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  • Where's KC?
    • A lot of people are asking ''Where's KC?'' or ''What happened to KC?'' Well, KC called Howard on July 1, 2005 and explained what happened. KC has a new DVD coming out and you can find out more at

      You can also find out what KC had to say about why he left at where he did a very revealing interview. (Updated 07/01/2005)

  • Is Jackie the Joke Man Martling Really Gone? / Is Jackie Coming Back To The Show?
    • On March 5, 2001 Howard announced that Jackie Martling officially left the show due to the fact that he couldn't negotiate a new contract. In the weeks following that announcement Howard said many times that it was very unlikely that Jackie would return to the show. He even said that he's not sure he would want Jackie back because he liked having different people sit in on the show instead of Jackie. Since Jackie left there have been rumors of his return but Howard insists that he will not be returning no matter what.

      In mid-August, 2001 Jackie was quoted in a newpaper article as saying he wants to come back to the show but Howard insists that he blew it when he walked off the show. Howard says it's better if they just go their separate ways and leave it at that.

      In November 2001 comedian Artie Lange was interviewed by Chauncé Hayden and basically said that he is the official ''new guy'' on the show. (Updated 11/13/2001)

  • What Does The Phrase or Word (fill in the blank) Mean?
    • Howard sometimes uses sexual phrases that people don't quite understand on the show. He has given some definitions on the air so they're listed below. (Updated 11/15/2002)
      • Shrimped - (Captain Janks explained on 10/4/02) When two gay guys curl up together like shrimp and use straws to suck their load out of the other's ass.
      • Tea Bag - A guy dipping his balls in another person's mouth.
      • Bukkake (boo-KA-key) - When a woman is restrained in some way and multiple guys whack off on her.
      • Blumpkin - Receiving oral sex from a woman while you sit on the toilet taking a dump.
      • Balloon knot - When a person bends over naked and you see the asshole... it looks like a tied latex balloon knot.
      • Angry Dragon - When climaxing when getting oral sex you smack a woman's head so the stuff ends up coming out her nose.
      • Dirty Sanchez / Angry Sanchez - Too dirty for Howard to describe on radio but... visitor James writes: ''...a dirty/angry sanchez is when you stick a finger up a chicks butt, and then wipe her own crap across the top of her lip, giving her what apears to be a little mexican mustache, hence the name ''Sanchez'', and DEFINATELY explains the dirty or angry part..''
      • Cleveland Steamer/Chili-Dog - (Courtesy of Chef Sho and James) - Cleveland Steamer ''...when one simply craps between a girl's breasts.''
        Chili-Dog-''...You crap on a girl's stomach, and then ride her so it gets all rubbed in.''

        Another definition from Brian '' when you have a one night stand with a girl and you take off in the morning. But instead of leaving a note you leave her a steaming piece of crap on her pillow.''

      • Donkey Punch - When you are having anal sex with a woman and you are just about to climax, you punch her in the back of the head so that her asshole tightens up.

  • What's Howard's E-mail Address?
    • You can find the e-mail address, phone numbers and addresses for the Stern Show on my Phone Book page. (Updated 4/5/2001)

  • Where Can I Get Tapes Or Transcripts Of The Howard Stern Show?
    • Unfortunately there's no one that I know of that provides written transcripts of The Howard Stern Show. You can try posting a message to the newsgroup to see if anyone there will help out with audio or video tapes. (Updated 5/16/2001)

  • Where Can I Get Howard Stern T-Shirts?
    • There are no official Howard Stern t-shirts, mugs, note pads or bumper stickers out there (other than the ''Private Parts'' movie promotional items). Howard says that he doesn't put his name on stuff like that because he doesn't think it's necessary and it cheapens his image. If you find someone selling Stern t-shirts they're not authorized by Howard.

  • Where Did Gary's Nickname ''Baba Booey'' Come From?
    • Baba Booey originated back in 1989 (Actually 1990) or so. Gary Dell'Abate(aka Baba Booey) is a collector of cartoon art cells. Back then he was telling Howard that he was going to be picking up a new cell that he bought featuring ''..Quick Draw McGraw and a Baba Booey...''. What he didn't know was that the actual name that he meant to say was 'Baba Louie'. Howard and Robin picked up on this immediately and started goofing on him soon after. Over the years the Baba Booey phrase morphed in to other things such as Fafa Fooey and Fla Fla Flolie as Billy West played with the name. Billy would just take something like the name Bob and make it in to Baba Bob. The name still sticks to Gary to this day. (Updated 07/30/2010)

  • What The Hell Happened To Billy West?
    • Billy left the show in 1995 after failed contract negotiations with Infinity Broadcasting (Howard's Employer, now CBS Broadcasting). Billy went back out to California to do his own thing. He's been doing cartoon voices such as Woody Woodpecker, George Jetson, The Red M&M, and a bunch of voices on the FOX animated series ''Futurama.'' After Jackie left the show in 2001 Howard said they tried to contact Billy to get him to do a few shows but his wife apparently said that Billy ''only moves forward'' in his career. (Updated 11/13/2001)

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