Hello, my name is Mark and I'm a Howard Sternaholic...
I started this web site back in September 1995 because of my addiction (Listening since 1988!). I had way too much spare time to kill so created my own friggin web site dedicated to keeping Stern fans around the world informed about the show. I never thought I'd still be doing this crap more than 14 years later! It has snowballed into a life changing, time consuming thing that I never pictured myself doing.


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  • Fist Bumping And Imus' Wife Starts With Howard. 07/28/14. 6:00am
  • Live AGT Shows Start This Week. 07/28/14. 6:25am
  • Richard Plays Drums At San Diego Comic-Con. 07/28/14. 6:30am
  • Joan Rivers Visits. 07/28/14. 6:50am
  • Music Discussions. 07/28/14. 7:50am
  • Comic-Con Discussions. 07/28/14. 8:00am
  • Howard Reads Some Email. 07/28/14. 8:10am
  • Phone Calls And Theme Songs. 07/28/14. 8:20am
  • JD At Comic-Con. 07/28/14. 8:25am
  • Phone Calls And A Chuck Zito Cancer Update. 07/28/14. 9:00am
  • Eric The Actor Discussions And Hanzi Calls In. 07/28/14. 9:15am
  • Robin's News. 07/28/14. 9:35am
  • Wrap Up Show - Comic-Con Discussions. 07/28/14. 10:20am
  • Wrap Up Show - Gary Sleeping On The Plane. 07/28/14. 10:45am
  • Wrap Up Show - More Comic-Con. 07/28/14. 11:05am
  • Coming Later This Friggin Week.
  • Coming Later This Friggin Week.
  • Coming Later This Friggin Week.
Friday Latest Master Tape Theatre
  • Coming Later This Friggin Week.
  • Master Tape Theatre Is No Longer On The Howard 101 Schedule As Of 01/13/2014.

Coming Soon To The Stern Show - Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum, Mel B, John Mayer, - and more!

Last Week On The Stern Show - A Vague Benjy And Elisa Update. 07/21/14. 6:00am (Mon) - James Garner's Death. 07/21/14. 6:10am (Mon) - Captain Janks Comes Out Of Retirement. 07/21/14. 6:20am (Mon) - Caller Theme Songs And More. 07/21/14. 7:00am (Mon) - Zach Braff Visits. 07/21/14. 7:10am (Mon) - Casey Kasem's Missing Body, Johnny Winter's Death And More. 07/21/14. 8:00am (Mon) - Jon ''Superman'' Leiberman's Brush With Death. 07/21/14. 8:10am (Mon) - Riley Martin And JD On Wrap Up Clips. 07/21/14. 8:25am (Mon) - Fans Sit In For The News. 07/21/14. 9:05am (Mon) - Robin's News. 07/21/14. 9:20am (Mon) - Wrap Up Show - Leiberman's Brush With Death. 07/21/14. 10:10am (Mon) - Wrap Up Show - Ronnie's Show Business Career. 07/21/14. 10:40am (Mon) - Wrap Up Show - Zach Braff And JD's Girlfriend. 07/21/14. 10:50am (Mon) -

Football And Benjy's Relationship And Show Start Time. 07/22/14. 6:00am (Tue) - More Benjy And Elisa Discussions. 07/22/14. 6:25am (Tue) - Professional Poker Player Dan Bilzerian Visits. 07/22/14. 7:20am (Tue) - Phone Calls And Email. 07/22/14. 8:35am (Tue) - Song Parodies, Audio Clips And More. 07/22/14. 8:50am (Tue) - Tan Mom Games For $500. 07/22/14. 9:05am (Tue) - Robin's News. 07/22/14. 9:20am (Tue) - Wrap Up Show - Michael Rappaport And Mike Young Sit In. 07/22/14. 10:30am (Tue) - Wrap Up Show - Benjy And Elisa. 07/22/14. 10:50am (Tue) - Wrap Up Show - More With Michael And Mike. 07/22/14. 11:05am (Tue) -

Howard Reads Some Email About Benjy And Elisa. 07/23/14. 6:00am (Wed) - Jimi Hendrix Movie Discussions And More. 07/23/14. 6:25am (Wed) - 5 Seconds Of Summer Fans At Sirius. 07/23/14. 6:45am (Wed) - Eric The Actor's Anniversary... Almost. 07/23/14. 6:55am (Wed) - Ronnie Hypnotized By Scott Schmaren. 07/23/14. 7:15am (Wed) - Phone Calls, Hypnosis Discussions And More. 07/23/14. 8:00am (Wed) - Hanzi Offered A TV Show? 07/23/14. 8:20am (Wed) - Top 5 Songs. 07/23/14. 8:45am (Wed) - Matthew Sandusky Interview Audio Clips. 07/23/14. 8:50am (Wed) - Ghost Stories. 07/23/14. 9:00am (Wed) - Kerri Kasem Interview Clips. 07/23/14. 9:10am (Wed) - Robin's News. 07/23/14. 9:25am (Wed) - Wrap Up Show - Ronnie's Hypnosis. 07/23/14. 10:20am (Wed) - Wrap Up Show - The Benjy And Elisa Vortex. 07/23/14. 10:45am (Wed) - Wrap Up Show - Wrap Up at Comic-Con. 07/23/14. 11:00am (Wed) - Wrap Up Show - Pete Bevacqua From The PGA Sits In. 07/23/14. 11:05am (Wed) -

No Wrap Up Show Coverage Thursday Or Friday. 07/24/14. (Thu-Fri) - and more! Featured Pages

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