned a lot from watching porn. Robin said Pam says that men who watch porn are not good lovers. Howard said that's just not true. He said that not every guy who watches porn is like that. He said he's really into stepmother and daughter and her friend porn. He said there are a lot like that out there and he likes it. Robin said he keeps going for that sorry. Howard said JD watches a lot of porn and he's sure that he's a good lover. Howard said he'll have to ask his wife when she comes in there. Robin said that's why JD doesn't want her in there.

    Robin read a story about Mariano Rivera who was the first ever unanimous Hall of Fame pick. Robin said they had some video of him getting the news of being inducted. She said his family was screaming. Howard said he's not sure why the baseball hall of fame isn't a joke because the radio hall of fame sure is. He said he's in it and he thinks it's a joke. Gary had some thoughts on Mariano Rivera. Howard wondered why they were asking Gary about pitchers. He said he just realized that.

    Robin read a story about how Newark airport had to close down after reports of drones flying around shut it down. Robin said the flights are back to taking off and landing. Robin said they didn't find anything but they have started the flights again. Robin said they are still investigating what went on there. Howard said Brent's wife got her boobs done in Tampa and she was flying back after a week down there. He said she got diverted by that shutdown last night. Howard did a live commercial read after that.

    Robin read a story about the government shutdown and how it's affecting FBI investigations. Robin said the shutdown has hobbled operations. Howard said they have to fix this already. Robin had some audio of an FBI agents association talking about the shutdown. Howard said he loves that show FBI on CBS. He said the FBI agent is the hottest chick. Robin said she has no interest in watching her. Howard said she's super hot. Howard said it's the same thing with the CIA agent in SEAL with David Boreanaz. He said she's super hot too. Robin said this government shutdown can affect the lives of these people if they fail to pay a bill. She had some audio of that guy talking about that. Howard had pre-recorded clips of phony Arnold Schwarzenegger on the phone talking about the government shutdown. Howard spent a few minutes on the phone with Arnold.

    Robin had some audio of Mitch McConnell talking about how to stop this shutdown by funding the wall.

    Robin asked what the most popular game console is. Howard said it must be like PS4 or something. Robin said it is the Nintendo Switch.

    Robin read about how The Mooch is out of the Big Brother house already. She read about him getting booted out of the house. Robin said he was asked to leave and he won't be coming back. Howard wondered why he would be asked to leave. Robin said she's not sure. She had some audio of Scaramucci talking about stuff in the house. Howard said he's not sure how anyone can watch that.

    Robin read a story about an American who was arrested in Russia who was found with a thumb drive on him and that's why they're calling him a spy. Robin had some audio of his brother saying that's not much to go on calling him a spy.

    Robin read a story about a model who claims they white washed her in an ad over in Japan. Robin said she is a tennis player and she's claiming that they made her look white in the ad even though she's not. Robin said the company has apologized to her.

    Robin read a story about Serena Williams being out of the tournament she's playing in. Robin said she twisted her ankle and the other woman came back and beat Serena.

    Robin read a story about two Saudi girls who were found floating in the water. Robin said they were 16 and 23 and police now say that there is no evidence of a crime and it may have been suicide. Robin said they were actually found in the Hudson river and they preferred suicide over returning to Saudi Arabia.

    Robin read a story about R. Kelly's studio only being used as a studio after they found that people may have been living in the building. Robin wrapped up her news and Howard ended the show around 11:05am.

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