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Various Shows From 1993 started logging the show in 1996 so there weren't any show rundowns from any years before that... until Howard got control of the K-Rock tapes in 2006 after moving to SIRIUS Satellite Radio. They started playing some of the older shows on Master Tape Theatre so I typed up some rundowns for those shows. Below you'll find the 1993 shows that I did manage to write up...

-- Wednesday, February 10, 1993 (As replayed on May 24, 2009 and Sunday November 21, 2010) --

  • Master Tape Theatre - February 10, 1993. 05/24/09. 3:05pm
    Today's Master Tape Theatre was from Wednesday, February 10, 1993. This show was not in my archives so I've written it up as if I were hearing it for the first time today.

  • Various News Stories Discussed. 02/10/1993. 3:05pm
    Show opening bits and songs included: A David Letterman intro, Howard's opening theme song.

    Howard started off the show doing his lame morning DJ impression. He went on to talk about the show they had coming up and how they had Lorenzo Lamas calling in and his wife coming in to talk about her Playboy layout. They spent a short time talking about her and her mother. Howard also talked about Lorenzo and how he wouldn't mind looking like him.

    Howard said Fred had a nice beginning to the show. He said someone suggested playing the beginning of the show during the show sometime. Fred said they'll have to try that sometime. Howard said he'd like to do that.

    Howard said he was reading the NY Times the other day and he just can't get through it. He said he ordered it but he just can't sit and read the whole thing. He was looking at it and they were talking about computers and how you can control them with spoken commands and other ways. They're now saying that you can control a computer with your thoughts.

    Howard read the article about how people can spell out words with their mind with this special computer. The article said that you can control a joystick like device and other things with your mind. Robin said that sounded fascinated. Howard said by the year 2000 they'll be faxing the dead at the rate things are going.

    Howard said he thinks that stuff is something else. He figures they'll be able to perfect it in 20 years or so. Howard said he'd love to be able to think up stuff and just have it show up on the computer. He said he can imagine his wife seeing what he's thinking by looking at a computer screen. He figures she's going to read about him telling Jessica Hahn to wrap her legs around him.

  • David Letterman Discussions. 02/10/1993. 3:15pm
    Howard read that David Letterman wants to stay in New York but he doesn't believe it. Howard figured he'd move out of the city. Howard said Letterman staying in New York doesn't mean that much to him. He said he could care less.

    Howard read about Letterman wanting to stay there and his reasons for doing that. Howard said that guy has a lot of theories about doing his show. He read about how CBS is looking for a location for Letterman to go to when he does leave NBC.

    Howard said he might need an audience of his own. He said he's always found them to be a pain in the ass though. Howard said they were going to try that at channel 9 but he put a stop to it. Howard said they did that at FOX and it didn't work. Howard said they get bored between segments. He said people would complain about the downtime.

    Howard talked about what a show it was over there at FOX when they shot the pilots. Howard said they had no show business glamour over there at all. He talked about how they had no continuity over there or anything. Howard said he would beg them to start rolling tape after a half hour of downtime.

    Howard and Robin talked about how crazy things would get over there. They had Jackie sitting under the desk because they had no where else for him to sit. Howard said he had to yell at the director, Peter Callabrese, all the time and he would look really miserable on camera.

    Howard said they had Leslie West as the band leader and that was wild too. They had Steve Rossi there too and he just stood there and said nothing in the five shows they shot. Jackie said that was hysterical. They talked about how he wasn't able to read through his lines on the show so they just had him stand there.

    Howard talked about how there was a lot of warring going on in the audience there. That's why he doesn't want an audience on his show now. He said the camera is his audience.

    Howard said Dave is really concerned with his audience. He thinks that his show could be just as good if he didn't have an audience at all.

  • Howard Takes Some Phone Calls. 02/10/1993. 3:25pm
    Howard said Harold Ramis was going to be coming in later. He talked about some of the movies he's directed. Howard said he directed Groundhog Day and he thought that was great. Howard said they didn't market it very well though. Howard said they make the movie look like Caddyshack 2 but it's nothing like that.

    Howard mentioned that Lorenzo Lamas was going to be calling in while his wife was in studio too. Howard said they can hang up on him if he doesn't like the way things are going.

    Howard took some phone calls after that. The first caller told him to move on to someone else. Howard did that. The next guy brought up the Greaseman and what a jerk he is. Howard said he has no control over who they hire there. He said he finds the practice of that company hiring people who he beats in the ratings to be kind of crazy. He doesn't understand that.

    Howard said he developed the syndication deal and it makes him sick that other people jump in on that stuff. Howard said he doesn't like that this guy Doug Tracht, the Greaseman, never tried to put together anything like that and then he gets interviewed in the paper and claims he's never heard of Howard Stern when they put him on his network. Howard said all of these guys claim they're the ones who created this stuff. The caller said the guy did credit him with being a trailblazer.

    Howard said the guy is always putting him down and he's really nothing. Howard said no one can do what he did in the ratings.

    Howard said he was going to take a call from Dallas. Robin said they should have a lot to talk about because there were riots down there the night before. Robin said they were supposed to be welcoming the Cowboys back and they ended up rioting.

    Robin read the article about the riots and gave Howard some of the details. She read that there were black kids jumping on white people. Howard said it sounds like things could get really bad out there. He tried to take another call from Dallas but no one was on the line. He figured out that they're an hour delayed there so they weren't even hearing the show yet.

    Howard took a call from a guy who asked ''what's up'' which is the wrong thing to do. Howard read the rules off to the guy and gave him some suggestions for him. The caller said he wanted to hear the KKK guy since they were talking about the race wars down in Dallas. Howard ended up hanging up on the guy.

    Robin read some more details about the riots down in Dallas. Howard asked the next caller what was going on down there in Dallas. The guy said he was down there and there weren't enough cops. He said 35 percent of the kids in school were out for day down there.

    Howard took a call from a guy who said he wanted to wish Robin a Happy Valentine's Day. Howard said he wanted the comments directed at him. The guy went on to say that he saw a channel 11 news story about David Dinkens and how much he was sweating.

    Another caller said she loved the Butt Bongo Fiesta videotape. Howard said they had fun doing that tape. The woman also said some people put her down for listening to Howard and she doesn't understand that. Howard said those people all listen too and they just lie about it. The woman said the other guys she used to listen to have nothing on Howard.

    Howard took another call from a guy who said he saw a record of Howard called ''50 Ways to Insult Your Mother.'' Howard said that album was awful. He said the guy shouldn't even buy it because it's so bad. Howard said he wanted to put out some of his bits on a disk but the guy he was working for told him ''no.'' Howard said he tried to recreate some of his bits but it's just something that didn't work. He said he's not proud of that album. It didn't capture the spirit of what they were all about back then. Howard had to hang up on that guy too because he had his radio on. He had to go to break after that.

  • American Comedy Award Nominees Discussed. 02/10/1993. 3:50pm
    After the break Howard came back and talked about the stuff they had coming up on the show. Howard mentioned Harold Ramis coming in and said that he almost worked with him. He said he came close to that but now he's working with Jonathan Lawton on Fartman.

    Howard had the final ballot for the American Comedy Awards. He said he got a copy to mail back. Howard read that it was supposed to be sent back by the 8th and it was the 10th. Howard said his agent sent that over to him late, not Gary.

    Howard read the list of actresses who were nominated and had something to say about each of them. Howard said he didn't like any of the women. He said he won't vote for any of them. Then he read the list of guys in the actor category and didn't seem to like many of them. Howard said he might vote for Garry Shandling or Jerry Seinfeld.

    Howard read that Elaine Boosler was nominated for a special she did. Howard said she's the worst. Howard said she's been in comedy forever and she claims that she's never found a show worthy of doing. Howard said Whoopi Goldberg isn't funny like that either. Bette Midler was nominated too so Howard went off on her. He didn't like any of the nominees in that category either. Howard said there isn't one funny person in there.

    Howard read through another category and said he'd have to vote for George Carlin or Dana Carvey. Howard said he can't believe he's not nominated for an award for being on the Tonight Show but Bette Midler was. Howard said that's crazy.

    Howard read through some more categories and picked them all apart. He said it went on and on. He said he wasn't nominated for anything.

  • Goofing On A Bad Singer. 02/10/1993. 4:00am
    Howard went back to the phones and took a call from a guy who wasn't following the rules. Howard threatened to hang up on him. The caller asked if he could send in a demo of himself singing for him to send to his connections in the business. Howard told the guy he has no connections. He told the guy to sing for him over the phone. The guy started to sing and Howard said he's going to be brutally honest with him. He was going to fake it and tell him he was great but Robin told him to be honest.

    The caller sang a couple of songs and Howard said he was going to be very honest with him. Jackie told him to let the guy sing a few different types of music. Howard said he could only take so much of that.

    Howard told the guy he was horrible. He said he was being dead serious too. Howard said he can sing about as good as he can. Howard said this guy isn't going to be a big star and he's not going to pass him off to a record company.

    Howard asked the guy if he's ever been paid to sing. The guy was listening to himself on the radio. The guy said he's in his guard shack so Howard told him to be the best guard he can and maybe he'll be a cop some day. The caller said he's looking to be a singer. Howard told him to practice saying ''would you like fries with that Big Mac?'' The guy did it and Howard told him he sounded good doing that.

    Howard told the guy that he will never be a singer. He said that he's going to chase that dream for 10 years and he will never make it anywhere. Howard said he's wasting his time and maybe he should start his own guard company or something like that.

    Howard told the guy to become a singing cop or something. The caller said he wanted to sing one more song for him. Howard said maybe he should change his mind just to fool the guy. Howard told the guy that was pretty good after he sang again. Howard told him to stay in music. Howard was just jerking the guy around. Howard said he had the number for an agent that he could call. He gave out Jackie's joke line at 516-922-WINE (9463) and told him the guy's name is Peter Groper.

    Howard told the guy he was a good singer and wished him luck with his career. The guy said he can sing just as good as anyone out there. Howard said black people laugh at that guy as he was hanging up on him. Howard said he was going to give him the name Bill Collector or Peter Groper.

  • Director Harold Ramis Visits. 02/10/1993. 4:10pm
    After an edited out break Howard came back and said they had Harold Ramis in the studio. Howard said Bill Murray won't come in to promote the new movie so poor Harold has to go out and do it. Howard talked about how good the movie looked to him. He said that Harold has directed some clunkers like Club Paradise.

    Howard said he and Harold were going to work on a movie together but things kind of fell apart. Harold said he had a good idea for the movie. Howard said he was thinking about some of his great movies but then he thought about Club Paradise and how bad that was. Howard also mentioned Caddyshack 2 and how bad that turned out. Harold said that was partially due to Rodney backing out of doing that one.

    Howard said that J.F. Lawton is working on Fartman now. Harold said he went through the Fartman stage already. Howard said it's not all about farts, it's a love story. Howard was going to get into that but he ended up talking about the Groundhog Day movie instead.

    Howard said he thought the movie was great but the ads for it were just bad. Howard said he thought the commercials made it look like Caddyshack 2 or something.

    Howard asked Harold about the movie and how they made it very interesting even though you'd think they'd do the same things over and over again. Howard said they had to go to break but they'd come back and talk to Harold some more.

    Howard said he met Bill Murray one time and he was really taken with himself. Howard said he's not sure what he'd do without Harold Ramis. Howard told him to say that he was a pain in the ass. Harold said he was but he was great too. Howard asked Harold if Chevy Chase is a pain in the ass too. Harold said he's not.

    Howard asked Harold if it's hard to act. Harold said it's really not. He said that's just a hobby of his. Harold said it's not that hard to do a movie because you do things in 5 second shots so you don't need to memorize the whole script. Howard said he doesn't want to memorize things so he's happy to hear that.

    Howard said he had to tell Harold how great the movie was. He said he and Robin were talking about how great it was after they saw it. Harold said he had a tough time convincing Bill Murray that it was good.

    Howard said he met Bill Murray at NBC one time and he caught a vibe that he didn't like him with the long hair and all. Harold said he's really not judgmental.

    Howard said he didn't think Harold even had to be there today to promote the movie because it has such a good vibe. Harold said he was getting that vibe from the show. He said he listens every day. Howard asked Harold how much he's worth. Harold wasn't saying.

    After an edited out break Gary came in and told Howard that Mrs. Lorenzo Lamas was there. Howard said he still had Harold there. Howard said he would get to her when he was done with Harold.

    Howard asked Harold when he wrote Animal House. Harold said he was around 32 years old or so. He said he used to do some Second City stuff too. Howard and Robin threw out a bunch of questions for Bill and asked him about who he works with and who represents him and stuff.

    Howard told Harold that his movie is going to gross like $150 million. He told him to just wait and see how that goes.

    Howard asked Harold about his marriages. Harold said he was married for 18 years the first time. They talked about how that went and how Harold had met her. They also talked about Harold's high school years and things like that.

    Howard asked Bill about how he got started in the business and talked about getting involved with Animal House. Harold told Howard a couple of details about that. Howard said that women must have come on to him after that movie. Harold said he had some coming on to him before that.

    Howard said he didn't like the name of the new movie ''Groundhog Day'' but it's very unique and a good idea. He said the guy wakes up and the same day keeps happening over and over again. Howard said the guy almost becomes a Superman because of it. Howard said he loved it and Andie MacDowell looked really good in it.

    Howard said that everyone should go out and see this movie. Howard said even Chris Elliot was good in the movie and he can't stand that guy.

    Howard asked Harold where he met his new wife. Harold said she worked on the movie ''Club Paradise.'' He didn't want to give Howard all of the details but Howard dragged them out of him. Harold said he needed an assistant and she worked for him for a year before he figured he should be with her. Howard said that sounds like a good job. He said his assistant is Gary so he won't be trying to get him. Howard wrapped up with Harold and said he had to take a break.

  • Kathleen Kinmont Visits. 02/10/1993. 4:45pm
    After the break Howard came back with Kathleen Kinmont, Lorenzo Lamas' wife. Gary said she was wearing really tight leather pants today. He said she looked very natural. Howard asked Gary to check his nose to see if there was anything hanging. Gary checked and didn't see anything. Howard asked for a tissue anyway. He felt like he had something hanging.

    Howard told Gary to bring Kathleen in. He said Lorenzo seems to pick up and dump a lot of chicks. Robin said he did that a couple of times but now he's found her.

    Howard said Kathleen looks like her mother Abby Dalton. Howard said he likes the movies she does where she kicks ass. He asked her if she can really do that stuff. She said she can. Howard said he'd wrestle her naked if she wanted.

    Kathleen said that Lorenzo had some knee surgery so he wasn't able to come in this morning. She said that he screwed up his knee doing karate so he had to have a ligament transplant. She said they use the ligament of a black woman in there.

    Howard asked Kathleen about the Playboy picture. She said it was just the one picture but she was in that month's Playboy. Howard asked if she had implants. She claimed they were real. She also said that she's 125 pounds and 5'11'' tall. Howard said that's very thin. He asked if she was wearing panties. She said she was and she likes to wear comfortable stuff so they're regular panties that are very thin. Howard was trying to get her to show them but that wasn't happening.

    Howard told Kathleen that he had to take a break but he also had to get Lorenzo on the phone. Howard wanted to ask him about why he got married, had a kid and then got divorced. Kathleen said they could call him if they wanted.

    Kathleen was actually in to promote their TV show ''Renegade'' and not the Playboy thing. Howard asked if he could get a hug from her. She said he definitely could.

    After an edited out break Howard came back and asked Kathleen how old she was. He said she looked 23 but she was actually 28. Howard said that Lorenzo would divorce her if she got heavy. She said they can ask about that. She said his last wife got fat so maybe that's true.

    Howard asked if they could call Lorenzo. She said he could. He was at home with his leg up in a sling healing from the surgery.

    Howard told Kathleen that she should be with a guy like him. He said he wouldn't want to lose her and he would never divorce her. Howard told Kathleen what he would do to her in bed and things like that. Howard asked her how she knows Lorenzo isn't faking the surgery and he's actually out cheating on her. She said she knows that his leg is really screwed up.

    Howard asked Kathleen about her TV show ''Renegade'' and what that's about. She gave Howard some of the details about the show.

    Howard told Kathleen that she hasn't had a lot of different guys and he thinks she should try out some other guys like him. He asked if she found him attractive. She said she did but Howard knew she was full of it.

    Howard called Lorenzo after Kathleen gave him the number. Lorenzo picked up and said he wasn't listening this morning. Howard told him that he had her pants off. Howard asked her to come over and hug him while he had Lorenzo on the phone. Howard got the hug and then asked if he could kiss her neck. She ended up banging her head on the console.

    Howard said Lorenzo is always having trouble with women. Howard said he falls in and out of love in just seconds. Howard said he knows Lorenzo is going to dump her when she gets one little flaw. Lorenzo doesn't get why he would tell her that.

    Lorenzo talked about his surgery and how that went. He said in 3 months he should be back to normal. Lorenzo talked about that a little bit.

    Howard said Lorenzo falls in love with any hot woman he meets. Howard said he loses interest when the women get fat and he moves on. Howard said he keeps his wife around no matter what. Lorenzo said Kathleen is going to be his last marriage. He said he's been divorced 2 times already. He said he stays monogamous when he's married though. He thinks that this will be his last.

    Howard asked Lorenzo if he tells the women in person or through a lawyer when he divorces. Lorenzo said he does it in person.

    Howard said you can't leave a woman while they're pregnant. Lorenzo said he waits until after they have the kid. Lorenzo said that accidents do happen and he's learned from that.

    Lorenzo said that his wife now is great and she fills him in on her plans about getting pregnant unlike some other people. Howard asked Kathleen if Lorenzo ever slaps her around. She said ''Oh god no'' when he asked that. Howard asked if she's ever been tied up. She said he hasn't done that either. Lorenzo said he would hate it if he tied her up.

    Lorenzo said that he broke up when his wife was pregnant by 5 or 6 months. He said she ended up having a miscarriage. He said she was an older woman and there was a risk. He said she went ahead with the pregnancy even though he didn't think she should risk it so that caused the rift in their marriage and he had to leave.

    Howard asked Lorenzo about his second wife who was his publicist. Lorenzo said that was another mistake. He said he fell in lust and made a bigger deal out of it than it should have been. She got pregnant almost immediately. He said he had two kids with her. Then he had another one. Lorenzo said he's a good dad though and he didn't turn into a deadbeat dad like some do.

    Howard asked Kathleen if she would show her panties if Lorenzo said it was okay. She said she would. Lorenzo said no. He said that he has to pay for it like everyone else. She ended up showing him anyway. Howard told Lorenzo that he should karate chop her in the stomach if she gets pregnant.

    Howard told Lorenzo that Kathleen has nice boobs with the C-cups. Lorenzo said he never knew that much information about his other wives.

    Lorenzo told Howard that after his wife came home with the baby he realized it wasn't for him having the kids around. He said he told her that he had to get out and he'd like to get a Christmas card from them once in a while. Lorenzo said that those women fooled him and told him they had protection and then all of a sudden they showed up pregnant. He said that they lied to him.

    Howard gave Lorenzo and Kathleen some plugs for their TV show ''Renegade'' and said that it's the number one syndicated show. Howard thanked them for doing the show today and wrapped up with them a short time later. He asked for a kiss from Kathleen. She went over and said he could kiss her anywhere and he could even grab her butt. Howard did that and said she seems to be pretty horny. Howard said he just grabbed her buttocks. She said he had nice hands but they were a little sweaty. Howard wrapped up and let her go after that.

    Jackie was saying that they're going to have to hold onto the tape from today's show and play it back when they do get divorced. Howard said he had to go to break after that.

  • Robin's News. 02/10/1993. 5:35pm
    After the break Howard came back and had Robin get to her news. They talked about the guests they had just spoken to and how that had gone. Howard said Fred was in there yelling about Lorenzo and how he could be a major movie star if he took himself more seriously. Howard said that's Fred and who wants to hear him commenting on that stuff. Howard said Fred is a piece of work. He said you have to live with him for a few years to see that.

    Fred wasn't in the studio while they were talking about him so when he came back Howard told him what they were saying. He asked Fred why he didn't say anything to Lorenzo while he was on the phone. Fred said next time he will.

    Robin got to her news and read about the AIDS ban being lifted by President Clinton. Howard and Robin spent a little time talking about that. Howard said he's worried about AIDS becoming airborne eventually and he's not sure why President Clinton is doing that.

    Robin read a story about the chancellor of the New York City Schools possibly being denied another term. Robin said they've had 5 different ones in the past 10 years and the schools can't be doing well under that kind of instability. Howard gave his thoughts on that and said he thinks that parents have to raise their kids and the school's chancellor shouldn't matter. That led to Howard talking about growing up in Roosevelt and how he feels like Tarzan growing up the way he did.

    Howard said he knew that there were kids in Roosevelt that had a future and they were shipped off to another school outside of Roosevelt. Howard said he wasn't able to get transferred out like those kids. He said he had his pants stolen from him one time. Howard said the point he was making was that the neighborhood he lives in now has parents bothering the schools every day. He said he doesn't have to worry because they're down there every day. He said even his wife is down there.

    Howard said the next school chancellor shouldn't even bother doing anything because it's not going to help. He went on to tell the story about having his pants stolen and how that went for him. Howard said it wasn't even a school, it was more like a hang out. They had to go to break after that rant.

    After the break, around 6:05pm, Howard came back and talked about how the guys they compete against up in Albany are holding a funeral for them. Howard said he can't wait for them to show up to New York City and try that. Howard said he was reading that they were already up to number 5 in the Albany market and they've only been up there for 2 months. Howard said he thinks that's a victory already. They must be getting nervous up there. Howard said those guys can hold as many funerals as they want to up there. He said it can only help them.

    Howard had Robin get back to her news. Robin read about the riots down in Dallas that were going on after they held a parade for the Dallas Cowboys. Howard asked where the parents are for these kids. Robin said the kids should be in school. Howard said the parents don't care where their kids are, that's what he's trying to explain.

    Robin said they were saying that this stuff could have been gang related. That led to them talking about the Jenny Jones show and some of the guests she's had on lately. Howard said they had some black women on there who were screaming and not making any sense and Jenny didn't bother asking what it was they said, she just let it go on. Howard said he doesn't know what's going on there.

    Robin read a story about a man who shot up a hospital in Los Angeles. The guy had AIDS and was trying to get some pain meds when he shot it up. Robin said that kind of thing can drive people over the edge when the economy is doing poorly like it is.

    Robin read about David Letterman talking about staying in New York when he moves from NBC to CBS. Robin said they're looking at properties there in the City for Dave. Howard said they should just go in and tape the show. He said going out to Los Angeles would be fine too. He said that's where all of the guests are anyway.

    Howard said Dave is going to miss that 12:30 time slot. He said that being up against the Love Phone is different than being up against the Tonight Show. Howard said he might not be so smug when he's on at 11:30. Howard said Dave may have to fix his teeth too. He's not going to be able to do the same show he was doing at 12:30.

    Robin read a story about how the sex allegation probe into Woody Allen may have been held back. She said that they may have been told not to mess with Woody when they were going to investigate. Howard asked Woody (Wood Yi AKA Steve The Engineer) to come into the studio to talk about that. Wood Yi had some lines to read after Howard asked him a few things. Wood Yi joked about a loaded diaper being a turn on and joked about some other things. Wood Yi said he loves nudeness. Howard got a laugh out of that stuff.

    Howard asked if there was a cover up in the investigation. Wood Yi would just tell jokes that Jackie was handing him. Howard asked what was going on with Sun Yee and he said that there's nothing better than molesting a little girl in the back of FAO Schwartz. Howard spent a few minutes talking to Wood Yi about the case. He had joke after joke from Jackie. He was joking about every answer.

    Robin got back to her news and read about Joey Buttafuoco. She said that there were a couple of guys who came out saying that Joey had talked about having sex with Amy Fisher. The cops heard about it before the guys were going to go on a TV show and they were taken away to be questioned about it. Robin said they guys claimed that Joey had bragged about giving Amy her first orgasm and things like that.

    Robin said they're having a homeless sweep in part of the city this week. They're going to be clearing them out of an area and will offer them a shelter to stay in. She read about one homeless guy who went nuts and had been seen doing all kinds of scary things but they didn't lock him up. They released him even though he had pushed a girl in front of a bus.

    Robin read a story about Corey Haim turning 21 and having been in and out of drug rehabs. He just got into trouble again for target shooting behind his manager's house. His manager claims he was threatening him and not target shooting.

    Robin read about a movie that's in the works to remake The Magnificent 7 with Eddie Murphy starring. She said there was a story about him wanting to shave his head for the role. Howard said he wouldn't have to do that, that's insane. Howard said there's no reason for him to be bald for that part.

    Robin read a story about this guy who was known as Uncle Ed. The guy was paying teenage boys for their underwear and sex. Howard said that guy made a fortune doing that. Howard said he never really hurt anyone, he just watched kids going to the bathroom. Robin said that the kids were hurt by having that done. Robin said the guy is dying of AIDS in jail now and he wants to get out to get treatment.

    Robin read some news about Jeffrey Dahmer as well. She read about some of the details he's given out about the guys he used to pick up. She said he's taking all of the responsibility for what he did and didn't blame any of it on the porn he used to watch.

    Robin read a story about a young couple that was having sex on a dance floor. She said they were doing that on a dance floor near a DJ booth. About 100 other people watched as they were doing it. A cop came up and interrupted them.

    Robin read about an Andy Griffith show reunion that was going to be on that night. Robin read the names of the actors and actresses that were going to be in the special. They had a bunch of the original cast coming back.

    Robin read about Oprah Winfrey interviewing Michael Jackson that night. Robin said she claims that she's going to ask him all the questions people want to know. Howard asked if that was going to be live. Robin wasn't sure about that.

    Robin said that Eddie Murphy was going to be the host of this week's Friday Night Videos. She also read that there's a warrant out for the arrest of Howard Rollins, an actor from the TV show ''In the Heat of the Night.''

    Robin read a couple of other stories before wrapping up her news. She had some TV show previews and things like that. Howard ended the show a short time later.

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