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Howard's Final Terrestrial Radio Show - December 16, 2005

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-- Friday, December 16, 2005 --

  • Howard's Final Terrestrial Radio Show Begins. 12/16/05. 6:00am
    Show opening bits and songs included: Sal the Stockbroker's Stern Show Happy Moments bit, Sal's ''Remembering Guests who Have Passed Away'' bit, Sal's ''What If'' Wack Pack bit, ''What a Wonderful Guy'' song parody about Howard, Baba Booey (Janis Joplin) song parody, John Lennon's ''Imagine.''

    Howard started off his final terrestrial radio show by welcoming everyone after listening to ''Imagine.'' He went on to talk about the rain out in New York City. It was fairly warm out though and he told everyone to come down there to see the final show.

    Gary was down on the street so Howard was talking to him via walkie talkie. When Gary came through you could hear a lot of people behind him cheering and making noise. Gary told Howard it was really warm out down there but it was kind of wet out. Robin said she came in and saw a lot of TV trucks out there this morning and she didn't see any people out there. Now they're out there and it's warm out so it should be great. Howard said they'll go out at about 8:30 or 8:45 and they'll make their speeches.

    The band Staind will be out there to play the Beetlejuice Song for the crowd sometime later this morning. Howard said he'll be making a speech of his own and it might be a little bit long. Robin mentioned a speech that Dead Air Dave made before the show this morning and he was really good. Howard said that Dave has been his guy lately and they see eye to eye on a lot of stuff.

    Sea of Stern Fans Howard went back to Gary and had him talking to the crowd out there. Gary said that the crowd was pushing on the barriers that were set up. He said there was a woman down there in a trench coat who was naked underneath. She had all kinds of stuff written about Howard's move to the new place. Gary said there were people with signs that Gary talked about. He went over to the naked chick so Howard could talk to her. He had some trouble getting over to her but he read what she had written on her. The woman said that she was out there since 11:30 last night.

    Artie was making his way in so Gary stopped him and let him say a few words. Gary said that NBC was down there to interview him so he did that live on the air. Vivian Lee from NBC asked Gary how he felt to have all of the fans out there today. Gary relayed a message from Howard to Vivian about how he was feeling about the morning.

    After Gary's quick interview he got back to the naked chick who said she wanted to come up and get naked for him. Gary told Howard that she's cute but wouldn't say that she was hot. Howard thought that he had to do this one on one with the crowd so he bailed out on talking to him.

    Artie was finally up to the studio and told Howard how nuts things were getting down on the street. He was ready to start drinking too so he showed Howard some of the stuff he had in there. He had Single Barrel Jack Daniels which is supposed to be great.

    Howard said that there are a lot of special guests coming in today. He heard that Chris Rock was coming down. He went on to talk about what would be going on today and how Yahoo! will be covering the festivities today.

    Howard took a call from Doug Goodstein who was also out on the street helping out with the video shoot for Howard Stern On Demand. Doug told Howard about some of the guests who were out there and it was completely insane. All of the popular guests from the show were all gathering there. Doug said he was really touched that they were all there.

    Howard cut away from Doug and tried to see what was up at Yahoo!. Artie said the rain out there really wasn't that bad and the fans should all be out there. Howard wasn't able to find the video feed from Yahoo!. Robin tried to find it as well but it wasn't happening for her either.

    Richard Christy asked Howard what he wanted to drink. Howard told him to just start pouring the champagne. Artie wanted a cup with ice for his Jack and water.

    A caller told Howard that the show has been amazing the past few days and he loved that Jackie was back on yesterday. Howard said he had a lot to talk about this morning but he didn't want to blow his load first thing. A woman called in and asked where she was supposed to go this morning. Robin let her know that it was on 56th between 5th and 6th Ave. Vinnie Favale called in and told Howard he was on his way in to the big gathering. He was going to be getting on the bus and listening to the show like he's been doing for the past 20 years.

    Howard tried to get Gary back on the walkie talkie. When he got him he asked about Yahoo! because it appeared they weren't going to start showing anything until 9 o'clock. Howard said that they should have started first thing in the morning showing everyone what was going on. Gary said that they were capturing stuff to edit to make it more interesting. They probably won't start showing stuff until 9 and then they may mix it between pre-taped and live coverage.

    Gary was talking to Howard on mic as well as the walkie talkie but when he got on mic around 6:20 there was a guy testing out another mic for the band Staind. It was kind of distracting so Howard ended up taking his first break. As he was getting ready to go to break Ronnie let him know that they had a lot of chicks up there from the Bunny Ranch and Scores. Howard said that they've been asked to take breaks often this morning so they can fit everything in by 10 o'clock or so. Today's show was being sponsored mostly by

  • Hot Chicks, King Of All Blacks And More. 12/16/05. 6:35am
    Howard had a bit of a problem during the break because he had to read a live commercial even though he's been sick for the past few days. He had Fred reading the commercials so he could save his voice.

    After the break Fred played a clip where they remembered the conversation that AJ and Donald Trump had about a girlfriend that they shared and AJ threatened to kill Trump one day. They also played a news clip where they talked about Howard's upcoming final show that was going to be covered by Yahoo! today. Howard then talked about all of the people that were gathering out on the street already. It was drizzling outside but the rain should be dissipating within an hour or so.

    Sal came in and showed Howard some pictures of the chicks who were showing their boobs out on the street. Howard had the guys bring in some of the hot chicks they had out in the green room. Sal said that some of them were Bunny Ranch chicks, some were Scores chicks. There was a party going on up there already with all of those people.

    Jason took Gary's place out on the street while Gary came up to the studio. Jason told Howard that it was nice and warm down there and he was going to take his jacket off son. He went over to the crowd and let some of the fans talk to Howard. Hook Nose Mike said a couple of words but it sounded like he was a mile away from them. Howard told Gary to go down there and take over the microphone duties because it wasn't working out with Jason.

    King of All Blacks called in from the green room and talked about what Angry Black was wearing today and how wrong it all was. He was goofing on the clothes the guy was wearing and bragging that he was wearing nicer stuff than Angry Black was. King said that Angry was wearing a hockey shirt and that's really whack according to King. Howard invited King and Angry into the studio to talk about that.

    Gary told Howard that Amy Lynn was there and she has been avoiding the aging process somehow. He said that she looks really good after all of these years.

    Artie told Howard that he wrote a speech yesterday after thinking that he wasn't going to be able to do it. He hadn't started drinking this morning yet so he was going to be brushing his teeth before he started that. Howard talked about the way Artie has been coming in late the past week and brushing his teeth when he gets to work. It's kind of strange.

    Howard said he went to bed at about 8:30 last night but he was up by 1 in the morning. He really needed some sleep before this show today so he had some food and tried to get back to sleep. By 2 in the morning he was still wide awake so he took an Ambien at about 2:30. That's the worst thing he could do but he was up by 4:30. Gary said that he gets a headache when he doesn't get enough sleep after taking one of those things.

  • Amy Lynn Drops In. 12/16/05. 6:45am
    Amy Lynn came in and said hello to everyone. She hasn't been on the show for years but she used to be on very often. Amy told Howard that she's not married but she does have a baby. She's now 38 years old but the guys told her she looks 28. Howard said her boobs are just as big as ever though. Amy said she hasn't been stripping for years and she's going to get into real estate. Howard told her she was holding up really well and thanked her for doing the show all of the years she did it. Robin reminded everyone that Amy's mother used to travel around with her to all of her stripping shows where she'd help take pictures of her... naked. Howard remembers taking pictures with her and that her mother charged him for the Polaroids.

    Sal came in and told Howard that it was getting so crazy down on the street that they were threatening to pull the permit for the gathering. He was asked to make an announcement to the crowd to stop rushing the barriers. Howard told him to go tell Gary that and he'd take care of things. Howard let Amy Lynn go after that.

  • Ralph And Steve Grillo Visit. 12/16/05. 6:50am
    Jason was still out on the street so Howard went back down to him. He interviewed a couple of hot girls who were out there. He spoke to Allison who said she was on the show back on February 15th with Debbie Gibson and got naked. Another hot chick, Selena, told Howard she's been out there since last night at about midnight.

    Jason spoke to some other fans who were out there. One guy thanked Howard for all of the years that he's helped get him by. Gary came in and told Howard that they have to start giving some money away. They have $10,000 to give to the people out there. Ralph came in and told Howard that it was nice and warm out there and the rain wasn't all that bad. Gary said that he saw Ralph on the Super Fan Round Table last night over at SIRIUS and it was probably the greatest one yet.

    He and Ralph talked about Steve Grillo and how he was like a cartoon of himself on the show. Gary said that Steve had like 3 mental breakdowns on that show last night. He was going nuts on Jackie and other things. Ralph said that KC showed up to the show about 2 hours late and he looked kind of odd to him.

    Steve Grillo, a former intern on the show, said that he didn't think that Jackie sounded like Jackie when he was on yesterday. He thought that Howard treated him too nice when he came in. Howard said that's the way he wanted things to go though. He didn't want to get into a fight with him.

    There were a lot of great discussions on the Round Table show last night about Jackie and Artie. Everyone seemed to think that Artie handled things really well with Jackie. Howard wanted to start ripping apart the couch in the studio to hand out to the crowd. Howard said everything else was pretty much gone from the studio except for the carts. Howard was wondering if he should play anything that they haven't played since he won't be able to play most of it at the new place.

    Robin said that things are going to get wild out there on the street but Steve and Ralph said that it was already getting nuts. Howard had to take another break a short time later.

  • The Crowd Grows, More People Visit The Studio. 12/16/05. 7:10am
    After the break Howard listened to some of Staind's ''The Beetlejuice Song'' performance from earlier this year. The band was scheduled to perform it live later on in the show. Howard said that might be his favorite musical performance on the show. He went on to talk about how they have to get all of their stuff out of there by tomorrow so Fred was actually cleaning up some stuff as the show was going on. Gary said that Fred had to get all of his musical instruments out of there. Fred said he had to stay there and clean up yesterday instead of going to a party that Artie threw.

    Sal was on the mic down on the street getting the crowd all wound up. Howard asked Sal what the weather was like. Sal said it sucked but the fans didn't care. He asked Sal to say hello to some people out there. Sal went over to a guy who he thought looked Mexican but the guy said he was actually Italian. Howard gave up on Sal a few seconds later.

    Announcer Paul Tuner was there in the studio. He used to do a lot of Howard's announcing and was there to introduce everyone out on the street. Howard introduced some of the girls they had there to Paul since Paul is no longer married. The girls were all drinking and making a lot of noise. There were girls from Scores and girls from The Bunny Ranch who were going back and forth about who could drink the most. Howard thanked all of the girls from the Bunny Ranch for coming out but he heard that they weren't getting any action there.

    Howard said hello to Al Rosenberg who used to work with them. Al said that he envies everyone in the studio and said some nice words about him. Dr. Sal Calabro was there as well so Howard said a quick hello to him. Sal thanked Howard for everything he's done for him. Sam Simon was there so Howard said hello to him. Sam said he had to beg for an invitation out there but he really appreciates what Howard does. He thanked Howard for that before Howard moved on to King of All Blacks and Angry Black.

    King of all Blacks immediately started to goof on Angry Black about the hockey shirt he was wearing. The two of them were wearing similar shoes but King claims his are better. He said that Angry was wearing soft bottom ''Tim's'' while he had the hard bottoms. He said that Angry's shoes are about half the cost of his. King is very materialistic. He was picking apart Angry about everything he was wearing but Howard had to cut them off to move on to some other people.

    Howard said that Stan Dwarken was there and he was his running mate back when he was going to run for governor. Stan said a few nice words about where Howard is moving to.

    Gary said that last night on Super Fan Round Table they talked Jessica Hahn and even Jessica admits that she sounded kind of crazy in her interviews earlier in the week. They were sad that Jessica wasn't there this morning.

    Howard went back down to Sal on the street and the crowd sounded huge. They were cheering for Howard and Sal sounded like he was about to pass out from the excitement.

  • Classic Bits Retired. 12/16/05. 7:20am
    Howard had a few past moments from the show to play. The first one was one of Richard Christy's favorite moments. It was when Hank the Angry Drunken Dwarf made his first appearance on the show. Hank has since passed away but his memory will live on. In the audio clip Howard spoke to Hank for the first time after finding him out on the street. Hank was drunk and angry and earned his name on that first show. Howard said that he really misses that drunken racist. He said he's sure Hank would be there if he was still alive.

    The guys played a tribute song that they created after Hank passed away called ''Hanks Way'' to the tune of ''My Way.'' Howard said he loves Hank and wishes that he could be there today, his last day on terrestrial radio.

    Robin had popped open a bottle of champagne and toasted Hank along with Artie who had some Jack Daniels. Howard said that they would be starting the speeches in about a half hour and they had a few more things to get to before that. Artie told Howard that what's going on outside is really special and it's going to be great when they go out there later on. Artie said that he's sure that if he hadn't gotten into show business, he would be one of the fans out on the street celebrating. He figures he would have gotten a day off from the manure shoveling plant to come down.

  • Howard Remembers 20+ Years Of Shows. 12/16/05. 7:30am
    Howard talked about how he's been thinking about what's gone on in his career over the past 20-some years and how there was really nothing going on in radio when he started. Now things have changed and he's leaving this show to start a new world over at the new place. He said that it is kind of a cool thing that he's moving on to a smaller audience because it will free him up to do more stuff. He talked about the early days when there really weren't that many people listening to him because he could fly under the radar.

    When Howard moves to SIRIUS he thinks that he'll be forming his own little community of people who will be paying to hear his show. He said it is sad to say goodbye though. Gary came in and said that Staind is handing out lyric sheets so everyone in the crowd can sing along with them when the perform The Beetlejuice Song. Gary was heading down to the street to get ready for the rest of the show. It was his last time in the studio on the air.

    Howard said that Beetlejuice would be giving away one of his huge front teeth that he lost a couple of years back. They saved the tooth and they'll be giving it away to one lucky(?) fan.

    Richard Christy came in and told Howard how crazy things are upstairs where people are waiting to come on. Howard told Richard that if he doesn't get laid today then there's really something wrong with him. Richard was about to take a shot of Thor's Hammer vodka while Artie took another shot of Jack. They both took the shots and made some funny faces according to Robin. Richard said that was the biggest shot that he's ever taken. He felt like he was about to vomit because of that. Howard had to take another break a short time later.

  • Howard's Family Visits. 12/16/05. 7:45am
    After the break Howard played Joe Walsh's great performance of ''Desperado'' that they won't be able to bring with them when they move. Howard said he loves that song. Artie was lip syncing the song according to Robin. Howard said that Artie was drunk already so he had him singing along with the song. Howard sang a little bit as well even though he was sick.

    Howard's family joined him in the studio after the song played. He said that his father Ben was there so he tried to introduce his grandchildren Emily, Debra and Ashley but he couldn't remember Ashley's middle name. Howard thanked everyone for coming down and asked his mother to say a few words. She had a speech prepared for when they go outside. Ben said that he's got one as well. Howard's sister Ellen tried to get her headphones to work but they weren't. Ellen told Howard that this was her first time up to the studio so Howard told her that it was time to take her top off. He was just kidding of course. He also said hello to his brother in law Peter and his niece Pamela.

    Howard said hello to his daughter Emily who was there to see him off. Emily was on the cover of the NY Post back when Howard got fired from NBC. Howard said that he remembers the days when he played with his young niece and used to change her diapers. He remembers trying to get a job out in Pennsylvania at some rock station out there. They hated him. Robin said that was funny because she had her first job out in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania. Howard thanked his family for putting up with him. He asked Ben if he was feeling emotional about this whole thing. Ben said he did get kind of emotional as he listened to the start of the show today. Emily said she didn't want to say anything to the crowd today but did say that she loves her daddy.

    Artie told Howard that he was starting to feel emotional about all of this stuff. He said he used to be a fan and now he's on the show so that means a lot to him. Howard took a call from a guy who said he was on the street and saw a woman giving a guy oral right there on the street. Artie predicted that in 18 years there will be a lot of ugly college students who were produced on this day. Howard had to take another break before getting to the speeches out on the street.

  • The Goodbye Speeches Begin. 12/16/05. 8:10am
    After the commercial break Howard played a farewell song to the tune of Creedence Clearwater Revival's ''Who'll Stop the Rain.'' Howard was singing along with the song that he performed a couple of weeks ago with Richard Christy. Howard said that the speeches outside had begun already and we were missing out on some of them. He played some audio of one woman making a speech and crying as she was saying goodbye. The crowd was yelling at her to get off the stage.

    Howard went to Sal who was down on 56th Street. Sal told him that the barricades have come down about three times so the cops had to rebuild them each time. He cut away from Sal again after just a few short minutes.

    Howard said that he teared up earlier when he was listening to Desperado and looked around the room seeing his family there. He went on to play some of the speeches that they missed during the break. They were on such a tight schedule that they had to record stuff during the break. Cliff Pallete and Fred the Elephant Boy were the first two to make speeches. Fred gave a ''Free at Last'' speech that was just about unintelligible. He was screaming something about Jack Daniels and a post office. Cliff Pallete got up and tried to make a speech but the crowd wasn't really responding to them.

    Howard said he asked Scott the Engineer to mic the crowd and set up a PA system so they could hear the speeches but he's not sure they can. Robin and Howard tried to figure out what Cliff said but it wasn't possible. He cut away to the live speeches and heard Beetlejuice making his rambling speech. Beet was talking to the crowd instead of making a speech. He was blurting out nonsense so Howard cut away from him.

    Miss Howard Stern, Andrea Brooke, made a short speech about Howard. She said it had been a privilege and an honor to have been Miss Howard Stern and Sal kept asking where Jason was so he was cutting her off. It was a nightmare. Will came in and told Howard that the crowd was taking up a whole city block from what he could see. It was people from 5th Ave to 6th Ave.

    Tom came in and told Howard that the crowd is unbelievable. He's never seen anything like this before because there were people as far as they could see. Staind was about to perform ''The Beetlejuice Song'' so Howard cut away to that and listened in as they did their thing. The crowd were handed lyric sheets so they could sing along as well. Howard ended up cutting away to a pre-recorded speech from Jeff the Drunk since Staind wasn't starting right away.

    Jeff said hello to the crowd and made a nice speech about Howard. He said Howard was the only man he's ever loved other than his own father. He said that Howard rules and told him to enjoy his new job. Howard cut back to Staind but they still hadn't started their song.

  • Dominic Barbara, Courtney Cums, Staind, Beth O And Tabitha Stevens. 12/16/05. 8:20am
    Dominic Barbara was there so Howard let him come in the studio to say a few words. He thanked Howard for letting him come in. He didn't have a lot to say but did appreciate the fact that he was invited. He started to choke up as he thought about all of the years he's been friends with Howard.

    Howard said that they had Courtney Cums there so Howard spoke to her. He said that she was willing to have sex with someone from the crowd so Howard tried to figure out a way to pick someone. She's been in the porn business for about a year now and she's definitely willing to have sex with a fan. Howard told Will to tell Gary to pick out ten $1000 winners to give away the money and to pick one guy to have sex with Courtney. He had to go to another break but he heard that Staind was performing their version of The Beetlejuice song so he cut to that instead. They were in the middle of the song when he cut to them. They finished up that song and performed another song for the crowd.

    Howard's girlfriend Beth was there and told Howard that the weather was actually very warm out there. She said she might even have something to say to the crowd if she's in the mood later on. Howard said that he couldn't even sleep in the same room with Beth last night because she had to take care of their dog who has been waking them up lately. Beth told the guys that she heard Tabitha Stevens on the Meet the Shrink show last night. Tabitha was there so Howard brought her in quickly to talk about the show. Tabitha said that she came very close to crying last night on the show. She was talking about her family hating her and how she's had too much plastic surgery. Howard had to cut the interview with Tabitha short so he could take a break.

  • More Goodbyes, Contests, Sex And Retards. 12/16/05. 8:40am
    Richard and Sal's gay goodbye After the break Fred played Green Day's ''Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)'' performance that they did on the show years ago. Howard said that they did have the time of their lives doing that show after listening to that song. He quickly moved on to play some more of the goodbye speeches. Riley Martin, friend to the aliens, went up and made a nice speech about Howard moving to extra-terrestrial radio. Riley said that the mother ship was out there listening to what Howard had to say on the air. He ended his speech by calling the crowd ''stupid mother f'ers.''

    Howard said that he was out yelling at Scott the Engineer about getting a mic on the crowd because they couldn't hear them. Sour Shoes was on the phone a short time later so Howard let him sing a couple of songs and talk about how crazy things were out there on 6th Ave. He couldn't even get in close to the stage they had set up.

    Howard played High Pitch Eric's goodbye speech which wasn't a speech at all. He reenacted a moment from his ''craptacular'' show on Howard 100. Eric then went on to thank some of the people on the show for helping him out. Artie said ''What a bore!'' after hearing the speech.

    stripper Howard had Will come in to let them know what was going on with the $10,000 they were giving away. Will said they gave that away and they had the guy they picked to have sex with Courtney Cums. Howard said the guy looked like he could get dates. He tried to speak to the guy but the microphone wasn't working. The guy eventually got on mic and said that he's from California. He said hello to Courtney and said he would be interested in going on the ''date'' with Courtney. Artie told the guy to ''give it to her'' in honor of the show. Courtney said the guy wasn't bad looking at all and she was looking forward to the date. Howard let the guy go and played some more goodbye speeches.

    Daniel Carver made a speech about Howard but the crowd was yelling at him. He laughed after saying that there were too many ''Nig***s'' out there in the crowd. Then he started to go off on one of his racist rants instead of saying goodbye to Howard. He was cut off and then King of All Blacks went up and said a few words. He was pretty lit so he was goofing around with Daniel Carver and laughing his ass off. Next up was Wendy the Retard and Gary the Retard. Gary the Retard was yelling at the crowd off mic while Wendy tried to read her poem. He told the crowd to shut up so she could read the poem. Wendy read the speech she had prepared and thanked everyone on the show while the crowd was yelling at Gary.

    Howard played a clip of John the Stutterer's goodbye speech. When he was introduced the crowd were all saying ''I, I, I'' trying to get him to stutter. John was barely able to get a word out because of the way they were yelling at him. Someone was yelling ''Homo'' over and over again at him. Howard wondered why John would write a long speech but Robin told him it wasn't long, John just couldn't get it out.

    Tom Chiusano was out on stage live so Howard cut away to him. He heard that Tom was getting booed but when he cut away, Tom was making a nice speech. You could hear the crowd yelling at Tom to ''Give Howard His Tapes!'' over and over again. Tom thanked Howard and the crew, the advertisers and many other people. He said he's really going to miss this as a woman was flashing him. He ended the speech with ''Nice breasts!''

    Howard said it figures that on their last day they can't hear the crowd chanting. Ralph came in and said that he can't believe that they can't hear the crowd because it's crazy out there. He also said that the day is turning out to be great because the sun was starting to come out.

  • Congressman Gary Ackerman And More Goodbye Speeches. 12/16/05. 8:55am
    Howard took a call from Congressman Gary Ackerman who wanted to thank Howard for what he's done. Howard and Robin thanked Ackerman for what he's done too because he's actually tried to defend Howard's show. Howard told Ackerman that he was going to be going out to make his speech soon so he had to get going. He thanked Ackerman again and encouraged people to vote for him whenever they can.

    Scott the Engineer was on stage making his quick speech. He said he was looking forward to another 20 years but Howard said he's not sure why he hired him because he can't even mic the crowd right. Benjy went up after that and made a strange speech about how Howard will live on and people must follow them to the new place. He got the crowd going a little bit but there really wasn't a good reason to have him up there.

  • Vinnie Favale, Jim Florentine And Victoria Zdrok Visit. 12/16/05. 9:00am
    Howard said that Jim Florentine was there to say hi so he had the guys bring him and a few others in. Vinnie Favale was the first one in the studio so he said a few nice words to him about the show. Howard thanked Vinnie for his contributions as well. He then moved on to Jim Florentine who told Howard that this was all about him today. Jim said that he's thankful to Howard for pulling him out of obscurity. He said he'll never forget what Howard told him after he sat in the Jackie chair one day about how funny he was. Howard moved on to Victoria Zdrok who flashed him. She told Howard that he did for the United States what Gorbachov did for Russia. She got in a couple of plugs as she does every time she's on the show. Howard wondered if anyone could do the show without getting in a plug.

    Howard asked Victoria to get naked for them before she left. She quickly stripped down for them but wanted to play a game before letting them play Butt Bongo on her ass. Artie was the lucky guy to go over there to play the bongos on Victoria's ass as Fred played the Baker Street Baba Booey song. Artie was just smacking her ass and not playing along with the song. Howard had to go to break after a few seconds of that.

  • Artie, Gary, Fred, Robin's Speeches. 12/16/05. 9:15am
    Fred and Artie After the break we heard some more classic moments from the show as some of the guys were going down to the street to make their speeches. High Pitch Eric being chased by a fish and Dave Grohl performing ''Everlong'' live in the studio were played before Howard cut in and let everyone hear Artie making his speech. Artie was talking about how drunk he was and how great The Howard Stern Show is. He was talking about all of the people that they're celebrating. He even offered $50 to the first person who hands him a Vikodin this morning. He said he was going to bring the crowd to a special screening of ''Brokeback Mountain.'' He then got serious and said that his father turned him onto Howard's show and wished that he was still alive to hear him on the show. The crowd then cheered Artie's name as he walked off stage.

    Next up on stage was Gary ''Baba Booey'' Dell'Abate. He thanked everyone on the show and all of the audience for supporting them. He talked about the names he's been called over the years and how he's taken all of them as compliments. He said that he may be older, grayer and fatter, but his teeth have stayed the same. He then broke into a song parody about his teeth. The crowd then started to sing the Star Wars Baba Booey song parody as he was leaving the stage.

    Gary and Robin Fred left the studio next to go make his speech. Howard said a few nice words to Robin about having his back over the years. He told her to spread her legs so they could get going but she wasn't going there. Fred was finally down at the stage so Howard listened in as he made his speech. Fred said that it pains him to know that the audience knows some of his deepest, darkest secrets. He talked about his name change, the Cookie Puss story and a few other classic moments. He then said that he really does feel that he's the luckiest man on earth because of the people he works with... like Howard Stern. He said that Howard saw something in him that no one else could see and he's been a friend ever since. He also said some nice words about the other people he works with like Gary and Artie. He didn't have much of anything to say about Benjy though. Fred also said that he wasn't there to say goodbye, he was there to say thank you to everyone who has been a fan of the show.

    Howard broke in and said that he had to head down to the stage to make his speech. He thanked everyone who wasn't able to make it down there today for listening to the show over the years. He said he didn't know what people expected from the show but this is the way it's ending. He said he wanted to go have some fun with the fans who did show up out there. Ralph said that even Tom was getting into the whole thing because he put on one of the arm bands that they were handing out down there on the street... with the new Howard Stern on SIRIUS fist logo on it.

    As Howard left the air, Robin started to make her speech. Robin said that the show wouldn't have lasted for 20 years without each and every one of the people in that crowd out there today. She said that she was very appreciative of the fans and they couldn't ask for anyone better. She said that everyone was waiting to hear what Howard had to say. She said something a couple of times that got the delay hit. She may have mentioned the SIRIUS name. Robin said that there's nothing wrong with what they do on the show and the fun will continue when they move to the new place. She said she loved everyone there and thanked them as she left the stage.

  • Howard's Final Speech. 12/16/05. 9:35am
    Howard Goodbye At around 9:35 in the morning Howard was brought up on stage to make his final terrestrial radio speech. They brought him up to his movie soundtrack song ''American Nightmare.'' He got a few ''Hey Now''s from the crowd and started to make his speech. He said that he loves the crowd and asked them if any of them work anymore. The crowd all said ''No!''

    Howard made his speech but the delay was hit a few times. People in the crowd may have been cursing. He went on to talk about the past 20 years and how they've done it all. He talked about an article he read where they said he was the last of a dying breed because the religious right is taking over the airwaves. Howard said he's not going to bow down to that though, he's leaving FM radio so he can once again be free to do the broadcast he wants to do.

    Howard said that the fans out there today were the real last of a dying breed because he doesn't think there will ever be another radio show like this or another audience like that. He said congratulations to them and told them that they're all a part of history today. He thanked everyone for being in his corner for all of these years and talked about how the support of the fans have allowed him to make his show what it's become today. He said that they've stood their ground over the years even after all of the things that have happened with fines and stuff like that.

    Howard reminded the crowd about some of the things that have gone on with the show over the years where they battled other radio guys and beat them down. He brought up the ''dying breed'' thing a few times and thanked the crowd multiple times for being there for him. He brought up a few more things that happened on the show over the years and how there's no way that this radio show will ever be duplicated.

    Howard went through many of the great moments from the show but there were still multiple delay button hits. It may have been the cursing coming from the crowd though. He thanked the crowd one more time for the past 20 years of shows and talked about how the ride isn't over yet, it's just beginning. Five more years of Howard Stern... uncensored. He said they'll never bow to the government, the FCC or the religious right.

    Howard told the crowd that he's beat the government at their own game and that's what they'll show when they move to satellite. He pointed out that many of the crowd were wearing his new fist logo and he wanted to take that fist and shove it up Clear Channel. As he was talking about that the delay was hit a few more times.

    Howard thanked his fans for coming out to his book signings over the years. He thanked them for the support they gave him over the years for his channel 9 show, his movie, his books, his CDs and video tapes too. He thanked his family for putting up with his career. He talked about his three children and how they had to put up with a lot. He thanked his parents and his girlfriend too. Howard said that he's very lucky to have the fans that he does and then asked Infinity Broadcasting to let him have his tapes.

    Howard thanked Gary, Fred, Artie and Robin for being there for him as well. Scott the Engineer also got a thank you even though he screws up things for him. He thanked Sal, Richard, JD, Ronnie, Tom Chiusano and others. The delay was hit a couple more times during that speech. He thanked Cabbie for his revelations over the years and thanked Hank the Dwarf for what he did on the show.

    Howard Speaks Howard thanked the cast of ''Private Parts,'' the many comedians who have been on the show like Jim Florentine, Rev. Bob Levy and others. He thanked the board ops who worked on his show for years, the E! crew, all of the strippers, Zolar, Joey Boots, High Pitch Eric, Al Rosenberg, Hook Nose Mike, Debbie the Queefer, Rocky the Crack Whore, Bobo, Kenneth Keith Kallenbach, Clif Pallete, Jeff the Drunk, Double A, Mariann from Brooklyn, George Takei, Shuli and others. He tried to thank as many people as he could remember. There were many people standing in the crowd that he thanked. He also thanked the New York City cops who were there this morning keeping the crowd under control.

    Howard said he was dedicating this last show to Sgt. Keith Manning who is in the military over in Iraq. He said that he's another one of the Dying Breed. Howard said a few more thanks to the fans who have kept him going every day. He's going to keep entertaining people every day when he makes his move. He gave a final F-Jackie and thanked the crowd one last time as they ended the show at about 10:00am. The crowd chanted Howard's name as they played him out with ''Tortured Man'' from the ''Private Parts'' soundtrack.

    Check out Yahoo! for more coverage from New York City. UPDATED 1:50PM - Yahoo! did a great job covering the after party. Their video feed was just about flawless the whole time I was watching it. The footage should be archived and available to watch throughout the day.

    Howard 100 on SIRIUS is also doing all day coverage so you might want to check that out if you have your SIRIUS tuner.

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