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-- Monday, June 18, 2018 --

  • Fred Plays Smashing Pumpkins. 06/18/18. 7:00am
    Show opening bits and songs included: A phony phone call Richard and Sal made to a Caribbean Classroom talk show, Cyndi Lauper and Jonny Lang performing a cover of ''Crossroads'' in the Howard Stern Show studio, an announce about Dennis Rodman coming in today.

    Howard started the show talking about how Dennis Rodman will be stoping by today. He said that he'll be gloating about his Kim Jong Un meeting. Robin said she thinks he's the only other American to talk to him. Robin wondered if he's going to step aside and let Trump have a relationship with the Marshall. Howard said he doesn't know what's going on.

    Howard said he heard Fred playing guitar before the show. Fred said he was just doing a line check. Howard said Fred claims that he's just as good at playing as Billy Corgan. Fred said he wasn't that bold. Robin and Howard said he was. Howard asked if he's sticking by it. Fred said he's had people tell him he's not as good as Billy. He said Billy was like an Eddie Van Halen type back in the day. He said if they go by Smashing Pumpkins stuff then he's just as good.

    Howard asked if anyone printed out the lyrics. He said Fred might want to sing. Fred wasn't clear about that. Howard said maybe he'll assist in singing.

    Howard asked Fred to get his guitar up. He turned something on and it was making a lot of noise. Howard said when he saw Billy singing ''Bullet with Butterfly Wings'' it looked very complex. Howard started singing the song and Fred was playing something other than ''Bullet with Butterfly Wings.'' Howard started again. Fred started off singing and played guitar. He had a backing track going. He was playing and Howard asked how he knows what he's playing. He didn't even know he was playing with the backing track going.

    Howard had Fred start over. Fred turned up the guitar this time. He was singing and playing and Howard said ''Wow'' when he heard that. Howard started singing along with him in the middle of the song.

    Howard said that was good. Robin said he's not going to stop. Howard said now he'll turn off the mic again for the rest of the show. Howard said he sounded good. HE said he doesn't have a whole band with him though so he gets what he's saying. Howard said they'll have Fred play again in another year. Fred said give or take 6 months.

    Howard said despite all of Fred's rage he's still just a rat in a cage. He played a song parody about Fred after that.

    Howard said Fred proved again he's a top notch guitar player. HE said he's better than all of them. He said that was fun.

  • Kid Kelly Results Coming Soon. 06/18/18. 7:10am
    Howard to tomorrow is the lie detector test results. He said that will be fun. Robin said last week they whet their appetites. Howard wondered how Fred will do tomorrow with that.

    Howard said they'll talk to Dennis Rodman later in the show. HE said he's one of the NBA all stars. Robin said now he's a diplomat. Howard said he also broke his penis twice, fucked Carmen Electra and got caught cheating on her and said that the women dropped out of the ceiling when she caught him.

    Howard said tonight they'll find out if Kid Kelly got in the radio hall of fame. Robin said the voting ends on the 18th. Howard said he's the only one consumed with the hall of fame. He said people don't care if he's in it. Howard said he doesn't care either. HE said he's fascinated that someone cares that much to be in it. He said his wife came in to campaign to get him into it. He said Pat Monahan made a commercial to endorse the guy. Howard said he doesn't even know Kid Kelly when he runs into him in the hall. HE said he just knows he sounds good.

    Howard said Kevin Spacey put out an ad about Kid Kelly. He played the bit they created with a fake Kevin Spacey.

    Howard said the votes close tonight. HE said it's even more embarrassing that Kid is in this category that they have to compete with other DJs in. He has to get people to vote for him and it's humiliating. Robin said it only helps the radio hall of fame.

    Howard said he heard the radio hall of fame is in Chicago and it used to be in some guy's basement. He said now it's housed in a space so you can see it. HE said someone told him that Saturday Night Live needed some place to put an exhibit and they rented this space out to them and now all of the radio hall of fame is packed in boxes. HE said that's so right on because video got rid of the radio star. He said he's not sure it even exists now.

    Howard said Sirius put out a press release asking the employees to vote. He said Joe Madison was mentioned in that too and even he's upset about it. Howard said he's amused that the radio hall of fame is all in boxes now. He said the stuff is all boxed up in those Styrofoam peanuts.

    Howard said Harvey Weinstein also endorsed Kid Kelly. He played another bit they did with fake Harvey.

    Howard said for real they had Lady Gaga, Maroon 5 and others asking people to vote for Kid Kelly. Robin said he was up against John Tesh too. Howard said someone named Lisa Martinez is also in there. Gary said it's Angie Martinez. Howard said she had a billboard somewhere. HE said he's following this and loving it. HE said he loves that Kid's wife is busy contacting people. He said it's a meaningless award.

    Howard said part of him is hoping that he doesn't win. He wondered if he'd go into a deep dark depression. Robin wondered if it's like what happens when rock stars don't get into the rock hall of fame. Howard said Jon Bon Jovi was upset about not being in it.

    Howard said the Angie Martinez billboard was up at the port authority bus station. He said that should get a lot of votes.

  • Father's Day Stories. 06/18/18. 7:20am
    Howard took a call from Mariann from Brooklyn who said she has a whole thing going on with the lie detector test. She wondered how fast Benjy is going to get kicked out of the studio. Howard said they'll have to see. Mariann went over what she thinks is going to happen with the lie detector test. She said she's been doing a lot of research. Howard hung up on her and said don't contact him about not having her on the show. HE said she's part of the show and you can't stop her from calling the show. He played a song parody about her.

    Howard said he loves Mariann so she gets to call in. HE said he has her on for like 10 seconds. He said people ask like he talks to her for hours.

    Howard said traffic is so bad on Long Island on Father's day. He said he got up super early to go visit his father. HE said he came from out east and went over to say hello. He said his father is 94 and his mom is 90. He said they're so old. He said they really don't want to see him though. He said they don't' even care if he drops off a card. He said that it's a weird family dynamic. He said getting together is a bother for them. HE said that's what he got from them.

    Howard said his dad was checking his watch every few minutes when he was over. HE said he was doing that move where he lifts up his jacket to check his watch. HE said he can barely hear now. He said he's stone deaf with the hearing aides. He said it's one move off from just saying ''go!'' He said he thinks the guy has had enough of him.

    Howard said he's like a stranger walking into the house. He said they sit down to talk and it's mostly about medical appointments and doctors. He said he plays this game to do something emotional with his dad. He said he turned to his dad and said he wanted to say something to him on Father's day. HE said he can't hear so he says ''What?'' He said he tells his dad he wants to thank him for giving him life. HE said his dad stares at him. HE also told him he wanted to thank him for being supportive of him growing up and paying for college. He said he also thanked him for being full of good advice. He said he was looking at him and just said ''Okay. Very nice.'' He said that was it. He said he got up and left after that.

    Howard said Beth wasn't with him. He said she had things to do. HE said he talked to his kids for a long time. HE said in the afternoon he went out to take a walk in Central Park. He said he was in disguise. He said his doorman didn't recognize him. He said it works. He said then he walked out of the building and a guy said ''Hi Howard.'' He said that he got to the park and no one recognized him. HE said no one knows how he is. He said it's a good disguise. HE said it's really odd for him because he's been famous a long time and it's kind of neat to walk around and not be noticed. He said Beth tells him they do recognize him but they just don't say anything.

    Howard said he looks like a monster when he's in disguise. He said he walked over to the chess house in Central Park. He said then he got a dose of what it's like not to be famous. He said he was watching games and no one asked him to play. He said if he took off his disguise everyone would ask.

    Howard said he realized he doesn't like not being famous. He said he'd go to a chess table and people just got annoyed by him. He said he was a tall and creepy guy just watching them. He said if he had taken off his disguise they would have asked him to play a game. He said on one hand it was good he wasn't recognized but then no one was paying attention to him. Robin said the people playing weren't famous. Howard said he felt like Clark Kent.

    Howard said his heart started beating fast at one point. HE said he thought he was going to pass out. Robin said it's good that he doesn't leave the country then. Howard said some celebrities like leaving because they don't get noticed over in Europe. Howard said he likes it. He said he went to England once and he didn't like it. He said he's bothered when people bother him and when they don't bother him. Robin said Howard is just bothered.

    Howard said it bothers him when he loses so his hand will shake if he's playing. He said he's not a good loser. Robin said that's how you learn. Howard said he's learned enough.

    Howard said there was a guy playing a 5 minute game and he was on his cell phone the whole time and still beating everyone. He said he thinks the guy's name was Paul.

    Howard said if they had known it was him there they would have asked him to play. HE said people don't respond well to his physicality when he's not recognized. HE said he was walking around and people smell. He said they might be visitors but they stink. HE said he's not sure if it's perfume or body odor or what. HE said they just smell. He said he walks by and just says ''Oh the humanity.'' He said the park is beautiful but people smell.

    Howard said guys running around with their shirts off was bothering him. HE said he was in disguise so he was really hot. He said it was like 90 out and he had to bundle up. He said Beth said he looks crazy when he does that. HE said he has to do it though. He said the city is stinky when its hot out. Robin said there's so much waste out there being picked up and people pee in doorways.

  • Book Talk, Calls And More. 06/18/18. 7:35am
    Howard said he read a book by this guy who was a veteran of the Viet Nam war. He said he went to he Hanoi Hilton. He said he was a prisoner of war for 6 years. He said they would throw him in isolation and the guards would throw shit in his cell. He said he has such respect for this guy. He said it's Thorsensen or something. He said you should read this book. HE said that people have to remember what these boys went through.

    Robin said you get depressed reading that stuff. Howard said no one cares anymore. He said he should have been a public servant because he cares so much. HE said in Viet Nam they would eat raw fish and they got this parasite in them and it resides in your liver. HE said it will eventually kill you with liver cancer. HE said they have medication for it and they have to give an ultrasound and they can get rid of it once they know about it. He said the vets don't have money so they're not getting this medicine. He said a lot of them are coming down with liver cancer because of that. HE said that's why he reads that book.

    Howard said he's thinking about this worm's life too. He said he's born into this life and he gets into a raw fish and then into this guy's liver. He asked why there's a worm like that. He said Disney will probably make a movie about that.

    Howard took a call from a woman who said the picture of him on Instagram is so handsome. Howard said his wife posted that. HE said his daughter told him that he looks kind of hot. He said he actually took that picture of himself. He said it's a self portrait. HE said he didn't know Beth was going to post it. He said at the right angle he can look handsome.

    The caller asked if his daughters would ever come on his show. Howard said he doesn't bring it up. He said they have a very close personal relationship. He said when they were little girls they'd come on. He said they'd visit and he'd have to hide them so they didn't hear what was going on during the show. HE said he finds a bunch of things taboo and he's not sure he'd have them on. HE said if they wanted to come on he'd advise them it's probably a mistake. He said he might put them on if they wanted to come on but it's probably best they don't.

    Howard said these days you set yourself up to be judged and he hates when his kids are judged and evaluated by trolls and assholes. He said he doesn't need that in his life.

    Howard said his kids had a lot of notoriety growing up and he's not sure how good that was for them. Robin said they didn't ask to be famous. Howard went to break a short time later.


  • More Fred, Mike Shinoda Music And Phone Calls. 06/18/18. 7:50am
    After the break Howard came right back and took a call from a guy who said Fred playing guitar this morning was great. he said they should do that every morning. Fred laughed at the caller. Howard asked if Fred's laugh is real. Robin said she thinks so. Fred said put him on a lie detector. He said he got an email about it and the person said he thinks that it's real. Howard said he's not sure what's funny about what the guy said. Fred said he thought the Howard and Robin singing background was funny. HE said it was fun too. Howard said he rushed trough that whole Fred segment. HE said he did play well. He said he knows he practices a lot.

    Howard asked Fred if he regrets that he didn't find the right group of musicians and try to become a rock star. Fred said there is some regret. HE said he's not sure he'd have been able to do that. Howard asked if he feels he held him back at all. Fred said not at all. HE said he appreciates the opportunities that have been provided to him. Howard told him to calm down.

    Howard said he loves music and he read an article by Bob Lefsetz who said at 30 you stop listening to new music. Howard said for him that wasn't true. HE said he was listening to a lot of new music in his 40s. Robin said he still listens to it. Howard said not as much as he used to though.

    Howard said he was painting over the weekend and he was listening to some new stuff. He said he heard a song by this dude and he thought he discovered something great that no one knew about. He said his name was Mike Shinoda. He said he thought the guy was really good and he'd feature him on the show. Then he started looking him up and he was the guy in Linkin Park. HE said that after Chester killed himself Mike was doing his thing. He said this guy is really good. He said he has a song called ''Running From My Shadow.'' Robin said she's pretty sure she heard the song on Sirius over the weekend. Howard played some of it for her.

    Howard said the new album is called Post Traumatic. He said that's because it's his album after Chester Bennington killed himself. Howard said he has some other songs to play too. He played another one from Mike.

    Howard said he likes some of the new Kanye West music. Robin said she has played some of that on the show. Howard said he thought he discovered it.

    Howard took a call from Apples who said that he saw the Letterman thing on Netflix. He asked if Dave asked him to take his glasses off. Howard said no, he just took them off. He said he's indoors and wearing sunglasses. HE said he really does that in life. He said he just thinks he looks better that way. HE said Ralph always tells him it's a mistake when he takes them off. He said he feels absurd sitting there with them on.

    Apples said he can see him doing it to get someone vulnerable. Howard said he doesn't know what he's talking about. Apples said he has very kind eyes and he likes them off. Howard said just go back to being direct. HE said all this guy wanted to say was his eyes look nice and he's fumfering around. Robin said she wasn't able to follow what he was saying. Howard said he wants instant replay to go back and hear it.

    Apples asked Howard about the shape shifter story that Billy told him and if he feels scared now. Howard said he doesn't feel any different than he did before. HE said he was wondering what the fuck was wrong with Billy. He said he likes that guy.

    Apples said when he did that song it took him right back. Howard said he's upset that he's not in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. HE said they should be in. He said he loves Jann Wenner and Rolling Stone magazine. He said he respects what Jann has done but he's deciding who is in the hall of fame. He said bon Jovi was left out for all these years and the Moody Blues were left out. He said Billy Corgan is one of the best song writers on the planet. He said he didn't just have one hit and went away. He said he was a major force in music. HE said he has to get out of this conversation. HE hung up on Apples.

    Howard said Gary and Jon Hein vote in the Hall of Fame. He said there are no two less deserving people on the planet. Gary said they have nothing to do with who is nominated. He said someone has to nominate them. Howard said they discredit the whole organization be being able to vote. Howard said all he has to do with it is that he listens to music. He said no one is less rock and roll than Jon Hein. He said just take a look at Jon and you'll see he doesn't. He said that he's saying this with peace and love of course.

    Howard took a call from a guy who said that it sounded like the band was kind of uneasy and he was pushing some buttons with them. Howard asked if they have put that video up yet. Gary said not yet. Howard said the band looked like they were being held hostage. Robin agreed. Howard said everyone seemed very nervous. He said they had barely talked and they were together for the first time in 17 years. Gary said the performance is up. Howard said go judge for yourself. Howard said he wishes them all luck.

  • Video Game Player Clips. 06/18/18. 8:05am
    Howard said they made this announcement at E3 about a video game. HE said they announce all of these big games there. He said Nintendo has a game called Super Smash Brothers.

    Howard got distracted and asked Fred if he was making noise over there. Fred said it is him. Howard said he sounds like he's in Star Trek or something. He said he just caught up on the Star Trek Beyond movie. HE said it was really good.

    Howard said there's this E3 thing and Nintendo is announcing a new game. He said people are watching this announcement and people are reacting to seeing it. Howard had JD come in to explain what this game is. JD told Howard about this character named Ridley that people have been asking for in the game. HE said that Nintendo didn't want to put it in the game but they finally did. Howard said these people reacting are adults. He said this is their reaction to this announcement. HE said it's just disturbing and depressing.

    Howard played the clip and these guys were reacting to seeing Ridley in the Smash Brothers game. People were screaming and saying they were going to cry. Howard said that's so disturbing.

    Robin said the world health organization is about to announce that video game addiction is a mental health issue. JD said that can't happen. Howard said these are all guys who can't get laid. He said they're acting like this is a chick who's going to fuck them.

    Howard played another clip of a guy reacting to a video game announcement. JD said they might be doing this because you can stream live and make money. Howard said he doesn't get it. HE said this is over the top. HE said this guy Atika is over the top. Then they mention Ridley and this guy goes nuts. HE used the N-word so Howard was wondering if it's okay to call the dragon the n-word. Howard played more of the guy freaking out about the announcement.

    Howard said JD plays this Madden game. JD said he plays against the computer and he has won Super Bowls. He said he always felt playing online would be too complicated. HE said he figured it out. He said he knows how to use cards and stuff to play. He said he is beating people online now. HE said he gets that excited when he wins online. Howard asked if he gets this excited. JD said he can. Howard played a clip of this guy getting a Daz Bryant card in the game and he freaks out. JD said you can buy stuff or beat challenges to win the cards. In the clip the guy was screaming when he got the card. Howard said what a douche. Fred played Benjy screaming clips along with that guy screaming.

    Howard asked if it's that big of a deal to get that card. JD said it is. HE said that was from a few years ago. Howard asked JD about creating his own player and if you can create the best player ever. JD said that's what you can do.

    Gary said Brent doesn't like the way JD plays because it's kind of cheating. Howard asked him to come in and talk about that. Brent came in and said that JD is creating a super player and he doesn't play that way. He plays with the team he gets. Howard asked if JD really said ''More handsomer'' about his player. JD said he did. Howard asked how he went to college speaking like that. He played a Little Mikey song parody about JD after that.

    Howard asked JD about this Madden game. He said Brent is given a team and he sticks with it. JD said there are parts of the game where you get what is given to you and then you can make your own player in the franchise part. Howard said he has no idea what he's saying. HE had to ask Brent what he's talking about. Brent explained it to him. Brent said he plays with the players as they are. He said playing with a super human player isn't the way you want to play. Brent said when your team sucks you have to do something to get them in there. Howard asked if JD is giving his characters steroids in a way. JD said life is tough enough and sometimes he just wants to win. He said he just wants to be happy for once.

    Brent said he'll play with a shitty team just to see how far he can get them without messing with them.

    Gary said that if JD is playing and he starts losing he'll quit a game before it counts. JD said that's only in the franchise part. HE said that he did that for years. Howard asked how you live with that. JD said it's just a game. He said he doesn't talk about that a lot.

    Gary said Shuli played soccer against him a year ago and JD is a very bad sport. JD said he didn't have a headset. Gary said that he hasn't played since. Howard asked what JD is doing. JD said he's wasting his life away.

    Shuli came in and said that you play against friends to have fun. JD said he was scoring goals because he's an expert at the game. Shuli said he was talking shit to him and he wasn't responding. JD said he didn't have a headset. Shuli said he did go ''Aw shit'' when he lost. Howard asked how he has time for this. Shuli said he brings it on the road to play. Brent said he plays about an hour a night. He said he has it carved out for the evenings.

    Howard said how about going outside and do something instead of playing games inside. He played more audio of the guy freaking out about the Dez Bryant card.

    Howard said he has a clip of a guy getting a Zen Meteor thing in a game. JD said that it's in the game Destiny. JD said he doesn't play that one. Shuli said he has played. He said it's like a scratch off ticket. Howard played a clip of the kid freaking out about it when he got the Zen Meteor. He was screaming and freaking out about it. Howard said shut up. He wasn't sure if it was a dude or not.

    Howard said they made a phony phone call with that clip. He said they called the Donna Corleone show with that clip. He played the phony phone call they made where they had the kid screaming.

    Howard said he's still trying to wrap his head around this. HE said JD is creating his own super character in the game. JD said he spent like 15-20 minutes creating it. HE said he named it JD Harmeyer. Shuli asked how tall he is in the game. JD said he's like 6'6''. Brent asked if he gave it all 99 strengths and all of that. JD said you have to build your way up to that.

    Howard took a call from JD's player who said he's the opposite from JD in every way. He said he doesn't spend any time with webcam girls or anything like that. He said he goes jogging and he has a life unlike JD.

    Howard asked why everyone isn't just inventing this guy. JD said maybe they are. He said you do what you want with the game. He said he's not the best player.

    Howard asked if JD deletes the game if he's not winning so he doesn't have a bad record. JD said he has. Shuli said he almost got into a fist fight with a guy who turned off his computer in the middle of a game. Howard asked if JD has won playing online. JD said he has. He said that's not with his super player though. HE said you can build up teams online.

    Howard took a call from a guy who asked what level he plays on. JD said he plays pro but not All Madden. Howard said JD is middle aged now and this is not cute. He did his impression of him. Shuli said he's not playing at the top level even with his super player. JD said when he does franchise mode he has that character. Howard said he's lost and he's not even at Madden level. JD said he has.

    Howard said JD is like 40 now. JD said he isn't 40 yet. HE said he's turning 39. JD was arguing with the caller about how to play.

    Howard asked if he buys the online currency in the game. JD said he has. HE said he is well aware of how ridiculous that is.

    Howard asked how you win in the game if you buy players. JD said that they match you up with someone who has done something similar. Howard said he wouldn't do that.

    Shuli asked how much money he's spent in the game. JD said it's probably $1000. Howard said triple that. Shuli said this is why he can't play online anymore.

    Gary said baseball season is even worse for JD. JD said that he hardly plays MLB the Show. Howard asked if JD has asked his fiancee if she wants to have children. JD said they haven't really. HE said neither of them are looking to have kids at the moment. Howard asked if he has ever asked her. JD said he hasn't asked her that particular question but they have talked about it. Howard said he had better have that discussion. HE said he's not going to have time for kids if he's doing this. JD said they have talked about it. Howard asked how old she is. JD said she just turned 30. He said they are both clear that they're not looking to have kids at the moment. He said they don't want kids right now. He said maybe eventually. Howard asked if she has said she never wants to be a mother. JD said she is more worried about getting a dog. He said he doesn't want either one right now. Howard said JD is immature. He said he can't have a kid.

    The caller asked how much time JD is playing a week. JD said it's like a half hour a day. Howard said triple that. JD said she'll yell at him if he plays too much. Shuli said you can lose track of time playing and they have a way of reminding you of that. Howard said tell her to get into some football. JD said he's not going to do that. He said she does allow him to play while she's doing other things. Howard asked if she lets him play. JD said in a way. Howard asked if he has to ask if he can play. JD said he does sometimes.

    Shuli said he got yelled at during a game online one day. He said the other players heard it and goofed on him. Shuli said the kid he was playing against asked if that was his mom.

    The caller asked if they have gotten into any games that they can play together. JD said they did try that. He said she wast that into it.

    Howard said JD has to sit down tonight and ask his fiancee what her future plans are. He said he's going to be married to this woman. JD said they won't be thinking about it for years. HE said she has said she doesn't want kids right now. Howard asked if he ever wants kids. JD said he doesn't know. Howard said he has to think about this. He said he knows he's all excited about this wedding.

    Howard asked JD if he can see himself in 5 years having a baby with her. JD said sure if that's what she wants. JD said he's not sure where he'll be in 5 years. Howard asked why he can't get through to him. Robin said she has never seen JD like this before. Howard said he's going to be JD and JD can be his wife. Howard was JD asking her about this baby thing. JD was putting on a girl voice. JD said he could have a kid some day. HE said he never said he didn't want kids.

    Howard said he has to get that it takes up time. JD said he gets that. He said that's why he doesn't want a dog right now. He said that takes up time. JD said he can put up a fight or just let it happen and deal with it. Shuli asked what the argument is about not getting a dog. JD said it's money and time. Robin said if he can't handle a dog... Howard said this can end the marriage if she wants a kid and he doesn't.

    JD said if he felt that strongly it wouldn't be an issue. Howard played a song parody with JD's noises.

    Howard said JD is cheating in Madden football and stopping the game when he's losing. JD said he hasn't done that all the time. Shuli said the game is $60 in the store and he's spent $1000 on it. Howard said triple that. He said the interest on that game alone would be huge.

    Howard asked what the biggest shame for JD. Spending his tax refund on a stripper or $1,000 on an imaginary football game. Shuli said it's the game. HE said that the strip club he gets it. He said that you got something for your money. Brent agreed with Shuli. Robin said they're a dead heat. She said it's all wasted money. Shuli said that you don't have to waste the money on the game. HE said you do with the stripper.

    Howard asked JD what he thinks. JD said the $800 on the stripper was the worst. He said he had to walk home after that. JD said it was bad that night. HE said he was drinking and he was caught up in what was going on. Howard asked if he came in his pants. JD said it was just sad. He said he can't even get into it.

    Howard said what a life. JD said that was a time when he hardly had any money. Howard said it was 800 bucks and he just wanted companionship. JD said yes. Brent asked if he got to suck her tits at all. JD said he doesn't want to get into it. Brent said he could have gone to a jack shack for $150.

    Howard took a call from a guy who said he loves when JD plays the female in his scenario. He said he was being an actor. He said he also does an Ed Torian so he asked if he can do that for him. Howard had him do it and it was an okay impression. Howard said call in tomorrow if he wants to be a part of that when Ed is in.

    Howard said they have to take a break and get to Dennis Rodman. He spent a little time talking about how great Dennis was in the NBA and how no one plays like he did. Howard said he'll be in there in a minute. Howard did a live commercial read and went to break a short time later.

    Mr. Skin

  • Dennis Rodman Visits. 06/18/18. 8:55am
    After the break they played a Dennis Rodman preview clip, a Ronnie the Limo Driver song parody, a phony phone call to the Angry Political Guy show and The Goo Goo Dolls ''Slide.''

    Howard came back and said they have Dennis Rodman there. He said this is a man who won 5 championships. He gave some of his stats and said they're unbelievable. Howard said he's done it all. Robin said he's not hearing any of that. Howard said he'll read it all back to him. he read it back and went over this stats once again. HE said no one does that anymore. Dennis said not even close. Howard said Wilt Chamberlain is the only guy who had more than him. Howard said that's some accomplishment. Dennis said that's just like Howard. Howard said he wasn't a tall and big kid when he was growing up. Dennis said he was like 5'7'' and his sister was like 6'1'' or so. Howard said when he went to college he grew a foot. Howard said he grew in college too. He said that doesn't happen usually. Dennis said that they say that his kids didn't hit puberty until 20 or 21. He said his son is 6'9''. Howard said he's small compared to players now.

    Howard said that Dennis would study the way the ball would hit the backboard so he could be a good rebounder. Dennis said he'd go to practice and watch while his friends shot the ball. He said he'd watch rotation and all of that. HE said he wasn't a high jumper. He said he knew where to position. Howard asked if he would watch Scotty Pippin's ball would land. Dennis said hopefully his wife. He said he'd watch him in practice and he'd shoot a flat shot. He said Jordan threw more of an arch. Dennis said if you shoot straight on it comes straight out. Howard said to study that is brilliant. Dennis said people today don't know how to rebound. He said they're all 3 pointers now. Howard said the rebound on that is harder to get. Dennis said it is.

    Dennis said it's been a while since he was there. Howard said it's like 5 years now. Howard said Dennis was on Celebrity Apprentice and he was fired for misspelling Melania. Dennis said he did. He said he got one letter wrong. He said that he is just Donald to him. HE said he and Donald got along real well. HE said he supported him a lot on the show. He said he was the happy guy on the show who was partying. He said Trump liked that. HE said they get along well.

    Howard asked if he gets shit for supporting Trump. He said especially in the black community. Dennis said that's a tough question. He said he doesn't get into the racial stuff because that's not his concern. He said that people are treating it so seriously. He said that Howard has lived in New York a long time. He said you see people of all cultures and people don't care there. Howard said there are a lot of racial problems there in New york. Dennis said you don't hear people yelling the N-word and all of that. Howard said it's a little more subtle. HE said there are black guys who get shit and can't find jobs because of racism. He said he knows a black guy who can't buy a house in a white neighborhood.

    Dennis said in sports people get along. HE said he doesn't fight the whole thing. HE said that you can't win with that.

    Howard said he saw that Sarah Huckabee Sanders called him. He said that Donald should have called him. HE asked if he was upset about that. Dennis said he didn't even know who she was. He cracked up when he said that. Dennis said that he had to have a friend tell him who she was. He said that he wondered where Donald was. He said it was cool that she called. He said she expressed that he was very happy about what he did. Howard said he gave Kim Jong Un the Trump book. Dennis said he gave him that 2 or 3 years ago.

    Howard asked what his biggest accomplishment is. He asked if it's the championship wins, banging Carmen Electra or getting Trump and Kim Jong Un together. Dennis said you can fuck anyone. Howard said that's not his story. Dennis said he thinks the championship wins are the biggest thing. He said that the Kim Jong Un thing was a long time coming. He called him the Marshall. Dennis said that's what they call him over there.

    Howard said he wants to talk about his relationship with Carmen Electra. Howard said Dennis grew up and had it rough. He said his father left when he was like 3 years old. Dennis said he has no idea actually. He said there were a lot of guys coming and going in the projects. He said his mother was working 3 jobs and getting slapped around. He said that it was very difficult. He said it was hit or miss back then. He said you sit there wanting to kill the person. Dennis said he's had so many times he could have fucked up. Howard said he wasn't a high school basketball player. He said he didn't even have that.

    Howard asked if gang life was prevalent when he was growing up. Dennis said that there was a lot of violence and when white people would drive through they would get beaten. He said he thought that was normal. Howard said when Martin Luther King got killed he was afraid to go to school.

    Howard asked how old he was when he started playing basketball. Dennis said he didn't start until he was 19. He said he was like 6'4'' and he would walk through the living room and see his mother with the guy she was hanging out with. HE said that he'd see cocaine and weed and guns. He said every day or a year he would look over here. HE said he never fell into that trap. He said he never got into drugs. HE said he's never had any drugs other than alcohol. He said he never even tried coke. Howard said that's a miracle. He said there's like a hand on his shoulder. Dennis said that you just learn from running around loose. Howard said his father's real name was Filanderer. He said that means a guy who fucks around. Dennis said he has 29 kids with 17 women. He said that they basically kicked him out of the Philippines. HE said he has no clue why but they asked him to leave.

    Howard asked how he has his sanity. He said his dad didn't want to hang with him but he had 29 kids. Dennis said he doesn't have any hatred toward him. He said that he wrote a book about him and it was a best seller. Howard asked how he has a book if he never saw him. Dennis said life is too short to get pissed off about that. Howard asked how he can write a book if he doesn't know him. Dennis said desperate times mean desperate measures. He said he never knew the guy but he's sure his ex-wives got all of his money. He said he moved to Chicago thinking he might see him there. He said he lives in L.A. thoguh so he never did.

    Howard said after high school his mom threw him out of the house. He said he was an airport janitor for a while. Dennis said he went to jail too. He said he stole watches from a store in the airport. He said he stole 50 watches. Howard asked how jail was. Dennis said he was only in for 2 or 3 days. He said he had never been in trouble before. He said he was just 18 years old. He said that was another turning point in his life.

    Dennis said they dropped the charges and his mother kicked him out the next day. He said he lived on the street for 2 years after that. Dennis said he was sleeping in back yards and on couches. He said his mother saw him playing basketball. He said he won a trophy and she saw him and asked him to come back home. He said he went back home thinking it was a joke. He said when he went back to the house there was a knock on the door. He said two white guys asked if he was Dennis Rodman. He said they asked him to come play for them in Oklahoma. Dennis said that was a learning experience. HE said he tried out and he was given a 3 year scholarship. HE said he went home that day on a Greyhound bus. He said he packed up everything he had and said he was never ever coming back there. He said he stopped talking to his mom after that. HE said he wasn't mad at her thoguh. HE said it was just so odd. He said they never got along. HE said they didn't have that mother/son relationship.

    Howard asked if his mother is still alive. Dennis said he saw her a couple of months ago and she was on her death bed. HE said she had some freak illness. Dennis said she was in there for months. He said his mother opened her eyes and she was okay. He said he went to see her in Dallas and that was the first time in like 8 years. HE said that went well. He said it's like leaving home and expecting things to change but they don't. He said it was the same thing.

    Howard asked if his mother ever kissed them as kids. Dennis said she never did. HE said he doesn't blame her though. Howard said he was a cute kid. Dennis said he wasn't that cute. Howard said she had him and she never kissed him or said she was proud of him. Dennis said she never did. He said that now she just goes to church. He said she keeps him low key. He said she's never said that she's his mom. Howard asked if she ever came to any games. Dennis said she did once. He said she sat really far away. He said she came to the all star game too and he broke down crying saying he wished he was a better son. Howard said it sounds like she should have been a better mother.

    Howard asked if Chuck Daley was the first guy to treat him like a son. Dennis said James Rich was the first guy to do that. He said that they took him in and he felt like he had a family there. he said they didn't treat him like a black guy, they treated him like part of the family. Howard said he met this kid in college and he had killed his best friend in a hunting accident. He said Dennis befriended this kid. Dennis said that he didn't know what was wrong with the guy and he started talking to him. HE said the kid was 11 years old. He said that it was weird for him to do that because he was a 6'8'' tall black guy. He said he was in Oklahoma at the time. Howard asked how he met this kid. Dennis said it was in a basketball camp. He said he just walked over and asked the kid what was up and he told him to get the fuck away from him. Dennis said he found out a long time after that when he found out that he had killed his friend. HE said he talked to this kid for 3 hours and the kid eventually came over to him. He said he stood right beside him and he joined them to play. Dennis said they were in the gym playing and this kid was in there playing. He said he went home that day and told his mom and dad about how great this new friend is. Dennis said the kid never mentioned that he was black. He said that's the best part of the story. HE said next thing you know he's at the door of the gym and the kid asked him to come to his house for dinner. He said no at first but his dad was on his way. Dennis said there was a white guy standing in the door and this guy turned more white when his son told him this was his friend.

    Dennis said that the guy didn't say a word. He said this guy was a country fed farmer type raising cows. HE said he got in the car with the guy and rode to the house with them. He said they drove by a pickup truck full of guys drinking beer and they drive by this country store. He said next thing he knows all of the guys are in their trucks speeding up to the car. He said they get to the house and get out and he's introduced to the kid's mother. HE said she probably had 2 heart attacks. He said he introduced him to the mother as Brian's friend Dennis. Howard said that must have shocked the hell out of them. He said that he was 10 years older than this kid too. Dennis said they went to sit down and in the ghetto they don't have anything fancy. HE said they had all of this really fancy stuff. He said Brian had him sit next to him. He said the kid gets him a mug because he said he had lips so big that he should have a mug. He said they had their dinner after that and he had never eaten on that kind of plate and stuff.

    Dennis said after dinner they went out to play basketball. HE said this little white kid blurted out this comment. He said he asked his mom if Dennis stays over at the house. Dennis said he was like ''Hold on.'' He said that he didn't ask for that. He said the mom went to the back room and started crying. He said the dad went back and calmed her down. Dennis said that he was told he could stay over. He said he was ready to go home though. Dennis said he went back to the room and he was hanging off the bed. He said they get ready for bed and the mom says she loves Brian. he said then she said good night Dennis.

    Dennis said her son wasn't in the bed the next morning. He said he was laying right there in his arms. He said the mom walked in and sees that and screams and runs out of the house. He said Brian gets up and goes to get his mom. He said he had to calm her down. Dennis said that she was crying because he had finally gotten to her son to open up. He was all fucked up from the hunting accident. He said that once she saw that she was afraid and happy at the same time. Dennis said the dad asked him to come live with them after that. Dennis said he was like ''what?'' Howard said that's amazing. Dennis said that right there gave him a drive to keep going and to work hard. He said he got his work ethics from that farm.

    Howard said that might be the most mind blowing story. He said that they were in this area and they trusted him and brought him in. He said that might be his greatest accomplishment in his life. Dennis said his life has changed so much up and down over time. Howard asked if he's still in touch with them. Dennis said that he is with Brian. He said Jim might be in his last days now. He said he should go see him but he's so busy traveling. He said Jim gave him a lot. Howard said he should go see him before he dies. Dennis said that he did say he was going to go see him before August. He said he's going to take time out to go do that.

    Dennis said that his mother is in the same situation and she comes first. Howard said that must have been a really important thing for him. He asked if that's more important than all of the chicks he was fucking. Dennis said they say that Jack Johnson was a big star. He said in college he was having sex with white women. He said he was having sex with a guy's ex-wife and 3 guys came to get him out of the dorm. HE said they put him in a truck and took him down to the park. He said they had Brian and him by a tree and they were beating on him. He said that they put a gun to his head. He said Brian was there screaming his head off. HE said he was yelling at them not to hurt him. He said once it was over he ran over to him. HE said Brian could tell him the same story.

    Dennis said that Brian didn't see color. He said he just saw his friend with a gun to his head. Howard asked if he thought he was going to die. Dennis said he thought he was going to get beat up.

    Dennis said that it's like Howard. Howard said no white women were fucking him. Dennis said it's like what's going on in the world today. He said that the Kim Jong Un thing is a story of hope. He said that people ask why he did that. Howard said he has issues with Kim. He said that he locks people up and kills them. HE said he gets what Dennis is trying to do though. HE said that he's trying to make things better.

    Dennis said this guy is 34 years old. Howard said no one knew how old he was when he went there the first time. Dennis said that he has a daughter too and no one knew that. He said that he brought a jersey for her. He said that he asked people why people are so mad at this guy. He said he's 28 and he just inherited this bullshit. HE said he didn't create it. He said the sad thing is that out of the blue he said maybe he can do something different.

    Howard asked why he went over there when they had this meeting. Dennis said he just went to see what would come out of that meeting. HE said he never thought they would invite him. Dennis said everything he was trying to say to people was falling on deaf ears. HE said he was just trying to bring some openness to North Korea. Howard said Obama was upset the first time. HE said that we didn't have diplomatic relations with North Korea. Howard asked if he was scared the first time. Dennis said no. He said he thought it was just another paid gig. He said he didn't know he was going to meet that guy.

    Howard asked about what happened when he came home and people were calling him names. Dennis said that hurt. HE said it gave him an opportunity to explain what's going on. HE said that he was just there to talk sports. Howard asked if he banged Kim's sister. Dennis said that he's not going there. He said that he's not sure why he's even going near that. He said that he won't talk about that.

    Dennis said that Howard was talking about this guy Vo who he thanked. He said he heard him goofing around with that. Howard didn't know what he was talking about. Dennis said Vo is there with him today. Howard said he'll get to him later.

    Howard brought up Carmen Electra and how much of a beauty she was. He said that he had this relationship with her and he bets he regrets what happened. Dennis said that it was just one of those things. HE said that he loved the girl and it was just bad timing. He said that she was doing her thing and his wildness was out of control. HE said that wasn't her cup of tea. Howard said he tells the story about him getting caught cheating and he tells Carmen that they fell out of the ceiling. Howard said that had to have ended the marriage.

    Howard said Dennis has had a lot of women. Dennis said there's no shame in that. Howard asked if he's capable of loving one woman or is that impossible. Dennis said he was so into Dennis and being the party guy that he didn't know how to be the family man.

    Dennis said Howard settled down and got the wife and all of that. HE asked if he's 90 now. Howard said he's 64. Dennis said he met Howard's wife years ago. he said that she was playing pool on some TV show she had. Howard said that's his wife.

    Howard asked Dennis if he's married now. Dennis said he's not. HE said that he's trying to be a better dad now. He said he has gone to rehab and he's trying not to be like his own father. He said he's sober now. HE said it's been since January. HE said it's very tough though. Howard asked what that mechanism is that makes you keep drinking. He asked if he thinks he can just have one. Dennis said the reason he drank was because he was bored. Howard said when it's all over he has nothing. Dennis said you keep yourself occupied. He said he was all about enjoyment. He said he was hanging out and drinking. He said after a while he got a DUI. He said he thought that one was on him. He said no one else did it. HE said he went to rehab for that and he got back on track. He said he lived life again after that.

    Howard asked if he's come close to having a drink. Dennis said he's always in bars. He said that it's cool thoguh. He said it's too much. Howard said he needs a hobby or something to keep him busy. Dennis said the North Korea thing helped keep him busy.

    Howard asked why he asked Sarah Huckabee Sanders to tell Trump to go on the air and mention him. He asked if he thinks he started the ball running. Dennis said that he will be friends until the day they die. He said he supports him as a friend. He said that he doesn't want anything. He said that Trump can have all of the credit. Dennis said that he would like to thank Donald for helping him over the years. Howard asked if he will reach out to other dictators like the guy in Syria. Dennis laughed and said he really wants him to get his head chopped off. Howard said why not more diplomacy. Dennis said it was fun going to Guam. He said they treated him like he was Trump there. HE said that they were happy they weren't going to get bombed.

    Howard said he wants to talk about pussy for one more second. Dennis said that he's 64 years old and he must not be getting enough at home. Howard dropped it after that.

    Howard said Dennis has this show The Dennis and Vo Show. He said he has no idea who this guy is. Dennis said they were talking about Vo on the show the other day.

    Howard asked Dennis about what he does for work outs and stuff like that. Dennis said that Vo wants to come in and say something to him. Howard said he has no idea who he is but he can come in. Howard said he's his manager. Dennis said that's Vo right there. Howard said he's never met him before. Vo said that Dennis is doing so much good out there now. He said now we're seeing the result of it. Howard asked if he will get the Nobel Peace Prize. Vo said he deserves it. Dennis said that these guys did all of the leg work to make all of that happen.

    Howard asked Gary if he thinks he deserves the prize. Gary said sure because he did all of the work. Dennis said if Donald gets that prize he just wants a handshake and a hug. Robin asked if he has seen him since he became president. Dennis said he saw him once. He said he's just like a thank you or even a hand shake.

    Howard asked if he can call him. Dennis said that he can't call him. He said there's no way he can do that. Howard asked Vo why that is. Vo said he's just one phone call away. HE said that Dennis introduced what Americana is to North Korea.

    Howard asked Dennis about banging Madonna for a year. Dennis said he did. Howard asked if he got laid in North Korea at all. Dennis said that wasn't his purpose. Howard said Dennis was on this island that Kim has over there. He said it's all tricked out. Vo said it's all marble and all tricked out. Dennis said they have an all girl band over there that plays everything. Vo said they were playing the theme from Dallas while they were there. Howard said this is what we don't know about that place. Howard asked how long he was on the island. Dennis said it was 4 days. Howard asked about the band. Dennis said they follow him around the world wherever he goes. Howard asked what songs Kim Jong Un likes. Dennis said that they like ''My Way'' and songs like that. Howard asked if he speaks English. Dennis said he has an interpreter. Howard said he seemed to know what Trump was saying when he was talking to him.

    Howard asked if there are girls who service you over there. Dennis said no. He said that it's not like that. He said they went on a boat and they had like 70 people on the boat. He said they were jet skiing and things like that. HE said it was so much fun.

    Vo said when Dennis made a speech he said his father and grandfather did some fucked up shit but he's trying to change things. He said that Kim got up and started clapping. He said he thought they were dead but Kim clapped. Howard said he'll take an anti-aircraft gun and kill you after doing something like that. Howard asked if there were hot chicks on the yacht. Dennis said it was the band and some other people.

    Howard asked if Dennis was hitting on anyone. Dennis said that's not cool. Howard asked if he's saying he didn't fuck anyone over there. Dennis said not everyone can lay pipe like Howard. Howard said he would imagine that he can command chicks to have sex. Dennis said that wasn't his purpose over there. Howard said Kim wants to come here to see a basketball game. Dennis said that Trump does want him to come there. Vo said Kim wants to see Madison Square Garden.

    Dennis said they have to get Howard over to North Korea. Howard said he's not going anywhere. Dennis said that Howard hates Trump. Howard said how dare you. HE said he has had a long relationship with Donald. HE said he's one of the best guests ever on the show. He said he doesn't agree with him politically. He said he doesn't get the whole thing with Hillary. He said his politics are different.

    Dennis asked who can compare to Howard and take over for him. Howard said maybe Vo. Howard said they are doing a show together. Vo said they're shopping it around and trying to sell it.

    Howard said Dennis is one of the few guys to have dated Robin. Robin said it was just dinner one night. Robin said she saw who he was as a human being that night. She said that came out. Dennis said that he's blessed to be able to do what they do.

    Howard asked what this Dennis and Vo show is about. Vo said they talk about everything. Howard said they should put it on North Korean TV. Howard said he wants to know if he's going to go back to dating Robin. Robin answered and said no. Dennis said they had a good time that night. Robin agreed. She said that Dennis was involved with 5 different women at the time. Dennis said that if they did date Robin would never hear the end of it from Howard. Robin said Dennis was a gentleman that night. Dennis said that he's doing a show tomorrow. Vo said he's doing Megyn Kelly's show. Howard said she's going to ask him how he hangs with a man who kills people. Dennis said that Donald said that Trump said that he can figure someone out in one minute but it took him 6 hours to figure that shit out.

    Howard said he's lived some life. Vo said they have a gift for Howard. Howard said he can't handle that much cock. HE thanked Dennis for saving them from the nuclear holocaust.

    Dennis said they got Howard something. It was a basketball with Howard and Dennis' face on the ball. It says ''Vo is us'' on the ball. Howard thanked him for that.

    Howard asked what he learned about Kim Jong Un that they don't know. Dennis said that he considers that guy a kid. HE said he's so young. He said he's never been out in the world. He said that he's open for change. He said always give people a chance. Howard asked if he ever told him he has a shitty hair cut. Dennis said he thought it was cool as fuck. Vo said he's like the North Korean Elvis. Howard said he's lucky enough to have that hair and he has it cut like that. Howard asked if they ever talked about chicks. Dennis said that he does like the women in America. He said he likes Howard Stern's wife.

    Howard said Dennis wants to thank some people. Dennis got in some plugs and mentioned some names of people he wanted to thank. HE naked Charlie Sheen, Phil Jackson and some guy who used to come up to the show all the time with him. Dennis thanked a bunch of others and then Howard and Robin too. He said that Robin has been around a long time and he's very happy she's still doing this. Howard said he wants to thank Robin too. HE said he loves this woman. Dennis said she beat cancer and that's amazing. Howard said he blew it when he didn't date Robin. Dennis said he has to thank Vo too. HE mentioned a bunch of other names too. He was going on and on mentioning names. Howard said how about Dr. Drew. Dennis thanked him and Eddie Vedder too. Howard said that's the guy he wants to hang with. Dennis said he and Howard can jerk off while Eddie plays music. Dennis also thanked his mom and dad.

    Howard asked Dennis to thank him if he gets the Nobel prize. Dennis said he can't do that. Howard said he just thanked Vo. Vo said he goes to North Korea with Dennis Rodman. Howard said that Kim Jong killed his brother and uncle too. Dennis said he didn't know that. Howard said it's like he's just going ''Lalalalalala'' when he says that stuff. Howard said he was the greatest rebounder in basketball history. Howard asked what he thinks about Lebron James. Dennis said he's good. Howard asked if they give him shout outs. Dennis said they do.

    Howard asked if Dennis would fuck Melania or Ivanka. HE said he has to give an answer. Dennis said he can't answer that. Howard asked who he would choose. Dennis said that he can't answer that. He said he thinks that Melania is more sexy. Howard said he'd fuck her. Dennis said he can't say that. HE said he's just saying that she's sexier. Howard asked Dennis to do an F, Marry Kill with those two and Kim Jong Un's sister. Dennis wasn't answering that.

    Howard took a call from Kim Jong Un who said that he has to come to the compound with big titty Robin. Howard wrapped up after that. Dennis and Vo got in more shout outs before they went to break.


  • Robin's News. 06/18/18. 10:35am
    After the break Howard came right back and said he is amazed by this Dennis Rodman story. Robin said he said that they didn't know what he'd be doing now but he's reinvented himself. Howard said what gets him with this guy is that story he told about the young boy. He said that this 11 year old kid meets him and ends up taking him home and then he lives with that family. Howard said the only thing that brings the kid back from this hunting accident is moving Dennis into the house. Robin said she was thinking about what a great movie it would make. Howard said he was wondering about that.

    Howard said it's mind blowing that this can happen in this country. He said he needed a Dennis Rodman at 11 years old too. He said how about these parents that saw this was the only thing that was opening their kid up. Robin said she hears stories like that a lot about sports figures in tennis. She said Maria Sharapova's father brought her over here to live and did anything he could to keep her in tennis lessons.

    Howard said imagine that family had moved in Michael Jackson to stay in the house. He said who know what would have happened. Robin said sometimes things work out. Robin said that when he said she screamed and ran she thought something bad had happened. It turns out she was happy.

    Howard said it's time for news. They played Robin into it with a song parody. Robin said she likes that they heard a little opera. Howard said that they call that Gropera. He said that it's groping and opera mixed. He said that was by Daniel Mendelson.

    Robin started her news with some Father's day stories. Robin said Chris Cornell committed suicide and left behind a wife and at least one daughter. Robin said the 13 year old daughter commemorated this Father's day by releasing a cover of ''Nothing Compares 2 U'' where the two of them did a duet. Howard said this is sad. He said it's very touching. He let the song play though. He said that's beautiful. He said that kid can sing too. He said Fred should record a song with his daughter. Fred laughed and said he'll see if he can coax her into it. Howard said this is a good segue into Musical Radio. He played a bit where they had people singing their answers about suicide. Howard said next week they'll get people's take on abortion. Robin read more about what Chris' daughter Toni wrote about her dad on father's day. Howard did a live commercial read and took a break after that.

    After the break they played a Tan Mom song parody. Howard came back and did another live commercial read.

    Howard said that he wasn't kidding when he said Dennis Rodman should have married Robin. HE said that was the best thing that could have happened to him. He said there you go. Robin said he's a wise man. Howard said he's ambassador Rodman. Robin said he should take on some other country too. Howard said how about Iran. Robin said go wherever. Howard said imagine he takes on the Ayatollah Khomeini.

    Robin had more Father's day celebrity stuff to get to. Robin said that Tommy Lee Jones got into it with his son on Instagram. Robin had the details of that fight. She read what the kid was saying to Tommy after his post about his kids. Howard said Robin's parents couldn't be two worse parents but you never see a Twitter war there. Howard said he can only imagine that war. Robin said she did write that book. Howard said maybe he'll start a Twitter war with his parents. He went into his mother's voice and had a conversation with her over Twitter. He had her talking about how she listens to Mark and Brian and things like that.

    Robin read a story about Bill Cosby being at home on Father's day while he waits for his sentencing. Robin said that his wife has left home and moved to Massachusetts. Robin said she took their chef and other staff with her. She also too their 3 grown daughters with her. Howard said she could have just stayed there for a few months. Robin said they say that there was a lot of arguing between them since the verdict. Robin said she wants a divorce and he'd begging her to stay. Robin read that Cosby's people are saying those stories are not true. Howard said she's probably afraid of Cosby. Robin said she was one of the driving forces and she was very involved in how they fought the case. Robin said he has fired his entire legal team because he's upset with them. Howard said you don't want to go to prison in your 80s. He said that's not fun. Howard said he's been named the next bachelor for next season. He had a quick bit he played before he did another live commercial read. That led to Howard talking about the time share buy out company he just did the commercial for. He said that this guy gets people out of their time shares. He said that's a brilliant idea. Howard said imagine that guy's story. He said he was probably sitting around thinking about it and came up with the idea.

    Robin read a story about how one of her favorite people is being targeted by the #MeToo movement. Robin said he's getting dumped by everyone. She said it was Chris Hardwick. Howard said he saw that over the weekend. He said he asked who that was when they mentioned his name. Howard said he forgot he hosts ''The Talking Dead.'' Howard said he didn't know the guy as Chris Hardwick. Robin said a girlfriend of a few years ago wrote and posted something the other day not naming him but enough detail for people to know it was Chris. Robin said she accused him of being emotionally abusive. Robin said he put out a statement saying he has never abused anyone as far as he's concerned. Robin said that he also wrote that they broke up after she cheated on him. Howard asked if he lost any shows because of this. Robin said yes. She said that he lost his ''Talking with Chris Hardwick'' show. Robin said now they have delayed the start of the show. JD came in and said they were supposed to premiere the show last night and they just put up a message saying it wasn't airing. Robin said they're doing an investigation first. She said he was supposed to be a big part of Comic-Con this year too but now he won't be doing that. Robin said they've pulled him out of that. Robin said he's also supposed to be part of a music festival. They have pulled away too. Robin said he had a game show called The Wall that they pulled. Howard asked who knew he was Mr. Show Business. Robin said he may have to take some time until the air clears. Howard said he thought he was on Singled Out too. Gary said he was. Howard said he's burning up show business. Robin said things were really starting to pop for him. Robin said that people were putting pressure on AMC to drop this stuff. Howard said he thought he was good on Talking Dead. HE said he could get excited about anything.

    Gary said Chris sold the Nerdist company to Legendary Films for a shit load of money. Howard said he couldn't have gotten that much money. Gary said that he did. Howard asked how much. Gary said that they were talking about it being millions. He said he'd look it up. Robin said she'd not sure what a ''shit load'' of money is. Howard said they say he's worth $15 million on Celebrity Net Worth.

    Howard took a call from Ralph who said that people are overreacting to this. HE said the woman didn't mention him by name and they're jumping to conclusions. Ralph said that Lions Gate, who bought Nerdist, took off every mention of his name from the Nerdist thing. Howard said Chris is married to Lydia Hearst who is Patty Hearst's daughter so he must have a ton of money. Howard said he probably doesn't even have to work. Howard did another live commercial read after that. They spent a short time talking about Bebe Rexha after that since the commercial was for her. Howard was talking about how hot she is. Robin said she's 21 years old. Fred said he saw 28. Howard said they'll average it out at 23.

    Robin read a story about Billy Bob Thornton. Robin said he has a new season of a Netflix series that's coming out. Robin said he's running around doing promotion. Angelina Jolie's name came up and he disclosed why he divorced her. Robin had some audio of him talking about that. Billy Bob said that they had different lifestyles and his was agoraphobic. He said they just had a different path in life. Howard said good for him. HE said he's not leaving his house either. Howard said he met some women who were world travelers when he was dating and he didn't think that could last. He said Beth had gotten it out of her system so that worked out for them. He said imagine being trapped in a house with him for a whole weekend. He said she vowed to retire from all fun when she married him. He said thank god she got to see the world.

    Robin read a story about the world cup going on. Robin said that people get very excited about this. She said Germany won last year and yesterday they were playing Mexico City yesterday and Mexico City won. Robin said the people went crazy. Robin had some audio of what was going on and it caused a minor earthquake from so many people stomping their feet at the same time. Robin said it made it to the Richter scale. Hoar asked if they got the whole world to stomp up and down if we could cause and earthquake. Robin said maybe buy why would you want to do that? Howard said he could never get that excited about something like that. Robin said even the people on the field playing don't get that excited about it. Howard said he thinks it's weirdos. Robin said everyone is a weirdo then. Howard said she hit it right on the head again. Robin said in Philly they had to grease the light poles so people couldn't climb them. Howard said he doesn't get that. He said there was a guy who ate horse shit when the Eagles won. He said that's crazy. he said all that happened was they won a Super Bowl. HE said he didn't even turn over a car when he lost his virginity. He said think of the logic there. HE said a football team that plays near their house won and now it's time to be a moron. He said he can't reason with that. He said they are morons. He said he loves fucking but he never goes that berserk. He said Beth had sex with him this weekend and he didn't go out and climb a pole. He said people are nuts. Howard went on and on about how ridiculous people can be and how he'd never do anything like that no matter how excited he got.

    Robin read a story about the pope talking about aborting babies that might have disabilities is wrong. She said it's like the Nazis trying to develop a master race. Howard said they should make him go and take care of kids with Down syndrome and severe disabilities. Howard said then he'll listen to him. Robin said he says that the kids should come as God sends them. Howard said ''Next!'' He said this guy hasn't taken on any responsibilities. He said he wants him to take Beetlejuice on for a week. He said maybe Wendy the Slow Adult for a week. Howard had a conversation with Beetlejuice clips and Wendy clips.

    Robin read a story about everyone carrying on about the children being separated at the border. Robin said that Melania Trump is saying she wants a solution to the policy. Robin said she could just talk to her husband. Howard said he doesn't think so. Howard said he used to dream of being separated from his parents. He said he wishes that they had gone to another country. Robin said that she tried to leave home once. She said that she packed a bag and left but she had no place to go. She said it was the saddest day of her life.

    Robin read a story about Laura Bush writing a story about this immigration policy and she was comparing it to the internment camps of World War II.

    Howard took a call from a guy who said that taking care of kids with down syndrome is fine for some people. Howard said he's fine with that but he's also fine with it if people want to have an abortion. He said he thanks god that Fred's parents didn't abort him. He said he adds to the fabric of the show. Robin said people can do anything they want. Howard said he'd have more Wack Pack if people stopped abortions.

    Robin read about how The Incredibles 2 broke records by making $180 million. Robin said this puts Disney back on track after the poorly performing ''Solo'' movie. Robin said most make about a billion dollars and Solo is having trouble reaching the $400 million mark. Robin read more details about The Incredibles. Robin said that the new Gotti movie didn't do well. She said it made less than 2 million. Robin wrapped up her news and Howard ended the show around 11:40am.

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