Hello, my name is Mark and I'm a Howard Sternaholic...
I started this web site back in September 1995 because of my addiction (Listening since 1988!). I had way too much spare time to kill so created my own friggin web site dedicated to keeping Stern fans around the world informed about the show. I never thought I'd still be doing this crap more than 18 years later! It has snowballed into a life changing, time consuming thing that I never pictured myself doing.


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  • Unnamed Vacation Special - Day 1. 02/08/16. 7:00am
  • Ass Napkin Ed - January 21, 2015. 02/08/16. 7:00am
  • Jonah Hill - January 21, 2014. 02/08/16. 7:20am
  • Howard Wins Best Hair - February 4, 2015. 02/08/16. 8:25am
  • JD Got A Girlfriend - July 14, 2014. 02/08/16. 8:40am
  • Don Henley - December 8, 2015. 02/08/16. 9:10am
  • Richard Anus Drinker - May 21, 2013. 02/08/16. 10:45am
  • Wrap Up Show - Dan Sloss Sits In. 02/08/16. 11:05am
  • Wrap Up Show - Super Bowl Talk. 02/08/16. 11:15am
  • Wrap Up Show - Phone Calls And Wack Pack Talk. 02/08/16. 11:30am
  • Coming Later This Friggin Week.

  • Coming Later This Friggin Week.
  • Coming Later This Friggin Week.
  • Coming Later This Friggin Week.

Coming Soon To The Stern Show - Coldplay, - and more!

Last Week On The Stern Show - Robin's Train Possibly Shot At. 02/01/16. 7:00am (Mon) - Crackhead Bob Dead At 56. 02/01/16. 7:15am (Mon) - More Crackhead Bob Clips. 02/01/16. 7:30am (Mon) - Phone Calls And A Few Minutes With Shuli And Bobo. 02/01/16. 7:35am (Mon) - Jon Hein Stands His Ground. 02/01/16. 8:05am (Mon) - The Great J-Dini's Predictions. 02/01/16. 8:40am (Mon) - Various Clips, Email And More. 02/01/16. 9:05am (Mon) - Jeff The Drunk And High Pitch Eric Update. 02/01/16. 9:15am (Mon) - One Last Crackhead Bob Phony Phone Call. 02/01/16. 9:30am (Mon) - SAG Award Discussions And More. 02/01/16. 9:45am (Mon) - King of All Blacks And Rand Paul Clips. 02/01/16. 10:05am (Mon) - Robin's News. 02/01/16. 10:20am (Mon) - Wrap Up Show - Scott's Shocking Revelation. 02/01/16. 11:25am (Mon) - Wrap Up Show - Crackhead Bob. 02/01/16. 11:35am (Mon) - Wrap Up Show - King of All Blacks. 02/01/16. 11:50am (Mon) -

Iowa Caucus And Benjy's Beard. 02/02/16. 7:00am (Tue) - Email And Jeff The Drunk. 02/02/16. 7:15am (Tue) - Howard's Night Of TV And Peeing. 02/02/16. 7:50am (Tue) - Big Foot Place The Face Game. 02/02/16. 8:15am (Tue) - Wolfie At The Bill Cosby Trial. 02/02/16. 8:35am (Tue) - More Cosby Stuff. 02/02/16. 8:50am (Tue) - High Pitch Eric On White Power Radio. 02/02/16. 8:55am (Tue) - A Few Minutes With King of All Blacks. 02/02/16. 9:00am (Tue) - Vin Diesel Clips And Some Calls. 02/02/16. 9:10am (Tue) - The Feud No One Cares About. 02/02/16. 9:30am (Tue) - More Phone Calls. 02/02/16. 9:40am (Tue) - JD Discussions. 02/02/16. 10:00am (Tue) - Wrap Up Show - Julian Velard Sits In. 02/02/16. 11:20am (Tue) - Wrap Up Show - JD Discussions. 02/02/16. 11:35am (Tue) - Wrap Up Show - Wolfie And Mary. 02/02/16. 11:50am (Tue) -

Sour Shoes George Takei Impression And Benjy's Beard. 02/03/16. 7:00am (Wed) - High Pitch Eric And Will The Farter Discussions. 02/03/16. 7:15am (Wed) - Wack Pack ''What Does Love Mean'' Bit. 02/03/16. 7:25am (Wed) - More Will The Farter With Ralph On The Phone. 02/03/16. 7:30am (Wed) - First Super Bowl Tape Discussion. 02/03/16. 7:55am (Wed) - Fake Ted Cruz Calls In. 02/03/16. 8:00am (Wed) - Howard Takes Some Calls. 02/03/16. 8:05am (Wed) - High Pitch Eric Gets The Gas Chamber From Will The Farter. 02/03/16. 8:30am (Wed) - Phony Phone Calls And More. 02/03/16. 9:30am (Wed) - Ronnie's Sex Tips, Sour Shoes And More. 02/03/16. 9:55am (Wed) - Wolfie's Pro-Life Rally Interviews. 02/03/16. 10:15am (Wed) - Robin's News. 02/03/16. 10:30am (Wed) - Wrap Up Show - Jason Nash Sits In. 02/03/16. 11:15am (Wed) - Wrap Up Show - Gary's Vinyl. 02/03/16. 11:30am (Wed) - Wrap Up Show - Flat Ronnie. 02/03/16. 11:45am (Wed) -

Thursday Live Wrap Up Show. 02/04/16. (Thu) - Wrap Up Show - JD Discussions. 02/04/16. 11:05am (Thu) - Wrap Up Show - King Of All Blacks And Sour Shoes. 02/04/16. 11:25am (Thu) - Wrap Up Show - Jeff The Drunk And Bobo. 02/04/16. 11:35am (Thu) -

Friday Live Wrap Up Show. 02/05/16. (Fri) - Wrap Up Show - Danny Cevallos Sits In. 02/05/16. 11:00am (Fri) - Wrap Up Show - Road Rage. 02/05/16. 11:15am (Fri) - Wrap Up Show - Various Phone Calls. 02/05/16. 11:30am (Fri) - and more! Featured Pages

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