Hello, my name is Mark and I'm a Howard Sternaholic...
I started this web site back in September 1995 because of my addiction (Listening since 1988!). I had way too much spare time to kill so created my own friggin web site dedicated to keeping Stern fans around the world informed about the show. I never thought I'd still be doing this crap more than 14 years later! It has snowballed into a life changing, time consuming thing that I never pictured myself doing.


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  • Howard Says Hackers Are Terrorists. 12/15/14. 6:00am
  • Robin's Anal Sex Special. 12/15/14. 6:15am
  • A Few Minutes With Hanzi. 12/15/14. 6:30am
  • New Show Start Time Coming In January. 12/15/14. 6:35am
  • Benjy's Upcoming Interview And More. 12/15/14. 6:40am
  • James Franco And Seth Rogen Visit. 12/15/14. 7:00am
  • Howard Takes Some Calls. 12/15/14. 8:20am
  • Big Foot Christmas Game. 12/15/14. 8:25am
  • Howard Plays Some Gay Christmas Porn And Other Audio Clips. 12/15/14. 8:40am
  • Cosby Accuser Clips And Some Email. 12/15/14. 9:00am
  • Phone Calls And More Special Events. 12/15/14. 9:10am
  • Robin's News. 12/15/14. 9:20am
  • Wrap Up Show - Show Start Time And Worst Caller. 12/15/14. 10:25am
  • Wrap Up Show - James Franco And Seth Rogen. 12/15/14. 10:45am
  • Wrap Up Show - JD And His Girlfriend. 12/15/14. 11:05am
  • NY Daily News Calls Howard An Idiot. 12/16/14. 6:00am
  • Brad Burns From YouPorn Calls In. 12/16/14. 6:25am
  • More NY Daily News Discussions. 12/16/14. 6:35am
  • Donald Sterling, Phone Calls And Worst Phone Caller Update. 12/16/14. 7:00am
  • Benjy And Elisa Interview Howard. 12/16/14. 7:25am
  • Phone Calls, Audio Clips And More. 12/16/14. 8:35am
  • Bill Cosby, Phone Calls And More. 12/16/14. 8:50am
  • Marianne Garvey From The NY Daily News Calls In. 12/16/14. 9:05am
  • Robin's News. 12/16/14. 9:20am
  • Wrap Up Show - The Daily News Article And More. 12/16/14. 10:10am
  • Wrap Up Show - Benjy And Elisa. 12/16/14. 10:30am
  • Wrap Up Show - More With Benjy. 12/16/14. 10:45am
  • NY Daily News Article Update. 12/17/14. 6:00am
  • This Week's Saturday Night Live Discussed. 12/17/14. 6:45am
  • David Arquette Calls In. 12/17/14. 6:50am
  • Secret Santa, Robin's Anal Sex Special And More. 12/17/14. 7:10am
  • Benjy And Elisa Update. 12/17/14. 7:30am
  • Secret Santa Discussions. 12/17/14. 7:35am
  • Worst Phone Caller Winner Announced. 12/17/14. 7:45am
  • Nicole Bass' Private Parts Discussed. 12/17/14. 8:00am
  • Torture Songs, Various Audio Clips And More. 12/17/14. 8:30am
  • Ass Napkin Ed Clips. 12/17/14. 8:40am
  • Robin's News. 12/17/14. 9:10am
  • Wrap Up Show - Scott Salem And Secret Santa. 12/17/14. 10:15am
  • Wrap Up Show - Scott The Engineer. 12/17/14. 10:35am
  • Wrap Up Show - Worst Caller. 12/17/14. 10:50am
  • Coming Later This Friggin Week.
Friday Latest Master Tape Theatre
  • Coming Later This Friggin Week.
  • Master Tape Theatre Is No Longer On The Howard 101 Schedule As Of 01/13/2014.

Coming Soon To The Stern Show - James Franco, Seth Rogen, Bradley Cooper, Donnie Wahlberg, Pat O'Brien, Brian Wilson, John Mayer, - and more!

Last Week On The Stern Show - Howard's 42 Hour Illness And Some Phone Calls. 12/08/14. 6:00am (Mon) - Howard Remembers WCCC. 12/08/14. 6:20am (Mon) - Howard Announces His America's Got Talent Decision. 12/08/14. 6:30am (Mon) - TV Show Discussions. 12/08/14. 6:55am (Mon) - Phone Calls, A Benjy Update And More. 12/08/14. 7:05am (Mon) - Creepy Family Stories And The Top 5 Songs. 12/08/14. 7:20am (Mon) - Another Marriage Break Up Story. 12/08/14. 7:30am (Mon) - Effeminate Homophobic Pastor Audio Clips. 12/08/14. 7:50am (Mon) - Chris Rock Visits. 12/08/14. 8:15am (Mon) - Robin's News. 12/08/14. 9:35am (Mon) - Wrap Up Show - Chris Rock. 12/08/14. 10:35am (Mon) - Wrap Up Show - Howard's AGT Announcement, Peter Pan And More. 12/08/14. 10:55am (Mon) - Wrap Up Show - America's Got Talent. 12/08/14. 11:10am (Mon) -

Remembering Pugsley From The Addams Family. 12/09/14. 6:00am (Tue) - Race Discussions With King Of All Blacks. 12/09/14. 6:10am (Tue) - Howard Not Thrilled With Royalty. 12/09/14. 6:20am (Tue) - Howard Takes Some Calls. 12/09/14. 6:25am (Tue) - Joan Rivers From The Grave. 12/09/14. 6:30am (Tue) - Sharon Osbourne And Julie Chen Visit. 12/09/14. 7:00am (Tue) - Smashing Pumpkins Perform Live. 12/09/14. 8:10am (Tue) - Robin's News. 12/09/14. 9:30am (Tue) - Wrap Up Show - Smashing Pumpkins And Richard's Bachelor Party. 12/09/14. 10:35am (Tue) - Wrap Up Show - Richard And Sal. 12/09/14. 10:55am (Tue) - Wrap Up Show - Julie Chen And Sharon Osbourne. 12/09/14. 11:15am (Tue) -

Howard's Exclusive Interview With Arnold. 12/10/14. 6:00am (Wed) - Victoria's Secret Special Clips. 12/10/14. 6:20am (Wed) - Howard Takes Calls And Reviews Sons Of Anarchy. 12/10/14. 6:35am (Wed) - Kevin Nealon Visits. 12/10/14. 6:55am (Wed) - Barbara Walters Visits. 12/10/14. 7:45am (Wed) - Cosby Accuser Clips, Phone Calls And More. 12/10/14. 8:55am (Wed) - Robin's News. 12/10/14. 9:20am (Wed) - Wrap Up Show - Barbara Walters. 12/10/14. 10:20am (Wed) - Wrap Up Show - Kevin Nealon. 12/10/14. 10:40am (Wed) - Wrap Up Show - Howard, AGT And More. 12/10/14. 10:50am (Wed) -

Thursday Live Wrap Up Show. 12/11/14. (Thu) - Wrap Up Show - Chris Rock And JD At The Holiday Party. 12/11/14. 10:30am (Thu) - Wrap Up Show - More With JD. 12/11/14. 10:50am (Thu) - Wrap Up Show - Billy Corgan, Sharon Osbourne And Julie Chen. 12/11/14. 11:00am (Thu) -

Friday Live Wrap Up Show. 12/12/14. (Fri) - Wrap Up Show - Benjy's Upcoming Interview And Horatio Sanz Visits. 12/12/14. 10:05am (Fri) - Wrap Up Show - A Few Minutes With JD And Horatio Sanz. 12/12/14. 10:20am (Fri) - Wrap Up Show - More With Horatio Sanz. 12/12/14. 10:45am (Fri) - and more! Featured Pages

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